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Shadow Bregman, a twelve-year-old rescue dog, passes on to six- to ten-year-old boys and girls the life lessons she has learned. This book can be read by a child alone and is also ideal as a teaching book. Shadow will ask every child what lesson is learned before it is revealed. Because of its short chapters and charming illustrations, it is an ideal bedtime book....

Title : Lessons from Shadow: My Life Lessons for Boys and Girls
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ISBN : 9781524673758
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Lessons from Shadow: My Life Lessons for Boys and Girls Reviews

  • Sheila
    2019-04-28 01:52

    Lessons from Shadow is a large picture storybook with tales told in the voice of a happy black lab. It's simply illustrated with full page, short clear lessons at the end of each essay. The dog Shadow, after a hard puppyhood, has lived with his new human family for quite a while now. His stories cover settling in, running away, getting bullied, joy, food and loss, and children will relate to them easily. The voice is fun and sweet – rather like a fond grandparent channeling a favorite pup. Nice moments of canine confusion and things that shouldn’t be eaten by dogs – “those things that you put in the flashlights” for example – add interest for adults as well. Plus there’s the fun of making friends, and there’s the very real sorrow of losing friends and family.Treating emotion with natural empathy and offering a dog’s-eye view, author Wally Bregman translates Shadows stories and presents an enjoyable book for parents or grandparents to read to a dog-loving child. The life lessons are wise. The pictures are fun, though sparse. And the text is easily read in clear black print.Disclosure: I was given a copy by a publicist and I offer my honest review.

  • Susan Keefe
    2019-05-18 22:00

    What a wonderful book for children. Not only is it cleverly written by a worldly black Labrador called Shadow, of course kindly penned by his human daddy Walter Bregman, but it contains some important life lessons for children to learn, and other dogs of course as long as their mummies and daddies read it to them. Because you see, as I already know, but many people don’t, dogs to understand us, and talk to us too!When Shadow’s mummy and daddy decided to take him home from the rescue centre Shadow had already learnt a lot of good, and bad things. Sensibly they took their other dog Betsy to say hello to shadow before they made a final decision, but they didn’t need to worry, they quickly became friends. Betsy did like to be the boss though, and could be a bit of a bully some times, but the story behind that is in one of the lessons.Shadow’s lessons cover many subjects. In the first one, Shadow admits to being very greedy, (like most dogs) and tells of the mischief which can be caused if the pantry door isn’t closed, especially if dogs pinch the chocolate!As we settle down to enjoy the tales Shadow tells, it is fun to look at life through his eyes, taking a dogs eye view of life and situations. For instance, escaping is fun, the bigger the fence the better, until you get to the other side, and discover you want to go home! Then things can be pretty scary! Family life is varied and sometimes sad, and Shadow explains in his own sensitive, wise way, how he and his daddy coped with sad times in their lives, and the loneliness which affected them after.Of course the world is sometimes confusing for a dog. In the chapter called lessons, we discover some of the things which we, as humans, don’t really understand about dog communication, and some of the things which puzzle them. Shadows summing up of this lesson is priceless, but you will have to read the book to find out what it is. If you love dogs, whether you are young or old, you will find this book enchanting. For those of us who love our dogs, it is affirmation that they do understand us, and can teach us so much. The chapters in this book cover very important issues for children, and guide them sensitively in the right direction, to enable them to deal with various situations.I loved this book! Shadow is a very wise dog and I hope he and his daddy write some more so I can enjoy learning more about their lives, and the important lessons they have to share.

