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It would have been the easiest and the best thing, Noreen thought, to just get back in the truck and take off. But she couldn't think of where to go. In fact, she couldn't think at all....

Title : True Confessions Of A Heartless Girl
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ISBN : 9781417701698
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True Confessions Of A Heartless Girl Reviews

  • Angie
    2019-05-29 17:05

    A little over two years ago I came across this book. At the time I thought it had been published just recently, but I realized later it was originally published in Canada in 2002 and then a little over a year later in the U.S. I can't even remember now how I first heard about TRUE CONFESSIONS OF A HEARTLESS GIRL. But I remember that the fact that it was set in Canada and written by a Canadian was part of the draw. That and the intriguing storyline. I'm mystified as to why we seem to rarely get wind of some of these gems from our northern neighbors. HEARTLESS GIRL was the winner of the 2002 Governor General's Literary Award and if this is any indication of the quality of the winners of that award, I will be paying attention to future winners and nominations. None of our local bookstores had it in, but my library did (bless them) so I picked it up on my way home from work and read it later that night as my husband snored gently beside me. One thing is for sure--I fell irretrievably into Martha Brooks' clear, evocative prose.Set in present-day Manitoba, the story follows self-proclaimed heartless girl Noreen. World-weary at 17, pregnant and on the run from her boyfriend Wesley (the first kind boy she's ever been with), Noreen steals his truck and his cash and winds up broke and alone in a small farming town not far from Brandon. Against her better judgement, Lynda (the operator of the local cafe) takes Noreen in and gives her a job. And thus she unwittingly unleashes a storm the likes of which the denizens of this small town have never seen. Each of them carry their own burdens. Lynda herself has escaped an abusive relationship and is raising her three-year-old son Seth on her own, while managing to run the cafe. Dolores Harper, the local wise woman, shows up sporting her "Meddling for Jesus" sweatshirt, ready to help the new girl open up. And Del Armstrong, the resident middle-aged bachelor, does his best to help Noreen, all the while unable to forgive himself for the tragedy that occurred the year he was her age. But will any of them be able to see beyond their own personal issues to save each other from their demons?TRUE CONFESSIONS OF A HEARTLESS GIRL ought to be swallowed in one satisfying session, I think. The writing is spare but weighty. Brooks' words leave a mark on you long after your eyes move past them on the page. We get the story from the perspective of Noreen, Wesley, and several of the inhabitants of Pembina Lake--the small town of Noreen finds herself unable to leave. I loved the characters with their strengths and weaknesses, all of them prominently on display. Noreen isunbearably heartless at times. She is also sensitive and imaginative and capable of love. But where she walks, trouble follows. Everyone she comes into contact with meets with disaster as some point in the tale. But somehow they're unable to just wash their hands of this girl and let her go. Despite their own numerous personal issues, the people there take her in, feed her, give her work, and just try (sometimes against all reason) to help this girl whose life has been seemingly cursed since the day she was born. And then there's Wesley. The Cree construction worker with a sky full of stars and careful hands. I liked that he didn't let Noreen trample him underfoot. I liked that he yelled and stomped and left when he should. I get tired sometimes of the Tireless Good Guy. The one who's always there and comes back even when she doesn't deserve him. On the contrary, these two find their way back to each other only when their eyes can see clearly again. When Noreen learns how to stay still and not run. The vastness of the prairie is in this slim novel. It is exquisite and I love it.

  • C.
    2019-05-30 19:01

    “True Confessions Of A Heartless Girl” ends tenderly but coming of age stories aren't my bag. I follow Martha Brooks as a fellow-Manitoban and the first authoress who encouraged my writing. One memorable tip was “Show a story”. How incongruous to subtle novels, that one about a girl getting things wrong was laid on thickly. Giving a dog a bone was feasible and also peeling wallpaper that yields rotten walls. Her other two foibles defied believable behaviour and cliché #1.... our troubled protagonist was pregnant.We sympathize with Noreen, at the beginning, because we're apprised of a bad stepfather. We understand clinging to a good boyfriend. Stories need a hurdle but I couldn't buy half of them. Fleeing the first time Wesley is critical? At Pembina Lake, two ladies help her out. A middle-aged farmer offers an unused cottage. But can you think of anyone not giving a “do's & don'ts” tour about fireplace safety? Would you not open a flue for a city child? Even if that were believable, did the guy need to lose valued photo albums? One lady lost an adult daughter, two others are too timid to admit being in love. A thirty-seven year-old is written like she is fifty. The array of “life's disappointments” felt made-up for tear-jerkers.A personal deal-breaker: I loathe any hint of animal disposability. This novel's saint remarks of his cat's family: “I didn't have the heart to get rid of these ones”! Should anyone applaud not murdering kittens? Outrageously, he lives near a veterinarian. Spay your cat! I like that this isn't about a tough chick, as the title suggested and that the outcome of the story it does entail is unexpected. I admire that adults grow-up in concert with Noreen and how gracefully Martha describes Manitoba; never writing superfluously.

