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Gwen Pasternak’s got it all. Or so it seems…In the sequel to RT Book Reviews’ Top Pick Broken Records, Gwen’s life looks perfect: She has a job she loves as stylist to the stars, a beautiful wife, Flora, and a house in the heart of Nashville. But the more she works alongside country music’s dynamic princess Clementine Campbell, the less Gwen is certain of her commitment toGwen Pasternak’s got it all. Or so it seems…In the sequel to RT Book Reviews’ Top Pick Broken Records, Gwen’s life looks perfect: She has a job she loves as stylist to the stars, a beautiful wife, Flora, and a house in the heart of Nashville. But the more she works alongside country music’s dynamic princess Clementine Campbell, the less Gwen is certain of her commitment to a life of domestic bliss.Meanwhile, her business partner Nico Takahashi is happily settled down with reformed bad-boy musician Grady Dawson. But when Nico questions the permanence of their relationship, Grady retreats into some dangerous old habits. Will Gwen ruin the life she’s built with Flora for something new and exhilarating? Can Grady be convinced of Nico’s devotion before it’s too late? Burning Tracks is a story of tough choices, taking risks, and the pressures of living life in the spotlight....

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Burning Tracks Reviews

  • Charlie
    2019-05-20 19:15

    When Interlude told me they were branching out into publishing more lesbian and bi lead titles this year, I was thrilled to see that Burning Tracks would be amongst them. Lilah Suzanne’s vivid settings and character driven writing style lends itself perfectly to the country music scene, with a twist. This is Nashville meets The L Word, with a punk rock and country soundtrack mixtape of Dolly Parton and The Slits.Suzanne’s characters come already established in Broken Records (book one of the Spotlight series) where we left Nico and Grady in the start of their happily ever after - however a story centred around Gwen’s punk rock vibe is the perfect way to rock the boat. When the boys hit a rough patch, it’s only the start of a rocky road in which Gwen, Flora, Nico and Grady must learn to navigate life as part of a couple. And avoid falling back into destructive patterns.Gwen may have the perfect life from the outside, as stylist to the stars, wife to teacher Flora, and the ideal Nashville home, but readers soon get a peek inside her head and heart and see that all is not smooth going when domesticity and commitment are your biggest fears. Throw in Clementine Campbell, who reminds me of both Chenoweth and Swift, and Gwen’s ideal day to day is rocked with a pinch of temptation. You’ll cheer her on, fall hard for her over the worries of her past, shout at her to think things through and learn to listen to the music.I also fell hard for Flora (who reminded me of The L Words Tina…only less of a season three nightmare!) her steadfast love and compromising nature may seem to make her a pushover, but she loves Gwen in all of her tornado moments, without letting herself be walked over. Burning Tracks sees protagonists make tough choices, and there’s no sugar coating the temptations and troubles of adulthood. It’s a swoonworthy whirlwind that tiptoes a line along a dangerous path, with addiction, infidelity, and flightiness nipping at their heels. But love conquers and prevails…the question is for who?I highly recommend Lilah Suzanne’s evocative and sensually sensational stories, and the next adventure in the Spotlight series more than lives up to her promise. They’re hot, country, queer and proud.

  • Scout451
    2019-05-21 00:16

    After reading Broken Records last year, I was so smitten with Grady Dawson and Nico Takahashi that I couldn’t wait to delve into Burning Tracks, Lilah Suzanne’s second book in the Spotlight series. This sequel takes the characters of Gwen and Flora, Nico’s close friends from the previous novel, and expands on their story, both individually and as a couple. Their marriage is solid, but not without some problems, mainly due to the differences in their personalities. While they are both committed and deeply in love, Gwen’s natural tendency to fly free and loose resurfaces when Flora’s desire to have a baby becomes imminent.It’s clear from the moment that Gwen begins to work more closely with country music superstar Clementine Campbell, that there is a spark between them. With domestic life with Flora becoming more demanding and stressful, Gwen is tempted to allow her fear of her upcoming motherhood drive her to do something drastic. At the same time, Nico and Grady are experiencing some ups and downs in their relationship after having moved in together in Nashville. Grady discovers Nico has been keeping something from him which may indicate that Nico is not quite as committed as Grady thought.In this sequel, Lilah Suzanne has taken characters that I already felt like I knew quite intimately, and made me love them even more. The development of Gwen, Flora, and Clementine was spectacular, and I was as drawn into their stories, emotions, and experiences as much as I was to Grady and Nico’s in the first book. As well, I absolutely loved the continuation of Nico and Grady’s story, and they are still as wonderfully interesting to me as they were in their introduction. The world these characters live in, which is entrenched in both country music and high-end fashion, is so fun and exciting, since it showcases experiences I can only imagine, but the characters still remain incredibly authentic.I am beyond excited that there is a third book planned in the series, and that the focus is once again on Grady and Nico. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, and I have every confidence that Lilah Suzanne will continue to fill my heart with emotion because of these wonderful characters!Both books are available through Interlude Press, and Lilah Suzanne’s blog has wonderful additional material, including fun fashion lookbooks and music soundtracks for readers to check out!

