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Aspiring attorney Lisa Grant has headed back to the Kentucky farm she called home to care for her ailing mother. She's also taken a research job pulling cold case files for District Attorney Scott Buchanan, a former crush. Then Lisa comes across one that freezes her blood.More than twenty-eight years ago an entire family disappeared. That's not all: The mother in the pictuAspiring attorney Lisa Grant has headed back to the Kentucky farm she called home to care for her ailing mother. She's also taken a research job pulling cold case files for District Attorney Scott Buchanan, a former crush. Then Lisa comes across one that freezes her blood.More than twenty-eight years ago an entire family disappeared. That's not all: The mother in the picture bears an uncanny resemblance to Lisa herself at that age. If this is Lisa's past, then she's been living a lie. If it's a lie, then someone has killed to keep it a secret. Now, for Lisa and Scott, untangling a web of deception will have terrifying repercussions -- because whoever had reasons for shattering Lisa's past isn't through with it. Or with her....

Title : Shattered
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Shattered Reviews

  • Alp
    2019-06-16 01:59

    4.25/5I must admit, I was pretty hesitant to pick up Shattered considering the author's other books I've read have been a bit hit or miss. Therefore, I didn't expect much from this one, but to my surprise, it kept me entertained from start to finish. I enjoyed both main characters, especially Scott. Yeah, love me some brooding yet caring and protective heroes!The romance between Scott and Lisa was great. I liked it. The push and pull that took up almost half of the book made perfect sense to me and I really enjoyed it. Oh, you didn’t read it wrong… I enjoyed the push and pull of the romance in this book! Well, as you know, this thing normally annoys the hell out of me. But for some inexplicable reason, I loved the fact that they had known each other since they were young and the forging of such an affectionate bond between them was far more intense than they themselves had ever realized. Furthermore, I loved the unmistakable sexual tension between these two immensely.The suspense part was well-written and well-placed. The author got me so caught up in the mysteries that seriously needed to be solved and I found myself flipping the pages madly until the end.Then why not 5 stars?**Mild spoilers ahead!I have to say that I was a little upset with the conclusion of the story and it was like the bad guy kind of came out of nowhere. When the killer was ultimately revealed, I didn't know what to think of this man because I couldn't remember who he was! I had to flip back several pages in order to see what I missed and that wasn’t fun at all. Moreover, I wasn’t satisfied with how Lisa was rescued. It wasn’t what I expected.I don't know. It just wasn't an impressive ending, at least for me.However, as I already mentioned, this was a very engaging and compelling read. I really did enjoy it. And most of all, the hero's character simply ticked my right boxes.Recommended if you are fans of romantic suspense.

  • Lynsey A
    2019-06-21 02:57

    3.75 stars for me ***Major spoilers in this review***Like many authors, Karen Robards has gone from historical romance to writing romantic suspense. (although she does still write some historicals) She's had some hit and misses with her RS books. I've enjoyed the last couple she's put out and have to add this one to that list.In some of her previous RS books I felt the romance was not as important as the mystery. It was almost the opposite in this book, which I enjoyed.Our H/h, Scott and Lisa, have known each other since they were younger, which I think helped make the romance stronger in this book. I enjoyed the antagonism between the two and the jealousy the two experienced with each other. Once the physical relationship started b/t the two it wasn't long before the "l" word made its appearance. It worked with this book because they knew each other from childhood and the attraction was always there. As the reader, I could always see something between Scott and Lisa. I just had a few problems with this read. One, it was a bit slow to start. Two, the true villian of the story was already dead and didn't get punishment for his actions (which were truly vile IMO) and for starting all of the events in motion. However, the actual killer was still alive and received punishment. My final problem with this book was the abrupt ending. Robards is famous for this in her RS books. The "whodunit" and "why it was done" were all cleared up very well. What I didn't like was we didn't get to see her first meet with her sister of whom she had no knowledge. We just got a last line referring to the sister's eye color (which referenced a clue earlier in the book).I'm a sucker for family reunions, long lost sibs and families reunited. Show me the reunion!All in all this was a good read. I probably wouldn't read it again and it won't go on a keeper shelf but it was still enjoyable.

