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Claire Parks fought her way back from the brink of death and now it’s time to celebrate and paint the town red--or at least pink. Letting herself be seduced by a rugged lumberjack who exudes sex appeal seems like just what the doctor ordered. Little does Claire know that the smoldering stranger is undercover police detective Bud Morrison.When Claire’s life is threatened, BClaire Parks fought her way back from the brink of death and now it’s time to celebrate and paint the town red--or at least pink. Letting herself be seduced by a rugged lumberjack who exudes sex appeal seems like just what the doctor ordered. Little does Claire know that the smoldering stranger is undercover police detective Bud Morrison.When Claire’s life is threatened, Bud leaps into action. Rescuing women is what Bud does best and he pulls out all the stops. He knows just how to protect her, and he’ll do whatever it takes, including keeping her under lock and key. But Claire has fought too hard for life to let herself be locked away and treated like blown glass.She’s flesh and blood, and all woman. Bud will have to meet her halfway if he wants to make her his, and if they’re to have a hope in hell of outrunning the danger at their heels. . ....

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Midnight Run Reviews

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2019-04-11 14:38

    Another great read!This is the second book in Lisa Marie Rice’s Midnight series and I enjoyed it as much as I did the first. A major reason for that is because the abrupt happily ever after ending I complained about in book one, Midnight Man, was followed up in this book and it was a pleasure to revisit John Huntington and Suzanne Barron.Another thing I really enjoyed about this book was the way in which the storyline was written. It overlapped with the same plot in book one, so while in Midnight Man we saw everything from John and Suzanne’s points of view, with Bud and Claire as the secondary characters, in Midnight Run we see the same events from Bud and Claire’s points of view with John and Suzanne as the secondary couple. Now, that has the makings for disaster as far as storylines go, but Lisa Marie Rice pulled it off like a pro! Claire Parks has finally moved out on her own, out from under her father’s overprotective thumb. No easy fete, that. Having been deathly ill for many, many years and living in hospitals and medical institutions she’s more than ready to have a normal life now that she’s been cured and nothing is going to stand in her way. As far as heroines go, I liked her, but didn’t love her. I felt for her, for the life she didn’t get to live, but still in all she just didn’t grab me, even though I accepted her as the perfect match for Bud.Bud is a cop and an overbearing, caveman type cop at that – but guess what? That worked for me. Ms. Rice is one of the few authors who can take this type of Neanderthal-esque brute of a man and make him loveable. And aren’t I just glad for that!Now, I do have to say (because it annoyed me) that the story was going along fabulously, totally into it, buying it all, and then Claire does something that I found ridiculous and not in keeping with her character. In short, I was miffed. But not enough to lower the rating!I’m impressed with the way Ms. Rice is able to give us deeply complex characters and do it in a shorter page count. And while, as I said, I didn’t connect with Claire as fully as I would have liked to, that was due to personality conflicts between she and I and nothing to do with Ms. Rice’s writing.There were a couple of scenes I really enjoyed, both involving Bud and his ... man part. I'd like to share them with you here - WARNING - EXPLICIT LANGUAGE Yeah, he'd seen it all. Twice. Last thing he needed was some innocent young miss who'd be stiff in bed and cling to him afterwards. Nope, he was going to drive pretty little Miss Schuyler safely to her door, say goodnight like the gentleman he wasn't, go home, get some shut eye then take off for his weekend of hot sex. Yup, that's what he'd do.His cock wasn't listening to a word his head was saying.His cock didn't give a shit about home or sleep. It didn't want Nancy Whosis, it wanted her, the Princess, and it wasn't taking no for an answer.And then this: He's getting ready to walk her to her door after he's made up his mind that he wasn't going to have sex with her - "Would you like to come in for some coffee?" She asked in a rush, the words tumbling over themselves. Wouldyouliketocomeinforsomecoffee?As if she'd been rehearsing it.She'd turned to him fully, but wasn't meeting his eyes, asking his chin if he wanted to come in for coffee. Her breathing was slightly speeded up and the hand holding her cloak together was trembling. She was asking him in for more than coffee. She might not even be aware of it herself, but she was.Coffee was a synonym for sex.Absolutely not.No sex, no. Not with her. She was trouble with a capital T which rhymed with C which stood for Claire.It wouldn't be happily vigorous sex for a couple hours, then a handshake and goodbye, which was all he was looking for, all he wanted from a woman. He liked sex that was hard and long and uncomplicated. He didn't want sex with her. She had complication written all over that gorgeous face of hers. No sex with Claire Schuyler. No, no, no. His head was clear on that and he opened his mouth to say no, but his cock got there first."Yeah, love to." That's the kind of writing that makes me laugh. I just love it when a man's man part has more of a say in his relationships than the actual man does.I'm looking forward to reading more by this author!

