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Este é o terceiro e último livro da Trilogia das Jóias Negras. Há setecentos anos, num mundo onde os homens são meros súbditos, uma Viúva Negra profetizou a chegada de uma Rainha na sua teia de sonhos e visões. E agora, a Corte das Trevas foi estabelecida... Incapazes de atingir Jaenelle, a jovem Rainha, os membros corruptos dos Sangue fazem um jogo perverso de diplomaciaEste é o terceiro e último livro da Trilogia das Jóias Negras. Há setecentos anos, num mundo onde os homens são meros súbditos, uma Viúva Negra profetizou a chegada de uma Rainha na sua teia de sonhos e visões. E agora, a Corte das Trevas foi estabelecida... Incapazes de atingir Jaenelle, a jovem Rainha, os membros corruptos dos Sangue fazem um jogo perverso de diplomacia e mentira, procurando destruir aqueles que sempre deram tudo por ela. E revertem as culpas para o seu tutor, Saetan, que passa a ser visto como a maior das ameaças ao poder instituído. Com Jaenelle como Rainha, a chacina do povo e a profanação das terras irá terminar. Porém, onde se fechou uma porta poderá abrir-se uma janela... E mesmo que Jaenelle possa contar com os seus aliados, talvez não seja suficiente: só um terrível sacrifício poderá salvar o coração de Kaeleer…...

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Rainha das Trevas Reviews

  • Carmel (Rabid Reads)
    2019-06-02 19:43

    Reviewed by : Rabid Reads.This is a trilogy that turned into a full-on series, and it took me 2 novels to warm up to Anne Bishop’s THE BLACK JEWELS world, so after finally getting my ah-ha moment, I will be stopping here. Yes, the next installments have the potential to be even better, but they could also be a return to books 1 & 2, and I don’t care for those odds. Anyway, I really did enjoy QUEEN OF THE DARKNESS; Daemon at long last stepped into his role as consort, Jaenelle showed the Blood who’s boss, and other characters such as Lucivar & Saetan got their happy ending.Angelline is now the undisputed Queen of Queens, although not everyone has accepted that fact yet, namely her wayward family because she hasn’t fully demonstrated what she’s capable of. That being said, I found it odd that she sat on the bench for the first quarter of this story. I went into this title thinking that it was her time to rule, and that that aspect was going to be this volume’s focal point. The author does get there eventually, and it is one of the best parts, but still I was expecting something a little flashier.I was so very happy when Jaenelle & Daemon’s relationship made it to the romantic stage that I think that I may have whooped out loud. However, given both of their pasts (i.e Angelline’s history of rape and Sadi’s years as a pleasure slave), I’d envisioned lengthy dialogue between them prior to the two jumping in the sack together. There was a fair share of tiptoeing and doubt, yet once they admitted their feelings for each other they didn’t leave the bedroom for days. It was just too all-or-nothing. I personally appreciate the in-between stuff.As with the writing, it also took me several novels to come to terms with John Sharian’s narration, and not because he doesn’t have the voice for it, but rather due to the age and gender of the heroine. The cast is primarily male, so from a purely logistics perspective it made sense. Nevertheless, he really let loose for the conclusion! He matched Daemon’s sadistic nature in both emotion and intensity, and the execution of Jaenelle’s master plan just wouldn’t have been the same without his delivery.QUEEN OF THE DARKNESS made me understand what everyone’s been raving about!

  • Marcie
    2019-06-20 19:50

    2.5 stars: I am completely baffled by why these books get such rave reviews. I have to admit there is *something* compelling about the world and characters that Anne Bishop weaves together, though I don't know that I'll ever quite be able to put my finger on what that something is.The majority of the writing is melodramatic, unimaginative, and contrived. I don't know if it has steadily gotten worse since the first book or if I was just more charitable when I started out. I was already growing tired of it in the second book, but by the half way point in this book I just couldn't help but outwardly sigh/roll my eyes at the ridiculous over-use of Jaenelle's midnight voice/saphire eyes, Lucivar's arrogant lazy smile, and Daemon's killing edge. Is this the only way Bishop knows how to differentiate the character's from each other? And was it really necessary for somebody to say something "too softly" every other page?The 3rd book opens up with more boring crap involving the villains. I actually stopped reading the small chapters involving Hekatah and Dorothea because they were so utterly pointless. They are bad and they are planning something bad. Nothing more need be said.Wilhelmina finally makes a reappearance in this book, but if like me, you are hoping for any kind of sisterly reconciliation, forget it. Jaenelle barely acknowledges her and the character is quickly misplaced after the first couple chapters. I'm not sure why she was brought up at all.My breaking point was a little over 3/4 of the way through. There are a series of scenes, and one in particular, that take place in a camp that are so horrifically graphic that I literally thought I might puke. What's worse, this whole section of the book was completely unnecessary to progress the story line! Perhaps the author would be flattered by effecting a reader so, but I almost threw away the book at this point. It took me a day or two respite to decide that it really couldn't get any worse and luckily for me, it didn't.To her credit, Bishop does manage to write some truly touching moments between some of the characters and I think these moments are the reason I keep coming back for more. I was moved by the last Daemon/Lucivar scene. And though I found it a little unbelievable that Jaenelle waited 13 years for a man that seemed to be little better than a childhood crush, I also enjoyed the Jaenelle/Daemon relationship culmination.I already own the 4th book, but it is unlikely that I will ever return to Terreille. All in all, I think there are better books out there for your time and money and wouldn't recommend these books to anybody.P.S. Was anybody else as surprised as I was to find out Lucivar wasn't actually gay in this book? Seriously, I was totally picking up the gay vibe from him in the other two books.

