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Within the mysteries of the body, especially those who have been murdered, 18th-century anatomist Dr. Thomas Silkstone specializes in uncovering the tell-tale clues that lead towards justice. . . .Newly released from the notorious asylum known as Bedlam, Lady Lydia Farrell finds herself in an equally terrifying position—as a murder suspect—when she stumbles upon the mutilaWithin the mysteries of the body, especially those who have been murdered, 18th-century anatomist Dr. Thomas Silkstone specializes in uncovering the tell-tale clues that lead towards justice. . . .Newly released from the notorious asylum known as Bedlam, Lady Lydia Farrell finds herself in an equally terrifying position—as a murder suspect—when she stumbles upon the mutilated body of Sir Montagu Malthus in his study at Boughton Hall.Meanwhile Dr. Thomas Silkstone has been injured in a duel with a man who may or may not have committed the grisly deed of which Lydia is accused. Despite his injury, Thomas hopes to clear his beloved’s good name by conducting a postmortem on the victim. With a bit of detective work, he learns that Montagu’s throat was slit by no ordinary blade, but a ceremonial Sikh dagger from India—a clue that may be connected to the fabled lost mines of Golconda.From the mysterious disappearance of a cursed diamond buried with Lydia’s dead husband, to the undying legend of a hidden treasure map, Thomas must follow a trail of foreign dignitaries, royal agents—and even more victims—to unveil the sinister and shocking secrets in the stones. . . ....

Title : Secrets in the Stones
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Secrets in the Stones Reviews

  • Marjolein
    2019-06-23 09:31

    Read all my reviews on When I got this book, I completely overlooked the fact that it was the sixth installment of a series, but honestly while reading it didn't bother me much. Of course, there were moments where things were recalled that I couldn't completely follow, but this isn't one of those series that leave you clueless when you jump in at a later time. Besides its setting in 18th century England, the story is not unlike that of many other mystery books and it was not able to surprise me or really wow me. It was decent, but I never felt like I couldn't put down the book or that I wanted to learn more about any of the characters, really. (Maybe one should bond with them during the series, but they felt rather flat to me). It was an okay read but not very remarkable or special. Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

  • kate
    2019-06-10 10:24

    Honestly, my phone is to blame for this one. I have Hoopla installed on my phone, which is great, because I can listen to audiobooks on my way to and from work. For reasons beyond my understanding, though, little things will set Hoopla off. Sometimes when I receive a text message the book that I'm in the middle of will just start playing. This is disconcerting when the phone is in my purse, for example, and all of a sudden I start hearing voices coming from the area near my elbow. Somehow, without my actively doing anything, I managed to borrow this audiobook on Hoopla. I think what happened was that I was listening to Persona Non Grata, which is read by Simon Vance, and the list of other books he has narrated was pulled up, and this book was somehow selected and borrowed. I generally don't start reading a series in the middle (this is book 6), but I only get a certain number of titles a month, and I like historical mysteries, so I though what the hell.Maybe this book is entertaining if you've read the rest of the series, but to me it seemed like a lot of hand-wringing and over-explaining. The gruesome murders and ties to India were interesting, but I just didn't care. The villains were of the mustache-twirling variety and I remember being annoyed with Thomas for trusting at least one of them. Georgian England isn't my jam, and Simon Vance's American accent reminded me of an overdone Western drawl.

  • Kathy Jund
    2019-05-30 06:34

    5 stars! The final installment in the Thomas Silkstone mystery series? (Perhaps), but Secrets in the Stones, Tessa Harris' 6th (and most powerful) installment pits Dr. Thomas Silkstone against foes both known and unknown as he attempts to solve four gruesome murders (each surprising victim and manner of death leave him shocked at every turn). His pool of suspects even more so! Filled with so many compelling twists and turns until the final shocking truth is revealed to all. With the ever-present love of his life, Lady Lydia Farrell and the series' returning cast of characters which most certainly you cannot help but be endeared with, Thomas is determined to not put his personal life on track until he finds the answers to the mystery at hand no matter where they lead him.

  • Annette
    2019-06-13 11:25

    This is book 6 and the final one, as far as we know, in the Thomas Silkstone Mysteries series. It was a very good ending for the series, filled with the usual excitement and bits of historical and medical knowledge. There is a lot going on in this story and to try and explain would give away too many spoilers. This story line has its basis many years ago in India with the finding of a diamond and a double cross. It is steeped in revenge and gruesome retribution. We have treasure buried with the dead, a mysterious treasure map and a list of suspects that include the lovely Lady Lydia and the visiting brother of Thomas's mentor Dr. Carruthers, who was once himself a physician in far off India. Dr. Silkstone has to follow a trail of foreign dignitaries, royal agents and even more victims to unravel the shocking secrets of the stones. Will he and Lady Lydia find their HEA or will Sir Montagu reach from the grave and snatch it all away? A most excellent read. One can only hope there will be more stories for this fantastic series. It is one I have thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend.