  • Holly
    2019-06-01 15:06

    In the little motel-less town of Pembina Lake, Canada a truck pulled into the Molly Thorvaldson Café one night. The proprietor Lynda has just seen the last customer out. Her five-year-old son Seth is upstairs with a chicken leg in his hand and the previously homeless dog Tessie at his feet. As much as Lynda tries to ignore the lone truck out in the rain, its young driver, a girl with badly-cut blond hair walks in, asking for a cup of coffee. Before she knows it, Lynda’s offering the girl, whose name is Noreen, a place to stay for the night. Between the town grandmother Dolores, Del the rangy old cowboy, and Wesley the young, hardworking it’s-complicated boyfriend, Noreen’s story is slowly revealed. 17, pregnant, and a self-named heartless girl, she intentionally and unintentionally wreaks havoc in the lives of all the people she meets. But the residents of Pembina Lake have their own demons to excise and as their lives intersect around Noreen, that just might be what happens.I’d been in a reading slump recently until I picked up this little contemporary Canadian YA a couple of nights ago. I was surprised to find it would do the trick, but it did. At just under 200 pages it was appealingly slim. It also had an intriguing title and startling cover. Who is this girl with the cropped hair, defiant stance, and the stare that seems to be directed right at me? What makes her heartless and how bad could she really be?From how that first chapter unfolds in its sparse yet powerful prose I felt such an immediate sense of place and small town character in True Confessions of a Heartless Girl I knew I was settling in for the thick of it. I was sure there would be some drama unfolding that every one of these colorful characters would take part in. Hardworking, educated Lynda, who fled an abusive husband to end up running a coffee shop, barely making ends meet. Reliable, middle-aged Del, who continues to pour time and money into renovating a cottage for a brother who’s long gone. Old, caring town meddler Dolores who proudly wears Jesus sweatshirts and has a way of getting the truth out of anybody before dishing out her sage advice. From first glance you could tell these were real, damaged people beyond their everyday facades and I anxiously awaited for their troubles to be revealed. Rawer than ever, how would they cope – especially Noreen. She really is a messed up, unfeeling girl who’s accepted her tendency to screw up her life and the lives she touches. She has treated many of the people she loves most very badly, boyfriend Wesley feeling the brunt of it. Yet she freely acknowledges her mistakes as she slowly seeks to change with the little bits of advice she collects from everyone at Pembina Lake as her guide. I loved Wesley too and how he had his own set of problems to work through and conditions needing to be met. Neither Lynda, Dolores, Del, Wesley, or Noreen sacrifices their own integrity for the sake of the plot’s resolution and I intently watched their lives come apart and together again. True Confessions of a Heartless Girl is a rare gem in YA contemp and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Thanks to Angie for wisely and thoughtfully adding it to my stack.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-05-25 19:10

    Top 10 BBYA / Governor Generals Award winner/ CLA Young Adult Book of the Year winner A pregnant 17-year-old becomes the catalyst for change in the small town of Pembina Lake. Noreen stole her boyfriend's money and truck, is stranded in the town by a storm, and is taken in by Lynda, the café owner. During 10 days in July, Noreen changes and is changed by her interactions with the town’s denizens.

