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11 CDs / 13.25 HoursGator Fontenot of the Special Forces paranormal squad must reel in the elusive Iris "Flame" Johnson, a victim of the same horrific experiments that warped Gator. Now unleashed, she's a red-haired weapon of unimaginable destructive powers, a walking time bomb bent on revenge in the sultry bayous of New Orleans, and hunted by a shadowy assassin. It's Gato11 CDs / 13.25 HoursGator Fontenot of the Special Forces paranormal squad must reel in the elusive Iris "Flame" Johnson, a victim of the same horrific experiments that warped Gator. Now unleashed, she's a red-haired weapon of unimaginable destructive powers, a walking time bomb bent on revenge in the sultry bayous of New Orleans, and hunted by a shadowy assassin. It's Gator's job to reel Flame in. But can two people haunted by violent betrayals trust the passion that soon ignites between them? Or is one of them just playing another seductive and deadly night game?...

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Night Game Reviews

  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    2019-06-09 21:43

    5 ma petite flamme stars * May have some Spoilers below*“I found out a long time ago, you can endure anything if you have to. Whitney didn’t defeat me, Raoul. I learned a lot of very valuable lessons.”Hot damn I just fell for a sexy Cajun Charmer! Mmm Mmm Gator is yummy! This book is my favorite of the series so far. Night Game is so good. I loved everything about this book! “And you’re stubborn too. I like that in a woman. Never have gone for the submissive type.” He winked at her. “I like a tigress in my bed.” What this book is aboutRaoul (Gator) Fontenot is back home in the bayou to investigate the disappearance of a local woman Joy, and to look for Iris (Flame) Johnson (another Ghostwalker) and bring her back to Lily. Gator finds Flame but she has no intention of going to Lily who she feels betrayed her when they were children. She also believes the Evil Dr. Peter Whitney is still alive and that Lily is working for him. Can Gator get Flame to trust him and Lily and bring her home or will he start to believe that maybe Dr. Peter Whitney is still alive after all?“You don’ want to admit it, cher, but you like me. You think I’m charmin’. And handsome. And sexy.” Rauol (Gator): “I love how hot and wet you are for me and how when I touch you, and I’m deep inside you, all your muscles clamp down on me as if you’re holding me inside you and don’t want to let me go.”OMG I am so in love with Gator. He is so damn sexy, so playful and funny. He has a really charming personality. A total flirt. He has that good ol boys laid back attitude, but he has a temper. He may appear laid back but he is the ultimate super soldier and can kick ass with the best of em! He is so good to his Grandma Nonny it just melts my heart. The way he is with Flame at the end when her hair falls out from chemo OMG so sweet. He is my new book Husband! GOD I love him.“Did I mention I’m partial to your breasts? I want to lie down beside you and just suck and play to my heart’s content.” “Not only are you a perv about knives, you have an oral fixation.” “Cher, I have a lot of fixations. Just saying the word oral conjures up that beautiful mouth of yours fixating on my very hard cock.” He kissed her ear, his tongue doing a little foray that sent another shiver through her body. "Did I tell you I love your mouth? Hot and velvet soft and very moist. I don’ know if I can survive just thinkin’ about your mouth and tongue and all that heat.”“You scared the hell out of me, cher. If you ever do something like this again, I’m goin’ to turn you over my knee and beat your pretty little ass until you can’t sit down and you beg me for mercy.”“This is us. You and me, Flame. And this is my choice. I want you because of who and what you are, not because of an experiment. You’re in my heart. You have to understand that. This is only between us.”Flame:“I love you,” Flame whispered, her voice so low that even with his acute hearing, he barely heard. “I’ve never loved anyone, Raoul and I’m not very good at it.”Damn I love Flame. I might have a girl crush on her. She is so damn awesome! She is one drop kickin, knife throwing, tough as nails total badass chick! She is strong willed, and stubborn as hell. She is playful, and sweet. Respectful to nonny. She has a bad temper too. She has had a bad life filled with pain and betrayal. She is dying of cancer and knows it. So she is trying to help as many people as she can before she dies. Even with all her trust issues and her fear of being hurt she is good to Gator and slowly lets him in. She truly has a big heart and wants what every woman wants a family and love. She is a grudge holder and in a way I can understand, but I did wanna tell her to just get over it when it came to Lily and Gator. When she told Gator's Nonny that she was pregnant and that he wouldn't take care of it, to get back at him, I about fell over laughin. I’m so sorry, ma’am. I shouldn’t have come.” She lowered her gaze looking young and vulnerable, allowing her voice to tremble. “I sing in a club and he came in sweet-talkin’ and smiling at me and I know I was wrong. I’m really a good girl. And now there’s a baby on the way and I…“ She pressed a hand to her stomach as she stood up shakily. “I thought if I came, he’d do the right thing, but…“ she trailed off pathetically.“No it’s not. Why do people say that? Crying is a complete waste of time. It doesn’t do any good whatsoever. Your face swells up and turns red. Your eyes burn and you get the headache from hell. Will crying bring Burrell back?” She sank down onto the bed, back against the wall, drawing her knees up. “I cried once in a while after I learned to screw up Whitney’s camera and recorders. It didn’t make me well. It didn’t get me out of the cage he put me in. It didn’t do a damn thing but give him satisfaction when he found out. I’m not crying.”“Really. Raoul, let me have a go at him. He could creep up behind you someday and you’d never see it coming.” His arm circled her neck, drawing her close enough that he could find her mouth again, kissing her hard and deep. “That’s what I love most. You’re such a blood thirsty little wench.”“Don’t worry, baby, I won’t let anything happen to you.” He didn’t know whether to laugh or to scowl at her. Any other woman would be teasing, but he had the feeling she meant it. “First of all, I’m the man and I do man things, like take care of my woman in a bad situation.”“You’re the man? What does that mean? I hope you don’t mean what I think you did. I’m a soldier and I can fight every bit as well as you.”Gator and Flame together are hilarious. Two people with hot tempers and a massive undercurrent of sexual tension. Their playful bickering and flirting is so cute. I was very invested in their relationship. There was a build up to their relationship that felt real. Tender moments together where you could see how they fell in love with each other. Damn did they have some hot chemistry!!! Gator is a kinky bad boy. I love Nonny. This book is emotional and touching. My heart bled for Gator and Flame. And I felt so bad for Lily. The end had me tearing up.“The work I do is every bit as real a danger as cancer is to you. It’s every bit as real as the threat of Whitney is to you. Life gives us choices, Flame. You either grab on with both hands and just go for it, or you sit on the sidelines. I’m a go for it kind of man.”This book was such a great read. I am on to the next book below I leave one of my favorite moments from this book:“Did Gator take care of you, cher?” she asked, with a quick smile for her grandson. Flame blushed, uncertain what Raoul’s grandmother was asking. Surely she wasn’t inquiring as to whether or not he’d taken care of her sexual needs? It didn’t help that Raoul pressed against her back, his breath warm on the nape of her neck, both hands cupping her bottom right through her tight jeans. She smiled at Nonny and slapped at Gator’s hands behind her back. “He was-unbelievable.” She found herself stammering. “Unbelievable?” Wyatt echoed, his eyebrow shooting up. “He was unbelievable?” Flame’s color deepened and she cast him a glare. “Astonishing.” That was worse. What was the matter with her? It wasn’t her fault, Raoul was distracting her with his roaming hands. He had a fixation with her butt and she was going to have to do something mean right there in his grandmother’s home if he didn’t stop. Did one get aroused in front of other people? She never had, but then that was before she met the Cajun king of perverts. Gator put his lips against her ear. “Mind-blowing?” He helped her out. “Or maybe that was you.” Flame cleared her throat. “I couldn’t believe how attentive he was last night, Ms. Fontenot.” Wyatt burst out laughing. He nudged his brother “You were attentive. Just how attentive were you?”http://jessicasoverthetopbookobsessio...

