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Sometimes even the dead seek salvation.In 1925, eighteen-year-old Ameerah Arrowood is murdered in an insane asylum. She finds herself transported to a dreary realm that turns out to be a recruiting station for the dark spirits. With animosity in her heart toward humanity, she decides to join them.For the next ninety years, Ameerah possesses soulless humans, living a hedoniSometimes even the dead seek salvation.In 1925, eighteen-year-old Ameerah Arrowood is murdered in an insane asylum. She finds herself transported to a dreary realm that turns out to be a recruiting station for the dark spirits. With animosity in her heart toward humanity, she decides to join them.For the next ninety years, Ameerah possesses soulless humans, living a hedonistic, mischievous and sometimes vengeful existence, but now she's seeking salvation so she can crossover and save her lost love who is stuck in the lower world. Ameerah enlists the help of her dark spirit friend Derek, who is straddling the line between Heaven and Hell. She tells him how it all began, weaving between historical timelines to now, hoping to gain understanding about why her parents betrayed her and wanting to get rid of the guilt weighing on her heart. In the end, the unexpected unfolds, which changes her forever....

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Ameerah Reviews

  • Lilyn G. (Scifi and Scary)
    2019-06-23 05:39

    I came across this book via a blog tour interest post on one of the Facebook groups I’m in. It seemed extremely interesting, so I took the plunge and decided to participate. Ameerah was beautifully written, with the author perfectly capturing the language and cadence of a female from the 1920s. Some of the slang had me laughing.I immediately connected to Ameerah, and felt sympathy for her. Even at the almost too quick pace the author moved things along, that connection to Ameerah, and the feeling of her basic ‘realness’ remained. Even the scene where she experiences a very intimate experience from the other side of the fence was this fun mix of kind of hot, entertaining, and awkward all at once. The other main players in the book are interesting, too.Now, this book a fun read, but it wasn’t a perfect one. Things do move almost too quick, resulting in Ameerah having the dreaded ‘Mary Sue’ problem of doing everything (almost) perfectly with no training. It’s a lack of development that does hurt the story a little bit. However, in terms of the problems Ameerah gets into with rushing into things, it does tend to balance out a bit.The story is told from Ameerah’s point of view, and for the most part that works well. It’s easy to sink right into the story and let the author re-create the world at that time for you. However, occasionally the descriptive language does tend to jerk you out of the story on occasion because you can’t help but think “no one telling a story goes into that level of detail”.Overall, though, the problems are relatively minor, and I really did enjoy reading this book. The author did a great job in showing both the highs and the lows of Ameerah’s experiences in (and after) life, and she really did become a defined, unique figure in my mind. Good work by Rebekkah Ford, and I think lots of people will really enjoy reading Ameerah, especially if they’re fascinated by the 1920s.Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author free in exchange for an honest review.

  • Chloe Thurlow
    2019-06-15 09:49

    The secret of a great love story is that the lovers are drawn together like magnets, then torn apart by circumstances. Or, as the Greeks would say: Fate. Orpheus and Eurydice were meant for each other, but they had to go through Hell (literally) to be together.Ameerah Arrowood in Rebekkah Ford’s complex and moving paranormal novel “Ameerah” suffers a similar fate. Adopted by the dark spirits after being murdered in an insane asylum, Ameerah gleefully possesses the souls of wastrel, self-indulgent, duplicitous humans - of which, in her human incarnation, she knew only too well. Why her parents betrayed Ameerah as a teenager continues to haunt her. To find out, she enlists the help of the abstruse spirit Derek – a being halfway across the Rubicon void between paradise and hades. Can Ameerah find redemption, reclaim her lost soul and find a way back to the lower world to save the one great love she left behind?Opening in 1925, as Ms Ford takes her readers on a journey between the past and present, between heaven and hell, we are invited to take a closer look at good and evil, the righteous and the soulless, until we take a closer look at ourselves – the point of all good literature.

  • Crissy Sutcliffe
    2019-05-31 10:04

    This book is a spin off of Rebekkah’s YA Paranormal series. I have been in love with this series from the start. With that being said, Ameerah is by far my favorite character to read about. The ups and downs, highs and lows, trials and tribulations she undergoes is facinating. There are some points that get very emotional to read, however, without the emotions, I do not think you would be able to fully understand her life story. My only complaint? This book ended! I cannot wait to see what Rebekkah has in store for her readers next.