  • Mikayla
    2019-06-01 14:50

    The book "True Confessions of a Heartless Girl" by Martha Brooks is a young adult fiction book that combines love, anger, caring, and sadness into one excellent book. Some things you need to know about the book is it's about a girl named Noreen Stall and she starts making to many mistakes for herself to handle, so she runs away from her boyfriend and her family, taking his truck and money, and she ends up in Pembina Lake. Noreen ends up meeting Lynda the owner of a cafe where she lets her stay there for a night where it unleashes a series of events that make people re look at their lives.I gave this book 5 stars for many reasons. One reason is that the characters you meet in this book are real and unforgettable. Watching them help each other along gave me a satisfying feeling. An example of this is when Delores helps Noreen face her fears and become a strong hearted teenager. Another reason why i gave this book 5 stars is it demonstrates coming of age. Noreen demonstrates this because in the beginning she runs away from married step - sisters house, to her boyfriends, and then she runs away from their, then she comes to Lynda's where she slowly starts to face her fears, and come a totally new person. Another thing that i really liked about the book is the setting and how it changes. First it is in Lynda's cafe as Noreen storms in during a late night, and then it goes back to the beginning before Noreen was a teenager in her house with her family on her sister wedding day. This book also had a lot of description that i liked a lot such as;"Mary set up straight in her chair, fumbled with the buttons on her sweater, undid them all slowly and "The air smelled good and she breathed it in, deeply. The creator after all of us gave us the magic of trees universal skies with their message of stars." Overall this was a great book, while reading it i could feel Noreen's troubles."True Confessions of a Heartless Girl" is a book that I would highly recommend to someone who appreciates a blatantly brilliant, yet simple, narrative, rich in life’s love, loss, hate and joy. It is a true novel, personally, to be read by not only teenagers, but adults as well, both male and female. Anyone is sure to enjoy this novel, laughing, crying — maybe both.

  • Debbie
    2019-05-30 11:46

    The confessions of A Heartless girlThis book is about 17 year old Noreen, who to say the least has had a hard life in her short 17 years of life. Her mother wasn’t the real comforting kind of mother, and her mother’s husband was verbally and physically abusive often. One day when it got bad, Noreen had, had enough and so she went to stay with her step sister Gladys. Gladys was married, but she was safer to stay with then with her mom.One day Noreen had enough with everyone in her family and she was determined to make a new start for herself. Noreen decides to hitchhike out of town and little did she know the person that decides to pick her up with ultimately change her life in more ways than one. The hitchhikers name was Wesley. They soon find solace with each other, and start a relationship.With a mother that really didn’t care or Notice what Noreen was doing due to her drinking and a father that isn’t in the picture, besides her married sister, Noreen felt alone, and so Wesley gave her a home with love that she was so lacking in her life. Friendship didn’t last long for them and it quickly became physical and before Noreen knew it she was pregnant and Wesley panics and leaves Noreen with a little bit of money and he leaves her alone to fend for herself. Now a pregnant Noreen in a panic with no one to go to because she’s afraid her step sister will only yell at her and send her on her way, packs her things and boards a bus to Pembina Lake.When Noreen arrives in Pembina Lake during a rain storm. Noreen notices just how small this little town is. She finds a little diner to get out of the rain. The owner Lynda notices just how young Noreen is when she comes in and starts to have a conversation with her. Noreen isn’t very forthcoming with this stranger but she can tell she’s nice. After awhile of talking Lynda knows that this young girl needs some help and offers her place to stay until she can get her life sorted out.Noreen soon gets to know the people from Pembina Lake. They soon become her family. Lynda has a son named Seth that is 5 years old, that is absolutely fascinated with Noreen, but after first Noreen doesn’t want t to spend time with Seth, she just wants to be left alone, but before long he starts to grow on her.Del is another person that helps doing odd jobs around the town. Del is single and lives by himself but owns another cabin that doesn’t get used so he offers it to Noreen so she could have some privacy. Unfortunately when Noreen takes Del up on his offer this go bad quickly. Noreen decides the first night to have a fire because the cabin is cold, and because Noreen has never built an indoor fire before she forgets to open the damper, and so things go bad very quickly. The fire starts to spread throughout the cabin. The cabin isn’t completely destroyed but his pictures of his brother that drowned and his family have be destroyed. Noreen is now overwhelmed with guilt and doesn’t even want to face Del for what she had done. When Del finally tracks Noreen down, he has the biggest heart for her and tells her he doesn’t hate her for it. They are just things, her life is what’s important.

