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Valentine’s Day is chocolatier Chloe San Valentino’s favorite day of the year. Not only is it the busiest day in her candy shop, Caramelle de Chloe, but it’s also her birthday. Chloe’s got a birthday wish list for the perfect man she pulls out every year: he’d fall in love with her in a heartbeat, he’d be someone who cares about people, and he’d have one blue eye and one gValentine’s Day is chocolatier Chloe San Valentino’s favorite day of the year. Not only is it the busiest day in her candy shop, Caramelle de Chloe, but it’s also her birthday. Chloe’s got a birthday wish list for the perfect man she pulls out every year: he’d fall in love with her in a heartbeat, he’d be someone who cares about people, and he’d have one blue eye and one green eye, just like her. So far, Chloe’s fantasy man hasn’t materialized, despite the matchmaking efforts of her big, close-knit Italian family. But this year for her big 3-0 birthday, she just might get her three wishes....

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3 Wishes Reviews

  • Carrie
    2019-04-09 16:46

    Chloe runs her own candy shop and Valentine's Day is her busiest time of the year. Chloe is also soon to be turning thirty, her birthday falls on Valentine's Day so she's used to working right through and not taking time for herself. Her huge Italian family is always asking when she'll settle down and get married. When a handsome man walks into her store right before the holiday she's immediately taken by him because he shares a rather odd trait with Chloe, they both have each eye a different color. Thinking he's buying candies for a wife or girlfriend Chloe shrugs off the encounter until the two run into each other again. This installment of the Candy Hearts Romance series should come with a warning label that it just may wreck any New Year's dieting resolutions you may have made. My mouth was just watering not only when Chloe is describing the things she sold in her store but then with the big Italian family of course they had tons of mouth watering food in their get together!If the food isn't reason enough to fall in love with this great little story you also have a cute budding romance between the characters. Chloe had wished for her perfect man as a child and here he walks right into her life. Great story and would definitely recommend this one. I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.wordpress....

  • Heidi Kneale
    2019-04-13 14:48

    Oh, this is a good book! Chloe belongs to a large Italian family. She owns a candy shop. She also has dreams she'd nearly forgotten. When her mother gives her a box of mementoes from Chloe's childhood, Chloe comes across three wishes she once made: she wants love at first sight. She wants a man who heals. She also wants a man whose eyes match her own--one green, one blue.So of course one walks into her shop a few days before Valentine's. He likes caramel. Seems he also likes Chloe. You didn't think it'd be that easy, did you? Of course there's complications. And supblots. And not nearly enough sleep. And more than enough food. Yum.I found the plot to be sufficiently complex with a satisfying ending. I loved how rounded the characters were, and not just the hero and heroine. It's like everyone feels real. The pace carried me along nicely.

  • Aleen ~Lampshade Reader
    2019-04-06 09:37

    I love short and sweet stories and this hit the spot. Chloe and her family were endearing and boisterous. It was obvious that they were Italian from their speech and the dialogue had me grinning quite often. Chloe thinks she's unusual with her one green eye and one blue eye, so when she comes across a hunk with the same type of eyes in her chocolate shop, she is instantly attracted. He also reminds her of the 3 wishes that she makes every year. However, she comes under the conclusion that he's taken and doesn't pursue him. She goes through her doubts as is usual in these kinds of stories but she still finds her HEA.There wasn't any major plot to this story, but it was all cute dialogue and family strife. It seemed a bit fantastical with her wishes coming true, but really that's what it was all about. It all made for a cute theme that made me smile and wish for my wishes to come true.*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

  • Nancy
    2019-04-06 15:51

    Chocolate, Italian food, and a cute story. This book made my day!Chocolatier, Chloe SanValentino has a birthday ritual of making three wishes on her Valentine’s Day birthday...most of which (okay, maybe all of which) revolve around finding her dream man. The fact that her specifics for this perfect fellow are a bit hard to come by doesn’t deter her in the least.I loved the interaction between Chloe and her big family. It was going to take a strong male character to win her heart. Author Peggy Jaeger writes ER physician, Matt D’Amore, as the perfect match for both Chloe and her specific wishes.This story is a perfect confection! Short but abundantly sweet!

