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The award winning epic fantasy series continues, to find the kingdom of Gwenlais under siege. The newly married Princess Laurel held captive, the Sentinels of Heathwin, held at bay with threat of her death. Will Laurel's beloved Prince Caleb, reach her in time, before she and Gwenlais suffer more devastation by Warwick's violence and treachery? Will their love and their kiThe award winning epic fantasy series continues, to find the kingdom of Gwenlais under siege. The newly married Princess Laurel held captive, the Sentinels of Heathwin, held at bay with threat of her death. Will Laurel's beloved Prince Caleb, reach her in time, before she and Gwenlais suffer more devastation by Warwick's violence and treachery? Will their love and their kingdoms survive all they have lost? Will new life rise from the ruins? Join them once again, as the kingdoms of Gwenlais and Heathwin enter a new era of loss, love, hope, and triumph. Enter the world of Reinfield a realm filled with daring adventure, breathless romance, and characters that will capture and stay in your heart....

Title : child of the kindred
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child of the kindred Reviews

  • N.N. Light
    2019-06-15 17:30

    To say that Child of the Kindred swept me away, not unlike Tolkien did, is an honor I’m proud to bestow. A beautifully-written heroic fantasy that must be savored, like a fine wine.Princess Laurel has been captured by the despicable Warrick. Hope is slipping away as Warrick’s army plunders Gwenlais, leaving only death and destruction in its path. Her people look to her for guidance and strength and she, in turn, looks to Prince Caleb to rescue her from the clutches of Warrick. Will Caleb liberate Laurel in time or has Warrick driven a wedge between the two lovers for good?I loved this, even more than book one, and it ranks right up there with LOTR. Filled with rich dialogue, intriguing characters (yes, even the antagonists), heart-stopping action and all-encompassing romance. There’s a lot going on, what with Laurel being captured by the enemy and a kingdom (Gwenlais) in ruins. The uncertainty mounts as the plot twists in directions I didn’t see coming.But what really captured me, as a reader, was the descriptive narration. While the kingdoms are fictitious, they seemed so real to me. I could envision the beauty of the mountains and the rich detail of what life was like for these people. The author shared with me that she got her inspiration from Scotland and Ireland. A masterful job on world-building.If you’re looking to get swept away to a new world, filled with adventure, treachery, romance, warring kingdoms and so much more, pick up Child of the Kindred today. Although, I’d recommend reading book one first. Perfect for high fantasy (GOT, LOTR, Vikings) fans!Favorite Character/Quote: Warrick. I know, I know, he’s the big bad but he’s so much fun to read. He’s a wicked man and evokes terror in his wake. Scenes between him and Princess Laurel are a treat to read.My Rating: 5+ starsThis review first appeared:

  • Mary Yarde
    2019-05-31 14:20

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, and sometimes war is inevitable...Princess Laurel is being held captive by the cruel and wicked, Warrick. Her beloved kingdom, Gwenlais, has been overcome with Warrick's men. There is blood on the street as Warrick's army plunders the kingdom. Laurel's only hope is that her husband, Prince Caleb, will bring the army of Heathwin to liberate Gwenlais. But time is running out for Laurel. Her life is in Warrick's hands, and Warrick is not in a merciful mood.Well, M.T. Magee certainly kept us waiting for the second part of The Reinfield Chronicles, but boy, was it worth the wait!!Filled with drama, war, love and hate, Child Of The Kindred did not disappoint. With elegant prose and characters that jumped off the page, this is a world that is very easy to get lost in.Although both Gwenlais and Heathwin are fantasy kingdoms, it doesn't feel that foreign. I could envisage the grandeur of the Highlands of Scotland and the beauty of Ireland as I read. It is certainly a magnificent backdrop for a compelling read.The characters are fresh and very real in the telling. Like before, with book 1, I loved the characterisation of Aiden, who despite being a secondary character is so much fun to read about. He is definitely my favourite character in this series thus far. I also adored Queen Alana. She is beautifully portrayed. Queen Alana is a very loving, but strong woman. I liked her.What I really liked about Child Of The Kindred is the realism, despite it being a fantasy world. When something bad happens to one of the characters they don't just brush themselves off and act like it never happened, they suffer, and sometimes it takes a long time to get over the event. I thought this especially applied to Laurel, Marina and the children. But despite the suffering their is also much humour in this book. I found myself crying and laughing almost at the same time! Not many books can pull that off! Well done, Ms. Magee.If you are looking for escapism with a heavy dose of romance, then this is the series for you. Although on the blurb the author states this isn't a standalone, I think it wouldn't take a reader much to catch up with the story. But saying that, I do recommend starting with book one because it would be a shame to miss out on such truly unforgettable characters.I Highly Recommend.