  • Deedra
    2019-06-07 04:50

    Audible:Loved this book!Ameerah had a short,tragic life.She seeks revenge in her afterlife.Great characters and storylines.Stephanie T. Keefer was a terrific narrator.“I was voluntarily provided this free review copy audiobook by the author, narrator, or publisher.”

  • Laura Farmer
    2019-06-06 05:55

    I received this book for a fair, unbiased review and it was by far one of the best things I've ever done. I am absolutely in love with Ameerah!!! It is a book that is set during a very interesting time period, the Roaring Twenties, which adds so much to the charm of this book and character. It is also full of some sadness, because back in those days, they believed they could use torturous shock procedures to "fix" anything that might be wrong with you, i.e. like Ameerah actually having a "real" view on life, that I just fell in love with. Anyone who loves a good solid story, is interested in that time period, loves paranormal or any combination of all, will be MORE than pleased with this book, because it contains elements that can speak to anyone. Ameerah's mantra, if you will is "some birds cannot be caged and I'm one of them"-a shared sentiment between her & I for sure, so she is very easy for me to relate to. Another of my favorite quotes is the exact way I feel about life, and this shows Ameerah's incredible take on life "What I did and how I chose to live my life was my own damned business What right did they have to encroach their standards upon mine? As long as I did no harm to anyone.....well, one's who didn't deserve to suffer.....what business was it of theirs? None." Those were her thoughts and feelings when her parents decided to ambush her and drop her into an asylum for not thinking or acting properly (according to their standards). That is part of the saddness in the book, but Ameerah being as tough as she is, fights with every fiber of her being. Rebekkah Ford has a way of painting such a visual that I feel as if I've been transported to that era and living right alongside the characters. I could fangirl and gush all over the place about this book, because there is nothing I did not enjoy about it. I do believe I have found a new favorite female character! This novel follows in suit to her other books, with characters from them, but can most certainly be read as a standalone and still make perfect sense. Rebekkah Ford has all her ducks in a row with this one and you can tell she did some serious research with all the accurate references and language terminology she uses. It's just brilliant. The only thing I will warn you, if you read this book you will most certainly become addicted to Rebekkah Ford and I guarantee you'll be overly anxious to read her other books (which I recommend highly as well) It is certainly a book that provokes lots of emotions and every second of it is enjoyable. I know I will re-read this book several times, just to live vicariously through Ameerah! The only thing I need right now is a Bee's Knee's drink and I'll be perfectly equipped to hang around with Ameerahs "dark spirit" after she meets her demise (sad point)A wonderfully paced story, that is spot on for it's time period.The only other thing I can say, is grab your copy now and I promise you, you won't be disappointed. Ameerah is a true gem, as is her creator Rebekkah Ford-you won't be able to put it down!! I can't wait to see the impact Ameerah has on the reading world because I expect nothing short of greatness for this book!! My only regret is that I cannot give it more than 5 stars!!!

  • Rosemary Hendry
    2019-06-14 09:07

    My review: The phrase “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned” is an understatement in this haunting story. Hell has no fury like a spirit scorned applies to this book, Ameerah. loved the things in that time that was unforgiving during the 1920s, that we now call normal. She was a fun-loving, free spirit that made her a born rebel, which was her downfall in the end. She was born into a wealthy family that would not tolerate her tarnishing their good name among their high society friends. Ameerah continued to push them with her rebellious ways, and they had her admitted to an insane asylum. This was not uncommon in those days—out of sight, out of mind—not to make them look bad. She was tricked and thus started her confinement in Hell. Imagine being torture and abused beyond any imagination. From the doctor to the staff, she was made to live in Hell, which really happened to people during that time. Then Ameerah died. Death was not always the end as Amerrah found out. She started a journey where good and evil all came into play and choices were still hers to make. She was driven by a need for revenge. Will she find any type of peace to continue on this journey??? Enter the word of spirits and entities and a young girl who just wanted to be her own person. This book will keep you engrossed from start to finish.