  • Felicia
    2019-06-01 14:52

    OK! Trilogy done, really satisfying! Def one of my favorite female-centered thick-tomed fantasy series. I really enjoyed the growth of the main character in this book, and the agony and tension between the main character and the love interest was a point (see below)SPOILERS:I had a FEW quibbles along the way, namely:-Why, if everyone is SO UBER with magic and detection was the spy allowed to stay in the house to try to kidnap her sister? Why did she let her family stay so long AT ALL?!?! I woulda kicked them to the curb after a day!-Let's be honest, after about 1200 pages in the trilogy, THAT WAS THE CONSUMMATION SCENE?!?! I mean...after penis rings controlling for CENTURIES I really feel like we shoulda had MORE DETAIL and MORE SEXY SCENES. UGH. So PG-13. So frustrated. :(Anyway, Loved it. Def would read more in the universe!

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-06-11 12:38

    I thought for sure that this installment would be the book that launched this series into the stratosphere of epic-awesomeness where my book friends would rank it. Alas, I am doomed to be the odd man out here. I can definitively say I do not love this series. There were things I liked, characters I cared about. But whatever it is that makes other reviewers swoon, simply escapes me.This is the book where Daemon and Janelle finally come together. It’s still not easy. It takes years and their reunion is almost thwarted. But against the odds and despite powerful foes, Daemon makes it to his Lady. And it is so incredibly anticlimactic. She has been searching for him about half her lifetime and she barely greets him. They circle each other warily. They angst internally. But there is no big outpouring of emotion. As for the sex, you would think that would be an issue with Jenelle’s history of rape. Heck, even Damon has issues with his own history of sexual abuse. You know how they dealt with that? They didn’t. They finally admitted they wanted a physical relationship, they kissed, and then they had sex. Simple as that. It’s not like I expected erotica or anything but I was sorely unsatisfied here.The big face off with Dorothea and Hekate isn’t much better. The bad Guys plot. The webs indicate a war would be Really Bad, so Janelle concocts a plan that is dangerous, self-sacrificing… and anticlimactic. My boy Lucivar gets himself a wife and a baby… off page. Saetan falls in love… off page. Are you sensing a theme here?I cared how it would end. I wanted poor Damon to have his love. I wanted Saetan, Lucivar, Surreal, and Janelle to find some peace and happiness. I thought Damon’s big plan was pretty awesome. And the worldbuilding is wow-worthy. But when all was said and done, I felt very tepid about it all.I wanted to feel more. I wanted more satisfaction. I wanted at least a few pages of HEA. Just… meh.

  • Ela
    2019-05-29 16:04


  • Zeek
    2019-06-12 19:01

    n Book 3 of the Black Jewels Trilogy, The two evil Witches who have wreaked so much havoc in all their lives, Hekatah and Dorthea, continue their scheming to bring down Janelle, the once and future Queen of the Blood, and her kingdom.Daemon has returned and is finally united with Janelle, as well as his brother Lucivar and all the powerful friends she's made along the way- including the magical creatures who only bow to her.The book ends with one climatic battle, fought mostly in the psychic realm of webs and dreams- but not until she almost loses all she holds dear, including the belief and trust of her family, friends and subjects.This series is just fantastic. If you love high fantasy and intrigue you'll be hooked just like so many other of us who've picked up this series.5 out of 5 for Queen of the Darkness and for the entire series!

  • Aly is so frigging bored
    2019-06-16 13:58

    Buddy read with Sarah

  • Phoenixfalls
    2019-06-05 20:54

    This concluding novel of the Black Jewels trilogy is the strongest of the bunch. Bishop manages to keep all of her male leads on screen this time, and all the character-building that went on in the previous two books means that I cared about what happened to them all from the start. The world-building is still the weakest aspect of these books (though I finally got, in this third volume, that the only access from Terreille to Kaeleer and vice versa is through portals, so there's very little communication between the two realms) but again, it's less problematic now that the work has been put in getting through books 1 & 2.The stakes are higher in this book than the previous two; Jaenelle has now come of age and taken the reigns of power, so Hekatah and Dorothea band together to make a final attempt to wrest control of the realms from her hands. The conflict is still predominantly of the "We can't possibly trust each other enough to share information, so we're at risk from our enemies" variety, and I have never understood why Saetan sits idly by and allows Hekatah and Dorothea to ruin so many peoples' lives, but while that's frustrating it still is effective at creating tension. And while there are many ways this series is inferior to Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel novels, there is one thing the two series share that I wish there was more of in heroic fantasy: in both series there is a sense that "everything has a price." Victories are not bought cheaply; they come with blood, sweat, tears, and a lot of sacrifice. Despite the lack of trust, that makes these characters (and this world) feel more adult -- they go into situations with their eyes open, knowing that the consequences may be too much to bear, but that the decisions have to be made anyway. Daemon's sacrifice in the climax (the intended one and the unintended one) nearly broke my heart -- and that's high praise for any book.

  • Ursula
    2019-06-12 17:06

    I have nothing against guilty pleasures, or the r-rated themes, but there was no pleasure anywhere unfortunately. The characters are as flat as pancakes. There's no action. Why does anyone fall in love with each other? Who knows! They just do! Even when the heroes throw out ways to stop the upcoming war the heroine/author retorts that the war will be kept fighting by the enemy because - there is no reason. Just because! Because it was started! The two main villains plan about 5 evil schemes and all of them are foiled in 2 seconds flat. We keep hearing how sadistic the the main love interest is and there's nothing of the sort. In fact he's just poor misunderstood dude who people keep saying is capable of horrible things, why? Who knows. Because the auther has the characters say so. There's one incident where he kills a woman who was torturing him. Not virtuous but hardly sadistic. The book isn't even that graphic, so if you're looking for eroticism it's not here. The heroine's family constantly misunderstands her for no discernible reason except to give her some more angst. One good thing was when the main couple finally had sex it wasn't the giant cheese fest I expected it to be.And besides the plot, just plain repetitive writing, repeating the same things and the same words over and over again.Like others have said, if you're looking for books like this go with the Kushiel series by Jaqueline Carey. And if you've already read that and are looking for more like that don't go with this.

