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When handsome army officer Avery Fox unexpectedly inherits a fortune, he instantly becomes one of the season's most eligible bachelors. More accustomed to the battlefield, he has no patience with the naive debutantes who fill the ballrooms of London. Honest and impetuous Lady Lucy Radley is a breath of fresh air, guiding him through the season and helping him to avoid anyWhen handsome army officer Avery Fox unexpectedly inherits a fortune, he instantly becomes one of the season's most eligible bachelors. More accustomed to the battlefield, he has no patience with the naive debutantes who fill the ballrooms of London. Honest and impetuous Lady Lucy Radley is a breath of fresh air, guiding him through the season and helping him to avoid any traps. So when Avery is left with little option but to marry Lucy, he can't help but feel he's been manipulated. Nor can he shake the feeling that a duke's daughter should be out of his reach. From the wildly beautiful Scottish Highlands to the elegant soirees of Paris, Avery and Lucy go on a journey that is full of surprises for them both. But will their feelings for each other be strong enough to overcome the circumstances of their marriage and survive the ghosts of Avery's past?...

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the duke s daughter Reviews

  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    2019-06-15 05:55

    I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.This is book three in the "The Duke of Strathmore" series. Avery Fox has been hurt physically from a injury the got in war. Then his brother is killed and he is given his brothers title. Avery has been a soldier and not so much a person raised for a title. Lady Lucy Radley is looking for love in her marriage but she does want to help Avery get more familiar with the town and his title. But they accidentally fall in to a rose bush and get caught. They are then forced to marry but Avery thinks that this was Lucy plan all along. Bu Lucy tries to help correct the problem. But they slowly start to trust each other.

  • Pamela
    2019-05-31 03:49

    A charming little story set in some great places like Scotland and Paris. I liked that the Duke's daughter wasn't your typical miss and the hero wasn't comfortable being the "hero". Ms. Cottman did a great job of describing the area of Scotland for the books' setting, she made me want to be there. All in all, an entertaining read.**Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley in exchange of an honest review.**

  • Elaine
    2019-06-01 05:35

    I believe this author has written three books up to yet, but wow, they are gold! I'm so pleased I found Sasha Cottman. I love her style of writing - its fresh and original. The characters are wonderful in this novel and I love the storyline, always interesting. Because this series is FAB, I would recommend reading from book 1. Start reading this series now!I'm so hoping that William will be the next book, and that someone will find William to love.

  • Avis
    2019-05-31 03:30

    *** I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.***This is story of Lucy and Avery both wanting to be loved, but unsure how to go about it. Lucy was raised with privilege and money, a daughter of Duke. She never worried if she was loved by her family. She knew. Raised by a loving father and mother, brothers and sister that loved her. She knew what she wanted in a loving relationship. She never wanted to just settle, she wanted someone that she knew she loved. She wanted what her two older brothers had, a relationship centered on love. Avery, poor, poor Avery never had love, raised by a father and brother who both were thieves. Didn’t understand love. Never had a family who cared about him. Now that he is the heir to an Earl, life has become very different and difficult for him. But the secrets of his life, have shaped him to be a person who doesn’t really trust. Lucy and Avery are from different worlds, but their attraction, which turns to love is wonderful. Lucy and Avery learn to trust each other with a lot patience and understanding. I like how the author developed their relationship, with ups and downs, kind of like real life. This is book that I couldn’t put down once I started reading. I look forward to reading more books from Sasha Cottman.

  • Nicole Laverdure
    2019-06-21 06:28

    Charming!The Duke's Daughter is a charming romance, with interesting and sweet characters, written by Sasha Cottman. If you love a delightful romantic story, then this book is perfect for you! Beautiful chemistry between Avery and Lucy! Their journey is set in London, Scotland and Paris. Just relax and enjoy this romantic story!I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review!

  • Sally Hannoush
    2019-06-11 05:49

    This book was a great Happy Ever After Regency Romance. I liked that the story took place in three different locations- London, Paris, and Scotland- but still no matter where the characters were location-wise we were still connected to them. The story is well written and read great. I felt like I was on the journey with them from start to finish. Awesome book!

