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The Resistance takes to the clouds aboard the Skyshaker, the newly-completed airship aimed at dominating the heavens, when the land far below has become a hellish place ruled by demons. General Rommond fixes his attention on the city of Blackout, the old capital of the world, controlled by the Treasury, who are themselves controlled by the ruthless Regime. The skies aboveThe Resistance takes to the clouds aboard the Skyshaker, the newly-completed airship aimed at dominating the heavens, when the land far below has become a hellish place ruled by demons. General Rommond fixes his attention on the city of Blackout, the old capital of the world, controlled by the Treasury, who are themselves controlled by the ruthless Regime. The skies above that city will no longer hide in smog; fire and fury will light up the sky. That centre of the old civilised world will either shift allegiance to the Resistance, or it will burn to the ground. Yet there are always others who will resist the attempted change of power. From sky pirates and mob bankers to the feared mechanical men of the Iron Guard, Jacob and his new family of freedom fighters will face greater challenges than they have ever faced before. As bombs drop from the sky like the iron tears of gods, there are other revelations that will shake the foundations of everyone struggling to save humanity....

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skyshaker the great iron war 3 Reviews

  • Jonel Boyko
    2019-06-13 04:53

    Wilson’s stories keep drawing me deeper and deeper into their fold. The steampunk world that Wilson has created to carry this series forward is becoming so vivid by this point in time in the series that I feel as if I had walked through it on my own. This story was amazing in its imagination and in its implications. Suspense, intrigue, and survival underlie everything. The story itself is fast paced and action packed. Wilson’s writing brings emotion forth as vividly as it does a sky battle.Wilson’s characters continue to develop, becoming even more captivating. The natural dialogue filled with witty banter brings them to life in a way unlike any other. Real life crises and heartbreak are present amidst the craziness of war, pulling the characters in multiple different directions at once. My final thoughts? Dean Wilson, you will be the death of me! I absolutely need to know what happens next!Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

  • Liz
    2019-06-14 10:44

    I love The Great Iron War series because it's different, and I do very well with different. I like to explore my options in what the literature has to offer. Since it has been a while since I read the previous instalment of the series I was, at first, afraid I wasn't going to be able to really live into this book. And, I was wrong. I took time to think and remind myself of the previous 2 books and the storyline in Skyshaker is absolutely the natural course of action. I mean, it is about war and war I got. I kept thinking how great the descriptions are in this book. I usually don't really like descriptions, but they really do work in this steampunk novel. It thrives on perfect descriptions. It's a feast for the readers imagination. Perfect.Now, in Skyshaker the war is taken to the skies and to winning back Blackout. This instalment in the series comes with surprises, and it's rather teasing- after finishing this book, I realized, how the story had subtly planted more questions in my mind that still need to be addressed. It's clever. And I can't wait to see how the story evolves in the next book. Characters in this book are also clever- Sure, Jacob and Rommond and Tabitha and Whistler are all characters we come to know, love and hate throughout Books 1-3, but I was rather surprised that without going into great detail I found myself connected to Boulder. It's the dynamics- the complexity and different point of views in terms of the war that the characters are portraying. It's the dynamics in all those various character relationships that are fascinating. The action in this book made me excited. It was kind of like watching a UFC match and bumping your fists as if it would help the fighters. I was in the fight, I was in that war with the characters. Last but not least- I have to mention the cover- I mean, it's just beautiful. Every book cover in this series has had the most wonderful depiction of details relating to the story.The cover art, the plot, the characters, the descriptions- it's all like a well-oiled machine!

