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Finally available in English, this fascinating biography covers the entire life of the visionary and messenger of the Immaculate Conception. The saint of Lourdes, France, Bernadette spoke the very words of the Virgin Mary, teaching of the merits of prayer, penance and poverty. With over 100 photographs, this factual biography reads like a novel....

Title : Bernadette Speaks: A Live of Saint Bernadette Soubirous in Her Own Words
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ISBN : 9780819811547
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Bernadette Speaks: A Live of Saint Bernadette Soubirous in Her Own Words Reviews

  • ♥ Ibrahim ♥
    2019-05-26 17:38

    The book combines historical accuracy with intriguing, charming narrative style narrating the story of a peasant simple girl who barely spoke French as she spoke patois primarily. she was never aware of who she really was and she simply was given over to the Lord. She never claimed to see the Virgin but it was aqueró, that thing who appeared to her at the grotto. Miracles after miracles keep happening at her hands and in all of this she was never aware of what she was doing or even what was about to happen. She was so simple that she had difficulty learning the catechism and didn't know how to verbalize her beliefs on the Trinity. It just shows you that it has a lot more to do with than just knowing correct formulae of doctrine and it has everything to do with the simple, naive heart of a baby that trusts the Lord completely, and admittedly such was our dearly beloved saint, Bernadette. She had asthma ad yet the Lord used her in performing miracles. Such people were by no means wrapped up in themselves because they didn't think much of themselves and were wrapped up in passionate love and devotion to the Lord and His mysteries. Her family, the Soubirous family, had to leave the cachot as the stench of manure-pile was becoming intolerable and hazardously detrimental to their health. We are talking here about regular, everyday folks who in their own circumstances practiced saintly Christian living and the Lord chose them for His purposes, for the sake of His own good name. It had nothing whatsoever to do with accumulating theological knowledge but it had everything in the world to do with being CHOSEN and living out that chosen-ness by being fully the Lord's and never losing that simplicity which is ours in Christ Jesus. Our beloved saint who had such wisdom from above imparted to her heart had difficulties in school. She would say, "I'll never anything. You'll have to shove the book into my head!". She couldn't learn how to read, and yet she behaved as one taught directly by the Lord."Many sick people came to see the "Visionary" of Lourdes. Bernadette protested that she had no power. She could only pray for them, like anyone else. That was all. (page 202). That should answer the question of those who might in their zeal protest and shout as I once did, to my shame: You are stealing from the glory of God. But Bernadette and people like her never claimed to have any special powers. They were simple, uneducated, naive, and yet they saw the Lord who shone on their faces while they themselves didn't know it probably. He used them, a broom in His own hands, to borrow the words of Bernadette herself, and He alone receives the glory, not mortal humans. One of the main lessons that this book has taught me, as always, to never judge a person by their external appearance. Instead, expect God to work miracles and use people you won't even think much of. He is the One working. and so don't inhibit His work by your unbelief or shallow judgement. Soeur Emilie emphasized that Bernadette was very natural, without any affectation. She behaved like everyone else, but better than everyone else (p. 335). Bernadette understood that money is fire (James 5: 1-3). "It burns me", she was heard saying that. She didn't see herself as more than a pebble:"The Blessed Virgin picked me up like a pebble."She told Soeur Stéphanie Vareillaud, "I am a stone; what can you get from a stone?""Oh! A pebble, that's it, hardheaded". In a vivid parable to Soeur Philippine Molinéry, Bernadette asks, "What do you do with a broom when you're done sweeping?" Soeur Philippine got surprised and answered, "What kind of a Question is that?""Yes, I am asking you where you put it when you are done with it?"'....In a corner behind the door.'Then gleefully Bernadette said, "Well, I was like a broomstick for the Blessed Virgin; when she no longer needed me, she put me in my place behind the door.'And with a clap of her hands, she added, "Here I am and here I'll stay.""Both her voice and gesture were very happy," the witness went on to say.

  • Frank
    2019-06-03 15:48

    Bernadette, now a saint in the Catholic Church and who's body is still undecayed after 150 years is a facsinating person. This book gives a better picture of who the real Bernadette was not the glitter person some books show. She tells her own story as found in notes, letters, memories and official documents. Bernadette saw the Blessed Virgin in the 1850s and she is where the famous "Lourds" comes from and the miraculous cures so well documented. But this book deals more with who Bernadette was as person. There is a lot more depth to her than I realized. This is a big book but I found it got better as I got further into it. She was a quiet girl and and very humble yet had fantastic insight into the spiritual world. This is a keeper and one I will read over and over. She offers some real guidance to walking in the spiritual way.

  • Marci
    2019-06-15 15:45

    I loved this book. It's a saint's biography that does read more like a novel. A lot of research went into this novel, and it shows because there's now a fluidity that is otherwise unheard of. The ending drags on a little bit, but I loved this book. Definitely would recommend.

  • Dedy
    2019-06-05 16:55

    uhhhhh....buku ini tebal banget,butuh waktu 1 bulan untuk membacanya.ceritanya sangat bagus.cuma sedikit membingungkan.

  • Sumangali Morhall
    2019-06-11 16:50

    A real treasure, meticulously researched and carefully presented. Laurentin has endeavoured to stand back and let Saint Bernadette speak for herself as much as possible. At first glance this seems like a rather hefty textbook, but Bernadette comes to life so clearly in the pages, the result is enthralling. She feels accessible not only through the relative recency of her life (1844-1879), but also through her very human struggles, her simple background and her pragmatic nature. I had trouble putting this book down.

  • Jan
    2019-06-22 17:37

    Excellent review for volunteer experience in Lourdes

  • Anne Bernier
    2019-06-19 14:07

    Awesome book on the life of St. Bernadette. Many of her own words are used and interviews given by those who knew and lived with her.