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Life as we knew it pretty much ended with the lightning fast spread of the plague. The media called it Werewolf Syndrome. Women got sick, many died. They were the lucky ones. Men got sick, too, but those who didn't die... changed. A few immune men, like myself, joined the bands of refugees, scrounging for survival in the post-apocalyptic devastation.I lived in a fortifiedLife as we knew it pretty much ended with the lightning fast spread of the plague. The media called it Werewolf Syndrome. Women got sick, many died. They were the lucky ones. Men got sick, too, but those who didn't die... changed. A few immune men, like myself, joined the bands of refugees, scrounging for survival in the post-apocalyptic devastation.I lived in a fortified compound with a couple dozen women, a bunch of kids and two asshole straight guys. Sounds like a man's wet dream -- unless you happen to be the last gay man standing. At the time, risking my life scavenging in the city sounded like a fucking vacation.I went out hunting supplies and found something else. Not a quick death, or even a slow, painful one at the hands of the beasts -- no such luck. Instead I find myself captive to the largest, most well organized gang of beast men ever. Their leader, Mace, wants more than just a generator -- he wants my body. Oddly, a certain part of me likes that idea. The other part –- the part with working survival instincts -- insists I get the hell out of Dodge before my smart mouth gets the shit kicked out of me. Again. Tradeoffs......

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Apocalypse Reviews

  • Bookwatcher
    2019-06-12 06:43

    What happened in this book?Hummmm let me try to write the blurb:someone beat the crap of the main character (Daniel)...he had sex with Mace, the werewolf...someone beat the crap of the main character,, with the werewolf...another beating, and now also bleeding to death...guess what he did when he stop bleeding: yep, sex with the werewolf.And all the circle of beating and sex was a little annoying in my view.I ADORE the sci-fi theme (post apocalyptic future), all the pack members, the characters... but I think there is little or nothing do say about the plot.there is beating... and sex... and it's all that happened.It's one of the few times I think a book should had less sex, and more story3 stars I lost interest in this serie.

  • Bark
    2019-06-25 07:39

    Werewolves, an apocalypse and m/m love. Come on, how could I resist this one?2 1/2 stars. I like weird and thought this book about a werewolf apocalypse featuring some m/m loving was written especially for me. All of those things appeal to me separately but when mashed together? Not so much. The problem for me was the wishy-washy narrator. He acquiesces to his kidnapper and protests too little for my liking and strained the limits of my believability. The kidnapper has yellow slitted eyes and is a big and burly werewolf. The narrator is still a puny little man. He is turned on immediately by his much bigger, wolfish captor.

  • Laura
    2019-06-19 12:14

    3.5 Stars”You can’t look at me like that, little human, and claim you don’t want me.”Well, well, well….what do we have here? An end of the world as we know it apocalypse, werewolves, and sexy pack loving. What’s not to love? :)A virus devastates the population. Women and children nearly wiped out and men transformed into “rabids”—aggressive, sexed up beasts. Some immunes huddled together to survive and wait it out. But Daniel, an immune, is not sure how lucky he is to survive. Locked away, hiding, and so lonely. All that changes in a flash though when he discovers a new breed of men and way of life. Found and taken by a pack determined to live and adapt to their anger and primal needs. Can Daniel learn to submit and change in this new world of wolves and beasts? Can he live with Mace?*whistles* Mace, Mace, Mace—what a sexy beast! I was drooling over this man at first growl. Oh, gods--I do love it when he growls! Muscles, power, grace, and tenderness. Mace is the leader of the pack, so what he wants he gets. And he wants Daniel! Every deep, sultry rumble, moan, lick, and touch has Daniel revved up and on his knees. These two are very hot together.”I’d heard the phrase heated gaze. His burned, the odd glow burning brighter in his eyes. They scrambled my brain, leaving me unable to think, only to feel the need to touch him, be touched by him.”One point really has my heart and head pinging with interest though. Submission vs. resistance. Can we truly learn to go against everything we are to survive? Dominate or submit. Run or fight. Live or die. How can we live if we have to sacrifice who we are? Daniel is a strong, smart-mouthed, stand up and fight type of guy, but the pack and Mace need him to submit—give in. A dangerous and sexy battle in the bedroom and out. A battle that could get Daniel killed. Mace’s oolala possessive, animalistic presence combined with Daniel’s wicked mouth *waggles eyebrows* make one hell of an addictive read. Can’t wait for more.Em—Thanks for introducing me to the pack! :)

