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Power, corruption, revenge… Falling in love sure is hard.Nothing will come between book-lover Paige Sullivan and her dream library internship. That includes her new roommate, the panty annihilator known as Sam Cleary. But a man from Paige’s past reappears with a secret agenda and puts everything at risk, including her growing feelings for Sam.Blackmailed to protect his famPower, corruption, revenge… Falling in love sure is hard.Nothing will come between book-lover Paige Sullivan and her dream library internship. That includes her new roommate, the panty annihilator known as Sam Cleary. But a man from Paige’s past reappears with a secret agenda and puts everything at risk, including her growing feelings for Sam.Blackmailed to protect his family, Sam Cleary is in way over his head. But when his childhood crush becomes his new roommate, old feelings are rekindled, even as his family’s secrets begin to unravel....

Title : wicked me
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  • Romi || Romi Reads
    2019-04-02 01:44

    Just to get it out of my way: I always find it hard to believe that people who feel so much lust for the body of another person really exist. Both Sam and Paige were really focussed on each other’s body and it seemed like all they really wanted was to dive in each other’s panties at every hour of the day. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that a little unbelievable. Don’t get me wrong – I really enjoyed the steamy scenes, that’s why I read NA. It’s just that every time he sees Paige’s bum, Sam’s pants seem to get too small …. poor SamRam. Nonetheless, it was a really REALLY enjoyable book – I know I’m moaning about the overdose of lust, but if it’d bother me too much I should stop reading NA. But somehow, I just won’t … 😉Wicked Me was not only filled with lust, but also with action, secrets, betrayal and actual love. Although it seemed, to me, like their love is mainly based on lust, it’s also based on a deep spiritual connection (sounds so dull, I know) – they really want what’s best for the other and they have known each other since they were little!Besides the love story between the main characters they also each have their own story filled with nasty blackmail. The whole story really had me on the edge of my seat, be it for the hotness between Paige and Sam or for the thrill of their secrets.I loved the character of Paige – she was a perfect representation of a bookworm! She’s always loved the feelings of happiness that the written word gave her, like so many of us can recognise. Of course it’s nice to read about the characters going into bars and their experiences there, but I enjoyed reading about Paige’s evenings spent with her books just as much! I just love to read about a character that’s so much like myself!This story really was a rollercoaster ride, filled with loveable characters. I’d love to read more about Nicole and Charlotte, two other interns at the library. There were some hints that maybe the next books in this series will be about them? I really do hope so, but until then I really recommend you read Wicked Me!

  • books are love
    2019-03-24 05:46

    For a first time out of the gat Lindsey Loucks has done a terrific job in capturing her readers. The book is full of secrets, pain, love and trust. We get romance, danger and intrigue.The character I loved the most is Sam. This poor guy. He lost so much protecting his family. All that he does for his sister wow. He was the one good guy in this whole book. His sister was once so vivacious and he blamed himself for her fall. Good thing she kicked that out of his system in the end and showed how strong she was. It was also his sister that helped reveal to him the truth which is wow just wow.Sam is a good guy. He is smart and has a wicked sense of humor. And I mean wicked in every sense of the word. He tried to stay on the straight and arrow but did make a mistake due to his love for his sister. A love that really guides him through everything he does. He feels responsible for his sister’s downfall and takes on protecting his family from Hill. His brother is doing a little in his own way to protect but is just too greedy to see the whole picture. As he is dealing with having to do things that sicken him for his family, Paige an old friend of his brother’s comes back into his world and shows him a different life. She gives him an escape from all he has going on. Paige for him is the one who has been his love from childhood. The chemistry between him and Paige sizzles. these two are so great together. She even gets to see him comfortable in his own skin and got him reading romantic suspense novels.Paige is a book nerd. So much so that she is a librarian. She is back in Sam’s world due to a internship at the LIbrary of Congress. Her first meeting with Sam she had a naughty encounter in a library. Her next she saw the tension between the brothers. Paige is sweet, strong, smart and kind. She made mistakes in her past that haunt her but also are used against her for someone’s own political ambitions. The secrets in this book are just wow. You see greed and selfishness play out in so many characters-the only one who really is sacrificing for others is Sam. Everything he does is to protect his sister and family. Paige has been made to feel wicked by her parents and is trying to protect herself and her secret so she allows her past to dictate some of her actions now. In the end, her secrets do come out but that is for the best. The romance is sizzling. Paige and Sam just fit and you could tell from the beginning. Sam grows so much in this book as does Paige. For Sam he begins to realize that his sister is stronger than he thinks, he finds his voice and begins to stand up for himself more and falls in love. Paige realizes that she made a mistake in her past and that that is what has created her trust issues and you can’t compare people to each other. She also learns to stand up for herself and believe in herself and love. Their journey to each other is fraught with secrets, danger, intrigue, sweet moments that are filled with some wicked talk (the watching of the zombie marathon is an example), and learning to be completely honest no matter how afraid you are. The book is told in both Sam’s and Paige’s thoughts and I have to say Sam’s is more heartbreaking. You see how much pain and agony he is in but also how much he loves his sister and all he is sacrificing for her. He sacrifices himself and his beliefs for her. We see his guilt and his love on full display. A story filled with love, secrets, joy and sexy moments that capture from the beginning and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

