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Foster delivers the second novel in her edgy back-to-back trilogy--a smoldering tale featuring men who walk the edge of honor.Undercover mercenary Trace Rivers loves the adrenaline rush of a well-planned mission. First he'll earn the trust of corrupt businessman Murray Coburn, then gather the proof he needs to shut down the man's dirty smuggling operation. It's a perfect sFoster delivers the second novel in her edgy back-to-back trilogy--a smoldering tale featuring men who walk the edge of honor.Undercover mercenary Trace Rivers loves the adrenaline rush of a well-planned mission. First he'll earn the trust of corrupt businessman Murray Coburn, then gather the proof he needs to shut down the man's dirty smuggling operation. It's a perfect scheme—until Coburn's long-lost daughter saunters in with her own deadly plan for revenge.With a smile like an angel and fire in her eyes, Priscilla Patterson isn't who she seems to be. But neither is the gorgeous bodyguard who ignites all her senses. Joining forces to plot Coburn's downfall, Priss and Trace must fight the undeniable heat between them. For one wrong move, one lingering embrace, will expose them to the wrath of a merciless opponent…....

Title : Trace of Fever
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Trace of Fever Reviews

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2019-04-14 10:59

    This is book two of the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series and, in my opinion, felt much more like romantic suspense than the first book, and that made me very happy.Trace Rivers has every reason to be angry, and he’d made it his life’s mission to bring down organizations like the one that kidnapped his sister, Alani. She was taken by human traffickers and ended up in Tijuana where in book one of the series, When You Dare, she was rescued by Dare Macintosh, a friend and colleague of Trace’s. Murray Colburn is Trace’s current target, and he’s managed to infiltrate the organization as Murray’s number one body guard-slash-henchman where he’s able to get information on when the next “transaction” will be taking place. Everything is going according to plan and nothing, nothing is going to stand in the way of Trace making sure Murray pays for his crimes. But, in walks Priscilla “Priss” Patterson, claiming to be Murray’s daughter, and no matter how hard Trace tries to scare her off, she’s not about to walk away. She has an agenda of her own, one that could end up getting them both killed. So, there were things I loved about this story and things that just didn’t work for me. I think Trace was an amazing hero. He’s incredibly sexy, and just oozes testosterone. He has the edginess and the intense focus on his mission that made him the kind of guy I can believe will get the job done. He’s not stupid, doesn’t take unnecessary chances, but it’s clear that he’s willing to risk his own life to rid the world of people like Murray. And the story worked for me, with the exception of Helena, Murray’s on call sex goddess. She was over the top bizarre and I really couldn’t imagine that someone in Murray’s line of work would keep someone as volatile and freaky as her around, no matter how good her blow jobs were.But let’s talk about our Priss. She’s another heroine that just didn’t quite cut it for me. I didn’t feel like she was nearly as dense as Molly was in book one, and I truly mean no disrespect here, but I’ve decided that based on the first two books, this series could also be called Women Who Walk the Edge of Stupidity because once again, we have a female who just wouldn’t stay out of trouble, and in doing so not only threatens to expose Trace’s mission, but puts many lives at risk, especially Trace’s. Sure, she had her own agenda, and damn good reasons for wanting to bring Murray down, but still I found myself shaking my head at some of - most of - her choices.I didn’t really feel a connection to the characters or their relationship. I mean, yeah, Trace loves Priss and Priss loves Trace, so that’s all that should matter, right? Well, when I’m reading a story, I really need to be convinced of what the author is trying to sell, and in this case, I just barely bought into their happily ever after.Overall, this was pretty good read and thanks to Trace, a solid 4 stars. I loved him and his sexy sexiness, and I’m really looking forward to reading about Jackson Savor in Savor the Danger.The reading order for this series is - .5. Ready, Set, Jett in The Guy Next Door anthology.1. When you Dare2. Trace of Fever3. Savor the DangerThis book was provided to me for review by and had no bearing on my rating.

  • Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**
    2019-04-05 12:58

    ***2.5 Stars***This ended up being just an okay read for me. I definitely didn't like it anywhere near as much as the first book, but I'm rounding up because we did get to visit with Dare, Molly and Chris....and we got introduced to Matt, who added some great comedic relief with Chris. I think my biggest problem with this one is that I just didn't feel anything with the romance. I felt no real connection between Trace and Pris. And with both of them being "undercover," I certainly didn't buy into the whole I "feel" like I can trust him/her aspect. Neither person was willing to give up much information on what their plans were, and with the situation being as dangerous as it was, I think they both came off as foolish for trusting so easily. Also, I couldn't get a read on Pris at all. Her personality didn't feel fully fleshed out. She was shy then badass, innocent than a sex kitten, shy and sheltered yet sometimes behaved liked a trained operative. I didn't get her....or really like her much for that matter. The steam is VERY light here (maybe one or two scenes and not until more than half way into the book) and the little we did get lacked genuine emotion and passion. Pris is a supposed virgin, yet there was no mention of that when they finally did the deed. And don't get me started on the sheer volume of talk about pubic hair in this one. I think the first third of the book spent way too much time talking about the state of Pris' "au naturel" beauty. Finally, this book primarily takes place over just a few days (we're talking less than a week) and man, oh man, did it draaaaag at times. It just felt entirely too long. Up until the last third of the book where things finally started getting amped up, there wasn't much momentum to the story. The beginning intrigued me, the middle bored me and the end left me only moderately satisfied. But, even though this wasn't a favorite, I'm definitely looking forward to the next book with Jackson and Alani. I've had a soft spot for Alani since the first book and my introduction to Jackson here was very, very, very nice. He pretty much stole the show for me in this book. And that epilogue...

