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Fans of Hugh Howey's Wool and Silo Saga may have wondered what happened to the rest of the world after his characters retreated underground. This is the shocking story of a nuclear submarine that witnessed the end of the world and refused to accept it. Join the crew of the USS Florida as they remain Submerged in the World of Wool. David Forsyth is the author of numerous beFans of Hugh Howey's Wool and Silo Saga may have wondered what happened to the rest of the world after his characters retreated underground. This is the shocking story of a nuclear submarine that witnessed the end of the world and refused to accept it. Join the crew of the USS Florida as they remain Submerged in the World of Wool. David Forsyth is the author of numerous bestselling apocalyptic sea adventures. His Sedulity series, featuring the passengers and crew of a cruise ship after an asteroid strikes the Pacific Ocean, has earned hundreds of 5 Star reviews since 2014. "Sedulity 1: Impact" reached #23 Paid in Kindle Store. David's "Voyage of the Dead" and "Sovereign Spirit Saga" offer a nautical perspective on the zombie apocalypse. The USS Florida, featured in Submerged, has also made a cameo appearance in another popular series, and will sail into other post-apocalyptic worlds in the future. Welcome aboard and bon voyage....

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submerged in the world of wool Reviews

  • Cass
    2019-06-20 14:23

    Submerged in the World of Wool My review This book is a sort of prequel to the Silo series, written by another but no less talented author. Captain William Hensley receives a missile launch order but Commander Elizabeth Everett feels that something is not normal. She is convinced of that when she discovers the targets of the second launch. She manages to stop the process, with the help of the Marines, and arrests the captain for madness after listening to his justifications. The next step for the new captain of the USS Florida, Elizabeth Everett, is to discover the consequences of the first missile launch and to verify the statements of the former captain. The crew of the submarine will be the witnesses to the end of the world.This is a very good story, the characters are interesting (female captain!) And it is well written. I was unable to release the book until the end. One complaint: the end, this is not a cliffhanger but the story is not over and I remain a little on my hunger. I have to wait for the next book ;) Mon avis en français Ce livre est un sorte de préquel de la série Silo, écrit par un autre mais non moins talentueux auteur. Le capitaine William Hensley reçoit un ordre de lancement de missiles mais le commandant Elizabeth Everett sent que quelque chose n’est pas normal. Elle en est convaincue lorsqu’elle découvre les cibles du 2e lancement. Elle parvient à stopper ce lancement, avec l’aide de Marines, et fait arrêter le capitaine pour folie après avoir écouté ses justifications. L’étape suivante pour le nouveau capitaine de L’USS Florida, Elizabeth Everett, est de découvrir les conséquences du premier lancement de missiles et de vérifier les dires de l’ancien capitaine. L’équipage du sous-marin va être le témoin de la fin du monde.C’est une très bonne histoire, les personnages sont intéressants (une femme capitaine !) et c’est bien écrit. Il m’a été impossible de lâcher le livre avant la fin. Un seul reproche : la fin, ce n’est pas un cliffhanger mais l’histoire n’est pas finie et je reste un peu sur ma faim. Je n’ai plus qu’à attendre la suite ;) 

  • PJ Lea
    2019-06-06 13:36

    📚📚📚📚What I like most is that this book reveals what happens outside the silos when the world died. It was fascinating yet horrifying. The characters are believable and I found myself rooting for them all to survive. I do hope there's eventually a sequel as I'd like to see how they'll survive in the long term.

  • Robert Moore
    2019-06-19 13:15

    Good story I hope there is moreKiller nanobots are a new one for me. At first I thought thought the commander's order was probably wrong, but I changed my mind. I hope something more hopeful happens.

  • David Hersh
    2019-06-08 15:23

    Just what I needed....Normally I have to start my reviews of anything I get from KU with critique of the actual writing because the it is usually nothing but a continuous diarrhea of endless crap. In this case, thankfully, it is totally unnecessary because not only does Mr. Forsyth know how to write mechanically, but his style is excellent as well.I absolutely hated Wool. There's no other way to put it because Mr. Howey's writing is as bad as Mr. Forsyth's is good. The neurotic detail allotted to every little thing that person does gets to stultifying after a very short while. And then there's the steps...oh the never-ending steps. I get it, it's a silo, but really? Therein lay my dilemma. I just hate to leave a book or series unfinished but I just couldn't bring myself to read any more of the Wool series. It really gnawed at me that I didn't know how all this started.THANK YOU David Forsyth for writing this very enjoyable prequel!! It was just what I needed to let myself off the hook as far reading more of the Wool series. You've satisfied my curiosity in a most enjoyable way.If your opinions run in the same direction as mine, or I you do enjoy the Wool series I highly recommend this book.

