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If you think a negative charge is something that shows up on your credit card bill -- if you imagine that Ohm's Law dictates how long to meditate -- if you believe that Newtonian mechanics will fix your car -- you need The Cartoon Guide to Physics to set you straight.You don't have to be a scientist to grasp these and many other complex ideas, because The Cartoon Guide toIf you think a negative charge is something that shows up on your credit card bill -- if you imagine that Ohm's Law dictates how long to meditate -- if you believe that Newtonian mechanics will fix your car -- you need The Cartoon Guide to Physics to set you straight.You don't have to be a scientist to grasp these and many other complex ideas, because The Cartoon Guide to Physics explains them all: velocity, acceleration, explosions, electricity and magnetism, circuits -- even a taste of relativity theory -- and much more, in simple, clear, and, yes, funny illustrations. Physics will never be the same!...

Title : The Cartoon Guide to Physics
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ISBN : 9780062731005
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 224 Pages
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The Cartoon Guide to Physics Reviews

  • Kim
    2019-05-13 13:57

    Well my first review was deleted by Goodreads, which is why you should always have a backup...but I digress. So I have been on this knowledge quest lately. Mostly an attempt to make up for not really giving a damn in high school. Of course,I got fantastic grades in high school, but I usually just did it by going through the motions and writing crap my teachers wanted to hear. Now that I am no longer under that burden, I've been taking the time to actually make up for lost time and lost educational opportunities as millions like me have been forced through the lowest common denominator known as the American educational system probably can relate. In this educational quest, I've taken up learning about physics and astronomy and other sciency things. While at the library a few weeks ago, I picked up The Cartoon Guide to Physics. I like comics and thought what an interesting way to learn about physics. In this highly cheesy, yet entertaining book, I actually did learn some useful information. It is definitely not for the college level physics major, but for the slightly above average person or student with an interest in learning about physics, it is a fun book to turn to get the overall basics. The book contains chapters on everything from motion to electric currents to quantum electrodynamics. It's not the cartoon guide to rocket science, so you probably won't be working for NASA afterward, but you will at least have a basic idea of why your light bulbs turn on, why we all don't float off into space, and how magnets work. Enjoy!

  • King Ævil
    2019-05-23 18:19

    Did you do okay in high-school physics, but never felt you had a handle on what everything really meant? The Cartoon Guide to Physics is an excellent conceptual review of basic mechanics and electromagnetic theory, practically free of mathematics but rich in meaning and context. Even Maxwell's famous equations are explained without resort to higher maths. It also offers a very, very brief nontechnical explanation of relativity using electromagnetism as a basis (hence, "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies")—I really wish this section were better developed.

  • Katherine
    2019-05-09 16:03

    Engaging and clearly explained.

  • Adhitya Polavaram
    2019-04-29 22:18

    The Cartoon Guide to Physics was a book that opened my eyes to a very interesting way of writing informative non-fiction books. The concepts are taught in a way that is humorous, which I have never seen in any other non-fiction books. Some of the concepts were taught in ways difficult for me to understand, so I think I would have better used this book in a years time. For those who have read the Cartoon Guide to Calculus, I would say that this book isn’t as interesting, but is still a great book.

  • Andrew B
    2019-05-04 16:05

    Nice quick read. Another book I should have gone through long ago. Almost all the jokes are too cheesy to really enjoy these days, but in that way it's also historically droll. Anyway, it covers a great deal of subjects and is a helluva lot better than reading any textbook. I'll probably come back to it to sharpen my general physics know-how in the future.

  • Brad Peterson
    2019-05-07 15:07

    I though this was a delightful conceptual overview of physics with just enough math to show basic relationships without getting lost in the weeds. And it is presented in an entertaining way.

  • Satyaki Banik
    2019-05-01 21:11

    Good for at most high school-goers, concise, fun to read, informative but entertaining at the same time.Covers almost every basic concept of Physics in a very brief manner.

  • Connie Neil
    2019-05-07 16:04

    I've always regretted not studying physics in school, so I picked this up to rectify the situation. Then I realized that I couldn't make heads or tails of the equations and realized I had to re-learn algebra first.

  • Andraž Verdnik
    2019-04-27 16:02

    Smešno, zabavno, poučno.Za mladino bi bil TO super učbenik!Potem SPLOH NE BI BILO ŠOL.

  • Phillias
    2019-05-18 17:18

    advanced terminology defeats the purpose

  • Anthony Faber
    2019-05-02 18:02

    This is as good as his other guides, so it's worth reading if you like that kind of stuff.