  • Lexi Ander
    2019-06-20 10:16

    Daniel lives in a world that has been changed when some kind of virus broke out changing only men. The men who were affected by the virus and did not die, grew claws and fangs and a brutal disposition. They destroyed and ravaged everything in their path, becoming something to fear and loath. After the collapse of civilization, the men who were resistant to the virus along with women and the surviving children lived in fortified homesteads. On a scavenging mission Daniel is caught by a pack of these beasts and expects to be killed and ate alive. Only...they don't.What can I say? This story, which I thought was going to be a typical shifter romance, totally wigged me out. I was just as afraid of the beasts as Daniel was and if it had been me, I would have died trying to run for the hills. They weren't fluffy shifters screaming "my mate I love you!" They are everything that the term beast implies. And then just to mess with your head, they would do something kind and human. I struggled with whether or not I thought Daniel should stay or go.I found this to be brutal and full of suspense. I cringed and held my breath. And maybe, just a little blood thirsty for revenge. When I finished, I turned right around and read it again. Boy, I hope that this is a series because I freaking loved it!

  • Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*
    2019-05-25 11:31

    When I picked this book up, I was in the mood for something gritty. Something violent and gory with no fluff or sweetness to it's name. And this book delivered. Absolutely under no circumstances think this book is going to be a light, give-me-a-smile read because it's not. It's violent because that's how the new world is. The werewolves are more primal animal than man and they live by their primal instincts. They are cruel beings. I happen to love this book. This apocalyptic world was extremely fascinating to me and how Dan got suckered into living with the sane (if you can even call them that) werewolves was just the icing on the cake for me because he was essentially being held hostage. 'Give us electricity or be raped, mutilated and die', that was Dan's options. I lied, there's a bit of sweetness to this book especially when Mace is gentle with Dan but there's not much and you have to actually read between the lines to see it. Either way, I loved both Dan and Mace (view spoiler)[and I loved the fact that even though Mace is the uber-alpha, he still let Dan top him (hide spoiler)]Overall, I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series (sans girlie parts!) but I can only recommend this to people who are looking for something brutal and gritty. Otherwise, stay away, kids.

  • Em
    2019-05-29 12:42

    Well, what an absolute shocker, this book was fantastic and just what I needed! It's animalistic and really brutal at times but there is also a really loving and tender relationship between Mace and Daniel starting to develop. Moving swiftly on to Revelations.

  • Valentina Heart
    2019-05-25 07:39

    Such a wicked book! I kept checking the pages because I didn't want it to end. But end it did. It's pretty rough and different, a combination that instantly grips me and stubbornly won't let go. If you like a little bite and a few blows with your furry lovers this just might be the thing.

  • Didi
    2019-06-12 06:26

    I think this is my first dystopian book. A short one, phew! ;-)This is the first installment of a series and despite the D/s, violence and force shown here, I like it!When human had to butt head with beast, I - off course - cheer for the human side. And so I applaud Daniel for his courage, smart mouth, and strength. Not to go dissing the pack side though, with such mighty Alpha like Mace. Their dynamics were unusual too, I wouldn't think a bigger, stronger beast like him allow a little human to top him, but top Mace Daniel did. That alone was promising despite the circumstances they were in.I had a hunch as the series went, past personalities would reveal. That's why I plan to read further books in this series (being a late reader to this, I've the advantage of next books' availability *g*).

