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Foolishly she'd never stopped loving him... Leon had swept the young and innocent Chloe into marriage, but there was no happy ending for them, for there would always be Marisa. Marisa, obsessive and possessive about her stepbrother, implied a relationship between them that could never be. She claimed a wife was only needed to disguise their sin.So Chloe, disgusted and confFoolishly she'd never stopped loving him... Leon had swept the young and innocent Chloe into marriage, but there was no happy ending for them, for there would always be Marisa. Marisa, obsessive and possessive about her stepbrother, implied a relationship between them that could never be. She claimed a wife was only needed to disguise their sin.So Chloe, disgusted and confused, ran away.But a Greek's pride could not accept a wife's desertion, and he tricked her into returning. She hated and despised him-but could not deny she still wanted him.......

Title : Island of the Dawn
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Island of the Dawn Reviews

  • Julz
    2019-04-24 08:24

    3.5 stars. (Edited to add another star. This was just too insane not to give credit where credit's due.)Some serious spoilers here. This one takes the cake for bizarro. This little morsel is about a blonde model who gets swept off her feet by a Greek Tycoon who has this sister from hell, and I mean a seriously whacked sister. She's actually his half sister who boldly screams and confronts the h, telling her how the H only married her for a cover for their love affair and that she and the H has been doing the deed for the past two years. Well, wisely our h takes off like a bat out of hell because there's no way she's going to live with a man who's simultaneously having an incestuous affair with his sister right in the house. We learn all about the first defection in flashbacks. The story actually opens with the h being deserted by friend with no money and passport while on vacation back in Greece. Come to find out it's all a diabolical plan two years in the making, made by our H to recapture the h. She ended up on the H's private island where he had built swanky mansion reminiscent of where they spent their honeymoon. When they reunite, he tells her of his plan to kidnap her and force her back into the marriage in order for her to breed him sons. But of course, he had to bring his sister with him. This sister...I'm just speechless. The sister was very openly provocative towards the H all the way through. She is constantly throwing her incestuous affair in the h's face and telling her the H only wants her so she can give him a son. She bombards the h in confrontations telling her how much the H loves her and how only she can give the H what he needs, other than children. She refuses to have anything to do with anyone else. The sister is constantly in their face and dominating the H's time. She repeatedly has these tantrums which requires the H to carry her off bridal style. It's so bad even the guests make comments that there's something wrong with that relationship. Understandably the h knows she can't live with this person in her life and tries to talk to the H but every conversation is always interrupted or put off. At one point the h was making for another escape, but the H outsmarted her by switching yachts (pshhh!) and actually had the good sense to stay away with just the h for a while. To tell the truth, I'm surprised the sister didn't show up on a dingy screeching and going on. I can't tell you really what happened while they were away on the boat because I just skimmed through because I needed to get back to the screaming sister. I know it was full of pages of bonding and wonderful nights in port. And they were just in the middle of doing it one more time when the H gets another interruptive call about the sister (surprise!) Seems she ran away and he had to leave immediately, braving a deadly storm, to go find her. All through this story, the h has been playing second fiddle to this little sister, so she's mad that they have to come back from their peaceful sail aboard the love boat just to look for her but she goes along with it with plans to talk to him, but of course there's always something more important. After said skank is found, the H&h are making out when the sister bursts in on them screeching "how can you be with her like that when I need you?" She had been in the hospital but checked herself out just so she could interrupt them at just the right moment again. The h wakes up in the middle of the night and goes looking for the H. She finds him of course on the sister's bed with her and hears her saying "make her go away. It's me you love. Let it be just us again" while rubbing all over him. Well, that was it for the h. She doesn't confront him then, she waits until the next morning and tells him that once and for all, she's out of there. They never did talk about the sister. Two months goes by and she runs into the lady who visited the island, the one who told her to lose the sister. The h confesses her love for the H but not what was going on between the H and his sister. She is then served with divorce papers. When she shows up to finalize things, instead of it being the attorney, it's the H. You have to know this story had a HEA but the ending was just too convenient. (view spoiler)[After the H makes this big plea "Tell me you love me. Mrs. Guest on Island told me you said you did. Please tell me because I love you too. Sorry I didn't tell you before but I didn't want to scare you away" or something else ridiculous like that and then after the I love yous, "Oh, and by the way, my sister's dead. Yeah, happened yesterday. (WTF!?!?!?!) It seems she got so depressed that she went crazy, just like her mother, and ultimately walked in front of a moving vehicle because she wasn't right in the head. Oh, and sorry about her telling you that we were having an affair. I had no idea that she could say such a thing." I mean really? Where has this guy been? And where's our confrontation when the sister is exposed in front of both the H and h? Where he tells her she's full of it and that he chooses the h over her and she'll have to go live her own life instead of staying there ruining their's. No! Getting flattened by a bus was such a cop out. (hide spoiler)] But at least the sister was out of the picture.

