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The night that eleven-year-old Grady Johnson looked out his window and wished upon a shooting star, his life changed forever. Grady, his Ma, and younger sister Luanne are having a hard summer. Dad has died and the family isn't the same. Though Ma is trying her best, Grady knows they don't have enough money to get by. The shooting star he saw was a space craft plunging to EThe night that eleven-year-old Grady Johnson looked out his window and wished upon a shooting star, his life changed forever. Grady, his Ma, and younger sister Luanne are having a hard summer. Dad has died and the family isn't the same. Though Ma is trying her best, Grady knows they don't have enough money to get by. The shooting star he saw was a space craft plunging to Earth, and landing at the back of their farm. Extraterrestrial engineer Ralwil Turth has one goal, to fix his power drive and go back home. But things don't go as planned. Stuck in human form, he gets to know Grady and his family as he works on their farm. He starts to learn about what it means to be human, and the exotic charms of this planet like the taste of potatoes, and how amazing bugs are. As Ralwil grows to care for Grady and his family, he comes up with a plan to help them, sure it will solve all their problems. But when trouble comes, the family's survival and Ralwil's very life are on the line. Can Grady find the courage to help his family and save his friend?...

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Summer on Earth Reviews

  • Jaina
    2019-05-11 22:38

    This review is also available on my blog, Read Till Dawn.When Peter Thompson reached out to me to review his new MG novel, Summer on Earth, I leaped at the chance to read it. I'm a huge sucker for sci-fi stories, and MG books, so Summer on Earth looked like a really good combination for me.And it was. I really loved the combination of futuristic alien tech, realistic small-town ambiance, and meaningful relationship growth between the characters. I was fascinated by Ralwil's exploration of earth, I loved watching him experience everything we take for granted for the first time. His enthusiasm for corn, for example, and his analysis of human family dynamics were both thought-provoking and funny. I especially loved when he observed Grady's widowed mother in control of the children and the farm and decided that earth must feature matriarchal societies. I wish!If I had to pick one book that Summer on Earth most reminded me of, I would say Alexander Key's The Forgotten Door. There's a little bit of the same underlying story, the idea of an alien from a futuristic world becoming stuck on earth and learning about human ways as he attempts to find a way back home. I wouldn't be surprised, actually, if Thompson got some of his inspiration for Summer on Earth from reading The Forgotten Door as a kid. And as someone who absolutely loved the earlier book but hated how short it was, I have to say that I totally love getting that vibe from Summer on Earth.Honestly, there's not much else to say. I suppose my one "complaint" is that Summer on Earth doesn't dive quite as deep into some of the issues it brings up as it might have done, but I also recognize and appreciate that it's written for a middle school audience and thus isn't meant to go as far as I would sometimes prefer. I really liked Summer on Earth, but I think I'm also a little older than its target audience. When I handed it off to a younger boy a little closer to the middle-grade target he loved it even more than I did.Basically, if you're looking for an interesting and engaging sci-fi book aimed at middle schoolers but still interesting for any age group, then Summer on Earth fits the bill. If you do decide to read it, comment below to let us know what you think!Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Gmr
    2019-05-18 23:35

    A curious Middle Grade tale of family, love, and out of this world experiences that hit oh so close to home. Life on the farm has been upset since the passing of one of their own, but things change, time marches on, and sometimes miracles DO happen. Grady is a wonderful lad, and despite his outbursts now and again, he knows when it all comes down to it, sometimes we need a little understanding and a helping hand (or tentacle) to get by. Experiencing the world anew through Will's eyes brings a sheen of beauty to the most mundane of days... as does feeling his desire to help the family he's stumbled upon. Let us not forget little Luanne and Ma... two loving souls at different ends of the age spectrum, but more than willing to join a worthy cause. Lastly, there's McCafferty... no comment (craptastic little louse... hmpf!).Only two drawbacks to mention, one... the length and language... a little heavy for MG readers just starting out. Second, the ending... so what'd he do after standing there like a fly trap? Loose end alert!In the end, it was an interesting summer spent with those we learned to see with our hearts instead of just our eyes... a goodly lesson for us all.