  • Judy Howell
    2019-06-23 10:49

    This latest installment of the Dr. Thomas Silkstone series finds the good Dr. embroiled in homicide investigation as an anatomist. Lady Lydia remains his steadfast love interest. The murders are all connected to India diamond mines and Lady Lydia's dead husband. Who's committing the murders? Dr. Thomas Silkstone is set on discovering the guilty party and bringing that person to justice. Throughout this book Dr. Silkstone questions whether or not he should be trying to solve these crimes using scientific observations. His observations are limited by the fact the series is set in the 1780's. This series gives a good overview of technology at the time. If you enjoy a good mystery set in the 1780's, you will enjoy this series.

  • Bryce O'Connor
    2019-06-22 09:24

    I received a free copy of this book through Net Galley.If you enjoy old-fashioned period mysteries, you might like this. I haven't read any of the other books in the series, but if you read and enjoyed them, I'm sure you'll like this. It's perfectly well-executed, but it couldn't hold my attention for more than a couple chapters at a time. I'm usually a pretty fast reader, but this book felt like it took years to get through because I just could not bring myself to take any interest in anything that happened. The mystery wasn't interesting, the characters weren't interesting, nothing about it was actually interesting for me. It isn't even bad in any significant way, just painfully dull. It wasn't even interesting enough to hate.

  • LeAnne
    2019-06-23 12:21

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a novel before set in 18th c London. It was fun to picture characters in brocades and wigs doing the kinds of things forensic pathologists do on TV with, of course, the limitations of science available to them at the time. There is a lot of complicated backstory, much of which seems to come from earlier books in the series, and the ending suggests possibilities for a future book. I was confused at times by multiple characters with similar names or titles. Pretty gruesome; I wouldn’t recommend a movie version despite period costumes. There’s a feeble attempt at being profound near the end, but mainly it’s just fun. And gruesome.

  • Cindy
    2019-06-18 10:35

    Nicely plotted and well narrated, especially like historical data at end. Author's main character says "it doesn't matter whether Buddha or Jesus said it..." one has gotta figure it out for themselves about his viewpoint & what you'd be reading from there. Made me think again about continuing series.

  • Megan
    2019-06-15 09:32

    I've enjoyed this book, though I'm having a hard time remembering the soap opera plot from all the previous novels. The author has killed off all the bad guys. Curious if this is the end or if there will be more.

  • Brendan
    2019-05-26 08:26

    It's a little juvenile, but I'm loving this series.

  • Randal Martin
    2019-06-15 10:47

    Loved this series of books. I hope Ms. Harris decides to revisit these characters someday.

  • Wendy
    2019-05-26 06:43

    "Secrets in the Stones" the sixth novel in the Dr. Thomas Silkstone series which I won through Goodreads Giveaways begins with the brutal murder of Sir Montague Malthus the custodian of Lady Lydia Farrell's estate and official guardian to her young son and heir Richard. Although wounded in a duel with the former estate manager Nicholas Lupton, Thomas when Lady Lydia's accused is called in to not only examine the crime scene but to perform an autopsy on the body. With his only clues a rope fiber; strange bloody footprints; a sweet, exotic scent; and a wound inflicted by a curved Sikh dagger, Thomas searches for a connection to India, an ancient treasure map and a large diamond stolen from Lady Lydia's dead husband's grave. With twists and turns in Thomas's investigation that keeps him baffled and dead bodies of suspects turning up , the mystery intensifies. In a flowing, descriptive writing style Tessa Harris breathes life into a tale set in Victorian England with its staid society and the emergence of forensic science that blends the mysterious murder of Lady Lydia's father to killings in London, and a heinous crime perpetrated in India years before . Captivating from beginning to end as Thomas struggles with a painful gunshot wound refusing to be deterred from his mission to find the murderer and free his lady love from any accusations so they can be married the suspense and intrigue escalates. Yet the fire of their romance is constantly "doused by his absences and obstacles", especially when Sir Montague's will reveals a clause that could extinguish their love forever. The action heats up when Thomas's plan goes awry leaving Lady Lydia to face a killer, a fire and a terrified elephant. In this mesmerizing and exciting plot Tessa Harris creates an odd assortment of characters good and bad who have a complexity in their personalities that makes them unforgettable. Dr. Thomas Silkstone the young anatomist is highly organized, meticulous, clever and patient as he pursues his quarry. A man of integrity his opinion is respected by law enforcers as well as the nobility but he struggles with feelings of inadequacy when it comes to his love for Lady Lydia. Bound by tradition and rank Lady Lydia having survived her time in Bedlam is strong, determined and distrusts her father especially when a clause in his will threatens her love for Thomas.Among the other characters who add high-intensity, excitement and drama to the mystery are the hot-tempered Nicholas Lupton with his "odd shots of honesty, decency and humility"; high-strung and self-absorbed Marian Hastings; enigmatic, guilt-ridden Professor Oliver Carruthers; and controlling, dishonest and vindictive Sir Montague Malthus. I loved "Secrets in the Stones" as Thomas Silkstone amid all the misdirection, murder and mystery stoically searches for the truth while holding fast to his love for Lady Lydia. I was smitten by the story and intend to read other books in this series.