  • Carien
    2019-03-27 16:40

    My quest for fun Contemporary Romances continues, so I tried one of the recommendations I got from helpful people on Twitter.This is a lovely novella set around Valentine's Day. The story was predictable, but fun. I liked the writing style and the characters. I can advice this book to anyone looking for a fun, uncomplicated romantic read.I will check out Jaeger's other books and read a longer story by her for sure.

  • HappilyEverChapter
    2019-04-01 15:51

    ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ FOUR-STAR ✩ REVIEW ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ⭐ ⭐ Provided by Netgalley in Exchange for an Honest Review ⭐ ⭐ Judging a Book by it's Cover: Cute, cartoon-y cover with a Valentine theme. Synopsis sounds light and fun.Looking Deeper: As a teen, Chloe makes 3 wishes on a candy conversation heart detailing what she wants in the man she plans to spend her life with. It's not until the approach of her 30th birthday that it appears that they may come true. She owns her own candies' shop. He stops in late one night to buy goodies for a gal. Though there is some big Italian drama and an even bigger misunderstanding, they manage to find their HEA in this cute Valentine's Day themed short story. The lead and secondary characters are all likeable. Their interaction is dynamic and entertaining. The plot is not as deep or involved due to length, but does a great job with the short word count it was given and flows well. Predictability was low, conclusion was solid. Overall, a light and fun SUPER QUICK lunch-hour sized romance. -------------------------------------------------------------------------Rating: 3.25 [PG-13] ~ Score: 4.3 ~ Stars: 4-------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Katie O'Sullivan
    2019-04-08 11:29

    This sweet, sweet romance is one of my favorite Candy Hearts stories, telling a compelling tale of how dreams really do come true.Told in first person, this contemporary romance refers to the Aladdin story of the genie and his 3 wishes, main character Chloe San Valentino's favorite fairy tale when she was a kid. Chloe's all grown up now and owns a chocolate shop in town where she handcrafts all sorts of sweet confections, making other people's sweet dreams come true.Her own wishes involve the man of her dreams, and have a rather specific set of qualifications: he should be a healer, he should have mismatched eyes like her own, and he would fall in love with her at first sight. The list sounded great in grammar school, but now that she's pushing 30 it sounds like a recipe for spinsterhood. Until she meets Matteo D'Amour, who fits the description to a tee. With a full cast of Italian characters straight out of a movie or the set of the Sopranos (without the goodfellas) this is a wonderful, compelling, fast paced tale that will put a smile on your face and a yearning in your heart. I'm giving it 5 candy hearts, but really with I could give it more.

  • Mave
    2019-04-15 10:56

    It 's a sweet, passionate and romantic story, the perfect reading for Valentine's Day.Chloe was born on Valentine's Day in a very large Italian family. They were a very close family until her father has gone home with his new young girlfriend pregnant. Chloe is a chocolatier, has a very famous shop and the day of her birthday is also the busiest day of the year. She finds a diary written when she was fifteen years in which lists three characteristics of her ideal man. He must have one green eye and one blue like her to not be the only freak who she knew, to be a healer and must love with her at first sight. A few days before Valentine enters into her shop a beautiful and really sexy guy. He has one blue eye and one green! But most likely he is already committed. The genie of the desires is striving to realize her desires late or is a mere coincidence?It 's a short and light reading but very addictive and a total page-turner. The main character is very funny, ironic and witty, the story is narrated by her in the first person and has made the reading truly enjoyable and entertaining.I recommend it to those who love romance