  • Blogging For The LoveOf Authors And Their Books
    2019-06-02 12:45

    I received an ARC for my honest review.This is Ameerahs' story of her life and how she became a dark spirit.Ameerah's story starts off in the 1920's, she's an 18 year old who with the help of her friend and lover had found the love of drinking, dancing and smoking! She cuts her hair and dresses in a way her parents disapprove. Ameerah's parents think her life and relationship is disgusting and after finding out about Ameerah's secrets they commit her to an Insane asylum where she is murdered and then becomes a dark spirit. We follow Ameerah through the different eras as she wonders earth possessing different bodies, gaining revenge on the people who betrayed her when she was alive. This book took me a while to get into at first, but by chapter 8 I was hooked. I loved reading about the drinks, dress styles and experiences Ameerah had in each era. It really shows the great amount of research the author must have done into each era mentioned, especially tying in wars and other great historical events, it was amazing. I know this was a standalone but I'd love to keep reading more about Ameerah. Five stars.

  • StephanieMae
    2019-05-27 09:50

    I have never read a book quite like this. It was a great change from the paranormal books I've read in the past. It was definently a breath of fresh air and I fell in love with all the characters, especially Ameerah. Ameerah had it all. She had a great career, bestfriend/lover, and had high hopes of what her future could be. When her parents found out she was having a relationship with a girl, they sent her to an insane asylum to get her "fixed". While she was there she was abused, raped, and kept caged like an animal. Ameerah is angry, hurt, and betrayed by her parents. She had her life planned out and everything was taken from her. When Ameerah gets her shot at revenge, she gladly takes it and sets out to hurt the people who took everything away from her. I thought this story was unique and unlike anything I've read. It was written perfectly and a very enjoyable read. I would love to read more from this author. This book was reviewed by Leandra for HeadTripping Books.

  • Amy
    2019-06-20 11:38

    I was given this ARC for my honest review!When I picked up AMEERAH I didn't know what I was in store for. This book started off as Ameerah telling her story and what an amazing story this has been. I was in awe reading this book. Her story was one of sadness, betrayal, heartbreak, and a horrible ending.Reading this book had me envisioning this awesome book on screen. I could sense the everything in the air. I can hear the music in my ears, smell the cigarette smoke and taste the alcohol in between my lips. I loved how Rebekkah Ford made me feel like I was living in the 1920's which in fact would be a fascinating time to live (if you were a rebel like me).I fell in love with how Rebekkah had me wanting more. It was a wonderful book and I think all of my friends should read this!!! I wish I could say more but I don't want to give anything away!Thank you Rebekkah Ford for such an amazing journey!!!

  • Debra Lavoie
    2019-06-03 08:03

    Ameerah by Rebekkah FordRebekkah Ford has written a fantastic novel with Ameerah. The writing has shown an increase in her writing abilities. This one is for grownups folks and deals with topics people have thought about for a very long time; afterlife, spirits, and evil vs good.Ameerah lives during the 1920s while she is alive and her life is one of splendor and horrible personal tragedy. This story takes her and us along the journey after she dies. Rebekkah shows amazing insight and obvious research in the story she has written. Ameerah takes us into the dark hearts of humanity and exactly who really is evil. Long after you read this book, you will be thinking about what exactly are your beliefs. But for the rest of you check out this book; you’re in for one hell of a ride. I was gifted the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Angelica Lichtner
    2019-06-10 09:04

    I dont know where to start with this book but I cant start with saying that I have not read anything quite like this before and I have read so many books. The story is just perfect in the way it is written and how the story drags you in and capture the reader. It is easy to fall in love and to be one with the book, the story and the characters. Ameerah is a very interesting character that surprised me and I didnt think I would like her at first but I was wrong. I so fell in love with her and this story. I cant find words to describe this read and how I feel about it. There just isnt enought words for me to put mu feelings into it. I fell in love with the book, I fell in love with the story! This is an amazing book and an amazing story and one of the best I have read in a very long time.

  • Karlee
    2019-06-09 06:51

    Loved Ameerah's story! She grew up in the 1920's in a wealthy family. However, she didn't like the snobby types her parents hung around. Ameerah wanted to be a flapper gal, was in love her best friend and loved to drink and smoke. All things someone of her social standing should not be doing. When her parents find out about her extra curricular activities, they have her commuted to a insane asylum where she is abused, raped then murdered. How will Ameerah face life after death? I loved learning about her story and what she tells her present day best friend Derek. I will say there were some shocking moments towards the end you won't see coming. If Ameerah was a real life person/spirit, she would totally be fun to hang out with. I was definitely in her corner the entire story.