  • Ruby Bibi
    2019-06-12 10:47

    -in this, the last in the Dr. Silkstone series, we find a continuation of the last book, with Dr. Silkstone just having undergone a duel with Nicholas Lupton, who worked for Sir Montegu Malthus in the plot against Lady Lydia Farrell, the doctor's love interest. The doctor had been wounded but a piece of metal that the doctor placed as a breastplate saved his life. Lady Lydia was finally made aware that the act that Sir Montegu had claimed was by the hand of Dr. Silkstone, that of committing Lydia to a mental institution, was actually orchestrated by Sir Montegu.-All seemed like it would be well, but when Lydia went back to the estate to confront Sir Montegu, it was late in the evening, and all in the members of the household had gone to their quarters. Entering the room which was only lit by a single candle, Lydia noticed that Sir Montegu wasn't responding. She had thought he was sleeping, but upon getting close to him, she realized that the red material that was on the desk was not from the wine in the knocked over cup, but blood. Sir Montegu had been gruesomely killed.-Dr. Silkstone was called in, and he noticed clues that were very unusual around the body. The authorities, though, wanted quick Justice, and ended up arresting many of the countryfolk, as it was those people in the outlying country who were being financially hurt by the deceased, and they had an obvious motive.-Dr. Carruthers, the mentor of Dr. Silkstone, invited his brother, Professor Carruthers, who had been living in India for some years, to stay with them. In addition, a Captain Flynn had also recently arrived from India, looking for Michael Farrell, the dead husband of Lady Lydia in order to "make things even". Suspects began to multiply, as Dr. Silkstone realized that something that had to do with India was intricately involved in this murder.-As the investigation proceeded, it became more of an enigma, especially as certain of the suspects themselves were found dead through horrible methods of torture. It became a puzzle that became so difficult, that it seemed that the doctor decided to distance himself from it and try to focus on his potential happiness with Lady Lydia. It was only through the dangers to Lady Lydia's own life that Dr. Silkstone was compelled to follow through, and he realized that besides her, the lives of others were also at risk.-Very difficult to put the book down until the end, as the intricate plot had totally hidden the true events of what occurred. Even to the end of the book, revelations kept coming, which cleared up lingering questions with the murders.-A great ending to a great series.

  • Michelle Perry
    2019-06-14 13:47

    In India some years back a diamond was stolen and now, people are dying for it. Dr. Thomas Silkstone is an American anatomist in love with the Lady Lydia Farrell. The murder of her father sets in motion a mystery that will claim more lives in London and lead back to a heinous pact some years before in India.***This is the first book I have read in this series, I was able to follow the story quite well, but there is a sense that there is a tremendous amount of history surrounding these characters. Given a chance, I would go back to the beginning to play catch up.When it comes to historical mysteries, I adore this time period when the science of forensics was born. The back and forth between the old guard with tradition and avarice on their side and the scientists looking for clues to the facts is always entertaining. This story is a joy to read as it is filled with evocative descriptions that fill the pages, painting the scenes of the book. “Night coated the city’s minarets and spandrels like melted tar”, “It was an area where the roofs of dwellings slumped like exhausted dockers after a hard day’s work”. So many details make this period piece come alive in the mind of the reader.It is the rather large and disparate cast of characters that truly make this story. None are one dimensional and all have a part to play in keeping the story moving at a steady pace. Though, if it is anywhere that the book doesn’t stand alone it would be that some of the obviously recurring characters are written as if the reader should already know who they are.All in all this is a fabulous story that I would enjoy exploring more. I am looking forward to reading more from this author4 starsI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Kieran Neylon
    2019-06-19 07:21

    Sherlock Holmes meets Silent Witness.