  • Tena Stetler
    2019-04-10 13:32

    I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review. 5 starsChloe San Vantentino is a chocolatier in her own candy shop. Valentine’s Day is her favorite day of the year and it’s also her birthday. Years ago she made a list of the perfect man, he would have one blue eye and one green eye (like her), care about people and it would be love at first sight. Chloe pulls out this list every year on her birthday. Despite the matching making efforts of her huge Italian family, Chole is now the big 30 with this dream man nowhere in sight. Until….This year Chloe’s birthday celebration with her family is interrupted and she winds up spending it in an unlikely location. Will she ever meet the man of her dreams? What about the three wishes? To answer these questions, you are going to want to read the book.3 Wishes is a quick, enjoyable read. The characters are engaging and entertaining. I found myself rooting for Chloe and the cast of characters from the very beginning. A great Valentine read that comes to a satisfying resolution. I highly recommend this book.

  • Ally
    2019-04-14 12:27

    Who hasn’t made the proverbial 3 wishes? I know I have, but I haven’t kept the same ones since I was eight like Chloe San Valentino. With her thirtieth birthday approaching on Valentine’s Day though, Chloe begins to think maybe she needs to rethink her initial wishes if she’s ever going to find Mr. Right. Keeping busy at her candy shop and with her big Italian family, she almost misses the first wish coming true when a hunky guy with two different color eyes, like hers, arrives at her shop. Thinking he’s taken, Chloe puts him out of her mind until she runs into him again at the hospital where she discovers he’s a doctor and helping save her father’s life. Will Chloe and Matt fall in love instantly and make her final wish come true?I instantly adored Chloe and her cast-of-characters family and couldn’t help but love Matt from Jaeger’s description of the man of Chloe’s dreams…or wishes.A fun Valentine read with all the right ingredients.

  • Hilda
    2019-04-16 10:46

    I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.I found 3 wishes to be a quick, light-hearted read that kept me engaged, smiling, and feeling part of a larger family. I recommend reading this book, it will brighten your day.Author Peggy Jaeger provides a well written story of Matt and Chloe. When Chloe was 8 she started a tradition of making 3 wishes for her birthday. Every year since her 15th the wishes have been made and written down but they were always the same. Days before her 30th birthday she thinks her wishes have finally come true. But is fate playing a cruel joke or did all of those wishes possess real magic? Chloe the owner of a candy shop and the story takes place around Valentine’s Day which is also her birthday. Matt comes in to purchase a gift and Chloe is instantly attracted to him but a casual comment is misunderstood. Life happens and Matt and Chloe’s lives intersect again. Will Chloe get her shot at true love?

  • Laura
    2019-04-16 16:54

    Fun Book!This is a great book; this book is part of the A Candy Hearts Romance series by Peggy Jaeger. Chloe San Valentino is a chocolatier and Valentines Days is her favorite day of the year and also her birthday. Chloe has 3 wishes for her birthday and so far they haven’t come true. When a handsome man walks into her candy shop who happens to have one blue eye and one green eye, she starts to think her wishes may come true after all. If you are looking for a great romance, then you need to read this book. I am looking forward to reading the next book by this author.A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.

  • Kimber Hellmers
    2019-04-01 14:40

    Sugary sweet is about the best way to put it! This is a cute, short, Romance (with a capital R!) that borders on a touch of fantasy. Introvert Italian daughter who considers herself a plain-Jane type runs a candy shop and longingly ruminates over her childhood fantasy of the perfect man. Of course, he walks into her shop and the mis-understandings begin! He's perfect for her and doesn't understand why she is so hesitant to respond. Well, you can see what happens here, but it doesn't matter how transparent it is. Chloe and Matt are sexy/cute and of course all works out in the end. This is a well written short with a touch of fantasy to the romance that is a perfect way to spend an hour or two.