  • A. McCarty
    2019-06-18 11:56

    This was a wonderdul read. One I definitely want to go back and become lost in again. The description of the time period and characters makes it very easy to put yourself in. Ameerah is one strong willed character and very well developed. The entire time I was reading I didn't want it to finish. The author has done such a wonderful job.I, Amber McCarty (Imaginative Dreams), was given a copy for an honest review.

  • Helen Simpson
    2019-06-11 07:48


  • Heather
    2019-05-25 05:52

    This book was just kinda...unpleasant. I'm not talking about the writing or the plot, etc, etc. It was actually quite well-written and the plot was unique, but the characters were just so unlikable. Now, I don't think that a character must be likable to be entertaining or enjoyable, in fact, I think the most interesting characters are bad guys. But these characters are just...blah. There's nothing that drew me into their character and made their bad behavior something I could cheer for. Most of the time, I just felt bad for their "victims" (for lack of a better word). Also, some of the story choices I thought was...well, I don't want to say "offensive" cause I hate how every damn thing is "offensive" nowadays, but I do think that some of the choices were....icky. Like Himmler being a "dark spirit" or whatever. I get why, but I think it actually makes the story less interesting. Humans being evil because they are humans are more interesting to me than humans being evil because they were taking over by dark spirits. ::shrugs:: It's a person thing, I'm sure. I think if you like paranormal fantasy, you'll probably at least like this fine. But I don't think I'll continue on with this story. **I received this copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

  • Amy
    2019-06-25 10:50

    This book was alright for the most part. Some of it was interesting, but that was mostly in the beginning. After that, it was a little much for me. Too many overly-detailed sex scenes that served little to no purpose other than for the author to use "dirty words". Not my cup of tea. The story line itself had a good start but seemed to get lost somewhere down the line. By the end of the book everything the main character said or did felt very disconnected to the rest of the book. And the ending itself was underwhelming. I understood what the author was trying for but didn't think it was delivered well enough.

  • Stephanie Bibb
    2019-06-14 06:45

    Disclaimer: I designed the book cover for the paperback version of Ameerah, and the author sent me a paperback copy of the book as part the compensation for my services, so I do have ties to the creation of the book. However, I try to remain neutral while writing my reviews.I’ve read Rebekkah’s Fords other books in her Beyond the Eyes world, and I’ve really enjoyed her mythology and the descriptions she uses. Ameerah is no different. We learn more about the dark spirits, and better yet, the descriptions of her world are amazing. Rebekkah Ford is absolutely wonderful at taking small details and really honing in on that image, offering flashes of movie-like clarity. How light flashes on a cigarette lighter, the way a satin dress pools at a characters feet, the fedoras and beaded dresses in a speakeasy...Needless to say, I loved the scenery. Funny thing, though, I’ve never really been a fan of the Roaring Twenties (though that seems to be changing). Didn’t like the book The Great Gatsby (though I seem to remember the descriptions being well written), I never really liked the concept of partying and smoking and all that, but I really enjoyed the characterization and the atmosphere presented in Ameerah. There were times when the writing felt a bit stilted, like we were being told what was happening, but then again, the concept of the story is that Ameerah is telling her friend, Derek, the story of her past. I also noticed that some of the lingo seemed forced at the beginning, but that could be because I’m not really familiar with the slang of the 1920s. That being said, this didn’t seem like a problem once I got used to it.I actually liked the romance between Betty and Ameerah, and kind of wished we could have gotten more of a feel for Betty’s character, though their time was cut regrettably short (thus spurring the future events). I did skim over the sex scenes (I’ve never been a fan of sex scenes in general), but the characters were interesting to read about. Some were extremely despicable, while others you really hoped would get what they wanted.Ameerah is a story about vengeance, and many characters get what’s coming to them. The ending through me for a loop. It wasn’t what I expected or I was hoping for, but with the final chapter, I was completely satisfied.A quick note: As I am fascinated with the physical aspects of books, I want to mention that I really liked the formatting; it was easy to read. Not all books feel like the physical reading quality of the book is smooth, but this one did. There were a few typos here and there, but not many, and shouldn’t hamper the reading process.Overall, Ameerah is an exciting page-turner that keeps you wondering what will happen next, with lovely descriptions and interesting characters. If you liked the Beyond the Eyes series, I highly recommend you pick it up, and if you haven’t read that series, that’s fine, because this story stands alone fairly well (though the main characters do get a few cameos throughout the book).

