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The Adventure Begins......My name is Gabrielle Martin. And before I discovered that the scarlet pendant I received on my thirteenth birthday was not just any ordinary pendant but a crazy weird talisman and lifeline to my supernatural powers; the only major thing that I cared about was starting my freshman year at Vineswell Academy. But that was way before finding out thatThe Adventure Begins......My name is Gabrielle Martin. And before I discovered that the scarlet pendant I received on my thirteenth birthday was not just any ordinary pendant but a crazy weird talisman and lifeline to my supernatural powers; the only major thing that I cared about was starting my freshman year at Vineswell Academy. But that was way before finding out that everything that I had known about my life was a lie....essentially smoke-and-mirrors designed to hide the truth about my powerful supernatural legacy....

Title : The Secret of the Scarlet Stone
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ISBN : 9780984499311
Format Type : Paperback
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The Secret of the Scarlet Stone Reviews

  • Melissa
    2019-05-26 05:45

    1.5 starsIt was a little bit of everything combined together that made it so hard for me to finish reading this book. The small editing mistakes, the awkward dialogue, the clues, and--most irritatingly--the characters, were all small annoyances that I usually could stand to ignore in any other book. However, in THE SECRET OF THE SCARLET STONE, there was too much of each of them that I slogged through the book whenever I found the will power to pick it up again. Honestly, I think that this book just reminded me of how much I dislike middle schoolers. They're so...obnoxious. Not to mention rude, and while they might be more frank and open about their feelings than high schoolers and adults, it doesn't really mean much since middle schoolers typically care for the most trivial things. And in THE SECRET OF THE SCARLET STONE, middle school girls tend to scream. A lot. It gets quite irritating after a while. Instead of happily saying something, the girls feel the need to scream it out loud instead. Or, instead of just letting out a sigh of frustration, they scream everything they're thinking out loud. I forgot how noisy middle school girls are. I don't even want to get into how annoying the girls are. Gabi is a diva, Jessica is constantly nervous and aprehensive, Zora is the stereotypical nerd with glasses, and Rosa is a stuck up brat without a spine. Yeah, throughout their adventure, they had some character growth and showed that they had the courage to suck up their fears and just continue on with their journey, but Rosa's constant I-give-up-there's-no-way-out attitude had me in such a rage that if I were her friends, I would have left her after the second time she wanted to stay put. And the plot was pretty predictable. I knew straight away from the beginning that Gabi and the girls were going to figure out their legacy at the boarding school that her grandmother was shipping her off to. In addition, the clues were pretty easy to figure out. It might be because I'm older than a middle schooler, but I'm pretty sure that I could have figured out most of those clues when I was 13. Also, I felt like the dialogue in the book was a bit anachronistic. I definitely don't know any middle schoolers who say that they don't "give a hoot" anymore. And there were many scenes where the girls talked they were older than their real age. I hardly read middle grade books anymore, so I feel like I'm being a little harsher in my review than I normally am on books that I did not enjoy because I don't have anything to base my annoyances off of. Hopefully this book is be better recieved with its targeted age group than with an exasperated high schooler to graduate in a few weeks.

  • Patricia Perez
    2019-06-04 03:37

    Received from author.Gabby Girls takes place in an elite all-girls school. Four girls, united by the secret of their pendants, get together to solve the mystery and discover their legacy.The novel is more MG than YA literature. It's cute in some parts while in others, unfortunately, it's quite dull.The good thing about this novel: 1) It has a good premise that catches the reader's attention.2) It has a good ending, making the reader anticipate the second installment.Now, to the bad things, which slightly outnumber and outweight the good things.1) The book is flooded with adverbs. And I know this may not be major to some people, as a writer and avid reader, it bothered me. I couldhandle one or two in a page, but this novel had more than three in almost every sentence.2) The dialog. The dialog was another problem for me. It was unreallistic and very cliched. It made me groan almost every time a girl said something because I just couldn't believe it.3) The characters. While at times the characters do redeemed themselves, they didn't really pull it off for me. They're unrealistic and quite bratty and snotty. There's no way I could relate to the girls, especially when they were so mean and spoiled. I've read books where characters were spoiled before but those characters had a vulnerable side, too. These were just flat.Overall, the writing didn't impress me at all, the characters made it unreadable sometimes and I thought about quitting it a few times, actually. The only thing that redeemed at least a bit was the ending which did leave me slightly interested in the next book.In one sentence:"Flat characters, a weak dialog and writing left me a bit annoyed with this book."Plot: 3Characters: 1.5Writing: 2Cover: 3Overall Feeling: 1.5Average: 2.2 stars