  • Pandem Buckner
    2019-06-23 20:47

    "The Realm of Terreille will be torn apart by its own foolish greed. Those who survive will serve, but few will survive."So said the mad seer Tersa in the prologue in the first book of this trilogy, Daughter of the Blood, and this is when it finally happens.Everything changes, everything gets torn apart in this book. It's heartbreaking, exciting, saddening, exhilarating, hilarious, agonizing, and breathtaking. . .it's, to use the term, a true thrill ride. It's an awesome, incredible book, and I am greatly indebted to the person that recommended the trilogy to me!If you like dark fantasy, this is an excellent read for you; if like well-crafted stories and convincing worlds, this is an excellent read for you; if you have a pulse, this is an excellent read for you!

  • Anna Serene
    2019-06-06 14:59

    I am completely in love with this series. It makes me laugh, cry, and rage. I am crying right now from both happiness and heartache. Don't judge me until you read until the last page because this story is BRUTAL on your emotions. Good lord. Anne Bishop I bow down to you as my queen.Daemon, I love you so very much. I find peoples' lack of faith in you astounding, but I have always believed in you!

  • Jeanny
    2019-06-09 14:48

    Reread audible version 5 stars (2017)Original reading paperback publishing date 5 stars

  • Hybrid Creature (devours books instead of brains)
    2019-06-25 16:54

    I'm not ready to let go. Do not make me do it. I will slap the shit out of you.I am pretty excited to read the other Black Jewel novels but holy ever living shit do I not want to let go of these characters. I'm honestly a little bit nauseous thinking about it.I've been through thick and thin with these characters. We've seen some fucking dark times and had some great laughs and lived in an indescribable (at least on my part) world full of magic, beauty, death, destruction, torture, kindness and love. We've gone to battle more times than can be counted and grieved for our losses while nursing our wounded. We gained unlikely and unusual friends and dealt with horrific betrayals. Yes, I said we. I was so immersed in this world that I forgot about the realm in which I actually exist.My review of the first book:Daughter of the Blood   My review of the second book: I didn't do one. I couldn't bring it to words.As usual, I feel the need to warn with this series, that it is dark. Perhaps the darkest shit I've read to date. Personally, I think that makes it feel all the more real. But that also means that this series is definitely not for everyone.*cries* Please don't leave me my Khaleer friends!

  • Shannon (Giraffe Days)
    2019-05-31 21:01

    Now a young woman, Jaenelle Angelline reigns as Queen of Ebon Askavi, but as isolated as she remains she still needs the help of her friends, her surrogate family, her protectors. Daemon, her promised Consort, will sacrifice himself if it means keeping Jaenelle from annihilation as she works her powerful magic to restore balance to the land.I've already talked about character development and gushed about how much I love these books, so I'll just say a few words more. I did see a few things that seem symbolic in this trilogy, and probably missed loads more. For example, and this is just the connection I draw, in Queen of the Darkness when the Terreilliens have been let across the border into the realm of Kaeleer and taken land belonging to the Kindred (animals of various species who are also Blood), on the understanding that the land is uninhabited - it reminded me strongly of the European attitude toward settling Australia. The land was considered terra nullius, allowing the white people to claim the land without recognising the rights of the Aborigines, who had lived there for hundreds of thousands of years. Not that I needed any more reason to loathe the Terreilleans even more! I'm a little unsure, at the end of it all, whether the three realms were on different planes or in different places. There is a difference, and while I got the impression that Hell was definitely on a different plane, I'm a bit fuzzy about the other two. Ah well, it doesn't really matter. All in all, if you like fantasy, and even if you are a bit squeamish most of the perverted stuff is more implied than described (which is an important distinction), you will love this trilogy. It has politics, scheming, magic, dragons (kind of), love, passion, a winged race and adventure. And, the true mark of success ha ha, I did feel my eyes watering at the end of this book. Poor Daemon. He is a truly magnetic character, for everyone around him as much as for the reader, though if the reader doesn't think he's magnetic they would have a hard time believing anyone else did! The pacing is tight and quick, yet it slows down when it needs to. Bishop doesn't suffer that annoying tick of some other fantasy writers of detailing everything, or taking you through every conversation and its repercussions. Sometimes you just arrive at the end in the aftermath, which is fine, because that's hard enough to deal with. It's dark, it's twisted, it's beautiful.

  • Paige
    2019-06-14 19:45

    I was pretty excited about reading these because Bishop's Black Jewels series comes to highly recommended when you say that you like Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy books.I have to say that they didn't match that excitement at all. I read the first three to give them a good chance to turn around and surprise me but after this one I couldn't go on, even though I know that there are more of them.I really really really hoped that this book would be in Jaenelle's perspective. That would have made reading the first two books worthwhile. If for just one second, we really knew what was going on inside her head and her heart--not just what every single male character who fawns over her thinks that she thinks or feels.Without any real insight into Jaenelle's actual mind, the books feel kinda creepy and almost...idk, voyeuristic? to me. Ever single male is totally obsessed with her and would die for her and they're so territorial and protective of her. It's not cute, it's gross. It's even grosser that the only thing Jaenelle's character gets to do to is love them so so much in return. She has more power than anyone else in the whole world, but she doesn't have an ounce of individual personality outside of her relationships with the main male characters. Every detail about her is some kind of plot device to see the emotional journey of the men around her. To be honest, that's just boring and lazy storytelling.Plus, the child rape.... Even beyond the fact that Jaenelle is raped at age 12...which is a plot twist that needs to be done very carefully... The fact that Jaenelle had to have all the men in her life come and save her from how emotionally and physically hurt she was by this left an extremely sour taste in my mouth.Especially since Daemon has been lusting after her since she was a little kid and fighting his inappropriate feelings for her since they met. But it's okay if he's attracted to her as a child, because she's WITCH and besides he's so noble and would never hurt her like he hurt so many other people and look! he even saved her after the 2Dimensional Very Obviously Bad Guys hurt her! obviously it's a totally healthy relationship...