  • Jess the Romanceaholic
    2019-04-08 10:03

    This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: May 31, 2011Publisher: HarlequinImprint: HQNAuthor’s Website: http://www.lorifoster.comMy Source for This Book: NetgalleyPart of a Series: Yes, Book 2 – Men Who Walk The Edge of HonorSeries Best Read In Order: Would work well as a standalone.Steam Level: HotOh how I wanted to like this book. I adore Lori Foster, and typically enjoy her romantic suspense novels. Foster has a way of writing the tough gamma male in a way that makes you want to throw yourself into dangerous situations in hope of someday meeting a man like one of her heroes.That said, this book just wasn’t for me.I actually found it hard to finish this one. By constantly having one of my pet peeves in romance played out over and over, I couldn’t really get into this one. I am still a fan of Lori Foster, and I have to say that she definitely writes both action and romance in a way that keeps you glued to the page, but in this particular case, this book was simply not for me. Other readers who aren’t put off by that particular literary device will likely thoroughly enjoy this book, so definitely take my review with a grain of salt.That said, however, I’m unfortunately going to have to rate this one a 1.5/5, as I just truly didn’t enjoy it.***ORIGINAL REVIEW AS POSTED IN MARCH 2011:Normally I don't review books this far ahead of the publishing date. However, I think it's very important that I clarify the reasoning behind my low rating.This is THE big negative for me — one of my top pet peeves in romance. I hate when a modest heroine is forced to be naked in front of others. Hate, hate, hate this literary device in romance novels. I can count five instances where our modest, virginal heroine, ends up naked or sexually humiliated in front of someone.Other readers who aren’t put off by that particular literary device will likely thoroughly enjoy this book, so definitely take my rating with a grain of salt.My final rating? 1.5/5Full review will be posted in May, closer to the release date.

  • Dee
    2019-04-16 14:00

    Re-Read February 2012I am re-reading this series as have just got #4 in the series(ARC from NetGalley)and wanted to refresh my memory of all the characters and story lines.Back in July I really liked Trace and my opinion hasn't changed, he is definately one of the good guys, a sexy one at that ☺. I was a little unsure of Priss at that time and to be honest that opinion hasn't changed much. In some respects I am trying to work out if she was really brave or just stupid! She went into the situation seeking revenge and intended to kill the big boss man of a human trafficking ring who incedently may be her father but she is unsure. Now you would expect that with that agenda she would be up to the job and be an excellant one woman warrior but no, our Priss had only attended a defense course which of course only cemented the idea that she must be just plain stupid. How on earth did she expect to get away with it and walk out alive. Don't get me wrong I like the h's to be strong and independant but I do expect them to have the ability to back up their actions! She went on to further compound that stupidity by refusing to let go and walk away even when she realised that Trace was undercover and he was in fact one of the good guys. There was definately more RS in this story which I had been complaining that was missing in Dare & Molly's story but I felt this one lacked a bit of the romance. I know I seem hard to please and am being picky but there really wasn't a lot of romance going on between the two of them. After they managed to kill the boss man and Trace mopped up that branch of the trafficking ring they do get together and Trace then romances Priss and gives her all the 'firsts' she missed out on growing up but we don't get to read all that as Ms Foster forwards us on a couple of months and the only way we know this went on is because we were told during their declaration of love for each other and Trace's proposal.....On the good side we did get to read about that.Despite all that I did enjoy the book and thought it deserved the 4 stars but maybe if Priss had been different it would have rated a 5 starJuly 2011Another great book from Lori. I loved Trace but wasn't too sure about Priss. Am looking forward to reading Jackson's story.

  • Katherine 黄爱芬
    2019-04-16 15:15

    Ini buku kedua Lori Foster yang saya baca. Lagi-lagi saya masih belum bisa sreg dgn karya author. Tapi saya sudah menemukan benang merahnya, mengapa saya kurang klik dgn buku Lori. Tampaknya author "senang" me-repetisi (mengulang-ulang) benak H/H nya yang bagi saya justru jadi annoying, boring dan membuang-buang beberapa lembar halaman buku ini. Author juga tidak bisa memainkan sarkasme dalam gaya penceritaan karakter dan benak tokoh-tokohnya, inilah yang mengakibatkan jika ada pembaca seperti saya yang menyukai kalimat-kalimat cerdas, sinisme dan sarkastik, tidak menyukai karakter H/H nya tidak segan-segan utk memberikan nilai bintang yang kurang memuaskan.Seperti kali ini tokoh heroine nya, Priss aka Priscilla Patterson, yang mengaku anak haram Murray (Murray adalah gembong perdagangan manusia terutama wanita utk dijual dgn jalan penculikan). Priss adalah gabungan antara keluguan, stubborn yang tidak masuk logika, kebodohan dengan sifat slebor nya yang kelewat nekad dan tidak pakai perhitungan, ekshibisionis (demen pamer body nya kepada siapapun, walau di awal cerita, gambaran ini hanya seolah-olah coincidently, tapi saya lihat hal ini berlanjut hingga epilog). Saya cuma bisa mengelus dada dgn cara author "menjodohkan" Priss dgn Trace. Insta lust, sejujurnya membuat saya over thinking, dimanakah kelebihan dari diri Priss selain body nya yang yahud? Virginitas nya? Balas dendam walau alibinya ada masuk akal tapi pemilihan waktunya utk balas dendam kepada Murray tampak dipaksakan agar dipertemukan dgn Trace yang sedang menyamar di dalam komplotan Murray.Saya juga terganggu dgn motivasi balas dendam dari Trace. Hanya karena adiknya pernah jadi korban trafficking, kenapa dia jadi sok pahlawan dgn menceburkan dirinya menyamar menjadi pengawal Murray? Sungguh aneh tapi nyata, tidak dikatakan berapa lama Trace sudah bekerja bagi Murray tapi sudah mendapatkan kepercayaan tinggi dari Murray. Dan seolah-olah Priss cerdas sekali bisa langsung menduga bahwa Trace sedang menyamar. Dan kulminasi cerita juga menurut saya jadi antitesis, terlalu melodrama yang lebih mirip sinetron, kemunculan tokoh minor yang menghabisi riwayat hidup Murray menurut saya benar-benar ridiculous abis.Utk segi suspense nya alias bak-bik-buk, buku kedua ini lebih baik daripada buku pertama yang boring abis. Semoga buku #3 lebih baik daripada sekuel sebelumnya.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-03-27 11:49