  • Angela
    2019-05-26 05:46

    When Gabrielle is sent to a special school by her Grandmother (her caretaker since her Mother’s death), she is not too happy about it. She thinks the headmistress is mean and rude and clashes with her personality. She also shares a room with 3 other girls, Jessica (a plump, nervous, but very friendly girl), Zora (a super smart girl), and Rosalinda (a rich stuck up snobby girl). While the girls are unpacking they discover that they all have one thing in common…a beautiful necklace with scarlet stones. They know there is more to the necklaces when they find a clue indicating such. There begins their adventure. They name themselves the Gabby Girls because of a little incident in the school hall. They begin their adventure after bed check one night. They follow the clue which is more difficult that they ever would have thought to figure out. The four girls have quite the adventure with much mishap and tension. After all they are four teenage girls trying to cooperate. Gabrielle takes on the leader role, as her personality makes that a perfect fit. Rosalinda is the one most reluctant to go or to continue once they start. If they want to get out of the mystery they have willingly started they will have to learn to work together and overcome personality conflicts. As they work through the mystery they learn many things about their necklaces and themselves. The question they all share is, why are they the ones that seem to be meant to solve the mystery? Will it be explained when they find the end of the adventure, if they make it that far? To find the answer they will have to go through many challenges, like the drop away floor, the waterfalls, and a rickety old bridge that overhangs a death drop to rushing water.This was a very good book that was jam packed with adventure, magic, and the power of friendship and teamwork. Bits and pieces of it reminded me of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone because of what they go through to get to the end to find the answers, much like Harry and his friends do to get to the truth of the Sorcerer’s Stone. There was clues what the girls had to do to make it past obstacles and they had to figure out the clue to get a safe passage to the next step and clue. What they find at the end of the mystery just made my jaw drop. It was a wonderful way to make sure the adventures continued. I really liked this book, it was well paced and well written. The power of friendship is not lost in this book either. The four girls may have their differences, but they have one thing that they all want…to figure out what is really going on. They use that to build a crazy friendship and team that just seems to work for them. I can’t wait to read the next book to see what crazy adventures the Gabby Girls go on next. I couldn’t help but start to like the characters in this book, they are so realistic. I found myself comparing them to people I know in my life because of their very realistic personalities. Great Young Adult book!4/5 Stars!

