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Assembly-line forewoman and Dayton, Ohio resident Lisa Marie Smith's life just got a lot more medieval. Lisa's co-worker and best friend, Pegeen Palmer forcibly drags her to an event showcasing Pegeen's latest hobby---the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a living history organization that specializes in the Middle Ages. SCA members get their weekend kicks dressing uAssembly-line forewoman and Dayton, Ohio resident Lisa Marie Smith's life just got a lot more medieval. Lisa's co-worker and best friend, Pegeen Palmer forcibly drags her to an event showcasing Pegeen's latest hobby---the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a living history organization that specializes in the Middle Ages. SCA members get their weekend kicks dressing up in medieval "garb" and pretending to be knights and ladies. Lisa is skeptical at first, but pretty soon she falls for Sir Phillip Reginald of Whitestar, a swashbuckling SCA Knight and top favorite to become the SCA's most important new King. It's soon clear that this dazzlingly handsome, super-sexy knight has a dark and mysterious past, and it's all Lisa can do just to keep her head above water as she gets caught up in the strange, intrigue-ridden world of SCA kingdom power politics. Will shy, emotionally fragile Lisa manage to juggle her day job, her eccentric best friend, and a passionate new relationship with her mysterious knight without coming apart?...

Title : tender is the knight
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ISBN : 9689302
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tender is the knight Reviews

  • Tracey
    2019-06-07 23:14

    I'm sorry, Netgalley, I can't do it - this is unbearable. I might be able to cope with the present tense, but - really? Another book that sets out to make reenactors look foolish? and by someone who IS in the SCA? I hope they drum her out. Awful.Also? The Renaissance and medieval periods are - how can I put this - DIFFERENT. Not interchangeable. The 5% of this I managed to get through made me ill.

  • Shirley
    2019-06-08 04:14

    Have you ever finished a book and still weren't sure exactly how you felt about it? That's pretty much where I was at the end of Tender is the Knight.I really liked the premise, and the story had promise, it just never seemed to deliver. One of the problems that I had was that I never really connected with the characters. Lisa fell head over heals in love with Phil, but I was never really sure why. He never did anything that gained my respect as a leading character, let alone make me even come close to liking him - even after readers, along with Lisa got his entire back story. Pegeen was self centered and didn't really fill the roll as a supportive best friend and the rest of the characters seemed just as shallow as the rest. Things just seemed to happen in Tender is the Knight without readers being clued in and not knowing why.Maybe it was the corniness, maybe I just didn't get the whole SCA premise anymore than Lisa did. Whatever it was, I just never got it. That doesn't happen very often... *sigh*

  • Samantha
    2019-05-28 01:41

    Overall, a 3.5/5, but I found myself getting frustrated with Lisa a lot, and actually with Phil as well. What really attracted me to this story was that it involved LARPing via the SCA, and that it took place in Ohio. It was fairly well written but sometimes I didn't understand Lisa's strange mood swings. Still, a decent read.

  • Vanessa
    2019-05-31 05:19

    Very fun romp through the SCA. Really enjoyed this!!!

  • Debbie
    2019-06-19 05:27

    This is such a good book!!! I've read it twice already!!!!!!

  • Cinzia
    2019-05-27 05:39

    I think in the last year and a half, and I'm non exaggerating, this is one of the most boring books I've read ... Tender in the Knight, but also boring at this point.The cover of the book it is enchanting, but everything stops there.The story recounts the experience of Lisa Marie Smith that is dragged from her closest friend in the world of SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism), which creates events reproducting the medieval historical period, plunging its members in a reality in which men become noble Knights and women their dame, with real tournaments regulated by a set of rules and its judges. During one of these fullimmersion, the neewbie Lisa will attract the attention of the event's most coveted Knight Sir Philips.The romance aspect of the book is somewhat fugitive and acts as a corollary to the world of SCA, which is represented perhaps too detailed, with digressions on various rules to follow during the tournament, and to live fully in the SCA world, they do look like the kind of selfpossessed by their roles this participants, I understand the hobby, but here it is definitely over that.The plot it is inconsistent to maintain a modicum of interest in the reader, even the irony with which writes the author, is not enough to support a certain smoothness in the book, and when you go on reading and you notice the superficiality of the various protagonists, it becomes heavy, se can say there is no tripe for cats.I went on with the reading, hoping for a change at some point, but it was only pure illusion.Definitely was not my cup of tea.Thanks to Netgalley and for the bookCredo che nell'ultimo anno e mezzo, per non voler esagerare, questo sia uno dei libri più noiosi che io abbia letto... Tender in the Knight, ma pure boring a questo punto.La cover del libro e' accattivante, ma tutto si ferma li'.La storia racconta l'esperienza di Lisa Marie Smith che viene trascinata dalla sua più cara amica nel mondo dello SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism), che crea eventi di rievocazione del periodo medievale, immergendo i suoi iscritti in una realtà in cui gli uomini diventano nobili cavalieri e le donne le loro dame, con veri e propri tornei regolati da un insieme di norme e relativi giudici. Durante uno di questi weekend full immersion, la novella Lisa attirerà l'attenzione del cavaliere più ambito della manifestazione Sir Philips.L'aspetto romance del libro e' alquanto latitante e fa da corollario al mondo dello SCA, che invece viene rappresentato in modo forse troppo particolareggiato, con divagazioni sulle varie regole da rispettare durante la rievocazione, che fanno apparire come delle specie di invasati i vari partecipanti, capisco l'hobby, ma qui la cosa e' decisamente oltre.La trama e' inconsistente nel mantenere un minimo di interesse nel lettore, anche l'ironia con cui scrive la scrittrice, non e' abbastanza per sostenere una certa scorrevolezza nel libro, anzi nel momento in cui si va avanti e si nota la superficialità dei vari protagonisti, diventa pesante, perché come si dice: non c'è trippa per gatti.Sono andata avanti sperando in un cambiamento di marcia a un certo punto, ma e' stata una pia illusione.Decisamente non era il libro per me.Si ringraziano Netgalley e la per la visione del libro

  • Artemiz
    2019-05-28 00:32

    Jamaica Layne’s Tender is the Knight wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but I really liked it.I know that there are people in the world who reenact all kinds of different things, from all kind of different era, but to read a book about them … that’s first for me and it was really educational and interesting. But the love story in this book – that’s traditional. Just form time to time all this secrecy thing and this being too obsessed with things, was too much for me. At one point I really thought that Sir Phillip was runaway from asylum, but I guess that people who really take the SCA thing seriously can easily seem that way. What I did find refreshing, was the heroines and her friend job – they weren’t decorators/shop owners/marketing specialists/lawyers – well all those high profile professionals, they were just factory workers … just normal people.But all in all, this was one interesting story that introduces interesting grown up people games (not sexual games). The characters of this book were also well written and the main plot enchanting.

  • Rebecca Huston
    2019-05-26 01:13

    Haven't read it yet -- only just heard about it -- and I usually avoid erotica-based novels as they tend to get boring very fast. But this one is set in the SCA, and let's face it, I still have a fond warmth for it after all these years. We'll see how it goes.

  • Betsy
    2019-06-17 01:40

    Pretty good book. This book introduced me to the SCA, an organization of medieval re-enactors that have tournaments & feasts all year long, all over the country. Sounds pretty cool to me.