  • Tom
    2019-05-27 15:54

    *Edit 1/4/14 * Man I can't believe I didn't do a review for this one! I came on expecting to just add my thoughts and *DOH* no review. Well let me just say. I first read this series in Sept of 2013 and was rereading by Dec 2013. I have reread a couple series but this is the first that I read every single word and savored them! I'm already looking forward for another 6 months to go by because I will spin my web and try and suck another friend or 2 into the series so I can reread AGAIN! Absolutely love the intensity of the writing and "adore" doesn't sound right coming from a guy but I do adore all the characters. Janelle, Saeten, Daemon, Lucivar and the Coven! What a great bunch.The characters that have been gathered along the way start to come into focus in this one. A good part of the book is spent just getting to know some of the kindred and some of the other Blood that have been picked up along the way. The absence of Janelle in the beginning of the book was noticeable but it made her appearance that much better. And with all things Janelle the story starts to simmer, than it starts to boil and then it explodes! So many intense emotions in this story! Reading it the second time was definitely more intense knowing how every little scene affected the outcome.9/20/13Totally LOVED this book but i want MORE!!! Fuller review to come.

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-06-18 18:51

    Finally, all the children are grown up. Well, as grown up as they can be. They are a force to be reckon with and yet, they are still held back. Some die which just break my heart. Usually, I'm okay with characters dying or getting hurt, but I feel like I've watched all of these characters grow up and to watch them die just kills me. This is the final show down. Witch will now bring war to all the rotten. Lorn is finally revealed. Are we surprised? I'm not surprised. The fact that the others never guessed, I'm disbelieving. Regardless, I do have to say, I cried in this story. When the war is over, I cried for Daemon. And how those ungrateful brats were cold to Daemon. How could they? Bastards. This was a lovely ending to this trilogy. I have my happily ever after even if it is slightly bittersweet.

  • Katie(babs)
    2019-06-07 18:06

    Queen of the Darkness, the third and final book in Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy is comparable to that of the movie, Return of the Jedi. I can’t help but compare this series to the original Star Wars Trilogy. With Queen of the Darkness you know it will be an explosive accumulation of everything that happened in the past two books.Queen of the Darkness is where Jaenelle has come into her own and is now a very powerful queen in her own right. With all this responsibility placed on her shoulders, which she never really wanted, has many important decisions to make. So many creatures, people and animals alike rely on her for guidance. Janelle’s family and close friends know what she is capable of, and it is quiet a scary thing. If Janelle’s hand is forced, she will send such destruction across the land. I liken Jaenelle to a ticking time bomb. Her great Witch power that is deep inside of her is building at such a fast rate because of the evil skanky whore queen, Dorothea, the High Priestess of Hayll and Hekatah the self-proclaimed skank Dark Priestess of Hell. These two women are the most villainous characters I have ever read in literature. They come in a close second to Iago, my all time favorite villain from William Shakespeare’s Othello. They are manipulative, disgusting, greedy and have no morals. They don’t love; just hate and enjoy making those around them suffer. They are the complete opposite of every that Jaenelle is. And they think Janelle is a pitiful scarred woman who will be defeated so they can rule over the realms.Because we, the readers, know what Janelle is capable of and these two perverted evil skanks don’t, when Janelle decides enough is enough with them, the showdown is going to be something of epic proportions. Buckle yourselves in your seats because this is going to be one bumpy ride!It seems the realms have become filled with the stench of evil, much like the cities of Sodom and Gomorra that were told in the Old Testament of the bible. Evil is oozing out of every corner. The Blood has been corrupted and the only way to make things right is a mass cleansing. This is where the prophesy comes into play, where Witch will save everything that is good and right and destroy everything that is not. She is dreams made flesh; the savior. And Janelle is this savior.A war is brewing. Anne takes very intricate steps with Queen of the Darkness and uses her amazing storytelling skills to make the tension grow. We don’t know when or how, but something bad is going to happen. Think of those horror movies where you watch the unfortunate soon to be victim of the serial killer wander around unaware that she will be killed brutally. The audience calls out trying to save the poor woman, but it is no use, because the deranged killer is behind her with a knife ready to plunge it into her flesh. That is the feeling I had while reading Queen of the Darkness. Every page made me very aware that the ending to this epic series will not end all happy and carefree. There will be collateral damage and the one responsible for it all is Jaenelle, who over the course of these three books is a character you can’t help but grown such an emotional attachment to.Even though this may sound like a doom and gloom novel, there are some bright points. Lucivar Yaslana, who is Janelle’s biggest supporter and protector, has found peace in his own life. After thousands of years of horrendous torture both in body and spirit, Lucivar is now married and has a son. His joy came through every single scene he was in because after all his suffering, he has found his own slice of heaven. Saetan, Lucivar’s father and High Lord of Hell, is a loving father and grandfather not only Jaenelle, his adopted daughter, but those who are her servants and followers. He is there to give Jaenelle guidance and help her lead.Then there is Daemon Sadi, son to Saeten and half-brother to Lucivar. When Heir to the Shadows ended, Daemon was lost in the Twisted Kingdom, insane from grief because he believed he stole Jaenelle’s innocence by raping her. Jaenelle went back into the Twisted Kingdom to save Daemon, and now five years later, Daemon has risen out of the Kingdom and is on a search. He is lost and still a bit broken because he feels he doesn’t deserve Jaenelle who he has been waiting for his whole life. Lucivar is there the help him him. Daemon is able to find Jaenelle again. That will begin the next step in their fragile relationship. When Daemon first met Jaenelle, she was barely a teenager, now she is a grown woman with incredible power. She loves Daemon deeply. Daemon’s feelings for Jaenelle can not be named because what he feels for her is so deep and imbedded into his soul. He welcomes everything that Jaenelle is from healer, to queen to Witch.The love between Daemon and Jaenelle is a subtle passion. When they finally come together after so many years apart, I wanted to be overcome with their love. Anne only gives her readers a peek-a-boo look at what Daemon and Jaenelle experience in each other’s arms. And for those who don’t know, Daemon may be skilled at bringing women pleasure because of his phantom power, but has never had actual sex with a woman. He is a virgin and his first time will be with Jaenelle. If only Anne had gone into further detail with the actual physical love between these two.But their happiness does not last for long. Dorothea has finally pushed Janelle too far and now Jaenelle must give into the power of Witch. That means she will gather all her strength and power and unleash it across the land. Jaenelle is an atomic bomb waiting to explode and no one can talk her out of it, not even Daemon. Daemon decides to help Jaenelle and will channel his own power, the power of the Sadist. He grapples with this side of himself and he may not survive either, because when Saeten is captured by Dorothea, Daemon must do some appalling things.The last one-hundred pages of Queen of the Darkness are fast paced and mind blowing. This is a meticulous planned step by step process that Anne has written to end her Black Jewels Trilogy. It has been a very long time since such a book made my heart pound. I cringed and gasped as my heart broke for what Daemon had to do and the final outcome with Jaenelle. The way Anne leaves things will have you aching in pain alongside these two and those they love. What I can promise you is that Dorothea and Hekatah get their comeuppance.But, with the destruction and death to those who turn away from the light, there is a hope of a better tomorrow. Things are not what they seem. Anne gives her readers a special gift in the book, Dreams Made Flesh, which holds four short stories. One being is Kaeleer’s Heart. This story begins a short time after Queen of the Darkness ends and about the aftermath that Jaenelle has unleashed. Anne writes a tender story about Daemon and Jaenelle that I was hoping for in Queen of Darkness. Both these two characters seem so broken. Again, things are not what they seem and Anne delivers the romance and love that Daemon and Jaenelle have for one another so perfectly.My journey with Anne Bishop and her Black Jewels Trilogy was an incredible escape into a world that floored me. These three books have so much yearning and emotion in every scene that Anne has written. If I were you, I would not let this series pass you by like it did with me for so long.