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-06-11 15:42

    Reread in the Month of August, 2016.Who doesn't love Gator? I certainly do. Gator definitely meets his match in sassy and lethal Iris aka Flame Johnson. Sparks fly from the beginning. Flame steals his heart just like she steals information. She keeps him running, and together they find out who is kidnapping songbirds from the bayou. Flame is determined to right wrongs and protect those who can't protect themselves. She knows intimately how it feels to be abused and misused as one of Whitney's childhood experiments. She's living on borrowed time, but she wants to make the most of that time. She really doesn't have time for an affair with sexy Bayou boy, Gator, but he makes it hard to say no. He's everything she ever wanted in a lover.Gator and Flame are perfect for each other. Both fiery and protective. While Gator acts like he doesn't have a care in the world, he takes his responsibilities seriously. And he knows Flame is all his. She's used to protecting others, no to anyone protecting her. When he has to make a choice for her health, he's knows that it could damage their relationship, but he'd rather be in a world with Flame alive, even if they aren't together. Wyatt, who is the hero of Viper Game, is Gator's brother, and it was very cool to visit with his younger version in this story. Also great to see Nonny in this book and how much she bonds with Flame. Flame finds the family she was missing for so very long, and the she can trust the GhostWalkers, even if she doesn't trust Whitney.Loved rereading this!****** Reread from June 3- June 6, 2012My thoughts:This book series sets me on fire. I know I talk about these books way too much.I can't help it. I just adore them so much! First of all, I find the idea brilliant, and I love the interactions between the characters. The heroes and heroines complement each other, and the passion is fiery. And the action and kick*ssery freaking awesome! The elements of family, both blood and by choice make these book shine, and make me wish I was a GhostWalker (yeah, I know that's crazy, but I kinda do).Although I loved the first two books, Night Game definitely moves faster, and the chemistry between Gator and Flame keeps the story flying. As I loved it the first time, the banter is just wonderful. Humor is used perfectly, to keep a story that has dark undertones from being excessively dreary.--Flame: Flame is an outstanding heroine. Life has shaped her into a strong and intrepid woman. She truly is kick*ss. I honestly love all the GhostWalker heroines, and it's hard to choose my favorites, but she might be in my top three. She has very deep scars that keep her from easily giving her heart to Gator, and that is utterly understandable. However, she has a very loving, warm spirit that makes it hard to cut herself off from others. Near the end, when she is so angry at Gator, I could see why. But I am glad she comes to realize that he had his reasons and his love for her will cause him to make choices that she might not always agree with. However, she needs that kind of man, and she knows it. --Gator: A complex mix of qualities. I love his charm. He has seen the worse in life and has sins on his soul, but he still manages to keep a smile on his face and a positive outlook. But the guy is highly lethal! Loved him in the first book books, and adored him early in this book. I didn't think I'd be as drawn to him because he's the laid-back, carefree GW, but boy was I wrong. Gator snuck up on me, and on the reread, I smile at how irresistible he is. Flame doesn't stand a chance. Neither did I!The action in this book is off the charts. And I love that Flame is in the thick of it. The suspense elements are quite dark, since they are looking for a young woman from the bayou that was kidnapped and run into a group of men who hate women. I like how they handle those men. I like it very much.As usual, another well deserved five stars. So glad I took the time to reread this series!Check my GhostWalkers Pinboard on PinterestOriginal Review:Another outstanding book for the Ghostwalker series. It was awesome and unputdownable. I loved Flame and I loved Gator. They had a special relationship, and were made for each other. The banter was wonderful. I loved how Flame totally fit into his family like a missing puzzle piece. Loved how Gator wanted to take care of Flame, but also respected that she was a tough woman and could take care of herself. Flame is an alpha heroine, but she was never annoying and didn't get herself into scrapes she couldn't get herself out of. The bayou was another character that seduced me. I don't think I'd like the humidity, but I'd love the animals and the tranquility of the swamps. Again, it was great to see the other Ghost Walkers and to enjoy the camaraderie between them. What Flame suffered ripped a hole in my heart but filled me with admiration. She was an incredibly strong woman, and I loved that Gator got that and never tried to change her or mold her. He was happy with her the way she was. The action was incredible and intense. I was happy on all fronts as I love action/adventure to accompany my beloved romance story. I am so in love with this series. Please keep writing many more, Ms. Feehan.

  • CC
    2019-06-01 17:17

    Gotta say I enjoyed this one. While I did not LOVE Gator or Flame I liked their chemistry and the story was good. I did not read this one the first time I read the series so I am glad I went back to it. I do not love that Gator used to be a total manwhore and likes to brag about it. Something I do not like about any of the cajuns.

  • Dina
    2019-06-05 21:33

    This was another great installment in the 'GhostWalkers' series! It was funnier than the previous books, thanks to Gator, the charming and sexy Cajun hero. That man could draw a smile from the most bad-tempered person. I loved the way he brought the tension down with his remarks, all the while keeping his focus on what was important. Flame was a bit "difficult to love" at first - alpha females aren't easy to take - but she grew on me and, in the end, I truly understood her reasoning.The "conspiracy theory" that Flame brought to the table was a nice surprise and I wonder how the story arc will be played from now on. I don't like never-ending series - with one single exception, J.D. Robb's In Death series - so I hope Ms. Feehan isn't planning on dragging the GhostWalkers to the next generation.The ending of this book wasn't your typical HEA and I was a little "uncomfortable" with the last chapter (for personal reasons), but it was very fitting. The book left some questions unanswered, and I hope to see them explained in the next book in the series.The GhostWalkers series keeps going strong and I'll glady pick the next book up to read soon.Note: My OCD couldn't help noticing that one character's name has been changed in this book: Kaden is now Kadan. It's a small detail, but it bothers me. I don't know who to blame: the author, for not keeping track of her character's name, or the editor, for letting it slide.

