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A street race leads a young man on the FAST and FURIOUS road of destiny. Amid an East Los Angeles neighborhood running wild with gang violence and drug trafficking, a war brews in the criminal underworld! With four on the floor, Marvel's newest GHOST RIDER puts vengeance in overdrive!!!...

Title : all new ghost rider 1
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ISBN : 26032700
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 24 Pages
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all new ghost rider 1 Reviews

  • Nicolo Yu
    2019-05-16 03:15

    Marvel did a smart thing putting Tradd Moore (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode) on a regular Marvel book and its a Ghost Rider which plays to his strengths. Moore's art is stylized but visually arresting. He'd a great match for Ghost Rider, one of the more visually iconic on Marvel's portfolio.I've heard little of Felipe Smith the writer but I'm very intrigued on his take on Ghost Rider. It's way different from the classic I've known. One thing, this all-new Ghost Rider drives a muscle car and not a motorcycle. I think it's a great move for Smith to set his stories away from the crowded New York superhero crowd. The race culture of the West Coast is a great fit for his new character.This book is promising no doubt and I'll be coming along for the ride.

  • kel
    2019-05-09 07:24

    Really like it so far. Robbie Reyes seems great and Gabe is adorable. However, while I loved most of the artwork, a few images were cringeworthy in their portrayal of minor characters.

  • Mariana
    2019-05-22 03:25

    I love Robbie Reyes.

  • Diversireads
    2019-05-19 09:01

    The All-New Ghost Rider is a part of the Marvel NOW! initiative, which relaunches several ongoing Marvel Comics. Written by the brilliant Felipe Smith with stunning art by Tradd Moore, this relaunch has quickly become one of my favourite comics. The New Ghost Rider, Robbie, is a teenage Latino boy from crime-ridden East Los Angeles with a blond streak in his hair, a leather jacket, and a black muscle car instead of a motorcycle. And yes, it’s as every bit as awesome as it sounds.[Also, look at that artwork, g o d d a m n]Overwhelming coolness aside, The All-New Ghost Rider is brimming with diversity at almost every turn. Robbie (short for Roberto) joins the ranks of Kamala Khan from Ms. Marvel and Miles Morales from Ultimate Comics: Spider Man as part of a new generation of more diverse superheroes (all with alliterative names, coincidentally… or is it?) who have taken on the legacies of their well-known predecessors.Robbie’s heritage is acknowledged in the comic, and the inhabitants of his mainly Latinx and Black neighbourhood use Latinx slang such as guero and mami, and even have full sentences in Spanish with an English translation provided with an asterisk. You will also often see people of colour in the background and Spanish-language signs. These small aspects of the writing and artwork add to the authenticity of the story. Although it is set in a fictional world with superheroes, the story is very much grounded in reality, and the poverty and violence that Robbie and others in his community deal with is painfully recognisable. Robbie also goes against stereotypes of poor young Latino men. He is living without any adult caretakers in a “bad” neighbourhood, but despite this, he does exceptionally well is school and is even pointed out by his teacher to be a potential leader in his community.Robbie is the main caretaker for his brother Gabe, who is disabled and in a wheelchair. Gabe is also treated respectfully in the narrative. The oppression he faces as a disabled person is shown in the comic, but at the same time, he is not depicted as a helpless victim, but is instead portrayed as a brave and optimistic young man. The relationship between Robbie and Gabe is also one of the most endearing aspects of the comic.[I mean, look at these cuties!]As this is a relatively new comic, I will not criticise it for leaving out certain groups of people yet since the story has only just begun, but I will say that if I had one disappointment with The All-New Ghost Rider, it would be with its lack of female representation. There are no significant female characters in this comic as of yet, although I notice that in later issues, the more female characters with speaking roles have started appearing. I would also like to see Robbie interact more with the people in his community, particularly his classmates. The most that Robbie interacts with another person his age is with Guero, who is an ableist white Latino teen who bullies Gabe, so it would be interesting to see any friendships that Robbie forms. Friendships between marginalised teens are rarely shown in mainstream media, and I think that The All-New Ghost Rider could be an excellent opportunity to rectify that.The artwork is also easily a selling-point, with stunning, dynamic linework by Tradd Moore that match the fast-paced action of the storyline. The character’s movements and body language are fluid, both in action and in emotional scenes. Moore pays astute attention to detail. I particularly appreciated how expressive the characters were and how realistically he creates the backdrop of a poor gang-ridden neighbourhood, having grown up in one myself. The colouring, done by Val Staples, is vibrant, and paints an authentic image of East Los Angeles. The art and colouring for this comic is one of the best I have seen, with its unique, stylised and dynamic fashion, and the linework easily the most powerful I have come across in a comic. The panelling is also done very cleverly, creating vigorous, action-packed sequences which make the comic all the more compelling.Without spoiling anything, the most interesting storyline for me so far is Robbie’s personal development. Robbie goes from resenting his impoverished community and wanting to burn it down (quite literally) to realising that he has been given the power to change his community for the better. There is also an interesting set up here, in which I feel implies that Robbie will go to realise that his neighbourhood is in it’s impoverished and crime-ridden state due to systematic oppression from the privileged. As Ghost Rider, the spirit of vengeance, I hope to see him to start fighting the ruling classes (with superpowers, of course) who are the real villains of his world.Overall, I would say that the All-New Ghost Rider has an extremely promising premise and gorgeous, dynamic art, with great potential. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of comics or anyone who is new to comics (I found this series particularly accessible, for someone who has recently gotten back into comics again) and is looking for something diverse and different to read. I’ve a huge fan of the new Ghost Rider and am personally extremely looking forward to how the rest of Robbie’s story unfolds.