  • Caitlyn Ollmann
    2019-06-06 17:59

    Personal Response: I thought this book was pretty good. At first it was really slow and kind of confusing, but after I got into it a little more I enjoyed it. I thought the ending was kind of sad, but for the better. Noreen was not ready to be a mother. I am happy that Noreen and Weasly stayed together. I hoped they would because he is the first person that she ever loved. She always said she would never love anyone, but she was able to after she allowed herself to fall in love. Plot Summary: Noreen comes from a messed up home and family. When her step sister got married and moved out Noreen went to live with her and her husband. Noreen and her boyfriend went for a short trip, but Noteen never came home. She started hitchhiking and Met this guy named Weasly. They got very close and decided to move in together. Weasly drove her to her step sister's house to get her things. They moved into his tiny apartment. She stayed for a few months. They got into a fight and she left with $700 of his money and took his truck while he was at work. Noreen ended up lost in a small town. A women named Lynda, who owned a café, let her stay the night with her and her son Seth. When Noreen found out she was pregnant with Weasly's baby she decided to call him. She left him a voicemail that said where she was and that she was pregnant. He was at the café the next day demanding his money and his truck. He gave her $200 because there was a possibility that the baby was his. Before he left he wanted to know if Noreen loved him to way he loved her. She told him she could never love anyone or anything. Weasly left broken-hearted. The people in the town all pitched in taking care of her. Del had a cabin that she stayed in for a while. An old lady would talk to Noreen and try to help her figure out all of her problems. In return for the help, she worked for Lynda at the café. She woke up one morning with blood in her underwear and was afraid something was wrong with the baby. Lynda gladly took her to the hospital. Noreen was able to hear the baby's heartbeat and instantly knew she wante to keep the baby. She also knew that she was in love with Weasly and needed him there. She didn't have the guts to call him. Days later, she found more blood in her underwear and when she when to the bathroom two big clots of blood came out. She knew she lost her baby. The old lady called Weasly for her and he was there as soon as her could get there. In the end, her baby was gone, but she and Weasly were together. Recommendations: I would recommend this book to middle to high school aged girls. This book is a litte slow at the beginning, but gets better as you keep reading.

  • george
    2019-06-09 14:56

    Noreen, seventeen-years-old, shows up one night during a raging storm in the small town of Pembina Lake. Against her better judgment, cafe owner Lynda lets her in and for some reason lets her spend the night. There's something going on with this girl, but Lynda doesn't have the energy to try and find out what it is. Soon enough a small cast of characters from the town come in the picture and try to figure out what to do with this teenager who makes a disaster out of everything.Eh. That's all I can really say. Eh. Nothing special. Just okay. A lot of relationship stories, but I didn't find anything that I could really latch on to.

  • Latersbabyi'vegoneshadowhuntingathogwartstohuntstrogi
    2019-06-17 12:48

    I'm sorry, this may be harsh, but this is one of the worst books I've ever read. In my opinion it deserves it's rating of one star. I kept reading in the hopes of it getting better but nothing is resolved. It leaves too many questions like: Does she stay? Does she accept the guys love? The main character had a horrible personality that never changes through the book. It is something I would not recomend putting yourself through. My apologies Brooks. It just didn't make me feel anything and in my opinion the best books do.

  • Anabel
    2019-06-03 13:57

    Internal Conflict Noreen feels only and upset and every one she know ends up hating her. Every one she ends up getting close to leaves her, she thinks it her fault. She is always messing up and believes no one will love her.Now she is pregnant with a man kid who loved her but she took all his money and ended up running away to a small town were no one want to deal with her because she keeps messing up. She doe not know wether she is going to have the baby or not she think she will be a bad mother and is always putting herself down

  • Lynn
    2019-05-26 17:52

    Great book. I will look for more titles by Martha Brooks.

  • Xi
    2019-06-03 15:10

    i tried to read this book, but i stopped because it is not interesting as i thought it would be.

  • Gail Derby
    2019-06-13 13:42

    I really enjoyed this book. It's actually for young adults so I'm half way qualified lol. We've seen Martha perform at McNally and knew she'd written books but this is the first one I've read. The prose really flows and she has a wonderful knack for description and creating scenery.

  • Kirstyn-maree
    2019-06-04 12:50

    An amazing story about struggling with everyday life and confronting your problems head on.

  • Chantel Gilliard
    2019-05-25 17:46

    I can't believe I did not remember to add this to my read list. This is one of my favorite novels from my young adult life. So many amazing lessons !