  • Tilly Slaton
    2019-06-18 17:20

    I really adore this series. Christine Feehan really knocks this out of the park. With all of the paranormal romance books flying around, it’s really tough to find something good. Somethingscreative. Something not done a hundred times already.Feehan has achieved just that. The Ghostwalker series is unexpectedly erotic and extremely stimulating in more than just the sexual sense.Military missions. Physical and psychic enhancements. Oh the joy! Complex medical and genetic conversations are an interesting left fielder. I wasn’t quite sure about those scenes, but I learned to read and skim and move on to the really fun stuff!“Another nonviral approach involves the creation of an artificial lipid sphere with an aqueous core. This liposome, which carries the therapeutic DNA, is capable of passing the DNA through the target cell’s membrane.”Gator, one man from a team of badass hotties, is sent to his home town to search for two women. One, a friend who grew up in the bayou with his brothers, and the other woman .. An exotic red-head, a woman who shares similar psychic powers. She’s dangerous. Gator is sent to search for her and possibly eliminate her before she can kill everything around her. A bit dramatic but there you have it. Whitney (the evil rat bastard hehe) bought Flame from an orphanage and kept her hidden away with other girls for his genetic experimentations. That might sound a little cheesy but it’s way cool. She escaped and now is a grown woman, running from Whitney and anyone else that tends to wiggle into her heart.The relationship between Gator and Flame is pretty hilarious. One moment they’re having a conversation that leaves a smirking smile on your face and the next moment the lustful hello there grabs you. It is fun and exciting!“And for the record, have you ever referred to me as a rat bastard?”“Yes, several times, but in a different way. He’s a slimball rat bastard. You’re just a plain old garden variety man-type rat bastard.”“Thanks for clarifying.”**Electricity sizzled and arced between his skin and hers. His mouth was hot and sexy, his arms coming up to trap her, to hold her even closer, so that his body was imprinted on hers. His strength was enormous. He took control of the kiss and damn him, he knew what he was going. Fire faced through her veins, poured into her belly, and tightened her body. Her nipples peaked and she actually felt her womb contract.He kissed her again, long, ferociously, a wicked combination of command and coaxing, his hands sliding down to her bottom to lift her closer.Flame became aware of her leg wrapped around his waist, of her hands under his shirt caressing his bare chest, of the heaviness of her breasts and the terrible throbbing between her legs. She had never wanted any one the way she wanted him. Her need seemed beyond lust, beyond attraction, bordering on obsession.Flame and Gator find themselves working together, although not entirely happily, to find Joy. She disappeared and though the police seem to have closed the issue and claimed that she must have run off, Flame is sure she is nearby and in danger.I’d really like to go into that a bit more. I just can’t! I refuse to be one of those people who writes reviews that give the book away. The bastards! If you want to write an entire here you have it post about a book, at least forewarn people :pI recommend this book to adults only. This book can be read stand alone but I strong advise against it. These books rock. This is the third book of the Ghostwalker / Game series. Just purchase Shadow Game and start there Strong sexual content (yay!) although not the main focus of this book. Violence. Rape. Threats of cutting hairs off of balls with dull knives? Yikes!Much to be explored .. moments to be had .. funny corks that will leave you smiling. This book has a lot of different factors in it that somewhat jerk your emotions around. Well worth the read!Line of the book:Control. Discipline. Patience.

  • KatLynne
    2019-06-19 16:28

    5++++ stars because I loved it! This is the third book in the Ghostwalker Series. As in many series I've read, I keep waiting for the book that is just ok. You know the one I'm speaking of...the book that is pretty good but not as good as the others, but you read it anyway and like it ok because it's part of the series. And when finished you're glad you’ve read it and now wait for the next one hoping it will be better.Not the case with this series! I loved this third book as well as the first two and I loved this Ghostwalker, Mr. Raoul "Gator" Fontenot and his feisty warrior woman, Iris “Flame” Johnson. Captivated Yes, that’s me. Knowing that I am repeating myself, I searched endlessly for another adjective that would best describe my feelings and thoughts while reading the Ghostwalkers, but, to no avail. Captivated is the perfect description and no other word will do. For you see, captivated is “being completely occupied mentally” – absorbed, consumed, engaged, fascinated, held, involved, immersed, enamored, enchanted, possessed, mesmerized, seduced, enthralled… Yep –me again! All of them apply to my feelings for this book and this series.I was enthralled with the suspense and action that kept me on the edge of my seat and turning the page. Gator is back home in the sultry bayous of New Orleans and has been asked to find the elusive Iris Flame Johnson. Wild, fiercely loyal, protective and proud, Gator is part of the magnificent Ghostwalkers team; A select group of men who have been extensively trained in warfare and who also became the product of the evil Dr. Peter Whitney’s experiments. Violently betrayed, each man believing they were signing on for physic enhancement that would better enable them to save lives, they found themselves used as human lab rats in the doctor’s merciless experiments. Not only were their physics enhanced, but genetic enhancements were performed, leaving each with extraordinary physical abilities and an uncertain future. And these are some lean, mean, totally sex-dripping men. Gator Fontenot is double-dosed sexy along with an adoring sense of humor that will leave you breathless:) He is the kind of hero I adore and if I had a complaint with this book it would be I wished it were longer. Flame, one of the many orphaned young girls purchased by Dr. Whitney for his first experiments with enhancement, is now a ticking time bomb. She is a tortured soul having escaped the doctor’s captivity and living alone and on the run. Bent on survival and revenge, hatred and fear consume her and she trusts no one. She is a beautiful red-haired weapon and someone is hunting her. Her plight broke my heart and her loneliness and desire for family touched me in a mighty way. She is a heroine I want soon forget. I was consumed with the sensual longings and desires that nearly burnt the pages and then later in the story the hot, steamy love scenes. Gator’s desire for Flame is palpable! Sensuality drips from every other page. He finds Flame irresistible. And Flame with her trust issues desperately fights her feelings for Gator. Tall, muscled and hard all over, scorched by his touch and the longings of her heart, desire consumes and a love is born. I was enchanted with the deep love of soul mates. Two hearts that could no longer live without the other. A desperate need to touch, protect and share a future. But one believing there could be no future in love, and a betrayal that ends with so much hurt and anger, leaving each desolate in despair. I was engaged with the continuing story of the destruction caused by Dr. Peter Whitney and his use of humans as experiments. I will say again that Feehan has the perfect balance of suspense and romance, with neither overpowering the other, making a perfect romantic suspense novel. This remarkable talent kept me turning the pages. I was fascinated with the new information revealed in this story. And now I am more eager than ever to read the remaining books. I must know!I am mesmerized by the entire Ghostwalker team; their fierceness, loyalty and camaraderie. I am seduced by each page, totally involved and engaged in the story, invested in the lives of each Ghostwalker and once again finding myself devouring this book like an addict! And finally, I am deeply possessed with my desire to read the next book in this series. Christine Feehan is a master story teller. I loved everything about this book with my only complaint at the end, wishing it could have been longer.(view spoiler)[Their first Kiss He gathered her to him, hands sliding up her back. His body was hard and hot and thick with need and he rubbed against her, massaging the terrible ache as he bent his head to hers. Flame lifted her mouth to his, the slow burn igniting instantly when her lips touched his. His tongue swept into the moist heat of her mouth, the craving for her so strong it shook him. He felt an answering tremor run through her body as she melted into him, all soft flesh and lush curves. He tasted sex and sweetness and fury mixed together in a powerful concoction. She was addicting, potent, the chemistry between them highly volatile. He wasn’t simply kissing her, he was devouring her, feasting on her, long hard kisses over and over because it wasn’t enough. Her breast were soft temptations against his chest and when she rubbed her leg over his thigh, aligning their bodies more closely, the breath left his body in a mad rush. It was torment, his body so tight and hard he thought his skin might burst. His blood pounded and thunder roared in his ears. “Come to my cabin with me.” He bit her lip, sucked it into his mouth and teased with his tongue. “Right now. Forget everything else and come with me.” Flame fought every instinct to climb on top of his body….The temptation of being alone with him in a cabin with a bed was more than she could think about. Her brain was on meltdown. He kissed her again, long, ferociously, a wicked combination of command and coaxing, his hands sliding down to her bottom to lift her closer. …She had never wanted anyone the way she wanted him. Her need seemed beyond lust, beyond attraction, bordering on obsession.(hide spoiler)]