  • Ms. Nikki
    2019-06-15 10:41

    This read is jacked-up. Lots of violence and the characters constantly contradict themselves. The kidnaped dude is constantly getting beat up then gets aroused by Mace, the leader who is constantly choking him and telling him to obey and submit. A doctor who is ldiotic, looking out for the experiments, and a supposedly not rabid pack that seem to like torture and doesn't frown upon potential rape/non-consent, orgy-like scenes, and utter ridiculousness, made this a fail. A WTF moment happened (among many others) when the beast, Mace, with claws was fingering his chosen. Seriously? I think I lost some brain cells reading this. This is a LSD induced fantasy that someone may wish on their worst enemy. Not worth the money, not worth the time, and definitely not recommended.

  • Don Bradshaw
    2019-05-29 07:26

    Daniel is one of the few men unaffected when what is being called The Werewolf Syndrome hit and decimated humanity. He wanders accidentally into a powerful pack's territory and is quickly captured. The pack leader, Mace, takes a liking to the small man and tries to protect him while teaching Daniel how to live in a pack. This is a past paced book with violent relationships and rough sex. This book is a good change of pace from the typical romance story and a good read.

  • Steph
    2019-06-13 08:24

    This was a great surprise. I don't usually read shorts like this, but I really enjoyed this one. I still have only rated three stars because it doesn't really compare to my favourite full length novels. However I still enjoyed this super-sexy and dark story. I will definitely be reading the next in the series. Thanks to Em for the fab recommendation :D

  • KV Taylor
    2019-06-18 06:28

    Probably 3.5, but there was enough to love that I feel perfectly comfortable rounding up instead of down.I bought this one because I read an interview with Brannan Black and an excerpt, and Daniel's voice smacked me in the face and said, "You will love me, f#%ker." What do you know, it was absolutely right. From the second I started I was hooked by the guy. He's hilarious, smart-mouthed, savvy, temperamental, proud, and utterly charming.This is a first novel in a series, so I really liked the way the worldbuilding went: our discoveries about the pack types were dropped in smoothly as Daniel acclimated to his new, er, home, and finds out that a lot of his assumptions about people infected with the post-apocalyptic wolfman thing weren't totally accurate. (A favorite trope of mine with post-apoc, often used well with zombies.) It didn't feel info-dumpy at all, but I still feel like I had a grip on it. I dig the way they're not shifters, but more what comic book readers like me would think of as feral mutants like Wolverine, Sabertooth, etc.I also liked that all the action happens within a small camp space, and was limited to a very closeknit pack of characters. It set things up for a larger world by letting us dip our toes in a little, first. Nicely done.But for all my rambling about worldbuilding, this is a really light, fun read -- mostly about sex, which has been set up very cleverly as integral to pack bonding and life. I'm never sure what I'm going to get out of human-sex-with-monsters books. I love the idea, but oftentimes it's just an excuse for unsexy power plays -- as in, real life abuse of power and position for dubcon purposes, which squicks me real hard. Not so in this case; I was super impressed with the balance Black struck between the physical dominance of the pack and Daniel's human pride and relative inner strength. The bedroom scenes were absolutely integral to our understanding of that balance and why it works, which to me is the point of erotic romance.What can I say, I like it violent, but responsibly so. (As in, "Unless there's a safeword, the safeword is no.")There were some editing issues that bugged me, and a couple of spots where I got annoyed with Daniel just telling me how to feel instead of making me feel it with him -- but hell, his voice is so strong and infectious, I really couldn't complain. Glad I bought the second one already!

  • Straysod
    2019-06-15 08:43

    I made it through a whole 75% of this book before I gave up. It kills me to quit on a book, especially when I'm this far in, but I just couldn't take anymore. I read for fun, to relax, to meet new characters. When I realized I had spent more than an hour just furious and pissed off, I had to give up. Maybe the author somehow comes up with some miraculous redeeming save at the end of the book, but I am not willing to read one more infuriating victim-blaming sentence just to get there.I wanted to like this book, I really did. I love an MC that can't keep his mouth shut even when he knows he should. The dark world and post-apocalyptic setting had so much potential. And I don't typically have too much trouble with a little submission in a shifter story. But damn, this book was just so damn rape-y! The entire theme seemed to be "if you say yes, then it must not have been rape." Bullshit. If the mind says no, I don't care what the body is doing, it's still rape. If you submit and say yes because your only other option is being beaten to death, it's still rape. This book takes victim-blaming to a whole new level. Every time the MC gets hurt, it's his fault for 'resisting'. I can't stand that kind of bullshit attitude. Even with an interesting world, and decent writing, the victim-blaming and "it's not rape, it's a way of life" attitude has pissed me off to the point that not only will I never finish this book, I will probably never even look at another book by this author.