  • Shari Kay
    2019-03-30 15:22

    I've liked some of this author's work in the past...but this one just didn't work for me. I skimmed. I put it down and finished another book, came back and tried again. Skimmed some more. My eyes rolled numerous times and my WTF factor hit red. Here's a few reasons why:Untagged spoilers ahead...beware.1.)Claire is an idiot. She gets ditched by a quasi-gf at some raunchy dance club and goes home with a stranger 'cuz she needed a ride and she just knew she was safe with him. Uh huh. Riiiight. She'd been sick so long she has perfected her 'creep' radar. Okaaay. So the author explains away why the obvious taxi option is a no-go...but Claire's rich. Her father is mega-rich; as in call his chauffeur whydontya rich? Instead, she goes with hunk-hunka six-foot two guy who could snap her in half.2.)I get it are a stud. You like to tell us how much of a stud you are. Over and over again. Thousands of F*cks with too many women to count. You don't even really want to have sex with innocent Claire because a.) she's brunette b.)she's the type to get emotional after sex c.)he can't F*ck and run d.)some hot blonde who's wild in bed, has a great bod, knows the score and has little going on upstairs is willing and able in the next town over. Her name is Nancy. And I know this because we hear about Nancy a lot in the first few chapters. But sorry to say, his d*ck overrules his head and he deflowers the virgin with some small bit of care. He even stoops to oral to get the chica ready for his massiveness. Alas, he didn't live up to his own standards the first few time he boinked our heroine, which is surprising because Bud has one claim to fame...he can go for hours. All night, baby. I'm not talking foreplay here, but actual time tab A is inserted in tab B. Don't laugh! He told us numerous times that it was true and after a few less than stellar performances which had me doubting his boasts, he managed a good hour and a half with Claire. *crickets* Let's just say I found this eye-roll inducing enough to look it up. The average man lasts 5.4 minutes inside a woman's body. Anything over 20 mins is considered herculean. Not our Bud, he's a superman in bed.3.)The entire book takes place in less than a month's time. They are having sex, in love, and engaged, all in less than 2 weeks. But Bud finds out she was previously very sick, and they also have a past connection(WTF factor engaged)that has his protective alpha side going haywire. Claire feels Bud is treating her like a fragile doll now. Where's her rough sex? Bud thinks Claire needs a keeper. (I might agree actually) Bud says hurtful things. Claire is an independent woman and to hell with him. Engagement off and they go their separate ways.So they are both miserable, but their paths never cross in daily life and neither makes a move to reconcile. So the couple from book one decide to take things into their own hands and Make. It. Happen. And what's the first thing Bud says to our lovely heroine upon seeing her out in an evening dress? He asks what she's doing dressed like a whore. (Where are those damn crickets when I need them?) But never fear an abrupt ending is not far away. Claire gets her sex just how she likes it and decides this proves Bud's done treating her like a fragile, sickly person. Oh, and of course being a complete badass during an attempted jewel heist at the gala shows him that she is one tough chick and fully capable of taking his enthusiastic technique for life. You go girl.I. Just. Can't.

  • ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews
    2019-03-23 11:25

    Sheer brilliance. I'm blown away that these books were written over 10 years ago first of all and I'm just now enjoying them. Lisa has taken everything I thought I knew about the alpha male persona and shook it up and added hot sauce. Like holy heck are these heroes utter male perfection. Caveman marking to primal claiming all in the best modern day romance way. Hooked I tell you.. So glad I'm on a cruise because I do not want to stop reading this authors hot.. Safe and sexy as hell stories. Bring on the next one. Grunts growls and all.

  • Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews❤️
    2019-04-17 16:41

    I am fast becoming a LMR fan!! Midnight Run is a fabulous addition to the Midnight series. Lt. Tyler "Bud" Morrison is another yummy intense, aggressive ALPHA!! These Midnight Men know what they want and they get it!!!Claire is a 25 yr old virgin who is determined to live a normal life after being ill for most of her childhood and adult life....enter Bud. Bud comes to her aid at a club, takes her home, and BAM!! Instant and intense fireworks, she wants him and he wants her...frequently!! Gotta say the stamina these men have is impressive. Bud is an enthusiastic teacher and Claire is a fast learner!!Bud & Claire worked well together and except that Claire behaved childish at one point, I can forgive it and move on because I kinda get her point. Love that we had more of John & Suzanne (Midnight Man) in this one. Looking forward to the next book!!