  • StMargarets
    2019-05-18 09:18

    You haven't read it, but you can probably ace this quiz:Quiz: Island of the Dawn by Penny JordanTrue/False (5 pts)1. A more accurate title of this story would be: Island of the Crazy People2. Both the H/h believe the crazy half sister’s lies – every time.3. The hero is Greek and therefore has his pride.4. The heroine faints the first time she sees the hero again.5. The hero demands an heir before he will divorce her.6. He slaps her face and she slaps his.7. They have hot sex on the H’s yacht8. The heroine gets pregnant a second time and only realizes it after she flees.9. There is a coincidental meeting with the family friend who gets the heroine to admit she still loves the H.10. The hero tracks down the heroine after hearing second-hand her true feelings.Multiple Choice (10pts)1. The only sane people in this story are:(A) The helicopter pilot(B) The family who refused to let their son marry the half sister(C) The novelist the heroine works for after leaving the H for the second time(D) All of the above2. The most egregious lies the H/h swallow from the half sister:(A) The H and half sister are having an incestuous affair(B) The h threw herself down the stairs and the sister tried to stop her(C)The heroine married the H for his money(D)All of the above3. The heroine wears:(A) A lavender and gray chiffon dress with lots of buttons that the hero helps her with(B) A lemon triangle bikini that the hero unties(C)A green silk nightgown that the hero tears(D) All of the above4. For a travelogue the H/h(A) Visit a Greek pearl diver who owed the H a favor(B) Visit a Shrine of Apollo(C) Visit a taverna and watch Greek men dance(D) All the above5. The Half-sister:(A) Runs away and has to be rescued from a sea cave(B) Throws herself in front of a car.(C) Admits all of her lies to the H before she dies.(D) All of the aboveSelf-scoring: All are true. All are (D)Bonus Points Essay: Explain your rating:Example: I gave this two stars because Penny Jordan used an obviously mentally ill person as a flimsy conflict between the H/h. I couldn’t suspend my disbelief that anyone would swallow her lies. The sister was so OTT, that PJ had to kill her off because she didn’t know what else to do with her.

  • Romance_reader
    2019-05-01 07:57

    This was a nice, super angsty romance read with an OW from hell. And I loved it. The ex model h Chloe is madly in love with her husband even after years of separation and ditto for her alpha male Greek tycoon husband Leon. The glitch where there should be plain sailing? The OW aka the H's precocious little half sister Marisa. Now this Marisa was one busy young adult consumed with cooking up lies and plots to keep the H and h apart (including but not limited to throwing herself at the H at frequent intervals). And the really funny thing was, the h and H fell for her tall tales every time. And that to me made absolutely no sense. Sure, those undiscussed issues between them made for a lot of angst, but I couldn't help feeling that they wasted time apart when they could have just had a frank talk at some point and mutually agreed to send the conniving OW to a home for the mentally unstable. Of course, they eventually did talk everything out but not before some truly dramatic scenes of anger (from both sides), intimidation(from H's side) and sex (by mutual consent). No forced seduction here, with the h melting into a puddle of mush each time the H reached for her (while she furiously fought against what he could make her feel - on the inside i.e.; lol). Still. Nice read. three and a half stars!

