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From the exotic splendors of India to the elegant ballrooms of Regency London, celebrated author Gaelen Foley pens the enthralling tale of a luscious beauty who has sworn never to call any man her master, and the powerful marquess whose passion threatens to conquer her. . . .Born into the wealthy British ruling class of India, Georgiana Knight is as unconventional as she iFrom the exotic splendors of India to the elegant ballrooms of Regency London, celebrated author Gaelen Foley pens the enthralling tale of a luscious beauty who has sworn never to call any man her master, and the powerful marquess whose passion threatens to conquer her. . . .Born into the wealthy British ruling class of India, Georgiana Knight is as unconventional as she is beautiful. She has sworn not to marry till she meets a man who will treat her as an equal–but that vow doesn’t appease her sensual curiosity. When Ian Prescott, the Marquess of Griffith, arrives on a mission to defuse the threat of war, she is immediately drawn to the mysterious and darkly handsome diplomat, and cannot resist provoking the hidden lust that smolders beneath his cool surface.Ian is mesmerized by Georgie’s alluring mystique but burdened by a dark secret. And she is a temptation he cannot afford. But when she becomes entangled in his mission, she must be secreted away to England for her own safety. Georgie finds herself in the unfamiliar world of aristocratic London, where Ian becomes her guide, her confidant . . . her seducer. His incendiary kiss sets her soul on fire, and Georgie knows she will never be satisfied until she has made this magnificent man her own....

Title : Her Only Desire
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Her Only Desire Reviews

  • Nani
    2019-06-05 19:49

    Cómo he disfrutado con esta pareja.En primer lugar, he decir que, me sigue gustando cómo escribe esta mujer. Y en particular, he disfrutado con las aventuras por la India. Aunque hay algunas cosas que no me han parecido bien en cuanto a la veracidad de la religión hindú. Pero no me voy a meter en eso.Georgiana es una mujer que ha estado muy influenciada por su tía, la famosa Duquesa. Esa influencia le ha hecho ver de un modo muy particular, y correcto, el matrimonio y a los hombres. Tiene claro, o al menos lo tenía, que no se iba a casar, para así no perder esa independencia que tanto disfruta en la India. Es una mujer valiente pero no temeraria, aunque pueda parecerlo. Ha vivido siempre con el amor de su padre y el de sus hermanos, y ha sabido ser una mujer "independiente" durante mucho tiempo.El problema que tiene la pobre es que en cuanto aparece el diplomático estirado de Ian Prescott, Marqués de Griffith, no tiene nada que hacer. Están hecho el uno para el otro.En cuanto a Ian, no me ha defraudado en absoluto. Eso sí, esE "secreto" me tenía un poco mosca, para que luego no me lo pareciera tanto. O al menos a mí así me lo pareció. Ian, es un hombre criado en una familia aristocrática, con una educación basada en las apariencias y las buenas maneras. Siempre guardando sus sentimientos, no mostrando ni un ápice de debilidad. Pero es un hombre con muchas facetas, y sobre todo, un hombre con una gran pasión y mucho amor que dar. Disfruto mucho cuando hay este enfrentamiento de carácter en los personajes. Sobre todo cuando son tan compatibles entre ellos.Pero de lo que he disfrutado mucho, y es el motivo por el cual le he dado las 5 estrellas, es que he visto y sentido esa unión de familia, de amor entre hermanos. Algo que eche en falta en los libros anteriores. Hay al principio del libro una escena donde Georgie hace un comentario a cerca de los hermanos Kinght y su comportamiento respecto al Jack, que me hizo aplaudir y decir "BRAVO".

  • ✝✝ Ⓓaisy ❣ ✝✝
    2019-05-31 11:42

    The writing wasn't cutting well. So, I couldn't finish it! D x

  • seton
    2019-06-12 12:46

    Ian, a Marquess, is on a diplomatic mission and arrives in India where he meets Georgiana (Georgie) Knight and her two brothers (whose own books will arrive at a book store near you soon). Georgie gets into physical danger. Ian bails her out. Georgie gets into more danger. Ian bails her out but now Georgie and her bros must leave India for good. Ian proposes to Georgie in England after knowing her for the equivalent of two whole days. Just like in a Barbara Cartland novel but without the stuttering speeches about how they are reincarnated soulmates and are just spokes in the wheel of life. When a 453 page historical makes a 150 page Babs Cartland novel seem deep, this aint good. Anyway, Georgie goes back and forth on marrying Ian since she has known him for 2 days (duh!) and doesnt really know him. Also, Ian has a Deep Dark Secret involving his first wife which he doesnt want to talk about.If I can describe a Foley novel in one word, it would be “work.” There are writers who polish and polish their writing until the words come together so effortlessly, even though I, as the reader, know its not and then there are writers (intentionally or not) who polish and polish their novel and yet show every sweat, tears, blood and hair-pulling it took to write their opus. Foley is one of the later for me.Anyway, I am sort of dumbfounded right now. I dont know what to say about this book. Whether she is on top of her game or not, Foley is a craftswoman and always gives me a thoughtful read so I dont understand how so many things could have gone wrong with this novel.Where do I start? This book is 453 pages. I felt like I was reading a 600 page novel. The first 200+ pages is spent in India and this section needed to be shortened considerably because it’s mostly action and exposition and set-up for the following new trilogy. I can see that Foley, as expected, did a lot of research on India but she takes for granted that readers would know stuff like what purdah means as Georgie, the feminist, goes on and on about it. Foley also never mentions the age of either Ian or Georgie which I thought was weird. Despite all this, the India section has a rushed quality to the way it was wrapped up while leaving very little room for the development of the romance between Ian & Georgie.This fact was brought home to me when I realized that Ian knew Georgie for all of two whole days when he first proposes marriage to her. Ian deciding that he wants to marry Georgie after stating that he doesnt want to marry again because of his terrible first marriage doesnt make sense to me.Actually, Ian didn’t make sense to me at all. Ian, who was first introduced about four novels ago in Lady of Desire, was established as rather staid in his previous appearances. Since he is now the Hero, Foley tries to juice him up a little by revealing that Ian is dangerous with his beserker rage ala Wolverine and the possibility that he might have done a Max de Winter (see Rebecca by Du Maurier) on his first wife. Unfortunately, I didnt find this sexy, nor interesting, leaving me with a character I had a hard time trying to grasp.Add to this, a too-action oriented story to cover the lack of chemistry and romance, some plot threads that were just dropped, a haphazard last minute wrap-up of Ian’s Deep Dark Secret, a superficial resemblence to Mary Jo Putney’s book Veils of Silk which also was set in India with a hero named Ian (this, coming after the Dancing On the Wind/Lord of Fire coincidence) and the result is one lackluster reading experience. Georgie’s brothers didn’t seem that interesting to me despite them being a Knight Male, which I presume is like a Cynster Male — the gold standard for Regency lovers not sick of series-itis. I’m gonna pass on the rest of this trilogy and hope that Foley will get back to the form of her earlier book for her next series.Note: This is Book #1 of the Spice Trilogy but an off-shoot of Foley’s Knight Miscelleny series.