  • Roz ~ My Written Romance
    2019-06-12 03:52

    So much love for this. So much. Proper review to come.

  • Alison
    2019-06-20 04:32

    I received a copy of this book to review from Netgalley.I wanted to try one of Sasha Cottman's books as I had not read any before. The fact that this story is one of a series about a family will not spoil the reader's enjoyment, as the other characters are fully explained. (The Duke of Strathmore series). The cover is also attractive and appropriate. Lady Lucy Radley, the heroine, has seen her brothers and friends fall in love and marry. When she meets the new heir of Lord Langham, a family connection via her sister in law, she feels very attracted to him. But Avery Fox is the younger brother of Thaxter Fox, a great enemy to her family, and one with a chequered military past - or at least, so he feels. Lucy and Avery are also different in that their families are too. Lucy has a warm, close, loving family - while Avery had a terrible father and brother - leaving 'home' early to join the army as a boy.While Avery appears to be a much better man than his brother, Lucy's family and friends remain suspicious, making her attraction to him even more problematic. Avery, despite being interested at least in being friends with the lively and curious Lucy does not feel that he should develop any intimacies with her due to his past. It is Lucy's rash actions in meeting with him in a garden outside of a ball that will send them headlong into tough consequences - and this part I enjoyed the most.Avery is eventually forced to marry Lucy - but Lucy feels that this is not the way she wanted to be with him, and their marriage seems doomed. Surely it would be easier to separate? The enforced intimacies of a wintery Scotland with Lucy's family shows that they do have something to build on, and maybe it is even a good future for both of them. There's just the small problem of Avery's feelings about his military service.To be honest, this part of the story felt a little superfluous, as it was easy to see that he was an honourable man. It was nice to be introduced to Will Saunders - as a new reader who had not met him before - and I'd be glad to read about him again. It was also good to see several different locations used. My other issue was that at times it did not feel like we were in the right historical setting, but a little later - like Victorian times and it lost some of its authenticity. All in all, it was probably a three and a half star read, which I did enjoy. I'm glad I tried this author, and I would be interested to read more of her books.

  • Heather
    2019-06-15 23:41

    Avery Fox has spent the last 15 years of his life in the Army only to come home on deaths door. When he finally recovers from his war wounds he is not only haunted by the man he killed on the battlefield but by the death of his evil brother. Upon finding out his brother had been murdered he learns he is now the heir to the current Earl of Langham. Lucy is the oldest daughter of the Duke of Strathmore. She is looking for a man who will share a love with her like her parents and brother have. When she meets Avery she decides that she is going to help him become a part of the ton and be comfortable in it. As she assists him with learning every thing befitting his station she starts to fall for him. She takes a chance and kisses him which leads to her falling in a thorn bush and being caught er by her father and the Earl of Langham. Avery and Lucy are forced to wed or be ruined. Lucy believes Avery hates her and offers him a way out. Avery feels that Lucy set out to trap him so she could have what she wanted. The must overcome the difficulties that caused their marriage, the guilt Avery feels for killing a man with his own hands and they must learn to trust in each other. Will Avery be able to regain his honor and forgive himself before it's too late for him and Lucy? How long will Lucy hang on and put up with a Avery's self pity and loathing? Will she be able to reach him to his heart or is he a lost cause? This story takes you on a journey from London, to Scotland then to Paris. You will meet multiple members of Lucy's family that are featured in previous books of their own. I really enjoyed Lucy and Avery's story though at times I wanted to violent shake Avery and tell him to open his eyes to what was jn front of him. He really mad me angry at times with his depressive behavior and his poor me attitude. I completely understood why he felt the way he did but he went a little overboard at times. He truly is a great guy though and he deserves every happiness. Lucy was brilliant most of the time. She was strong and stubborn though at there was a time she needed to speak her heart but was to scared to.All in all this is a wonderful historical romance that was extremely well written and I truly enjoyed it. I loved the history in it as well. I would definitely recommend this book to all.