    It's never good when you get to the end of a book and think "Thank God that's over!" Had this not been an ARC I was reading from Netgalley I would not have finished it. As is was it took me a long time to slog through it. I have enjoyed Ms. Foster's contemporaries but I personally do not at all like her attempts at romantic suspense. This was a revenge story. The heroine was out for revenge on the bad guy for something that did not really need revenge. She was going to kill the man who had kidnapped, raped and shared her mother. Her mother had kept her off the grid her whole life to keep her away from the bad man who didn't remember or care anything about the woman or what happened to her. So the first thing you do after that upbringing is go straight to the bad guy to kill him? I had a sucky upbringing so I'm going to go kill some man who may or may not be my father? Is it that easy for a normal person to decide to go and murder someone? Didn't buy it at all. Maybe if the mother had pounded into the daughter that "it is your destiny to revenge me!" But the mother had been trying to protect her for the whole of her life. I wonder why the mother even admitted who the bad guy was in that case. Can't make contact with him if you don't know who he is. The hero was some sort of mercenary who was undercover to bring down the bad guy's white slavery operation. His sister had been kidnapped earlier so at least he had a valid reason to be working against this. And he had training. But... he was the trusted henchman of the bad guy's after being there 3 weeks? Yeah...nope.The whole thing took place in about 3 days and the heroine managed to be TSTL throughout most of it. And the hero just kept admiring her gumption every time she did exactly the opposite of what he asked her to do to keep her safe.The characterization was weak. The only part I really enjoyed was when one of the other good guy operatives had to rescue the heroine while she was naked in the shower. My point I guess is that Ms. Foster should stick to comedy where she is a very strong writer and leave suspense to others more suited to it. YMMV

  • Mrs. Badass
    2019-04-03 15:11

    3.5/5We first meet Trace in When You Dare after his sister is rescued from Sex traffickers by Dare. Driven by his need to rid the world of these vile scumbags who sell women to the highest bidder, he goes undercover and infiltrates a sex trade organization.He proves himself invaluable and capable to the boss Murray, and finds himself in a right hand man position.Our heroine Priscilla was a conundrum for me. On one hand she portrayed the fierce ass kicker; and on the other hand, she played the virginal, sheltered, but mouthy woman. I felt like she was a schizo.While I loved Trace, I didn’t love Priss. There were multiple instances of the classic “too stupid to live” that just annoy me in books. Where the heroine defies common sense and charges into the fray and will most likely end up dead if she isn’t saved by someone else :insert eye roll here:The plot was OK, it wasn’t a suspense plot, more of a “will they kill him or not” plot. There were a few twists coming you don’t see until the end, and that was interesting.I enjoyed seeing Dare and Molly, Chris and Matt, the dogs and Alani and Jackson.I don’t want to go into much more, the writing is solid, I enjoy the way Lori Foster tells a story.I also like the way she did Trace and Priss’s romance/love. It didn’t feel rushed, even though it was only a few days they were together.

  • Holly
    2019-04-03 11:08

    I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN, IT WAS AWESOME!!!When I was lucky enough to get my hands on the first book When You DareI was so excited, and not to be disappointed it was EXCELLENT! When I was again lucky enough to get this one I actually squealed with delight, and those of you that know me know I don't squeal lightly, LOL! If I thought Dare Macintosh was amazing, nothing prepared me for Trace Rivers. These Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor just keep getting better and better, and I simply cannot wait to continue with Jackson's story!! In this book, Trace is undercover attempting to destroy a human trafficking ring, it has become his personal mission ever since Dare rescued Trace's sister, Alani, from human traffickers in the first book, only to encounter a small distraction by the name of Priscilla Patterson, known as Priss to those close to her. Priss is there for much the same reason as Trace since the monster in charge of this disgusting organization is her father, whom she is there to kill!! Let the sparks fly, sound like fun yet?? I am totally loving this series and am rather impatiently waiting to get my hands on Savor the Danger!!***This book was provided to me as an ARC by Netgalley!!

  • Melanie
    2019-04-15 14:09

    For the most part, I've enjoyed Foster's 'Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor' series (which I've read out of order), but this book was not the bright spot in the bunch. Trace and Priss just really weren't that likable from page 1, Trace was a dick and Priss was just plain ridiculous - and unfortunately, they didn't really improve as the story progressed.One word really stuck out for me as I reading this book - "Baloney" (page 149). If "Ready Set Jett" was the appetizer, "When You Dare" was the entrée, then Trace of Fever was complete and utter baloney. Thankfully, "Savor the Danger" was a palate cleanser and hopefully "A Perfect Storm" turns out to be a perfect dessert....

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2019-04-08 14:04

    The second book in the Men Who Walk On The Edge of Honor by Lori Foster. Another good read with some hunky heroes. Trace Rivers, the hero, was wonderful and drool worthy. I wasn't as fond of Priss, the heroine, though. I thought she was borderline TSTL and just didn't like her in-your-face attitude. But I am able to overlook her because of Trace. **sigh** Anyway, the story was fast paced and entertaining.

  • Dina
    2019-04-07 13:16

    I loved the banter between Trace and Priss, but her "plan" to go after the bad guy? Not the smartest one.Link to the series trailer: Me likey!!!

