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A powerful, intense and dramatic Scottish romance novella - one that will stay with you long after you've turned the final page..."Fair is foul, and foul is fair..." When Lizzie Smith starts rehearsing Macbeth with her theatre group in Edinburgh, she's convinced the witches' spells are the cause of a run of terrible luck. Lizzie's boyfriend, Léon - a former bodyguard - isA powerful, intense and dramatic Scottish romance novella - one that will stay with you long after you've turned the final page..."Fair is foul, and foul is fair..." When Lizzie Smith starts rehearsing Macbeth with her theatre group in Edinburgh, she's convinced the witches' spells are the cause of a run of terrible luck. Lizzie's boyfriend, Léon - a former bodyguard - is mysteriously turned down for every job he applies for, until he's finally offered the job of guarding "The Scottish Diamond," a fabulous jewel from the country of Montverrier.But the diamond's previous guard has disappeared in mysterious circumstances. The people of Montverrier are known for double-dealing and skulduggery, and the Scottish Diamond has a history of intrigue and bloody murder. Lizzie is plagued by nightmares in which Macbeth's witches are warning her of danger.Then Lizzie discovers she's being followed through the streets of Edinburgh, and it seems her worst fears are about to be realised,,,The Scottish Diamond is a standalone story. Lizzie and Léon first met in the romantic suspense novella Palace of Deception, which is set in the Mediterranean country of Montverrier....

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the scottish diamond Reviews

  • Jules
    2019-05-18 02:10

    The Scottish Diamond is a romance with an element of suspense and skulduggery.I really enjoyed this book. The characters were very likeable and I found the overall romance, mystery, suspense storyline fun and easy to follow.I also loved the references to Macbeth, and this in fact made me feel more uneasy throughout the story, as I studied Macbeth for GCSE, and it nearly sent me crazy, watching the play on TV repeatedly, and having to read parts of the book over and over again. I had so many dreams and nightmares about it at the time.As this is a novella, I found it to be fast paced. I estimate it took me no more than 3 hours to read, so ideal if you’ve got an afternoon or evening free and want to read something in one sitting.I would like to thank the author for a copy of this book, via THE Book Club (TBC) on Facebook, in exchange for an honest review, and wish her success with this novella.

  • Caroline Barker
    2019-05-02 22:10

    Although a romantic suspense, Helena Fairfax takes us on a darker mystery than we are used to with The Scottish Diamond novella. Now back in Edinburgh with Léon, her former bodyguard, Lizzie’s life has to return to her normal routine with working with her theatre production company, rehearsing and preparing for term time when the schools open up after their summer break. And, what a huge difference it is being back after spending the summer impersonating and covering for the Royal Princess Charlotte of Montverrier, with the beautiful scenery and a suspenseful meeting of her bodyguard in Palace of Deception!Lizzie notices Léon’s faraway looks as he stares from her bedroom window, not to mention the intensity he radiates. Wild thoughts go through her mind about whether he will enjoy being in Edinburgh, or whether he even loves her enough to stay. To make matters worse, the play she is to rehearse for is the dreaded MacBeth. Isn’t it just a whole load of bad luck, especially to those performing it?The superstitions worsen as Lizzie overhears suited men speak in the language of Montverrier, possibly mentioning Léon’s name. Is she being paranoid? Meanwhile, Léon is struggling to find work and failing at interviews. Everything seems bleak and solemn. The mood of The Scottish Diamond is in complete contrast to Palace of Deception in terms of the setting, the emotional closeness of Lizzie and Léon, and where Palace of Deception focussed on uniting the two main characters and their success, in The Scottish Diamond there seems to be something between them. The reader fears that they will be pushed apart, and feels the negativity that is swamping Lizzie.“… the truth is I was frightened of discovering the truth – that he bitterly regretted coming to Edinbugh and he didn’t love me enough to want to stay. During the day there was a thin sheet of glass between us, keeping us apart. At night, though, it was different. Our barriers melted – but even then, there was an intensity to Léon’s love-making that was new, as though each time were going to be our last.”For a brief moment, this feeling lifts when Léon finds work. Strangely, after having a conversation with some fellow Montverrians he is given the chance to protect The Scottish Diamond. With the diamond about to be exhibited, the previous guard gone missing, and Montverrians that appear to be following Léon, what will become of the diamond? And, what will become of Lizzie and Léon as they get tangled up in the whole fiasco?Regardless of the fears and mystery that the story holds, one of the enjoyable aspects is knowing that it’s very handy (and HOT), having a bodyguard in Léon around. And, I love his protectiveness of Lizzie; his masculinity ready and waiting for any threat. At the same time, he also allows Lizzie to be independent with her work and doesn’t suffocate her.Told in first person from Lizzie’s point of view, the reader shares exactly the same worries as Lizzie; the main hope throughout is that they both come out alive, and together! However, there are twists and ordeals to get through which will keep you turning the pages, desperate to find the outcome.Suspenseful from the beginning, and increasingly as the story unfolds, you’ll love this short adventure that can be read as a stand-alone, or following on from Palace of Deception. It is a story to be read until the very end to be appreciated fully.A copy of The Scottish Diamond was provided by the author in return for a fair and honest review.