  • Ermione Pickwick
    2019-06-15 23:41

    This romance is great for some aspects but a bit uncertain for others.Lets start by saying that I do like Sasha Cottman a lot, Letter from a rake is still in my heart. She has quite the charming style and she creates interesting characters. However here the situation sometimes is a bit too protracted, for some aspects I appreciate that she spends many words in portraying the hero, but in some instances it was a bit too much, almost distracting. On the other side, in romances, I'm not a big fan, in general, of rushed and "unavoidable" marriages, which for me here was a bit of a turn off, but really this has nothing to do with the author or the quality of the romance, it's just my personal tastes. What I did love is the attraction and the chemistry between the protagonists, Lucy and Avery, it was sooo compelling; although at the very beginning their synergy wasn't that persuasive, with the plot developments their interactions gained a catching quid. I liked them together but I believe their relationship and their growing feelings towards each other could have been more deeply depicted. That said I liked this romance, it's sweet, with the right amount of drama and with the PERFECT steaminess, Sasha Cottman did a great job in this regard.I'm looking forward to read the next novel in the series.**I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book in exchange for an honest review**

  • Alison Stuart
    2019-06-22 02:52

    The 3rd in the Duke of Strathmore 'Regency Romance' series is centred on Lucy, the sister of the heroes of Books 1 and 2. We have seen enough of Lucy in the previous 2 books to have got to know her quite well. She can't help herself, she is a meddler and when she meets the physically and emotionally scarred Avery Fox (the unexpected heir to the Earl of Langham), she sets her heart on improving him and helping him to fit into the 'ton'. Circumstances interfere and Avery and Lucy are thrown together before either are ready. As with Cottman's previous books, the secondary characters, particularly the family members play important roles in this story and I particularly love the interplay of family relationships which makes them seem so normal and subject to all the normal ups and downs of family life. This is not a domestic drama though and I have to confess there were moments I just wanted to bang Avery and Lucy's heads together before sense finally ruled and they got their hard earned HEA. This is far from being a 'sweet' story, in the sense that there is contextual love making but it is a sweet and lovely story of two young people trying to make a doomed relationship work.

  • Phoenix77
    2019-06-08 02:29

    Author Sasha Cottman has been on my radar since I read and loved her debut romance two years ago. I had not had the chance to read her follow up book but I was delighted to know that a third story in the Strathmore series was out this year. I grabbed The Duke’s Daugher with the expectation of enjoying it just as much as I did the first book. In the end, however, the story and romance in it are too uneven for me to rate it higher than an average read.Please read the full review at Romantic Historical Reviews

  • Louise Reynolds
    2019-05-28 06:33

    I have been following this series with a great deal of enjoyment and Lucy Radley's story doesn't disappoint. I think she's my favourite heroine in the series so far and that's saying something because Sasha Cottman creates marvellous female leads. The Duke's Daughter takes us from London to Scotland then on to post Revolutionary Paris. Throughout it all there's rich period detail that delights. But at the heart of every Duke of Strathmore book is a hero or heroine that has a very unique and intriguing flaw or problem in their background. A fabulous read.

  • Amanda Richardson
    2019-05-25 23:32

    This was a very sweet story. I really liked Lucy from the beginning and I grew to like Avery as well. Avery was a little hard to warm up to, his brother was a scoundrel, but he seemed almost unengaged with everything around him. Lucy was quite kind and helpful to him and was falling in love with him and he kind of dismissed her.This book ended up being sweet and had a good love story between Lucy and Avery after they cleared up a number of misunderstandings, too many in my opinion, but it was a good read.I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  • Cas H.
    2019-06-13 03:48

    I liked this book a lot. I felt so bad for her that the two main characters. They were in love with each other but because of stubbornness they could not be together. They really had a lot to work out in this book, and it may have all worked out in the end. I do like happy endings. Enjoy the book, enjoy the author. I am off to find another book by Sasha Cottman that I can enjoy.

