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Doctor Abbigail Sutherland is used to being alone. Between twelve hour shifts at the hospital and looking after her eccentric father, she has very little time for much else. Until an unexpected call one night, sends her racing to the lab where she discovers a secret that could change the world forever. Hauke awakens after an underwater explosion, strapped to a bed and on hDoctor Abbigail Sutherland is used to being alone. Between twelve hour shifts at the hospital and looking after her eccentric father, she has very little time for much else. Until an unexpected call one night, sends her racing to the lab where she discovers a secret that could change the world forever. Hauke awakens after an underwater explosion, strapped to a bed and on his way to a site known as Area 51. His only hope for survival lies in Abbie Sutherland, the beautiful doctor that saved his life. Amidst a deadly virus, seemingly impossible to stop, and a corrupt Government placing a price on their heads, Hauke and Abbie run for their lives, uncovering conspiracies, deceptions, and a love that won't be denied......

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what lies beneath Reviews

  • Leigh
    2019-06-06 15:49

    Enigma was an ok read for me. I enjoyed the story line about the outbreak, but I found the rest of the story seriously lacking. While insta love/lust normally doesn't bother me, it annoyed me in this book. I also didn't like the time jumps in the story. In the beginning it felt like, why do I feel this attraction to I can't live without you, I love you so much. Add in lacking sexy times and it was just ok. Although this book didn't work for me and I did think the dialogue was cheesy at times, I am curious about Abbie's Uncle Tony. So I may consider book 2.

  • Shari Kay
    2019-06-10 15:00

    DNF at 51% just blah for me. I should have gone with my gut instinct after the sample read. oh well. live and learn

  • The BookChick
    2019-06-14 15:00

    Rating: 3.5Let me start out by saying that my rating of this book is not indicative of the author's writing because I read Kellen's Seeker series and really enjoyed it. The challenge that I experienced while reading this book was solely because of the subgenre theme. I am a paranormal romance lover but Enigma definitely felt more sci-fi in nature. A genre that I do not read in. So, please read my review with that consideration in mind. Hauke is from a world underneath the water called Aukrabah. He is what one would think of as a merman who also has fangs and venom. After coming to the surface on a mission with his sister and three others from his world, Hauke is injured, deemed dead, and transferred to a government facility to undergo testing. Abbie is a human doctor who is at the facility with her father, who was summoned by his superiors to do the testing on "the alien." Abbie is immediately drawn to the large make lying on the table in her father's lab. It isn't until she touches him that she realizes that she has a connection with him going back to her seven year-old self. Hauke saved her as a child and Abbie makes a silent vow to return the favor. That decision lands her and Hauke on a roller coaster ride rife with twists, turns, and danger.Kellen did a wonderful job weaving together a unique story full of depth. The characters were interesting and multidimensional. The world building was exceptional as was the character's backstory. I liked the introduction of Hauke's sister Naura and Abbie's crazy ex-CIA agent uncle, Tony, who was integral to Abbie and Hauke's survival. This book was chockful of elements that sci-fi buffs will undoubtedly enjoy. There is also intrigue and a nefarious plot by the government. But there is a mutated bacteria, too, and you know what that means? Zombies! Or something like them. This story definitely had it all, including a very passionate romance that will check any romance lovers box.I kept wondering "why" the book was titled Enigma and the reason behind the story's nomenclature was unexpectedly sweet (No spoilers! You'll have to read to discover it for yourself). Enigma ends in a happily ever after for Hauke and Abbie but only in a happy for now for the series. There isn't a cliffhanger but there is a definite teaser for the next book in the series.If you love science fiction romance then Enigma is a book not to be missed. It is exceptionally imaginative and intriguing.