  • Great Books & Reviews
    2019-06-08 17:16

    Fabulous Epic Fantasy Saga. A must read 5 Star fantasy that will capture and engage the reader's heart. I fell in love with the interesting and creative characters. The plot is beyond divine and is filled with love, romance, war, family relations, and so much more. The descriptions alone will keep you filled with awe and the storyline will excite the reader. What an excellent novel. This is one of those books that you can't put down. Highly recommend by Great Books & Reviews.Reviewed by Ella James

  • ChickLit Cafe Book Reviews & Author Services
    2019-06-07 18:41

    A spectacular, rich fantasy at its best!M.T. Magee has done it again in her second novel in the Rienfield Chronicles, The Child of the Kindred. After reading her first book in the series, The Treasure of Gwenlais, I didn’t think it could get any better-but it did!In Child of the Kindred, we re-enter the magical realm of Rienfield, where Princess Laurel is being held captive by the savage and merciless, Warrick. Her cherished kingdom of Gwenlais, has been captured, overthrown and plundered by Warrick and his evil army. As time goes by, and blood is being shed, Princess Laurel’s only hope is for her beloved husband, and Prince, Caleb and his men to rescue her and save the kingdom of Gwenlais.But time is trickling away and the kingdom, as well as, Princess Laurel are in much peril. Will Caleb be able to reach her and save her and the kingdom? Will Princess Laurel and Prince Caleb be able to fight and keep the people safe and bring protection, peace and joy back to both of their kingdoms, Gwenlais and Heathwin? As their breathless love story and adventure continues, readers will be kept in a state of awe, as they passionately strive to unite their kingdoms.What an adventurous tale M.T. Magee has created in The Child of the Kindred. The beauty of both Gwenlais and Heathwin is a delight for the senses and captivates the reader’s heart and won’t let go.It is such a delight to read the world M.T. Magee creates, which is inspired by both the beautiful Scottish and Irish old world cultures, including the winsome Gaelic dialect. Much devoted research went into this great novel.As Princess Laurel and Prince Caleb’s passionate love story continued, I was drawn in and held captive myself.The realm of Rienfield is an unimaginable world filled with vivid scenes and colors. This fascinating, beautiful romantic Celtic inspired fantasy saga will sweep you away from reality and launch you into a dream world.The writing of this beautiful tale is impeccable. It reminds me of J.R.R. Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings, or could it be better? I think so.It is beautifully composed and the imagination put into this story is unbelievable. M.T. Magee is a highly talented original writer.There is a lot going on in this, rather, long novel. However, the plot is outstanding and flows beautifully- every word is to be savored.Come fall in love with the heroic characters in the inspiring, magical, realm of Rienfield.Filled with love, peril, warfare and romance, in Rienfield you will be taken on an adventure of a lifetime. To a magical mystical land far away. All fantasy lovers should read this book. In my opinion, it should become a classic. It is that exceptional and noteworthy.I highly recommend this rare and sensational epic fantasy saga, “The Child of the Kindred” by M.T. Magee

  • M.T. Magee
    2019-06-04 19:31