  • Jess
    2019-06-05 10:47

    My thanks to Kensington books and Netgalley for allowing me to read this book in exchange for my honest review. It was truly a pleasure to be able to delve back into a Dr. Thomas Silkstone mystery.The reader is quickly thrown into the first chapter in the middle of a duel between Dr. Silkstone regarding his dear lady's honor. The love story between Thomas and Lydia has never been an easy one and it's about to get a bit harder with the threat of impending death to one of the lovers. (Spoiler alert) Thomas narrowly survives the duel. As he is recovering, he finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery. Unfortunately, the victim is Lydia's father and it was a nasty, tortured way to die. The mystery circles back to the death of Lydia's first husband who was buried with a diamond that perhaps came into his possession via unsavory events. Lydia's father's throat has been slit with a ceremonial dagger from India. It becomes apparent the murderer is on the trail of the diamond that was buried with Michael. Lydia makes the shocking discovery that Michael's corpse has been disturbed and the diamond stolen. A series of horrific murders ensue that eerily follow a pattern of tortured death favored in some circles in India. Thomas quickly realizes this isn't a typical burglary/theft event; the murderer has an agenda. It is up to Thomas to reveal the murderer and bring him to justice; before Lydia becomes his next victim.

  • George
    2019-06-16 13:46

    Dr. Silverstone solves the mystery 4 murders including Sir Montague. Turns out to be Dr. Corruther's brother's man servant from India. The son of a merchant that was framed for a crime he did not commit in India regarding a large diamond.

  • Alana White
    2019-06-01 11:37

    Eighteenth-century India and England: once again American anatomist Dr. Thomas Silkstone and the Englishwoman he loves find themselves embroiled in an adventure of escalating danger and double-dealing. This time, Oriental intrigue in the 1780s and a fabulous, but cursed, Indian diamond form the heart of the story. Lady Lydia Farrell, just released from Bedlam, is accused of murder when at Boughton Hall she happens upon the corpse of the man who is the custodian of her estate and the guardian of her young son and heir. Meanwhile, Thomas has been seriously injured in a gun duel with his and Lydia’s nemesis, the Right Honorable Nicholas Lupton.Bodies pile up as ghastly murders occur and Silkstone pursues the mystery of the missing gem. Though determined to propose marriage to the lady, Thomas wants first to solve the mystery surrounding them. I found myself drawn out of the story many times over as continuing characters in the series came and went, taking their back stories with them. However, I feel sure that is because Secrets in the Stones is the first book I’ve read in the collection. I believe fans of these popular books will enjoy renewing their relationship with them here in Book Six.

  • Jantine Kampes
    2019-06-11 08:30

    I received a free copy in return for an honest review.Now, I didn't read any of the previous books in this series, so I cannot say how good it is compared to those. I did think the book was pretty good though! I enjoyed it, and did not notice I missed some pre-knowledge while reading. I would like to read the other installments though, to know how the characters became how they are in this one.The characters themselves were a little flat, but it just wasn't the type of book for deep characters anyway. The events were engaging and interesting, and I noticed that a lot of attention and time must have gone into getting the details and facts right. That was wonderfully done indeed, although my visual mind did not always agree on the 'wonderful' part ... It certainly wasn't a book to read just before bed time! Sometimes the writing style seemed a little too bent upon showing the different era, sometimes using 'difficult' words I hadn't seen before - as my English is pretty good, and I studied English, I hadn't had to look up words in a dictionary to understand what I was reading for about 10 years (context does a lot anyway!), and in this book there were several words I had to look up. I didn't mind though, it was good to learn something new too ;-)

  • Pamela
    2019-05-30 13:45

    I personally think this was the best book in the series so far, and was easily. 4 plus. The reason behind this was Lydia, who has been all over the place in this series, that you would swear she had multiple personalities Dr Silkstone is always good at mystery and postmortems, but after the first several books of Lydia being normal, she became a distraction I am not sure if it was negative reviews, or a better editor, but Lydia was actually enjoyable in this book . I also think the series may be at an end since questions and plots left dangling over a five year period all concluded. The mystery was enjoyable and the on again, off again romance was addressed. Dear Dr. Currothers needs constant help now, and it just seemed like it was an ending to a series I've had mixed emotions about. I was happy with all the conclusions. I may be wrong, and if so I would try the next book, but it would be a series of a different feel,and Lydia would have to stay as a helpmate, or relatively silent raising Richard.