  • Judi Anne
    2019-06-01 01:59

    This was an easy book that rolled along for me as at a good pace. My only complaint is that it was too much "bodice ripper" and not enough mystery. I listened to this book on CD in my car and it took me more time than had I read it. This is the kind of book I enjoy while riding in the car, a light, easy to follow romantic thriller. The mystery was intriging even though I instantly knew how the story was going to evolve. While researching some cold case files, Lisa Grant, assistant reviewer to D.A. Scott Buchanan, comes across an unsolved crime where a whole family, the Garcias, disappeared suddenly. After examining the evidence Lisa realizes eerily that she looks exactly like the young girl in the family. As the story goes on more and more clues just don't add up and even though she inquires of her mother who is terminally ill, her mother assures her that she wasn't adopted and has the hospital birth pictures to prove it. Confused, Lisa searches on for the answer to her familiarity to the cold case. Meanwhile, it comes out that Scott, her boss, who has always had a crush on Lisa and she on him since their teenage years. Even though Scott has made a promise never to give his complete heart to any woman they find themselves not only attracted to each but "doing the nasty a lot." In between heavy bouts of sexual situations they solve the mystery together. Pheeeew, I was tired when I got to the end. All in all this was, while not the greatest book, it was an enjoyable fluffy mystery.

  • jenjn79
    2019-05-31 07:41

    Rating: 2.5 / 5I've been reading Karen Robards since not long after I started reading romance. She has some really great romantic suspense books, but unfortunately, her last few books have been subpar, in my opinion. And honestly, I considered this book her last chance at keeping me reading her new releases. Did she win me back? Probably not.Summary:After lawyer Lisa Grant loses her job when the firm she works for goes belly-up, she decides to return to her hometown of Lexington, Kentucky and help take car of her mother, who is in the last stages of ALS. Lisa takes a job as a researcher for DA Scott Buchanan. She and Scott have known each other for years, ever since he was the trashy son of a drunk who worked on her parents farm. Now he's a stud lawyer...with a grumbly attitude.Lisa gets on his bad side and gets banished to look through old cold cases. Which is where she discovers the Garcia file - a young family disappears without a trace during the 1980's. But what's strange is that Lisa looks almost exactly like the mother in the photo. Lisa can't let it go and looks into the case. Bad things start to happen...a fire, an assault, a car accident. And through it, Scott becomes someone Lisa can lean on as she searches for the truth.Review:I was really hoping this book would be more like Robards's older romantic suspenses with a dynamic suspense plot and a great romance. It wasn't, unfortunately. I won't say that the book was bad in anyway. I didn't hate it, didn't have much trouble reading it. But it wasn't all that good either, didn't engage me anywhere near like what her older books did. Disappointing.The suspense plot in the book is rather low intensity. It seems like it's going to be a really great story...missing family from years ago, a woman who looks like them, and other bits and pieces. I had high hopes it would be a great plot. But it never really pulled itself together. The story meanders at a near crawling pace that never really seems to get anywhere.As the book starts, you get the basic situation and you expect a lot of investigating, fact-finding, discovery...all of it helping to put a puzzle together. But really, as the book moves on, you get very few facts added in. A doll, some near death situations, a couple other little tidbits, and that's it. Then all the sudden you get to the end and get blasted with pages and pages of narrative and dialogue explaining all that had happened. I mean, literally, it's a character sitting there and explaining like 20 years of events for five pages. Some of the explanation seemed to come out of nowhere, with no prior info leading up to it. Which altogether showed me a distinct lack of development throughout the book if that much had to be explained at the end. Plus, there aren't really any good clues to the bad guys' identity. That was annoying.Also, maybe it's just me, but something seemed off about the fact that you have Lisa, a rising star lawyer at a good Boston law firm getting stuck working a job as a researcher. I mean, come on, are you really telling me that no where in the Lexington area she couldn't find work as a lawyer?On the romance, it was okay. Very, very very slow building. For the first 250 pages of the book (its 388 pages long), Lisa is dating someone else, and Lisa and Scott just admire each other from a distance. Kinda dull. Then suddenly they fall into bed and then are practically glued to each others sides. I liked these two characters, and the romance had a sweet edge to it as the book progressed, but something was missing. I didn't feel very connected to these characters.Another thing I found rather annoying was how the author would randomly toss out ten-dollar words in spots that seemed ill-fitting. Some of the words I didn't even know the meanings of. I consider myself to have a decent vocabulary and when I'm reading fiction for fun, I don't want to have to drag out a dictionary. That wasn't the only writing issue, either. All throughout the book, there are these sentences that go on and on and on. There'd be sentences with multiple commas, hyphens, parentheses and all this info coming at you so that by the end of the sentence you'd completely forget the initial point. I'd have to stop, reread the first clause of the sentence, then read the rest slowly to get what the author was trying to say. Which, needless to say, is ridiculously annoying and distracting. There were also these long chunks of narrative that didn't help either. I wanted action and dialogue and more often than not got these massive page-long paragraphs of pointless narrative. There'd be like two pages of narrative describing a room. So boring.So what's the bottomline on this book? It's not bad, really. I think there are plenty of people who would read it and like it. It just didn't do it for me. I think I'll probably end up passing on whatever Robards's next new book might be. I'll still read the few backlist books of hers I have waiting, but the new stuff...probably not.