  • Dianne
    2019-06-02 10:50

    Goggles – Check Fortitude - Check Battle ready – Check Let the battle between the freedom fighters and demons take flight! The battle to save humanity continues, this time high in the heavens as Skyshaker prepares to dominate the skies and all things evil. The battle for control is on, as Dean F. Wilson reels back into his steampunk world, filled with iron-clad warriors of evil, sky pirates and the power of a tyrannical leadership gone wild, determined to break every last human to a shadow of themselves.Welcome to the world of Skyshaker, forget about resting, take a deep breath and plunge right in, follow the writing in the sky, because the Resistance is on the attack and refuses to be stopped.Once again Dean F, Wilson is a master at the helm of his own creation. Rapidfire pacing, the return of characters we know and the addition of some we don’t, tempers will flare, egos may get bruised, but all of that takes a backseat to the wonder of Skyshaker and its abilities. Will all go smoothly for our heroes or will there be unknown surprises coming at them? Will they fight off all comers? Will their own feelings cause dissent when they need it least? Only Dean Wilson knows where we are headed or what the outcome will be in this larger than life series. From the brilliant dialogue to the chaotic scenes, one thing is for sure, we have entered another time, another world and the only thing keeping me from staying are the words, “The End.”If you like action, adventure and heroes with perfectly flawed human qualities, step right up and check out The Great Iron Wars series!I received this copy from Dean F. Wilson in exchange for my honest review.Series: The Great Iron War - Book 3Publication Date: August 30, 2015Publisher: Dioscuri PressGenre: Dystopian SteampunkPrint Length: 240 pagesAvailable from: Amazon |  Barnes & NobleFor Reviews & More:

  • Gordon Strong
    2019-06-05 04:30

    The danger of any review is that it might inadvertently give the game away. References to style and characterisation are permitted, but to avoid ‘spoilers’, any actual narrative should only be described in general terms. We can say, however, that in Dean F. Wilson’s new offering the action continues in spectacular fashion and always at breakneck speed. When we are allowed to draw breath we find ourselves upon a plateau, one where we may learn more of the inner life of a cast now familiar to us.‘Skyshaker’ brings the saga into a new element in more senses than one. The airship of the title, quaintly illustrated on the cover by Duy Phan, is at the centre of the tale. Its contrasting capabilities - ‘One mode was designed for peace; the other was made for war.’ – are reflected in the old-fashioned touches in the plot. A party of airborne pirates intent on boarding the Skyshaker hurl their grappling hooks, and salvoes of cannon fire fill the air. Another aspect may be brought to light without spoiling any future readers’ enjoyment - The Resistance is on the attack! Soasa – the Dynamite Dame as she could be described – is the symbol of this explosive aggression. A monumental combat gives a fitting denouement to the tale, with Jacob playing a telling role. The details of his daring escapade must not be revealed here, but our author has pulled off a masterstroke. Of Jacob’s love for Taberah (now an expectant mother), the original dynamic is still there - he the cool anti-hero, she the feisty female. Such a scenario could be an excuse for endless cliché, but never does the writing deteriorate into parody or farce. The author’s innate wit and intelligence ensure this. An example? Jacob experiences the horrors of drug withdrawal, and the temptation might be to fill pages and pages with every detail of his suffering. Wilson settles for an economy of words – ‘His mind raced and his body ached.’ - a literary ploy which works admirably.In a later episode drugs provide another context, as one of several telling comments. ‘People are always looking for some kind of relief, no matter how small, no matter how temporary.’ No judgement, just a window on society. Our old friend the patriarchal, reclusive Rommond has this to say. ‘I believed in science. Progress was my god.’ What is discovered in the city of Blackout appals him, he can only whisper of ‘…the remnants of men, good men, and the shells of demons, foul demons, forged with our abandoned technology.’ It is perhaps a bleak future that lies ahead of us in our own world.But, as always, the saga has its own momentum. The overt, and sometimes latent, hostility between alpha males still resounds in the corridors of power. Old enemies and old friends are reunited, with that combination of tragedy and chilling inevitability that marks such apocalyptic writing. Rommond, facing his possible end is told, ‘It’s nothing personal…business is business.’ As a bonus, for those who might yearn for an old friend, ‘The Hopebreaker’ also makes a surprising, but welcome, return. We too celebrate the return of Dean F. Wilson, chronicling his extraordinarily believable universe, one he has made his own.

