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Things have finally calmed down enough for cozy heroine Joan Spencer and her new husband, Lt. Fred Lundquist, to take a long-delayed honeymoon to celebrate their three-month-old nuptials. Of course, it won't be a traditional honeymoon, since they'll have Joan's teenage son Andrew in tow, and the fact that they are using the trip to finally visit Fred's family makes it evenThings have finally calmed down enough for cozy heroine Joan Spencer and her new husband, Lt. Fred Lundquist, to take a long-delayed honeymoon to celebrate their three-month-old nuptials. Of course, it won't be a traditional honeymoon, since they'll have Joan's teenage son Andrew in tow, and the fact that they are using the trip to finally visit Fred's family makes it even more unusual. But Joan is happy; she'll get some time away with her family, and she'll finally get to see the tiny historic Swedish-American community where Fred grew up, Bishop Hill.Unfortunately for Joan, neither her honeymoon nor her trip works out quite as she'd hoped. For starters, Fred's mother is farther down the road to Alzheimer's than they had been led to believe, and dealing with her illness turns out to be a tough test for their new family. The worst is yet to come when Mrs. Lundquist witnesses a brutal murder, but is a little too disoriented to be clear in her description of the killer. Suddenly everyone in the small village is a suspect, and the only person with the key to unlock the mystery is an elderly woman who floats in and out of clarity, often undetected. Joan will have to get close enough to her mother-in-law to figure out what really happened that night, and to protect her and her extended family from a killer who is bound to strike again. Witness in Bishop Hill marks the triumphant return of author Sara Hoskinson Frommer, whose previous Joan Spencer novels have won her a dedicated following....

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Witness in Bishop Hill Reviews

  • Lelia Taylor
    2019-05-27 11:41

    Witness in Bishop HillSara Hoskinson FrommerSt. Martin’s Minotaur, 2002ISBN 0312302436HardcoverA cozy fit for the holidays.Joan Spencer and her husband of three months, police lieutenant Fred Lundquist, are making plans for a belated honeymoon trip during the Christmas holidays when Fred’s sister calls, asking Fred and Joan to come home to look after their parents while she and her husband take a break. Fred hasn’t been home in a long time and Joan has never met her in-laws so they decide they’ll stay at a bed-and-breakfast to at least have a little privacy.Much to Joan’s surprise, Joan’s college-aged son, Andrew, asks to go—having her son along doesn’t quite fit her idea of a honeymoon. Still, Fred’s sister has implied that their mother is showing signs of Alzheimer’s and, while Fred wants to ignore the notion, Joan’s work at the adult day care center makes her more aware of the possibility. When Andrewwillingly agrees to stay in the house with Helga and Oscar, it seems that Joan and Fred may still have their honeymoon.Bishop Hill is a tiny Swedish-American village, steeped in history, where everyone knows everyone else. Even here, though, there are secrets and when Helga wanders off, she’s found later hiding in the woods and shaking with fear, claiming someone killed Fred. Fred, of course, is alive and well but he and Joan find a murdered man. Helga is very unclear on what she saw, and her memory fades in and out, but it soon becomes obvious that the killer knows she saw him and her life is in danger. Fred and Joan must work with the local sheriff’s department, and very quickly, if they aregoing to save Helga. Then, Helga disappears again and another body is found…This is the fifth Joan Spencer mystery and Sara Hoskinson Frommer has come up with a winner once again. Joan is a believable amateur sleuth with the ability to think things through while knowing what should be left up to the police. Frommer also gives us a delightful visit to a community grounded in old-world customs. I highly recommend this to all who love a good traditional mystery.Reviewed by Lelia Taylor, 2002. Slightly revised 2010.

  • Reggie Billingsworth
    2019-06-21 12:57

    Picked this up due to the title. I just got to know the Bishop Hill-Kewanee-Galva region a year ago and several visits later am looking forward to enjoying further connections with that community. So reading this tested my geographical & people knowledge against Frommer's fictional well as enjoying s nicely crafted read.Heroine Joan Spencer (now married to policeman Fred Lundquist for series followers) is entirely believable as she possesses a thoughtful insight that doesn't defy the 'authorities' and forge off on her own on some ridiculous chase: such cheap devices are eschewed here. Yet the plot revolves effectively with enough curious twists to allow a logical tension to build. And for good measure, the manner in which dementia can complicate things as it threads it's erratic way into a beloved family member's behaviour is both accurate and sympathetic...just as the true style of this small community's life emerges on these pages.Despite my guaranteed place-name interest, I appreciated the quality and soundness of the writing, the lack of deux machina tricks, and the overall cast and crew as it were.Shall probably check out her other titles on the strength of this one.

  • Leta
    2019-06-21 09:59

    I recently received my copy of her latest book and because it had been a while, decided to go back a volume or two so that I could be remember names and relationships.I like cozy mysteries and this one hits many points of the cozy stereotype*: lots of references to food, especially baked goods, B&Bs, lovely scenery and teenagers who are better behaved than I ever was and who seem to actively seek out old people to hang out with. This last, however, is more motivated than usual because the teenagers are really part of a family conspiracy to protect a family member who is vulnerable for more than one reason.The book speaks nicely to how much people in close communities know about each other and the acquired polite habit of not acknowledging what they know. *No cats, though.

  • Mary Davidsaver
    2019-06-09 12:50

    I liked the description of Bishop Hill. I knew who she was talking to and everywhere she was walking. The author captured a moment in time quite well. However, I had an issue with her characters...they were behaving themselves all together too well. The teenage son was NICE and helpful. Too everyone. I could only give 3 stars for lack of conflict. (And no, the murder didn't count. Nice try though.)

  • Abigayle Hulslander
    2019-05-31 06:33

    Witness in Bishop Hill, is about a woman named Joan who got married and for a three month honeymoon they went to see Fred's parents. While they were their Fred's mother got lost and seen a man get killed. The killer is now after Fred's mother, than a couple days after a woman was killed. Fred's mother can't remember who she has seen get killed or who is the killer. She has Alzheimer that makes her forget a lot of things. I recommend this books for who ever like mysteries.

  • Susan
    2019-06-20 05:49

    Joan Spencer and her new husband Fred Lundquist plan a Christmas visit to his family in the little Swedish-settled town of Bishop Hill. Joan's college-age son Andrew comes with them. Joan is saddened to realize that her new mother-in-law Helga is sinking into Alzheimer's disease. But when Helga sees something that she shouldn't see--and can't remember--Fred and Joan realize that danger threatens her, and everyone in the small town.

  • Beth Harper
    2019-06-23 05:38

    Liked the atmosphere a lot, and learned something about Alzheimer's as well. I worried that the Alzheimer's angle would make the book very depressing, but while it wasn't a barrel of laughs, it didn't bring down the book totally.

  • Ellen Marchessault
    2019-06-07 04:47

    Two and a half stars. Not my favorite of this series. Not much music in this one, although I did enjoy the Christmas setting in Bishop Hill. Unexpected perp, too.

  • Joan
    2019-05-27 11:42

    Good cozy

  • Lois Hecksel
    2019-06-23 09:48

    An easy cozy mystery read with twists and turns, a person with Alzheimer's, excellent depiction of Old World customs, a small town that protects its own, and an expected finale.