  • Elle
    2019-04-09 11:52

    You can't see ... but I'm dripping. This is another great addition to what's turned out to be my favourite Lori Foster series. Jackson from book 3 is still my favourite but Trace is mighty fine! He and Pris have smokin' chemistry. I'm not sure what was the best, reading about these two and watching them interact or seeing them with Dare, Jackson, Molly and crew.So good! Lori Foster is really out-doing herself with her characterization in this series and Trace and Pris are no exception.Foster also does a great job in creating the world or reality that Dare and Trace live within - their codes, hidden garages, systems etc. It was interesting to read about all of that and it didn't seem like fake, makeup, garbage like some spy-ish novels can sometimes come across as.I keep saying this in relation to this series but it needs to be repeated: Lori Foster does a great job handling an uncomfortable topic. Human Trafficking is the name of the game in this series and it just sooooo uncomfortable for me to read about. But I think it's important that we do hear about the fact that it is a reality and does exist. The villains in this story are especially f*cked. Holy Crap, it's the type of shit that will give you nightmares. And there is a very interesting twist at the end involving a character that I was starting to get upset about (someone who the reader doesn't see being victimized but the main characters in the novel keep referring to as an innocent party/victim even though she is part of the organization). The twist was interesting and didn't feel like it came out of nowhere.I think I've given each book 4/5 stars in this series but I feel like I should say that if I was to rate the series I would give it 5/5 (somehow it's a higher score) because this is a great series. All the book work very well together and there is consistency in the quality and likability of each instalment

  • Elizabeth (Liz)
    2019-04-05 13:06

    As I've said before, I'm not much of a reviewer. I'm not summarizing the plot, nor am I going to impress anyone with my insights. But, I thought I'd share some feelings I had after reading this book (nothing deep or serious:). I get so disappointed by the books I read sometimes, especially in the last few years. Really, it's almost become more fun to anticipate reading the books than to actually read them. NOT SO with this one!! Lori Foster comes through for me again! I loved Dare in the first book of this series, but didn't really get a good feel for Trace during his moments in that story. Thankfully, I can add Trace to the list of heroes I love! He was just.....well, I sighed and melted my way through the book thanks to him:) I also really enjoyed the heroine, up to almost the very end of the story. Naturally I enjoyed their HEA as well, but her stunt toward the very end of the book....suffice it to say I called her a very colorful and politically incorrect name at that point. She annoyed the sh*t out of me for acting like she did. But, I move on. For the majority of the book I totally enjoyed Trace and Priss together. They made me laugh. Were there any major plot twists? Nope. Any 'amazing and intricate world-building'? No sir. Any flashes of the paranormal? Not a one. So, what *was* there? Just a very straightforward, highly enjoyable story told by a reliably good author who has a real way with writing alpha heroes and interesting heroines. If you need more than that, you're on your own;)

  • Christi Snow
    2019-04-01 16:51

    My Review:Okay, this book--what to say about it?!?I liked Trace.I loved Jackson.I loved Matt and his added humor to the story.I loved getting to see Molly, Dare, and Chris from book #1, When You Dare.But the entire Priss story line...I could rant forever here about this, but these are my questions:*Mom was terrified of men because of 2 weeks of repeated rapes, so she opens a porn shop??*"Dad" did despicable thing to mom so no thought that he might do despicable things to daughter? hello, human trafficker!*Priss was trained like a pro in 3-6 months??*Priss has basically been held hostage her entire life by her mother, but she is still aggressive and assertive??*kill "dad" then what, just walk out and expect everyone will thank her??*listen to Trace, you idiot! (75 pages left in the book and if I hadn't been trapped in a car with nothing else to do, I would have simply thrown the book away.)Everything about this girl was just wrong and I could not get past that enough to enjoy the other aspects of this book. I am so hoping that Jackson and Alani's book goes better. I have high hopes for it because Lori Foster writes great books. This one just got skewed in the basics of the story line and I couldn't suspend disbelief that much.

  • Nicole
    2019-03-29 14:03

    Originally posted here: HQNPublish Date: Out Now!How I got this book: NetGalleyTrace of Fever, the 2nd book in the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor Series by Lori Foster is yet another Foster book that had me sitting up, taking notice, and wishing desperately for a sexy mercenary of my own.After the horrible things his sister had to go through, Trace goes deep undercover with a local crime lord he knows is behind a large portion of the sex trade. And Trace will stop at nothing to bring Murray down. And things are going great, Trace has gotten himself all the way to Murray’s security detail when someone throws a kink in his plans.Priscilla has one thing on her mind, and one thing only: the demise of Murray Coburn. The only problem is that she doesn’t know the first thing about taking someone down. But when she and Trace are paired together, the chemistry sizzles and ignites until the fire between them might just be enough to take down Murray’s entire organization.One of the things that I really love about this series is just how in-depth Foster goes into the world of human trafficking. I love when an author can take such a horrific topic like this, bring it to light, and still have a great and happy story prevail.I loved Trace from the moment we first met him in When You Dare. With the abduction of his little sister, he was one hundred percent devoted to doing his part in taking down guys like Murray, and he went at it with everything he had. He was determined to let nothing stop him, and then he met Priss. Suddenly he found his focus being on her; making sure she was safe, taken care of, and out of Murray’s mind.That single minded focus actually brought out so many other aspects of his character. I loved that he was devoted to the mercenary agreement he had with Dare, how steady he was under pressure – even when facing something he had never faced before. Plus his attraction to Priss really seemed to take him by surprise, but he went with it and had me wishing for my very own Trace.Although the heroine in the first book was difficult to read at times, the only thing I couldn’t stand about Priss was her name. There’s just something about referring to such a strong willed, determined, and fun woman as a “Priss” that rankled on my nerves. Other than that, I loved her. She was a survivor, brought up from nothing with a single minded determination to avenge her mother. Despite all the horrible things that Murray wanted done to her, and that Trace had to do to save his cover, Priss was determined to see it all through to the very end.I really liked the romance in this one as well. There was a bit of a slow build up between Priss and Trace. They danced around each other, flirting and dropping hints before actually acting on any of their feelings. They were both so dedicated to their mission, yet knew that would could be between them so special, that they were willing to make sure it was the right time, the right everything. It was special, and all that more meaningful once they finally came together.Jackson was also featured somewhat prominently in this one, and I can’t wait to get his book next. He and Alani had some great moments together, and I just know that the tension between those two is going to light up the pages and take over the entire book.All in all I am so happy with this series to date. I love the strong Alpha hero fighting for a cause that is so close to his heart, driving him to do everything possible to save just one girl’s life. I loved our heroine’s desire for justice, and her dedication to get it regardless of the costs. The romance was incredible and was the perfect balance to the suspense plot.I give Trace of Fever a A-