  • Karolina
    2019-06-23 14:45

    This is one sexy book! 5 stars is not enough! It is not only because the story is very interesting or the action so gripping but because I have found my perfect fictional man! I have liked many other characters before, starting with BDB Wraith and Z or all three brothers from Demonica, let me tell you all of those great man have absolutely nothing on Raoul Fontenot. What can I say it's a love at first sight!Night Game is a third book in the Ghost Walkers series and by far the best. The story starts when Raoul(Gator)and Ian from the special forces squad are sent to find two women. First one Joy, has gone missing, possibly kidnapped from local club where Raoul grew up and the other one Flame, who few years ago escaped medical facility where she's been experimented on. I love many things about this story, from beautiful settings of the Bayou, hilarious humor to two possibly best characters in the whole paranormal genre I have encountered so far. It made me rolling with laughter one minute and close to tears the next! It's an excellent blend of action and romance.Gator has been my favorite character even since the small appearance in the first two books. Irresistibly charming, unbelievably sexy and horrendously funny. With his bad boy attitude, disarming smile and beautiful french he had me at hello. He is everything I was looking for in a perfect fictional man. He's not only a soldier, specially gifted, great at what he does but he's also such a good guy, brought up by his Granny, protective over his three young brothers and family. No woman can say no to his Cajun charm, of course until he meets Flame. She's so my kind of woman! She's fierce, bright and brave, but also has a vulnerability that makes her very likable. After a horrible start to her life she doesn't trust anyone and counts only on herself.The best thing about their relationship, well except from their banter, is that it's equal, Gator is an alpha man but he knows he can't dominate and control Flame. He supports her, respects her and when she's angry with him wins her over with his affection, love and a great amount of humor.I have enjoyed this book immensely. I love a man who can make me laugh, so it's no surprise Gator won my heart. It has been one sexy ride! I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal genre, it's a great book on it's own if you don't feel like reading the first two. The Ghost Walkers series is going strong, I hope I can get my hands on the next book soon!

  • Bridget
    2019-05-28 18:43

    OMG I loved this book!! I balled like a baby. Feehan has you so intune to the characters, you cry when they're happy, sad or upset, and she has you laughing just as much. I don't think i have read such an emotional series so in depth with the characters since the brotherhood. Man, could Gator be anymore adorable, i think everyone needs a Gator in their life. This book was perfect for him, Feehan stuck so true to his character. He's a country boy so she brought him back home to the Bayou. He's not afraid to say what he feels and goes to the limit to defend his woman, knowing he could lose everything.Flame is such a strong,dominant person, always with a knife sheathed in her back, she takes no shit from anyone, but can't get past Gator's charm. Who could? I loved her character, i felt familiar with her character. I understood where she was coming from, although it was hard to hear her speak so ill of Lily, not trusting her and saying she is a monster just like her father. I felt so bad for Lily through out this book, she got a raw deal, well they all did but she was raised thinking Whitney was her real father, having no clue of the horrible truth. Joy, the poor missing girl ugh what she went through.. Oh i could go on and on. I just really loved this book!

  • Jess the Romanceaholic
    2019-06-01 19:41

    I wanted to love this book. Really, I did. For most of the book, I kept thinking how it would get at least four stars, possibly even, dare I say it, five.Gator (our Cajun hero) was delicious, with just the right amount of disarming bayou charm to balance out his alpha-male arrogance, and Flame (our fiery heroine, whose hair matched her temper) was such an amazingly capable and fierce warrior herself that I was cheering each time she put Gator soundly in his place.. And her affinity for knives. So tasty :)The conspiracy theory that ran throughout just knocked my socks off... I was right there with Gator, torn between just rolling my eyes and chalking her up to a paranoid conspiracy theorist and getting that tingly feeling on the back of my neck that made me think "wait, what if she's right?!"The action scenes were great, with a fantastic sub-plot that had the most satisfactory conclusion, and the romance was just as intense and scorching as we've come to expect from this series. There was even just the right amount of kink thrown in to keep it from being too formulaic, since the previous books in the series have all had similar intensity to their romance -- which of course is why we read them ;)But the ending.Oh the ending.*sigh*It just wasn't at all what I was expecting, and quite frankly seemed both rushed and forced (no pun intended). It just seemed... too easy? No, that's not quite right, since most who read it will agree that there was nothing "easy" about the final resolution, but still... It just seemed as though there should have been more angst in the ending than was present. It was like *BAM* this one thing happened and there was just tons and tons of angst and then a little action to throw us off, then a little more angst then fade-to-black, some time passes behind the scenes, and all of a sudden *BAM* they get their HEA. It left me scratching my head, wondering if maybe the publishers had put a page limit on the book and CF was like "ahh crap I'd better get this drama wrapped up so we can move on to the next book" or something.I don't want to say any more because it really will spoil things, but their HEA just left me feeling hollow, unlike the previous books in the series. Overall, I give it three stars. It would have been much higher had the ending been more to my tastes. And since I'm currently devouring this series like a starving man at a buffet, I say read it regardless. It may not be the strongest in the series, but up until the ending, it was a fantastic read.