  • Ingela
    2019-03-27 14:24

    Written April 11, 20134,5 Steamy Stars to this, by love, surprised alpha male and his newly awakened sweetheart.Another hot and funny suspense romance in the sexy L.M. Rice - Midnight series. Again, I knew after just a few pages this was going to be as fun to read as the first book Midnight Man. Reading a Midnight-book by Lisa Marie Rice will give you a pretty quickly done read, a lot of laugh and giggle, a light hearted love story and some suspense. ...And of course always a smoking hot, rock-hard (yes, both to the mind and ...), alpha male hero. I love the entertaining dialogue and most amusing is his inner dialouge (often between his brain and his more simplistic parts of the body ....). You get a lot of steam and bed-tumbling and I think it's owerall really sexy - in a funny and unpretentious way. Midnight Run is about a wonderful tough (he really is) alpha male (undoubtedly), named Bud. He is a police officer and one night he meet a beatiful (she is) and delicate (he believes) Princess (he thinks), named Claire. She makes him feel something he never felt before and he is so keen to be the one to take care of here. But she doesn't want to be taken care of, she wants the caveman in her bed - the so sexy big, big Bud.‘Every system in his body went into overdrive. All on its own, his body started thrusting, two, three, four times and -ohmyGod- it was all over. Just like that.Yup.Mr. Stamina himself, the guy whose one claim to fame in bed was the ability to f~k for hours, had all of sudden morphed into Quick Draw McGraw.’Everything is written with some humor, the characters are perhaps a bit exaggerated, it's full of platitudes concerning gender roles and maybe a little biased about men's and women's needs - BUT it is so cleverly done. Do you have a twinkle in your eye and like full speed and right on, you'll, hopefully, love these books."Goddamit," he breathed. "I wasn't going to do that. I was going to talk to you, reason with you, but then there you were in that fuck-me dress...""Shoses," Claire murmured. "Only shoes can be fuck-me."A great steamy and so sweet novel about two opposites. These two, Bud and Claire, and their encounters with each other is wonderful fun to follow. Try it! I will soon, throw myself over and, read the third and final installment in the series, Midnight Angel.I LIKE - and I'm still smiling.

  • Gina
    2019-04-06 09:24

    This was a pretty quick read as well, the sex scenes were hot. I felt like i got to know the characters better in this book, despite the short length of it. I liked Bud, he was definitely a caveman, but I found his loss at what to say and do sometimes funny and endearing. And i understood how Claire felt, being sick for so long and people treating her like a china doll. She had enough and wasn't going to take anymore, although she could of just said so. It's wasn't like Bud was going to burst into tears if she let him have it! I liked the action at the end of the book, but the epilogue didn't thrill me really. I guess I just wanted more story. But like i said, the sex scenes were hot, Bud was smoking hot and I couldn't stop reading this book till i reached the end. onto the next!

  • Dina
    2019-03-31 11:32

    This is only my 2nd book by LMR and it´s safe to say, it´s not going to be my last. :)I really liked Bud, the hero in this book, but I had some problems with Claire, the heroine. I just couldn´t buy her reason for breaking up with him. Her life was in danger, he did everything he could to protect her life, and she was less than thankfull!?! Okay, he´d been acting in an overbearing way before, but did she have to choose the only time he was right to put a stop to it? Anyway, she made up for it in the end, so I kinda "forgave" her.On a side note: I like the way the books in this series complement each other. When I read 'Midnight Man', I thought the end was kinda abrupt. Well, 'Midnight Run' provided the epilogue that was missing from that book, giving readers a glimpse on John and Suzanne´s life after their HEA. Nice!

  • Fanny
    2019-04-01 14:32

    Midnight Run es el segundo libro de la serie Midnight de Lisa Marie Rice y narra la historia de Claire y Bud, personajes secundarios en el primer libro.Este segundo libro me gusto ligeramente mas que el anterior, quizas porque los protagonistas consiguieron caerme mejor que Suzanne y John.La historia de Claire y Bud es bastante predecible e incluso un poco cliche pero no puedo mentir y decir que no disfrute leyendo el libro, no sera la lectura de tu vida pero es rapida, sencilla, entretenida y muy atrapante.Lo unico que no me gusta de esta saga son sus finales, tanto le cuesta a la autora terminar las historias de una forma un poco mas lenta? los dos finales me parecieron muy precipitados e incluso un poco bruscos.3.5 Estrellas!

  • Mindy Lou's Book Reviews
    2019-04-04 17:26

    Good, but not as good as the first in the series. You've got another very strong alpha personality but due to the direction this story went, I didn't get to enjoy as much as I did in the first book. You got a glimpse of the couple from the first book which just made me love John even more and we got a glimpse of the couple who will be in the 3rd book. He was described as extremely dangerous looking, which gives me high hopes for the third book.

