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  • A.E. Reiff
    2019-05-10 04:33

    Topnote: There are at least two Beardens, the one who predicts the utter demise of the USA by 2008 at the latest, over and over again, and the other on youtube who discusses with some interest the EM fields etc. They have one thing in common, these two, both being dogmatic.Drawn to iconoclasts, those who turn over the apple cart for whatever reason, T. E. Bearden seemed to fit the bill so I started to investigate his notion that the Standard Model of particle physics was flawed some 14 ways, especially with the news last week at the report that Higgs found his Bosun at CERN and they all had a party confirming the Standard Model as never before. By then I was reading Bearden’s Excalibur Briefing after having sounded some of his lectures and interviews and digests by those who know him well.Besides liking iconoclasts I noted he played Aikido, to the third Dan, which seemed another point of contact, except I was a no Dan, wore a judo gi, fallen into when a friend broke his leg and asked me to sub for him on a job he then gave up completely, the boss being Bill Lee, the Aikido teacher. Eventually I became Bill's uke to be thrown about the room in front of the class. But in those years I interacted somewhat with the Austin players, many who went on and on about themselves, so much so that after an especially telling dream, Bill observed that many of them practiced out of their libidos. He also introduced me to van de Wetering, who I later met, recognizing a developed intuition, so it was certainly not all a crock.Having likewise begun Bearden's Oblivion (2005), an expansion of a briefing to a head of state he gave in 2003, and while waiting to digest it, I put this much up as an intro to his thought, and while always skeptical I welcome the introduction this gives in electromagnetic radiation, Tesla, earth fields, HAARP, psychotronics and the Schumann Resonance. As if it were important to plumb first how far off these iconoclasts are, I apply a kind of Unified Theory of Integrity, that is, in order to judge the truth of ideas try judging the man. His ideas are based on Tesla's fallibity but how do his other ideas scan? Do his other works seem sane or mad? Judge Bearden’s science by his religion, his madness by his sanity. For example, PKD’s Ubik is an infinitely sane piece of writing adjudging the writer sane even while he is universally thought mad. Bearden’s science and weather wars, are they mad or sane? Judged by his relation of what he calls the unified collective unconscious below, he is mad, even if he holds a third degree black belt in aikido, a sane art on the surface. This most flawed method of truth judges a work by the man and the man by the work. By this measure Blake’s life validates his work, but Yeats’ life invalidates his. Milton’s lack of empathy diminished Paradise Lost, but Donne’s life and work together support his greatness.Psychotronic Manhattan ProjectPeople seem to say a thing is Zen when they mean to explain off market thought. I take the first principle of Zen to be IF THIS WERE AS HE SAYS / HE WOULD NOT SAY, which means that all siddhis are too willing to shoulder their way into the mind with ideas of grandeur; "I can read your mind," one says. Such graphic illusions, akin to images of porn, mean to distract the mind from its first course. They are to be gone through the way Christian goes through Temptation. It looks as if maybe Bearden got stuck. Always the problem of writing is to say too much revealing. He starts off saying he is interested in the”paranormal” from experiences in Yoseikan aikido: began to experience what might be called paranormal perception, in essence seeing himself from the sidelines in the exercises, in slow time. He calls this “the pure zen state of aikido” (29), the Complete aikido oneness state.” This became one somehow with his investigation of UFOs, materialization, thought forms (“tulpas”) and telepathy and was transferred then to the entire “entity nature of the collective human unconscious,” the “psychotronic Manhattan Project” of the Soviets, and finally to the belief that “by psychotronics, the minds of all men can be linked into a great supermind having absolute psychokinetic mastery over time and space–truly a godlike being, in whom the collective human unconscious has a collective conscious instead of four billion fragments individual personal conscious minds.”After a while I realized that the notion of the collective unconscious become conscious impacts the increased frequency of the Schumann Resonance, the earth brain wave. Pegged normally at 7.83, under the condition of global warming the Schumann Resonance has increased to 8, natural enough if we consider that a frequency will change with an increase of temperature, that is as the thermal energy of the molecules of the object changes. The old frequency of the unconsciousness in the upper theta range at 7.83 is superseded now by a higher, of wakefulness in low alpha: "If due to the climatic changes on earth the natural spectrum of the Schumann waves would thus expose us on the one hand to a constantly intensifying alpha frequency, on the other hand a likewise ever more intensively becoming beta wave spectrum, appropriate to a large extent above 20 Hz, would mean that we are all going towards a condition of increased wakefulness. This is strengthened still, as we see, by the continuous decrease of the earth's magnetic field " (at the end of this piece) Although Bearden doesn't say it like this, an increased f of Schumann would argue his point of consciousness. We would like to separate the "magical" out of this by resort to Tesla's mechanical resonance as an analogy for the electromagnetic and that "It is an inescapable fact that the planet today is a complete cacophony of man-made electromagnetic fields and signals." here SeeElectromagnetic fields from non-ionising electromagnetic radiation : discussionWhen I read all