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Fame, fortune, and stadiums full of screaming fans are right around the corner for the rock band at the heart of Stina Lindenblatt’s steamy, intense Pushing Limits series. But it’s an epic love affair that steals the show in this opening act.When Nolan Kincaid skipped town to chase the music career of his dreams, he knew he wouldn’t miss the reminders of his broken family—Fame, fortune, and stadiums full of screaming fans are right around the corner for the rock band at the heart of Stina Lindenblatt’s steamy, intense Pushing Limits series. But it’s an epic love affair that steals the show in this opening act.When Nolan Kincaid skipped town to chase the music career of his dreams, he knew he wouldn’t miss the reminders of his broken family—he wasn’t so sure he could forget the girl he left behind. Now his band is touring nonstop, the recording sessions go all night, and the groupies are crazed. But when he hears that Hailey Wilkins is in trouble, he drops everything.Hailey thought she’d missed her chance with Nolan. Five years ago, the moment she realized she loved him was the moment he decided to leave. Now, when a brutal assault lands her in the ICU, Nolan flies straight to her bedside, acting like nothing’s changed. What’s a rock star like him doing, canceling shows and risking his record deal, just to nurse an old friend back to health? And why should Hailey believe he’ll stay this time?With her attacker still at large, Nolan’s ready to rise to the occasion. He knows he let Hailey down once before, but he’s ready to give her everything, heart and soul—and he’ll fight for the chance to prove it....

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  • Sabrina
    2019-03-09 16:44

    Nolan left his past behind and became someone else, someone with potential and stardom. When he left, he left the girl that was his best friend, and he never contacted her again. Five years later Nolan gets a call that changes everything. Hailey is in the hospital after being attacked, and he can't not go see her. When he shows back up in town and learns that her attacker was never caught, he decides he isn't going anywhere as long as she needs him there to protect her.This was my first book by this author, and though it's not the highest rating, I really did enjoy the overall story. I liked that we got to see Nolan and Hailey become friends again, before it led to anything more. There was a lot of passion between them, and I loved seeing them together. I actually really liked the flashbacks, which is weird for me becuase I usually don't like when a story takes us back in time, but in this case it let me understand the characters more and helped me connect with them. My problem with the book was the fact that some things didn't seem to add up. A big thing was that Hailey was in a coma and Nolan even mentioned that she looked beat up and had bruises but then a week later she's out at a club and the bruises are never mentioned again?? I really hate when things like that don't add up. Bruises don't go away overnight, and it was made to sound so bad in the beginning and then just went away.Overall, a good story with a great premise. I liked the writing and the characters so I will definitely be sticking with this series. We didn't get to learn much about the other band member but I'm looking forward to b finding out more about them.ARC kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  • Christie«SHBBblogger»
    2019-03-04 14:52

    Title: This One MomentSeries: Pushing Limits #1Author: Stina LindenblattRelease date:April 5, 2016Cliffhanger: NoHEA(view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]This had the potential to be another decent friends to lovers/reconnection book, but for me it missed the mark in a big way. I was not familiar with this author, so I didn't really know what to expect. The blurb sounded like several I've enjoyed in the past. And honestly, that's very likely part of the big problem here. It's too much like several I've read in the past. To be more specific, the very recent past. There was nothing about it that distinguished it from the scores of other musician romances I've read, nothing to put it's own spin or shine on it. We have the detached, disillusioned manwhore rockstar who's not detached enough to refuse the plethora of women that throw themselves at him daily. But he keeps a photo of his childhood best friend Hailey on him at all times, supposedly showing his yearning for her in the years he's been away. I wasn't buying it. Not even this sentiment convinced me:I had used sex to chase away the loneliness. I pretended I was fucking Hailey...until I could no longer pretend.Yes, he had every right to sleep with who he wanted. He never crossed the friendship line with Hailey in the past, though they were both in love with each other. I just don't want to hear about all the women he was banging and see girls hitting on him when he's out with Hailey. He doesn't do much to keep his distance and make her more comfortable. Not only that, but she just accepted it as part of what he does, like it was a necessary evil. When he left town, he left without a word and refused to talk to her. He cut her off right along with his painful memories, which I didn't care for. Especially since he was never held accountable for his actions against the girl who supposedly stole his heart. He waltzes back in town and he steps right back in where things left off with her. Of course, he's also struggling with a tragic past which we slowly learn through random flashbacks. Which brings me to another issue. Nolan has amnesia due to the events the night his sister and mother were killed. Honestly, amnesia in romance is a tough pill for me to swallow. It's very rarely done in a way that feels realistic or plausible to me, it often tends to lean more towards OTT drama. Which is what happened here. I'm not going to say amnesia isn't real. It happens, but as if Nolan's wasn't bad enough, our heroine has come down with a case of amnesia herself after being attacked. You heard me right, both the h/H have amnesia. Sound likely? I thought not.And let me just clarify, this is from the heroine's first attack. Because there were three of them. (view spoiler)[As well as getting threatened by one of Nolan's fangirls online. Oh...and just a little murder of someone in town. Totally unrelated to the attempts on her life. This is used to throw us off, yet it just added another unrealistic element to the story.The press conference that Nolan, Hailey, and Alyssa held to clear the air with the media? Ridiculous. That would never happen. Give me a freaking break. Celebrities do not alert the media about their love lives after lies have been told about them by the paparazzi. *eye roll* Now Nolan and Hailey can ride off in the sunset together without her being called "the other woman" by the public. So I guess that makes it okay. (hide spoiler)]If all that wasn't bad enough, the story was riddled with non-communication all over the place leading to conflicts that could have easily been prevented. There were too many things that added up to one big balloon of drama. The romance took a backseat to all of that inflated drama and got lost somewhere in the confusion. There was too much going on and not enough emotion being communicated. FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON: ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Michelle
    2019-03-21 22:36