  • Paige Bradish
    2019-06-18 01:33

    The Secret of the Scarlet Stone by T.L. Clarke was a lot better then I thought it would be. When I was first asked to review this which is the first in her Gabby Girls Adventure Novels and the second in the series, I was a little skeptical not because I didn’t think I would like it but because I was scared that it was going to be to young for me. But I’m glad I picked it up because although it was a younger read it was very refreshing! Our main character in the first novel is Gabrielle. We meet her before she goes to the special school that her grandmother has enrolled her in. Before she arrives we find out a little bit of background information about Gabi. Like how her parents died a few years back and that she is going to the school because all the generations in her family has gone to this school. When Gabi arrives at school she meets the headmaster who is not so nice and she another girl Jessica. Who is a Gabby Girl too but neither of them know it yet. They quickly become friends and start finding out that they both have weird powers. Jessica shows Gabi around and then they make their way towards their room where they meet their roommates and the other two Gabby Girls. Whose names are Zora and Rosalinda.Throughout the novel we start seeing what these girls’ personalities are really like. We find that Gabi is very brave she leads the girls on this big adventure that they have and is not afraid to take charge if someone slips up. Jessica is the nervous one. No matter what is happening she’s always scared and very hesitant. Zora is the smarty pants she helps them decipher and codes and things like that to help them through the adventure. Lastly we have Rosalinda she is the snot of the group no matter what she’s always trying to put someone else down and she’s always whining about just about everything! Thankfully near the end Gabi puts her in her place.Together the girls go on an adventure that helps them find out what they really are and what there true powers are. Along the way they get clues and together they need to use those clues to get to the end of the adventure. These four girls did a great job working together even though at some points they lost there heads but they still kept it together nicely. I’m very excited to dive into the next Gabby Girls Novel to see what their next adventure is going to be!

  • I'd So Rather Be Reading {Nat}
    2019-06-22 05:44

    Enjoyed it! This was a fun mystery about four girls just starting out in boarding school. The girls are roommates and soon discover that they all have the same necklace, passed down from other women in their families. The necklace has five scarlet stones with engravings under each stone.The ringleader is Gabrielle, who has lots of gumption and also an addiction to lollipops. Rosalinda is the princess type, Jessica is the sweet sidekick, and Zora is the brainiac. The girls find out that each one has a special power that she is loathe to share with anyone. The secret powers range from turning invisible to being able to tell the age and provenance of an item by touching it. The Gabby Girls go on a quest to find the answers behind their secret powers and their matching pendants. Most of the book focuses on the quest, which occurs underneath the school. I enjoyed this one----it reminded me a lot of Harry Potter---except it's about girl power, which is nice!Just One Gripe:It is more middle grade than YA. I don't seek out middle grade but I will read it upon request. The Best Thing About This Book: I like the message it sends about friendship, self-esteem, and believing in yourself. Appropriate for a younger audience: Yes As this is more of a middle grade book, I am scoring it against other middle grade books. A five star middle grade book is not equivalent to a five star adult book, just because I enjoy YA and adult fiction more than middle grade fiction. Score: Characters: 4/5Plot: 3/5Setting/Imagery: 4/5Originality: 4/5Ending: 4/5Total Score: 19/25

  • Christie
    2019-06-03 04:52

    The Secret of the Scarlet Stone introduces us to four brand new students at the prestigious girls school, Vineswell Academy. The four girls who happen to be roomed together quickly learn they have some very interesting things in common. When they discover a mysterious clue they begin an adventure that will change them all forever.This is a book the tween and younger teen set will just devour. I love that the characters include four girls from greatly differing backgrounds and cultures. Two cheers for racial diversity! This leaves room for all readers to easily relate and bond with their favorites. The book begins by being told from Gabrielle’s POV. Her in your face attitude might be a little much for some readers, while others will admire her sass. Zora is the brains of the group, and seemed to provide a certain healthy balance the Gabby Girls needed. Rosalinda is beautiful and spoiled, but out of all the girls her character seemed to change the most over the course of the book. Last but not least is Jessica. She is timid and shy, but I have hope as the series progresses she will come out of her shell.The author provided any clues waiting to be discovered at the beginning of the chapter. This gives it a very interactive feeling by allowing readers to figure out the mystery alongside the Gabby Girls. This is really a great little book especially for the middle grade crowd. Younger fans of fantasy and mysteries will have so much fun with this book. I’ll definitely recommend this series to my girls when they are older, and my friends with daughters in the 4th grade and up age group.