  • Mave
    2019-06-02 13:20

    This book is amazing and I loved every page. It will grab my attention from the beginning and hold it through to the end and leave me begging for more. The plot is very intriguing, well-developed, full of suspense.The protagonist Dr Thomas Silkstone is an anatomist, he makes autopsies and investigates to solve murder cases. This time the case is very complicated, many as four murders are committed. Everything seems to be connected to a map and a diamond.I read and thoroughly enjoyed it as a standalone book, even though it is actually part of the "Dr Thomas Silkstone Mystery" series. This was my first book to read in this series and wow... I will be going back to catch up and read the rest.It 's a historical mystery really charming, interesting, with so many cases to solve. It's really very well written and I also love the use of archaic terms, it was fun to discover their meaning.If you love historical mystery is one to add to your list

  • Gayle
    2019-06-25 11:32

    When Sir Montagu is found murdered, Dr. Thomas Silkstone is brought in to help discover who may have murdered him. Dr. Silkstone is in love with Lady Lydia, the late Sir Montagu's daughter, who is a widow herself. Dr. Silkstone then discovers that the grave of her husband has been desecrated and the large diamond he was buried with has been stolen. As the mystery deepens, and the body count rises, it's up to Dr. Silkstone to attempt to solve the crimes before even more people come to harm's way.This was actually the first in this series that I have read. I tend to read books set earlier in history than the Victorian era. I was quite pleased with the novel. The characters are well developed and the twists and turns in the story line kept me guessing until the end. I will now be adding the previous five books in the series to my reading list. I highly recommend this book to others.

  • Dottie
    2019-06-07 12:36

    Again ended up in midstream of a series.

  • Bernadette Long
    2019-06-14 10:37

    Thanks to the publisher and to NetGalley fo an ARC in exchange for an honest review.This is the first book in the series that I've read, and I had no trouble keeping up with the characters. The author did a wonderful job pulling together the threads from earlier stories and in fact, the conclusion was very satisfying for Dr. Thomas Silkstone and Lady Lydia Farrell.There are four violent murders committed over a short period of time and Dr. Silkstone, an American anatomist, has examined all of the bodies for clues to the murderer. He does discover that all have been tortured in a manner familiar to India and the East and that all are connected to a missing diamond and an ancient map.I look forward to reading other books by this author.

  • Judith
    2019-06-13 08:22

    I read the first volume some years ago, so perhaps that is why I had trouble getting involved in this one. But midway or so it picked up. At first it seemed breathlessly episodic with short chapters or rather chapters being short as they ended with a quick switch in events that were taken up immediately in the next chapter. Harris hid the clues very well and the last one was unexpected by me tho not the murderer/s.Harris handles the time period reasonably well and gives sufficient description to enable the reader to imagine being there.

  • Nancy Reynolds
    2019-06-22 09:47

    This is the first in this series that I have read. I believe I would have greatly benefitted from reading the earlier books, BUT ... that being said, I was still able to enjoy this story on its own. I found the writing to be excellent, and the story line intriguing. I will definitely go back to read the books that came before. You definitely were cheering for Lydia and Thomas. May they have a long and happy life together.

  • Susan
    2019-06-07 13:20

    Starting at no 6 means that there is a back story that needs to be caught up on. Though it can be read as a stand alone.Dr. Thomas Silkstone is an anatomist who is called in at the death of Sir Montagu Malthus at Boughton Hall, the lawyer for Lady Lydia Farrell who found the body.What connection is there to a stolen diamond in India and various army officers.Will probably read the first book to see how I enjoy the start of the story.A NetGalley book

  • Eileen Hall
    2019-05-31 08:40

    Another exciting novel from Tessa Harris.This Dr. Silkstone mystery is set in 18th century India and London.A tale of stolen diamonds, murder and Lady Lydia Farrell, just released from Bedlam Prison.This fast paced story held my attention to the end.Very highly recommended.I was given a digital copy of this book by the publisher Kensington via Netgalley in return for an honest unbiased review.

  • Nancy Novacek
    2019-06-24 08:24

    I had a friend lend me this book. I did enjoy the mystery BUT on occasion I did loose the story because of having to look up words. I expect to look up words while reading - always learning! But having to look up 91 loose the point of the story. There is a glossary at the end of the story BUT if there was a Table of Contents in the beginning of the book, I wouldn't of had to look up so many words.

  • Melanie
    2019-06-18 12:50

    I'm not sure if this is the last book in the series but if it is, Ms Harris did a nice job at bringing everything together and not leaving any loose ends. I decided that with this one, I would listen to the audio book. ......Simon Vance is outstanding!! The characters are already well written and believable he did an excellent job at bringing the characters to life. He works so well with Ms Harris' brilliant writing.