  • Gwengwel
    2019-05-29 10:38

    This had a lot of thing I normally like in a story and it's failed at making them interesting. Too much of beating (how can Daniel be alive after all that?), too much sex (heavy on the dub-con and Stockholm syndrome), lack of plot, lack of realism (a lot of explication didn't make sense) and finally I didn't believe in the love (lust) story of Mace and Daniel. (I put the tag: species-anthropomorphic. It's not a shifter werewolf story)

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-06-13 12:32

    Interesting plot development on the common “paranormal” theme of the shapeshifters; more than shapeshifters, Mace and his fellow pack are trans-breed, they caught a virus that turns human into half-wolf, men with claws and fangs, and with the more animal instincts than human. The virus was more virulent in men than women and so, years later, almost all men are infected while women need to be protected from them. Some men are immune, like Daniel, and being the only 100% man available in the city is the dream of most straight guys, trouble is that Daniel is gay. When he is captured by Mace’s pack, and faced with a choice, being the sex toy of all the pack or being Mace’s lover and working for the pack as “techy” busboy, the choice is not so difficult, above all since Mace is not a selfish lover, and despite all, Daniel is attracted by him.There a certain level of non con sex, mostly not “realized”, meaning that Daniel is threatened, but when he has sex with Mace, he is willing. Sure, the sex is not kind or gentle, and Daniel comes out with bruises, it’s sex on the edge, but it’s an edge that Daniel seems able to manage. The virus that Mace and the other caught, makes them very instinctual, with primordial needs, and if someone tries to “escape” them, they see it like prey, like something they have to haunt. That the output of the haunt is not always kill but sex, that maybe is the remaining of their human existence.Apocalypse is a first chapter in the Wolfman series, and I think Daniel’s story is not complete; there are some secrets in Daniel and Mace’s past that are not yet unveiled, but at least their new relationship is settle, they have a some sort of agreement, and agreement that, in a way or the other, is profitable for both of them.

  • Charmed
    2019-06-11 05:25

    If this had been free i would have been less disipointed in the quality, as it is i could barely be bothered to give it one star. i refuse to lower my standards simply because the mm romance market is being floaded with second rate works. i use the stars the way they are labeled and rate books accordingly. this was just the same regurgitated tropes and flat uncreative characters. I am so sick of the love interest as asshole with no redeeming social value. I get that some women have fantasies of that guy that will drag them back to thier cave but christ remember to add some literary value to your own personal fantasy before subjecting it on the rest of the world.

  • V
    2019-06-11 08:30

    Violent and Gory..UPDATEDWOW!!!! Why I didn't read this series sooner? it is terrific.Violent and Gory ??...nope, I read far much worse than this, for me this is 100% lighter than those serial killers books I used to read,compare to those this is a walk in the park. I'm so glad I gave this series a chance.

  • Cole Riann
    2019-06-08 13:27

    4.5 starsWow, I really like this world the author built. It is refreshingly stark and very focused on the power imbalance between the "beasts" and humans, as well as within the pack ranks itself. It is animalistic and pretty raw. I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of the series!