  • boogenhagen
    2019-04-26 08:24

    this is a PJ WTF book, srsly. H has very devoted stepsister, (or half sister, the description varies,) she is so devoted and possessive that she regularly informs h, his wife, of their amazing and varied sex life, pushes the preggers h down steps so she miscarries and generally makes life a misery. H is frequently found in stepsister's room late at night looking extremely suspicious, H blackmails h into coming back and tries to force pregnancy. Eventually h has enough and dumps his sorry butt again. H finally gets around to seeing her and tries to explain obsessive sick relationship away as now step sister is dead. I would not have had this guy on a platter draped in Cartier and Gold, srsly stupid H, remarkable doormatty h and no offspring of his should be allowed--ever.

  • KC 2.0
    2019-05-06 08:17

    Thank God! That's what I thought when I read that the psychotic villainess had received the end she'd "worked" hard to earn. Hehe.What a simultaneously gripping and frustrating romance. I wanted to shake both Chloe and Leon for allowing Marisa, Leon's half-sister, to manipulate them so easily! How she got away with her scheming amazed me because she was clearly missing some screws brain cells. Chloe and Leon were in love but believed their love remained unrequited, making them susceptible to E-V-E-R-Y lie Marisa fed them. But as always, there'd be no story if people were perfect. And to be honest, not very fun to read either.I breathed a sigh of relief when the HEA arrived which shouldn't have been in doubt because this is a romance after all, but the author really had me guessing at one point.

  • Sarah Mac
    2019-05-19 04:14

    Eh, it was okay. The writing itself was pretty good, but I dislike stories that hinge solely on the MCs not having a proper conversation because they're too proud, too stupid, too oblivious, too whatever. Chloe should have confronted Leon directly with what Marisa told her, or Leon should have explained about Marisa's unbalanced behavior when they were first married -- so much angst & stupidity & wife-beating & traitorous body action could've been avoided with basic common sense. Sure, I'm aware that one doesn't pick up HPs for their calm renderings of realism, but I can't respect (or even enjoy) characters who continually allow their own idiocy to provide the roadblocks. And while Chloe wasn't a bad heroine, per se, Leon was a douchebag & OW Marisa wasn't nefarious enough to offer much interest; rather, she was an obvious spoiled brat with issues that Leon should've addressed long before this book's timeframe. I've said it before & I'll (likely :P) say it again: proper WTFery needs at least some *external* influences, not just a pair of uncommunicative knuckleheads being manipulated by a bratty villainess.

  • Jasbell76
    2019-05-07 10:23

    First of all, I have to say there were one thing that made me read this book apart from the plot, and it was the cover ;) I love this vintage Harlequin's covers, they are like ilustrated... I don't know. I love the heroine's makeup on the cover LOL. I am a fan of makeup too ;)Now, Let's get to the point. I liked the story, it wasn't that bad. Yes! the heroine was kind of dumb and the hero was like a "cocktail" of jerk, caveman and stubborn etc. But alfa, in my opnion. All in all, entertaining and angsty read. I will recommend it to someone who like crazy other ow (an stepsister in this case)(view spoiler)[the truth is that there wasn't any incestuous relationship between the hero and her (hide spoiler)], a caveman and the beautiful but not the "strongest" heroine.

