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In a battle between good and evil, two souls are inexorably drawn together to mate and bond. This is a paranormal romance with a fantasy slant!...

Title : Darkness Rising
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ISBN : 9780505527929
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 290 Pages
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Darkness Rising Reviews

  • Paranormal Romance
    2019-04-12 01:15

    Destined to be and known before she even entered the world, the heroine has always accepted her rule in life. She is the Earth Balancer. Her duty and her fight is to stop the spread of darkness and she's never disputed that...but sometimes she wants something more. She wants to experience normal sometimes and what it would feel like just once to be loved for herself, not what others or destiny believe of her. The hero has been sent down to earth to aid in the fight against the growing darkness as the Gods and Goddess of the Light realm are not being affected by what's happening on Earth. Or rather, he volunteered. See, he's known it in his heart of hearts since the moment she entered the world that the heroine was the reincarnation of his lost love. The woman he mated with on his last trip to Earth. The mother of his dead child and the woman he failed to protect. He's eager to get the chance to have that love back in his life again but he doesn't want to betray a friendship as the heroines father is a close confident. But the fight on earth is not going so well because the heroine's darkness is beginning to fight against the light. In preventive measures, the hero takes the heroine to the Light Realm via Astral projection. There, they indulge in sacred energy rituals that become far more intimate than what's typical. All the while, the battle rages on Earth as the coven and her parents fight to protect the hero and heroine's vulnerable bodies. It's some time before they are able to return to Earth and they return to tragedy. A beloved member of the coven has died. The hero's confession of loving another women, a woman he's convinced lies within the heroine, is yet another betrayal for the heroine. Again, she is not loved as herself but rather as something she's thought to be. Pained by the knowledge she gave her heart to a man in love with another woman, she tries to distance herself. But as the battle draws near and it comes to light that the hero must sacrifice himself to end the life of the enemy, she is torn between her love for this man and the destiny she was conceived for. No a fan of this book. It's a sequel to her parents finding their love in the first book and while I did like that tale, I found their daughters story very dull indeed. First of all, the whole point of the first book was the destiny of the Earth Balancer, the one half god who could fight back against the darkness. Well, this heroine was a let down. She spent most of the book in fact NOT fighting the darkness but rather trying to understand her feelings for the hero. She also spent a great deal of time balancing her own darkness and didn't do a whole lot of actual fighting, I am sad to say. The whole book was very flat and uneventful. The characters also lacked excitement and depth. I found both to be horribly one dimensional. The heroine was admirable because of her understanding of her destiny and granted, when times got tough, she was smart enough to shut up and listen but I didn't relate to her, that was the problem. The hero was worse. I found he had no true soul to him, nothing to separate him from the other thousands of basic alpha heroes of the genre. He loved a women and in his decision to leave her and return to the light, he lost her. Now, he believes that women lies within the heroine but I don't think he ever saw the heroine as a women in herself. He was very nonchalant about calling her another women's name while in bed. And the solution to this problem? Have the heroine welcome to idea that the man she loves only loves her because of who she was stupid is that? I didn't care for this book and found the whole story boring and a sort of throw away attempt to make a series. It failed.

  • Felicia (Ferishia)
    2019-04-10 02:23

    This book was a pick from a challenge and one of the characters needed to be a god/goddess. Enter Mobius a god of Light. He lost his first beloved Meri, who was killed by the 'Umbrae', a creatures of darkness lead by an evil god. When he discovered Aurora 1/2 goddess and human, he believes her to be Meri reincarnated. The Umbrae are now after her so he takes it upon himself to protect her. This was an interesting story and a bit of culture mix with the Wiccans and gods/goddesses. It was hard to get into at first, but after awhile things get rolling, and the smex is well written. Mobius resists telling Aurora that she is Meri reincarnate at first, but tried to convince her that she is. It's a bit complicated and drawn out and you aren't quite sure how it's going to end since Mobius plans to sacrifice himself to keep Aurora alive. But not a bad read.

  • Katie
    2019-03-21 03:17

    I loved Axiom and Laurell's story, but I have to say that this is my favorite book of the two. It was cool to get a glimpse of Axiom and Laurell as parents. I absolutely fell in love with Mobius. Aurora had some really awesome descriptive scenes. It was nice to see the entire coven back in action. I can't wait for Evan and Willow's story. I spent the length of two books thinking she might be a bad guy; She was hard to figure out. Turns out Willow may be a goddess, but she's still just a woman like the rest of us, lol. Elissa infuses believability and true emotion into her writing, which makes her books a joy to read. I flew through this one. Definitely recommended if you like paranormal romance, especially Magick-related.

  • Debra Glass
    2019-03-23 08:20

    A keeper on my shelf!