  • Koki
    2019-05-17 11:43

    Foley prináša nový príbeh klanu Knightovcov, i keď z trochu inej vetvy, než ako sme mohli čítať v sérii Knight Miscellany. Dá sa povedať, že istým spôsobom nadväzuje na spomínanú sériu, čoho dôkazom je, že v knihe spomína hrdinov, ktorých príbehy sme mohli čítať (za všetkých spomeniem aspoň Jacka). Hneď na úvod poviem, že ma nesmierne zaujalo, na akom mieste sa dej odohrával. V Indii. Práve tam totiž vyrastala a žije hlavná hrdinka tohto románu Georgiana spolu so svojimi dvomi bratmi Derekom a Gabrielom (ktorí zažijú svoje vlastné love story v ďalších častiach série ;-) ). Georgie je mladá, dravá, odvážna hrdinka. Nemá strach pred ničím a hoci žije v Indii od malička, ich zvyky a zákony jej akosi stále nie a nie vojsť pod kožu. Vďaka čomu sa nejeden raz ocitne v nebezpečenstve.Autorka veľmi pútavo zakomponovala do knihy práve zvyky a obyčaje tejto vzdialenej krajiny. Dej tak obohatila o zaujímavé fakty. Zvyšok recenzie je tu:

  • Karen
    2019-06-13 14:07

    This one was alright, but I wasn't very impressed at all the important things that got skimmed over and left out, like the fact that Georgiana left the home and country she knew her whole life and never seemed to miss it. She left so abruptly she never got to see her home or the nursemaid who raised her or her best friends again. She just left and went to England and never looked back? I find that extremely hard to believe. Also, I'm annoyed by Georgiana just settling down in England and the fact that it appears her brothers are going to do the same. There was no apparent love for her home country once she left it. The others in the Knight series seemed above the average bodice-ripper, but this installment is just your typical Regency romance.

  • Devz Milady
    2019-06-17 15:06

    Being an Indian and Hindu, it offends me seriously when Western authors sweep every different religion in the East under 1 carpet and takes a "holier-than-thou' attitude about it.Hinduism has nothing called Purdah, it doesnt condone Polygamy. Nor does it allow treating a woman as anything less than a male's equal.The most famous representation of Lord Shiva and his wife- as Ardhanareeswara, is a testimony to this.Not to mention the fact that life of women in 19th century England wasn't such a peach with no freedom, no right to property or anything.Moralizing is good - if you've got your facts right.

  • Katherine 黄爱芬
    2019-06-12 15:53

    Ian Prescott, Marquess of Griffith adalah seorang diplomat, negosiator ulung yg sedang bertugas di India. Dan disanalah dia berjumpa dgn si cantik Georgiana yg liar, impulsif dan sulit ditebak gerak-geriknya, sejak awal perjumpaan mereka. Karena Georgiana berhasil membuat kekacauan dan memberikan bukti kejahatan pd Maharaja Janpur, Georgiana terpisah dari kakak-kakaknya, dan terpaksa ke London sendirian. Ian menyusul dan menjemput Georgiana, tak ayal lagi Ian sudah bertekad utk memperistri wanita yg sulit diatur ini. Tetapi Ian masih menyembunyikan banyak rahasia pribadi dari Georgiana, dan beberapa rahasia itu berbahaya. Mampukah Ian mengutarakannya pd Georgiana?Baiklah, sudah nyaris setahun saya baru membaca kembali karya author. Seperti biasa, tulisan dan gaya bahasa author memikat hati saya. Saya suka background pertemuan awal Ian dan Georgiana di tempat eksotis, India. Dgn detil, author menggambarkan pemandangan, tradisi dan budaya India pd abad 19. Sangat indah dan menakjubkan.Kelemahan di novel ini adalah ada sedikit ketidak-konsistenan ucapan oleh tokoh utama, krn keduanya sejak awal enggan dan menolak ide pernikahan. Entah bagaimana, tetiba Georgiana menginjakkan kaki di London, gairah mereka langsung melesat laksana kembang api di Tahun Baru. Bagusnya mereka tidak mengelak ketertarikan satu sama lain, tapi sayangnya tidak dijelaskan bagaimana dan kenapa mereka berubah pikiran.Narasi menggalau lumayan juga di novel ini walau tidak terlalu mengganggu keseluruhan jalan cerita. Pesan moral dari novel ini adalah dlm suatu relationship kejujuran dan keterbukaan adalah kunci utama yg paling penting. Pengungkapan masa lalu yg buruk, tidak perlu ditakutkan. Dan andaikan pasangan kita "menolak", anggap saja dia tidak dijodohkan oleh Tuhan utk mendampingi hidup kita sampai ajal menjelang. Perbedaan sikap satu sama lain antar pasangan anggaplah sbg pengalaman hidup. Bisa dijembatani, lanjutkan. Jika tidak, akhiri saja drpd menyakiti satu sama lain.