  • Seili
    2019-06-08 11:51

    First : I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher for an honest review and I am very grateful :) The 3rd book of Iron War series is as enjoyable as the thirst 2 were :)This book contains more real battle scenes and is more concentrated to fighting. And it does not mean only fighting in war but also fighting inside the characters minds. The style is nice, maybe the first part of the book went little slower, but when that was though almost every chapter brought new surprises.What Jackob did as a selfless act to Whistler in this book moved me deeply. It shows how this character has grown through the books. How war changes peoples values is amazing. By giving away the last coin he got he got in my eyes some pluses more :)But also the other characters grow and live through serious pain, surprises and hopelessness feelings. It is serious right now, the real battle with so many falling.Jet in the end there comes the light, the will to go on and maybe even the proof of that, that the daemons might be more human than humans themselves.There were some quotes I liked very much and made me think. I gladly share some of them with you. Hope it will not spoil anything :PWhen fighting against someone bigger and mightier you never know will you see the next day. But there is never too late to dream of what You ´d like to do when war is over. Soasa says to Jackob in one situation so:*“well, what I dream, and what I do in reality, they ´re quite far apart” Yeah, don´t we all feel that way sometimes?*“We all have our ghosts and demons,” Jacob said.I guess also to this sentence almost everyone can relate…*”There´s good and evil in anything we do. Maybe that´s the great mystery. There are no blacks or whites, just different shades of gray” (Jackob)So keep that in mind when You read and in everyday life :)This book is full surprises and you may get good guess on what will happen and then its been turned upside down. The 3rd book goes deeper and explains more about the past and how some charackters came so far where they are and do things they do. Many “why”s will be answered and that is great finally to know… JAlso I got the feeling that this serieas could be pretty epic fantasy movie :D All these battle cenes and stuff… :D Nice read, and nice sequel. I am afraid of even imagine what the next book would bring :D (in good thought of course )So many thoughts but so little to say out... You simply need to read it to yourselves :D

  • Tea
    2019-06-22 07:53

    **Disclaimer: This book has been sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.**As always, I would like to say thank you to The author for including me when he releases his books and allowing me to read and review. On to the review, I'm not sure how I felt about this third book. It took me awhile to get through for one thing. It wasn't difficult to read or anything, but it just seemed like it took longer to read and I have no reason for all the breaks in between aside from regular life occurrences. It definitely had more action. There were a lot of unexpected losses. Rommand seemed less put together this time around, meaning he seemed more emotional and based his actions on emotions, whereas he seemed to have been more about the cause and business in the previous books. I started off excited but it left me feeling abit underwhelmed if I'm being totally brutally honest. Aside from the action scenes I just was not as drawn in as I was with the first two books, but I can not pinpoint exactly what it is that did not entice me as much as the other two. Some parts seemed rushed and others seemed to drag along. I did like and appreciate that there was a summary at the beginning of the book to help readers get acquainted with what has been going on/ what this entire steam punk world is about. The ending totally threw me for a loop. I do not want to spoil it for any other readers, so if you dislike any type of spoilers stop reading NOW! I was definiterly not expecting an addional book to come from the series. And to also have Brooklyn back in the picture will just be a game changer for everyone! Then there is the question of Taberah and Jacob, and how will they proceed after their situation?I was not looking for a fourth book and didn't think it would be necessary but now with cliff hangers like these, I definitely want to know what's going to happen!

  • Liquid Frost
    2019-06-09 12:35

    This is the third installment in the series and the one of I've enjoyed the most. The launch and book two, for me were 3 and 4 stars, but this one I need to go all-in because there was a lot going on and Wilson is not afraid to kill off characters.My only gripe - I cannot reconcile the action scenes on the Skyshaker with the image on the cover. It just doesn't make any sense to me. Okay, now that I've said my peace on that issue...So, our rag-tag heroes have done the land battle, the sea battle, and now take to the skies as they head to Blackout, the capital before the demons changed the landscape. Blackout is Jacob's old haunt, and is controlled by the Treasury on behalf of the Regime. Damn bankers never change! Although Jacob has bad memories of the place, his knowledge of the city helps lead a small group to sabotage some key structures while Skyshaker gets ready to attack from above.There is quite a bit of action in this installment! The skies and the ground are scenes of raging war with Tabs, Soasa, Jacob, Whistler, and Rommond deep in the middle of it all. There are some surprises waiting to be read.I will say this, Jacob and Whistler are still the most dynamic characters. I continue to not like Tabs, and a layer of the onion is pealed back on Rommond. However, he ticked me off, too.I don't want to summarize or get too deep as it would spoil the read. This is a very fast moving book. I do not recommend starting here though - you should go back to the begging (book one).As with the first two installments, the author provided a copy for review. As stated, in order, my ratings for the series are 3,4, and 5.