personal minds were to be united I immediately got on the phone to Solzhenitsyn, wanting him to know. Honestly, he pooh poohed it a little, told me to call Dostoevsky if the Russians were so great. The point of this absurdity discredits Bearden, who needed a friend and editor to tell him what not to say, to edit out all the repetitions and stop saying the world would end in two years. Be more Dephic, moi Man! By the end of the Intro to the First Edition, in full throttle, Bearden has already invoked the “parables in the Book of Revelation” as his new collective conscious mind becomes the “I AM.” Siddhis all.That is not by the way to suggest anything about the Revelation, but it is not a parable, and indeed at the end of it the I AM is firmly seated and declared. Anything else is not a collective mind however, more of a collective delusion, as happens to Tom Kenyon:“If they are correct, we will pass through a collective planetary portal on that date and enter the Age of the Gods. Indeed, if the majority of humanity reaches the level of attaining siddhic powers, we would be very much in the Age of the Gods. Those of us engaged in spiritual practices to accelerate personal evolution are, I believe, making a tangible contribution to the future destiny of this world. Consciousness has a subtle, yet potent affect upon the environment. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated this.”Psychotronics connected to the super mind accelerates something run by these demented souls who think their thoughts matter, as if the emanations of Blake exist because they thought it so. In making the not made to exist by men and machines that it may become so, the Psychotronics act, “in concert” and produce “entrainment” just the way the cps of a brain entrain to household electronics. Welcome to the brave new world:“Thoughtform may be understood as a ‘psychospiritual’ complex of mind, energy or consciousness manifested either consciously or unconsciously, by a sentient being or in concert. In the Dzogchen view [the natural state of mind, primordial awareness] accomplished thoughtform of the kye rim mode are sentient beings as they have a consciousness field or mindstream confluence in a dynamic of entrainment-secession and organization-entropy of emergent factors or from the mindstream intentionality of progenitor(s).” Wiki-tulpa of course could be clearer, but in case it is not the practitioner might leave Mr. Kenyon behind and hitch a ride, entrain to another siddhic power such as William L. Pensinger's nirvikalpa samadhi which like Bearden's aikido experience inspires to greatness even while invalidating his thought, for your credentials must exist in expression of them and not in words. Siddhis named for Siddhartha (Gautama Buddha), the Buddha in Sanskrit mean attainment of higher powers through Tapas (religious austerity). Bursts of egoism, sexual enlightenment and self worth are its expression these days, not to forget drugs. Siddhic powers force themselves. Bearden says the Russians mechanized, or magnetized these processes with EM Scalar fields! Pensinger says it comes through the top of a pyramid a golden mean for a godden age. But still, Bearden, Kenyon, Pensinger/Dillon are a mix. Pensinger's account of sinking through the ice is worth the time. entry should be read together with THE IMMORTAL. own power credentials are displayed in a fluke of circumstances that made me hold the keys to five UT buildings, Experimental Science, Pharmacy, Drug Garden, Parlin/Calhoun and another I forget that was torn down. Experimental Science was later disinhabited, I guess to be torn down, the Drug Garden was torn down, so was the Pharmacy Bldg, but then I have lived in at least three other places either macrocosmically strip mined (Thornburg), bulldozed for development (Austin, Hungry Hill) or free-wayed(Phoenix Willetta). Exp Sc failed a pressure test in the gas lines. I was on that job five years, where I met Bill Lee. Bill for some reason insisted that the Head, Dr. Lester J. Reed invite me to his Christmas parties held each year for postdocs and scientists. Dr. Reed said to him, it's just for postdocs, meaning we don't invite dishwashers, but Bill prevailed, so I went to two, one time taking the world's largest pot of aloe, so big it would hardly fit in the car. I traded observations about poetry around the punch bowl with a Hungarian quantum chemist, quoting some Shakespearean sonnets. That may have '77 and '78. To pay the rest of the bills I had a half time sinecure at the Pharmacy Garden for three years, Henry Burlage's doing, then took up Instructor of English in '80. One day Dr. Reed, fixed in time in my memory, came down the hall in the labs downcast. He told me his son had killed himself. Maybe I took the aloe to his home then. My response was what it would be now, but I had taught the son of MK Hage in English and his parents had discovered him dead (of an overdose?) in his room in their home. Bill and I had fallen out a little over the postdocs' insistence that the hundreds of one ounce bottles of radioactive xylene be recycled to save money, a small amount to be sure of money. It was arranged to open a window in a lab where I would dump the bottles down the sink and then wash them. Bill did not want to do this, but did. In a short time I began to have nose bleeds at night and, compelled to file a workman's comp case against the labs, which went through personnel and not science and resulted in liver bilirubin test etc, upset Bill, especially since I had helped him decorate the new dojo of the Aikido club. I kept working at Experimental Science another two years, but all the keys were removed, Experimental Science disinhabited, the Drug Garden plowed plowed for an archery range, in trade for a new building. Parlin/Calhoun remains. Keyless I stopped some decades later with my youngest on a recruiting tour of sorts after the Waco Open, knocked on the door of Michael Adams, a success of the U and visited amicably auld lang syne.