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Title : Waking up in Graceland
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780692311622
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 191 Pages
Status : Available For Download
Last checked : 21 Minutes ago!

Waking up in Graceland Reviews

  • Terri
    2018-11-16 20:26

    If any of you Elvis fans have ever wondered what it might have been like to spend time in Graceland with Elvis, this is the book for you! “Waking up in Graceland” is the debut novel by Kelly Peach and one that kept me awake until the wee hours of the morning not wanting to put it down. After reading the first page of this book, I was totally hooked! Who hasn’t thought of what it might have been like to have been close to Elvis and have him look at you the way he looked at many other women, gaze into those beautiful, blue eyes and kiss those pouty lips? Well, read this book and you’ll get an idea of what it could have been like.I learned some surprising and interesting things from Kelly’s book I didn’t know previously and that’s saying something, my being an avid Elvis fan. Believe me, if you have a good imagination, it will definitely take flight reading this book. This is one of those books you don’t want to see end and left me hoping for a sequel.

  • Mary Engel
    2018-12-01 18:08

    “I absolutely loved your book! I’m usually a fast reader, but I read it slow, as I didn’t want it to end! Within the first 30 pages, I realized that Maggie could be me! I, too, was born into a Catholic family. I have all of Elvis’ movies, books, vinyl, CDs, etc. I even have a room in my house called The Elvis Suite that is full of everything Elvis! I try to go to Graceland at least once a year (with my Elvis luggage). I read your book with tears in my eyes because it’s like you’ve written my life story! Thank you for writing this book for fans like me. Much respect!”

  • Jim
    2018-12-09 23:33

    If the University of Memphis had an Elvis study program, Kelly Peach would have a Ph.D.Her knowledge of the King and his world is phenomenal. Waking Up In Graceland is a showcase of her research and attention to details. Kelly’s creation of a few days in the life of Elvis Presley at Graceland is flawless.Everyone knows Elvis and has a mental image of him. When reading the book, the conversations she writes for him can be viewed as he would really speak.The tensions she creates between two main characters is palpable. The confusion of her heroine in between worlds feels real to the reader. I was anxious to get to the end to see how the situation resolved itself. I’m sorry I finished the book so fast because I still want to savor it.

  • Renee
    2018-12-01 15:13

    Read this on my plane ride to and from Fort Worth. Quick and easy to read and I listened to Elvis songs while reading it for the full effect. Found out about the book right after my time in Memphis for Elvis Week, so all things Elvis were very fresh in my mind. I must admit that the book started out kind of slow for me, but picked up during the dream sequence. It had a time travel vibe to it and an air of suspense to it that I liked. I enjoyed the book; what female Elvis fan hadn't fantasized about being on the 2nd floor of Graceland and, more specifically, in bed with the King? Overall a good story.

  • Kelly Peach
    2018-12-07 16:21