  • Carol
    2019-05-04 21:26

    An enjoyable fast paced novella filled with mystery and romance to keep you entertained until the end. Lots of little things throughout the storyline to keep you interested, it's hard to write this without wanting to give something away.I liked the two main characters Leon and Lizzy, they seemed very cute together. While I haven't read the first book where these two meet, I felt their relationship seemed to be "real" in this storyline. Often in a novella you can catch yourself doing an eye-roll at something totally unbelievable, well I didn't do that once in this one. So that is saying something.It was such a great little read, with two likeable characters I found myself wanting to go back to read the first one to see just how they met. Definitely worth the read as a stand-alone novella. I would like to thank the author and The Book Club on Facebook for the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review. It was a pleasure and I look forward to more from Helena Fairfax.

  • J.Q. Rose
    2019-05-23 23:24

    I read and enjoyed Helena Fairfax novella, Palace of Deception, where we meet Leon and Lizzie, so I was anxious to read the next romantic suspense novella, The Scottish Diamond. The story picks with the couple's move to the lovely city of Edinburgh. Descriptions of the city and its history were well balanced with the action of the story (and I learned enough that I would love to visit this place some day.) Deception is the operative word both in the first and second book. So many secrets and surprises keep the reader turning pages. Ms. Fairfax is an accomplished storyteller. I'd recommend this quick read who like a bit of romance with their suspense.

  • Linda Rimer-Como
    2019-05-08 19:10

    This was a quick read and I loved reading more about Lizzie and Leon. Life isn't easy but they have love and determination. Mystery fills this story line and the characters are remarkable with great interactions. Secrets, lies and plenty of suspense make this well worth reading. Gifted a copy for an honest review.

  • Jayne Menard
    2019-05-03 20:13

    A Sweetheart of a Romantic Suspense NovellaThe Scottish Diamond is a well-written book that is satisfying to read. The plot has interesting twists and yet finds its way to a gentle resolution. This is a novella to pick up, take to your favorite chair and escape into the world the author has created. I look forward to more from Helena Fairfax.The Scottish Diamond neatly portrays a developing romantic relationship while it weaves its way through historical and current intrigues. While the story picks up from an earlier tale, the author so skillfully leads the reader through sufficient backstory of plot and characters that the book works on its own. It entices the reader to read the first book, Palace of Deception.A book leaving me wanting more is not only a good read, but a promise of more to come. I would have liked additional mood setting on Edinburgh to give the reader a more in-depth sense of place and more development of the two main characters as both seem a bit thin. In other words, I would have liked to have seen the story developed into a full novel.That said, the novella works well as it is and I look back on the time it took to read it with a warm glow that goodness can find ways to triumph even in darkened circumstances.Lizzie Smith runs and acts in a small production company in Edinburgh where she has returned under mysterious circumstances from summer employment in a small Mediterranean country. She is deeply attached to her former bodyguard, Léon Bressac and they arrive in Edinburgh to live together in her apartment as the book opens. Lizzie immediately picks up the threads of her life by working on a stage production of Macbeth with her company of actors and friends. Lurking behind them are dark figures from Montverrier, a country filled with intrigue and double-dealing. These men come to Edinburgh to guard a national treasure known as the Scottish Diamond, won centuries before in a card game from the titled Scottish Falmire family.The plot follows Lizzie and Leon as their fates become intertwined with the diamond leading them into a web of threatening circumstances that force a breach in their relationship.