  • Grady
    2019-05-11 02:40

    ‘They called me Shadow because I was always following people around.’ California author Walter Bregman, a Harvard graduate in English Literature, is a former member of the US Army Signal Corps in Germany, a specialist in advertising and marketing, and a champion of Human Rights, Veterans Rights and coach for The Honor Foundation that aids Special Warfare operatives transition to civilian life. He steps away from writing his own books to serve as translator for his writing partner – a wise twelve year old female Labrador Retriever named Shadow with whom he shares his life and heart – and together they provide important life lessons for children as well as for adults who need response rearranging! Once an only child and now a widower, Walter depends on his relationship with Shadow for healthy companionship and together they have penned this series of life lessons in an immensely readable and enjoyable and educational book. To offer a sense of the style of the writing, the book opens as follows – ‘You can’t see me, but I am a dog. I suppose you’re pretty surprised that I’m talking. You shouldn’t be. Some dogs can talk. It’s just that you can’t understand them. What you don’t know is that we really understand you all the time. I know it sounds a little far-fetched, but think about it. How many times have you really thought that your dog understood what you were saying? Forget about cats. Cats can’t understand anything and they don’t care anyway.’ A fine sense of humor pervades this wise little book as Shadow shares her background as an abandoned pup rescued and adopted by Walter and his wife (‘Daddy and Mommy’), joining a household with other pets in place, and after a bit more biography Shadow shares her life and adventures and teaches us lessons that she hopes will help children from six to ten years of age. The points of emphasis are Eating, discussing things dogs should and shouldn’t eat: Shadow’s Lesson (one appears at the end of each point of discussion) – ‘Eat as much as you need but don’t eat as much as you want. Listen to your Mommy and Daddy like I did and east what’s good for you.’ The next discussion is Running Away – and after Shadow shares adventures of tunneling under fences and other scary deeds, the lesson here being ‘You might think about running away when you get angry at your mommies or daddies or brothers or sisters. But remember these people all love you even when you get mad at them or they get mad at you. It’s much better being home than running away.’In a similar vein Shadow describes Bullying (‘Bullies aren’t necessarily bad dogs or bad people. They just have a problem. You can try to understand them but at some point, you have to stand up to them.’ Advice completed on that subject and Shadow offers her lesson on Bullying. The remaining topics, equally entertaining and educational include Being Sad, Being Lonely, Learning (Lesson: ‘You can learn an awful lot by just keeping your eyes, ears, (and nose) open and your mouth shut. This can make you a much better person (or dog)’, Traveling, and Moving.The writing is both entertaining and warmly supportive, the illustrations by Fatima Stamato enhance the book, and who can resist loving the image of the photograph of Shadow on the cover! This is one fine book on every level – unique in technique of teaching, supportive of animal appreciation, and the opportunity to see things through the eyes of our pets. For children and parents and grandparents and friends, welcome to the refreshingly shared world of LESSONS FROM SHADOW.

  • John J.
    2019-04-21 00:36

    It's quite extraordinary what dogs can do. They can run, fetch, sit, roll over and do the most amazing tricks. But even more importantly, dogs truly are great companions throughout life.Scientists have been discovering over the years what great teachers dogs are, especially "talking dogs" like Shadow. Shadow is a "rescue dog," a gorgeous 12-year-old female Labrador retriever who has co-authored a book with his master, a Harvard graduate named Walter Bregman, known to Shadow as Daddy. Through the esteemed Bregman, this lovable, cuddly companion is able to speak and teach young children some of the most essential life lessons, in "Lessons From Shadow: My Life Lessons for Boys and Girls."Bregman, who grew up an only child and is now a widower, joins forces with Shadow in this delightful book that can be read either by or to youngsters. For Shadow, this book is a chronicle of his daily experiences that can teach children essential lessons, about cohabitation with other humans and dogs, proper eating etiquette and an endless array of lessons.Shadow got his name because he was always following people around. In "Lessons From Shadow," youngsters are encouraged to follow Shadow's examples from the lessons he has learned. These lessons include hard-learned eating habits. Shadow's lesson is: "Eat as much as you need, but not as much as you want," and to "Listen to Mommy and Daddy like I did and eat what's good for you." Each chapter features new lessons and they are both entertaining and educational. Another chapter is about the importance of not straying too far afield. As Shadow points out, "You might think about running away when you get angry at mommies and daddies or brothers and sisters. But remember these people love you even when you get mad at them or they get mad at you. It's much better being at home than running away."Through Bregman, Shadow covers plenty of territory, including how to handle bullying ("Stand up for yourself"), as well as dealing with loneliness, loss, traveling and even moving. The writing is simple, warm and supportive, perfect for youngsters between 6 and 10 years of age. It is complemented by lovely illustrations by Fatima Stamato.Aimed at helping little ones with sympathy, empathy and responsibility, you find yourself falling in love with Shadow by the book’s end and desiring even more stories and life lessons. Children see events though different eyes, specifically Shadow's and the net result is heartwarming."Lessons From Shadow" is dedicated by both Shadow and Walter to "Mommy,” Walter’s late wife of 59 years, and a long list of other pets who have enriched the Bregmans’ lives.