  • Lu Bielefeld **
    2019-04-16 12:39

    A história se passa ao mesmo tempo que a do Midnight Man. A heroína é muito interessante, ela se recuperou de uma doença grave e está iniciando a viver com independência. Nosso herói é um macho alfa típico da autora e que é arrebatado pelos encantos da heroína instantaneamente. Muitas cenas quentes entre o casal e como sempre a segurança da mocinha é ameaçada. Recomendo!

  • Fani *loves angst*
    2019-04-17 17:36

    My favorite book by L.M. Rice so far; better even than Midnight Angel! Loved Bud but surprisingly (judging by the reviews and comments of other readers) I liked Claire too. Bud was wonderful, but needed some shaking up to stop treating her as if she were still sick. On the other hand, the excuse she used (locking her up AGAIN) was pathetic. No man worth his salt, would put her wishes above her safety. And boy, was Bud a worthy male! All in all, a great book offering pure escapism. Loved it.

  • Awilk -never sleeps-
    2019-03-26 12:41

    This was like reading two books in one.The first half was an extended sex scene. Bud was a man with a huge sex drive, and meeting Claire at a night club ended up changing his world. She was the perfect woman, and every instinct Bud has was screaming MINE very quickly. Not knowing Claire's background, or who she was, made no difference. Bud was having her, and that was that.They went home together, and spent the weekend behaving like rabbits in heat.The second half of the story was a great suspense story, interlocking with Midnight Man flawlessly. It also set up the third book quiet well. A few bits were a bit predictive, but I found that I couldn't stop reading until I came to the last page, and was so upset that there wasn't more. Thankfully there is another book to go in this series, and I can't wait to read it.

  • Ruth
    2019-04-12 11:40

    Oh wow! I loved this one so much!I was expecting the hot sex, was happily rewarded, but was really surprised by the great characters. The heroine, in particular, has got to be one of my favorites. She's spent so much of her life ill, that no one really knows her at all, nor has she been able to do anything she wants to do. The hero is a wonderful, hot homicide detective stud, with an amazing libido. What more can you say?Actually, there is more to say, because this has a great plot, great setting, great writing and fabulous dialogue. And it's super-hot!Loved it. 5 stars and to all-time-favorites list.

  • SamJ ★Needs a HEA★
    2019-04-12 09:46

    Another great 5 star read for me.Claire Schuyler Parks has spent her growing up years very ill.Now she is well, she is eager to come out from under the over protectiveness of her father. On her first attempt to take a walk on the wild side, she meets undercover police officer Lieutenant Tyler "Bud" Morrison, and it is lust at first sight!Bud tries to withstand what he is feeling for Claire, as he does not do "sweet and innocent" but he fails.Nope, he was going to drive pretty little Miss Schuyler safely to her door, say goodnight politely like the gentleman he wasn't, go home, get some shuteye, then take off for his weekend of hot sex. Yup, that's what he'd do.His cock wasn't listening to a word his head was saying......"Would you like to come in for some coffee?" she asked.......She was asking him in for more than coffee. She might not even be aware of it herself, but he was.Coffee was a synonym for sex.Absolutely notNo sex, no. Not with her............His head was clear on that and he opened his mouth to say no, but his cock got there first."Yes, love to",Bud is, as usual with Lisa Marie Rice Heroes, all that is caveman super alpha! He'd read somewhere that in the Middle Ages men used to hang the bloody sheets out the window after the wedding night.Shit, yeah. Absolutely. No flies on medieval men, no sir. Staking their claim and proving to the world whom the woman belonged to. ..........Poetry. She was going to read him poetry? Dear sweet God.Bud plastered a smile on his face"Oh. Um, poetry. That's...ah...nice, honey"This book has an overlapping storyline with book 1, so it is a good idea to read it in order.Again, like book 1, it is a humorous, fast paced exciting read, that engages you and makes you care about the characters.

  • Jonel Boyko
    2019-04-07 12:34

    This story was a great escape from reality. It was hard hitting and real at times and fun and flirty at others. Rice’s intimate and visual descriptions keep you deeply entrenched in the story. And the story itself was extremely well put together. By flipping from hot and racy scenes to suspense to relationship problems Rice keeps you on your toes and I loved every second of it.The female lead in this tale was absolutely priceless. The male was an over the top alpha that you’ve just got to love. The author actually highlights the differences by the main characters not simply through description but also through the markedly different writing styles that she uses for each of them. The stark contrast between the two was remarkable. I quite enjoyed the narrator for this tale. She really portrayed the emotion of the story. The voice overs at various points in this story became quite apparent at times, especially if listening to the novel via earphones. It was just enough to break the flow of the story. Overall, this was a brilliant introduction to this exciting author. I appreciated how it could be read as a standalone novel without any missing pieces or without leaving you hanging for a sequel.