  • Pamela
    2019-06-19 01:48

    What a horrible book. Boring premise, ridiculous ending with stupid, childish characters. Hard to believe the main character is a lawyer. Everything was so forced. Lisa gets a cold-case file, sees the dead woman looks exactly like her and right away she thinks she's adopted; that her estranged father is behind it.There's an accident at her house within the first few chapters and again she's wondering if it happened because of the file. Are you kidding me? By the way, where was the editor? The name is Lisa, not Beth which she is referred to at one point. Hello??? Anybody home?? An awful book I certainly would never recommend.

  • Michelle
    2019-06-19 06:58

    I've read quite a few books by Karen Robards, but I'd have to say 'Shattered' didn't top the charts for me. I find Robards a very descriptive writer, and while I like authors to set the scene, I find it very cumbersome to read descriptions that last over a page, and describes something that in the end adds no value to how the story plays out. 'Shattered' in my opinion falls victim to descriptive filler. Many times during the course of reading this story I found myself skimming over the page just looking for dialogue between the characters. The one redeeming quality about 'Shattered' was the fact that by the end I still had no idea who the villain was.

  • Bluefly
    2019-05-29 04:43

    Perfetta miscela di suspense e romance, con personaggi ben delineati e una trama sapientemente sviluppata. La Robards è molto brava a descrivere lo stato d'animo dei protagonisti, lo scorrere della vita quotidiana nella quale, improvvisamente, un imprevisto cambia tutto. Il romanzo tiene incollati fino all'ultima pagina, in uno stile scorrevole e coinvolgente.

  • Paula Brandon
    2019-06-09 07:58

    Lisa Grant is banished to the cold case files when she is late for work, and while scanning the old cases into a new system, discovers one of the files contains a photo of a family with a mother who is a dead ringer for her. Thirty years ago, the family disappeared without a trace. Could there be a link to her own family? It would certainly seem so - she takes the file home with her and that night, the house is set alight! The plot then gets thrown away for most of the book as Lisa grapples with her feelings for Scott Buchanan, a lawyer, and her boss. She's had a thing for him since childhood, and vice versa, but he's vowed not to get involved with an employee.Two stars is being very generous! It only achieves this, I think, by being slightly better than some of the stinkers I've recently read by the likes of Sandra Brown and Linda Howard, who write in the same genre. Otherwise, it's quite terrible! Zero plot, totally predictable and I hated the main characters!Oh, yes, I should mention that Lisa is already dating Joel Peyton, another guy from her childhood. Although it's Scott who her loins burn for, she's so intent on resisting those feelings, she seems to think it's fine to string Joel along until she makes up her mind, even though she's pretty much fully aware that he does nothing for her, despite making out with him plenty of times. Gross! What utterly odious behaviour! And Scott is no better. Jealous that Lisa won't dump Joel, even though Scott's the one saying that he and Lisa can't date, Scott agrees to go on a date with Lisa's best friend, Nola. For real! He also likes to call her - at work - sexist terms such as "Princess" and "Baby", and refer to Joel as "Loverboy", which you would think would be very convincing grounds for a sexual harassment suit, but maybe Scott simply isn't a very good lawyer. Who know? These two were awful. Disgusting! Even though she's 28 and he's 32, they're both acting like they're 12. They deserved each other and I didn't really care what happened to either of them! I liked Nola, who thankfully wasn't slut-shamed for her actions, and Joel turned out to be pretty decent, too. I would have much preferred a book featuring the two of them!I kept reading to see if my prediction about the killer was right, and I was. The book is so lazy that it doesn't even return to the plot until the last 100 or so pages. It's all very predictable, and the climax is utterly pathetic. It kept me relatively involved, I'll give it that, and there were a couple of okay suspense sequences, but the stomach-churning, juvenile antics of the putrid protagonists really knocked most of the enjoyment out of this one.