  • KatieV
    2019-06-13 17:28

    I liked this and feel sure some would love it. Both the hero and heroine were great. The reasons for my rating were more personal taste than any fault with the writing.Feehan has taken a different direction with this one. What we thought we knew in the first two books is evolving and it was very well done. The reader gets to unravel the mystery along with the characters.I was also impressed that this wasn't all sex. Some of Feehan's Dark series books seem to be sex scene after sex scene and it gets old, to be honest. I like a good sex scene, but I want a story too. The reason I didn't love this likely has to do with my mindset at the moment. Work is stressing me out and therefore I'm a little less inclined toward depressing. *trigger warning** some of the villains are deviants who like to kidnap, rape, and torture women. That was a bit much for me. There was also the issue with how Flame was enhanced (view spoiler)[ via cancer cells(hide spoiler)] and the repercussions that was hard for me to read. So, kudos to Feehan for making me feel the angst. Just not in the mood for that type of angst right now. It's a bit to dark/real life at a time when real life is irritating the crap out of me.

  • valee
    2019-05-31 18:46

    This book was amazing. So different than the 2 previous books and much better.I loved this book. Gator was an awesome and sexy hero while Flame was the best heroine in the series. My problem with the 2 previous books was that the heroines were weak and helpless most of the time, but Flame had this amazing personality that got me caught up the whole time.But what I liked the most was definitely Gator. He was the most charming and funny guy I have ever read about. I loved his humor and he was just absolutely delicious. Now I do get why people like this series so much, I hope that from now on the rest of the books are as good as this one.

  • ~*~JenJenBoBin
    2019-06-19 18:46

    "5 Stars!!"“Life gives us choices. You either grab on with both hands and just go for it, or you sit on the sidelines.”~GatorFAVORITE OF THE SERIES THUS FAR!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE ME SOME GATOR and Flame is a fantastic heroine.... nothing wimpy or frail about her!!! This book was much better paced and kept things moving along ... I NEED to know what happens NEXT???!!!

  • Sunny
    2019-06-02 19:37

    Perfectly balanced. 1. Intriguing and engaging characters. Pure Cajun charm, Raoul -- simply irresistible. 2. Suspenseful storyline. Kick-ass chick and alpha male on the run and out to rescue. Plus, Advances the backstory in such a way to make you want to know more. Can't-put-it-down reading. Full sentence review to follow.