  • Shannon C.
    2019-04-16 09:34

    I just finished the first two books in this erotic romantic suspense series: Midnight Man & Midnight Run. I thought it was interesting how the author arcs the story across the books. The H/h in book 1 are friends w/the H/h in book 2. As you'd expect with Ellorah's Cave, there are a lot of steamy scenes but these actually had a pretty good story too. However I felt both books ended abruptly. If you are looking for more romantic suspense books, here are others I enjoyed. Top favs are marked with asterisks.I Team series by Pamela Clare* Cry No More*, Mr Perfect*, Open Season*, Now You See Her, Dream Man, Kill & Tell, All the Queen's Men, To Die For, Death Angel by Linda HowardSomething About You* by Julie James In Death by JD Robb Black Ops series and Bodyguard series by Cindy GerardBullet Catchers series, Killer Curves by Roxane St ClaireMouth to Mouth by Erin McCarthySteele Street series by Tara JanzenTroubleshooters by Suzanne BrockmanIntimate Danger, Dragon One series by Amy J. Fetzer

  • Kathrynn
    2019-04-10 16:21

    I enjoyed this romantica-suspense. It was fast paced, very steamy, and wonderfully romantic (sigh) with two neat characters. A very easy book to read and hard to put down. I ordered the rest by this author. ;-)

  • Tina
    2019-04-02 10:25

    I can't help myself. I have a soft spot for Lisa Marie Rice and her Over Alpha heroes. I don't even mind her drippy heroines too much. By rights, when I do a clearly objective inventory of stuff that I enjoy or works for me in a book, every single thing about this book should be in the 'No' column. I mean if you told me that this book features a plot where H/h meet in a bar, the heroine (who is a virgin) takes the guy home and they begin having Super Sexy Sex all weekend, are in love and engaged by the end of the weekend -- I should be saying '' But that is the weird alchemy that this author seems to work in her books for me. Seriously, the fact that the hero, Bud, can keep it up ALL. NIGHT. LONG. With no breather and in between should be a serious eye-roller for me.Or how about this gem?:'I'm going to fuck you all day... when I said all day, I meant it. We'll stop to eat and I'll put up those shelves I saw in your storeroom earlier...maybe I'll catch the game this afternoon. Recover a little. But the rest of the day you'll be on your back, or on top or in whatever position you want to be, as long as I'm inside you...I'll let you wear clothes," he growled rough;y as he spread his fingers, opening her up..."but no underwear."By rights this should be wall-banging material. But I can't help myself. I liked Bud's go-get-'em attitude. You gotta love a guy who manages to side-schedule in some household chores and a ball-game into an all-day sex-fest. To be fair, he does multi-task as he and Claire actually have sex while he watches the game. But that is just how Bud rolls.Yeah, yeah, yeah there is some other stuff about murderers, kidnappers and jewel thieves ...blah,blah blah but none of that is nearly as much fun as simply wallowing in the sheer uber-maleness that is Bud.For LMR fans or readers who love their heroes to be on the Super Alpha side this book is a must!

  • Elaine
    2019-04-05 17:37

    I'll skip the synopsis details, plenty here already.Short review:I really enjoyed this book, but the h (Claire) kinda got on my nerves, because she could have easily resolved her issue with H (Bud) just by TALKING to him about what was bothering her. Even with little to no relationship experience as an adult, I would expect her to be able to say something!I love how the author has this sequel running at the same time as book 1, just from a different perspective. Very creative, and she pulled it off beautifully.Other good stuff about the book:Moved fast, good suspenseful plotInteresting storyBud was hot- headboard banging (and other location) sex scenes in the book were steamy!How did I miss this series until now?

  • Monique
    2019-04-11 09:29

    This book was very promising when I first started reading it and I was really enjoying it. And then after a weekend of the couple meeting, fucking and talking only a little bit, all of sudden they are exchanging I love you's and proposing marriage. I mean, are you fucking kidding me with this shit? And then it shows the couple from the last book, who have been together for 15 days and they are already married. OH HELL NO! This book just irritated me. I'm so disappointed. I almost didn't finish reading it. I'm hoping the next one will be good and more believable.And btw, the terms 'penis' and 'vagina' are not sexy and should not be used, especially in a sex scene!

  • Kayla
    2019-04-17 09:28

    I stopped reading at page 194. The negligible plot kept dragging on and on. There was little literary content as the vast majority of the book was made up of sex scenes. I got tired of it. It annoyed me that once Bud found out about Claire's past illness he suddenly started treating her differently. I was also miffed that they got engaged so quickly. They spent a weekend together and suddenly they are sole mates. Don't think so.