  • Pat Cummings
    2019-05-28 13:04

    When you are a teenager, sometimes the world seems dark, unbearably centered around and focused on you. Martha Brooks returns us to those feelings of trauma and tragedy in True Confessions of a Heartless Girl.This is a story ostensibly about 17-year-old Noreen and her attempts to find her place in the world. Awkward in the way every teenage girl is, Noreen tumbles from one disaster of her making to another. Profoundly clueless about her own heart because of a mildly-abused and semi-abandoned childhood, Noreen is unable to recognize love and caring when she does encounter it. When she drives into the tiny Manitoban town of Pembina Lake in her ex-boyfriend's stolen truck she is shattered, exhausted and possibly pregnant.We see the town clearly, even though Noreen does not at first. Lynda, the struggling single mother who owns the town's failing cafe, takes Noreen under her wing. Dolores, grandmother to the entire town, who proudly wears a shirt that says MEDDLER FOR JESUS, feeds her mint tea and some hard advice. Del, who works endlessly on a cottage in which no one lives, offers her the cottage and a chance for redemption in return for a "full accounting". Mary, Dolores' life-long friend, suddenly grown snappish and hurtful; Seth, Lynda's 5-year-old son; even Tessie the dog, all have their own problems. Noreen perceives herself as the cause of all this trouble.Yet gradually, as Noreen begins to mature under the guidance of so many helpful strangers, we learn that troubles come to all of us, that thirty-year-old heartaches are just as deep as those we feel at 17, and can seem just as unsolvable to those involved. Brooks brings us to the edge of that cold lake of frightened adolescence that still lives in each of us. "What if she says no and laughs?", "What if he doesn't love me after all?"Then she tosses us in, and laughs at our affronted pride.This is not a novel about a girl in trouble. It's a story about the ordinary, everyday troubles that we all have, and the way that sharing diminishes them. It's about love in all its manifold dimensions. And it's about the redemption that can come to any of us from making a true confession and rendering a full accounting.

  • Louise
    2019-06-13 11:56

    Story Description:She turned onto the main street -- the sound of the lake a whisper behind her, the leaves of the tall trees now talking overhead -- she saw his truck parked in front of the café and Wesley sitting inside it....He didn't seem to notice as she got closer, his eyes closed as if he was concentrating on something. With her hand on her stomach, she steadied herself. The window on the passenger's side was open and she could see the distinct curve of his dark lashes as they rested against his cheek."Wesley," she said quietly....She felt a hot sting of shame. She wanted to hide. But in Pembina Lake, beside a truck, in front of a café, wheat fields and sky flaming pink and orange and gold all around, there was absolutely nowhere to go.In the midst of a heaven-rattling summer storm a young stranger blows into a small prairie town. On the run after taking her latest boyfriend's truck, with a pocketful of stolen money and a heart full of pain, seventeen-year-old Noreen Stall seems to invite trouble. And trouble comes soon enough, as Noreen's new mistakes trigger calamities that shake the lives of the residents of Pembina Lake.My Review:Seventeen-year-old Noreen Stall is pregnant and frightened and not knowing what to do, steals her boyfriend’s money, truck, and begins driving until she reaches the sleepy-eyed town of Pembina Lake. She soon discovers that everyone in this crazy town has a secret, for her, it’s the perfect place to hide! But Noreen has a knack for stirring up trouble and it follows her wherever she goes drawing unwanted attention to herself.This wasn’t a novel that rated high on my reading list, cute enough, but not anything even close to serious literature and fiction. Unfortunately, this not the type of book that I would recommend to anyone.

  • Diana
    2019-05-21 18:49

    True Confessions of a Heartless GirlBy Martha BrooksPerfection Learning, September 2004Pgs 216 ISBN: 0756932459Seventeen year old Norene Stall runs away from home as the story takes place on a bad day of the summer. On the run to another destination, she meets a couple of new people and together, they try to stay alive. As she meets with new people, she has a great impact on all of them. And before she left while being pregnant, she stole her boyfriend's truck and grabbed some cash. As the story continues, readers would find out how interesting these characters are and they would find out the true self of each character. In this book, Martha Brooks uses a lot of imagery to help display the scene for all readers. Because this book was of a journey they all took, it was useful for Brooks to use this literary device to explain to readers about what was happening. Many readers love to have a visual view of what is going on in the story, especially when the book contains many characters in which it shows that lots are happening. I would not recommend this book because in my opinion, I do not think this book is written well. To me, this book is kind of complicated to follow because it involves many characters and it does not seem like it has a main plot. It seems like this book is just about a journey of what happens and because it is like a modern book, it seems to be very normal of what would happen in this book.