  • Darkphoenix
    2019-06-02 20:08

    The Black Jewels Trilogy was every bit as frustrating and exasperating as it was amazing. I am going to refer to it as a trilogy because, for the most part, this will be a review for all of the three books in the series. I read Written in Blood by Anne Bishop and liked it enough that I wanted to read other books she had written. That Daughter of the Blood was her debut novel is truly astounding for the sheer scale of the world she had built and the richness of the characters who inhabited it.Like the two books before Queen of the Darkness, this one too was told from multiple points of view. I guess I'm getting used to it because I didn't hate the multiple POV quite as much as I normally do. It could also have to do with how the book and the different perspectives were structured and arranged. They fit well together with no disjointed chapters. They flowed into each other seamlessly so that, often the transition from one character to another was almost unnoticeable.While reading this, there were a few days when I wasn't sure I wanted to continue reading this, part of it was because the narrative felt too heavy and intense and the other was that the villains refused to die or give up (more on that later) But I decided to stick with it and I am very happy that I did. I loved Queen of the Darkness and its oddball list of characters.One of the things I loved about Bishop's writing was how easily she weaved in some truly hilarious scenes in situations that were downright volatile. There were a number of laugh-out-loud moments in the books that were a delight to come across because they provided a much-needed break in tension, for the characters as well as the reader. Also, Bishop knows how to build tension and keep it at boiling point. All of the three books so far have been so tense that at times I wasn’t sure that I wanted to read the next one immediately after finishing the previous instalment. I even took it slow with Queen of the Darkness and yet, as I got closer to the end, I finished it one sitting and I could not stop reading till I had reached the end.I love how well Bishop writes the grey characters. This can be said for the protagonists too. But at the end of the day, they are wonderful characters that are a delight to read about. All of the protagonists in the series are grey characters. They are characters who have done horrible things and are still capable of doing horrible things but choose not to and when they did do them, they didn't derive any pleasure from those actions.Another thing about her writing, is that she writes amazing villains. The villains are truly despicable. And if the villains are hateful, there is another category of characters that is even more vile and that is the category of the ignorant fools. Fools who are so sure of their own power, knowledge and ego, that they often do more harm than the actual villains and are very convenient and even eager pawns in the plans of the evildoers.The characters are wonderfully written. There are the human characters and then there are the kindred. Those who are animal in form but have the ability to use Craft and can communicate with the humans. I’m not going to get into the specifics, that would just take ages. But I loved the kindred. I noticed this even in Written in Blood, Bishop writes animals so well. Their way of thinking and seeing the humans is often hilarious and they are all so loveable! I loved them! I liked how diverse the various characters were and that they were distinct. The list of characters is long and for those many characters to be memorable and diverse is definitely no easy feat.There were a tumble of characters that I loved. I loved Gabrielle and Karla. Especially Karla, I adored her, and her “Kiss-Kiss”. I loved that she treated everyone the same irreverence (literally, everyone from Saetan to Lucivar. She was funny and a lot of trouble. She was also the only one who always believed in Jaenelle and Daemon when no one else could see what they were planning. She was my favourite among the Queens. Then there was Saetan, the deadly High Lord and yet, his exchanges with the young Queens was nothing short of hilarious. I also really liked Titain and Sylvia. I would love to see more of Draca.Of the men, I really liked Chaosti and Morton (I still remember the first time he met Saeten and delivered Karla’s letter, that was priceless). Of the kindred, I loved Greysfang (and his interactions with Surreal), Ladvarian and Kaelas.Then there are the main characters, Saetan, Lucivar, Daemon, Surreal and Jaenelle. As far as main characters go, these five were amazing. They were such a mixed bag. One of was an assassin, the other two were powerful warlord Prices and extremely powerful and then there was the High Lord of Hell, the one who controls those cross over into the Shadow Realm. And then there is Jaenelle, the Witch, the most powerful witch in all the realms and Queen. These characters are so powerful that it would have been easy for them to turn into dull and stagnant. But that is so far from what happened. They grow over the course of the three books and become fully-rounded people, with strengths and weaknesses. They all had their blindspots and had their moments of of frailty but they rose above it. I like all of them but my favourite among them was Surreal. Surreal was an assassin and definitely a bitter pill. She wasn’t interested in being nice or polite. She kicked ass and was a worthy opponent. She was also a very deadly assassin so more points for that. I love Surreal and i definitely want to see more of her in the next books!The antagonists were suitably repulsive. I hated Kartane and I was so pleased when he got what he deserved. It was very satisfying. As for Hekatah and Dorothea, few characters have inspired the kind of hatred these two did in me. They were absolutely horrible with not a single decent bone in their entire putrid bodies. But as awful as they were, there were others who were so blinded by their own ignorance, ambition and greed that they were actually worse. Jorvall and Hobart come to mind. And then there was Alexandra and Philip. Alexandra’s wilful ignorance was hard to swallow and in the end, I felt that she got what she deserved.The only thing that was perhaps frustrating about the trilogy was that the villains were left too long to play their game. Sticking with Dorothea and Hekatah over the course of three books was a bit much. After a point, as a reader, you just feel irritated that these same characters were still around and kicking. There were new lesser characters in each of the three books to keep things a little fresh but it wasn't enough. I felt that these two got dragged on for far too long.There were also a number of deaths in the Queen of the Darkness, and even though most of them were secondary characters, I was still very sad to see some of them go. I hope that they didn’t all die and perhaps may return in one of the other books.Before finishing this book, I had decided to take a break from this series for a bit, now I’m not so sure, there are characters that I want to meet again and see where they are what they are upto. But I shudder at what the new threat facing them will be and therefore, for the sake of my sanity, maybe a break is the wisest course of action.