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-26 13:24

    Seemed a little rushed and it felt like huge parts of the story were missing. Might have been a five star read otherwise.

  • Laura
    2019-04-09 10:41

    TRAMA: Claire Parks, dopo lunghi anni di malattia, è finalmente guarita e sente di avere una missione: vivere alla grande e sperimentare tutto ciò che fino a questo momento si è persa. Per esempio, abbracciare il lato spericolato della vita e fare sesso sfrenato. Alla sua prima uscita incontra il supersexy Bud e decide che dovrà averlo nel suo letto. Tyler “Bud” Morrison, un ufficiale di polizia sotto copertura, è immediatamente attratto da una donna così bella e affascinante, e così fuori posto in quel losco night-club. Dopo una notte di sesso bollente, è convinto di aver trovato la donna giusta ed è pronto a tutto pur di non perderla. Anche affrontare l’incombente minaccia di un brutale assassino…------------------------------------------------------------Non posso proprio esimermi dall’attribuire i cinque stelle. Ho un debole per Lisa Marie Rice ed i suoi eroi Alpha-Più.“Mezzanotte arriverà” è il secondo libro della serie”Midnight” di LMR e, forse, alla sottoscritta è piaciuto molto più del precedente.Dopo aver chiuso il primo romanzo della serie, mi sono sentita un po’ abbandonata… si, c’era “il vissero tutti felici e contenti” ma, forse, mi mancava qualcosa… ecco, se anche voi avete avuto la mia stessa sensazione, questo nuovo libro farà per voi.E’ stato un vero piacere per me ritrovare John Huntington e Suzanne Barron. Infatti, questa seconda puntata si sovrappone temporalmente alla trama del primo romanzo della serie; così mentre in “Mezzanotte è l’ora” abbiamo visto la storia dal punto di vista di John e Suzanne, con Bud e Claire come i personaggi secondari, in “Mezzanotte arriverà” vedremo gli stessi eventi dal loro punto di vista , con la prima coppia nel ruolo di attori non protagonisti.Il romanzo ha una trama ben sviluppata, i protagonisti sono Bud, un poliziotto macho, un vero uomo ed eroe alpha e Claire. Lei è una donna che, dopo aver superato non solo la leucemia nell’infanzia, ma anche un rapimento a scopo di estorsione, si ritrova, adulta, sana, indipendente e quanto mai desiderosa di sperimentare tutto ciò che non ha potuto conoscere ed assaporare in precedenza. Si conoscono una sera in un locale malfamato, dove Bud, che sta lavorando in incognito, la salva da un malintenzionato; tra loro la tensione arriva subito alle stelle e la passione nasce improvvisa. Claire, prendendo il coraggio a piene mani, lo invita a casa sua, decisa a sperimentare per la prima volta il sesso con lui. Le scene d'amore (scene di sesso) sono ben descritte, molto esplicite, ma mai volgari come nello stile peculiare di questa scrittrice. In un primo momento, Bud non si rende conto del fatto che lei possa essere così fragile, la tratta come una normale donna adulta e Claire apprezza molto questo atteggiamento, essendo stata coccolata e soffocata da un padre ricco e premuroso per anni.Quando, per una serie di circostanze che non racconto per non rovinarvi l’avvincente lettura, il nostro poliziotto viene a conoscenza della vera identità della donna, con la quale ha passato un rovente fine settimana, improvvisamente si trasforma, diventando un iperprotettivo maniaco del controllo pur amandola senza remore. Bud inizia a trattarla come se fosse una fragile e delicata bambolina di porcellana, ma Claire non ci sta e si ribella; a questo punto la storia si intreccia con quella del libro precedente, inizia un crescendo di tensione e suspense che culmina nelle scene finali, dove verranno presentati i personaggi dell’ultimo libro della trilogia.Mi piace molto lo stile della scrittrice, che trovo scorrevole, leggero e senza fronzoli. Questo libro mi ha rapita e coinvolta sin dalle primissime pagine. Adoro i protagonisti maschili di LMR che sono sempre uomini d’azione, alfa, dominanti e virili, ma molto protettivi verso le loro donne, che, stando al loro fianco, sanno di non correre nessun pericolo. Le eroine, personalmente, non sono tra i miei personaggi femminili preferiti: troppa grazia, delicatezza e fragilità. Le preferirei più decise e risolute.Lo schema narrativo generale si ripete fondamentalmente in tutti i romanzi di LMR finora letti; devo comunque sottolineare che la storia d'amore, nel crescendo di passione e suspense fino al gran finale, con lo scontro tra gli antagonisti e l’eroe, non mi dispiace, anzi, a mio parere rende il racconto molto bello, godibile ed avvincente.Quando in un libro trovo un personaggio ben caratterizzato come quelli di LMR, dimentico momentaneamente di essere una donna autonoma con un carattere forte ed indipendente, trovandomi improvvisamente a desiderare all’istante questi uomini-che-non-devono-chiedere-mai, sarei entusiasticamente disponibile ad una relazione con un seal o un detective come questi, che hanno sicuramente il pregio di farci sentire protette, sorrette ed amate. Fino a qui sono stata seria, ma permettetemi due parole in tutta sincerità… Sono invidiosa di questi uomini descritti nei libri della Rice, sembra abbiamo delle pile duracell in uno sportellino nascosto nella schiena, sempre pronti all'uso per un weekend intero, con grande soddisfazione delle loro compagne. La realtà quotidiana è ben diversa, per la maggior parte dei nostri uomini, la cosa più eccitante del weekend, è seguire i canali sportivi sdraiati inerti sul divano di casa...! ;-)Resto in attesa di un bel cavernicolo rude ma dolce, che mi butterà in spalla per portarmi in un luogo segreto, dove mi sfinirà con la sua passione, ma nel frattempo, continuo a leggere romance e sognare.Read more: http://bibliotecaromantica.blogspot.c...

