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What if the men of Pride and Prejudice refused to take 'no' for an answer? In Jane Austen's original tale, Mr Bingley accepts 'no' from Mr Darcy about Jane; Mr Collins accepts 'no' from Mrs Bennet about Jane; Mr Wickham and Colonel Fitzwilliam are stopped from showing more interest in Elizabeth by lack of fortune; and of course, Mr Darcy accepts 'no' from Elizabeth at HunsWhat if the men of Pride and Prejudice refused to take 'no' for an answer? In Jane Austen's original tale, Mr Bingley accepts 'no' from Mr Darcy about Jane; Mr Collins accepts 'no' from Mrs Bennet about Jane; Mr Wickham and Colonel Fitzwilliam are stopped from showing more interest in Elizabeth by lack of fortune; and of course, Mr Darcy accepts 'no' from Elizabeth at Hunsford. This variation looks at what might have happened, had those events gone differently, and, as the title suggests, what the reason behind some of the changes might have been. Could Jane turn down Mr Collins? What if Wickham had proposed to Elizabeth before she knew his character? And could anyone resist Colonel Fitzwilliam, had he been in possession of a good fortune? This story follows the original, more or less, and does not contain any material of an explicit adult nature....

Title : the longbourn will a pride and prejudice variation
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the longbourn will a pride and prejudice variation Reviews

  • Mary
    2019-05-14 19:50

    4.5*Dear Reader,This was a wonderfully unique take on P&P, where hilarity,misunderstandings and proposals abound!! Treating yourself to this delightful tale,you will be privy to Bingley providing a lucky escape for Jane,a certain clergy man's determined and distracting efforts to propose to his fair cousins, a fantastically humorous and cleverly crafted mine of misunderstandings between Lady Catherine and Mr and Mrs Bennet and finally not one but five proposals for Lizzy!!! Into this mix you also learn of the entail of Longbourn and a certain manipulation of its original aim and Mr Darcy's refusal to take no for an answer from a certain impertinent Hertfordshire miss! Wickham,in a very clever twist,also has his share in the conversation and plots blackmail,revenge and female ruination among his various nefarious schemes. A highly entertaining and diverting read,I recommend this to all!

  • Brittany
    2019-05-10 19:55

    I felt very surprised for liking this book. I think maybe after reading the description I was not totally sold on the premise. However in practice it worked out quite well. What happened if Mr. Collins was only left Longbourne conditionally? What if no one at Longbourne knew this, because the will had been altered? Mr. Collins has to marry one of the Bennet sisters to become the future owner. So he is even more obnoxious in trying to marry one of his cousins. Bingley is not persuaded by Darcy. His character is strong, and his proposing to Jane is one of my favorite parts. Wickham has other reasons to attach him to the Bennets, and is also more persuading than in Pride and Prejudice. He is also more evil. Which is wonderful.Finally, Colonel Fitzwilliam is even more taken with Elizabeth, and when his circumstances change, he is drawn to her, regardless of Darcy's feelings.What I loved: I loved that the first quarter of the book is centered around Bingley, Wickham, and Collins. I am not sure why this amuses me so much, but it really does give more importance (for a little bit) to other characters's stories. I enjoyed the complicated mess that the will leaves, and Collin's is so obnoxious in meeting the needs of the original will. I believes Wickham's story is more involved and interesting. I also think that when we get to Elizabeth and Darcy, it is extremely romantic. When they first kiss, and when he meets her on the balcony are heartwarming, and wonderful. Finally, this book was just written very well.What I don't love: I never love when Colonel Fitzwilliam is in love with Elizabeth in any variation. I know he admires her in P&P and warns her off because he can't support her, but I don't like when variations twist that little admiration to mean that he loves Elizabeth. I also do not care for the lack of a closure on Collins' pieces. We find out what happens on the Bennet's side regarding the will, but never hear Collins' reaction. Then poor Mary is a huge part of this book, but then she becomes more background towards the end. They speak what happens to her, but never hear her reaction. I guess I want an epilogue. That probably would have changed this from 4 to 5 stars for me.But this was very good. I might read it again, and I definitelyr ecommend it to JAFF fans.

  • Eliza Baum
    2019-04-27 19:34

    I really, really enjoyed this one. I have no idea how accurate the legalities are, but pft. It was an intriguing concept to not only change the circumstances around the entail of Longbourn and also to reverse the choices made by characters in several key places. I found it was most interesting that even with altering those decisions, many of the key plot points stayed much the same--only slightly out of order or with a twist. There were plenty of changes, too, though--particularly with Wickham's plotline--and I had fun seeing them play out.I don't have any serious complaints, but having Elizabeth (view spoiler)[receive four separate proposals seemed a little outlandish. The tension achieved between Darcy and his cousin with Colonel Fitzwilliam declared he wanted Elizabeth was decent, but I felt it was still a little bit of a stretch. I can see the Colonel liking her, but for him to pursue her so doggedly when Darcy had prior claim seemed like a bit much. (hide spoiler)]I liked how Mary's plotline resolved, the changes to the Lydia/Wickham plotline, and definitely Elizabeth and Darcy. They had a few little improper moments together, but it was never too much for me. Maybe Elizabeth decided she was in love with him a little faster than I might have expected, but it was nothing egregious. If anything, I think I would have liked to see more of the two of them alone together.

