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Fran had been assured that it would be all right for her and the group of children in her care to stay at Brocade, a lovely old mansion in the heart of the Cotswolds.They would only be there for a few weeks until they had found new quarters. But what would happen if the rightful owner of Brocade arrived home unexpectedly?...

Title : lullaby of leaves
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ISBN : 25192712
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 189 Pages
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lullaby of leaves Reviews

  • Naksed
    2019-03-22 01:39

    Plot moppets in "nanny" romance stories are usually written in as a cute device to bring the protagonists together and then quickly forgotten. This did not happen here. In fact, the gaggle of abused and abandoned children that the heroine is fostering form the heart of the story. Each is well drawn out with distinctive personalities and voices, and unique background stories. They are an integral part of the plot, directly affecting the relationships of the grown-ups around them, sometimes intentionally and other times quite accidentally. They were plausible children and not just window dressing. I really loved that part of the book the best, more than the romance between the protagonists, and found myself at the end wanting to have a bit more assurance about those poor little souls' uncertain future.(view spoiler)[Though one set of siblings is lovingly adopted by a stable, kind couple, the rest of the brood are presumably sent back to foster homes to face an uncertain future at the end of the book, when the foster mother heroine decides to quit her job and marry the hero, the owner of the English manor that temporarily housed the children until further accommodations could be found. It was disappointing that the heroine seemed to wash her hands from them, telling her husband that she would follow him wherever he went, even should he choose to go back to South Africa, knowing that there would be no chance in hell to keep contact with the kids, much less have them over on holidays as they half-heartedly promised to them. I really thought she would convince him to turn his huge mansion into a permanent children's homes or at least adopt some of the children. He had both the money and the setting to facilitate it.The hero though seemed resentful of the children and at best, tolerated them or did kindnesses to them to ingratiate himself with the heroine rather than because he liked the children in a genuine way. It seemed from his concluding remarks that he hoped the heroine would altogether forget about them once she filled ye olde English manor with a brood of their own. (hide spoiler)]Special warning to those who, like me, can't stomach animal cruelty. There is a vicious OW who slaps and kicks a puppy and never gets proper comeuppance for it. The fact that she gets dumped by the hero is nothing. People who abuse animals and children should die a slow, torturous, tormented death or at the very least some good old-fashioned medieval maiming. Since that NEVER happens in real life, I DEMAND it from my fiction!And it gets worse. So please you cat-lovers, heed my warning cause the spoiler is awful. (view spoiler)[We meet a cute litter of seven kittens that one of the abused orphans takes great pains to help nurture only for the gardener to drown all of them, leaving the orphan to find an empty basket with the momma cat frantically running in circles shrieking in despair. I am glad that curmudgeon of gardener did get his comeuppance, when the little boy went on to destroy his beloved, painstakingly grown and cared for during many years, precious greenhouse plants. (hide spoiler)]

  • Sue
    2019-03-19 04:55

    Just two words: animal cruelty.Some beloved kittens are drowned by a moronic handyman. A dog is kicked. As an animal lover, I found these passages hard to read. And the rest of the book was not that compelling for me. This was one of the first of her titles that I read, and it was almost the last. Fortunately, I took a chance, and read and liked other books of hers since, ("Dear Barbarian", "A Winter Loving", "Green For a Season"). Steer clear if you're a pet lover.