  • Crystal ♥ RBtWBC
    2019-04-11 09:53

    Trace if Fever is a sensational read full of excitement, danger and temptation!Trace River’s sister, Alani, is safe and sound from her ordeal with the flesh traders in big part to his friend Dare. Those responsible are dead, but there are still plenty out there in the business to take down and Trace is making it his personal mission to see every last one of them stopped for good.Priscilla Patterson is out for revenge on her unknown father, Murray Coburn, a big time player in the human trafficking business. When she makes plans to meet and eventually kill him the last thing she expected was the tall, strong and sexy bodyguard, Trace Miller, to anticipate and divert her every move.Now to protect each other from being exposed they must work together, but is the prospect of revenge worth more then the growing love between them?Trace of Fever was an outstanding read, though I enjoyed When you Dare more, this is not a novel to miss!I especially loved the character of Trace. We original met him in When you Dare and his take charge attitude and protectiveness of his sister captured my heart. Other characters from the first novel play a big role in Trace of Fever as well and I love when authors bring back past characters that we love and they play integral parts in the continuation of the series. I had a hard time however getting into the heroine, Priscilla. I usually enjoy the snarky leading ladies but Priss' whole attitude just turned me off, though not surprising, the plot and hero more then made up for what I found lacking in the heroine and I was riveted to every page.The story moved at a quick and even pace, the plot was even more interesting then in When you Dare! Foster threw in several twists and turns that I was not expecting and kept me on the edge of my seat, and the dialogue between all of the characters was witty and entertaining, I especially loved the escape scene in the shower with a certain cowboy-hat-wearing-hunk. Priss definitely brings the alpha male out in Trace and he becomes very possessive which is uber sexy and he is completely open with his feelings, and that adds to his already vast appeal. Pris is also smart, independent and capable but had a cloistered upbringing. She had a well thought out plan for revenge and didn’t vary from it, even at times were she should of, much to Trace’s dismay. This was both admirable and frustrating and illustrates Foster's superb writing skills in making you feel these two emotions at the same time. The villains are just as well written and really made my skin crawl, this is definitely a darker novel then the first. All in all; a great, well written romantic suspense that I recommend. I cannot wait for Savor the Danger, Jackson’s story. I loved his smart-ass, out-spoken attitude in Trace of Fever and I am looking forward to seeing a lot more of him! And don’t you just love the covers for this series?!?! *drool*

  • Sharon
    2019-04-23 18:12

    http://obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.comTrace of Fever was kindly provided to me by Netgalley.Review: 3.5 out of 5 starsRelease Date: 31st May 2011Trace of Fever is the second book in the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series.Trace Rivers is working undercover trying to earn the trust of a well known and corrupt businessman, Murray Coburn when he meets innocent Priscilla Patterson claiming to be the long lost daughter of Murray but with a hidden agenda and secrets of her own.Trace has spent quite some time trying to infiltrate Murray’s business, to gain his trust so that he could eventually put a stop to the human trafficking he was dealing in. He saw Priscilla as a distraction he didn’t need, it was a time when he couldn’t afford to lose focus.Priss has lived a sheltered life and after the death of her mother had set her sights on seeking revenge on the man she believes ruined her mothers life as well as her own by association; she was focused and determined much to Trace’s dismay.I absolutely loved Trace and had been looking forward to reading his story after learning bits and pieces about him in When you Dare. His sister had been kidnapped by traffickers so he has a personal vendetta against the illegal trade of women and was out to seek justice; I thought his actions were admirable. I wasn’t a huge fan of Priss, she seemed to run hot and cold for me and at times acted quite immature and stubborn, I found her to be quite irritating.The slow build-up to their relationship worked well with me, although they were attracted to each other physically from get-go they held back; I liked the possessive streak Trace showed toward her.The bad guys were just horrible! From Murray to his girlfriend Helene (Hell) as well as the henchmen that seemed to be lurking everywhere, they were evil nasty people. I am glad they got what they each deserved.I enjoyed the secondary characters, Dare and Molly make an appearance, Matt the stylist was great & I adore Chris! I am looking forward to reading Jackson & Alani’s story in Savor the Danger.I liked the pacing of the story; the mystery/suspense held my interest and I enjoyed the resolution. I enjoy Foster’s writing style.What I didn’t like: Priss was innocent sexually and was quite modest; I found the searches she had to endure to be quite humiliating, especially considering Trace’s view on the ways women should be treated; it seemed to contradict him as a character and was demoralizing for Priss. The way her size was constantly mentioned also grated on my nerves.Although I wasn’t a fan of Priss, I found the story entertaining and I loved alpha hero Trace. It was a satisfying HEA.Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy Trace of Fever as much as When You Dare but it is still a well written and enjoyable read.

  • Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim)
    2019-04-01 16:16

    After reading the first book in the series, When You Dare, I thought there was no way I would ever read another book in the series. Plot holes, unexplained events, random characters coming and going, but most of all - the heroine was a doormat and the hero was an ass. Then I read the introductory short story in the anthology The Guy Next Door and some of the plot holes, unexplained events, and random characters were explained. Suddenly it made more sense. I still didn't move it up to 'Liked It' status because of the darn near misogynistic tone but it was much better. So I was at the library perusing the paperback shelf when this caught my eye. 'Why not?' I thought. 'If it's as bad as the first I can always stop reading.' even though I really never stop reading a book once I start.So was it better? Absolutely. Did I like it? Yes. Was it great? No. Will I read the third story? 90% probability.Trace is undercover to help bring down a ring of human traffickers. Priscilla shows up to help enact revenge against the man that was responsible for brutalizing her mother and for her terrible upbringing. Through an unbelievable over the top story, they end up together and live happily ever after. (It's a romance book, I'm not giving any spoilers there) Is this story any more ridiculous than the first? Nope. So why is this a like and the other not? The difference is entirely the heroine. Pris is strong and likable. She is willful, doesn't listen worth a darn, and does really stupid things sometimes. But she also is funny and has a personality other than, 'I'm sorry that I'm just a woman.' that the first books heroine was saddled with.I just wish that Lori Foster would have some real characters in her books again instead of caricatures of people.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-12 12:15

    Trace of Fever is the second book in the series Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor by Lori Foster. This story, like its predecessor, When you Dare, addresses the issue of domestic sex trafficking. In the series thus far, Lori Foster has introduced us to a cast of wonderful characters who fight against these human trafficking rings and truly despicable characters who engage in trafficking women.We first meet Trace Rivers (a.k.a. Trace Miller) in When You Dare after his sister is rescued from the human traffickers by Dare McIntosh. Essentially, due to the trauma his sister went through Trace is driven by his need to rid the world of the bad guy douchebags who sell women to the highest bidder and he goes undercover and infiltrates a sex trade organization. There he meets Priscilla, a young woman claiming to be the daughter of Murray Coburn (Trace’s big boss). Priscilla is quite the conundrum as a heroine. At times she seemed impossibly naïve and virginal while at others she was smart, sassy, and quite adept at portraying a clueless twit when dealing with Murray. She often defied any logic or rationality and made some stupid decisions. While I liked Pris, I didn’t love her. She starts out as if she may be as this tough woman. She is undercover herself wanting to take down the man who abused her mother. Perhaps Foster was attempting to have Pris come off as somewhat vulnerable as well, given her past, but I never bought her tough girl persona. I was hoping for more from her character. Unlike Priscilla, I loved Trace who was absolutely yummalicious! Trace is our alpha male who has a body of sin, the skills to keep anyone safe, the smarts to put more than two and two together, yet is still a good guy, not a womanizer.The romance between Trace and Pris was pretty steamy although, I wanted more. They did have some great chemistry; however, at times I felt like the romance between the two was too fast and superficial. I was happy to see them get their HEA.Overall, Trace of Fever is a great read. I will most definitely be continuing on with this series.

  • Regina
    2019-04-03 17:10

    This book is the second full novel in the series Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor. This story continues where the first one left off, addressing the issue of domestic sex trafficking. Lori Foster introduces a cast of truly despicable characters who engage in trafficking women and of course there are good men and women who are dedicated to bringing the bad guys down. The book introduces a new female character Priscilla Patterson, or Priss. I have read other reviews of this book and it appears some reviewers did not care for Priss – I disagree, I liked her. Priss had an extremely sheltered background, she was raised to live in fear and as a result was not exposed to society in general. The choices Priscilla makes are consistent with how she was raised and the situations that the hero puts her in. Ms. Foster writes the heroine as a woman who is struggling with her past and trying to reconcile what she learned growing up with what has become her current reality. She encounters a man – the hero (Trace!) who does not really want to help Priscilla accomplish her goals but is thrown in with her lot and they have to struggle on together. There is some interesting encounters and struggles between the two main characters – Trace and Priscilla. Trace is a man who walks the edge of honor, so his choices are not always the ones that Priscilla would want. In the end, I found Priscilla likeable, the tension between Trace and Priscilla very real, and their romance (no surprise here!) enjoyable. Trace is an interesting hero and worthy of a book focused on him, I think ultimately that I liked Dare more than Trace, but reading about Trace was enjoyable. Readers get to see Dare, Molly, and Chris from the first book When You Dare. I enjoyed When You Dare a little bit more than Trace of Fever, however both are great books, filled with good character development and an interesting story line. If you enjoy romantic suspense, contemporary romance or Lori Foster I think you will like this book.

  • Wminbc
    2019-03-31 17:13

    This book was chest-tastick: from the gorgeous hunk of man on the front cover (note his chest and abs) to the description of Trace’s muscular hairy chest…just enough and pointing the treasure trail downwards!Trace was forced to watch from the side lines in ‘When You Dare’ (5 Hoots, buy it next month you will love it). But now, he is hell bent to rid Ohio and the hopefully the US of flesh peddlers. His current target is Murray Coburn and his scheming evil whore, Hellena, Hell for short. Just when Trace thinks he is getting into his cover, sweet, innocent, luscious Priscilla walks through the front door. What’s a guy to do? Priscilla, Priss as her mother used to call her, is a wounded, smack talking, whole lotta something…she is one paradox after another and she keeps not only Trace but Dare, Chris and the gang shaking their collective heads. Priss has her own vendetta, but with Trace following her every move and unknown henchmen trying to snatch her at every turn, she has to decide who to trust.As you may know by now, I love these guys! This series has great sub-characters (I would lovers for Matt to do my hair!) and keeps us current with previous loves, like Dare and Molly. The Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor books have touching characters, sweet lovin’ and witty dialogue. Enjoy!