  • Hayat
    2019-06-21 17:14

    DNF @ 60%At first glance, the premise sounded intriguing: Doctor Abbigail Sutherland stumbles across a conspiracy that the government and her father is involved in and promptly decides to help the alien/merman/vampire (Hauke) strapped to a bed before he's shipped off to area 51. Amid corrupt government hunting her down, deadly outbreak of a virus, deception, conspiracies and insta-love Abbigail and Hauke fight for life, love and all that they hold dear.Sadly, the book didn't live up to expectations. I didn't enjoy the authors writing style, it came across a bit awkward and flat. Abbi does a lot of illogical things just because, and it makes no sense for a medical professional who is supposed to be disciplined and intelligent not to think about the possible ramifications of her actions. She comes across as naïve and trusts easily and puts herself and others in danger because of it, she puts herself in harms way for no reason and there is no chemistry between her and Hauke. I didn't like their insta-love, it was boring.The characters felt generic and Hauke is a strange mix of several creatures from paranormal and sci-fi books. He has fangs and drinks blood like a vampire, but has gills and lives under the sea with his people are like mermaids, but than again they live underwater in caves with access to air ect... He can also do things with his mind and is fast and powerful on land and has instant self healing power like an alien or a superhero. So what kind of creature is Hauke? The whole thing was confusing and awkward.I just couldn't make myself read any further, but I did take a quick glance at GR and it looks like I was right to DNF this one.

  • Katrina Berry
    2019-06-03 15:57

    What Lies Beneath by Ditter Kellen is Book 1 of the Enigma Series. While the idea behind the story was pretty interesting, the book itself just didn’t work for me for many reasons. First there is a lot of skipping around in the book, not to mention there were so many things that the characters did that made absolutely no sense. I get that there was a specific trigger needed to cause a chain reaction but omg we are not stupid readers here. For example, right off the bat in Chapter 1, we have the book start off with Abbi feeling her dad is keeping something from her and as such she skulks about after him, following him, sneaking into a high security building and then into his lab. Uhmmm let me see, he’s an adult and so is she, yet she follows him based on a feeling. I call some serious bs right just on her following him on a “feeling”; don’t even get me started on the fact that it was a high security, locked down freaking facility that she oh so conveniently got into...what with her being just a simple, everyday kinda woman with no military covert training...yea bs. Sorry but other than needing a reason for Abbi being in the lab so she can escape with Hauke none of that makes sense or is legit, even in fantasy land. Ever hear the saying: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Plenty other of ways of putting together something that would have LOGICALLY had Abbi in the lab. There was a lot of this nonsense happening through the book and it irritates me as a reader to see...had I paid for it I’d be demanding my money back. Now let’s hit on the whole insta-love concept. Insta-love sometimes works and other times doesn’t; this is one time I felt it totally failed. Really?? We jumped from the hi, hello, how are you to the I love you forever and all eternity not too long into the book. With respect to the world buildup, it was decent enough and the characters were somewhat likeable but I just felt like Abbi and Hauke didn’t have enough yes, but not an engaging, pull me in and give me “feels” kind of chemistry; two totally different things right there. And while on the topic of sex in the story, it came across as dull and boring. And then I get to the WTF is Hauke? Is he a merman, vampire or what? Honestly, the way he is written, he is a mishmosh hybrid of all kinds of mess that make his character and the story all kinds of awkward. With that being said, this will be the last book that I’ll read from the author.

  • SheLove2Read
    2019-06-07 18:14

    Typo on the first page. I don't care for the author's writing style at all. It feels like she's trying too hard, which is too awkward. DNF

  • Erika
    2019-06-18 16:09

    DNF at 36%

  • Marta Cox
    2019-06-02 21:02

    I've seen this authors name crop up when looking for paranormal stories and just couldn't resist this cover. I was also curious about the male lead Hauke and just exactly what he was. Clearly I was expecting a type of merperson but Haukes antecedents are a little more complex than most. For a start he is absolutely huge, with unusual protrusions at wrist and ankle and then theres that extra something about him that threatens mankind! Oh and of course he's fierce and quite scary but underneath such a sweetie. Abbie was a surprise. A doctor so I expected her to be worldly and a take control type and to be fair she does bravely step up to save Hauke. What I hadn't been prepared for was the almost instant lust that changed to love! That being said I think she was lonely and her childhood clearly difficult as her only living parent was obsessed with his work. Don't get me started on her dad, in fact both characters have fathers who left me seething. The saving grace however is that there are supporting family members who really added to the plot. Things happen quickly here and I was a little confused at how much time seemed to elapse. The awful things that happen are not all due to Hauke and his friends but you just know corrupt politicians are going to put a spin on it. Clearly if I want answers I will need the next book in this series and as I'm dying to see what happens next ( growing families anyone?) . Also I dearly want more from former CIA operative uncle Tony and Haukes sister Naura . I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review