  • Shelley
    2019-06-10 07:30

    I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.After everything the Resistance has been through and mounting losses of safe havens and equipment, losing the Lifemaker brings them closer to the end. Rommond has one more trick up his sleeve, the Skyshaker. Knowing the Resistance may be on its last legs, they finally go on the offensive with a bold plan to liberate Blackout. This story has all the action of the previous books in the series but it also gets a little more personal with the characters. Jacob is definitely growing into a role of more responsibility, not only preparing to become a father but within the Resistance itself. I love all the conflicted feelings I get to experience from his point of view. He is a solid character that has his good and bad points much like many people. This time around I got to see a whole new side of Rommond. I was not very appreciative of why he was the way he was previously but the story of him and his lost love, Brooklynn, was just heartbreaking and emotional. This book had so much more of the personal stories. It really gave me the feels. I am an avid fan of books that have “a moral to the story” and the Skyshaker really starts to form the moral of this series. In my opinion, Dean F. Wilson has created a world and story as amazing and inspiring as the Chronicles of Narnia.***Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official. For more information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite: ***

  • Andy Peloquin
    2019-06-21 12:55

    Dean keeps getting better with every book. This is the best of the series, and I have no complaints regarding character development, plot, and more. The story was well written, the climax was excellent, the twists were surprising and intriguing, and the book was well done. After reading this book, I'm excited to learn what happens in the next book.The only thing that irked me slightly is the names. Now that we've got four names (Hopebreaker, Lifemaker, Skyshaker, and the soon-to-come Earthquaker) I felt like they are a wee bit heavy-handed and overdone. Of course, I understand that this is the theme of the book, but I find myself wishing for a change. However, I also realize that that is my opinion, and it in no way affects my enjoyment of the book.Pick it up, because it's definitely a solid read!

  • Vivian Nieves
    2019-06-19 10:43

    Where do I even begin?The Resistance has shown they can wage battle and come out stronger whether by land or sea and in this installment, they take to the sky in hopes of surviving and reaching Blackout. They are in luck, because Blackout is the city in which Jacob was raised and where he conducted his business. A new battle rages in the city of Blackout. Jacob, Whistles and Sousa are sent to stabotage structures that can aid the Regime. Some things go in the favor of the Resistance while other plans go awry. You won't want to miss out on all the action and surprises this book has to offer. Jacob and Whistler are by far my favorite characters and I still find myself questioning Taberah. This time around my understanding and compassion is solidified when it comes to Rommond.My hope for the Resistance is stronger than before and I'm sure the 4th book won't disappoint!

  • Sherry Hill
    2019-05-31 11:49

    I wish I could go for more than five stars because this book adds something to the Great Iron War story that the others have not - history. Finally, the story of why things are the way they are, they way they were before the world went to hell. This book developed an even closer relationship between the characters and the reader (myself). I could go on, but without giving spoilers, which I personally HATE, let's just say I'm already anxious for book 4. Others will be too. The only conflict I have with the book is my natural talent/curse for trying to figure things out, how things could come to an end, to work out. This is the mark of a truly gifted author, because nothing in this series has been predictable or stereotypical.

  • Sara Knight
    2019-06-04 05:33

    From the land to the sea to the sky, the Resistance take flight to the city of Blackout. This is the third book in the series, so If you haven't read the previous two novels, I suggest you get them. This and has all the suspense and drama as the previous two and reveals more about Jacob and Whistler. The ending had me gobsmacked! As always, I would recommend any of Dean's work to lovers of Steampunk.

  • Scott Giese
    2019-05-30 05:53

    Here there be problemsWith the high number of miss-spelled words and just plain wrong words used shows a major lack of proofreading making it difficult to read, I don't think it's worth your time. I feel the story, itself is pretty good, but, however it was put into computer form, just ruined it for me. Running into the word "span" when "spun" was clearly the intended word, just stopped me cold every time I ran into it. Here is an example: "....He span the cylinder of his pistol...".