  • Ross
    2019-06-17 21:16

    Not fantastic but not terrible.Without getting into plot details, the overall premise and setting was a good place to begin this story. While Hugh Howey didn't get into any detail of the apocalyptic backstory of Wool, the character development really helped propel his world into such a popular read. The setting for this story should have been a solid foundation for some interesting characters. Although the main characters in this book were more polished than in other stories I've read, they weren't quite all the way there for me. The secondary and tertiary characters were superfluous cardboard cutouts, so there was plenty of room for expanding on the main characters, and it didn't happen. The flaws that have been pointed out in other reviews definitely detract from the story. Numerous spelling and grammar errors that can easily be rectified by hard work and several proof reads. The Beatles thing killed me to the point of maybe suggesting to change the author of this book to Hugh G. Woolfan, that way it's fair. Imagine. John Lennon! Alas, I have faith that David will have read these reviews and will be better the next time around!

  • Sarah Crawford
    2019-06-23 19:20

    This author has a really good ability to write realistic, intelligent apocalyptic novels. I thoroughly enjoyed his Sedulity novels and this was was just as good.You have an old American nuclear submarine carrying cruise missiles. You have an executive officer, Elizabeth Everett, who follows orders. You also have an insane captain who gives the orders to launch missiles against China and other nations.One of those including the United States itself. From there on it's a wild story of the murder of most of the human population, a group of fanatics and a sub that cannot surface since it could mean the death of everyone on board. The sub's desperate struggle to find any other survivors is covered well. There's also a moral problem of how do you punish the guilty without murdering thousands of innocents?Another really good novel from this author.

  • Ian Walker
    2019-06-06 18:19

    The world going to ruin as told from a submarine? How exciting could THAT be?As it turns out, very.I have read a few by David before, enjoying some more than others. This may be edging up there near to my favourites from him, the Sedulity series.Since most of the action is centred around the crew of a submarine, one can imagine the importance of character development. We are not let down. Their growth shows us depth, strengths, weaknesses and conflicts.The twist which gets the action going is particularly interesting and wrings the emotions. I definitely felt the pressure (pun intended), the danger and claustrophobia.Before I was even finished I was hoping for a sequel. Now that I'm done, I'm still hoping the same.Highly recommended.

  • Bluecobras09
    2019-06-05 15:32

    An awesome story in Hugh Howey's "The World of Wool". The US guided missile submarine Florida, originally a Trident Ballistic Missile submarine and her crew find themselves at the very heart of the story of The World of Wool. The day that the world is murdered and the Silo's become the only bastion of humanity, the crew of the Florida fight for their lives, in hopes that one day they can exact justice on the US Senator with a God complex that had brought about the death of billions.This is a very good story within The World of Wool and hopefully it continues on.For fans of Wool, I would list this as a must read.

  • Bill Sullivan
    2019-06-07 21:43

    David Forsyth has done it again. Submerged in the World of Wool is a new look into the beginning of Hugh Howey's post apocalyptic world of life in the silos. The story follows the USS Florida a navy submarine that is involved in a plot to destroy most of the human race and the immediate aftermath of their actions as they attempt to survive and bring about some justice for the dead. The characters are interesting and this story leaves open the option for more stories. It is a must for fans of end of the world stories.

  • Bill
    2019-06-01 18:20

    MagnificentTerrifying, and totally absorbing. This book makes you really feel the apocalypse. Mr Forsyth writes with a confident and rhythmic style. I finished this book in one day, I didn't even want to eat. Ripper yarn. One to read over and over.

  • Anne
    2019-06-03 13:18

    Interesting story, and the ending was good. The author really knows submarines! There was some repetition. The endless use of wrong words (and even one misspelled, unless phots is a military term), the cliches, the other words, the lack of good editing, really hurt this story.

  • Laura Davies
    2019-06-05 15:43

    A good book, well writtenI enjoyed the story from a different perspective, it was a good read, well written I think he got to the point, in his writing, no wasting time, I read the book in one go

  • Keith Schincke
    2019-06-04 17:32

    A story of the Wool universe set on a sub. What would you do? What can you do? Would you do it?

  • Adrienne
    2019-06-07 16:43

    ExcellentI loved it. If you loved Wool, you'll love this hypothetical prologue that describes what may have gone wrong before the world as we know it ended.

  • Doris Marcantel
    2019-05-28 15:28

    Loved it!I absolutely loved this story line in the world of wool. I think the author of wool would be proud!!! Would love to see what happens next in this story!

  • Ron
    2019-06-08 13:19

    I would have given this a much higher rating if only the proof reader hadn't nodded off half way through the draft. I did like the story, though.

  • Andrew
    2019-05-29 15:33

    Interesting read; I liked it and I didn't like it. Well written with only a few missing words. Pretty good character interactions.