  • Charlene
    2019-05-11 00:44

    The willAwesome variation. Loved how this author took the history of the entail and turned .it on its side. That mr Collins and Mr Wickham figure into these things is quite ingenious. That Bingley actually ends up with a little gumption and Mr Darcy's brooding is perfect. All the characters are there and in perfect harmony. My only sadness had to do with Col Fitzwilliam and that is probably because I read this authors next two books first and really should of read is first.What I mean is that the plot for the next two books was an alternative of his one. All three book were wonderful reads and I highly recommend them!

  • Dee-Ann
    2019-05-03 02:57

    If I had a choice, I would have given this book 4.5 stars, mainly because I want to know what happens subsequently to Lydia and the others. It was a good read and there were moments where I was laughing out loud, as well as holding onto my seat ... and I found that I could talk to my son about parts of the book, without him going glassy-eyed with boredom. Just when I thought it was smooth sailing, there was a surprise near the end.

  • Leslie
    2019-05-19 19:59

    I have read a lot of P&P fan fiction / what's ifs / retellings, and this was among one of the most creative. Opening with Darcy and Bingley in London the day after the Netherfield ball this shows a group of Austen men with spines. Darcy fails to convince Bingley that Jane is mercenary and soon Darcy & Bingley are headed back to Meryton. Bingley to propose and Darcy to make sure Lizzy doesn't marry Collins.The story takes many detours from canon but that isn't a bad thing. There is a fascinating sub plot involving Wickham and Mr Bennet's father's will. Quickly Jane is engaged to Bingley, and Mary to Mr. Collins with spring and summer wedding scheduled. Don't worry there is plenty more drama and angst. Lizzy will receive 4 proposals before settling on a fifth. The first 3/4's of the book I loved. The last 1/4 got a little over the top for me. With Wickham becoming almost a horror movie level baddie.

  • wosedwew
    2019-04-21 23:37

    Shades of LADY BRACKNELL !!LOL is so common I refuse to use it ... but ... the scene with Lady C and Mr. & Mrs. B had me CHORTLING AUDIBLY -- and once I even snorted! Such a clever usage of the original script by non-original speakers leading to entirely new confusions.Where's Oscar Wilde when we need him?I recommend this to any and all JAFF readers.

  • Elizabeth Bennet
    2019-04-22 21:55

    I got this book under kindle unlimited so I did not buy nor did I finish. At 3% I through in the towel due to Collins being handsome but small minded and Elizabeth still agreeing to marry him. Her exact words were she will not see him much and will socialize with married ladies and him married men. Ok not exact wording but that is another issue the writing style is very confusing to me. I had trouble following what was going on. On one final note Elizabeth had Collins son...yuk! No one has that right except Fitzwilliam Darcy and it is unexceptable to be written any different. Get your own characters as the ones in this one were not even close or appealing to me.

  • Liat Gat
    2019-04-27 00:50

    The best in a long time If you enjoy GOOD P&P variations, do not hesitate to read this one. Skilfully written, it moves along apace, following surprising but believable plot differences from the original. The plot ideas are clever and interesting, and fully round out a complete, engrossing, and thoroughly enjoyable novel. This book was written by a true professional - no need to extend allowances given to the many "A for Effort" attempts out there. I'm grateful to the author for providing me with such a good read. I'm off to see if she had written anything else.

  • Carol Perrin
    2019-05-06 20:49

    The Longbourn Will: A Pride and Prejudice VariationVery good story about cheating and deception. The interconnection of characters in this story were amazing, but unfortunately too many of them were conniving men who thought only of themselves. Collins and Wickham compete for first place for wicked, evil people in this story and both deserve the consequences they received. Worried for Darcy in this story, but finally Elizabeth gets her head and heart where they truly belong.

  • Iris McNeer
    2019-04-27 00:39

    Fast pace and an exciting plotI believe I have read most of the P&P variations and this, in my opinion, is among the best. My thanks to the author.

  • Talia
    2019-04-27 21:59

    I loved it. I would have given it 5 stars if the author gave us more of a certain storyline that was left hanging. My only complaint!

  • Madenna U
    2019-05-18 20:01

    I really enjoyed this variation and I read a lot of them. It was a very unique premise.