  • Sarah
    2019-06-11 19:48

    Buddy read with AlyI have been absolutely addicted to Anne Bishop's Black Jewels trilogy ever since I discovered Daughter of the Blood and after the huge changes at the end of Heir to the Shadows I couldn't wait to start Queen of the Darkness. This book was everything I'd hoped it would be and then some and I didn't want to put it down for a second. I can't believe how much I've come to love these characters and I'm was so incredibly invested in their stories that I desperately needed to know what would happen to them all. I'm going to assume that if you're reading this review you've already read the last two books so although this review will be spoiler free for Queen of Darkness I will be discussing events in previous stories. If you don't want to see these spoilers then look away now but before you go I will tell you that the Black Jewels trilogy is one of the most complex, compelling and utterly addictive fantasy series that I've discovered in a long time and if it's one you haven't started yet then you're seriously missing out!Still with me? Well, in that case I'm going to assume you're already an Anne Bishop fan and high five you for loving the series as much as I do! At the end of Heir to the Shadows we saw Jaenelle claim her territory so that she was able to protect her Kindred friends. Jaenelle now has a court of powerful Queens, Warlords and Kindred who would all do anything for her but she takes that responsibility seriously and will protect them with her life if needed. I have loved seeing Jaenelle grow into her power, she really is an incredible character and after so much suffering in her life she has now become a strong and confident young woman. I actually feel very proud of everything that she has achieved and I couldn't wait to see her figure out how to deal with the enemies who have done everything they could to destroy her.One of the things that I was most excited about was seeing her reunited with Daemon. I missed his presence in the last book but I understood why that distance was needed, he has suffered enough though and it was time to see both of them find a way to happiness. Daemon has finally found his way out of the Twisted Kingdom and taken his place at Jaenelle's side as her consort but it is a role in name only as the two of them struggle to communicate their wants and needs to each other. I really enjoyed seeing someone as experienced as Daemon so unsure of himself, he loves Jaenelle so much and is terrified of putting pressure on her but as inexperienced as she is she has no idea how to make the first move. It was great seeing Saetan, Lucivar and the others help the two of them work through things and I loved seeing them all spending time together building or rebuilding their bonds. Things between Saetan and his sons are incredibly complicated but we get to see them slowly get to know each other and learn to trust themselves.Jaenelle is the most powerful Witch born in thousands of years and she can feel the evil that is trying to destroy all three realms. She knows what has to be done to stop it and she knows that she will pay the ultimate price but that is something she is willing to do to protect the people she loves. Her friends aren't quite so willing to let her bear that cost though and they are determined to find another way. The love that all of these characters have for her is absolutely heart warming but I've also thoroughly enjoyed seeing the friendships build between them as individuals and getting to see some of my favourite characters find love and happiness in their own right.I don't want to say too much more about what happens in this book because I think it's much better if you can enjoy the journey for yourself. I will say that I absolutely loved every minute of this book. This entire series has taken me on an emotional roller coaster, one where I've both laughed and cried. There have been times when I was so mad that my blood was boiling and others where I felt emotionally drained and exhausted but I have also fallen in love and met some of the most fantastic characters - ones who will stay with me for years to come. I can absolutely guarantee that this is a series I'll return to again in the future and I'm glad that I've still got some short stories set in the same world to devour before the journey is completely over. I may be a fairly new fan of Anne Bishop but I'm now a die-hard one and I can't wait to discover more of her books!

  • Teghan
    2019-05-28 20:44

    An excellent conclusion to a really weird series.I read all three books in about 3 weeks, they were that well written and that well paced. Anne Bishop dares you to stop reading. I still can't decide whether I liked these books or not. They were very out of my element and a lot of the themes distresses me greatly. However they were a great way to kill a few weeks at a boring summer job. The end was a tad anti-climactic I felt, but the build up to it was nail-bittingly exciting. Upon finishing the series, I realized that they are not telling Janaelle's story, but instead the story of Daemon...which was a really interesting revelation. In the context of him than, he really did evolve in ways that were fascinating to explore. He ended up being such a multi-layered complex character that it surprised me. Probably one of the most interesting male character's I've encountered in fiction.