  • Michelle Osgood
    2019-04-26 00:21

    Oh man, I don't even know where to start. This book was at turns - and sometimes on the same freaking page - hot, hilarious, and heartbreaking. The main character, Gwen, felt so real that I swear we could be best friends. I want to be her best friend (sorry, Nico)! And Gwen's wife, Flora. Wow. Hot damn. Gwen's utter adoration for Flora made me fall in love with her, and fall hard. One of the many delightful surprises in Burning Tracks was the flashback chapters scattered throughout where we get to see through Flora's eyes. Honestly, writing a coherent review of this book is impossible because I loved every piece of it. Even as I was furiously wiping tears off of my cheeks in a cafe and cursing the author, I loved this book. I cannot recommend it enough. Gwen and Flora are already in an established, long-term relationship when the novel starts, and that allowed the author to tackle a whole new set of problems than the ones we see with Grady and Nico in the first book of this series. I don't want to say too much for fear of spoiling anyone, but there were certain parts of this story that hit me like a sledgehammer because I didn't for a second see them coming. And those parts were dealt with kindly and respectfully and with a gentleness that made me feel like the author cared about these characters as much as I did. This is a book for anyone who's ever been in a long term relationship and knows exactly the kinds of heartbreak that can entail. Burning Tracks is a novel I'm going to return to again and again, and one that I suspect will only improve on each re-read.

  • Joyfully Jay
    2019-04-25 19:15

    A Joyfully Jay review. 4.25 starsBurning Tracks is the follow up to Broken Records, which featured Nico and Grady and introduced Gwen, Flora, and Clementine. Nico and Grady have more than a passing cameo here and it’s expected that you will know all the connections, so this book would be most enjoyed having read them in order.Gwen is the narrator here and first off, I have to talk about the style. I can read a lot of different styles, but I find third person present to generally be excruciating and tedious. So I have to give a nod to the author for making the third person narrative a win for me with this book. The combination of Gwen’s omnipresent narrative coupled with plenty of dialogue made this book not just simply palatable, but most enjoyable.Gwen has been with Flora for years. Where Gwen always has a different color hair and an edgy style, Flora is smooth and flowing with a temperament that suits her career as an elementary school teacher. Gwen knows she’s not the daughter her parents wanted and she is conditioned to thinking that she will eventually let everyone down, that she will never be enough, and she’s having immense growing pains.Read Michelle's review in its entirety here.

  • Jude Sierra
    2019-05-14 00:28

    I love that this book takes a non-traditional approach to romance: it examines and follows an already established relationship through the process of frustration/conflict, people recommitting, intimacy, rediscovery and growth. Despite the fact that this book follows an established couple, the sex was freaking STEAMING hot. There is nearly not enough f/f fiction out there, and this book hit it out of the ballpark. I came in with slight concerns that there might be infidelity, but while temptation does take place in the book, there is no actual infidelity. I think addressing infatuation, frustration, the feeling of being in a rut are all things that happen in long term relationships (or can) and I loved seeing that in this book -- in many ways I saw things from my own experience as someone who has been in a long term relationship. Also, Nico and Grady cannot be ignored. I fell in love with them deeply in the book previous to this one, and it was lovely to see them from an outside perspective, and it was extra lovely to anticipate a book from Grady's perspective coming up. Suzanne's books just keep getting better and better. She started as a stellar writer and storyteller, but somehow, her skills have just improved. Kudos for that.

