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Ice Age Europe, 40,000 years ago. Two species of human, Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis, clash in a desperate battle for ownership of the future. Bran, an alien probe sent by a distant intelligence to join human society, is caught in the middle of the first world war, and finds himself alongside Etaa the Ugly, the woman cast out from both sides. A searing tale of haIce Age Europe, 40,000 years ago. Two species of human, Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis, clash in a desperate battle for ownership of the future. Bran, an alien probe sent by a distant intelligence to join human society, is caught in the middle of the first world war, and finds himself alongside Etaa the Ugly, the woman cast out from both sides. A searing tale of hatred and love, "First World War" explores what makes one truly human, and the fates of vastly different societies once they confront each other. A short story from THE PROMETHEUS SAGA. INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHORQ - What is The Prometheus Saga? A - In The Prometheus Saga, twelve authors unite to interpret how an alien presence would interact with the human condition over a time period that spans from the dawn of man to the present. The stories cross genres and genders, allowing for entirely different narratives and insights on historical events and the human experience. Q - Where should a reader start when selecting a short story to read in The Prometheus Saga? A - Each story is self-contained and can be read in any order. The reader is free to select any of the stories at random to begin their experience. Each short story has a different setting in history. The book description will explain the time period setting for each particular story. Q - What is this alien probe? A - An alien civilization landed a probe on Earth at the dawn of mankind. This probe, a form of artificial intelligence, can morph into any human form, take on any human identity, either male or female. Its life spans hundreds of thousands of years. Its mission is to report everything it can about us to its home planet. What this humanoid observes and learns over centuries of human existence will be interpreted through each short story in the saga. The alien probe is as mythic as Prometheus, the Greek Titan who was said to have brought fire to mankind. About the AuthorKEN PELHAM lives and writes in Maitland, Florida. The author of two Royal Palm Literary Award-winning thriller novels (BRIGANDS KEY and PLACE OF FEAR), he is a member of International Thriller Writers and Florida Writers Association. BRIGANDS KEY has won critical praise as "a perfect storm of menace...breathtaking!" (the Florida Weekly). He's garnered acclaim as a short story writer, penning award winners such as "The Light Keeper" and "The Wreck of the Edinburgh Kate," and writes nonfiction about suspense fiction and related topics on his website, . Thanks for dropping by, and reviews are always welcome!...

Title : first world war the prometheus saga
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first world war the prometheus saga Reviews

  • Charles Cornell
    2019-06-13 21:05

    It takes quite an imagination to place yourself in the time of prehistoric man, amid the vast, dangerous and open plains teaming with vicious predators; the great ice fields; and the harsh elements. Add to that mix, the viewpoint of an alien, partially self-aware of its mortality and purpose. Imagine wild tribes fighting each other over game and hunting territory and you have First World War by Ken Pelham. I enjoyed the detailed imagery that painted the battle scenes between primitive armies of early men. This is a tale that peels back the history texts to a time well before paper was even invented, told as if drawn into a cave painting or as if gruff ancient warriors were talking beside a camp fire where freshly caught wild game roasted. And an alien watched. Intriguing and very well written.

  • Antonio Simon Jr.
    2019-06-06 12:57

    Sometimes we take for granted what it means to be a person. After all, on planet Earth, only humans have the qualities of personhood. Ken Pelham's "First World War" is a gripping tale that will entertain and make you think. It is an much a work of historical fiction as it is a reminder of the meaning of personhood.It is the Ice Age, 40,000 BC. Two species of human fight for survival against the elements. The world is only large enough for one species of human, and Homo Sapiens is hell-bent on eradicating Homo Neanderthalensis. Stuck in the middle are Prometheus and Etaa. Etaa is an aberration - the product of mixed parentage between both species of human. She is not accepted in either camp. Still, she makes the unlikeliest of friendships with Prometheus, who is posing as a Homo Sapiens - and even falls in love with him. Can their budding relationship survive the "first world war", or will it - and they - fall to wayside like so many extinct species? It's a thrilling, intelligent short story.