  • Tracey
    2019-06-04 15:48

    I just loved this trilogy, but I would say that Daughter of the Blood is the best one!!!

  • Liz
    2019-06-13 16:02

    HOLY SH*T WAS THAT INTENSE. The immense amount of sexual violence and torture in this series (like, seriously...these books fall under every TW in existence) has made it hard to truly enjoy, but in this final book I think, at last, Bishop's writing skills have balanced out her occasionally grotesque content. I can't remember the last time I read the finale of a fantasy series and felt so satisfied; Bishop sacrificed neither plot nor action, and ended the trilogy's arc nicely. She still had waaaaaaaay too many characters that I could barely remember let alone care for, and the ending is left ambiguous re: Jaenelle and the state of her powers, but overall I felt very happy with this book as a story and as an ending to a trilogy.

  • Chris
    2019-06-12 15:41

    Yep, that was good. Really good.

  • Debrac2014
    2019-06-23 19:47

    Good ending to the trilogy! Even tho it was hard to read the last few chapters!

  • Barb Lie
    2019-05-28 14:03

    “Queen of the Darkness” is the 3rd book in Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy. After I finished this book, I was totally hyped and couldn’t come down fast enough from an emotional read. Not since Sword of Truth, has a series affected me so much. If you have read my previous two reviews, you already know how I feel about the Black Jewels series. The first book was the darkest, but you became hooked pretty fast, and recognize that Anne Bishop has created a world like non other, and her imagination, wonderful characterizations pulls you very deep into this story. The second book though the premise of cruelty remains, as is normal in fantasy, was so much lighter and a more enjoyable read. “In Queen of the Darkness”, the lighter, but intense story continues to an exciting and emotional ending. “Queen of the Darkness” is two parts. Part 1 brings you back into the story, meeting all the wonderful people you became so attached to in the previous two books, as well as some new characters. It also brings the major pieces together, such as Daemon and Surreal to the family, and sets things up for the exciting Part 2, where choices have to made, to face the forthcoming battle against evil. Anne Bishop not only creates such wonderful leading characters, her secondary characters are just as lovable. She has a way that brings them so close to your heart, and it’s almost like you are living within each of those characters. Of course, as in any story, she has her villains, and in this case they are women (some men); her 2 vicious villainess’ are as hated, as the others are loved. Upon finishing the Black Jewels trilogy, these wonderful characters that I have come to love, will stay with me:Jaenelle- whom you meet at 7 years old, and know she is destined for greatness. You will love her immediately and watch her mature from a child, to a young adult, to a young woman, and to WITCH. Saetan – He is the High Lord of Hell, as I said before, nothing like you would have imagined him to be. He is a joy to watch throughout the entire series. He is fun, humorous, and at the same time can be lethal. But his love for the daughter of his soul, Jaenelle, and later on for his sons, his family, and her friends is so wonderful to be part of. Lucivar – So strong, funny, tough, a leader and loyal to his sister. He knew early on that this child he briefly met would be someone in the future who will change his life forever. Daemon – He should go down as one of the best leading male characters in fiction. He is strong, beautiful, and highly sexual. He has a very cruel side (due to his horrific early days), and the wonderful emotional loving side (after he meets Jaenelle). Daemon fits the description of dark & & hate. A very emotional ride throughout for him. The four of them complete each other. But there are so many other characters you also come to care deeply about; Surreal, Andulvar, Karla, Prothvar, Ladvarian, Kaelas, Graysfang, and of course the rest of her coven and their warlords. You know you are in trouble, when you find yourself falling in love with Lord of the warlord heroes…………………………a kindred dog…lolThe last 1/3 of the book was very exciting and tense, as Anne Bishop pulled everything out of her imagination to play with your emotions…hatred for those evil bitches, for what they were doing; sadness and tears for the sacrifices to be made to save the them all. Surreal trying to teach Jaenelle how to kiss Daemon…laughter; Saetan dreaming..and all those characters who came to visit him in his dream to say goodbye…tears; Surreal & her mother…crying vengeance against two of the most vile men…cheers; Daemon at the fountain…double tears; Saetan hearing the wolves howling.…triple tears. Then later came my Ladvarian…to bring some peace.If I had to pick one thing that I would have is part of the ending. Though it was a good ending, I would have liked to have enhanced it more with an epilogue or another chapter bringing some of them together as a group. But that is me, I like those mushy endings. I am totally in awe of Anne Bishop, who took her time in telling us her story, and bringing us these wonderful characters, whom we were able to live through them. She has created a heart rendering, beautiful story of a young child coming to greatness, and the devoted men and friends, who stood beside her against the evil. Lastly, I have to say one more thing…………………”Mother Night!”