  • Crittermom
    2019-05-28 08:55

    Ameerah challenged the norms of her time, dancing, drinking and smoking in speakeasies along with flappers and gangsters. She made love to her best friend Betty, and looked forward to a vibrant and creative life. Instead, she dies soon after being placed in an insane asylum by her parents. The torment she suffered at the hands of the staff there leads her to accept an unusual offer. Rather than pass on, Ameerah becomes a dark spirit, able to live, eat, drink, and make love by possessing the bodies of soulless humans. Best of all, in her mind, is that she will finally be able to get revenge, to make those who betrayed her suffer.Dark spirits are in part tricksters, angry and embittered. Some however have a goal - the elimination of humanity. As the novel progresses, Ameerah's experiences are recounted against the backdrop of history. Pretty much all of the worst events in history are portrayed as the work of dark spirits - the Great Depression, Hitler, the Holocaust, Vietnam etc.. I was uneasy about this, in part because it seemed like the author was absolving the humans of responsibility - the dark spirit made me do it. There is mention of immortals who are against the dark spirits, but they play only a minimal role. I did like the unexpected twist at the end.On the whole, I liked Ameerah. Her life and experiences were fascinating, as well as the mechanics of possession. I could understand her disappointment, anger and hunger for revenge as easily as I understood her zest for life before entering the asylum. It is only later in the novel when weaknesses start to show. It is clear that Rebekkah Ford planned the ending from the very beginning. It is the path between Ameerah's revenge and the ending that is more nebulous. This is what brings my rating down from 4 to 3. The second half was simply not as interesting or well composed.3/5I received a copy of Ameerah from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.--Crittermom

  • Rebecca Austin
    2019-06-20 08:41

    Ameerah Arrowood is trying to live the life she wants and get away from her controlling parents who want her to live up to their societal image. But all Ameerah wants is to be herself and dance and be with her best friends Betty. Yet when her parents make a decision for her, all of her dreams and wishes are gone in an instant.Ameerah soon finds herself a dark spirit under the guidance of Aidan and soon joins a group headed by Volac and is able to get some revenge on those that hurt her. When Aosoth's purposeful actions hurt Ameerah to the inner core she knows she needs to help Nadia who is in a lower world in a confused state of existence with the help of Derek. But when she gets to Nadia she realizes that the truth doesn't always set you free.I really enoyed this book and I find it so ironic how little some people's views have changed in regards to sexuality and being different. Although society is much more open than before there are still so many people who consider it deviant and the person unstable.Ameerah's parents were just so worried about their self-image that they had no regard for her or even cared for her in the slightest bit. I was so heartbroken for her with what she had to endure and where they sent her. I was very disappointed that Ameerah never did contact Betty or her spirit just to let her know she was still there for her. For me that would have been a bonus just for her to make peace with that side of her. Obviously she was using Nadia as somewhat of a replacement.This was such an interesting book and the first one I have read by this author and it certainly won't be my last.

  • Stephanie Farrant
    2019-06-23 11:47

    Ameerah is a paranormal thriller that offers a captivating storyline. It gives small glimpses into moments of time that I knew very little about and it was fun reading of the 1920’s, learning a little about the fashion and lingo.The story also had it’s own interesting take on both World Wars and Vietnam War.However for me there seemed to be a few holes in the story as well as unanswered questions, the biggest one being the prophesy that was briefly mentioned, but nothing coming of it. I am hoping there will be a sequel that will answer some of my questions.I also found myself questioning some of the characters relationships. I would have liked to have learned more of how Ameerah met Nathan and to have been given a conclusion on Betty.Due to a devastating betrayal from her own parents, Ameerah soon becomes a tortured spirit seeking revenge, something that I could empathise with. However, whether due to her new friends sharing their views or Ameerah’s own proclivities she soon changes from a character I could admire to in my opinion, a spiteful being with hypocritical views.The story held a nice tempo for the most part and kept me riveted. Most of all it left me wanting more!