  • Jamie *Gypsy Smut-a-teer*
    2019-04-09 12:55

    dude did I love Trace!! Like, whoa!!! I know this is the most quick review evah, but I need to say something, ya know.....Some of the book I loved immensely. At one point I felt everything kind of slowed down and I lost a bit of interest, which disappointed me, but it picked back up and I was glued until the end. I guess just lost me a little in the middle for a bit. Other than that, I loved the storyline, like way more than the first book. I loved Priss, lol, way more than I did Molly. And Trace, mmmmmm, I loved Dare, but Trace totally made me forget all about him. LOL!!! I can't wait to read Jackson and Alani's story, I think I could fall just as hard for him as I did Trace, but man, I'm not sure about Priss. She was everything I love in a heroine. Sassy, and speaks her own mind. That's one thing I didn't like about MOlly, she was always too prim and proper and at first I accepted it as a defense mechanism but in the end, she seemed to just not have as much personality like Priss did. Both books have left me feeling like in the middle I got bored a little, but not enough to make me stop the series. like I said in Dare's review, I've had this on my TBR list as long as I've been on GR, so I'm not stopping now. Especially when I feel like Jackson's book could be just as good as Trace's!!!

  • Hbeebti
    2019-03-27 15:48

    Wow this was awesome! I love Trace... don't make me choose yet between Trace and Dare cause I want them both. HAHA Jackson too... This book was great from the get go and I had a hard time putting it down. Priss and Trace were so great together. I loved that Priss was such a smart ass. She rivaled Chris. Then we had Matt introduced he is Chris's friend and he was a blast to read as well. I think there was plenty of possessiveness and lots of spice in this book. Loved all the action. The seriousness of what was going on was pulling at my heart strings. I mean who wouldn't be touched by human trafficking. I totally got that Priss had her own agenda and wanted to get revenge. Then there is Trace going after them because of what happened to his sister. This was really get addition to the first book. Also we get the set up for Jackson sense its his book next. Man oh man he was so funny. I cant wait to read more about him.

  • Fanny
    2019-04-09 15:55

    Trace Of Fever es el segundo libro de la saga Mercenarios escrita por Lori Foster y tiene como protagonistas a Trace y Priss.Reconozco que este segundo libro no me llamaba demasiado la atencion, tenia en mente leerlo cuanto antes para poder iniciar el tercero, que era el que realmente me llamaba la atencion, por eso estoy tan sorprendida de que la lectura me gustara tanto, no esperaba que fuera mejor que el primer libro pero lo fue, la trama me parecio mas interesante y que todo avanzaba de forma mucho mas agil, ademas la pareja protagonista tenia mucha mas quimica que Molly y Dare, quienes me parecieron un poco sosos cuando lei su libro.En fin, una historia entretenida y muy atrapante, la autora es muy buena escribiendo suspense romantico, asi que si eres fan de este genero estoy segura de que disfrutaras leyendo esta historia.3.75 Estrellas!

  • ~Megan~
    2019-04-06 12:51

    Wow, this one really didn't measure up to the first in the series for me. Trace was great, and all an alpha male should be, but the heroine in this book drove me bananas.Priss (BARF!) was cloistered by her mother and kept away from the world up until the mom died three months ago. All of a sudden, she's a bad to the bone, I'm not taking anything off anyone kind of chick? It just didn't add up for me. There were so many TSTL moments, it was almost unbearable. Even toward the end when we get the ILY's, it didn't really do anything for me. I enjoyed the book, but I wasn't blown away by it. It was nice, however, to catch up with Dare, Molly, and well as meet the hero for the next book, Jackson. Honestly, I was hoping this book was good, but it's kind of a means to an end for me, as I've been looking forward to Alani's story since Chapter 1 of the first book.

  • Becky
    2019-04-04 12:13

    Safety OverviewSafety Stats:
(view spoiler)[Ages: Trace is 32, Priscilla is 24. 
Cheating: None. Trace is almost raped by Helene.
OM/OW: Helene is a crazy sex addict (more or less) who wants Trace, drugs him, and attempts to rape him. The rape is interrupted by Priss and Jackson.
Separation: None.
Triggers: Some references to sexual assault and sexual slavery. Trace and Priss are undercover in a sexual slavery ring. Priss's mother was raped as a part of the slavery ring. Trace is drugged by Helene and rape attempted.
HEA/HFN?Yes, the couple is engaged at the end of the book. 
 (hide spoiler)]

  • Sharon
    2019-03-27 17:53

    How can I not like this book? Another hot guy with six pack abs on a mission to stop human trafficking and can fight 3 henchmen all without breaking a sweat, I mean it's exhilarating! Trace Rivers has to lie but only Priscilla Patterson does it better and can see through to the deeply caring man beneath. He's stymied by his tiny woman who is fearless and packs her own wallop, the kind that leaves a shiner black eye. There's more humor in this second book in the Men of Honor series, and we get to fall in love all over again with the cool gay bestie Chris. Not to mention Dare's "girls" -- the loveable dogs who are introduced to Liger, a main coon cat who's appearance adds a sweet touch to the story.There's the usual swearing and bro jealousy, and weirdness from some shifty characters, but in the end what is right and good wins the day while love prevails.