  • Vanessa
    2019-06-12 07:36

    1.5 starsI could say this story started good and ended not so good, but the truth is that it started bad and ended worse."Fuck no. Not a good time to have an erection " And this, ladies and gentlemen, resumes 90% of the book.A good post-apocalyptic M/m book with changed humans is Ten Simple Tips for Surviving the Apocalypse, and everything that made this work perfect is absent in this story: from the very start, before the main character can even see the "werewolf", he already has an erection. Even while he was thinking that the beast would mutilate and kill him. There's no such thing as development here, not in the story or in the characters, everything is only a big excuse to have oh-so- not -sexy sex. And after the first page lets forget about the companions he was ready to be tortured for, they'll never appear or be mentioned again. The narrator was awful, the most plain narrator ever. He manages to take a post apocalyptic world + "werewolves"+ forced sex and mix them in a boring squalid blurb. I swear the sex scenes made me yawn and at some point I just started skipping them.Well, in the end, I do think you need a special talent to take such interesting elements and come out with this thing.Here some pearls for you:"Shit, my cock didn’t seem to get the message that death, ugly painful death, lay just ahead.Did I mention I’m gay? So now I could add painfully confined erection to my growing list of aches.Three more large beasts -- OK, so they’re all large -- stood near or leaned against my truck. A shove sent me face first across the hood and a body slammed against me, pinning me there. Shit, the guy’s cock felt huge, and more than ready, jammed up against my ass.""“Yeah, got that lecture, if I run, they chase me down and beat the crap out of me, if I defend myself, they beat the crap out of me. Basically, I’m gonna get the crap beat out of me.” "" “I hope you can keep on your feet better out there, Brainiac. I’d hate for one of us to have to carry you.” Mace’s deep voice rumbled straight to my cock, like always. " "

  • Trix
    2019-06-11 13:32

    Oh my God! I don't know whether to laugh or throw a 1 star rating to this and call it quits.I had no idea what went on in Daniel's head, how he could switch between moods so quickly. One moment he was cursing the creatures that captured him, the next he was dry humping them and licking his lips at the sexual images playing in his head. Even allowing for the notion that men think with their dick... I just couldn't buy the idea. I mean, shredded by claws, punched, shoved, pushed and beaten and the guy still got a hard on. Masochist much?The explanation at the end that Mace was cold to Daniel to keep his alpha appearance was half assed. I was just as bewildered as Daniel when Mace would turn nasty. And personally, I hated the whole bullying theme. It has some logic that the wolves didn't really see Daniel as a woman/human enough to be gentle but not all the brutalities could be explained by it. Some of the roughing up was just that. Added to make you sympathise with the victim. Well, I didn't find any compassion for him. I wanted him to stand his ground, even if it got him killed or for the wolves to change attitude.There was some potential in the plot. But it was so badly delivered that I'm not interested in seeing what happens next. Probably more sex, fights and more sex.

  • Daniela
    2019-06-16 10:44

    Most of the time, I'm too lazy to write review. But after finishing this series, I saw it was necessary for me to tell how awesome this series of 5 books is. You must be aware that there is a lot of violence in the plot, and the MC is the one that receive most of it. The book is writen in first person, and everything in the whole lenght series is seen from Daniel's POV. Must of the reviews in here will tell you what the plot is about, but I will tell you that every single book will get you into the story so much that you will want to finish before going to sleep. And even then, you will want to start the next one, because you won't be able to sleep in peace, because every book end in a cliffhanger...Overall, it is an amazing series that will leave you with that hole in your chest you always feel, when you finish an amazing series where you love the MC. So.... give it a try, you won't regret it :)

  • Jennifer
    2019-06-08 09:22

    I must admit that this book attracted me initially because both the title and cover seemed so cheesy. Surprisingly, it was not nearly as bad as I had expected. In fact, Brannan Black has created a very interesting post-apocalyptic world in which the majority of men have been turned into savage beasts. Daniel, the first person narrator, is captured by a pack of these 'wolfmen', who are gradually forming a community and attempting to regain their humanity. The story revolves around Daniel's relationship with the leader of the pack, Mace, and how he earns his place in the pack, which is far from welcoming. Be warned, if you like your wolves to change back into handsome hunks, this book probably isn't for you!