  • Tonja Drecker
    2019-05-09 06:47

    A dash of humor, a tad bit of adventure and a ton of heart-warming moments make this a lovely read.Ralwil, soon to be known on Earth as 'Will', is underway to his home planet when his ship breaks down. Forced to land on Earth and hope he can complete the necessary repairs, he stumbles across a human family and does the unthinkable--he lets them see him. Luckily, he's in his human form. Eleven-year-old Grady discovers Will first, and thanks to some alien skills, makes mental contact. The two bond a friendship as does the rest of the family. Will discovers that fixing his ship might be a problem, especially since he's letting himself get wrapped up in Grady's family's own troubles. In the end, it's Grady who must decide if he'll protect Will or save his family.In some ways, this reminded me of E.T.. Ralwil is an intelligent character who's trying his best to adapt to the situation and find a way home. He develops feelings for the human family and does his best to help them, which lands him in trouble. The self-sacrifice in the name of friendship pulls at the heart-strings and leaves with a bitter-sweet, warm-fuzzy feeling. But this isn't E.T.. The story is told from two points of view: Ralwil and Grady. The story starts out with Ralwil, his ship troubles and the first hours on Earth. The author does a wonderful job of letting these experiences flow from Ralwil's viewpoint, and stays in an alien's mind: what they see...what is they interpret things. Young readers are taken to Earth with these different eyes, while learning to really get to know this alien and sympathize with him. Ralwil comes across, as a human, as if he's a bit slow. Although the townsfolk notice this, Grady's family accepts it with open arms and doesn't say a thing. It was simply sweet.Grady is a pretty normal kid, who's caught in a bad situation. He has to deal not only with Ralwil and try to help him--although he isn't aware of Ralwil's true identity--but Grady is trying to slide into the new family circumstances, since his father passed away. The emotions and problems involved with this tragedy are very present in the family and come across realistic. When they hurt, it almost draws tears and creates an emotional read.This isn't the quickest paced book and isn't packed full of alien action. Instead, it's a read that grabs, makes the reader feel and leaves some food for thought. The writing is simple enough for the lower middle grade audience but had a few more complicated words thrown in every now and then. In general, it's an easy read. There's always something new to consider, which causes the pages to glide by.Summed up, this is a lovely tale of forming friendships, loyalty and going the extra mile when someone needs help. Although science fiction fans will feel at home, this is by no means a read only for them.I received a complimentary copy and enjoyed it enough to want to leave my honest thoughts.

  • Mareena
    2019-05-22 00:39

    In the summer of 1978, eleven-year-old Grady Johnson is grieving the recent loss of his father. Times were already tough for the Johnsons, but Grady suspects now that it’s just the three of them: him, his Ma, and his younger sister Luanne, this summer will be especially hard. After all, his dad was the rock of their family. Now dad has died and the family just isn’t the same.Grady knows that Ma is trying her best, but they just don’t have enough money to get by. He wishes that he could do more to help, but he doesn’t know how. The night that he looked out his bedroom window and wished upon a shooting star, Grady had no idea how much his life would change. And ultimately, the summer of 1978 will stay in Grady’s heart forever.Actually, the shooting star that Grady saw that night was a spaceship plummeting to Earth. Secretly landing in a pasture behind Grady’s farm, extraterrestrial engineer Ralwil Turth has only one goal - to repair his craft’s power source and go back home. The mission should be simple enough to accomplish on an unpopulated planet such as this one. However, Ralwil’s mission doesn’t go quite as well as he planned...Due to an equipment malfunction, Ralwil finds himself stuck in human form as he works on the Johnson farm. As he gets to know Grady and his family, Ralwil begins to learn what it means to be human. He also discovers more about the exotic charms of this planet Earth - things such as the taste of potatoes and how amazing bugs are. These are all extraordinary experiences and situations for Ralwil, and his strange reactions and odd behavior causes Grady no small measure of bafflement to witness.As Ralwil grows to care more for Grady and his family, he comes up with a plan to try and help them, certain that it will solve all their problems. However, when trouble comes, the family’s survival and Ralwil’s very life will be on the line. The question is: will Grady find the courage he needs to help his family and save his new friend?I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I found the story to be poignant and well-written, and fully appreciated that the plot was about so much more than just the science fictional element. In my opinion, this was a refreshing change from most science fiction novels, which seem to be told from a more galactic point of view, rather than a personal point of view.The historical setting of the story was also intriguing, and not necessarily overwhelming. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future and I would certainly give this book an A+!