  • Cecillie
    2019-05-24 10:15

    I'm going to be honest, my only experience with ghost rider is the Nick Cage movies. This issue seems like an okay re-introduction to the character/concept. Not really amazing, but solid.I'm on the fence in terms of the art. Some frames are beautiful, while others are kind of weird looking. It is a possibility that Moore's art just isn't really my thing.

  • Lindsay
    2019-04-29 07:01

    This was a great start to this comic series, and I was completely hooked by the end. Can't wait to read more!I love how, no matter what, the main character is always protective of his brother and thinking of his well-being. Such a sweet family dynamic.

  • Lorna
    2019-04-27 04:59

    So far so good. A new introduction to the well-known character: Ghost rider, but this time his human form is the Robbie Reyes. (I met Robbie and his ghost rider on the series Agents of S.h.i.e.l.d. and i fell for him haha) The artwork is amazing a pretty different but i love it. ----------------=--------------------Por el momento va bien. Una nueva presentación del conocido personaje Ghost Rider, pero esta vez su forma humana es Robbie Reyes. (Conocí a Robbie y a su GR en la serie Agentes de shield y me encantó) El trabajo artístico es diferente a lo que estoy acostumbrada en marvel pero me gustó mucho.

  • Timothy
    2019-04-24 10:21

    This updated take on the Harley riding spirit of vengeance certainly takes a fresh approach to the occult hero. There is a slick style to the artwork here that screams speed and taps into the hispanic muscle car culture. I really liked the way they've moved away from bikie devil and more towards a Tarantino 'deathproof' possessed car warrior. It's over the top action sells it for me, but because of that it really wont suit a young audience.

  • Trece
    2019-05-22 09:16

    Un entretenido e interesante comienzo para este personaje como un nuevo Ghost Rider, acompañado por excelente arte (motivo por el que lo lei) de Tradd Moore. Una idea simple y juvenil bastante visual.

  • Ronnie
    2019-04-24 06:08

    Otro personaje que no tenia ninguna de mis expectativas hasta ahora y creo que son buenas, me sorprendió bastante. No quería leer esta serie porque Robbie no me llamaba en nada, pero me atreví y aquí estoy, espero que no me falle.

  • Paul Young
    2019-04-28 03:27

    Worthwhile redux on GR's story. New human host, new vehicle. Even a new demon/hellspawn? That's never made entirely clear. Anyway, fun art, over the top action and villians all make this one worth checking out.

  • Hector Ibarraran
    2019-04-26 07:08

    This book has s lot of energy. The artwork is beautiful and the hero compelling. Although I have never been a big fan of the character, the new representation is very apealling to me. I can totally recommend this one.

  • Deejay Cartuneo
    2019-05-09 06:19

    Felipe and Tradd's Ghost Rider is both Cool and Stylish.. there is an all new Rider in the Marvel Universe, with one foot in hell and the other on the pedal! \m/

  • Mindworm
    2019-05-06 02:06

    Sorry, but the art ruins it for me. I don't like the Manga style with ridiculously big eyes and mouths, not to mention arms and legs that look like they are made of rubber.

  • Libby
    2019-05-06 09:24

    I heard a lot of good things about this comic and it didnt disappoint.

  • Hector
    2019-05-20 09:03

    woo hoo

  • Valentino P.
    2019-04-26 04:01

    It is a great, fresh new tale of ghost rider, with tons of action, the first issue in. All in all, I look forward to the series.

  • TiJonna
    2019-05-07 10:23

    I am in love with this new ghost rider; Robbie Reyes is a great guy

  • Vitor Nascimento
    2019-05-01 05:27