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review A rock star romance with a twist!!!! This One Moment by Stina Lindenblatt is a seductive, sweet, and heartwarming romance with an added layer of mystery.Two best friends. Two people madly in love with each other but never expressed their feelings for another. But when Tyler walked away from Hailey 5 years ago without a word, their friendship was at a standstill. Never truly moving forward as their memories try to piece and hold them together. When Tyler left his hometown and Hailey behind, he left a part of him behind. And the most important part was with Hailey. So Tyler known as Nolan, lead guitarist of the band Pushing Limits, is shocked to hear that Hailey is in the hospital after being attacked.Hailey thought she was imagining things when she saw and heard Tyler’s voice by her bedside. Five years. Five long years and past memories begins to clash. Soon Hailey and Tyler find themselves crossing that line. The line from friendship to something more. But what happens when Hailey begins to recall what happened to her and her safety is still in jeopardy?This One Moment is a story where the past and present comes colliding. Friendships are tested. Blurred. And feelings are palpable from the beginning. Can a love between two friend find that one moment to bring them together when fame, music, and danger threatens to destroy and tear them apart? This book is a start of an exciting new series that I look forward to reading. I love that Stina Lindenblatt was able to layer this book was so much depth, mystery, hurt, friendship, and of course love. I can happily attest that this won’t be the last book I will be reading from this author. Stina perfectly created a story with a rock star twist that was brimming with love, truth, and raw emotions. So if you are looking for a love story filled with second chances and truth, then I would recommend you to give This One Moment a try. Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Stina Lindenblatt

  • Claire Robinson
    2019-03-22 22:44

    1 - Sometimes it was better to just accept defeat and move on… Star.DNF @ 36%I have picked up and put this book down a couple of times in the last three months, and I have decided to call time. I don’t have a huge amount to say because at 36%, apart from some lengthy internal monologues about very little, and many overly elaborate descriptions of things that have no relevance to the actual story, nothing of real note has actually happened.Add to that I am feeling zero connection between the H/h and don’t really get why Nolan/Tyler has just dropped everything to come back to town five years after leaving. Hailey’s coma seemed to be quick to clear as soon as he arrived at her bedside, but after such a long absence of her best friend and secret crush, who upped and left without a backwards glance all those years ago I was just expecting a little more on the feels front, its also really hard to age this couple, I’m assuming mid-twenties, but the language and interactions is more middle-aged-couple than anything.I didn’t struggle with the authors writing per-se, I just found it lacking in important developmental areas, and overly flowery where it wasn’t really warranted. Bits and pieces have been dropped into the story in relation to why Nolan left, but the whole attack on Hailey situation is still very much untouched and up-in-the-air, I think the erroneous monologues/descriptions could have done with paring down in favour of moving the story along at a slightly faster pace.ARC generously provided via Netgalley, and I am sorry I cannot offer a more positive review on this occasion.