  • Litzy
    2019-04-09 10:32

    me ha gustado mas que el otro que leí de esta autora. Pero como en los dos libros pasan un montón de cosas en muy poco tiempo.aquí la primera mitad del libro es todo sexo y la segunda la acción.

  • Holly
    2019-04-21 15:34

    Lieutenant Tyler "Bud" Morrison is scoping out a seedy club when he sets eyes on Claire. She looks like a princess and she's completely out of her element in the wild danceclub. When she's abandoned by her friend and accosted by leering male revelers, he swoops in and plays the gallant knight to her fair damsel and takes her home. Expecting to give her a handshake and a nice-knowing-ya on her doorstep, he's stunned to hear her invite him inside......for coffee. Claire Parks is free of the leukemia that has ravaged her body for nearly a decade. She's finally able to shake off her father's suffocating but well meaning strictures and is going to live a little. In case she hasn't told you, she's fine. The handsome stranger named Bud comes to her rescue and as he drives her home, she works up the courage to ask him inside......for coffee. They don't have any coffee, but they do spend the weekend together in naked splendor, where they engage in some seriously kinky iambic pentameter sex. After the course of the 48 hours, their idyllic weekend is busted when Claire's father comes to see her and when he sees Bud, instead of being upset and appalled, he's frankly grateful and relieved. Her father reveals to Bud how he has been terrified of leaving his girl alone in the big, bad world and he hopes he can leave her in his capable hands. His fears transfer to Bud and suddenly he's treating Claire with kid gloves. Claire is fine and refuses to live in another suffocating parent/child relationship, especially now that she's a healthy adult. Just when she's got Bud back where she wants him, the danger surrounding her friend, Suzanne, spills over into her life. The brutal torture/murder of a friend spurs Bud into protective mode and without thinking of her feelings, stashes her away, determined to protect her from a desperate man who is out to protect his secrets. This was a great book. There was hardly any time wasted on stupid ditherings between the hero and the heroine and they right away acknowledged that they loved each other. Whether or not they can live together is a different story however and I thought it was cute. Now that Claire has experienced hard, screaming sex, she wants more of it. (sheesh, who wouldn't) Unfortunately once Bud realizes that she used to be sick as a child, he treats her like porcelain and she's not liking it. When she comes to his office dressed for seduction, Bud's half hearted protestations wane in the face of her aggressive advances and it's really funny. I really liked Claire and her ability to embrace life and I thought Bud's attempts to be a gentleman was a hoot. We get some glimpses into John and Suzanne's HEA and I liked how they are still evolving as a couple. This was a very amusing, sexy and exciting sequel to Midnight Man. Well, it's not exactly a sequel. Apparently, the events in Midnight Run are coinciding with the events in Midnight Man and Midnight Run also sets up the story for Midnight Angel, so the three stories definitely need to be read in order or you are going to get confused. There isn't as much outside drama in this book as was in the first book, it mostly runs on self inflicted angst. There was a lot more humour in this one though as opposed to John and Suzanne's story but Bud is no less a man than John was. In fact, he's much more forceful in bed than John was. He's a little more commanding and dominant, too. Delicious. I can't wait to read Midnight Angel. Enjoy!