  • Celestine
    2019-06-25 21:03

    DNF at 49%

  • Lady Heather
    2019-05-30 19:06

    "A copy of this book has been provided in exchange by the publisher in exchange for an honest review"

  • Hollie
    2019-06-15 15:06

    This one started decent and pulled me into the story early on but then it seemed to take a nose dive and it continued to go down hill fast. It became repetitive and the characters seemed to feel more generic as the story progressed. By the half way point in this book I was tempted to declare this one a DNF and probably should have. The insta-love was quite brutal as well. I was excited about the idea of a unique and one of a kind "alien" but the story execution ruined it for me. Not a series I will continue.

  • ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡
    2019-05-29 21:01

    “What Lies Beneath” is a real fitting title for the first book of the Enigma Series by Ditter Kellen that I just read. This book may be read as a standalone, but I recommend to follow the reading order as the backstory demands a certain flow.Because I see a lot of potential beneath the surface here. The story itself is so simple yet brilliant at the same time. The author combines many well known and well used ideas of paranormal and phantasy (and even a tiny bit dystopian) plots and combined it into an engaging story that has potential for a 5 star read.Yes I know you are sensing the BUT …and here it comes… BUT the book feels like a raw diamond good at some points of the story yet rough and unpolished at others. I am jumping in my thoughts between 3 and 4 stars – but will give it 4 because I see the potential and I hope that the follow up stories will jump over that hurdle and become more smooth.A few more pages in the beginning to give us a little more time to develop a relationship with Hauke would have been good because the reader is directly thrown into a situation that presents itself as an almost (almost because of the tiny backstory) Insta-love.Also the story jumps along the line were not helpful to the story there were to many and they came randomly in moments when there should have been a build up in tension not a jump in the plotline.But again I see real potential because one of my most favorite paranormal romances started its first book with a similar annoyance. I feel the need to read the next book to report back on the development.═══ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE / LIKE / FOLLOW US ════Blog : Page : : : :

  • angelblue
    2019-06-21 15:57

    Aghhh! I loved this! I'm going to make this review short and sweet because you need to read this book NOW! Enigma is PNR at its best. Tons of action, intriguing storyline, smart and resilient heroine and sexy, protective hero that will do anything for his mate. There is a lot going on in this book, out of control viral epidemic, conspiring politicians, government cover ups, old prejudices and cultural differences to overcome. I loved the detailed world building and romance. The story goes from zero to sixty from page one and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Intense and thrilling, I have a feeling that this series will be my new obsession, so go, BUY THIS BOOK and welcome to my new addiction.

  • Angela
    2019-06-12 13:44

    Oh my God! This book was so amazing! I would love to see more from this author. The story was well thought out, well written, and well fleshed out. The characters you encounter are very easy to identify with. The story was romantic, but still gave me enough otherwise to keep me interested. I would love to see where Ditter Kellen is going to take us as this series progresses.

  • Sheryl
    2019-06-08 19:46

    I am not going to give any details but to say this is a must read for any paranormal reader. Great characters and fantastic story line plot along with a bunch of bad guys.Once I started this I had to finish it until the end it kept me on the edge of my seat to see how it would turn out.I received an advanced copy of this book for an honest review. This is book 1 of Enigma by the author.

  • Abby Hayes
    2019-06-19 19:05

    This book was an amazing, unique read! Sort of shifter, sort of vampire, a whole lot of sexy manliness and a suspenseful read ending in an HEA! Really, what more could one ask for. I am heading over to grab the next book in this series! (Another couple from this book!)