  • Rob Naylor
    2019-03-27 00:36

    Not a big romance fan but enjoyed this novel. Most of the main characters seem broken in some way. Story was interesting & moved along at a good pace. Sex scenes were not overly graphic. All in all worth your purchase.

  • Samantha Smart
    2019-03-27 08:01

    A great page turner and pantie wetter... danger sex what A great combination... brilliant written in a great storyline. Well don3 and well written looking forward to more from.this authour

  • Seraphia
    2019-04-13 02:47

    Wicked Me by Lindsey Loucks is a steamy romance that will leave you in need of a dry pair of panties. In this book, we are introduced to Sam Cleary. Sam is what some would view as the “errant” son when in truth he is far from it. Sam works at auto repair by day and runs errands for a local drug dealer when called upon. Sam isn’t doing this for kicks, and he knows the dangers that he faces with every job that he takes on, but do it he must. We are also introduced to Paige. Paige has returned to the D.C. area after moving away years ago to intern at the Library of Congress. It’s a dream come true for her. Her ultimate dream is to be chosen to work there after the six weeks of internship are finished. It won’t be an easy road, but it’s one that she is willing to pursue to accomplish her dreams. Her plans to stay with a friend are disrupted when a pipe burst turning the friend’s house into a waterpark. So when Sam’s brother, Riley, offers to let her stay with them, she accepts. Paige expects to be coming to stay with old friends from back when she was younger. What she gets is something totally different starting with a chance encounter with Sam at the local library.Wicked Me by Lindsey Loucks is an amazing story. I love how the author balances the story. We get to see so much! Each of the characters has their quirks, secrets, and so much more. The author gives us questions and then gives us the answers to those questions in just the right places to satisfy our curiosity. I love that there is a good dose of humor written into this story as well. It catches you off guard, and it’s so well done that none of it feels forced. The scenes between Paige and Sam are steamy hot! It starts off as a spark, and then turns to a slow burn before igniting the pages and so much more. I couldn’t get enough. I absolutely love Paige as a character. I literally wish that she was real because I feel she would make a fantastic friend as an avid bookworm. Paige is so engaging and likable as a character, as well as some of the girls that she works with at the library. I love that there is no cattiness between the girls when they all meet on their first day, and how they are all unique in their own ways. I guess you could say I geeked out quite a bit during this story. There isn’t anything that I didn’t like about this book. In my opinion, the author does such a fantastic job with the storyline. There are so many layers to it that unfold at just the right times. The author layers political ambition, drug dealing, and personal secrets all together so well. The story just pulls you deeper and deeper into each page. This book is a real page-turner at its best. I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars. I normally do not fan out when it comes to romance novels, but this book is easily one of my top favorites. I couldn’t get enough of Paige and Sam. Their chemistry burned up the pages at every turn. This is one book that I highly recommend to anyone who loves a good romance that will have you in for a steamy night. Lindsey Loucks has really outdone herself with this amazing story. I honestly cannot wait for more books from her in the future.