  • Kasey Cocoa
    2019-04-25 01:45

    Even if you're not a dog person this collection of short stories, told from the point of view of a dog, will entertain and enlighten. Aimed at young children, these are lessons that can be difficult for them to learn. They can be read all in one sitting or individually with a brief question/answer after each story. Children learn without the emotional stress and a dialogue can open after each story. While my son (12) was a big old for the lessons he still enjoyed the stories and feels this would be a good book for young families. I received an ARC through Westwind Book Marketing in exchange for an honest review.

  • Cassandra
    2019-05-05 02:36

    I received a complimentary copy.The first things was that the author talked as the dog the whole way through. He also discredited cats. Sure there are basic lessons laced in the chapters but there are super long stories as well. My children kind of started to lose interest and I had to stop a lot in between because of this. It is not a bad book at all and the author did a very creative job, but it is more of stories for adults with lessons for children. At times it is strong with arrogance and I am sure Shadow is a sweet dog.

  • Pamela Gossiaux
    2019-04-22 03:40

    Life Lessons from Shadow “Can make you a much better person (or dog).”I’ve learned a lot of things in my 53 dog years about people and other animals, says Shadow, a black lab mix who is the voice in this wonderful and witty book that teaches young readers some of life’s greatest lessons.In a brilliant and clever style, author Wally Bregman is the typist for his rescue dog and “translates” for her as she shares her stories on life, love and loss. Some of the topics covered are sharing, bullying, eating, traveling, and being lonely, much of what most children experience in their everyday lives. Each chapter ends with a question and answer from Shadow, that can lead to some discussion between the reader and the child.The voice in the book is light and fun, and the drawings, by artist Fatima Stamato, add to the sweet flavor of the pages. The humor will keep adults turning pages as well as their children. “Now a word about cats. Cats, I hate to say this, are smarter than dogs,” says Shadow. And, “There are a couple of places along the way we walk that I call my mailbox. It’s because other dogs that I know go by and leave messages. Well, okay, they pee on the place, but we call it marking.”Bregman is no stranger to writing, having published several other books previously. He also worked as an advertising executive, CEO and President of internationally known companies for many years, and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and humor from a lifetime of working in the sometimes crazy field of advertising. He has also knocked glasses with some interesting people, having been college buddies with two Pulitzer Prize winners and played football with Ted Kennedy at Harvard. In his retirement, he has even worked on cruise ships, telling tales and reading from his books that chronicle his adventures. Lessons from Shadow is meant to teach children, but the book is also part therapy for Bregman, who lost the love of his life when his wife passed away a few years ago. He and Shadow were left behind, and in a small part of the book Shadow is coping with her “Mommy” going away. It’s not a sad book, but it does touch your heart. A champion of causes, Bregman is donating all proceeds from the book to Best Friends animal rescue, which he and his wife have supported over the years. Bregman also volunteers with veterans at his local veteran’s hospital and through The Honor Foundation, which helps special operatives veterans transition to civilian life. But it’s his role as father and grandfather that he seems most proud of.Overall, this book, targeted for ages 6-10, is a wonderful read and would be best shared before bed or while cuddled up on the couch with your favorite child. It’s not an instructor or parent teaching the lessons. Instead, it’s a sweet black lab who is sharing her own life experiences in a non-threatening, non-preachy manner. What better teacher than man’s (or child’s!) best friend? A “cat person” myself, I fell in love with Shadow and wanted to bring her home. Highly recommended reading for you and the child in your life.