  • Holmes221B
    2019-06-06 18:05

    I really liked it in the was interesting, it was different!Despite the historical inaccuracies (a lot of them, and MAJOR ones!) I liked where the story seemed the be heading - seemed being the operative word here.Foley lost me somewhere after 50% ...the story seemed to have ended, yet she started on a new plotline. And I thought the new plotline was inspired by Rebecca. You have Max Ian, the gentleman who suddenly becomes a dark and broody character on returning to his estate, Rebecca Catherine, who must not be mentioned, and shady characters who mislead our heroine. I'm stuck between, liked it and okay-ish. Had it not fizzled out at the end, I wouldve given it a 4. It was still a nice read, and better than most Historical Romances out there. Some inaccuracies on the social issues, if you care to know -(view spoiler)[1. Calcutta and Bombay are at the two ends of the country, East and West, and they were under different kingdoms, with very less contact. People didnt jump from one end to the other, shifting houses. Also, the states have different languages, so it is not common for just anyone to know both Bengali and Marathi. 2. The author mixed up religions, and their laws. Hinduism does not permit polygamy. Kings certainly didnt have more than 1 wife. Only ancient relics see polygamy. Moreover, adultery is a punishable offence. Harems did not exist for 19th century Hindus. So the whole idea of Johar with 30 wives and 100 concubines was.....crap?3. Jainism was prevalent in the western region of the country. Not eastern. There was no way the heroine could have been so influenced by it.4. Sati and Purdah system were not present the Maratha region. Purdah system placed no restriction on women reading books, and the women were not isolated. 5. A lot of "laws" she highlighted were Islamic laws. Not Jain or Hindu.6. Unfortunately, not all caves or rather not more than 5% of caves/walls have carvings of cavorting humans or Gods. So if you're imagining something like frescoes of naked people making love everywhere...not true.(hide spoiler)]I really liked how she tried to highlight the social evils prevalent in the society, even if it was inaccurate. It was detailed, but perhaps she should have seen the map of the country better, and tried to understand the difference between the religions.

  • Annii
    2019-05-25 19:05

    The action of this book opens in India with our heroine, Georgiana Knight, rushing in where angels fear to tread in order to save an Indian friend from a bride-burning. She is rescued by English diplomat Ian Prescott, the Marguess of Griffith. The absurdity continues from there into a weak and unbelievable plot that includes Georgiana arriving on the back of an elephant to visit an Indian king, the murder of an Indian prince, a triumphant return to England, and the kidnapping of the Marquess' son. The point of the plot? I'm really not quite sure. It's complicated, convuluted, and honestly not terribly interesting.The love story also is incredibly weak. Georgiana is a completely unbelievable character (she would fit in better in NOW than in the 19th century) and Ian is the dime-a-dozen cardbord cutout tortured romantic hero with a dark past. We are not shown the love story, we are told that it happens - as unbelievable that it might be that Ian is attracted to this supremely annoying girl. There is no emotional involvement with the characters (at least not for me), the characters speak as if it took place in 20th century America, and even that is stilted and forced.Oh yeah, and I don't have a clue where the title came from. Huh?Don't waste your time.

  • Sari
    2019-06-08 17:12

    Bukunya baguuuuus..... suka ma alur ceritanya. Georgina walo awalnya nyebelin krn sok tau, tapi lama2 karakternya bagus, kuat, ga gampang nyerah, ga cengeng, ga berburuk sangka n mau mendengarkan tanpa menilai jelek terlebih dahulu, pinter dan menyenangkan. Ian walo kesannya sok jaim dan suram, tapi menarik utk dibaca, apalagi Matthew lucu bgt n satu lagi yg gw suka, penjahatnya dpt pembalasan yang setimpal jadi seru. Pengen baca buku kedua ttg Derek, tapi bosen ma HR, jadi lanjut nanti ja ;p

  • Lisa - (Aussie Girl)
    2019-06-11 15:50

    After the fantastic Knight Miscellany series I was little disappointed with this first in The Spice Trilogy spin-off. The plot was a little far fetched, some details glossed over and it lacked the emotional depth of her previous novels.