  • Lilly Charysma
    2019-04-06 02:44

    Another great author discovered! I like it when this happens. Lindsey R. Loucks has done a wonderful job with this book. I loved how the characters were created, how they were shaped as a couple. Suffice to say, this was a book worth my time.Page’s dream to become a librarian brought her living with her childhood friend and his brother. Yes, she lives with two guys. Sam’s attraction for Page started when they were kids, so imagine his reaction when seeing her. Still, as the blurb says, his past will come back for him. If or how will he manage to choose one path or another, remains to be seen in the pages of this lovely book.The main characters are well developed. Page is determined to achieve her dream. She is always surrounded by books and always ready to start a conversation about them, which it was very easy to relate with her story (I even want to become a librarian myself!). Sam has his secrets and dark past. He will have to learn how to right his mistakes, or at least face them. Their relationship is built very nicely and the writing is exceptional to say the least!Suffice to say I fell in love with this book and with Lindsey Loucks’ writing style. I’m sure I’ll read more titles by her. In the meantime, check out “Wicked Me” and I hope you’ll like it at least as much as I did.

  • Leah Ford
    2019-03-19 05:50

    I received an ARC copy for and honest review.This was a really good story, I love a story that makes you try and guess what is going to happen or leads you in one direction then takes another. I liked the "love them hate them" characters. There was some laugh out loud humour, the character interaction was believable and smooth, there was also some "oh my word" moments.The reason for the three stars is I found it so repetitive. Biting lips, raised brows, tight bulging get my meaning. The love interest in this story is good and relevant, the build up is done quite nicely and even in some ways quite sweet, but I just think the repetitiveness ruined a perfectly good story.I would still recommend this book though, try to ignore the repetitiveness and you have a good read.

  • Jessica Woods
    2019-04-09 00:33

    With a new adult/ bad boy vibe, this super sexy contemporary romance is full of intrigue and family drama. A 3.5 star review for me (I rounded up) because this is not my favorite genre but still an enjoyable read. A would-be librarian returns to her hometown to find her high school friend's little brother has grown up nicely. Sam has been in love with Paige since he was eight so he jumps at the chance to start a relationship. Both are in trouble, dirty politics play out into blackmail and danger as they try to hide their secrets and preserve their families. A little bit predictable, the story plays out quickly with a HEA. For readers that like sex charged bad boy romances, this book is for you. My voluntary, unbiased review is based upon a review copy.

  • Topaz May
    2019-03-27 23:43

    I read this book twice to figure out how I really felt about it. One the one side, I wasn't really buying the constant hot pants both characters seemed to have throughout this book. But then I reread it trying to keep in mind the age and history of the characters and I felt that the constant hot pants didn't feel so out of place. Both reads through, I saw great writing with flawed characters who had real world problems and sensibilities. I enjoyed this book through both reads and wholeheartedly recommend it to New Adult readers. I requested an ARC of this book so that I could post an honest review.

  • Tanya
    2019-03-21 07:45

    i got an arc copy and i want to reviewshe will not let anything or anyone get in her way for her dream job. her room mate could cause a problem when his past rears its ugly head. will he bring them crashing to the ground? will she lose everything she has dreamt of? will they become a couple? will the past break them? a great read

  • Linda Martin
    2019-04-03 05:40

    Hey Everyone. I received Wicked Me as an ARC-Advanced Reader Copy for an honest review. Well, I have to say I loved reading about Sam and Page's love story. The author really did a fine job of delivering a great story. They both weren't totally honest with each other. But, it was a fun book to read. 2 thumbs up for me!! Linda Martin

  • Jackie
    2019-03-28 05:49

    This book is not usually my type of genre, but is well written. Sam and Paige seem to have an attraction for each other and don’t seem to be able to get enough of each other. If you like hot romance, don’t miss out.

  • Ola Adamska
    2019-03-26 07:53

    As a debut contemporary romance author, Ms. Loucks did the really good job.In this book, you will find the interesting and complicated plot, forgotten love, lust, past problems and complicated emotions.This thinks mixed together mage the book really good.

  • Essy
    2019-04-06 04:59

    Good read characters are interesting good plot. Good start to Wicked in the Stacks.I voluntarily reviewed this ARC book

  • Sandra Singleton
    2019-04-11 06:56

  • Elle Harte
    2019-04-02 04:43

    Great book, with a nice plot and compelling characters, that make you want more. Enjoyed it!

  • Lindsey
    2019-04-07 00:55