  • Sokooky
    2019-05-11 03:59

    Oh my gosh this book was so pure and sweet! (ha, pun.) I haven’t actually read that many books about aliens, so this was a new experience for me! It started off kind of sad but all of the characters’ intentions were pure. Then there was this funny phase that went right into the bittersweet ending.One thing that I loved about this book was the multiple POVs. They were always necessary to move the story along and each were unique and funny. My personal favorite was Deputy Stinky and the alien (aka Will.) Deputy Stinky’s POV was so absolutely absurd and added a comedic edge that the story probably wouldn’t otherwise have. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he is me in a couple of years XD.My favorite POV though was definitely Will’s. I loved seeing Earth through his eyes. Everything from the plants to the emotions were all new to him and he was experiencing EVERYTHING for the first time. He was just a really sweet and pure character. All he wanted to do was help and return home, but since he had no idea what he was doing, he was judged and somewhat shunned by the humans.I also love how this story sort of dives into human nature. I guess I should’ve expected it due to there being an alien with humans and all, but I didn’t. There were so many times I was so mad at all of the people. Like, you guys? You need to stop being so mean. And then there were so many times that made my heart just go BWAH and made me smile.The ending was unexpected. It sort of reminds me of a sad/hopeful song. Like the ones played during a movie during the part with a battle scene and the good guys are losing or someone dies. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯The only issue I really had, was I felt like at one point the author used the characters to move the plot forward by making them make really bad decisions. This is one of my pet peeves but I could also see this decision to seem logical to the character at the time, so I didn’t mind too much.All in all this is a perfect feel-good book to read during your summer break.Also reviewed on my blog! https://kittycatatthelibraryblog.word...

  • Peggy Tibbetts
    2019-04-26 03:30

    One summer night just before bed, 11-year old Grady Johnson made a wish upon a shooting star. Or so he thought. The star was actually a small alien spaceship crash landing near the creek on his farm. Ralwil Turth, the pilot and only passenger, survives but his spaceship’s power drive is damaged so he’s stuck on Earth until he can fix it. In his alien body Ralwil is grotesque to humans and unable to communicate. So he shapeshifts into a large man’s body and hides out in the barn until he’s discovered by Grady, who immediately takes a liking to the odd fellow and introduces him to his little sister Luanne, and their Ma. Life hasn’t been easy for the Johnsons since Dad died and they are worried about losing their farm. Though Ralwil struggles with the language, he manages to tell them his name is Will and he’s far from home. Ma thinks he’s a vagrant and slightly off-kilter but he proves good at fixing machinery, plus helping with the vegetable garden and the corn crop, while asking only for food in return. And she needs all the help she can get. As Will grows closer to this “family grouping,” as he calls it, he gets sidetracked from his own mission. When he learns about the financial troubles they are facing he comes up with a plan to help save them from the greedy banker McAfferty who plans to repossess and sell the farm to a developer. Will’s plan might have worked but for Schtinkle, the bumbling sheriff’s deputy who blows the lid off Will’s big secret. Pandemonium ensures and Will realizes that in his effort to help Grady and his Ma, he has jeopardized his mission and risked his own life. Readers will delight in observing the wonders of life on Earth through Ralwil’s alien perspective. “Summer on Earth” is a compelling sci-fi adventure with supernatural humor and a whole lot of extraterrestrial heart.

  • Peggy
    2019-05-20 00:50

    A really good read for any age even though it seems to me to be aimed in the younger age group. Great story line with well planned characters. For me it did pull on the heart strings a little. All in all a really good read!

  • Elizabeth Raum
    2019-05-21 03:39

    Good science fiction for middle-grade readers is rare. This one is a gem. Thompson does a particularly good job describing the family, home, and farm from the alien's point of view. I highly recommend this book.

  • Kathy
    2019-05-21 04:57

    Summer on Earth is a great book for younger readers. Being narrated from the perspective of the alien made the story engaging and interesting.

  • Robert Reuter
    2019-05-21 03:57

    Summer On Earth was a very enjoyable book. I read it in a day. The ending was special, revealing humankind.