  • LJT
    2019-04-18 11:50

    3 Wishes is a very quick read by author Peggy Jaeger. It is the love story between Chloe San Valentino, a chocolatier, and Matt D'Amore, an emergency room doctor. They meet for the first time in Chloe's candy store, where Matt is buying chocolates and caramels for the women in his family. Both Chloe and Matt have one green eye and one blue eye, and it is at that moment when they both look into each other's eyes, that they fall in love. Chloe and her Italian family are loud, somewhat boisterous and loving. They stick together like glue through think and thin, which makes for some very funny moments. Overall, this is a cute read with a few twists and turns that keep it interesting.Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

  • Judy Davis
    2019-04-16 09:27

    I was given an ARC for this novella for an honest review.Chocolatier Chloe has made three wishes every birthday since she was eight years old. And one of those wishes is to have a dream guy who is a healer and who has one blue and one green eye. When a hunky guy stops in to buy caramels for a special person in his life for Valentine’s Day, Chloe falls head over heels for him and nicknames him—Mr. Dreamy. But through a series of misunderstandings, they are pushed apart only to be reunited through a family crisis. Will Matt and Chloe be able to work through the mix-up separating them?Author Peggy Jaeger writes with a comic and sensitive style about love and being part of a large Italian American family where there is laughter, squabbles, but always lots of food and love.

  • Laura Strickland
    2019-04-04 17:43

    I loved this story from word one, when I was plunged into Chloe’s world of chocolate and the dramas of a large Italian family. Chloe immediately engaged all my sympathies. What young girl hasn’t made wishes for her future? But when, with her thirtieth birthday looming on Valentine’s Day, Chloe is reminded of the special wishes she made at the age of fifteen, she wonders if they can ever come true.The writing is spectacular, the humor totally enjoyable and the author manages to write a kissing scene as hot as a full-out seduction. Fate takes Chloe and her Dr. Dreamy in hand and works things out in the most unexpected way. I can’t recommend this little story highly enough!

  • Romantic Reads and Such
    2019-04-17 11:42

    Just as sweet as the chocolates that Chloe makes, I love this little story of love at first sight. You are there for the meet-cute and then the bumpy road as they move to a happy ending. I was rooting for Chloe and her fantasy man every step of the way. The misunderstanding between them could have been easily resolved with just a simple question or two but it would have meant that we didn’t get the fun of the story – one that had me smiling from start to finish. (Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review)

  • Mistress Mary
    2019-04-21 14:33

    Wishes Do Come True!This is a great story of wishes coming true. Chloe made three wishes for her birthday when she was a younger girl. Every year she hoped they would come true and this year might be the one. But things get messed up with her dad winding up in the hospital on her birthday. She does meet Mr. Charming who has the same eyes as her but she believes he is married with a baby on the way.Could things get more messed up for her? She realizes things aren’t what they seem and she gets her happily ever after for now. This was a good read for a little romance.

  • Cathrine Goldstein
    2019-04-15 14:56

    Oh, I loved this book! It’s not often you find such a quick read packed with real, developed, warm, lovable characters, and a storyline that is equally engaging! You will adore the lead character, Chloe; get caught up in her big, warm, Italian family; and absolutely fall for her “fantasy man.” If you are ever given three wishes, make sure one of them is to wish for a copy of this book, and any other book Peggy Jaeger pens! Well done!

  • Veronica Lynch
    2019-03-31 10:47

    An impossible to put down story featuring uber romantic candy genius Chloe SaValentino and hunky Dr. Dreamy, ER physician Matt D'Amore, plus a supporting cast of Italian mothers, aunts and sisters. 3 Wishes is a keeper.Mega talented Peggy aeger uses her enormous gift for inventing snappy dialogue, laugh out loud scenes and instant sexual attraction between two deserving characters.Do not miss 3 Wishes. You'll fall in love like I did.Veronica Lynch

  • Brenda M.
    2019-04-11 13:52

    What a cute story, you are quickly drawn into the Story of Chloe and Matt.. Don't we all wish for love at first sight? Don't we all want Sex on a Stick ?What a cute story, you are quickly drawn into the Story of Chloe and Matt.. Don't we all wish for love at first sight? Don't we all want Sex on a Stick

  • Annette Miller
    2019-04-07 15:52

    I was only going to start this book tonight and finish it tomorrow, but that didn't happen. Once I began, I couldn't stop. This story is wickedly cute, sassy and sweet, spicy and pooignant. It delivers on all counts.