  • ❤ AudiobookRomance ❤
    2019-05-30 19:02

    Exciting adventures from below! What Lies Beneath is #01 of 09 in the Enigma Series by Ditter Kellen. All 9 are currently published with 05 of them being in audio. The author plans for the other 4 to be in audio by the end of the year. She also plans many more after #09 at this time. Which excites me to no end!Every fan never wants their series to end!❤ Yay! ❤Johnny Mack narrates the series, to include all future editions.HEA with no cliffhanger!These are connected by characters so I recommend reading the books in order. It is more enjoyable that way, but could be taken as standalones if you absolutely insist. There would be spoilers for the earlier ones if you start in the middle.Length: 6 hrs and 8 minsWarning: SEX!Yes! Both in thoughts and actions, so those opposed should avoid.Trigger WarningsNone that I see. ♥ Story ♥ Bracadyte Prince, Hauke ❤ Doctor Abbigail Sutherland“Enigma,” he finished for her.  Abbie Doctor Abbigail Sutherland knows her dad is up to something and follows him to work to find that the answer is more than she could of imaged. A human-like specimen is in the lab, waiting to be retrieved by the military. Abbie feels drawn to this creature but cannot fathom why. He seems familiar for some reason.Hauke Hauke is a type of alien merman, for lack of a better word. The last thing he remembers is searching for his sister and brothers in arms after an explosion. He wakes in the lab to the sounds of Abbie's voice and mentally links with her and shares the memories of their past encounter. After an infusion of human blood, Hauke is miraculously back from the dead just in time for all hell to break loose.He backed her toward the unmade bed situated against the side wall. “I need to love you now, sweet Abbie. All of you.”-- Hauke The pair turn to Abbie's uncle for protection. Uncle Tony is an ex-CIA operative who is a ghost. Seriously, he basically never existed due to his past government relations. With Tony's help, they manage to get Hauke home under the sea. Take note of Uncle Tony, because you will see him again!“Te amo’?” she questioned through their link.“It means I love you.” Of course it's not going to be that easy!There is a lot of action to be had, as well as more characters to meet and fall in love with. The overall story Arc of the Bracadytes and the infection will continue throughout the whole series.Ditter Kellen weaves mythology into a uniquely beautiful story that is the world of the Bracadytes. The characters are fictional but will illicit real emotions. You will want to rise up on their behalf to protect them from the human ignorance that threatens their well-being.“You have a strange vocabulary, my mate. I am not certain why they would give me a rat’s ass”-- Hauke The Enigma series has quickly become one of my favorites! I can't wait to listen to the next as I devour this series like candy. I want to know how every character's story plays out!I can't really comment more without spoiling something. And trust me, there are things I want to say about some of the people I want to stab in the face, lol, but I will have to make this series a part of the Read Along With Me titles, so look for it over there hopefully soon.“Do not feel bad for me, my mate. I cannot change what I am, and I sense the love you hold for me inside your heart. Know that I possess feelings for you that you could never comprehend.”-- Hauke ♥ Author ♥  This is my second read/listen by Ditter Kellen, and I can't get enough! Her writing is imaginative and unique! The covers are HOT!Ditter has 07 Audible Titles♥ Narrator(s) ♥  This is my fourth listen by Johnny Mack, and I'm still loving it! His performance of both male and female character works. If I had to nit pick, the only thing I could say is sometimes the transitioning between narration and Hauke's voice is not always smooth, which is not that big of a deal, being that it is a transition of Hauke's thoughts/POV to Hauke speaking, so its all still Hauke. :-)Johnny has 25 Audible TitlesEbook obtained through Kindle UnlimitedAudiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased reviewMore Reviews @