  • Tanya (Girl Plus Books)
    2019-02-28 15:34

    2.5 STARSNolan left his hometown five years ago and didn't look back. Or at least he tried not to. While pursuing his music career he never forgot the events that drove him away or the girl he left behind - his best friend Hailey who he'd been in love with for years. News that Hailey has been attacked and is in a coma has him returning to the place he has spent years avoiding. Hailey was heartbroken when Nolan left years ago and cut off all contact with her. Now he's back, just for her, but she knows it's only temporary so there's no point in getting attached. As Hailey struggles to remember the attack that left her comatose she also has to fight her feelings for Nolan because nothing can come of it, right?If you know me, you know that my #1 bookish pet peeve is miscommunication - or lack of communication. And This One Moment is riddled with both. I lost track of how many times I wanted to beat my head against the wall - or beat the characters heads against a wall - each and every time one of them didn't say how they were feeling or what they really meant. Or when one misinterpreted what the other was saying. (Minus 50 stars for my most hated trope.) Then there's the ages-old trope of a guy and girl in love but neither will tell the other because they're certain it's one-sided and they can't ruin the friendship. OMG, how many times have we all read this same story? (Minus 25 stars for a totally played-out trope.)But it's not all about I-love-him/her-but-can-never-have-him/her. No, there's tragedy in Nolan's background concerning his family - only he can't remember the details of that terrible night, only the aftermath. Dissociative amnesia. And then there's Hailey assault that... you guessed it!... she can't remember. You heard me right - both main characters have a form of amnesia and cannot remember pivotal events. Amazing, no? That brings me to the climactic scene where the reason behind Hailey's attack is explained. And here's where the story really jumped the shark. The explanation was so ludicrous, so over the top unbelievable that I had to reread it several times and then read it out loud several times just to see if it made any more sense. (Spoiler alert: it didn't.) (Minus 25 stars for being so far-fetched that it blew any believability to smithereens.)By my calculations we're now at -100 stars so you may be wondering why my rating is 2.5 stars. Here's why: I really liked these characters. Despite their issues, I genuinely liked Nolan and Hailey and wanted good things for them. Hailey was strong and independent and selfless. Nolan was kind and loving and protective without being a caveman. It's too bad their story was mired down by over the top drama.

  • FMABookReviews
    2019-02-28 15:48

    'This One Moment' is a story of second chances, with a bit of suspense thrown in.This is a painful review for me to write. Because throughout the first 1/4 of the book, I was loving it! But then somehow I began to disconnect from the story and the characters. Miscommunication or total lack of communication, caused these two to be separated the majority of the book -- having only a sexual relationship. Never really sharing their true feelings, they pined for one another. Unfortunately, I didn't find this to be endearing, but exhausting.Determined to leave his past behind, Nolan left town to chase his dreams of being a musician. Five years later, it is the assault on Hailey, the girl he has loved all his life, that brings Nolan back to town. When he finds out that she doesn't remember what happened to her, he makes it his mission to keep her safe, while figuring out who assaulted her.Nolan doesn't remember the details of the horrific tragedy that rocked his family, Hailey doesn't remember her attack. Both are determined to help the other remember. Inevitably, sparks fly between the two as they find comfort in each other.What bothered me was they both have loved one another for years. Even for the five years that Nolan was gone. Nolan stopped all communication with her when he left town. Now he's back, they both feel the chemistry, experience the feelings of love, yet each is afraid to tell the other. She doesn't believe he wants her because he is now a big-time rock star, he doesn't believe he is good enough for her. I wanted to smack their heads together to knock some sense into them.While I found some parts frustrating, I did enjoy the suspense element and even though I guessed who did it, I had no idea why.Have you seen the trailer for THIS ONE MOMENT! If you love trailers filled with videos and sexiness, you’ll want to check it out. can now follow the guys in PUSHING LIMITS on Twitter hot guys pictures, exclusive teasers, and general fun, join the author's FB group (The Swoon Room):

  • Gretchen(About That Story)
    2019-03-13 19:56

    4.5 out of 5 starsThis was awesome, I totally enjoyed it! A friends to lovers reconnecting story with some mystery and suspense thrown in. It made for an awesome combination and I couldn't put it down!It started off excellent, really pulling me in. I liked both Nolan and Hailey and loved learning their histories. It was filled with emotion, intensity, a lot of sexual tension and the perfect amount of heat. I thought there was great character development throughout and loved all the details. I loved their growing feelings, it was passionate and intense but found their lack of communication frustrating though they did do a good job of showing their feelings even if it wasn’t verbalized. Nolan and Hailey had so much chemistry and that built up to some super hot, steamy times.The writing was pretty fantastic! I LOVE how the chapters are set up with the different POV's and flashing back to what happened five years ago with them. I thought it was all balanced really well. It really had me hooked and I was on the edge of my seat for! There is a nice mystery element happening and it created some really good drama. Love how it played out and how all the dots were connected. I enjoyed the music aspect and the tension that was created from all of Nolan's responsibilities as well.There was this really nice progression throughout and I enjoyed it all. Terrific ending. Loved the conclusion. It was so sweet and wrapped up perfectly. Love Nolan and Hailey together!Complimentary copy received for honest review.