  • Rachel (BAVR)
    2019-06-12 14:50

    I've been on a delightful Gaelen Foley binge for the last couple of weeks, but it seems the time has come for a break. Nothing about Her Only Desire particularly offended me, but my spirit animal still managed to grow increasingly bitchy with every page of text. After a book's worth of screeching and clawing at my brain, I decided that both of us - my inner spirit animal and I - need a break. So let me preface this review by boldly stating: I like Gaelen Foley's books! But this book was maybe / kind of a little stupid. At times. AT TIMES. Realize that I don't mean "stupid" like a bratty teenager saying, "Waking up early in the morning is SO STUPID." I just mean that some of the actions taken in the text are stupid, therefore permeating the entire book with more stupidness. Why the hell am I qualifying this? Moving on ...SUMMARY:Ian Prescott, Marquess of Griffith, arrives in India as a diplomat for the British government. He's been called away from his vacation in Ceylon to prevent war, but of course that all gets mucked up when he comes across Miss Georgiana Knight, a willful daughter of Ian's family friend from India's British ruling class. Something of an 18th century feminist, Georgie takes it upon herself to judge Ian's intentions for dealing with the land she calls home. Naturally, she does this by not listening to a word the poor man says even though he's a skilled diplomat who has prevented war many times before and taking serious international matters into her own inexperienced hands. Georgie's reckless behavior ends up getting the entire Knight family in big trouble, so she's shipped to England where there's nothing else to do but explore her budding flirtation with Ian. But Ian has secrets that can apparently steamroll their romance even faster than Georgie can cause a war. Will they grow to trust each other in the spirit of true love, or will these two crazy people screw their lives up forever?THE GOOD THINGS:Foley's always dependable to provide some murderous intrigue to the plot. In this case, a jealous and spiteful maharani plots to have her husband the maharaja killed. When Georgie fucks up all her plans, she sends an assassin back to England to take out revenge on Ian and troops after the Knight family to kill them. Sadly, this fun-filled vengeance plot ends way too soon for my taste, but I'll give it credit for existing in the first place. Georgie actually gets smarter as the story progresses. Most heroines get dumber as the plot thickens, but not Georgie. She takes responsibility for her silly actions and doesn't tolerate much of Ian's bullshit. Her wild sense of independence is honed into a reasoned sense of self-preservation, and she managed to become my favorite character after starting off as one of the worst characters EVER. Hats off to you, Foley, for creating a nuanced and well-developed female protagonist. THE STUPID THINGS:Georgie's Modern Sensibilities: It's very nice that she believes in female autonomy and resents the way that women are basically owned by men in her society. But there's one itty-bitty problem with her line of thought: IT DIDN'T EXIST IN THE EARLY 19TH CENTURY. Georgie's feminist philosophy of "I don't want to marry a man because then he'll OWN me and tell me what to do" wasn't a thing at this point in history. I wish that history told a different story, but it doesn't. There's no way a young woman of Georgie's social class could live basically unchaperoned in India while her brothers traveled with the military and her father went to sea. There's no way these brothers would allow her to show up and stay unannounced at a MAHARAJA'S PALACE at the freaking brink of war. There's also no way that a cultured gentleman like Ian would easily forgive the little idiot for interfering with his negotiations by illegally breaking into the maharani's private quarters to gather information - even though she has no experience as a spy - and getting caught red-handed. That's just too much stupid for people of that time to tolerate. Georgie's lucky they didn't lock her up somewhere. And then there's the way that Georgie treated her asthma with modern yoga. [image error]GIFSoupIn addition, she's studied the Kama Sutra cover-to-cover.[image error]GIFSoupOh, yes, Georgie, you're just SO OPPRESSED by men that you have to bitch about it constantly. But somehow, you're the ONE LUCKY woman in the world to have a dad and brothers who don't give a shit what you do or read. I'm buying it. I really am![image error]GIFSoupJust kidding!Ian's Late Season Wangst: Up until the book's midway mark, Ian seems rational and normal, give or take a little of the tortured soul stuff all these heroes are contractually obligated to carry around like so much baggage. But holy shit, when they get to England, Ian's wangst explodes all over the place! You know it's going to be bad when the least of his wangst has to do with the 5-year-old son he neglects to tell Georgie about until she runs into the kid on her own. There's some scuttle-buttle about Ian's disastrous marriage that he keeps all bottled up because he's afraid Georgie will hate him. By the time the big secret is revealed at the end of the book, I already knew it wasn't a big deal. These secrets are never big deals. So the secret ends up not being a big deal, and VOILA, HAPPILY EVER AFTER! I think this is my greatest complaint about the book. Why drag out all of the wangst about something pointless for close to 100 pages when the plot dealing with the bitchy maharani easily could have been extended until the end of the book? Ian's wangst and BIG DARK SECRET were not enough to carry a book. The nonsense ultimately doomed this book to a tentative 3 stars.

  • Sadaf Shabbir
    2019-06-16 18:05

    Damn! This book could have been far better than this! The starting was splendid. The way Georgiana Knight made her daring introduction by rescuing her friend made me felt Wow! Then came Ian Prescott, Marquess Of Griffith; a diplomat arrived in Calcutta, India on his mission to eradicate the threat of war. Somehow Georgiana n Ian came to an agreement to help each other in defusing the chances of war as Georgiana Knight is really staunch to her people.From first few chapters, I found this book "unputdownable." The protagonists were at King Johar's palace, placing their treaty to be signed asap to eliminate the chances of war. The mystery n wickedness of King Johar's wife; Queen Sujana n the spying of Georgiana Knight to find out what was actually cooking inside the palace. Everything in this book was going really captivating till Georgiana Knight had to left India cz of some jeopardy. Then the story took the whole new track. The plot entirely turned to Ian's past life, what had happened with him, how his wife betrayed him, this n that! N the pace of this read became so draggy.Here the author in my opinion just lost the charm of the book.