  • Quinn David
    2019-05-27 12:48

    I tried so hard to like this series. I gave it more effort than I've given many series and it's almost as if the more effort I gave it, the more I wanted it to be good, the more it let me down. I wasn't even looking for something that involved, I just wanted a romance with a basic good vs evil plot line that I could semi invest myself in. I knew in books 1 and 2 that this series was never going to be one of my favorites, but I had hoped it would at least be decent, and sadly I was wrong. My issues:Consistency. Everyone is all over the place and the author can't seem to commit to one characterization. Take Daemon for example, the hero. All that I really expected from him was that he would be strong and I'd hoped for at least a semi convincing love story. Going into book one we knows he's a warlord prince, he wears the black, a feat only matched by his father and his lover, he's old, and he's known as the sadist. That would make me think he would be characterized as a strong standoffish kind of man who only opens up to his lover in secret. Boy was I wrong. He, like just about every other male in the book, is written like a stereotypical woman. He does a lot of throwing up when confronted with trauma, rushing from rooms in distress and not to mention the fact that he spends like 8 or 13 years (cause sadly I forget the total now) with his mind broken due to trauma, because the Sadist (definition: taking pleasure in other people's pain) can't seem to take it. That to me is inconsistent with everything we know about him from the set up, and because of it I can't get behind him as a character. Let's to go the main character next, Jaenelle. It's a book about her, she is the main character, she is dreams made flesh and all that mumbo jumbo, and yet where is she? It takes a good 40% of the book before she even appears (minus the prologue). Instead we get to spend time with people who wander around going where's Jaenelle? We spend more time with Lucivar's wife who is newly introduced in this book then we do with Jaenelle. And even when she finally enters the story she doesn't do anything. She walks around and people are intimidated. And then she's supposed to have a romance with Daemen except that they can't even do that right. And then finally when everything about to fumble it's way into place we learn... that Daemon is a virgin. Huh? The dude who's introduced as a pleasure slave known as the Sadist is a virgin! It just doesn't make sense. I wasn't looking for this book to be good. It I just wanted it to logically make sense. It feels as if the author has turned all of her characters into Mary Sues. They're strong but weak, and nice but mean, they can do everything and nothing.And finally (I say finally only because otherwise I would continue on forever because there are so many issues I've barely begun to touch), finally the language. She just has characters say random things that don't have any grounding in the story and this feels out of place. It's like reading Peter and the Wolf with its musical themes. Like all the women call the men "Boyos." Why?! Are they Irish? Why that term? Then Karla starts and ends every conversation saying "kiss kiss". It's literally the only thing she says. Why does she say it? Its like the author didn't want to take time fleshing out her side characters so she gave them a code word so you would be able to tell them apart. Surreal says "sugah " like she's some southern bell, daemon likes the use of "darling", and don't get me starts on that stupid curse word phrase "hell's fire and mother night." The phrases just don't even pretend to fit her characters. I don't want to destroy this book series too much because clearly there was something that kept me reading through 3 books, I just sadly don't know what it was and I can say with complete certainty that this will be the last book I'm reading in this series.

  • Shortlatte
    2019-06-24 20:04

    Review is for books 1-3:I had heard about The Black Jewels Trilogy for ages, but for some reason or another always managed to talk myself out of tracking it down. A couple of months ago, I found the Trilogy at a local used book store and fished out some store credit. Twenty minutes later, I’d gotten home and thought “no time like the present”, and so sat down to read. I didn’t get up again for 24 hours (well, I allowed myself 8 to sleep). Then I drove to the bookstore, bought the companion book Dreams Made Flesh, came home, and read for another 5 hours.In Black Jewels, Anne Bishop created a tale that managed to do what few books can: it took me out of myself, completely transporting me for a few precious hours. Bishop’s world-building is magnificent, but it is the characters that make the series. And in particular, three men: Daemon, Saetan, and Lucivar. How, you ask, does Bishop make a reader sympathize with three separate devilish incarnations? The more apt question would be, what could Bishop have these characters do to make us turn away from them? In a world populated with truly black souls, Bishop shows that sometimes those thought to be the monsters really reside in the grey. Most importantly, the interactions among the three convince the reader not only that they are real, but that they really are family.While much of Bishop’s imagery is dark and some downright uncomfortable, she also manages to craft what has become one of my favorite romances, one that is surprisingly sweet for being surrounded by so much that is unsavory. From the first, Daemon and Jaenelle’s relationship exudes the growth of trust, friendship, and honest liking that so many authors neglect to show readers. Both characters learn from each other, despite a rather critical gap in age and experience, and it is their platonic love that sells me on this couple long before their relationship progresses to other kinds of intimacy.One of the things I love best about Bishop’s world is that it lacks a defined sense of time and place. It could take place on any of the continents we know, or in some land of Bishop’s own creation; in the future, centuries in the past, or right this moment in some alternate reality. This ambiguity adds to the story’s often surreal quality and drew me in more than many contemporary or historical fantasies are able to.The one thing that bothered me about the series was that I never quite got a handle on Jaenelle. This, I think, was a calculated effort on Bishop’s part, as the perspective allows for insight into nearly every other character’s head but for hers. Regardless, the Black Jewels Trilogy is a fantastic series that I can foresee rereading time and again.http://abookandashortlatte.wordpress....

  • Amanda
    2019-06-15 15:53

    I got sucked so hard into this series that I ended up reading books two and three in an afternoon. I think that says something on its own. I gave up a whole day to this, rather than the hour or two I like to devote to reading.It's funny, too, because the style of the series really annoys the heck out of me. I love the darkness of it -- and I don't mean that it's set in hell with demons and witches and whatever. The author really does deal with some incredibly dark issues, and that tends to fascinate me. Add into that the fact that the author is alarmingly good at making me laugh out loud at silly things.I think the thing that gets me about things is how completely off-the-scale everything ends up being. I mean, the author sets her own scale and immediately broke it. And then broke it again. And then broke the broken break. And the time-spans involved! The author doesn't have anything against having someone be alive 50,000 years ago, or something happening 1,700 years ago, or whatever. It's unreal. I honestly wish she had taken a zero off of everything, just to make it a little more palatable.Magic seems absolutely limitless; it really doesn't feel like there's any rules at all to Jaenelle's magic, like she's capable of absolutely anything. The characters lack depth: the villains have nothing to redeem themselves, and there are hundreds if not thousands of people that fall into the category of totally, purely evil. The good guys are purely good, sometimes bumbling, often opinionated and full of knowing looks. I really think the only two characters that were fully developed were Jaenelle and Daemon, though by the end of book three I could add in Karla and Surreal.And, and. Naming conventions. Really. Gah. Ugh. It's a truly amazing horde of hokey names: Saetan, Daemon, Lucivar, Cassandra, SaDiablo, Hayll, Hepsabah, Hekatah... the list goes on... and the rings of obedience? The hokey was nearly overpowering.Yet, despite all that, I did enjoy this quite a bit. Your mileage may vary.

  • Allyce Cameron
    2019-06-15 20:00

    (view spoiler)[ Re-reading this and I still cried at the end. And I knew it was going to be ok. Daemon and Jaenelle ♡ (hide spoiler)]