  • Andrea Flint
    2019-06-16 16:59

    This book is about an young girl that finds love when she is hiking back for a town that her and her old boyfriend went to. Her old boyfriend left at a restaurant so she just left the town to go back to her own town. As she was hiking she came a cross some real crepes and at some point she stops hiking. When she thinks its safe again she starts walking and then a truck pulls up.. She climes in and he gives her a stick of gum and said u look funny. She called him a wired-ow and opens the door and starts to get out and he says I'll drive u anywhere u want. So she said alright and they went and stayed in a cheap motel till his pay check runs out. He takes her to her home and she gets her stuff and moves in with him. He goes to work every day and she stays at the apartment all day. She becomes pregnant and they get in to it and he walks out to get some air. She gets mad and takes him money and his truck and takes off. She ends up in a small town and she stays there for a while.. She loses the baby and he comes back and is there for her. In the end they end up back together and she made lots of friends in the new town.

  • Presley
    2019-06-17 14:44

    This is one of the first books I have read by Martha Brooks! The book is called True Confessions of a Heartless Girl. This book is pretty sad because she talks about all the bad things that have happened and about her family not loving and that hit me because what if that were to happen to me that would be pretty bad.In the book the main character is Noreen. When the book first starts Noreen lives with her mom and her step-dad her step-dad is very mean to her and her sister. When Noreen gets older shes moves with her sister but then she leaves and does not tell anyone where she is going. Noreen finds a boyfriend named Wesley they live together and Wesley is very good to her but a lot of things go wrong in her life. Noreen leaves and finds her self in a bigger mess with different people.I recommend this book to young adults. I think that book teaches you about life and how you should do the right things. My favorite part of the book was when Noreen tried to help get her self and the others out of the mess that they were in.

  • Mylissa
    2019-06-07 14:55

    A better title would be "True Confessions of a girl with trust issues who doesn't know how to love." Noreen isn't heartless so much as doesn't know what to do with her life and doesn't have a solid support system or much knowledge about love. She seems to believe sex is love until she decides to run off and her adventures in a neighboring town teach her a little bit about growing up and being an adult and that everyone needs a little help from others and everyone can give that help. I didn't find the characters all that well developed, most of them sit on a few traits but never round out much and the main characters growth arch leaves a lot to be desired. The plot is believable enough, but it could also use some fleshing out. There is a lot of mention of things that happened in the past but rarely are they dealt with in any way, it seemed more of a way to fill up pages, and the book is short as it is. I wouldn't call it great YA literature and the title is annoyingly misleading.

  • Faryn Fireball
    2019-05-17 20:04

    i read this at maybe age 12 or 13 after seeing it had won some prize, giving it a big fun gold seal on the front.i'm glad i was persuaded by shiny things. this was the first non-sanitized book i've ever read. it opened my eyes to the world of fiction i was going to be moving towards post-Baby Sitters be reading about non-conventional, potentially unhealthy teen relationships, to read about old grudges and ruts and to walk alongside the main character while she goes through a miscarriage... it was all very new ground to me as a pre-teen. her characters have their flaws and their lessons to learn, it's a fairly heartbreaking book and yet seems to sum up in an 'only way is up' mood.but beyond that, Brooks' style is sumptuous. even a decade and a half later, i can remember how she described the different places, the different scenery - even though i have read it only once. absolutely brilliant.

  • TheSaint
    2019-06-09 16:47

    There are lots of ways to mess up your life. Make "bad choices," adults call it. In True Confessions of a Heartless Girl, by Martha Brooks, virtually everyone in Pembina Lake has screwed up at one point or another. Seventeen year-old Noreen is no exception. Luckily, she ends up in a place where there are a lot of people who have been there, done that, and who are willing to give her chance after chance to grow herself up, and start taking responsibility. Lynda takes her in, against her better judgement. Del gives her a place to stay. And Dolores guides everyone in town with her calm good sense. Even with all these good intentions, Noreen finds out that growing up is a bumpy ride.