  • Georgina Penney
    2019-05-30 01:32

    I was so happy to see this book on my Kindle yesterday. It couldn't have come at a better time. As always, Sasha Cottman's penned a number that's left me with that big warm-fuzzy smile on my dial. Three words to sum this one up. 'I love Lucy!'

  • Maria Griffo
    2019-06-20 06:55

    This is a new author for me and the first book I read. She has a great flow to the book, it has romance, adventure and mystery to the book.this is the story of Lucy and Avery. When Avery inherits a fortune due to the death of his brother he becomes the most eligible bachelor. Avery was an Army officer. He ran away from an unloving family and join the Army he served 15 years but was injured in battle and discharged. Accustomed to the battlefield he has no patience with the young ladies wanting to trap him into marriage.Lady Lucy makes a pack to herself to be his friend and help him guide him through the season. But spending time with him she finds she has fallen in love with him and finds she is jealous of the young lady's trying to capture him.At a dinner party at her parents house she sees him in the garden and wonders out there to entice him and she kisses him he deepens the kiss than pushes her away when he feels she tried to entrap him and pushes her trying to free her from the Rose bushes he had to unbutton her dress but in doing so they are seen. Avery in left with little choice and he can not help but feeling trapped, and but little option but to marry Lucy.Lucy feeling that he hates her and cannot bear losing her heart even more to him comes up with a plan. She tells him her plan to set him free which takes them on a journey that is full of surprises for them both. Will their feeling be strong enough to survive Avery's past or overcome the circumstances of their marriage or is all lost. This is where the adventure begins.

  • Patricia
    2019-06-23 03:39

    THE HEADLINING CHARACTER!!I recommend reading this series as a series. That makes all the characters fairly deep by the time you hit this book. It also fills in a large number of back stories. And the characters are deep. They have several layers each, and each reveals more layers in this book. The plot is simple, but the author's coverage of it is wonderful. I really enjoyed all three books, and I am hoping for more.

  • Karen L. Johnson
    2019-06-24 01:51

    Lucy's storyThis was a wonderful historical romance. It has just enough hot scenes to make it intriguing. The story line kept you interested. It was hard to put down until I was sure of Lucy and Avery's happily ever after. I usually like more suspense, but this story went a different way. I would definitely recommend it.

  • Angel Hatfield
    2019-06-01 03:43

    Avery has been in the Army for fifteen years and has been hurt from an injury while fighting in the war. Then his brother killed and Avery is heir to the title of earl. Lucy was a daughter of a Duke and she knows she wants to love the man she marries like her parents love each other as well as her. Avery has never known love, his dad and brother were thieves Avery wasn’t. Avery had learned young not to trust and he carried that into adulthood. Lucy has offered to help Avery to become familiar with the town as well as his title. But Avery and Lucy are definitely attracted to each other. Lucy kisses Avery and they are caught by her father and they are forced to get engaged with plans to wed. Lucy believes Avery hates her and Avery believes Lucy trapped him.I liked this book quite a bit. Avery has had a hard life where as Lucy has had a good loving life. Now Avery’s life has changed with getting the title then the engagement to Lucy. The characters were really good and i really loved all the ups and downs Lucy and very went through. I recommend. I received an Arc of this story for an honest review.

  • Richard Gibson
    2019-05-25 22:41

    This is the latest in the Duke of Strathmore series and I enjoyed this as much as the first two. A good read, I particularly enjoyed it when the story moved to Paris. Lucy and Avery were well suited. Looking forward to the next book.

  • Belinda Williams
    2019-06-25 01:41

    Another enjoyable read from Sasha Cottman. Lucy Radley is a likeable heroine and Avery Fox is like tasting a fine wine - lots of layers to appreciate and discover!

  • Sarina
    2019-06-10 23:28

    Not bad but not really my cup of tea either. I may have enjoyed it more if I'd read the first two books in the series but I'm not sure I care enough to go back and take a look at them.

  • Sasha Cottman
    2019-05-30 06:46

  • Sasha Cottman
    2019-06-22 01:41