  • Linda
    2019-05-30 00:47

    When Lisa Grant moves back home to care for her mother, she must take a job as research assistant to the local district attorney, even though she has been a lawyer for a number of years. The DA just happens to be a Scott Buchanan whom she's known since they were both children. Although she finds him annoying, she is strongly attracted to him. While performing research, Lisa discovers a cold case file that has a photo in it of a young woman who looks exactly like her. As she starts investigating, lethal accidents start happening to her and she realizes that someone will kill to keep the details of this case secret. With the help of Scott and others in the DA's office she tries to solve the case before before she is killed.This was a very suspenseful book and the identity of the killer was totally unexpected.

  • Carrie
    2019-06-20 05:49

    TBR Challenge 2012--Personal Challenge: Shattered has been on my to-read list since 2010.I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic suspense by Robards. The plotting is well done and I like both main characters. The mystery defies solution for most of the book. I could almost figure it out, but a few details prove elusive. The author does withhold one clue until the end, but it was necessary for the story. Robards weaves all the parts of the story together, including the mutual history of Lisa and Scott. I liked that the heroine is no blushing ingenue, but instead an apologetically experienced woman.

  • Yona
    2019-05-26 23:45

    I liked it but the end was too open for me.

  • Colleen
    2019-05-27 06:01

    Oh my God, I loved this book. I have read just about all of Karen Robards book and have enjoyed everyone of them. Shattered was so freaking good that I was so disappointed when the book end...I wanted more of it. I normally can figure out "who done it", but this time I was thrown for a loop. So shocked I never would have guessed who and why. Great job on this book Karen...😲 I was guessing all the way to the end. Please check this book out if you like romance, suspense, and above all Karen Robards books!!!

  • ElaineY
    2019-06-15 08:07

    REVIEW OF AUDIO & EBOOK; MARCH 23, 2015Narrator: Susan EricksenWhat a pleasant surprise from an author that has been a hit and miss with me. There were niggles, just a couple, so I'll get them over and done with first:Lisa, the supposedly hotshot young lawyer with a Boston law firm, now lowly researcher for DA, Scott Buchanan, came across as a bit of a ditz at first, then later, as merely beautiful, rich, trophy-wife material. She's supposed to be a lawyer from a prestigious Boston law firm yet I didn't see her do anything remotely connected to her profession other than having a court appointment. And one more thing - Lisa takes a file home from a cold case - something strictly against the rules because the original documents are needed should the case be re-opened. Did Lisa know? Of course she did. She's a lawyer, after all. Yet she still takes the original instead of making a copy and taking that. Of course said original file is destroyed in the fire. Buchanan tears into her and rightly so. I can't help but roll my eyes when authors give lip-service to their MC's profession or allow their their MCs to commit such idiotic acts.Second, Ms Robards' editor was asleep on the job. The writing was downright awful in parts. Overly-long sentences strung together with commas, so convoluted I had to wonder how Ms Robards even kept track of what she wanted to say. I had to open my ebook to read - three times! - a passage because I couldn't make heads or tails from the audio.Those two are the only complaints I have. Apart from them, I loved the book:). The romance was wonderful!!! I do not like it when the romance overwhelms the rest of the story nor when it's underdone. Here, Ms Robards struck the right chord with me. Buchanan was hot and sexy all the way, even when he was being a bit of an asshole towards Lisa at the beginning. But, Lisa being the dolt she was, deserved it, IMO. Lisa was "on a fast-track job as an associate in one of Boston’s premier law firms" and then took a job in Lexington, Kentudky, with another prestigious law firm. When this firm went belly-up and the economy was such that she couldn't get another comparable position where she was, she had to go begging Buchanan, practically, for a job. Any job. It wasn't that she couldn't find a good position elsewhere, in another city - her mother's rapidly-declining health made Lisa decide to remain at Grayson Springs, the horse farm her mother had inherited from her wealthy parents.Lisa got more likeable as the story went on and I liked how her romance with Scott was played out over the entire book. Great balance between the romance and mystery.The latter, I thought, was also well done and I liked how it was wrapped up, how all my questions were answered. The mystery was intriguing right to the very end and while it isn't difficult to guess certain aspects, I did remain confounded as to how the little details fit together.I thought this book was excellent as far as a romantic mystery went and Scott Buchanan was a sigh-worthy hero, one who had loved Lisa before he was even in his teens. I loved that there was none of the push-pull antics that many romance authors like to employ. Scott and Lisa were refreshingly mature in their handling of a romance that had the potential of making the boss and subordinate the subject of ugly gossip. I totally loved Scott and even Lisa eventually won me over.If not for the clumsy writing in some parts and Lisa coming off more like an inexperienced clerical assistant than a hotshot lawyer, I would have given this 5 stars.The Narration: As always, I love Ericksen when she's not doing Eve Dallas of the shrill-voiced, uptight cop.