  • Kate's Corner
    2019-03-09 22:34

    This one moment nearly lasted a frigging lifetime. Maybe more at myself then at the book. But bloody hell in all honesty I’d rather stick needles in my eyes or I know watch frigging paint dry. This is the second book that nearly bored me to death the one beforehand I managed to finish but just barely so I’m livid at myself or the book. No definitely the book and I didn’t even finish it. I hit the 36% and well I actually have no clue what to write. Now Ms. Lindenblatt is talented but I didn’t like the story from the first word to the last word I read at 36 %. None of the characters appealed to me at all, I liked the reporter from the rock magazine but she only said a few sentences. I need the story to suck me in and it didn’t do that at all. The Hero has always been in love with the heroine which in itself isn’t bad but he had a life out of the heroine which is also okay but he loved her for five years. Yes, five bloody years yet fucks around and then when he goes back he acts like nothing has happened. Did I mention that there was no communication between them? He kicked her out of his life. Now I think in all the time there is only one rock/music romance that I have loved so I’m hard sell in that genre as well so that doesn’t help. The heroine is well, she got treated like shite for five years and well is hardly trying to block his advances a little back bone would have been nice. They both lead lives they don’t want to and I really cannot see them being together. This is just me and my opinion if you don’t like it then tough. Book received from Random House Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  • Irene
    2019-03-04 21:57

    3.5 starsThis One Moment was an OK second chance love story. The writing is well done, the storyline was entertaining I just failed to connect with the characters and this affected my overall enjoyment.Makes me sad I didn't enjoy this book more as the blurb sounded like something I would love :(This One Moment is the first book in the Pushing Limits series and even though I didn't love it, I enjoyed it enough to be looking forward to the next installment. Thank you Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept via NetGalley for the advance copy.

  • Doris
    2019-03-21 18:01

    Whew!! This book really drew me in right from the start. We have the very sexy bad boy lead singer/guitarist for Pushing Limits who has a tragic past that he ran from and left the love of his life behind in Minnesota. Nolan and Hailey were best of friends for years and then like a lot of boy/girl friendships theirs starting taking on a life of its own. The feelings were there for both of them and neither of them wanted to admit to the other that their friendship was now going to another level. About the time that Nolan was finally ready to let Hailey know that he wanted more from her something terrible happened within his family to the point that Nolan couldn’t remember exactly what happened and he knew that it was something that he didn’t want to remember. His only thought was he had to leave town and not look back. He changed his name to Tyler because he didn’t want anyone to know about his past and headed to LA to begin his music career. Within that 5 years Nolan became hit it big with Pushing Limits and was known for his sexy persona and bad boy antics but he always kept that special picture of Hailey close by and wondered what could have been.Pushing Limits was just finishing up the last concert of a long tour when Nolan received a phone call from best friend, and the only person who Nolan stayed in contact with from back home, telling him that Hailey was attacked and in a coma. Nolan could not get back to Minnesota fast enough to be by her side. Hailey’s attacker was out there and Nolan was going to stay close to Hailey until he felt she was safe again. Since they had never pronounced their real feelings for each other all those years ago neither of them was still sure if the other person had the same feelings. Who really wants to put themselves out there and open old wounds if the other person’s feelings never left that friendship level? Who was it that attacked Hailey and was it in any way linked to what happened to Nolan’s family? Did Hailey and Nolan have any chance at exploring their real feelings for each other and would it be enough to pull Hailey to California to live the life with a rocker boyfriend? This book had me hooked with the way Nolan and Hailey’s relationship evolved and it made you sit on pins and needles wondering if there was a chance that these two could actually make their relationship work. Would that chemistry they shared be enough? It also had you feeling so sorry for Nolan with what he had to go through with his family and what he actually gave up in order to deal with it. Besides the romantic aspect of this book the author had added quite a bit of suspense as to who it was that attacked Hailey and how it all worked in to the story. This is a book that is well worth your time if you like rockers with a taste of added suspense. I’m looking forward to the second installment of Pushing Limits and can’t wait to see what Ms. Lindenblatt has up her sleeve next.This book was provided as an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.