  • 20012206
    2019-06-14 18:58

    Al principo no me gusto, como he contado no me mata lo descriptiva que es, cansaPero después se compuso y la historia es de las que me he leído de esta escritora la que más me gusta. ya de libros anteriores conociamos a Ian, y a mi me dio pesar cuando Jasinta no se caso con él, pero encontró una mejor!!!Georgina es amable, leal, y llena de vida,También Ian le dio a Georgina lo que necesitaba, una familia. alguien que siempre estuviera con ella

  • Ellyn (Mrs. Darcy in my Dreams) Robison
    2019-05-24 12:05

    DNF just couldn't get into it. May try at later date

  • Nikola
    2019-06-02 13:56


  • Elaine
    2019-06-14 20:01

    Very enjoyable.

  • Marie
    2019-05-31 15:08

    Bintang 3Suka 1/2 bagian pertama dari buku ini yg bersetting di India dengan konflik dan penggambaran karakter orang orang di India yg eksotis dan mistis. Georgie pun terasa eksotis disini. Seru saat Knight bersaudara menimbulkan kekacauan di istana maharaja.1/2 bagian terakhir yg bersetting di London dan pedalaman Inggris menurutku datar saja walau ada ketegangan saat penculikan Matthew, kejar kejaran dan baku uantamnya kurang seru. Masa lalu Ian juga kurang membuat aku simpatik. Hampir seluruh kisah HR yg tokoh heronya bermasalah ya itu... Ditinggal istri yg tidak setia.Georgina Knigth bungsu dari bersaudara Knigth yg tinggal di India, adalah gadis cantik dan ceria, berpendirian dan berkepribadian bebas. Terlahir dan dibesarkan di India membuat Giorgie memiliki keunikan sendiri akan karakternya. Giorgie adalah gadis yg peduli pada sesama tanpa terkecuali. Semua orang dianggap sebagai teman dan keluarga karena selalu kesepian ditinggal oleh ibu yg meninggal saat umurnya masih belia. Kemudian ayah dan 2 saudara lelakinya selalu meninggalkan Georgie untuk urusan dan tugas mereka masing masing. Berbekal pengetahuan akan pernikahan teman teman Indianya (Lhaksmi yg menikah dengan pria tua dan harus melemparkan dirinya dalam kobaran api setelah suaminya meninggal, dan Meena yg merupakan salah satu dari 30 selir maharaja di India) serta buku pedoman karangan bibinya yg bebas membuat dirinya tidak ingin bergantung dengan seorang pria untuk dijadikan suami. Georgie adalah wanita penganut kebebasan dan tak suka penindasan kaum pria.Ian Prescot, Marquis Griffith adalah seorang pria dingin yg memiliki masa lalu yg menyakitkan pada pernikahannya. Masa lalunya inilah yg membuat Ian tak memikirkan bahaya yg dihadapi dalam setiap tugas diplomatik yg dijalaninya selama ini. Berangkat ke India dalam tugas meyakinkan Maharaja Janpur untuk menandatangani perjanjian netralitas dengan pihak Inggris dalam menghadapi kelompokenjahat yg dilindungi Maharaja Baji Rao. Dalam tugasnya kali ini Ian didampingi beberapa prajurit Inggris yg berada di India termasuk Kedua bersaudara Knigth.Pertemuan pertama Ian dan Georgie yg sedang menyelamatkan teman Georgie dari kewajiban membakar diri setelah kematian suami membuat Ian tertarik dan berusaha menolong Georgie melarikan diri setelah berhasil menolong temannya itu. Georgiepun begitu, malah sebelum pertemuan mereka Georgie sudah merasa tertarik dengan pribadi Ian. Georgi telah mengumpulkan info mengenai Ian dan setiap perjalanan tugasnya yg selama ini selalu berhasil.Georgie dengan maksud baiknya dan merasa bahwa dirinya adalah kenalan Maharaja Janpur (teman Georgie selir kesayangan Maharaja Janpur) berniat membantu Ian dalam tugasnya kali ini bila niat Ian dan Inggris murni membawa perdamaian bagi wilayah Janpur. Ian dibuat terkesan saat Georgie menyusul Ian ke istana Maharaja karena sebelumnya Ian menjadikan Georgie tahanan rumah dengan mengirim tentara untuk menjaga agar Georgie tidak mengikuti Ian setelah Ian mengetahui niat Georgie untuk ikut dalam rombongan diplomatiknya.Walau kesal dan marah, Ian terpaksa berterima kasih pada Georgie karena berkat campur tangan Georgie. Terjadi kehebohan saat Georgie secara tidak sengaja membuka kedok sang Maharani dan putranya yg bersekutu dengan Baji Rao untuk membunuh suaminya sendiri untuk merebut kekuasaan, dan berakibat kematian putra Maharani ditangan Gabriel kakak Georgie. Perjanjian netralitas ditandatangani Maharaja Janpur tanpa ada celah bagi Janpur untuk mengingkarinya. Menghindari kejadian politik yg tidak diinginkan, Knigth bersaudara diminta meninggalkan India Tapi sang Maharani yg sudah dipenjara sempat mengirimkan seorang pembunuh untuk membunuh Knight bersaudara dan menculik Matthew putra Ian.Tiba di Inggris, Georgie yg kapok dan tak ingin lagi menimbulkan masalah disambut Ian dengan lamaran pernikahan. Georgie yg ingin berubah menerima lamaran Ian. Georgie sempat cemburu pada simpana Ian. Georgie juga marah ketika Ian tidak jujur akan keberadaan putranya Matthew dari pernikahannya yg pertama. Georgie dibuat terkejut akan perangai Ian yg buas saat Ian menghabisi penculik an pembunuh yg dikirim Maharani Janpur. Tapi semua itu tidak membuat Georgie mundur dari rencana pernikahan. Setelah menikah mereka bersembunyi di Estat pedesaan Ian (takut ada penculik dan pembunuh yg lainnya). Disinilah Georgie mengetahui rahasia yg selama ini disimpan rapat oleh Ian mengenai kematian istrinya dan kegagalan pernikahan pertama Ian. Dan seperti sebelumnya Georgie tetap mencintai Ian dan bahkan membenci Istri Ian yg egois dan tidak berperasaan. Dan Ian sangat bahagia dan berterima kasih pada Georgie karena Ian akhirnya dapat mewujudkan impiannya untuk merasakan cinta sejati yg selama ini didambakan Ian.