  • Lee
    2019-05-26 08:39

    Apocalypse, the first book in the Wolfman series, is heavy on the sex, and heavy on the beatings (we're not talking about eggs or cream here). Daniel, one of the few human males who's unaffected by the wolfman plague, is captured by a pack of wolfmen who use him as a punching-bag and as a sex toy. Some people have all the luck. I really liked the premise of this book and I had high hopes for a new take on the werewolf genre. Regretfully, the book didn't deliver. After a strong opening it soon slid into a sex centered story. I would have liked to have seen a little more effort and time put into the story and world building than what Ms. Black gave us. However, there was enough there for me to enjoy the book. I give Apocalypse three stars.

  • Violet
    2019-06-17 07:14

    Daniel,an immune,got caught by the infected warewolves one day while stealing supplies. He discovered that these infected are not rabid and mindless as the survivers used to believed but these infected have built a society. He offered his skills and experties as an exchange for leniency. At the same time getting attracted to their formidable leader Mace. I would generally like post-apocalyptic themes but this book just didnt made it to my like list. Erotica was most prevailent in the book. Too much that there was not enough human struggles which I always look for in a post apocalyptic type of novel.

  • Blue Bayou .
    2019-06-16 06:39

    Oh how am I gonna rate this bad boy. Well I liked the premise. I liked the writing. I understood the mentality of the 'wolfmen' however I was pissed off a lot. There was a lot of sex and only at the end did I get why wolfman was interested in Daniel. Now Daniel was completely honest he really liked the sex. So I am probably going to read what the next installment is about. If it's a story about a different couple, probably not. There is a lot left unsaid with Mace and Daniel. If the next installment is their continuation, I am reading it. And about the gore/violence thing, it was more about hard core bullying. Which is why I was pissed a lot.

  • Tiferet
    2019-06-08 09:19

    I expected a short porny read here, hot and dub-conny, and I did get it, but with an unexpected emotional layer that made me compare it to Strain (albeit much simpler and shorter) rather than Tame a Wild Human. (view spoiler)[ Oh, and who else thinks that Mace is really Steve who was a patient zero while in military? Gotta read book 2 ASAP... (hide spoiler)]

  • Zaa
    2019-05-29 08:18

    Personally, I like the power imbalance between the two main characters. It can be as simple as taller/shorter, bigger/smaller, older/younger. And what I found in this book is two equally clash of will. I loved Daniel with his sharp tongue. And I certainly don't go for a swooning 'damsel' in distress type male character. The minus is two main characters hv high libido. just one touch or kiss then they instantly got horny :D so yes the book was for carnal sex, It reminds me with a bit of rough Laura Baumbach. Too much sex scene in the book.

  • Toni (U.A.C.)
    2019-06-16 05:14

    Earth Post Apocalyptic Setting (Male/Male): A virus infects the majority of males of the world, turning them into crazed animalistic ferals, complete with claws, fangs, and massive bodies. The few survivors of humanity hide and scavenge for supplies and overall avoid the remaining altered ferals. Daniel is out on a scavaging mission when he gets caught by some of the ferals. Believing he was staring death in the face, he quickly realizes that there is something different about his captors. This was hot. I really liked it. Didn't want to stop reading it once I started it.

  • Chrys
    2019-06-14 08:28

    3.5 stars. This was a really quick read with a lot of steamy scenes but just a glimpse of the story. I really liked it (I don't mind rough lovin' :P) and ended up going on to read the second book in the series. The second book focuses more on the storyline than the sex, and I almost think it would've been better to combine the two books. Don't get me wrong, I love the sex, but I think the two work better together. Otherwise, a lot of people may be deterred by the amount of sex in the first book and not read the second.

  • Kym
    2019-06-04 07:28

    Ok...I thoroughly enjoyed the entire premise of this series. The 100% romantic in me really got a thrill out of the "lost love" twist...The entire "end of the world, wolfmen taking over, alpha male running things" fantasy just flat out works....Brannan Black's writing is great, the sex scenes are simply HAWT and I was hooked.My biggest beef??? Having to purchase each installment at a ridiculous price!!! Why not just offer all 5 as a novel at a decent price????? I'd still recommend it, though.