  • Christina
    2019-02-26 15:35

    I am a sucker for second chance romance and this one did not disappoint. Plus, hello, ROCK STAR series!! ;-)I love that Nolan is so protective over Hailey and that he's trying to make it right. I also appreciate how strong and independent Hailey is and that she pushes back. Hello UST!The flashback scenes to their childhood and the story that makes Nolan the person he is had me on pins and needles and completely breathless. I love these two together and I'm so happy they get their HEA. Cannot wait for the other Pushing Limits band members books!

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-02-28 22:51

    Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsSometimes I take a chance on a new to me author when I see a book that really interests me and I'm so glad I took a chance on Stina Lindenblatt's This One Moment. This is a friends to lovers story that spans many years, years these two were together as friends, years when these two were apart after a devastating turn of events, and the incident that brought them back into each other's lives. The one thing that was evident from the moment the hero receives a phone call until the very last scene was the absolute adoration and love these two have for one another. I loved this book; this is romance at its best, this is that perfect ending we all read romance for, this is an absolutely beautifully told love story.For the last five years Nolan has tried to forget the life he left behind in Northbridge, Minnesota. It hasn't been easy not when part of his heart remains there, but he's done it out of self preservation and he's made a name for himself as Tyler Erickson front man and guitarist for Pushing Limits a band on the edge of superstardom, but when he finds out his heart, his best friend, the girl he loves was beaten and in the hospital he knows he must go to her and make sure she is safe. He can't lose anyone else even though he hasn't seen or talked to her in five years.From the minute Hailey wakes up from her coma and finds Nolan sitting next to her it was obvious this was going to be a contentious relationship, but it was also easy to see the complete trust and adoration they have for one another. Nolan has a lot to make up for, he knows this but he's willing to do what it takes to make sure Hailey is safe and secure.As they reacquaint themselves with the adults they've become and as they spend more time together it is impossible for them to deny the attraction they both feel. Nolan's public life is crazy and there are expectations from his record company, fans that are rabid and life for them becomes very complicated.I really loved watching these two grow closer as adults and both finally taking a chance on something more than friendship and while at times it seemed impossible for it to work and they were both concerned about getting their heart stomped on it was also easy to see that they were better when they were together. Friendship, love, passion and a bit of suspense made This One Moment an absolutely amazing story and I am eagerly awaiting the next book in this series.Review copy provided for an honest review.

  • Amy
    2019-03-10 21:58

    I have been a fan of Stina Lindenblatt for quite a while, so when I heard that she had something new in the works, I could not wait to get my hands on it. And then to find out she was writing a second chance romance with rockstars….Well, I just had to check it out. And I have to tell you, I’m really glad I did.This One Moment is told from dual points of view and follows the story of Hailey and Nolan. Hailey and Nolan were BFF’s for as long as they could remember. So, it was no surprise when their feelings for one another turned in to more. However, the two of them were too afraid to admit their true feelings for one another for fear of rejection and ruining their friendship. So, unfortunately for Hailey and Nolan, they never got their chance to tell each other how they felt. One night had the power to change everything. Tragedy struck Nolan and that tragedy drove him away from home. It would be another 5 years before Nolan and Hailey were reunited…..Hailey was devastated when Nolan walked out her life. He was her best friend, but it was more than that. He was her everything. So, when Hailey wakes up in the hospital after a terrifying assault, she is surprised to find Nolan there. She’s unsure how to feel after all this time. Part of her wants to be angry, but the other part is still in love with him. Only time will tell if the past can be forgiven…..Overall, I really enjoyed This One Moment. I am a sucker for a good second chance/ friends to lovers romance. And nothing makes my heart swoon more than a musician. I was really intrigued by Hailey and Nolan. I wanted to know more about Nolan’s past and his reasoning for leaving Hailey behind. I thought the two of them had really good chemistry and I enjoyed watching the two of them try to navigate their way through their feelings.This book does have a bit of mystery and suspense to it with a few surprises thrown in along the way. It was really interesting watching how everything played out and connected together. I think the Pushing Limits series is off to a really good start and I’m looking forward to seeing where the series will take us next.*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, via the publishers and NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