  • Jenna
    2019-05-21 20:15

    After an adventurous turn impersonating a royal princess - an acting job that nearly cost Lizzie Smith her life - Lizzie is returning home to her Scotland flat. But she's bringing more with her than just the paycheck she received for her latest gig: she's bringing along her handsome new boyfriend (and former bodyguard) Leon. Once in Edinburgh, and without a job, Leon finds himself a bit at loose ends. While he searches for work, Lizzie worries that their connection is faltering and their romance is fizzling out. When Leon is offered a job, it's as a guard for a notorious jewel - The Scottish Diamond - on loan in Edinburgh from the country of Montverrier. However, Lizzie is concerned about how Leon got the job - namely because he was offered the position after the previous guard disappeared. As she and Leon both know from their previous experience with Montverrier, the county is known for shady dealings; could Leon be walking into a trap or danger? Or is it Lizzie who is truly in danger?The Scottish Diamond is a quick read. The plot is paced quickly and there are some surprising turns of events in the story. It was lacking a bit of romance for my expectation of a romantic suspense novella, but it's a sweet story and an enjoyable read.

  • Kenneth Hicks
    2019-05-22 02:29

    The Scottish Diamond is the second novel I have read by English author, Helena Fairfax, the first being A Way From Heart To Heart, and I am sure that I will be reading many others. The Scottish Diamond is a sequel to Palace Of Deception, in which the two main characters Leon and Lizzie first appeared (and which I did not read). Nonetheless, I became quickly grounded in the story and the characters because of Helena’s skillful weaving of details into the story. The plot unfolds in Edinburg, Scotland, where Leon and Lizzie are now living, trying to adjust to their life together in a climate that is not Leon’s favorite and where he is having trouble finding employment. Romance is part of the story, but suspense soon takes over as sinister faces begin to appear and reappear in the crowded streets. Twists and turns abound as the story progresses and the reader is kept in delicious suspense until the last page. You can’t help rooting for this pair.

  • Heather Brainerd
    2019-05-08 23:32

    Helena Fairfax writes some of my favorite romance stories, and this one is no exception. The Scottish Diamond continues Lizzie and Léon's story from Palace of Deception, but this novella can stand on its own, as well. While Palace of Deception made me want to visit Montverrier (which doesn't really exist, but maybe Monaco would be close enough), The Scottish Diamond has me dreaming of a trip to Edinburgh. Ms. Fairfax describes her settings so beautifully, I seem to have started a travel wish-list based solely on her books! In addition to the lovely setting, Lizzie and Léon are well-developed characters. It was nice getting to know more about them. In particular, I enjoyed learning more about Léon's history. The supporting characters, too, are well-drawn and entertaining. With its share of danger and intrigue, The Scottish Diamond kept me glued to my Kindle.

  • Janice Hougland
    2019-05-17 01:09

    The second Novella in this story about Leon and Lizzie takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland, where intrigue still abounds with Montverrier folk showing up at a museum where their Scottish Diamond is on display and a Scottish nobleman who originally owned the Scottish Diamond is wanting it back. The Scottish nobleman attempts to pull a switch on the Diamond with a fake stone, Lizzie gets kidnapped in the scheme of things, and Leon and Lizzie’s love is challenged by the shenanigans between the Scots and the Montverrier folk. Altogether a very fast-paced romantic suspense novella, but there is an HEA at the end.

  • Jackie Roche
    2019-05-16 02:24

    I would like to thank TBC and the author for giving me the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest and open review."Fair is foul and fair is foul......" perfectly sums this book up.This is a fast-paced novella which I read in one sitting.I hadn't read the first novella "Palace of Deception" but this didn't mar my enjoyment. In fact I loved Lizzie and Leon so much I promptly downloaded it.I now have another author to add to my favourites list.If you enjoy a book with mystery and romance this is definitely one for you.

  • Natasha du Plessis
    2019-05-22 21:20

    Thank you Helena Fairfax and TBC for a copy of this book.This is the first book by Helena that I have read. This is the second in a series and can be read as a stand alone. This is all about intrigue, love, Macbeth and bad things happening. I loved this quick read and if you are looking for a great in-between book, this is the one to pick up. A lovely romantic novella with a bit of suspense thrown into the mix. Looking forward to reading more of Helena Fairfax.

  • Samantha
    2019-05-17 03:23

    It's a gentle and nice enough story but I found the writing style irritating and the prose repetitive, which interfered with my ability to bond to the main characters. If you see past the overuse of the word Montverrier as an adjective, which appears up to five times in a single page, you may enjoy this more than I did.

  • Gail Atkins
    2019-05-12 02:24

    I received this book through TBC and I am grateful for the chance of reading this book.This book held me from start to finish. The story line was good and it held the pace for this short novel. I enjoyed getting to know the characters of this love story. I would recommend this book for a light easy read.

  • Sandie Bell
    2019-05-24 01:18

    I really enjoyed this the interplay between the main characters.