  • Kathy
    2019-06-20 15:37

    In the Bayou - Gator and Flame. Flame was always a thorn in Whitney's side. She struggles to use her training to help others, especially to find justice. She fights her attraction to Gator - sure that Whitney has manipulated them - but gives into it at the end.. her attraction to him as well as to his family. Gator, Flame and a few of his team save a young woman who has been kidnapped to be made into a sex slave by the local hotshot.2nd reading... Flame - aka Iris - seems to be the one who most defied Whitney, and Whitney is out to get her... Whitney, perhaps because he disliked her so much more, infected her with cancer and treated it in very forward thinking ways.... and infected her with a new kind, in anticipation that it would force her back to him for a cure at some time in the future... here we learned that Whitney has the girls, has Ryland's team, Norton's team, and his personal army - of enhanced men that were rejected to be part of Ryland's team... Flame escaped (realized that Whitney allowed it, as another test), had moved around, stayed under the radar, and righted wrongs where ever she could... she is in the Bayou because she heard of a singer that had gone missing... her special talent is sound - manipulating sound, using her voice to manipulate sound, to call out to insects, etc. ... she is hanging out with Burnell, a retired riverboat captain who staked out an island, sat on his porch & smoked his pipe...- Raoul - aka Gator - raised in the bayou of New Orleans, oldest of 4 boys, raised by a loving, firm, overworked grandmother, raised poor, but with a sense of responsibility and a knowing of being loved... joined the armed forces & special ops as soon as he could, sending the money back to his grandmother & brothers... had small amount of psychic ability and willing participant of whitney's enhancements, not knowing that Whitney was doing more to them (he is physically stronger - can jump, lift, run, etc. much more than before) & almost dying in a cage... can manipulate sound - accidently killed 4 teens & a team member when the sound weapon he released traveled further than anticipated - a guilt he carries... his brother Wyatt asks him to come home to help find Joy, a local singer, friend of the family, that is missing & the police is not taking seriously... Lily calculates that Flame is likely to be in New Orlean's also - what with the fire at Dahlia's sanitarium - and asks Gator to be on the look out for her, that she would resist, that she likely is facing a cancer again... a month later, Raoul is frustrated - no closer to finding what happened to Joy, no closer to finding Flame... and by accident he sees her at the gas station, and follows her, and witnesses her breaking into Saunder's home - Saunder is a bad guy, who stole Burnell's money & then required him to pay off his loan... she goes to steal the money back - taking 3 briefcases full plus 3 CDs... and Gator is waiting for her... Saunder's guys start to come after her... Gator takes off on her bike, to pull the attention away from her... she takes his jeep... goes to his house a few hours later to get her bike... breaking into the house she sees the myriad of pictures Nonna (grandmother) has in the house, and has a moment to wish she had such a family, and to think him studpid to risk it with Whitney.... and she finds him asleep, with his hand on her bike... they argue, his brother, then his grandmother come in... she leaves, after telling Nonna she was sorry, that Gator had played with her heart & she was havinghis baby...and the dance begins... Gator wants her, Gator is turned on by her knives, Gator accepts his feelings & more quickly expresses them... Flame doesn't trust the feelings - sure that Whitney 'mated' them, and refusing to succumb to it - she can see their abilities enhance one another... so she resists him... she knows she is dying of the cancer & refuses treatment knowing that would bring Whitney to her and another barrier to keep Gator away... but, of course, she eventually can not deny him... and Gator waits for her, seducing her with humor, honest expressions, respect for her abilities, desire to protect her... and when she is injured (bitten by an alligator), and leaving him when he is otherwise engaged... she gets into the limo with Parson's son, who gives her a drink with a drug & she is weakened by hurts him when he attempts to ... and she finds Joy's earring on the limo floor, and then Gator & friends are there and extract her form the limo... and she had figured out that Parson's & Saunders have Joy, that they are keeping her alive to use her... that the CD's she took from Saunders show her kidnapping and much of the torturing & were used to blackmail Parson's political father to keep his nose out of it... and they figure out where she is, and go to rescue her... Gator, sends her into Joy to protect & reassure her while they (Ian, Kadan, Tucker & Gator) take out the bad guys... and "Flame kills one of the bad guys, and is the reassuring voice & comfort to Joy as they take her to safety - encouraging her, laying the groundwork for a healthy understanding and acceptance for what she could not control & yet never stopped fighting... and Wyatt comes to her with gentleness and understanding easing her... and Flame & Gator finally have sex - staying in the family hunting cabin - fueled by a sexy outfit & sex toys provided by Nanno... and when Flame refuses to trust Lily enough to treat her, and to love Gator enough to marryhim, he drugs her and takes her to Lily... and Nanno insists on coming with her too... and helps to ease her back... and Whitney sends a crew, and they defend with Gator being somewhat hurt, and the chemo makes her very sick, and Dahlia comes to be with her, and Gator sits with her and talks to her even when she won't talk withhim... but when he returns from an opt, she can't deny her feelings for him and there is a very romantic scene as Gator's love and attraction for her is as strong as ever, even with her hairless, chemo ravaged body... and she tells him of why she can't forgive Lily - as children, 8-year old Flame had attempted to escape & Lily tattled (knowing she would die of the cancer if she left), and 3 guards restrained her in her room after stripping it of anything personal, and while Whitney watched through the window, in anger against their restraining her, she lets out a lethal sound, killing all 3 - with the one closest to her more or less exploding... and a gleeful look on Whitney's face...and Gator makes his case for living, taking what they can now, and fighting for a future together... and she agrees to marry him...Setting: Raoul’s room in Lily’s home; Saunder’s home / tower office; Parson’s limo; protected facility near Lily’s home; the Bayou – The Huracan Club; houseboat on small island; Grand-mere’s 2 story home; Raoul’s hunting cabin; around the bayou (air boat / motorcycle / jeep / foot); Theme: Genetic engineering to match two people? Experiments of what passed onto children? Or is it love?; defending the weak; Characters:Raoul ‘Gator’ Fontenot: strong, silent type; psychic abilities, volunteered for enhancement; can manipulate sound to kill people… when experimenting with it, didn’t know it would travel, and he accidently killed 3 teens skateboarding a mile away… carries that guilt; focused on videos of Iris child videos, though hiding it from the others; Grand-mere requested he return home to investigate a missing young woman;Iris “Flame” Johnson: talent for sound manipulation – use sound as sonar, like a bat or dolphin, as well as enhanced physical abilities; Whitney gave her cancer 3 times, as part of the gene therapy/manipulation he was experimenting with, and using different, cutting edge methods put it into remission – but the cancer will return, and Lily wants to find and help her; she didn’t escape Whitney until she was 17 years old – and will never allow herself to be taken by him again – she knows the cancer has returned, and her time is limited; she hid her talents and their strength from him; she is extremely distrustful of Whitney, and Lily – remembering that as children, she planned to escape, and Lily reported it – she was returned to the lab, separated from all for weeks, and killed 3 handlers with her voice (did not intend to kill), and bodies left in room with her all day – horrors; she read about the asylum that burned, a Whitney property, and she is in New Orleans to see if she can find a sister – and heard about Joy, and is also looking for her; Burrell Gaudet: retired riverboat captain; he bought a small island from Saunders, with a balloon payment due; he doesn’t trust banks, so money in his mattress; has ‘adopted’ Iris; Ian MacGillicuddy: Came with Raoul; charming; team player;Dr. Lily Whitney-Miller / Captain Ryland Miller: Lily sounding more like her father (especially to Raoul and to Iris) as she fascinated with the science of what he did; after running computer simulations, believes Lily will go to new Orleans to look for ____, and reluctantly asks Raoul to keep his eyes open for her, and bring her home if at all possible; Dr. Peter Whitney: Iris convinced he is still alive – and it seems to bear out as enhanced force is monitoring and trying to capture Iris; Raoul and the rest of the Ghost Walkers agree with her in the end;Joy Chaisson: 22 years old; sang in New Orlean’s blues club; missing – police believe she left home; those who know her, know better; had a few dates with spoiled, rich James, went home with him to dinner, and his parents made it clear she wasn’t good enough, and James did not defend her; a few days later, she was missing; Grand-mere Nonny: when Fontenot parent’s died, she took on the raising of their 4 boys – boys that were wild, loyal, proud; she asks Raoul for help, and when she catches Iris in Raoul’s bedroom, totally embraces it when Iris tears ups and says she’s pregnant; she believes in their relationship, and when she buys clothes for Iris, knowing Raoul is taking her to the cabin to recover, she throws in sex toys (leopard pattern paddle, egg vibrators, and a sexy leather bustier, etc;) Wyatt Fontenot: Raoul’s younger brother; lady’s man; gentle; light hearted; likes Joy, is sure she is in trouble, and pushes Nonny to ask Raoul to return; he is wonderful with Joy after they reconnect;Kurt Saunders: sells property, and steals it back (stealing the individual’s balloon payments just as it is due, and repossessing the property); behind gambling, whores, and drug trafficking; blackmailing older Parsons with his son’s aberrant behavior;Emanual Parsons: older man; head investigator for the DEA; investigating or participating in Saunder’s criminal behavior – blackmailed by Saunders;James Parson: son; 24 years old; good-looking; feels entitled; working with/funding the capture of 2 women, and holding them hostage, raping them repeatedly, along with Saunders & Vicq;Kadan Montague and Tucker Addison: Ghost Walkers; come when Raoul calls for help;Carl Raines: Mr. Parson’s chauffeur; panders to James’ and helps to kidnap and torture/rape the women;Vicq Comeaux: grew up in Bayou, he and brothers regularly fight with Fontenot brothers; attracted to sexy singers – initiated the kidnapping of two of them, with help of James and Carl; holding them (1st one died after a particularly rough rape/torture episode) in his family’s hunting cabin;Summary:Looking for clues about what happened to Joy, hoping she is still alive… Raoul meeting Iris, observing her breaking into Saunder’s place – where she empties his safe of his money and some discs - , and helping her escape (he takes off on her motorcycle, drawing away the guards, and he holds onto it) – while she takes his (brother’s) jeep; they meet up next at the bar where she is singing… he starts to feel possessive of her, defending her from Vicq coming on to her – and takes her out on a ride through the bayou on her air boat (share a few kisses)… and they return to the bar where a bar fight is overflowing into the parking lot; and they join forces in trying to locate Joy;Between them… she much more than he decides their extreme attraction was orchestrated by Whitney, and she wants nothing to do with what may lead to more experimentation and stats for Whitney, so she fights the attraction; she is also pretty sure that Lily is in cahoots with her father, and Raoul has been sent to kidnap her; but she finds that her trust in him continues to grow; Iris gives Burell some of the money she restole from Saunders (he had stolen from Burrell) sending him into town to pay off the balloon payment… She goes over for tea with Nonny and her walls keep lowering, as she interacts with Raoul and his family (and maybe to get her motorcycle back), and when as she (and Raoul) return to island, they hear gun shots… and get to Burrell too late to save him… and they take off after them, killing the 4 of them, realizing one was enhanced... and Raoul believes they are after Iris; he takes her to his hunting cabin, and does his best to comfort her after the loss of Burrell – their first night to sleep together, though it is only to sleep; They work together to try and track the source of the 4 guys… and then 4 enhanced are after them… they work (militarily) together to protect each other, and to take out the bad guys… and Raoul calls telepathically to Kadan for help… but Iris gets bitten by an alligator (death roll) and knives her way out of it… Raoul leaves her in a safe area, and he and the other 3 Ghostwalkers go after them… a tough fight, but when they return for Iris, she has walked (limped?) out – afraid of her feelings for Raoul, gets to a road, and is picked up by James & Carl – she is exhausted, on the floor, sees Joy’s earring under the seat, sees leather straps, sees the disc recorder… slaps the water James offers her, realizing it is probably drugged, is slapped – and then Raoul et al are there to rescue her… she makes him promise not to take him to the hospital (records that Whitney could see) – but she wakes up in the recovery room – but Raoul is with her, and assures her he has been with her the whole time… and Wyatt is her nurse, and Ian the orderly – all watching over her, and having secured the computer records – though Lily does show up and draws some of her blood… then back to Raoul’s cabin – with the clothes and sex toys sent by Nonny… a night of passion… And she remembers the car… and they come up with a theory of Joy – Vicq, Carl, James, and Saunders – and the discs… they look at the discs, and see how badly Joy is being treated – though she is alive… Nonny recognizes Vicq’s cabin in the last pictures Joy took… and the 5 of them head out to rescue Joy… they kill Vicq, Carl & James – Iris goes into get Joy, cutting her down from the hook they have her tied to… James is burning down the cabin, and Raoul runs into rescue the two women – Iris has a few minutes to talk with Joy – offering words of love from her family, of strength, of empathy – and Wyatt (who had been waiting nearby) gives her his shirt, and carries her gently to the boat, and to safety…Another night of passion, and Iris’ insistence she cannot trust Lily, but her willingness to be with Raoul in as long as she can… and Raoul drugs her, and they take her to a compound near Lily and begin cancer treatments… she is furious with Raoul, feels betrayed… and Nonny is there – saying she insisted on being with her, knowing she’d need her… they come under attack by 16 enhanced men… Iris and Nonny are inside… the rest outside… Raoul takes out 8 with sound (after Kadan lays a barrier to keep the sound for going further and hurting any one)… they take out another 6 the old fashioned way… 2 get inside to Iris and Nonny – Iris is having a weak, nauseous moment – Nonny takes out one, just as Raoul gets back inside to take the other… they have weakened Whitney’s force considerably… he comes to her every day for a month – he talks to her normally – she ignores him… he goes out on a recovery trip – she misses him, and wishes she had told him that she was mellowing… she has no hair, she has times of intense nauseousness, she hasn’t talked to Lily yet, but Dahlia is spending time with her – and is a voice of reason, and one she can trust…ahhhhRaoul returns, he has restored her motorcycle… he sees she has softened… and lets nature take its course… apologizing, loving her, hugging her… and she realizes he loves her when he can’t hide his physical reaction to her, even hairless… Memorable Scenes:“Iris had been a small redhead with defiant eyes and an attitude the size of Texas. The nurses had nickname her ‘Flam,’ and from the moment she learned Whitney forbade the name, Iris used it to make him angry. She’d been four years old. Raoul had studied the tapes of the little girl far more than any of the others. She had a few abilities the others knew nothing about – but he did – he shared those same abilities. Even as a child she’d been smart enough – or angry enough – to hide her talents from Whitney. Her nickname was appropriate: Flame, a little matchstick that could flare up and be as destructive as hell under the right circumstances. Iris had deep red hair, almost the color of wine, and she has acute hearing. She’s able to manipulate sound in extraordinary ways. And she’s an anchor. That would mean she wasn’t as vulnerable as some of the other girls. She could exist in the world without a shield.”“It was scary to think that she might be right, that Whitney had developed her as a weapon first and then somehow developed Gator to complement and amplify her powers. It would make sense, the entire point of psychic engineering and genetic enhancement was amplication of power, but what about the physical – no, it was far more than physical – attraction between them? Had that been deliberate or a by-product of the engineering?”“She was secrets and sex and his own warrior. She was his equal. She was everything he could want standing right in front of him.”