  • Suzi (Obsessive Reading Disorder)
    2019-03-03 19:48

    This is the first time I have read this author. The blurb sounded exciting and the book was a recommendation via Netgalley. This is the first book in the Pushing Limits Series about a rock band. Nolan and Hailey' story starts when they are young children and neighbors. They had been best friends forever until a horrible night causes Nolan to skip town and never want to face those nightmare demons again. He cuts ties with Hailey, hoping to protect her while loving her from afar. Five years pass and another horrible incident brings Nolan back to Hailey. The story is told in flash back as Nolan's memories return. I love to read friends to lovers stories. Add in a tattooed rock star, bad-boy vibe and it just gets yummier! What I didn't anticipate was the suspense element tot he story. It added a bit more spice to an otherwise typical friends to lovers tale. I am a wimp for suspense novels, so this one had my heart racing a few times. For the record, I suspected but never guessed the true villain, so yeah for that!! As is sometimes the case in these stories, communication gets the best of these two. They have secretly loved each other forever and seem to slip into that familiarity they had as teens. But other times, it seemed like they were starting from square one. I know it adds tension to the story but I wanted to kick Nolan up side the head a few times. PICK THE GIRL ALREADY!! Very happy to have had the chance to meet this new author. Looking forward to what she brings to the rest of the story. Loved the Epilogue---so sweet! *ARC received via Netgalley for an honest review

  • Wendy Marcus
    2019-03-01 21:38

    This book had everything I look for in a five star read, characters I care about and root for, a story I can't put down, and a satisfying happy ending. I loved this book and highly recommend it!!

  • A Klue
    2019-02-22 15:34

    As soon as this NetGalley reviewer found out this estranged wanna be/could have been couple (Noland and Hailey) both had been intimate with lots of random people after parting five years earlier, I became very leary of reading the rest of their story. You see, that just doesn’t sit well with this true romantic at heart. This genre is called romance for a reason, and I personally don’t consider that romantic, folks. However, I pushed through my openly admitted prejudice and decided to give them a chance to explain themselves. What I got was a hero who left the heroine high and dry, after she drove him to the airport, to seek his fame/fortune in L.A.. Yes, she pretty much felt like she fell off the face of the earth, because he immediately never returned any of her calls/text. Even though he stayed in touch with his friend, Brandon. Self-preservation ultimately ended up being his main excuse. He wanted out of the town that held bad memories of a tragic event, some of which he blocked out and never wanted to remember. So instead of her feeling like “the wind beneath his wings”, she pretty much felt like “the dirt beneath his feet”. Hence, why she didn’t want to give her heart to anyone ever again. Oh, now would be a good time to mention they had not been intimate yet. But he had always fantasied about being her first. Yes, I agree with you. It also would have been the right time for Nolan to have manned up and explained all this to Hailey instead of just leaving on a jet plane.Fast-forward five years and Nolan gets a call from Brandon informing him Hailey was found beaten so badly she’s in a coma. Rushing to her side, Nolan decides to stay until the assailant is caught or basically until his record label puts so much pressure on him to return he feels he has to in order to save his band. Throw in the famous actress/fake, pretend girlfriend relationship he had going on and once again poor Hailey had to have felt used and abused by Nolan once again. She certainly gets more than enough grief from Nolan’s adoring fans.**possible spoilers**Now is when some very similar events happen. Hailey and Nolan both have blocks of amnesia. She can’t remember details of her attack. He still can’t remember everything regarding his past tragic event. You guessed it. They then miraculously both start having flashbacks until both ultimately remember everything.Unfortunately, for me, the unlikely attacker’s identity and the plot behind it somehow didn’t seem quite credible. It felt more like the idea was pulled right out of thin air, along with the accomplice, and the two deaths that took place. I guess you could call it unnecessary, unjustified literary homicide. It certainly added drama. Just wasn’t who I was sure it was going to be. So, my fellow romance book-loving friends, from this moment on it will be up to you to decide if this one works for you. I hope my honest review was helpful.Title: This One Moment, Series: Pushing Limits (Book 1), Author: Stina Lindenblatt, Pages: 264, stand-alone, HEA, some violence, hero is a famous rock star.(This review is based on ARC generously provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest, unbiased opinion. No compensation was paid to the reviewer nor is there any affiliation between the reviewer and author/publisher.)

  • Nadine Bookaholic
    2019-02-24 19:51

    What do you do when the girl you left behind is attacked and left for dead? If you are the lead singer and songwriter to the hottest band "Pushing Limits" Tyler Erickson, you run to her side. One of the hardest things for Nolan Kincaid (aka Tyler Erickson) was leaving his best friend (and secret love) Hailey behind when he skipped town after losing everything. It is now five years later when he gets a call and is told that Hailey was in a coma after a vicious attack so Nolan returns to the small town in Minnesota he left behind and he is not leaving until he finds out what happened to her. While Nolan has good intentions Hailey is not going to make things easy for him, she was crushed when he left and broke all contact with her, so why is he here now as if he cares about her? This story drew me in on the first page and never let up, even when it ended I wanted more. I was happy with the way most things played out and once it was explained why Nolan left town without a word it all made sense. Stina Lindenblatt is a new to me author and the way she grabbed me and never let go throughout the book, well all I can say is that I cannot wait to read more of her work. Each of the band members are appealing and I look forward to getting to know each of them over the rest of the series. ***I have received this book from Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept through netgalley in exchange for my honest review***