  • Mike Jensen
    2019-05-11 19:20

    I have a problem with the way that physics is taught. Regarding one of Newton’s laws, you generally read that if you push against a wall with 100 pounds of force, the wall pushes back with 100 pounds. Walls don’t push, can’t push, can not intend to push, or exert any muscles to push. Consequently, I have no idea what is meant. I tend to assume that resistance to the push is meant and that is why the wall does not move, but that is not what people write. Furthermore, if you push with 1000 pounds of power against a wall, maybe the wall crumbles and you go through it. Resistance fails. Where is Newton’s law then? F=m.a indeed!OK, so we have established that I do not understand the most basic of concepts in physics. I assume that Newton’s laws are true, but I am either too stupid to understand this one or the way it is explained is so inadequate as to baffle understanding, and so it is in this book. This book used 90 pounds, not 100, but the standard failed ways of explaining physics are in force. Hey, force. Maybe baffling explanations are Newton’s fourth law or Maxwell’s fifth, or something. This book does a very nice job of explaining physics in the baffling way, but it is still the baffling way. Maybe the next basic physics book I read will get it right.

  • Bridget
    2019-05-10 14:18

    I learned one solid thing about gravitational pull: neap tides and spring tides. I finally get it! But everything else, especially E&M, continues to go over my head in the most frustrating of ways. For awhile, I thought what separated biology and physics was the fact that physics wasn't really telling you why, it was telling you what is. Biology has lots of definitions and things too, but I feel like I know at the core of the subject why a protein behaves a certain way. Here, I just fundamentally don't get it. Maybe for me, approaching physics from atoms and electrons before forces would make sense. The cartoons were nice, but especially if you're having a tough time with the concepts, this book just wasn't enough for me. Sure, I could have used it to memorize formulas, but I've already done physics that way, and I didn't learn all that much. So - I guess it's back to Bill Nye for me, and then trying to broaden my worldview on physics with other books!

  • Tomi Pakei
    2019-04-27 19:21

    Maaf, tidak untuk umumJujur saja, aku kemakan iklan. Waktu membeli dulu, aku cukup berharap buku ini bisa membantuku jadi paham fisika. Ternyata fisika tetap bikin aku pusing heh..heh.. Dan kalau ada satu-dua soal fisika di sini yang aku ngerti, itu karena aku memang sudah paham sebelum membaca buku ini, bukan karena membacanya.Kartun? Yah.. jujur lagi (aku memang orang jujur Wuakakak..!), menurutku gambar si Gonick lumayan jelek. Goresannya yang tidak tegas dan terkesan semrawut kadang justru jadi seperti distorsi--samasekali tidak menimbulkan rasa welcomed.Tapi soal isi sebenarnya ini buku boleh juga. Lumayan komplet. Bisa sangat membantu buat mereka yang sudah melek fisika tapi masih banyak 'bolongnya' di sana-sini. Atau sekadar refreshing.

  • John J.
    2019-05-16 17:20

    A mediocre but mildly entertaining introduction to physics. Unless you were a college physics major, you'll probably learn something - or be reminded of things forgotten long ago. Not nearly as witty or amusing as Gonick's cartoon histories, but it only takes about an hour to read, so why not?In an effort to prevent our society's slide into ever-expanding scientific illiteracy, every grade school child should be encouraged to read this book - give them this Cartoon Guide as a coloring book (the bland illustrations could use some flair).

  • Uswatun Hasanah
    2019-04-24 18:58

    "Fisika itu susah. Ngafalin rumus bejibun." Banyak yang mengeluh hal yang sama. Termasuk adek saya.Fisika di mata saya adalah senjata untuk PDKT ke dunia. Bukan rumusnya yang seharusnya menjadi fokus, tapi peristiwa di balik rumus-rumus gila itu.Buku ini buku cerita bergambar. Isinya runtut dari setiap hukum-hukum fisika yang lahir. Mungkin sedikit kritik dari saya, tidak ada ilmuwan muslim di dalamnya.Bukunya ringan dan berisi gurauan-gurauan. Kita bisa menemukan percakapan gila antara Newton dan Einstein. You must try to read! hehe

  • Xiaojuanwu
    2019-04-26 13:53

    I enjoyed reading this book because it talked about a lot of interesting all physics around us. The book was set up in both entertainment and education. In addition, the book came in handy when I needed to look up something I still unclear about other concepts or terms of physic. The author had done well on illustration and explanation of each topic in the book.The explanation was clear enough explained everything in the picture. Moreover, this book was recommended by one of my friends. I would recommend this book to people who are interested in science or liked genre cartoon.