  • CorLostForWords
    2019-06-06 04:43

    Source: Received from author. Many thanks goes to T.L. Clarke for sending me a copy of her book for review. I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.My Rating: 4/5Gabrielle, Jessica, Zora and Rosalinda are The Gabby Girls. They are four girls who have befriended each other in the elite all-girls boarding school, Vineswell Academy. They all have been drawn together by the mystery surrounding their necklaces, and they embark on the adventure of a lifetime to unravel The Secret of the Scarlet Stone. This was a cute read. I found that it was aimed more at middle-grade readers more so than young adult readers. The four girls are quite independent and have their own personalities, so it was interesting to see how they interacted with each other. I think that most girls will be able to identify easily with one or more of the characters. I know that I identified the most with Zora, and hoped that she'd step up and tell Gabrielle and Rosalinda to stop their constant bickering. The premise of the book was intriguing, and I enjoyed the mystery surrounding the necklaces, and the journey the girls ended up taking. One of the only complaints I had with the book was the overuse of adverbs. Regardless, it was still a fun and imaginative read. The book was interactive and those that read it are made to feel part of the story as they get to follow along and help figure out the answers to the clues that are given.All in all, a cute and imaginative book by debut author Clarke. It is the first in a series, and with the end results the mystery deepens further. I can't wait to read what happens next in the Gabby Girls series.

  • Isabel
    2019-06-16 04:54

    I don't even know where to start. There was no way I could finish the book, I read about twenty pages before closing the book.The worst parts were the dialogues. The first chapter is so drawn-out and it's hard not to fall asleep. The main character, a thirteen year old girl (who acts as if she were ten years younger) is overreacting about going to the Vineswell academy. The whole first chapter is a dialogue between her and her Grandmother who is wise and mysterious, but sometimes she seems very creepy to me.The story starts very unoriginally, with Gabi waking up. There are thousand stories that start with an annoying alarm clock that wakes up the main character, and this book is just the same. I'm not saying it's a horrible start, but why not be more original?Already, because of the start, the plot is very very predictable. Usual things happen and there's nothing interesting for the reader...unless the reader is twelve or thirteen years old and likes to read about girls/boys that are her/his age. Maybe I'm wrong, but the book seemed uninteresting from the start.It's easy to say the plot surprised me in a bad way. By reading the summary, I thought maybe it's going to be good. It really wasn't, since I was so annoyed with characters that I couldn't read anymore, everything about the book screamed 'cliché'.I'm not happy to say that this book disappointed me, but maybe it's great to someone else. I really hope so, because the plot and the characters have a chance to develop in the next book, but they were too immature and uninteresting in this one.

  • Deborah Andreasen
    2019-06-23 04:51

    Gabrielle loathes the day she awakes and realizes she’s being “shipped off” to an elite boarding school: Vineswell. On her first day there, she meets three other girls – Jessica, Zora and Rosalinda – who all have the same unique ruby pendant that she does.This mysterious coincidence sets the girls on an adventure that changes everything they know.--I had seen this book and though it looked and sounded intriguing, so I was thrilled when I won it in a giveaway!There are a few things I really liked about this book. I thought the adventure the girls embarked on was fantastic. The riddles and puzzles were great and very intriguing. I’m always a fan of unexplained gifts, so I thought that little element of the book was great. The author has a gift for creating the clues (which are included as an intro to the chapters).There were a few things I didn’t love about this book. For starters, I thought the time between when the girls meet and when they embark on their journey was way too short. This is something best friends do together, not girls who just met each other that day. Also, there was a lot of tension between Rosalinda and Gabrielle, and I felt like it was a little too much. They didn’t even seem to get along, so having them save each others lives was a tad too far fetched for me as a reader.Other than that, I thought this was a good, clean middle grade read for tween readers. The end was definitely a cliff-hanger and lead in to a sequel.