  • Lilyvandersteen
    2019-05-22 22:38

    Oh wow, I raced through this book rather like Gwen lives - at double speed and diving in headfirst. This was quite the rollercoaster ride, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how Gwen and Flora met and fell in love, about how Gwen and Grady try out Las Vegas at its most thrilling and about Gwen finds her true anchor once she stops to think.Will there be a third book in this series? I'd really like to see Clementine find her match too instead of always being the third wheel everywhere...

  • Alysia Constantine
    2019-05-07 18:25

    BURNING TRACKS is the second book in the Spotlight series by Lilah Suzanne (the first is BROKEN RECORDS), which follows the lives of a quartet of people: Nico, stylist to the stars, his business partner-stylist Gwen, Gwen’s wife Flora, and Nico’s love Grady, who just happens to be a big country music star.While BROKEN RECORDS focused mainly on Nico and his courtship with Grady, BURNING TRACKS is centered around Gwen and Flora’s lives. Nico and Grady are still around, and they get important story developments, but this is not their novel. The primary story—and the reader’s heart—belongs to Flora and Gwen as they navigate their new lives in a new town, pull apart and pull together and pull other folks into their circle.When Nico and Gwen become business partners and take their star-styling business from LA to Nashville, Gwen and Flora need to make a new life for themselves in a new place. While Nico navigates a new and coltish relationship with Grady, Gwen and Flora are doing the hard work of staying together, weathering the long haul—it’s lovely balance: both couples are unsteadily trying to figure out how to live in new conditions, both literally (Nashville) and figuratively (new stages of lives and relationships, new pressures and possibilities). While Nico and Grady are stumblingly trying to figure out how to be in love, Gwen and Flora are trying to figure out how to stay in love—I don’t mean that they’re in constant danger of falling out of love, but that they’re trying to understand how to maintain their lives, keep beauty alive for each other, simply be in love without all the bang and fuss and glory that newness brings.There’s heartache and drinking, of course (I mean, there are country music stars in this, so it would disappoint if it didn’t happen), but there is also contentment and joy… and some kittens at one point, too. I admit I’m not a big country music aficionado, but I can’t think of a single country song about the joys of living with kittens—this novel goes well beyond the clichés, in other words, to give a real picture of real lives happening.They’re great characters, all four of them: loving, but not saccharine; interesting, but believable; complex, but still relatable; just stupid enough to make them real (I hate the sexism of “Mary Sue” labels, but because most people understand that term, I’ll use it: there are none here).In this second novel, the group grows a little bigger to include Clementine (another country music star/Nico client), a couple kittens, and an endearing little guy named Cayo—but I won’t talk about how he figures into the story, because I don’t want to give anything away. Instead, I’ll say that Clementine is a fun and interesting character: she’s a shining penny of a woman, with the sleek sheen that money and fame seem to give, and she comes across as a bit vain, a bit too big for her britches, and yet still very endearing and well-meaning. She’s the kind of girl who gets her hair colored and calls people “Sugar,” but she isn’t one-dimensional—she gets a moment of awkward redemption, plus she hides a kitten in her coat like a crazy lady, so I think she’s tops.The book’s paced just right—one is pulled along without any dragging, and the prose is efficient but loving (if you can say that about prose; I mean it feels neither self-indulgent nor too airy and speedy). It’s one of those books I could have easily (had I the time and no other stupid life obligations) read in one sitting, though knowing it was waiting for me to pick it back up again each evening was a good motivation to get through the daily mire.While BROKEN RECORDS never felt unresolved to me, BURNING TRACKS feels like it resolves some of what got knotted up in BROKEN RECORDS, and leaves off at the top of a cliff—all the characters are just starting big new life adventures (I won’t say what, and you can’t make me). It felt quite nicely resolved, but still leaves room for more to happen in a future third book. Which I’m hoping Suzanne has in the works.

  • Melanie
    2019-05-14 02:21

    A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words ReviewRating: 4 stars out of 5For the full review, visit that review: " Burning Tracks, the second installment in the Spotlight Trilogy, sees Gwen Pasternak take center stage in this saga of intertwined relationships.   Gwen and her wife Flora have always been an integral part of Nico Takahashi's life.  She's his partner, sometime life support, best friend and even foundation when things have gone wrong.  And Nico has been hers, even if that put Flora on the outside.  So bringing Gwen out here and letting us see more of her life makes total sense.  She and Nico switch places for a book, with Nico and Grady switching places, their relationship drama swirling as a secondary although still greatly important element here in Burning Tracks.  Neither Gwen or Nico can be separated from each other."For more of our reviews, author interviews and such, visit us at http://scatteredthoughtsandroguewords...