  • June
    2019-05-30 14:05

    Georgiana has grown up in India, but named after her aunt who chaffed at England's limitations on women, Georgiana has never quite fit. When she meets Ian who has been sent to try and avert war, she is attracted. However, Ian has his own secrets. A little too much angst for me. Maybe need a break from Foley

  • C Joy
    2019-06-16 15:51

    I loved everything about this book and I'd recommend it to those looking for a good historical romance novel, or just something to spice up your reading appetite. Although this could be a stand-alone novel, I suggest one reads this after the Knight miscellany series.Enter the Knight brothers' cousins Gabriel, Derek, and Georgiana. We met their father in the last Knight miscellany book "His Wicked Kiss" (Jack's story), and this is Georgiana's story. She's really a character, I loved her innocence, her strong will, and conviction to fight for what she believes in. She's a perfect match for Ian (diplomat) the Marquess of Griffith, and Robert the Duke's close friend.Being raised in India, Georgie, named after her scandalous aunt, is a free spirit who believes in women empowerment. Her tradition-defying stunt was admirable and then there was Ian to save her from the natives' wrath. I don't mean for it to sound like they were barbarians, but customs are everything to them, and Georgie really got on their nerves.The author once again added conflict and danger when the Queen wanted Matthew to be kidnapped and enslaved, in exchange for her son's life. My apprehension rose when he was kidnapped and the kidnapper killed. In the story we can clearly see that Georgie is really cunning and a hellion, while Ian is always calm and composed. Their chemistry was written very well, and developed until they let out their passions.I liked how Gaelen Foley chose India, with its heritage and the cradle of fertility; it's amusing how Georgie was an eager student in the arts of sensuality. The pages burned with the heat of the love scenes and there were just enough for their passions to sizzle, and I love how they tease each other with innuendos.Although I missed the part where their ages were mentioned, another reason why they clicked so well was Georgie is childish while Ian is mature, they met halfway and as a child Georgie knew how it felt like to be left alone wondering when her family would be reunited, due to her father and brothers' adventures.Another thing I liked in this story was family values. Gaelen Foley always has this in her novels and the story between Georgie and Ian didn't revolve around them. Though Ian concealed a lot from Georgie about his past, one couldn't blame him for his fears. Matthew was really adorable and it brought tears to my eyes whenever Ian shared father-and-son moments with him.This is a great book, and I'm looking forward to reading her next novels.

  • Elizabeth Bennet
    2019-05-25 12:46

    The notorious Hawkscliffe Hrlot has a niece named after her and she lives in India. I love everything about this girl she's a free spirit and has friends in harems that she's willing to risk her life for. That's where Georgie meets the handsome Lord Griffith. Ian is blown away by the sight of Georgie on horse back but where he comes from woman don't behave in such a manner. This is his problem because the part that knows its wrong is struggling with the half that is turned on by her antics. She is beautiful, stubborn and use to doing whatever she wants but now there is danger involved in her actions and Ian will do anything to insure her safety even if she doesn't like it.A major battle outbreaks involving Georgie and her two brothers Gabriel and Derek. They must flee India at once or they will surely be killed. Ian stays behind to straighten out some of the damage. Georgie is put on one of her cousin, Jack Knight's, ships set for London. When the boat docks in London Georgie is a bundle of nerves, she's never been outside India and scared of what befell Ian and her two brothers. The ship docks leaving Georgie not knowing what to do next, but is informed there is a carriage to pick her up. She thinks it's her father only to learn it's Ian in the flesh. Loved there reunion, the decision to go back to his place and make things official. Was extremely frustrated to have an interruption by a past fling.Loved meeting Mathew, Ian's son. I always love it when an author deepens a story by having children in the story and their contribution to it. I am such a sucker and the way GF had Georgie bond instantly to Mathew just made me sigh. That's how things should be and when Ian walks in to find her holding his son, sigh. You may find me foolish but I don't care the bonding continues and Ian and Georgie finally get things right and marry but don't worry the story is just getting started. Because they move back to Ian's estate and old memories and secrets are ever present. Ian's first wife was found drown there and it is rumored he was the one who did it.Georgie is not drawn in by the rumors surrounding her but can't help but notice the change to Ian's personality. He's cold and distant and the man she fell in love with her is disappearing daily. I enjoyed this read. I think many would find it sensual, sweet and fun to uncover our two lovers. I know I did!