  • Jean Smith
    2019-06-16 16:53

    An exciting blend of SyFy and PNRMany years ago, a little girl threw herself into the ocean in a fit of grief at the death of her mother. She would have drown if not for the intervention of a young boy. But when her father discovered her the boy had disappeared. Life has been a challenge with her eccentric father. Now a doctor herself, Abbie works long hours and keeps pretty much to herself. There isn’t time for relationships when you’re busy tending to a forgetful father. Then one night she follows her father to the lab to make sure he eats and perhaps discover what he’s up to and her whole world changes. She discovers he has a strange man who appears dead strapped down in the lab and he’s experimenting on him. A man with extra organs. A man with gills. A man who is achingly familiar. A man who wakens at her touch, eliciting visions of the past, a voice in her head and a need to protect deep in her soul. When she discovers that her father and the government intend to send him to Area 51 for further experimentation she decides it’s time to help Hauke escape. Their flight from the lab isn’t uneventful. In fact, it’s downright dangerous and deadly. And so begins their flight from capture and death.Believed to be an alien, Hauke has been captured after an oil rig explosion. Without precious blood he lies close to death until the tenacious Abbie brings him back from the brink. What the humans don’t know is that his species is indigent to the ocean depths. Walking both on land and beneath the deep. They’ve survived the years separate from mankind… but not always. Long ago, they lived amongst the natives of America. Then tragedy struck in the form of an illness and they were blamed. Now history is repeating itself. A virus is spreading through the state of Florida and the US government is hot to get its hands on Hauke and formulate a cure at any cost including Abbie’s life. However, Hauke will not allow harm to come to his mate… from any source including his father the king of the Bracadytes when they find he has mated a human.What Lies Beneath is an exciting start to a new series. I couldn’t put it down.*****Reviewed for Xtreme-Delusions*****

  • Dawn
    2019-06-20 18:05

    I love the main characters. Both Hauke and Abbie are loyal and it gets them into trouble immediately! Honestly, I'm not sure how to write the review for this book without telling you about it and I don't want to give away too much but I'm going to try. Abbie almost died when she was seven after her mother's death. She ran into the ocean trying to swim out to the sand bar she and her mother spent time on, just to try to feel and hear mother again. She was overcome be the water because of the storm and pulled under. She would have died had it not been for this teenage boy who rescued her. She would never forget and his eyes, they were as green as emeralds. Flash forward 25 years and she is now a doctor with a nice life and is eating dinner with her dad, who also is a doctor. Their dinner is interrupted as he is called into work. He is being secretive and then outright lies to his daughter about something and she is determined to find out what. What happens next will change her life completely and forever. She is now wanted, by any means necessary, and is running to save her life and his life, with the help of her Uncle Tony, who just happens to be ex-CIA. Okay, I'm really sorry but that's all I feel I can give you without messing up your reading experience, and I may have given you too much already. But read the book. It's a quick read and will be one heck of a ride. I do have to tell you, the beginning of the story hooked me. I am one of those readers that if the first five or so pages don't get me, I generally pass the book over. So kudos to the author for this! I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Becky Ullman
    2019-06-23 14:59

    Drew me in, couldn't put it down till I was finished. Only to go and get the rest of the series!!

  • Literati Literature Lovers
    2019-06-14 21:01

    Good World Building The book has a unique world building centering on an aquatic humanoid that is native to the planet. Now some of you may see three stars as negative, but that isn't my intent. Author Kellan has a career in the unique sexy alpha male erotic genre. Other authors have made a killing in it and she has a unique enough world to grab a good share of the market. I will not sugar coat it the book does have some problems with characters miraculously knowing things that haven't been revealed to them. There are bumps on the road in the plot, but Kellan's world building is enough to see she does have a good imagination. I will say the book tried very hard to encompass the entire world, which I think actually hurt this book. The book should have concentrated on one major 'evil' plot device instead of throwing so many at me. Plus the insta love was too quick, and I wanted it all to slow down. I think the author needs a good editor and beta as some of her story was in her head and the character's knew things, that didn't translate to the page, and hurt the continuity of the book. Will I read this author again? Yes! Because of the world building. Read for free via kindle unlimited.

  • Tina
    2019-06-02 13:54

    The start of the Enigma Series is Enigma: What Lies Beneath by Ditter Kellen. I love this story for many reasons. One it is really an original idea. I love reading about something I have never read about before. The kind of paranormal that Hauke turns out to be, that was brilliant. The characters in this book are vibrant and well thought out as well. I loved having a strong female character. Abbie is a doctor, but she has so many facets to her personality. She is brave, sassy, and loving all at the same time. She also can save her man if need be. I love that. She might need help too but she brings so much to the table herself.Hauke he is a Bracadyte. You have got to read the lore behind them! I love it. He is both vulnerable, strong, and a warrior all at the same time.Over all this is an action packed read with characters I will not soon forget. Beautifully sweet and an omygosh amazing ending you have to read to believe.When you want a paranormal that will have twists and turns you never expected this is the one to pick up. I cannot wait for the next one in this series. five shooting stars and a recommended read