  • Marj
    2019-06-14 03:09

    *spoilers ahead*i think my biggest problem with this book is that i never felt like i had a choice in speculating on the connection between lisa and the garcias because from the onset, when strange things started happening to lisa, she immediately connected it with the garcia case when she doesn't even know them or anything about the case except that she looked like them.second problem is that the story focused more on the love story between lisa and the guy and the various accidents and attempts on lisa's life when they dont even have a suspect, they have not done a lot of research on the garcias (except going to the place) and have not even met anyone who knows them. in addition, all the investigative work happened at the background, with the guy only telling us the results. so i never felt like i was part of the crime / mystery solving was only at the last two chapters where the author finally identified the killer and made them tell the whole story and that is when everything that has happened in the book made sense.overall, while this was a good read and fast paced, i can only give 3.5 stars because of my problems with the logic of the story.

  • Georgiann Hennelly
    2019-06-09 03:52

    Lisa Grant was a rising star in a law firm in Kentucky. But when the firm went bankrupt she lost her job. So she came home to care for her ailing mother. She took the first job she could find, research assistant to the district attorney. But after missing an imortant court date Lisa gets banished to the basement to sort through cold case files. But what she expects to be a boring job becomes interesting.When she runs across a missing persons case an entire family disappeared more than 28 years ago. Except thats not all the mother in the old photo accompanying the file looks exactly like Lisa she could be her twin. Before Lisa can find out more about the case a series of catastropes strikes close to home. And she realizes finding the photo has put her in danger. She confides in Scott the District Attorney and together they unravel a terrifing web of criminal connections. That could shatter what Lisa knows of her past. And someone is determined to make certain the secrets stay hidden.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-06-21 23:42

    This was okay. My first time reading this author. The mystery was intriguing and kept me guessing although you knew generally what was up but there was just enough doubt to not be sure and to keep the reader guessing. The romance was hot while at the same time sweet but wasn't real intense. There was not a lot of doubt where the relationship was going, not any real big conflict. They had always had the hots for each other and when the hero decided to stop running from her (a habit from when she was a teenager and he was too old for her) they fell in bed and pretty much knew they were together. He supported her through the figuring out of the mystery. That is the sort of thing that is great in real life but doesn't add much tension to a romance novel. I may give this author another try, maybe one of her older books.

  • Sherrie
    2019-06-22 05:55

    This is a really good book. You have mystery and romance all rolled into one. The Mystery: why does Lisa look like the woman in the picture, that is suppose to have come up missing, so much? Where did they disappear too? Then strange things start to happen to Lisa. Her house catches on fire, someone knocks her over the head, someone is following her, and then someone makes her wreak her car. The Romance: Scott, he's one good looking guy and sexy too. He's someone Lisa has know since childhood. He was the boy from the poor side of town who used to work on their farm. Now he's the District Attorney. And Lisa is working for him. The sparks start flying and then it happens. Boom, at the Fourth of July party at the country club. They can't keep from looking and touching. The rest is for you to find out for yourself.