  • Kate
    2019-05-17 16:06

    When Noreen shows up on the doorstep of the Molly Thorvaldson Cafe in the middle of a raging rainstorm, owner Lynda is annoyed. She was close to closing up, and the weather isn't something that lends itself well to business. But there's something about the bedraggled, angry young woman that touches Lynda's heart. So begin Noreen's misadventures - and healings - among the people of Pembina Lake.This short but satisfying book makes me wish I had a "philosophical" bookshelf on Goodreads - if you're looking for an action-a-minute, plot-focused book, this is the wrong one. But if you want a meandering stroll through the lives and memories of five people in a small tourist town outside Winnipeg, you've come to just the right place. My favorite character by far was Dolores, but it's well worth getting to know everyone in Pembina Lake.

  • Diane Carrozzo
    2019-06-08 13:54

    I really enjoyed this book. It was nothing like I expected it to be. Each character was very realistic with real flaws and phobias as well as real strengths and accomplishments. There was not one character that I did not like, and they weren't all likable, but I liked them because they were real. However, this book is intended for young adults. Well, I think we're talking about high school young adults, not middle-schoolers, which is where I found this book...on the shelves of a middle school library. The complexity of the characters is just a little too complicated for those in grades 6-8. But I really did like the book. I'm thinking of recommending it to my book club as a future selection.

  • Marsha
    2019-05-27 13:43

    Noreen is one of the most difficult teenagers you’ll ever encounter in fiction. She’s also a lot like real-life teenagers, those beset with hard luck, indifferent parents and untrustworthy step-parents. This book is a little treatise about how such a life can harden people—and how caring strangers can bring them back from the abyss.The book is a quiet but heartfelt little gem of story-writing, about the ins and outs of small-town life and the invisible ties that bind and separate us. Noreen’s arrival has consequences, on her and everybody around her and the author’s writing movingly depicts the winding threads that gradually bring them all closer together. This is a shining example of how superb young adult novel can be and well worth reading and passing on to a younger generation.

  • bea
    2019-06-01 12:08

    Summary: Even when Noreen Stall has the best intentions, it seems that she screws everything up. And when she makes so many mistakes that she starts to hate herself, she runs from the people who love her. When she runs away from her boyfriend, taking his truck, money and unborn baby, she finds herself in the small town of Pembina Lake. There she lands in the rundown café owned by Lynda Bradley, a single mother of a three-year-old boy, Seth. Lynda is struggling to make sense of a life that could have been so much more. She lets Noreen stay the night and, in doing so, unleashes a series of events that force the people in the town to take a look at their own lives.Powerful and unforgettable characters. A very poignant read!

  • Olivia Rian
    2019-05-31 13:10

    This book is about a teenager named Norene and how she finds her place in this world. Growing up with nonsupportive and neglectful parents, she does what she wants and does not trust anyone. When she finds out she is pregnant, she steals her boyfriend's truck and runs away. She comes to a diner and meets a single mother and her young son. The small neighborhood pulls together and teaches this girl some important lessons. She learns to love and not be only concerned for herself.This was a quick and fun read. I like it when an author organizes the book into smaller chapters. I enjoyed the story and learning about a girl struggling with problems not uncommon among teenagers. I hoped to learn that if I ever encountered someone feeling so lost that I would be able to help them.

  • Emily
    2019-05-25 15:06

    Seventeen-year-old Noreen has had a rough life, and she has a habit of pushing people away. When she pulls into small-town Canada after stealing her boyfriend's truck, she ends up being taken in by the townsfolk whose lives center around the small cafe. I had trouble identifying with Noreen, just because our backgrounds are so different, and while I felt for her situation, she made it hard to want to help her, and I struggled with that. But I absolutely loved the people in the town and how they helped each other, and Noreen. It ended a little abruptly for me, but over all, I enjoyed it.Geography Challenge: Canada, near Winnipeg

  • Megan
    2019-05-23 19:10

    True Confession of a Heartless Girl tells the story of a girl that brings trouble wherever she goes and can no longer love again. The more she struggles, the closer she gets to understanding the importance of loving others. Noreen goes through drastic changes that leave her weary, irritated, frustrated, but mostly, lonely. This story takes a bit to get into, but once you start, it's a good book. I would recommend this to high schoolers, seeing as some parts would not be easily understood by children and some swearing occurs throughout the book.