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-04-14 15:38

    Tough cop meets delicate princess. A little too much pondering, not enough action and events.STORY BRIEF:Bud is a homicide police lieutenant. Claire is a single child from a wealthy family. For years she battled leukemia but survived. She was kidnapped for ransom but was rescued. She has been sheltered and living under armed guards for some years. She recently moved into her own little house, got a new job and wants to start experiencing life. She goes to a nightclub with a coworker and meets Bud. The first half of the book is their meeting and spending the weekend together having lots of sex. After that, Bud learns of her past illness and starts treating her like he’s afraid she’ll break. Bud loves her but won’t have sex with her because he fears he might hurt her. She is upset over this.REVIEWER’S OPINION:This is the second book in the Midnight series. It was ok, but not as good as Midnight Man. Too much pondering in the minds. It could have used more plot, action or events. The characters are a strong, protective, needs-a-lot-of-sex police guy and a delicate poetry-loving princess. The ending was great with fragile Claire turning into a kick-butt heroine.Although each book can be read as a stand alone, if you’re thinking of reading all three, definitely read them in order. Bad guy “A” causes a conflict in the first book which is resolved. The same “A” conflict is repeated in the second book where it is told from the perspective of Bud and Claire. At the end of the second book bad guys “B” are causing a conflict which is resolved. The same “B” conflict happens again at the beginning of the third book but is told from the perspective of the third-book characters.DATA:Story length: 227 pages. Swearing language: strong. Sexual language: strong but nothing kinky. Number of sex scenes: 8. Total number of sex scene pages: 69. Setting: current day Portland, Oregon. Copyright: 2002. Genre: erotic contemporary romance.OTHER BOOKS:For a list of my reviews of other Lisa Marie Rice books, see my 4.5 star review of “Midnight Man” posted 3/17/09.

  • Maria_Love_For_Books
    2019-04-15 14:48

    HOT!!!!You can see the following review also here: was hot!! After reading the first book of this series, I wanted to keep reading. So it was a surprise for me that the second story was about a couple that we’ve read in the first book about.This is the story of Bud Morrison and Claire Parks. He is a detective and she’s a young woman who wants to feel free. They meet in a place that both of them dislike and soon they realize that they are meant for each other.Claire is a very nice woman. She’s innocent in many ways because her life wasn’t an easy one and she hasn’t any experience. But she’s funny, kind and wants more than everything to live a full life. She doesn’t want to be treated differently and that is something non negotiable. Bud is an alpha male. A predator that wants the prey for himself and only. He is not used to women like her and he wants to treat her like she’s something precious. He made some mistakes because of that but he’s a great guy. It has a very good plot and some of the best erotic scenes. My only complaint is that at the end, everything happened very quick and I believe that some more explanation might be good.Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading it very much and I recommend it to all the fans of this genre!

  • Manuela
    2019-03-28 15:40

    Bah, brutto forte.E dire che l'inizio era promettente, sensuale e intrigante.Poi più nulla, a parte i molteplici amplessi, che però in un erotico me li aspetto. Il resto è solo noia, e si sfiora il ridicolo in parecchie circostanze, vedi la coincidenza che lui è il salvatore nel rapimento giovanile di lei, o quel Ti amo detto dopo tre giorni, o lui che apre la porta con la pistola spianata davanti al padre di lei, o il suddetto padre di lei che chiede a Bud se la figlia era vergine.Menomale che è finito presto. Pessimo.

  • Mandy
    2019-04-19 15:46

    HO LEEEE CRAP. The first 1/2 of this book was hot, bangin', ALPHA sex. Goodness gracious, Bud! I thought John in Midnight Man was a hot i was wrong. I liked Claire- the girl knew what she wanted and didn't shy away from it and kept going after it! Good for her.

  • Cherise
    2019-03-31 17:26

    My least favorite of this series, sad to say. Problem for me is there is a bit too much focus on sexy times and not as much on the relationship development side, though I did found out it is totally my fault for not really doing more initial research and knowing what genre I am reading.Rice attraction to me is quite frankly her H. Her H are oftentimes tough and even mean baddies, but when it comes to our h, they are soft teddy bears and adore or even worship our h. While H in here initially shows some promises, what he did towards the end just totally lost my support. I am a bit horrified even of his treatment of the h, even though I do understand he was functioning in panic mode and didn't even realise how hurtful he is being. But still, he totally fails in the bf department for not being observant and perceptive of the h's needs. Would have been better if he grovelled some to win her back but didn't happen, so I remain a bit indignant.Our h in contrast is pretty decently written. I totally cheered when she decided she's had enough and walked, to be honest, but was hoping she would have held out a bit more before forgiving our H :p (yes I am a meanie and do hold a grudge)Still, I did enjoy reading it and I really love the times they spend with each other, despite it not being a lot.