  • Nicole
    2019-05-11 19:26

    I was thrilled to get the opportunity to be an advance reader for Burning Tracks, the second book in the Spotlight series by Lilah Suzanne. Having read her two stand-alone novels as well as the first book of the series, I was looking forward to revisiting the world of country. From the cover, I was particularly excited to learn more about the ladies of the world she created - especially since it was an aspect of book one that I wanted more of!“She hates when she gets like this, with her own clashing desires for stability and commitment, excitement and freedom, at war.”The main character of the novel is Gwen Pasternak, partner in style to Nico Takahashi and partner in life to Flora. She’s growing in her career as a Nashville celebrity stylist, working personally with superstar Clementine, and in the midst of planning a family with her wife. Tennessee isn’t quite the hustle and bustle of LA, but Gwen has everything a girl could want…right?But in between teasing Nico about his romance with country star Grady Dawson and arranging show-stopping glamor looks, Gwen struggles with the balance between her passions for work and home. The challenge is not an easy one as she faces the fear of getting old, questions her future, and gets lost in the idealization of days past. In this respect Burning Tracks correlates very well with the problems Gwen experienced in book one, and focuses on themes relatable to the reader. Rather than worrying about dating an A-list celebrity as Nico did in book one, Gwen is trying to fit in sex after a long day at work and wondering when her date nights with Flora became so low-key. She wonders when their charming Nashville foursquare will feel like home, and if her longing for California will die down. She pushes aside any pangs of jealousy as she watches her friends post pictures out on the town, assuring herself it will go away with time. With one foot in the past, one foot in the present, and one foot in her dreams, anyone would be in danger of falling. I was pleased that Grady continued to be a prominent character in the series, and I enjoyed seeing his interactions with Gwen. The elements of his backstory and the mark it left on him are an important element of the plot, and made me even more invested in his relationship with Nico. Clementine was an interesting character, inspiring mixed reactions from me as her presence and actions stir the novel’s drama. Lilah chose to focus more on ‘real-life’ conflict in this chapter of Spotlight, which at times feels as overwhelming to the reader as it does for Gwen. My frustration with Gwen made the book difficult at times, but is a prime example of how this novel doesn’t shy away from the difficulties that often come hand in hand with love, life, and fame. Though due to personal preference I enjoyed the first book more, Burning Tracks certainly adds depth to the series.“Destiny, of course, was not quite as simple as arriving at the proper place and time and then all was as it should be.”Will Gwen achieve her dreams, preserve her marriage, and find the happiness that seems out of reach? Find out by reading Burning Tracks, available now!

  • Amy
    2019-05-06 23:36

    3.5 starsThis was a difficult read for me. We're reading about Gwen and Flora, who've been together for almost 10 years, and they've hit a rough spot where Gwen is freaking out about their lives together and Flora seems to be a bit clueless, even though this is definitely par for the course for Gwen. Toss in the fact that their best friends and family, Nico and Grady, who are definitely still in the honeymoon stage, have just had a fight and may be breaking up, and it sets the stage for Clementine, a client of Gwen and Nico's and a friend of Grady's, to come in and make things a bit murky for Gwen. I have big problems with cheating in the stories I read, so this book seemed to be headed down a predictable road that I really wasn't sure I wanted to travel along. But I told myself that I didn't necessarily know what the author was going to do, so I should stick with it. I'm glad I did, as things didn't go exactly as I'd thought, but it definitely was a wake up call for Gwen. My problem with the book, and I'll admit that it was all personal preference, is that Gwen seems to love Flora too much to go down the road she was headed. She acts like an immature brat instead of talking to her wife about her feelings, and she almost messes things up. Especially as someone who grew up with the parents that she had, it's very difficult for me to believe that she'd treat the person who loves her so much so recklessly. And while she may have stepped up in the end, I didn't enjoy the ride along for her stumble. The book was pretty well-written, and interesting, and if Suzanne decides to write about Clementine finding a woman of her own, I might pick that up. But I see that the first and third books are about Nico and Grady, and I'm not too sure I'd pick those up. Again, I'd say it's more personal preference than anything really bad about the book or story.I obtained an ARC of this book from Inked Rainbow Reads for review.