  • Oleta Blaylock
    2019-05-26 14:04

    This is the first book in the Spice Trilogy. We have met Ian Prescott, Marquess of Griffith in the Knight Miscellany series. Ian has been friends with Knight brothers for most of his life. Ian is also a diplomat. He is called to India to broker a treaty that will prevent a war. When he arrives in Bombay he is taken off guard by a young woman riding hell bent for a funeral. He goes to her rescue and finds Georgiana “Georgie” Knight. He is smitten with the hellion. Georgie leads him on a merry chase and he is lost. I liked Ian very much. He is a gentleman but he isn't afraid to let out the barbarian when the time comes to protect his son and Georgie. Ian has a terrible secret however and it might just ruin his relationship with Georgie.Georgie has been raised in India and has adopted some of the beliefs of the people there. She does yoga to control her asthma and she eats no meat. She is more comfortable in a sari but she is dead set against the inequality of women. She does all she can to make life better for the woman of that country. Georgie is a wild child, left on her own too much of the time. Her brothers Gabriel and Derek are soldiers in the English army and are gone most of the time. Her father is retired from the East India Company and spends his time sailing the seas so he is also gone most of the time. Despite all of this Georgie is a well-balanced young lady. She finds a great deal of joy in life and she helps Ian find that same joy. She also helps Ian become to better father to Matthew.There is a dark undercurrent to this story. A misunderstanding leads to Ian, Derek, Gabriel and Georgie to flee India in haste and that misunderstanding put them all in danger. The story ends happily but there are some tense moments throughout the story. It will be interesting to read Gabriel and Derek’s story. This story also moves along every quickly. You are always trying to find out what will happen next. It is also a little shorter than some novels, which is not a bad thing though. Ms. Foley is a wonderful storyteller and this book shows that. Her writing improves with every book she writes. I look forward to each new story.

  • Katie(babs)
    2019-06-14 15:59

    Gaelen Foley has made her name known in the romance genre. "Her Only Desire" is very reminisce of her older romances but overall this story is a little stale. Her description of India and their culture where the first part of the book takes place is quite remarkable, but overall the reader wants more in the terms of interaction between the hero and the heroine. Both are delightful in their own way but something we have seen before- the "spunky" perfect heroine who adores the stiff yet handsome hero who lusts after her the same way. He is a diplomat that has secrets from his past that still haunt him to this day. The plot has intrigue, betrayal and nice steamy love scenes between the hero Ian and Georgiana our plucky heroine. The shadow of Ian's first wife almost destroys their happiness along with the fact that Ian has assassins after him even when they return to England. He must also protect his young son who is feeling unloved from his father. But Georgie comes to the rescue with her adorable loving ways! She also doesn't let Ian walk all over her which was something that hasn't been seen in awhile. Georgie has definite ideas of "girl power" even for the time period. Can Ian get past his inner turmoil and find love with Georgie along with trying to stay alive? True fans of Foley know this answer and will probably enjoy this latest side book to her famous Knight Family series.

  • Fanny Roswita Ria
    2019-05-30 20:10

    Baiklah, ini seri dari Gaelen Foley yg lain yang menurut gw bagus lah ceritanya. Bersettingkan India,Kerajaan Janpur (Maharaja), dengan hero yg berprofesi diplomat Inggris mendapatkan mandat utk menyelamatkan pasukan kalvari Inggris di India dari serangan kaum Pandari yg dilindungi oleh salah seorang keluarga "Maharaja" yaitu Bao Raji yg tdk lain dan tdk bukan masih adik dari Ratu Sujana, istri dari Raja Janpur yg paling disegani oleh masyarakat India.Heroine sendiri adalah putri bungsu dari Klan Knight, yang terlalu sangat mandiri; luar biasa keras kepala; tetapi berparas cantik&penggodan "alami" yang berlabelkan "perawan tingting" sangat menjadi ancaman besar bagi misi hero selama di India.Chemistry dari kedua tokoh sangat dapat; alurnya jg lumayan seru yah, apalagi yg di India sangat tdk bisa tertebak ceritanya, gw ga kebayang kalo si heroine bakal masuk ke ruangan pribadi Ratu Sujana yg berakhir dg pertempuran sengit antara pasukan Inggris dan Kerajaan India. Malah alur cerita di Inggris yg kelewat "lambat" jadinya buat gw sedikit membosankan dan kebanyakan screening deh gw.Author juga sgt detail dlm menceritakan setiap kejadian, sayang tdk ada kelanjutan hubungan antara heroine dengan kedua sahabat India-nya yaitu Meena dan (gw lupa namanya) padahal diawal cerita sangat intens ikatan mereka. Berharap di series-nya Derek ada cerita ttg heroine dan si Matthew, anak dari istri 1 si hero

  • Cindy
    2019-05-30 20:01

    Lumayan sih 3,5 bintang. Ceritanya unik settingnya juga gak biasa, dan menurutku keren aja deh India :D, dengan semua adat budayanya. Tapi berlaku separuh buku doang sisanya khas HR. Aku menyayangkan kenapa gak tetap di India aja sih, keren kan. Tapi ada beberapa hal yang bikin aku gmn gitu : 1. Mereka kissu wet pertama di TEMPAT SEMBAHYANG omg itu tempat suci kenapa dinodai sih. 2. Ada yg aneh dengan hero dan heroinya, kadang sifatnya gak keukuh aja labil apa ya, penggambaranya kurang sesuai. 3.Bukan ayah yang baik. Ian mungkin membesarkan Matthew dengan pengalaman pahitnya di masa lalu, tapi dia sering pergi ninggalin mat sendiri. Kebiasaan Ian membawa whore ke rumah, dan anaknya tahu, sampai saat Georgi pertama datang ke rumah Ian si anak bilang LADY LAIN ya Tuhan gak sehat buat sikologi anak. 4. si Heroin ini terkenal di india sebagai seorang Lady yg suka membantu masyarakat lokal, dan dia suka memikirkan kalo compeni itu cuman menjajah India, tapi setelah mendarat di LONDON , INDIA GAK PERNAH DI SINGGUNG!!! ABSURDT! selebihnya khas HR aja, keren bangt awalan tapi mulai bab 8 gimiknya biasa bangt, gak khas , malah aku ngerasa yg nulis bukan yg nulis awalah, kayak 3 cerita diolah jadi 1 .