  • Monique
    2019-05-26 17:31

    This is the third installment in the Ghostwalkers series and without a doubt my favourite so far. There is so much I can say about this book. There were so many sexy moments, swoony moments, emotional moments that made me want to cry at times, laugh at times, and smile at times.I loved Raoul 'Gator' Fontenot. He completely captured my heart. I was enamoured by him. In the previous books, we see him as a smooth-talking charmer who is easy on the eyes, flirty, laid back and completely at ease. But he is so much deeper than that, there is so much more to him. We got to see that in this book. He's powerful, fierce, deadly. He keeps his darker side of him masked. But Flame saw a different side, as did we. He's a prime example of an alpha - protective, possessive, tender. Flame brought all that outside of him.I loved that even though Flame every protective and possessive instinct out of him when it comes to her, he saw that how powerful and capable she is, he saw the warrior inside her and he treated her as a equal. It was evident in the role she played throughout the missions they completed in this book. Flame was a lovely heroine. She may seem strong, powerful, confident and unselfconscious. Although she is capable, she experiences uncertainty and insecurity throughout this book. She's never had a family. She has been a lab rat her entire life, she's been indirectly monitored and observed. She's never really known happiness in her life. She fails to trust people which is totally understandable when you realise the life she's been forced to live. My heart hurt towards the end. The betrayal she felt made my heart hurt but I couldn't fault Gator because he did what he had to do to ensure she wouldn't die, knowing he may potentially be sacrificing their relationship for her health. The end of this book was so incredibly beautiful. He loves her wholly, the changes in her physical appearance didn't matter to him one bit. Those of you who have read know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm being as vague as I can for those who have not read yet. The conspiracies that were revealed in this created a whole lot of drama, mystery and suspense. This book completely turned the tables. I love this new potential twist. I understand why the title of each book has the word 'game' in it because it feels like the character's in this series are trapped in a game. A game that may have been orchestrated by a monster of a man. Or maybe it's another completely different monster? Who knows. This is where the mystery kicks in and us readers are now forced to keep reading to see what will unfold and be revealed in the future.So excited for Kaden's story. I've always been interested in him since we met him in the first book. I can't wait to get inside his head. But next up is Jack Norton's book, who was described as deadly and lethal as can be. I'm definitely looking forward to his story.