  • Martin Allen
    2019-06-06 04:58

    I was given a free copy of this book so that I could give an honest review.I'll start with the negative (and if you've read my review of Books 1&2 a lot of this will be familiar - the author wrote this book before I gave my feedback on his first two - I don't know if it would have made any difference if he had), as I have to start somewhere. I found the description of various scenes to be somewhat lacking, I didn't really get a good vision of the places described. Of course (SPOILER ALERT - come on, the cover is of an airship this isn't going to be much of a spoiler) the interior of an airship won't have that much description available to it so this didn't show as much as in Book 1. One thing to remember is the overall bleakness of this dystopian world so this is a reflection of that and it helps move the story forward more quickly. I did find this Book slower than the first two, except for the end. Once again I also found it to be rather short, again some qualification - I like really long books. Finally for this section something I shall word carefully as it would be a spoiler if said outright. There seems to be a lack of emotional reaction from the main protagonist at the news of the personal development plot twist at the beginning (I'm calling it a plot twist because it was one in Books 1&2) it seems to me there would be more emotion, the protagonist seems more caught up in his own romantic quest, which peters out for sections. This is complicated by a personal circumstance created in book 2 that means he looses focus on this other plot point. It does come back at points in the book but does just seem to disappear at times. That being said it does pop up with a vengeance towards the end causing a major motivation, which contrasts with the plot twist.On to positives, nicely paced, well imagined with a back story that stands to be explored in future volumes. I was interested to know how the Skyshaker would actually work seeing its function and that I thought everything was steam powered after finishing Book 1. This riddle was easily solved in book 2 by the author by not constraining himself to a strict regime (no pun intended) of steampunk purity. So i was suprised in his return to his roots, but it is due to a real purpose and viable explanation. The book is Steampunk by the way. Think Wild West meets Dystopia meets SciFi meets Fantasy minus the lasers. I haven't read much Steampunk but if this is indicative then the genre has a definite quirky charm.Plot: Essentially Demons have taken over and run the world into the ground. They maintain control by use of a drug named hope. They are also in control of reproduction, their get is produced but pure humans are generally not. Demon offspring are indistinguishable from humans, for the most part.Throw in a smuggler caught up in a rebellion, yes I got a Han Solo vibe as well, and a young innocent pursued by the Regime and a beautiful rebel leader. OK the similarities to Star Wars end there. This story follows on from Book 2 and is essentially a journey of motivation and rediscovery rather than from point A to point A and a half because on the way to point B something goes wrong. There is a filling in of some back story, and as is requisite in a rediscovery a re-emergence and revelation. Disparate parts of story arcs start coming together now, presumably for a final battle royal involving the Landshaker (next book in the series).

  • Mehreen Ahmed
    2019-06-21 05:38

    Mehreen Ahmed's reviewsThematically, Skyshaker by Dean F. Wilson renders itself as both horrific and perceptive. Our world, if it ever were to fall victim to inter-galactic invasion, mothers would end up giving birth to diabolical creatures. This book, typically like all his others in the series, portrays a scenario of a hostile government ruled by iron-clad monsters pushing nothing but their own agenda making this place quite unlivable. Chapter fourteen almost resonates DH Lawrence's Sons and Lovers, where the life of a factory worker and their family situation is described as totally dysfunctional; a situation where lies become necessary to survive as life reel out of control in an inability to cope financially. Resistance against demons or these iron-clad monsters become imperative as Jacob and his friends fight back. These monsters who are nothing but symbols of tyranny is something that no earthling is alien to. In a way, this book casts a deep shadow of a political reality that exists in the name of present day democracy and free speech.

  • Sam - Spines in a Line
    2019-06-15 06:42

    Check out the full review here: https://spinesinaline.wordpress.comI really love this series, even though I would normally steer away from dystopian novels. You should definitely read the first two books in the series because this picks up where the last left off. For a brief summary, the first book introduced us to Altadas, a world that's been taken over by demons. A group called the Resistance is determined to take them down, and Skyshaker marks their biggest battle yet. My favourite part of this series is the characters. The author does such a great job with them, giving them much-needed depth, that they always feel so real, even when they're in a war facing off against demons. I can't wait to read the next book in the series! I highly recommend these books!

  • Mandy Walkden-Brown
    2019-06-09 05:51

    Packed with action, intrigue, humour and suspense. The Resistance battles on, but this time really takes the fight to the enemy instead of relying mainly on defence. More action, adventure and surprises, some rather unwelcome ones. More delectable steampunk treasures of General Rommand make their appearance. An extremely enjoyable dystopian, steampunk fantasy series!

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2019-06-25 06:30

    3.5/5.0“Skyshaker” overall is an exciting tale of humanity’s dogged determination to fight colonial oppression.Read full review in the 2016 May issue of InD'tale Magazine.

  • Dean
    2019-05-25 09:53