  • Debbie
    2019-03-30 09:28

    My first time reading this author and enjoyed this book. Will have to look for more stories by her.

  • Judy
    2019-04-06 09:55

    Reviewed on Musings and Ramblings.So I had to double check the cover of this one when I noticed the two different colored eyes. When I read the blurb, I realized that this was deliberate, as it's a main part of the character and is on her "wish" list for the perfect man. The list and how it is described in the first chapter brought to mind the scene from Practical Magic, where young Sally is casting her true love spell. Which seems a bit odd since Chloe and her big Italian family are actually devout Catholics, but it worked with the wishes theme.Chloe was an interesting character, with her February 14th birthday, chocolate shop and crazy big family. As with any big boisterous family, there is plenty of drama and this story was no different. This story basically tells the meeting and initial relationship of Chloe and Matteo, so it is a clean romance. A lovely epilogue nicely wraps up everything and gives us an update on what happened in the interim. I liked the way Chloe handled things during their courtship. She stood up for herself and stayed true to herself. I enjoyed this book and gave it 3 stars.Thanks to Netgalley and Wild Rose Press for the opportunity to read and review the book.

  • April Hollingworth
    2019-04-11 09:32

    Review Courtesy of April HollingworthOkay so just to pre-warn you, the chocolates in this book sound delicious so don't be surprised if you're left wanting some! Then you have Chloe who is fabulous, her family who are so real it's scary, and the unknown hunk who enters her shop. You do find out his name but I'll leave that to your reading. I really liked how this story unraveled, how a child hood wish grew and without knowing it became a deep desire, even though Chloe never thought her three wishes could possibly come true. A wonderfully beautiful, fun and sweet story. It'll make you feel both hungry for chocolates and your own three wishes.The Review:Valentine’s Day is chocolatier Chloe San Valentino’s favorite day of the year. Not only is it the busiest day in her candy shop, Caramelle de Chloe, but it’s also her birthday. Chloe’s got a birthday wish list for the perfect man she pulls out every year: he’d fall in love with her in a heartbeat, he’d be someone who cares about people, and he’d have one blue eye and one green eye, just like her. So far, Chloe’s fantasy man hasn’t materialized, despite the matchmaking efforts of her big, close-knit Italian family. But this year for her big 3-0 birthday, she just might get her three wishes.

  • Elle Markov
    2019-04-18 10:28

    This was supposed to be a lightweight romance between Chloe San Valentino a fine chocolates maker and Dr. Matteo "Matt" D'Amore. Unfortunately the romance between these two was overshadowed by the secondary romance in the story.While there was a nice romantic spark between Chloe and Matt, the whole Chloe's father cheats on his wife of 40 years and then leaves her for a young gold-digger only to be forgiven after he has a heart attack. This whole side story completely detracted from the potential of this story.Ms. Jaeger had a good thing going with the love at first chocolate between Chloe and Matt, but she killed the romantic vibe of this book with Chloe's parents.Rating 1 out of 5 [email protected]

  • Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews)
    2019-04-10 11:50

    Peggy Jaeger’s 3 Wishes is a cute little story. Written in first person, from the point of view of Chloe San Valentino, the story reads like a cozy mystery with the way the author depicts the characters and describes events. Reading this story, I was reminded of past stories written by Sharon Kleve, but without all the humor.Chloe and her hero Matt were likeable and ultimately their journey to a happily-ever-after was cute. However, I found the story to be extremely predictable, thus taking away from my enjoyment.**Received a copy of the book courtesy of Blog Tour Promoter for an honest and unbiased opinion.**Rating: 2.5