  • Rosanna
    2019-06-01 19:48

    I received this book in exchange off or an honest review. I was new to this author so I decided to give it a try. This is a completely different take on paranormal romance. This is a different kind of super natural also. Not your normal vampire or angel kind of species. Abbie meets Hauke when he is captured and detained in a lab where her father works. He is on the brink of death. She instantly has feelings for him and so does he. The thing is that on the day her mom died when she was a little girl she was so overwhelmed with emotion she ran into the ocean to be closer to her memories. She went too far and was about to drown when she gets pulled out by a boy with amazing emerald eyes.She realizes that Hauke is the same guy that saved her many years ago. It's instant love. They have to deal with an epidemic threatening the human race when humans start getting sick. Recommended for adult reading.

  • Julie
    2019-06-21 17:51

    A romance that introduces the reader to an amazing water-world. Although not your typical mer-people variety world beneath the waves, this world and its people still inspire mystery and awe. Afterall, its people are miraculous in their unique abilities and devastate with their beauty. The plot was exciting and action-filled. The characters each interesting in their own way with a few owning mysterious histories that have the reader hoping for future stories to fill-in the gaps. The hero and heroine were nicely matched, and I loved the way their first meeting was birthed. That said, I would have loved to have felt more raw passion between the two. Their love and commitment were always strongly portrayed, but there could have been more heat expressed between them. Two thumbs up, overall!

  • Tracie Runge
    2019-06-11 20:59

    Enigma is a promising start to Ditter Kellen’s Enigma Series. Doctor Abbigail Sutherland knows tragedy and is used to being alone. Hauke wakes strapped to a bed after being trapped in an explosion not know where he is headed.It will be Abbigail who will need to save Hauke and keep him safe. But with a virus spreading she will need to get help from her uncle Tony who is ex CIA and he is far from happy to see her with an Alien at his door. Running for their lives to stay ahead of what is coming, Hauke will attempt to find his sister Naura and the others. When the time comes for him to leave for Naura, Hauke will be forced to trust Tony to keep Abbie safe and hope it is not too late for any of them.

  • Kim Page
    2019-05-30 16:02

    Wow this puts a whole new twist to the apocalypse! I started with this one and didn't stop until I had to 'cause book 9 isn't out until August!! Pre-ordered so I'm all set for it's arrival!!My naughty little confession: The covers had my attention at first glance!! OMG...seriously how could they not?!! Holy Moly...Thanks Ditter :D <3Not usually a big fan of Sci-fi but this story line is very exciting and entertaining AND of course sexy! Love Abbie and Hauke!!

  • Julie
    2019-05-26 20:58

    Reminiscent of Kim HarrisonRitter Kellen is a new author to me, but I will be reading more of her work, I loved how the story was told, from both sides, by the good and the bad, Hawke is now on my long list of book boyfriends, Abbie as a character was strong willed and a great heroine, would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good read in a quiet corner, immerse yourselves in a new world, looking forward to reading the next one

  • Cathleen
    2019-06-12 17:46

    2.5Although I liked this better than Cassandra, the insta-love irritated me in this story too. They verbalize their feelings before reaching 40% of the book. There are some holes that made the plot shaky and some editing mistakes. Also, why is the H called an alien by everyone? Isn't this a paranormal story?The lead up to Tony's story does sound interesting though..Mature content

  • Linda
    2019-06-24 16:11

    This was the first book that I've read by Ditter Kellon and I am very happy that I took the chance! Ditter Kellon takes you to a new world in Hauke and Abbi's story danger and love. I have always been a believer in a soul mate, that your soul will always seek out and know its other half no matter how it is packaged. A wonderful new series for all paranormal fans!

  • Gloria
    2019-06-12 16:00

    Enigma💕Where to begin... I never thought that I would fall so engrossed in a SciFi novel. The love between abbigail and Hauke is so profound and beautiful that you can actual feel it. Hauke's tenderness and love for her.. *swoon* 😍 I can't wait for the next book!