  • Rose May
    2019-04-04 10:57

    Note: This review, and all my reviews, comes from my blog - Romantic Rose's Bookshelf ( 2 in the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor SeriesI think part of the reason this book got such a low rating (D+) was that I’ve come to expect so much from her books. There are so many excellent Lori Foster books out there that giving this one a higher rating would be doing an injustice to the others. So even though this book is getting a low rating, keep in mind it’s because Lori Foster is such an amazing author that I’ve set incredibly high standards for her books – ones that she usually surpasses without qualm.That being said, this book still had one of my favorite Lori Foster elements done really well – The Hero. Trace Rivers (or, if undercover, Trace Miller) is a sexy, smart, sinful, delicious, hard, uncompromising Alpha from his head to his toes (and thank God, everything in between). I LOVE a Lori Foster hero because they are so alpha, so unrelentingly strong and sexy it fires the blood. If you love Lori Foster heroes, if you love strong alphas in action, you will LOVE Trace. *Fans self* Wow. Smoking.Unfortunately, Priscilla (Priss) Patterson was a little off. She was contradictory in her motivation and behaviors. I couldn’t get a clear sense of who she was, why she did what she did, where she was coming from – even after having her past explained. She was all over the place, and was one of those characters that seemed to act only to further the plot in the way the author intends. From an author who is always so true to her characters, I was disappointed. Also, her virginity was something that bothered me, what with her owning a porn shop. I'm not saying that I think women that own porn shops are whores - I'm saying someone who is sexually knowledgeable will likely have had sex by the time they're in their twenties. So her virginity was kinda a questionable thing for me. Priscilla was also occasionally TSTL too, and that was an annoyance. I also disliked her nickname, Priss. It just gave the wrong impression. In general however, she was just unlikeable.As for the plot, it wasn’t one of my favorite LF’s either. I liked it very much at the beginning – but then it seemed that there was no place to go and we simply wallowed in and waded through small, climactic elements that lead nowhere. I didn’t feel the build-up of the plot or the build-up of the romance. It was all too chaotic and messy for my tastes. Nothing seemed to tie into anything else, it was just one action scene after another with no real reason or resolution for any of them. It was a very strange blend of too much going on and not enough meaning assigned to anything.As far as the villains go, they were well-developed in their vile evilness. Helene, appropriately named Hell, was frickin’ insane, which I thought made for an interesting story even if she wasn’t completely believable all the time. Murray Coburn, our big time villain, was evil and insane and sickening - overall, a very well done villain. At times, however, I had trouble understanding his motivation for his actions too – which made him seem like another character Foster was simply using to further the plot. That was the unfortunate thing with this book – the people were not caught up in the events and reacting to them. Rather they were creating events of little consequence so that there would, somehow, be a plot.In the end, my favorite thing about this book (besides Trace’s delicious physique) were the lies told by Trace and Priscilla to Murray. Their quick thinking was astounding and gloriously fun to watch. It was a definite tribute to their cool-headed nature, dedication to catching the villain, and intelligence. Loved it. The rest of the story… not so much.“Sexy”ness rating: Hot. Even when they weren’t having sex. Trace is just… hot. All the time.Overall Rating: D+Bottom Line: If you love Lori Foster there’s a high probability you’ll love this book just as you love the rest of her work. Trace is our very loveable, extremely sexy Alpha LF hero, but Priss and the storyline just weren’t working out for me this time. But When You Dare was awesome, and I’m expecting great things from Savor the Danger – so don’t give up on the series!

  • Brianna (The Book Vixen)
    2019-04-04 14:08

    Review copy provided via NetGalley4½ starsWhy I Read this Book: I love me some sexy alpha-male mercenaries. When I first heard of this series, I knew I had to read it. I enjoyed reading the first book in this series, When You Dare, and Trace was a secondary character I had my eye on. I knew there’s was more to him and I couldn’t wait to read his story.What I Liked: The action starts from the get-go, right from page one. Trace and his team are bringing down human traffickers. Trace has been personally affected by human traffickers so he has made it his personal mission to get rid of them and their business.Priscilla has her own reasons to bring down Murray and his ‘business’, a very personal reason. She’s there for vengeance and she’s not going to let anyone, including Trace, get in the way of her goal. I liked Priscilla’s character; I loved her determination. The woman’s got balls.The chemistry between Trace and Priscilla was hot. The author did a great job on pacing the relationship yet again; it didn’t feel rushed. Trace took a little advantage of certain situations regarding Priscilla, including a ‘pat down’ and a very risqué shopping trip. But Priscilla didn’t let her shyness show through. Nope. She worked it and gave Trace quite a show! It brought Priscilla out of her shell a bit.Jackson was a great addition to the crew. Great set up for Jackson’s character in the next book. I can’t wait to read it! And speaking of secondary characters, it was good to see how Dare and Molly were doing. Along with Chris. Can’t forget Chris.The cover – hello! *pets*What I Didn’t Like: Priscilla’s nickname, Priss, which is what she went by for most of the novel. I know, I know. It’s such a minute thing but I just couldn’t get over ‘Priss’. It sounds….well, prissy. And speaking of Priscilla, there were times when she was a bit dramatic. Like the car ride over to Dare’s house. I think she over reacted a bit of Trace’s necessary actions.Overall Impression: I liked Trace of Fever even more than When You Dare. After reading the first book in this romance suspense series, I couldn’t wait to read more and that’s still the case for me. I can’t wait to read the next book, Savor the Danger.

  • Alyssa
    2019-04-04 12:06

    ARC provided by NetGalleyRelease Date: 5/31/2011First off let me just say that I am in love with this series! After you're done drooling over the cover, you open the books and get a story that makes you forget all about it. That's saying something when you sport a cover that HAWT!Trace is a man on a mission, he wants to make human trafficking a thing of the past. In When You Dare his sister, Alani, is kidnapped and set to be sold to the highest bidder. Thankfully Dare saves the day but, Trace is rocked by this unimaginable occurence. He decides to go after any & all criminals involved in this heinous practice. Most of his work involves going undercover and there he meets Priss.Priss grew up very sheltered & protected by her mother who was brutalized at the hands of the madman who was her father. After her mother dies, Priss made it her mission to exact revenge, and eventually kill the man responsible for making them always live in fear.After the first book in this series, I couldn't wait to jump right into Trace's story. The glimpses that we got of him in that book were enough to have me very interested in finding out more. This book definitely delivered a great story however, I did not feel as connected to it as I did in Dare & Molly's book. First the story arc followed a 'will he discover or won't he' dynamic when it came to the villain, Murray. I prefer a good 'who did it' mystery because you can play off of a ton of different variables. There is only so much you can do with the former. Now, please don't think I disliked it, because that's certainly not the case.Trace & Priss were great together and balanced each other very well. I always love a good alpha male paired with a kick-ass female and you certainly get that with this couple. Priss' wit & sarcasm had me smiling & laughing throughout the entire book. She always kept Trace on his toes & wondering what was next. The scenes involving Matt & Chris were so freaking funny and alone would be worth the price of the book. I have fell in love with this series and will promptly devour any & all offerings within it!