  • Kay Bolton
    2019-05-17 17:45

    Review taken from my Blog Post #107 - another one that I borrowed from the Library back in April 2011, and thought I would share my thoughts:This one was really the first the the Knight Cousins' spin-offs, about Georgiana Knight (Sister to Gabriel & Derek).Raised all her life in India, Georgiana is very often left alone, but has made a life and friends independently, and therefore sees no wrong in inviting the cool and reserved Ian Prescott, Marquess of Griffith to stay when he arrives on a British diplomatic mission.On his very first encounter with her he ends up effecting a rescue to save her life, and puts her under house arrest whilst he goes off on his mission to Japur .... she has other ideas and follows ... which leads her into uncovering the truth but causing a diplomatic nightmare of Ian, and heavy fighting by her brothers to protect her (in which Gabriel receives his injuries).She flees alone on a Knight ship to England, where she is determined to conquer the ton, and fights Ian's protections for all she is worth. Infuriated, but captivated nonetheless, will this lonely Marquess fall for her, and reveal his own secrets?On the whole a 4 Star read.

  • sraxe
    2019-05-30 15:02

    Hmm...I dunno what to say, really. I thought Georgie was okay. She was interesting--well, at least compared to Ian. Ian...he was just...boring. I found nothing about him interesting or new or overly likable. The brothers were interesting and I liked the bond this offshoot of the Knight clan has -- they're so visibly close (which is especially noticeable in the epilogue). I would have liked to see the main Knight clan meeting Georgiana -- particularly Jacinda, since she was the only one I recall Georgie particularly wanting to meet. There should've been less Georgie/Ian and more Knight clan bonding!I was very glad that the assassination and kidnapping weren't drawn out. I was afraid that's what would happen since the villains from the main series seemed to like sticking around until the veeeeeeery end (much to my annoyance). I was dreading some other assassin showing up or something else befalling them to do with what happened in India. I am so, so, soooo very glad it didn't drag.

  • Kyle Nicole
    2019-06-12 15:04

    Hmmmm, were should I start??...Well I've read this for quite some time already so I'd probably missed "a-lot" of things here but nevertheless, I will never forget on how AWESOME this book is.It started as enchanting as the other Knight books is, enchanting and beguiling as ever! but in the middle part, I thought I was lost, like where did my Gail go??so I decided to put it down..days,weeks,it was just their like I've lost my mind, but when I picked it up again,DAMN!!Why did I put it away anyway??And here were the sweeping started!Just as much as I love the Knight Miscellany is, Her Only Desire,first in the Spice Trilogy, is something that's wicked and I must say that Gaelen Foley's POSSESSED while writing this one!That's how great it is!So I'm definitely recommending it(as well as the other two Spice Trilogy and the rest of the Knight Miscellany books,their all awesome!) for everyone who wants adventure,thrill and most of all, experience the magic of love!!!

  • Saptorini
    2019-05-18 14:05

    Gara-gara Dani aka Perdani ngomongin novel ini pas kopdar, akhirnya aku berusaha mencarinya. Syukur deh ada di rental langganan. Meskipun sempat aku taruh setelah baca beberapa halaman awal, tapi akhirnya aku teruskan dan ternyata keren, to.Berlatar India pas masih dikuasai Inggris, dan di London pada setengah bab akhir. Sempat disebut juga wilayah Goa, dan menurutku itu Kerajaan Goa di Sulawesi, kan? Wah, researchnya keren nih si penulis.Heroin-nya si Georgiana ini yang bikin aku terus baca meskipun mata merah karena lelah. *tulisannya rapet dan kecil-kecilSuka bingit sama karakter Georgiana yang kuat. Keberaniannya mencari kebenaran dan menuntut penjelasan meskipun 'mungkin' akan membuatnya hancur jika tahu jawabannya, bikin salut. #saya banget akk ...Memang benar, kok, menduga-duga atau mendapat penjelasan mungkin akan sama sakitnya. Karena itu, kenapa enggak minta penjelasan aja. Meskipun sakit, tapi kan bikin plong. Begitu kira-kira pesan si Georgiana pada pembaca.

  • Hacedores Desierto
    2019-05-17 11:44

    Supongo que os extrañará encontraros con una reseña de este género a mis manos, pero qué os puedo decir, lo cierto es que me gusta leer todo tipo de libros. Da una objetividad difícilmente alcanzable de otro modo. En este caso, además, tenía una cierta curiosidad, dado la época tan interesante en que se sitúa esta historia, en mitad de la colonización inglesa de la India. Ya que apenas tengo conocimientos históricos sobre esa parte de la historia, ha sido un acercamiento distinto al que me viene cuando es parte de la historia que sí conozco bien. Lo primero que tengo que decir sobre el libro es que tiene dos partes bien diferenciadas, que dividen además el libro en dos perfectamente, tanto en trama como en espacio. Lo segundo, que tiene una buena traducción, aunque a veces sea un tanto basta (no la traducción, sino el lenguaje utilizado).Sigue leyendo