  • Naksed
    2019-05-24 06:14

    According to spoiler reviews, the Other Woman is the Hero's very own sister.*shudder*

  • Fiona Marsden
    2019-05-10 04:56

    God I love the eighties. Only in the eighties could we spend the whole book wondering why the hero is letting his half sister be all possessive and believing her when she says bad things about the heroine. But wait, there's more.According to Marisa, the hero has been loving her up since she was sixteen and only married the heroine to hide from the world this incestuous affair.Chloe is a nice girl despite walking the runway in Paris and this is all a bit icky for her, but when Marisa pushed her down the stairs and causing a miscarriage it's the final straw. Now Chloe is back, manipulated by the hero who is doing his best impersonation of traditional Greek male and demanding an heir. No heir, no escape. We, gentle readers, know that he is hoping that if he spends the time loving up the heroine and they have a baby, she will stay forever. He is even attempting to get rid of Marisa by marrying her off to a nice boy. But Marisa isn't playing.It takes a big stretch to get over the icky parts of the plot, like the fact that Chloe still sleeps with Leon even when she is convinced he is playing hokey pokey with his sister. Luckily we are au fait with evil Other Woman lies and know that the little tramp is lying through her perfect teeth.Apart from that, it was a good angsty read with Leon being all alpha male and the heroine desperately fighting her love for him despite knowing he is under the thrall of Marisa.The ending was a bit sudden and the resolution with Marisa a little convenient, but I'm not asking for an Agatha Christie solution. I was happy with how it ended.

  • Lynn
    2019-05-08 08:12

    OMG where to begin.... Leon was a disappointment, he would be playing the hero of the story...unfortunately he was The story begins after the relationship between the main couple has ended and you discover all the things that went on as the story is told. Chloe is Leon's wife, they are separated after someone close to him harms her and maintains that she is his mistress and although I loathe a storyline where the heroine believes the B*tchy OW, this one as well as Leon's creepy behavior led credence to the story... Creepy factor between "mistress Marissa" and Leon is a 11.....SPOLILERS Marissa is his half sister, yes half they share a father.... she is psychotic in every way imaginable, she shoves Chloe down the stairs and causes a miscarriage, she dresses like a ho and acts worse, she is scandalous and everyone sees it but him. She has nightmares and comes to him dressed innappropriately and he goes with her, he believes every lie that vicious woman says, he chooses her over his wife every time and then is annoyed when she says a word against his sister. I do not believe that he was unaware of one is that blind.... it was a nightmare to read and ended with no justice for Chloe at all... Leon was rather blase in how he behaved to her , justifying it.... Marissa was a monster, Leon a creepy moron and Chloe too young to end up in their mess.