  • Claudia
    2019-06-01 01:41

    OK -- so I'm a truly omnivorous reader...I read 'trash' too! Robards' style is suspense-romance, and this one is typical stuff. Lovely Kentucky setting with class-warfare subplot. Murder, intrigue, ambition, and ok...a couple who don't figure out they're destined for each other until 100 or so pages to go...Not sure she set up the final twist carefully enough, but unlike FIGHT CLUB, I won't be re-reading this to look for foreshadowing...good summer fare. Now I have my guilt-pleasure reading for the summer. Just wish I'd've had a beach to read it at...

  • Marty
    2019-05-28 03:40

    The mystery of this book is not bad, however the CHeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzeeee love story part was a bit much. I had to check the book cover a couple of times to see if Fabio was pictured with his hand on some women's breast. The sex was hot and steamy, but really was not necessary to move the story along. I had to read it more than once to be sure I got it right, all the moves ect. I also got tired of how often Lisa had cold shivers. It really could have been better but then again, I did skip some parts just to get the mystery over.

  • DeAnna Rigney
    2019-06-09 07:02

    Never read Robards before, and unless someone I trust is very convincing in the promotion of another book by the lady, I will never be reading one of her books again. "This doesn't look like something you'd read anyway," you might be thinking. True. My book group requested it because it takes place in Lexington...they didn't like it either. This was written poorly, the mystery was so-so, and the love story was ridiculously stuffed with cheese of the bad sort. I consider this time wasted...time that could have been spent on a good book.

  • Terri
    2019-06-15 02:05

    Lisa gets banished to the basement of the DA's office where she finds a picture in a cold case file that looks exactly like her. So she investigates a little then danger keeps cropping up around her.The mystery and romance didnt seem to have a smooth balance in this one for me. Lisa and Scott were hot together but it just didnt flow with the suspense as much as I had hoped. Not my favorite of her books

  • John Yelverton
    2019-06-17 04:57

    The theme of this book really intrigued me, and it started off well; however, it was filled with foul language, there is an extremely graphic sex scene, and the dues ex machina villain left me severely disappointed.

  • Amber Rose
    2019-05-28 08:09

    I really contemplated rating this book 2-2.5/5 stars the ending gave it 3. Overall this book was alright although I do have to say I was disappointed in it. When I picked this up, the mystery aspect of the story peaked my interest but I feel as if, as a thriller, it fell flat. To me, it seems as if the romance was the main plot to this book. Which may have been okay but the romance was terrible. Honestly the only thing that kept me reading was I was too curious about the Garcia’s and Lisa’s connection to them. The ending was satisfying enough, and I enjoyed how everything was all wrapped up.

  • Maida
    2019-06-02 05:49

    I actually did not finish this book since my loan from the library expired as I was getting to the climax part. The 80% of the book I read was just okay. I skipped large parts of the narrative because a lot of them were unnecessary. The romance was too slow burn then bam, suddenly they're all over each other. The heroine annoyed me many times so I wasn't feeling much sympathy with her during the several accidents that occurred. The hero was a little bit better.

  • Mary Baker
    2019-06-24 02:48

    This novel provided good, fairly safe escape on a rainy day. I enjoyed learning how the murder mystery was solved. I had questions about some of the plot details but won't spoil the story for other readers by discussing them.

  • cg
    2019-06-24 04:58

    Really like it! I was trying to figure out how it probably would end, and was sort of surprised how it turned out! I remember listening to Karen Robards audiobooks many years ago, and I knew I like them. I will look for other books by this author.

  • Jeri Bankhead
    2019-06-03 07:40

    A little predictable but I enjoyed this book.

  • Steph
    2019-06-07 00:42

    Great book, some parts were predictable but I still enjoyed it. I can always count on a fast-paced read from her.

  • Aribear23
    2019-06-19 03:09

    I really enjoyed this story!

  • Gisela
    2019-06-05 00:01

    3 stars