  • Katra
    2019-05-17 14:00

    I may not be smart enough to grasp physics even in cartoon form. The cartoon guide to genetics was just plain fun, but I stumbled a little with this one over equations with lots of letters in them. I learned a lot, even went ooo-ooo a couple of time when I got things just before they were explained. However, I think there was quite a bit went by me. Perhaps if I hadn't tried to do it at one sitting, my brain could have absorbed more.

  • Bradley Eylander
    2019-05-17 21:57

    All the fun facts of physics without the complex math equations that confuse people who are trying to learn the concept. All the sections in this comic are interesting and practical, so most readers can understand it. The only missing thing in this book is more information, such as more explanation of Relativity and optics.

  • Isaac
    2019-05-01 18:59

    This one is much less dense than the 'Chemistry' volume and benefits from it. If you haven't picked it up from my other reviews, I never learned much math or science back when I was in school and so now I feel like I need to catch up at least a little following the great slacker tradition of sitting around reading comic books.

  • Ginan Aulia Rahman
    2019-05-11 19:10

    Saya suka buku ini. Saya orang yang bodoh dalam mengerti fisika dan mengerjakan soal-soal hitungan fisika ketika di SMA. hehe. Buku ini menyadarkan saya bahwa fisika itu ternyata sederhana dan menyenangkan, tidak serumit di kelas. Fisika bicara soal gerak dalam ruang dan waktu. Space and time lah intinya. Baca deh buku ini. seru!

  • Peter Kauffmann
    2019-05-22 16:57

    I was at a party with Brad and Elaine hosted by two of the Econ professors and I got tired of hearing about people's research. So I picked this book up off of their shelf (because 1) one of the authors has a last name that is the same as Elaine's maiden name and 2) I thought it was a book about Cartoon Physics like hammerspace) and read the whole thing.

  • StefaniaP
    2019-05-01 19:07

    I love cartoons of all kinds, and I have enjoyed this both in the style of the book itself and as a refresher of concepts I have studied (or I am studying) in more depth elsewhere.I am not sure how well this would work for a reader without any knowledge of physics, which seems to be the target audience.

  • Franz
    2019-05-16 15:56

    Much better than one would think, especially for physics novices. Part One is on mechanics, which I knew a little bit about. Part Two on electricity and magnetism I found more challenging, mostly because the equations were more unfamiliar to me. Still, if you never took a physics class, this is a good book to get you started.

  • Yustin
    2019-05-21 16:12

    sebenernya buku ini gw beliin buat adek yang masih SMP, maksudnya sih biar dia bisa belajar tapi ga ngebosenin n pusing, tapi koq kayanya ga dia baca yah,heee...tapi menurut gw, ini buku bagus koq, jadi lebih cepet nyantol, nggambarin rumus2 tapi di ceritain dengan cara diandaikan..

  • Agus
    2019-04-24 22:15

    bagi para penggemar fisika, atopun yang ingin memperdalam konsep fisika, ini adalah buku wajib yang layak dibaca. terutama bagi para pengajar fisika di sekolah menengah. ilustrasi di buku ini sangat bagus untuk menambah pemahaman siswa tentang fisika itu sendiri. really recomended!!

  • caniea
    2019-04-28 19:03

    waA..aku baru inget kaLo pernah baca kartun fisika. padahal aku nggak pernah suka yang namanya pelajaran FISIKA!tapi, buku ini bener2 asik sik sik. belajar fisika jd lebih enjoy n g bikin 'mumet'..

  • Tukang Kueh Keren
    2019-05-02 14:02

    Mau belajar Fisika dengan cara yang lebih asyik? baca deh buku ini....kenapa coba baru diterjemahkan tahun 2001...kalo diterjemahkan tahun 1992...mungkin aku gak bakal ngulang mata kuliah fisika sampe 2 kali :(

  • Kate
    2019-04-25 21:08

    Completely entertaining guide to everything you forgot about physics, or never learned or never quite understood. You still might not quite understand it all, but this book will whet your appetite for more. If only the details of physics were as fun as this overview!

  • faaz
    2019-05-03 19:18

    whahahahahaa....fisika yg njelimet itu dijelaskan dalam bentuk yang sederhana n bergambar lucu...asyik sekali.....cocok buat buku acuan tambhan buat mereka yg sulit memahami fisika. fisika itu mudah