  • Grace Harwood
    2019-05-20 04:21

    One of my favourite years for Penny Jordan’s writing, and, she doesn’t fail to provide lots of interesting material for study in this offering. In this one, ‘Chloe’ goes on holiday with her friend ‘Derek’ from Accounts. Unfortunately for naive Chloe, Derek was thinking that they might be ‘friends with benefits’ on this holiday and after a row when she tells him this wasn’t at all what she has in mind, Derek goes home, abandoning Chloe on a Greek island without her passport or any of her travellers’ cheques (Derek’s taken them with him, the cad). As the story progresses, it becomes apparent that Chloe has been married before (to the owner of a Greek shipping empire – which is fortunate, as there may be a chance she can cadge a lift home, but then turns out to be unfortunate as the Greek shipping magnate effectively kidnaps Chloe and holds her prisoner on ‘Eos’ ‘the Island of the Dawn’ of the title). ‘Leon’, the husband, then tells Chloe that he’s not letting her go until she’s given him a son. The story slowly emerges that Chloe left Leon (despite still being in love with him) after she was told by Leon’s deranged half-sister that they were having an incestuous affair. Of course, any sensible person would have checked the facts of this before abandoning their marriage, but not Chloe. She just hotfoots it back to England leaving Leon behind. There then follows much heartfelt angst on the part of the heroine who still believes that Leon has unnatural feelings for his sister. The turning point in the text comes when Leon and Chloe leave the island and go out on his yacht, escaping the sister, and managing to turn the tide of fortune for their romance (although it’s not all plain sailing – if you’ll pardon the pun). There are several things going on in the novel – first off, romantic heroines normally head to an island to escape the pollution and corrupting forces of society in order achieve their destiny. However, Jordan turns the literary tables in this novel and has to remove her heroine from the island (and out into the open ocean) before the romance can flourish. The theme of escapism is perfect, because this novel is all about that – Jordan in a clever moment even has the heroine envy her husband’s yacht (before she realises it is his): ‘A subdued mushroom glow illumined a cabin far more luxuriously appointed than any bedroom Chloe had ever seen in her life, and despite her shock she was still awed enough to register peach silk curtains matching the beautiful embroidered bedspread and stylish fitted furniture of a type she had only ever glimpsed enviously in prestige glossy magazines.’ (Loc. 1222). Being as ‘glossy magazines’ was precisely the method used by Jordan for her research and the fact that a lot of M&B readers would be reading the novel for precisely this type of glamour, this is a clever twist indeed. Chloe, with her husband’s yacht, is being awarded precisely the type of escapism the readers of these books demanded in the wealth and luxury he is able to provide for her. It is (in my opinion) a Shklovskyan moment of defamiliarisation and baring the device on the part of the author.Jordan also subverts the romance in this novel by her judicious use of gardens. In many romantic novels (including Jordan’s 1998 ‘One Night in His Arms’) gardens are used as female spaces for the woman to be courted and loved as she desires. It’s where she takes control of the romance, and finds that the hero loves her after all. However, in this one, despite the hero wanting to walk with the heroine in the garden, she refuses to go with him; even lying to him to get out of it (the old ‘I’ve got a headache’ excuse). Similarly, the half-sister refuses her would-be lover by refusing to be romanced in the garden. As readers, we never get to see the garden (as we do in Jordan’s other novels) which is a prime indicator of the failed nature of the romance in this instance.Further, we, as readers, are kept guessing right up to the end about the true emotions of the slightly forbidding character of ‘Leon’. Even in an unguarded moment, we are not permitted to see how things will go. Consider the following, as Leon, unobserved, watches Chloe sleep: ‘He watched the sleeping, vulnerable figure before him for several seconds, an unreadable expression on his face,...’ Even we don’t get to see his emotions (although, of course, it’s a Mills and Boon, so we do really know how he feels about her). There are some great moments in the book which show that it was written in a hurry (I think Jordan wrote something like 9 novels for M&B in 1982, so she was really banging them out). For instance, Leon terrifies Chloe with the following: ‘Leon had already explaining [sic] that the yacht was an oceangoing vessel, capable of swift speed and complete with all the latest radar and technological devices. Chloe had shivered a little when he had described to her the fate suffered by some friends of his off Bermuda the previous summer. Their vessel had been hijacked and they had been cast adrift in an inflatable dinghy, from which they had been lucky to be rescued twelve hours later.The authorities had been laconic in the face of their fear and anger. Such incidents were commonplace, and the stolen vessels were used for drug smuggling, and Leon’s friends had been told that they were lucky to be alive; many other people had been killed, or left to die slowly of thirst and starvation. Seeing Chloe shiver, Leon assured her that nothing similar was likely to happen to them.’ (Loc 1482). If it’s not going to happen, why tell her then? He tells her a similar horror story about a string of pearls he gives to her which are surely cursed by the fact that four people DIED diving for them, which would surely put anyone off wearing them (but not Chloe! She’s made of sterner stuff than that). In normal circumstances, you’d think that the boat hijack thing has been purposely introduced by the author to hint that this is probably what’s going to happen to Chloe, thus permitting the hero to rescue her and her to acknowledge his love for him (a familiar Jordan device, although she is just as likely to use a spider in the bath which the heroine requires saviour from as a boat hijacker). However, in this instance, there’s no time for a convenient kidnapper/pirate to turn up and Chloe has to make do with getting a bit wet in a storm instead during their return sailing trip.Similarly, in a fantastic editorial error, during the same storm on board the yacht, Chloe dons a pair of jeans and a ‘serviceable blouse’ only to return from deck wearing a ‘thin dress’ which has got soaked through because she didn’t have anything warm to wear. Careless errors like this happen all the time in Jordan’s work, mainly because, like a lot of romantic novelists (18th century author Charlotte Smith springs to mind) she’s writing in a hurry probably because she needs the money. The other great thing about this is that the hero is utterly convinced that Chloe is some kind of genius. He keeps calling her ‘clever Chloe’. Now I don’t know how any of Chloe’s story strikes anyone else, but ‘Clever Chloe’ is not how I’d describe her. ‘Credulous Chloe’ maybe (after swallowing that unlikely tale about the half-sister romance and abandoning the husband she loves because of it...)Well, it’s a Mills and Boon, and all will come good in the end. Leon even admits his mistakes (he is a better person for acknowledging the love the heroine, as in all Mills and Boon books):‘When Marisa told me you had only married me for my wealth I think I lost my mind for a short time. She deceived us both too easily, perhaps because neither of us had let the other see deep into our hearts.’Admitting their mistakes, they also admit their love for each other, and go off to spend the rest of their happy lives, being fabulously wealthy and just fabulous together on Eos. The Universe has reasserted itself, and all’s right with the romantic world. Definitely a classic offering from Jordan. One of my favourites since I read the one where the heroine nearly got eaten by a giant octopus.