  • Beth
    2019-04-30 00:33

    Brilliantly doneThis adaptation takes on the entailing of Longview and reworked it. The beginning confused me for a bit because of the names of Mr Bennett family....his sister also was a Lizzie. It's quite interesting that the men involved didn't give up....Bingley didn't leave Jane , Mr Collins tried until one of his cousins agreed and Darcy never gave up hope.In many adaptations Mr Collins and Wickham don't get their just rewards . Mr Collins is a ridiculous toad. Wickham is worse than a rake. In this they both get what they deserve.

  • Ann Smith
    2019-04-26 21:36

    I wasn't sure about reading this take on P&P but I am very glad I did. The cover photo of a will did deter me originally but as I was able to borrow it via Kindle Unlimited I fortunately decided to take a chance.Carolyn White seems to me to have just the right tone for a P&P novel and I consider her an excellent writer. The clever use of language in the misunderstanding between Lady Catherine and Mrs Bennett makes for a scene which is highly entertaining and would not seem out of place in the original (and I don't say that very often). I also admire the way the characters of Wickham and Mr Collins are handled - both are villains in their own way, but still portrayed in such a way that you felt what they did was perfectly consistent with how they behave in P&P.I was also happy that two of my favourite secondary characters, Mary Bennett and Colonel Fitzwilliam were well treated in this book - Mary in particular is shown as BEING thoughtful and sensible rather than being mocked for thinking she is (not saying this could possibly be an improvement on the original but I almost preferred it).I finished the novel hoping we were going to have more of Colonel Fitzwilliams story - I will obviously be reading Darcy's Denial as soon as possible although I hardly dare hope it can be as good. I also hope Ms Whyte might at some point consider giving us more of Mary's story :)

  • sTACEY
    2019-05-18 00:34

    A very engaging variation.I read two of Carolyn Whyte's Pride and Prejudice variations in as many days and while that shows how much I enjoyed the author's writing style, it has left the plots rather mixed in my mind. That being the case, I'll just comment on the stories being long enough to contain great plot twists and adventure as well as development of the characters feelings for each other. I also like that the narrative voice is not only Elizabeth's, but also Darcy's and other characters.

  • sylph
    2019-04-27 19:39

    I'd give this 4.5. The story itself is so good, it deserves top marks. The first half is a little uneven, and doesn't flow perfectly, but then it takes off and is a real treat, to the point that, when I was finished, I wanted more from the characters in this setting. It's probably the best P&P adaptation I've read in terms of story and plot, and pretty good writing, as well. I could quibble about this or that, but I won't. I enjoyed reading it.

  • Christine Baglow
    2019-05-20 03:45

    A truly great variationThis is one of the great ones. I am so glad I took the time to read it. Excellent writing & a surprisingly believable plot. Great characterization.

  • Julianna Crockett
    2019-05-17 19:46

    Really really good!

  • Michelle
    2019-05-03 03:01

    Let me just start with saying I love PP variations. This one didn't work for me for a couple of reasons. 1) Very confusing at the beginning with the parents of the main characters. I had a hard time figuring out what was going on (maybe that's just me). 2) Too much time spent on Collins and Wickham, my least favorite characters in the book. The amount of time spent on them leads me to my third complaint. 3) Not enough time on Darcy and Elizabeth. I kind of felt like they were secondary characters in this version. Now that I have shared my personal opinions, I must say that this author's writing style is good and I will definitely try another one of her books.

  • Sheryl Gordon
    2019-05-18 21:39

    Original twist - More complexity than romance. Well written, intricate and original. Personally, as an adult, even taking into account the Regency period restrictions adhered to, I feel that after "The Kiss", the author should have given the reader a glimpse of the oft hinted prize. I suppose "clean" is more fashionable these days, being less controversial, but I'm tired of reading romance stories edited to placate the underage mass market. This book is a very good variation that, with a stepped up "romance" factor, would have been a solid five stars. An author to watch.

  • Katherine
    2019-04-29 19:42

    The Longbourn entail states that Mr Collins will only inherit if he marries one of the Bennet daughters (although Mr Bennet doesn't know that detail). This stipulation causes Collins to be rather desperate to secure a Bennet daughter which makes him even more ridiculous but makes Bingleys proposal much more timely. Darcy refuses to take no for an answer with his proposal and leaves Elizabeth with a kiss she can't forget. Then Darcy gets competition for Elizabeth's hand which makes him desperate to win Elizabeth over! I loved the successful proposal scene!

  • Anthony Williams
    2019-04-29 21:51

    It started out good and seemed to be a good rendition until the end. Enjoyed the idea that there was a Will that could change everything. Enjoyed that there was more backstory to some of the characters, like Mary and the colonel. Not until the end it made Elizabeth into a weaker character. She would have slapped Darcy in the original, but it would have killed the mood. It really wasn't until the very end did I roll my eyes and say, "Really?!" But overall, I did enjoy it.