  • Nicole Dunton
    2019-04-20 22:50

    This book was a collection of short little essays and lessons that Shadow has learned in her life. She wants to pass them to other animals and children so that they can learn and grow and understand better. This book, of course, is translated by her human father.I loved this book. I thought it was very adorable and very touching. I read the story to my dogs over the span of a week or so. They seemed somewhat into it. At least they humored me. I thought that the book was very imaginative and I could see it helping children out so much with things. I'm still deciding on whether or not to keep it around for when I'm around children or have my own or donating it to my local library so children can enjoy it.There wasn't really anything I didn't like about this book. The pictures were so adorable. The lessons were very captivating. It was just an all around adorable book. I fully recommend it for parents to read to their children. Even the fur babies. I enjoyed it so much and I'm glad I came across it!

  • Diana
    2019-05-06 01:38

    Being a grandparent I am always in the market for a good children's book. I decided to get this Lessons from Shadow book to read to my grandson because one of the life experiences that it covers is losing someone. having gone through a recent family death Shadow is a good choice to help my grandson deal with the sorrow. The different life experiences that are dealt with in this book are dealt with very well and sympathetically. The explanations and experiences are explained so that a child can readily understand. The Lessons at the end of each section explain what has been learned in that section. I would have liked the book to have smaller pictures and more writing. Some of the sections are very short and could have been elaborated a bit more.Overall this is a good book for children to read or have read to them.

  • Kelly
    2019-04-30 01:42

    All I Need to Know about Life I Learned from Dogs(Full disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)Shadow Bregman has been through a lot in her short twelve years. She was rescued from an abusive home; pushed around by her older adopted sister, Betsy; and braved the loss of both her mother and sister. She's got a life's worth of wisdom to impart to her young readers, but the task requires an astute translator: Shadow is a black Lab, you see! Luckily, her Daddy Walter is more than happy to help.Lessons from Shadow is a sweet and heartfelt book. Using anecdotes about Shadow's life as a jumping-off point, Bregman addresses tough topics like bullying, depression, and loneliness in a unique and accessible way. The chapter on sadness hit me especially hard, since I'm grappling with similar issues in my own life:Now, it's just Daddy and me. We lost Mommy and we lost Betsy and now it's just the two of us together trying not to be sad all the time. It's getting a little better I guess now that it's been quite a while. But, you can never forget the wonderful people you knew and the great times you had, and you never should. Always keep them in your heart. Just try and get on with your life and be as good a person as the people you lost were.It's difficult to pinpoint the intended audience, though; while the tone seems aimed at younger readers, this is really more of a short chapter book than a picture book. Each lesson is told via one to three pages of twelve-point, single-spaced type. Parents and caregivers should probably expect to read this one to/with their younger bookworms and animal lovers.The book has a decidedly homemade, DIY vibe to it - which isn't a bad thing!; I'd love to have similar keepsakes for my own rescue dogs (seven and counting). That said, I think it could have benefited from a more heavy-handed editor. Granted, the story is told in Shadow's voice and aimed at a younger audience, which speaks to the tone. Yet I noticed several obvious errors (e.g., capitalization), not to mention the many long and meandering sentences.The illustrations by Fatima Stamato are charming, and the format is nicely done as well; it has the feeling of a scrapbook. I also love that Bergman has promised to donate the proceeds to Best Friends, of which his late wife Robbie was an ardent supporter. The afterward even includes an invitation to email the author herself, which is hecka awesome and makes me even more envious. I know I'd get a kick out of reading letters addressed to my forever dog, Kaylee; Ralphie the one-eyed wiener dog; or little Noodle Mags. When they're gone, our loved ones live on in our hearts and memories; in the stories they inspire, and the good deeds we carry out in their names. Shadow Bregman is one lucky little girl.