  • Roub
    2019-05-08 07:21

    how could chloe love leon !? i don't get it. he treated her badly and even hit her. he even intended to force her to have sex but then did not have to do it because she was willing haha !! he disgusted me

  • Jenny
    2019-04-23 08:25

    Good angsty story but hero and his crazy sister got on my nerves so much!

  • أجمل زهرة
    2019-05-23 04:23

    109-حوريتي الجميلةروايات عبير الجديدةسجينة؟...أوه لا. هذا لا يمكنه أن يكون صحيحا.أي سوء حظ دفعها للرحيل الى بحر ايجه مع صديق كديريك هذا.كان يجب على ليندا أن تحذر منه،كيف أمكنه أن يتركها هكذا بين يدي ليو ستيفانيدز.لن تستسلم لهذا الرجل الذي كان قد تزوجها من أجل أهدافه الدنيئة.يجب أن تهرب...ولكن الى أين؟والى متى؟؟؟.

  • FeliciaKaren
    2019-05-21 04:07

    Foolishly she'd never stopped loving him. Leon had swept the young and innocent Chloe into marriage, but there was no happy ending for them, for there would always be Marisa. Marisa, obsessive and possessive about her stepbrother, implied a relationship between them that could never be. She claimed a wife was only needed to diguise their sin. So Chloe, disgusted and confused, ran away. But a Greek's pride could not accept a wife's desertion, and he tricked her into returning. She hated and despised him - but could not deny she still wanted him... --------------------------------------

  • Bukola
    2019-05-03 08:25

    Arrrghhh I wanted to strangle all the characters in this book!! Especially the heroine.. Like how continuously stupid can one person be. ? The hero was such a weak asshole! I understand the bond between a brother and his sister but honey if you constantly take sides with your crazy ticky-ticky-boom of a step sister.. That marriage is OVER and never to be reconciled! Lol jeez I was so mad at this book! I didn't like the ending though. The hero didn't grovel enough in my opinion.

  • Primadonna
    2019-04-25 09:57

    MEH. This book brought rage and oh-so-many "I can't believe this!"The male protagonist is so weak and stupid, believing the lies and everything. And the female protagonist suffers too much, even losing her baby thanks to her sister-in-law. This is not love, this is sheer stupidity, I think. Or maybe I don't have that big of capacity to love, if and only if I have to endure incidents written in this book.