  • Christina
    2019-03-16 20:02

    4 Stars - 3 Flames Just by reading the blurb you can tell that there is going to be a HEA, right? So let me just cut to the chase and say that, although you know it's coming, it's the process of getting there that has me completely in love with this. I mean, childhood sweethearts separated by tragedy, only to come back to each other, through tragedy...couldn't write it better if I tried.Nolan, aka Tyler, has finally made it big. His band is playing sell out arenas. His fans are plentiful and life is great, right? Eh. He just can't seem to get his mind off of his childhood best friend/crush who he left in Minnesota after a tragic event that he can't seem to remember. When he receives a call that she's been attacked and is in a coma, there was no question that he needed to head home to keep her safe.Hailey thought that she'd never see her best friend, the one person she's always loved, again. But when she hears his voice for the first time in five years, she thinks she's dreaming. Little did she know she was actually in a coma after being attacked. Even worse? She can't remember what happened to land her in the hospital. Even though she tries to convince her female bestie and Nolan that she's fine, Nolan insists on staying with her until he knows she's absolutely safe.The best part about this read for me was that we get both POV's and threw moments of remembering (from both of them), we're thrust back into not only the tragic events, but how they feel in love at the young age of seventeen. The mystery behind both memory loses will keep you on the edge of seat throughout the entire book. It really isn't until the end that you even get a glimpse of who or what might have happened. *I was gifted this book by the Jeep Diva in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Susan (susayq ~)
    2019-03-25 21:40

    3.5 starsNolan has only loved one woman, Hailey. But after a horrible tragedy he leaves her and his past behind, becoming Tyler Erickson who becomes famous in the rock band Pushing Limits. When Hailey gets attacked, he comes home to makes sure she's ok and old feelings that never went away resurface for them. Here's the kick, they were only friends before he left and neither know the other feels the same way. Thankfully they act on those feelings, you know, can't stop touching the other, mind-blowing kisses, and hot sex. AND STILL NEITHER FESS UP ABOUT HOW THEY FEEL!!!! It drove me crazy! When Nolan finally has to go back to LA, he tells her she's his heart and soul (at which point I swooned), but she doesn't say anything back and they part ways. Finally, FINALLY, he decides to ask her to move to LA with him, so he once again goes home and something happens that I'm not going to spoil for you *evil laugh* Just know there's a HEA ;0)I liked both Nolan and Hailey, but the fact that neither were willing to admit their feelings for fear of them not being reciprocated KILLED me. I mean, more than half the book was spent with them hiding their feelings for each other. I liked Nolan's band mates and I think Jared is hiding something. I'm interested to see what it is. And as strange as this sounds, I really liked Alyssa. I hope we see more of her (you'll understand when you read the book LOL)*Book received from the publisher via Netgalley*

  • Karen
    2019-03-19 22:35

    This One Moment has lots going for it. It's a rock star romance. Ticks my box. Nolan has a tiger tattoo on his arm - yep you got it so does my Adam (Levine if you don't already know he is my husband).Friends to lovers. Yep tick again. The characters are cool. Nolan and Hailey have a lovely back story I was in their corner fighting for them.Supporting characters - lots to work on, and I do love a band to explore.Second chance romance. Love those two, the unrequited love, the unspoken love. Stina builds the passion, gentle touch here, sleepy kiss there.Thriller, the book's plot is full of intrigue and mystery. In my opinion the thriller part is where the book fell down. For there to be a 'who done it' - there needs to be sufficient motive for the perpetrator. I can't say more without spoiling the plot but I was a bit nonplussed.I also felt at times that Stina aimed for comedy one liners, such as the asides to the reader where the character is speaking directly to them. I think it takes a particular kind of book and style to pull that off and it has to be consistent through the book. It is a personal bugbear of mine and if it isn't done right it makes me disengaged.The industry that went into this book should not be ignored. I truly felt a lot of effort was put into it, but for me it lacked consistency.