  • Arlyna
    2019-04-30 00:16

    ***Trigger Warning in story for some****3 hard to give stars*Sadly this book didn't live up to my expectations. The story followed both Gwen and Nico's relationships. I did enjoy Nico and Grady's relationship drama, and that is the only reason I continued to read the story. There were several times the author confused me, making me re-read parts to make sure I wasn't reading it wrong. A few pages in, Gwen talks about Flora gardening and planting flowers since its not too hot yet. Then a few paragraphs after says its the end of summer. Wait, what? Ok, so after realizing it is the end of the summer, why is Flora planting flowers and there are newly budding flowers? It just continued on like this through the entire book. I found both Gwen and Flora boring, even with Gwen having a job in the entertainment scene. Gwen is feeling scared about having a baby, and decides to go to Vegas with Nico, Grady, and Clementine, the current celebrity she is working for. I find everything that happened in Vegas was predicable. All I can say is tragedy happens and everyone makes up with...a kitten? Well, really everyone talks and gets everything off their chest, but happiness doesn't start to really show until a kitten is brought into the picture. The entire story happens just like it would happen in real life to you or me, but because of that is was predictable and boring. Not to mention the lack of emotions from Gwen and Flora. I received this book for an honest review. This book was read and reviewed by Arlyna for Alpha Book Club.The only reason any rating is higher than 3 is because of Nico and Grady since they were a huge part of the story.Plot: 3Chemistry: 3Pacing: 3.5Ending: 4.0Character Development: 3

  • Kim
    2019-05-02 21:11

    Unlike all books I have read, in which they introduced the characters and follow the story of how they fell in love etc, this one has already established the two loving ladies, Gwen and Flora, as a long-term married couple. Not only it gives you a look into their domestic life but also focus on their individuality, from both perspective in different timeline, and in my opinion, this is where the novel's uniqueness really shine. For Gwen, we get to see the increased fear of her upcoming responsibilities, fear of failure and how her wife and other would be disappointed at her, and her temptation to do something drastic to escape from it. Gwen's loving and utter adoration for Flora is soooo sweet it makes my teeth hurt.On the other hand, we get to see Flora's perspective from her past memories of when they first met (which was corroborate by Gwen's focus chapters), their first date together, the first time they rescued their cats as well as the moment Gwen realised she wanted to spend the rest of their life together. Using both past and present, from each other perspectives, and a look into they viewed each other, we get a glimpsed and an understand of how fit Gwen and Flora were for each other, how much love they had and those precious moments they shared. Gosh i fell in love with these characters and I adore both of them.The story also has very strong "minor" characters, Grady and Nico, who also as the problems of their own (I quoted the word minor because they were a little more than a minor as their problems were woven into the story and the lives of Gwen and Flora, who were their dearest friends).Please give this story a read. I promise you won't be disappointed

  • Naomi Tajedler
    2019-04-28 19:29

    From the get-go, I loved Gwen in Broken Records, and knowing that she would pull focus in the second part of the Spotlight series filled me with joy.The five stars are more than deserved because of Lilah Suzanne's tour de force in layering.The situations she describes through the story are complex, and difficult, and could easily be put in a black and white light.Suzanne chooses a more complicated and thus realistic path, showing that there is no One Truth that would solve everything--all of her characters have to make their own way, find the answer that will fit them.I loved the pace of the story--no wonder I devoured it !!Now all I can do is listen to softly played guitar while I wait for part 3 *sigh*

  • Suzey Ingold
    2019-05-10 02:18

    This book really does have it all: it's cute, it's hot, it's angsty, it's heartfelt. I loved the step into Gwen's life with Flora and beyond following "Broken Records", but while still touching upon Nico and Grady's lives and the other characters that I had already grown to love from the first book in the "Spotlight" series. The author's prose is a real joy to read and I already can't wait for #3!

  • Angel Pedroza
    2019-05-13 18:15

    I continue to love this series and look forward the next book.

  • Katherine
    2019-05-09 00:21

    I really enjoyed it and happy endings all around. :)

  • A.M. Leibowitz
    2019-05-11 01:33

    Review to come