  • Melissa
    2019-06-05 00:30

    This book is a cute book that I'd have to say is more for the middle grade than YA set. Within this book you meet 4 girls who all seem to have things in common. All have lost their mothers, have "gifts" and have been passed down a pendant with a secret. Within this book you help the girls find adventure and solve clues as the adventure they find themselves on brings the group closer together. The questions become; can you help them solve the clues? What does the adventure reveal? What is the purpose to the adventure? It's a story kids will have fun solving while learning with the girls.My main criticism is with Gabrielle (the leader) and Rosalinda. Both got on my nerves quite a bit. In fact, I was hoping that Zora would take total control of the group and become leader. I really enjoyed Zora and she seemed the most grounded and level-headed of the group. This is part of a series of adventures for kids and perhaps Zora will have her turn in the limelight as time goes on. On the positive side, the clues were interesting and not totally obvious. So there is some thinking that must happen to solve the clues. Just because it's a kids book doesn't mean that kids are simple and the author seems to know that very well.I give this book 3 stars and recommend it for those that have young kids. I think they will enjoy the adventure.

  • Gmr
    2019-06-23 23:25

    A good start to a blossoming MG series with room to grow, the Gabby Girls reach out from the pages to female readers of all ages. The storyline is adventurous and exciting as they seek to find the answers that will uncover their family legacies and along the way, teach them a lesson or two in team work and equality. With a great mix of characters and personalities amongst them, there is never a dull moment when you are counted as one of this gabby bunch.The only negative aspect that I can truly speak to is the repetitive nature of the writing. Certain phrases or words are used over and over in various parts of the story which for the older reader can be a bit wearisome....HOWEVER, younger readers may utilize this aspect to their advantage as it would certainly aid in their retention of the events transpiring.Overall, a good read! The Gabby Girls invite you into their circle of friendship and share their musketeer message of "all for one" in each leg of their adventure. Follow along and see if you can sort out the clues to uncover the mystery not only about the scarlet stone but about the value of friendship. Happy reading....

  • Carrie Rundhaug
    2019-06-21 06:50

    Ms. Clarke asked me to review the second book in the Gabby Girls Adventure series and while that book, Blood Oath, could stand on its own I was interested to see where it all started.Overall this was an okay read however I felt that the age of readers was different for The Secret of the Scarlet Stone than for Blood Oath.The characters are relative well developed. Gabi was daring and led everybody on the adventures. I loved how she stood up for herself and was true to herself. I loved Zora how smart she is. She logically thinks everything through. Jessica is a very nervous and shy girl. The Last of the 4 main characters is Rosalinda who I don't like. She thinks she is better than everyone else. She definitely lives up to her nickname, princess.Overall the plot was pretty predictable but it is supposed to be a middle grade book. I would recommend borrowing this from the library.

  • Carla
    2019-06-21 03:33

    Potentially a good book for the 9-13 year old group. A young girl with a propensity for trouble gets shipped away to bording school. With her three roommates and some strange coincidences they set out on adventure that will test them all. Teamwork, clue following, and persistance keep them on their path. If they get out of this sticky situation they may seal their fates forever and join the ranks of those that came before them. If not......As an adult ready I found the clues easy to guess and the book written at a comprehension level well beneath me. I happen to have two daughters ages 12 and 9 and will pass this to them, and add their comments to my review.

  • Valerie
    2019-06-11 01:29

    This was different.. I don't think it was YA.. but for a bit younger gen.. but still very good The girls in this book are roommates and they have something that was passed down to them and find themselves in a mystery. I like Zora the best she's the smarts of the group and thinks before reacts. I believe most young ladies would love this book.. but again stress not really a YA.

  • Hayden Sage
    2019-06-10 23:30

    So I have been trying to think about what to write about this book for almost exactly four months now, and I think I officially give up trying. All I can say is that I personally found so many things wrong with this book that I can't even form them into words. I'm sorry! :(

  • Yvonne
    2019-06-12 04:31

    3 1/2 stars. Review will be up later.

  • Royale
    2019-05-27 07:38

    This was a very good book. I highly recomend it and I'm guaranteeing that I'm reading the sequel.M&M Denver

  • Dorothy
    2019-06-06 07:31

    I think this was an excellent book for younger girls. Just the right amount of drama and suspense to keep them drawn in and reading.