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-03-05 15:57

    Two best friends who refused to cross that line due to the fear of losing each other... But, little did they realize, walking away would eventually lead them back to each other, and their feelings/demons would have to be faced. After Nolan and Hailey parted ways, they both lived their own lives and for Nolan, it was doing what he's always wanted. For poor Hailey, however… Well, that led her to where she was today, broken, in a hospital bed. Nolan's guilt for leaving her when she needed him the most eats at him, and even though he's kept up with her because of Brandon, a mutual friend, he still hates that he's not been there with her. I'm going to be honest and say that, at times, I didn't know what to think because the more I read, the simpler it seemed to me that Nolan should have just had the balls to tell Hailey that he loved her. I honestly thought if they would have professed their love for each other, their lives might have gone differently. Much differently. The more I read, the more I wanted to smack some sense into Nolan. If only I would have…Be prepared to get fully engrossed and lost in their story—and, like me, hope that it ends well for them. For that, you will have to one click it and travel with them on their journey. ~ Kara, 4 stars

  • Steffi
    2019-03-18 20:49

    Thanks for the ARC provided via netgalley.I started this book expecting an average rock star romance but this book was a whole lot more.The book starts right out carrying the rock star atmosphere by attending a concert of the band Pushing the limits. I expected a typical romance but wasn't aware of the suspense part in this book which I ended in liking a lot. This aspect really makes the book stand out from the masses.I loved the romance part as well as the suspense part. It really gave the book a special touch.I loved the chemistry between Nolan and Hailey, as well as I both liked them as individual characters. Nolan is the down to earth rockstar still struggling with his past which made my heart break for him several times. Hailey is the down to earth girl everyone loves and I also liked that she could stand her own point as well as accepting Nolan's protectiveness. This was my first book by Stina Lindenblatt and I will definitely read more of her books. I really liked her fast-paced and gripping writing style.

  • Heroesinbooks
    2019-03-13 19:48

    I'm now officially a total Pushing Limits groupie. Yes I am. I love these guys. Ms Lindenblatt has totally nailed it with this series, it is so very deliciously addictive. I have read the series out of order but that hasn't affected my enjoyment of the books. They each concentrate on a different band member and the woman in his life. Nolan is Pushing Limits' lead singer and when he headed for the bright lights of Rockdom he left behind his best friend Hailey, and a truly hideous past. When events out of his control kick in, Nolan finds himself heading back to the hometown he never thought he would see again. Time may have passed but feelings that were simmering under the surface are back and are stronger than ever. The connection between these two is intense and their chemistry is hot. If you love the friends to lovers trope and find yourself enamoured by a hot rock star, then you should sashay over to the 1-Click button and download this beauty.

  • Mandy
    2019-02-28 14:40

    DNF - I hated Nolan.

  • Bette Hansen
    2019-03-14 15:38

    *4.5 stars* I struggled rating this one because I really loved this story so much. There were however a couple of things I would have liked to have seen done differently but in the end - I LOVED this story.It seemed to have a bit of everything I enjoy. A second chance / friends to lovers story with a hot rock star - what's not to like with that? Throw in a bit of angst and a little suspense and I'm hooked. I thought the author did a great job telling Nolan and Hailey's story from both past and present perspectives. I sometimes have trouble keeping up when the story has flashbacks but this one flowed very well. The thing that bothered me just a bit was how easily Hailey forgave Nolan. If someone disappears from my life for 5 years there will be major groveling going on when they try to reenter it. In the end though he does fight hard to regain her trust so he wins with me.This is definitely one I recommend!

  • Kim Person
    2019-03-03 17:54

    I just finished this one and I'm ....My initial draw to this book had everything to do with the fact Nolan was in a band. Then I read the synopsis and...This is definitely a book you don't want to miss! This is a new to me author and I'm thrilled that I found another fantastic author to add to my favorite list. Go grab the pre-order over on Amazon NOW! Trust me it's worth the read! *Full Review will post just prior to release date. I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Loved it so much also pre-ordered since I just have to own this book"

  • Toni FGMAMTC
    2019-03-04 14:38

    This One Moment is a mixture of several different types of stories. It's a second chance romance, rockstar romance and romantic suspense. There's a whole lot going on. So if you're looking for mystery and romance, it has them. For me, it felt like maybe there were too many focus points; because, I didn't seem to be able to 'fall' for the characters.***copy given in exchange for an honest review***

  • Connie
    2019-03-25 22:35

    Wow! Lots of painful layers in this story! When Tyler Erickson, lead singer of Pushing Limits, walked away from his horrible past, he left behind Nolan Kincaid, his real name, and Hailey Drake, the love of his life. He is hiding the fact that his drunken, selfish father murdered Nolan's entire family. But when someone from Nolan's past attacks and almost kills Hailey, it's time to go back home and finally make things right.

  • ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡
    2019-03-09 19:35

  • Eliza
    2019-03-01 22:34

    I was encouraged by the promising synopsis, but unfortunately the storyline and characters were not strong enough to hold my attention or engagement.