  • Morgan
    2019-06-14 13:37

    Definitely my favorite of the series so far. Gator and Flame even surpassed Nico and Dahlia for me.(Still the same problems as the rest of the books. Far too repetitive--even down to the sex where I am starting to see a very definite pattern. It's like there is a stock frame and she just inputs different names and slightly alters the situation/confrontation. It seems to be a part of being a GhostWalker--let's add it to the creed--that they have an elevated T&A fixation. There's also always the 'bend her over something and take her from behind'. ALWAYS. I will be shocked if it is missing from the next four books. Lily/Ryland - shelf/step that was in the kitchen built into the counter. Dahlia/Nico - fallen log. Flame/Gator? it was either the bed or the table, but I think it was the bed.)A quote that shows why I like them:Flame :: "Don't worry, baby, I won't let anything happen to you."Gator :: "First of all, I'm the man and I do man things..."Their banter made me laugh quite a few times.

  • Lel
    2019-06-08 18:40

    This is the third book in the Ghost Walkers series and follows the normal predictable lines of the first two. If you expect anything new from this one I think that you will be disappointed. That being said the characters are good, well rounded and likeable. The story of the book ties in well with the overall story of the series. I liked it, it just didn't make me go 'wow'. This story focus' on Gator and Flame. Flame has to overcome some major trust issues while Gator just oozes charm and humour with a core of seriousness that you haven't seen from him in the first two books. Their relationship follows the normal, combustible start, angst middle and a small hope for a happy end.Lovers of the series will like this one, but I feel it could get the same as the 'Dark' series. A little same-ish and boring if the series is read back to back.

  • Sharon
    2019-06-15 21:39

    So se ms like everyone seems to love this book and the characters, but I just could not get into it. I was one-third in and gave up. I loved the first two according to my reviews, but this turned me off. It seemed very slow in that the characters were finding out the same news, but separately, so there was some boring redundancy. And although the sexual tension between the characters was hot when they were together, but it wasn't hot enough for me to last me through the boring plot and conspiracy theory parts. The hero also seemed to go back and forth between his feelings for Lily, anger at Flame, etc. when I got over 100 pages, all I could think was about how I was dreading trying to finish, and decided it wasn't worth my time!

  • Lyn Taylor
    2019-06-07 15:20

    Oh my I love me some Gator! What a patient, tolerant man. Some great action in this book with lots of conspiracy theories flying around. Flame is a strong character but who also shows a softer side. She's had a tough life and certainly holds a grudge. The storyline is certainly amping up and I can't wait to see where it all goes.

  • Gamatst
    2019-06-05 13:22

    One of my very favorites from the Ghostwalker series. Gator makes a great hero.Also on audio:This was a great audio listen! Tom Stechshulte does a fabulous job narrating the Ghostwalker series by Christine Feehan. One of very few narrators that can make the audio version of a book stand head and shoulders above the written for me.

  • Kathrynn
    2019-06-25 17:27

    #3 in the Ghostwalker series and this was one of my favorites. Gator's humor had me laughing out loud many times. He was a sexy man! Two wonderful characters that developed well throughout the story. Hot! Cancer is in this story and I wanted to mention it because some may not want to read about it if they are dealing with it in real life, too.

  • Natalie
    2019-06-17 20:42

    Probably not one of my favourite stories so far. Good twist in the series plot though which will keep my interest. I know that this is fiction and that the whole premis of these books is somewhat far fetched but this one seemed even less credible to me though I am not sure why.

  • Mary: Harry Dresden's Love Slave
    2019-05-25 21:41

    OK so Christine Feehan is my guilty pleasure. I know they aren't the greatest most original books. But I still love them. This one came complete with a sexy Cajun, a sexy Irishman, alligators and the hero's grandmother supplying our happy couple with naughty underwear and sex toys.

  • Madeleine
    2019-05-25 19:46

    I'm putting this series aside for now. Somehow I've not found it very interesting after book one. And I already have book 4 on the shelf, meh!

  • Jenny Callahan
    2019-06-12 21:43

    They get better and better with each book!

  • Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort
    2019-05-27 13:42

    Gator is mine oh yes he's yummy. I'm listened to audio and gator speaking Cajun (shivers)

  • Dee
    2019-06-02 21:16

    Originally read: April 2011Re-read: November 2015

  • Joy Spraycar
    2019-06-12 13:44

    I love the way this author writes. She puts you right into the story. And for those who like the Black Daggar Brotherhood, you'll like Christines stuff too.

  • Pamela
    2019-06-13 18:40

    Title: Night Game - Ghostwalker Novel Book 3Author: Christine FeehanPublisher: Berkley PublishingDate of Publishing: November 1, 2005The third is the paranormal romance series about genetically enhanced soldiers. Raoul "Gator" Fontenot has returned to his Grandmothers home to help search dearch for his brother's friend. The young woman disappeared without a trace. The police have decided she took off under her own desire to leave the Bayou. Gator has also ben asked by Lily to see if he can find Iris "Flame" Johnson, one of Whitney's orphans. He found her at The Huricane, the local bar. The attraction is instantaneous. As they circle warily around one another, danger creeps ever closer Flame as the kidnappers turn their attention to Flame as their next victim. Ms. Feehan has developed a story line that ignites the imaginations of readers with a well written plot and strong fully developed characters. Palpatations will have your heart thundering and palms sweatering. .These bold, strong characters will keep you with your nose in the pages of this fast pased story of mystery and intrigue.I gave "Night Game" a 4.75 out of a total of 5 stars.Amazon Link: Link:

  • Diana Gagliardi
    2019-06-08 13:16

    Like a moth to a flameGator was born and raised in the Louisiana bayou and when his family asks him to help find a missing family friend his ghostwriter team uncovers dirty secrets. Dr Lilly asks him to find Flame, another kidnapped girl her father experimented on, whom she believed was also in the area. Both Gator and Lilly have similar talents but treachery is conspiring against them. Can Flame learn to trust and love? Can Gator capture her heart and Flame? This third installment has twists and turns you will love and you won't be able to stop reading and moving on to the next book.