  • Jackie
    2019-06-10 10:54

    Ameerah starts out her tale when she was 18. She was in the time of the flapper, speakeasys and prohibition. But, when you come from a wealthy promininent family like hers you shouldn’t be a flapper. As her parents learn more about Ameerah they decide she must go away to be “fixed”. When the horrible happens Ameerah becomes a dark spirit. She chooses this life so that she may still experience all the feelings of the world while she inhabits humans who have no soul. This is Ameerah’s way of being until she falls in love. What happens after that will change Ameerah forever.This was an enchanting tale. The reader really gets caught up in Ameerah’s tale. Her life is full of tragedy and pain. A person could relate to why she chose to do what she did. Vengence is particularly prominent, but when her heart is broken yours will be too. Rebekkah Ford does a phenomenal job weaving a story that engrosses the reader. You will be sitting on the edge of your seat while you try to anticipate what will happen with Ameerah next. If your looking for a change in your paranormal reading experience you will want to pick this book up.

  • Regina Morris
    2019-05-30 12:38

    This is a fantastic story. Ameerah is a young girl growing up in a wealthy family in the 1920s. She was precocious and wanted more from life (being a flapper and living life to the fullest). This didn't sit well with her snobbish parents and they do the worst thing possible. They send her to an insane asylum where she is abused, raped, and murdered. The afterlife is hedonistic for her and she lives for decades by possessing soulless human beings. She decides to seek salvation and some exciting and unexpected events keep you turning the pages! This is a great spin off to Rebekkah's YA Paranormal series. It is my favorite book by this author. It's actually the best book I've read in a while, and I love paranormal stories. This is a must read!

  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    2019-06-25 04:45 By Rebekkah Ford 3 Stars Unique and engrossing read! Even among dark spirits, light walkers, and black magic, Ameerah's story is rooted in history, and throughout, we are taken back in time beginning in the 1920's. While at times the detail seemed a bit heavy, it all served a purpose. It took me a little while to get into this book but I pushed through and ended up being completely captivated by Ameerah's story. A long and complicated tale of revenge, betrayal, love, heartbreak, adventure, and freedom. Extremely interesting and intriguing.

  • The Literary Vixen
    2019-05-26 10:59

    *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*What a phenomenal read! Right from the beginning I was instantly transported to another place in time. Ameerah is one of those characters you’ll never forget. At a time when being someone other than what your parents wanted you to be, Ameerah broke out of that mold. At least for herself. She challenges and questions anyone and without shame. The author did an amazing job in creating these characters and worlds. This is the first book I’ve read from this author and it won’t be the last. This book was such an amazing read for me. I give this 5 stars!!

  • Laura
    2019-06-18 11:46

    *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*What a phenomenal read! Right from the beginning I was instantly transported to another place in time. Ameerah is one of those characters you’ll never forget. At a time when being someone other than what your parents wanted you to be, Ameerah broke out of that mold. At least for herself. She challenges and questions anyone and without shame. The author did an amazing job in creating these characters and worlds. This is the first book I’ve read from this author and it won’t be the last. This book was such an amazing read for me. I give this 5 stars!!

  • Leyla Johnson
    2019-06-10 05:58

    am really a paranormal fan, but it sounded interesting, and I did enjoy it but I did not think it was a thriller. Very easy to read and some of the various happening from history had an interesting twist. I certainly had a appealing look at the hereafter, on both sides of the fence.This book was provided to me in return for an honest and unbiased review

  • Joy Whiteside
    2019-05-29 10:49

    This was an awesome and amazing read that I could not put down, no matter what. It moved along at an awesome pace, has characters that will grab you and leave you wanting more and a story that you cannot get enough of. This book has to be read, there is no doubt about it.

  • Maria Clark
    2019-06-15 09:07

    I don't normally read Paranormal very often but the blurb intrigued me. I finished the story but it took me a while to read. I liked the elements of history it contains but I kept waiting for the story to take off it basically just ended with no resolution.

  • S.M. Spencer
    2019-06-23 10:02

    Love the cover, and the concept ... But it didn't quite "grab" me as I'd hoped it would.

  • Dianne Peace
    2019-06-16 11:50

    Waste of timeThe characters were weak and lacked any interesting levels. The attempt at paranormal storytelling was silly. This was a waste of time.