  • Carol Kean
    2019-06-18 20:53

    "I like prehistoric stuff, what with the cavemen and all," author Ken Pelham tells Charles A. Cornell in a blog interview.Cornell, Pelham and other authors, a dozen in all, launched a collection of short stories about an alien AI probe sent to earth at the dawn of humanity. The "Prometheus" probe can morph into any human form, male or female. The stories can be read in any order, but personally, I'd start with "First World War" -- our Prometheus apparently is in his earliest incarnation, some 40,000 years ago, among our Ice Age ancestors. The opening line of this tale is epic: "The first time you die is always the hardest. Bran didn't know that yet. He wouldn't until the next time he died, or perhaps even a few times beyond that ... One day he did not exist, the next, he did, and as a fully-grown man. He had had no infancy, nor childhood, nor adolescence. He had known nothing. Who he was. Where he was. What he was."The humans he encounters are not labeled Cro-Magnon, modern human or Neanderthal, but from their description, readers can guess. I love the author's note at the end: "DNA evidence now shows that 3% of humans of European descent carry a bit of Neanderthal in them. So the evidence is clear that some mating of Homo sapiens (called Cro-Magnon in Europe) and Neanderthal occurred." That's fascinating, and this is haunting: "Human evolution is a complex story, and people today seemed surprised to learn that multiple species of hominids existed simultaneously on Earth at that time," Pelham tells Cornell at the blog interview. "I’m not talking about different races; I’m talking actual different species. And yet only one survives. I doubt that the ones that disappeared did so willingly."What a premise - and what a story!I've read more than half of the tales in the Alvarium experiment, as the Prometheus series is called. So far, this one is my favorite. Like Pelham, I love prehistoric stuff, with cavemen and women who no longer walk among us. To say more would deliver plot spoilers. The older I get, the more I find that stories I LOVE, hate, love, HATE the most--fictional versions of the horrifying things humans do--tend to come straight from the pages of history.

  • Dan Absalonson
    2019-06-05 15:54

    This was an interesting story in The Prometheus Saga. The Prometheus character was discovering who he was. Instead of knowing his purpose he just knew he was drawn to humans and had instincts to study them but keep itself safe when found in dangerous situations. He also hears voices in times of trouble telling him what to do to save his body from death.There are different tribes of people in this story. The author did an awesome job of describing them. I could picture them as I read their description. They war against each other and The Prometheus observes it all.There was a lot of war and brutal violence in this story. Much of it is described in detail and that makes me recommend this story as one that's not for the faint of heart. It's not a horror story but there are realistic horrors of war in it so be ready to read some brutal action scenes full of detailed violence. It fit with the time period and place this story took place in and didn't come off as something to shock the reader but know it's in there. If you have a weak stomach this one may not be for you. If The Walking Dead is something you don't have trouble watching, you'll be fine.In this story The Prometheus character used his knowledge of his immortal body to convince others of magic taking place when he could heal from mortal wounds. That was a cool concept because as a reader of the other Prometheus Saga stories I knew about his abilities but had not seen them used in this way. Usually he/she hides the ability from humans. So that was cool.There's a love story in this violent story. It was fun seeing it develop even in this short of a story and what lengths the characters had to go to in order to be together in the warring society. It was a little like Romeo and Juliet but in a weird cool historical fiction / science fiction kind of way. This was a very interesting story and not like one I've ever read before. I'm glad I picked it up.

  • Bard Constantine
    2019-05-26 20:05

    This short story installment in the Prometheus Saga takes us back to the dawn of humanity where one species of humanity dwindles, while another inevitably seizes control. The first world war is between the Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal, and the Prometheus probe has a first row seat in the form of a sympathetic Cro-Magnon named Bran.Author Ken Pelham masterfully paints his tragedy within the short story confines, depicting the conflict as the unavoidable rule of the strong overcoming the weak, something that occurs repeatedly in nature. Interestingly, it is the alien Bran that brings the emotional punch to the tale as he attempts to intercede on behalf of a Neanderthal female. The resulting climax is both a look at the nature of humanity and perhaps even ourselves.

  • M.
    2019-06-15 18:44

    Very good and quick reading.Fascinating tale, with great characters, and set in an unusual time period. Well written, it pulled me right into it and kept me interested till the very end. The only thing I disliked was just a matter of personal taste, because when all is said and done everything made perfect sense.

  • Bria Burton
    2019-06-06 15:51

    The battle for survival is on in this richly crafted short story in The Prometheus Saga. The alien probe who calls himself Bran encounters a woman, the product of two different species, and seeks to understand why the two species can't live in harmony. Pelham gives this prehistoric tale a gritty and realistic feel, with a touch of humanity in the least likely person--the probe itself.

  • Poli
    2019-05-25 17:43

    Nice simple story with appealing characters based on the scientific fact that several Homo species inhabited earth at the same time and mingled with each other.

  • Elle Patt
    2019-06-15 13:03

    First World War is a fast-paced read with a surprising emotional depth. I really felt for Etaa the Ugly. Pelham's description is visceral and his story telling efficient and satisfying.

  • Victor DiGenti
    2019-06-15 16:03

    And so it startsThis imaginative installment of The Prometheus Saga takes us to the very beginning of mankind. A time of violence. A time when being different was intolerable, and one group hated the other because of that difference. Sound familiar? Only Bran can see this is wrong, but he's helpless to change the minds of the warring people and can only watch and learn from the "advance" of early humanity.

  • M.J. Carlson
    2019-06-25 12:47

    Thought-provoking story using onflict between two dominant species on Earth as its basis, except the species are neanderthal and cromagnon and th ebattle is set 40,000 years ago. Interestng concept, well executed by a great storyteller.

  • Ken Pelham
    2019-06-02 15:37