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Archana always wanted to provide a perfect life for her family but the course of her life takes a drastic turn when she has her second child.Will her family have the same life ever again?Set in the early 90's of Ujjain, Derivation of Life throws a light on a middle class family and their quest to find happiness...

Title : Derivation of Life
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Derivation of Life Reviews

  • Ravi Gangwani
    2019-05-20 08:05

    Why it is so difficult to start from something, from the point at which first step has to be taken, this always remains a conundrum to drag ourselves ahead. This is to highlight from where I should start.This book, which was very true in its austerity, compelled me to appreciate for the story telling power of its author. Usually I am very finicky with writing styles, heavy words and twisted gnomic phrases. But the magic of simple words, emotional depth, and serene purity, plucked me to dissolve my life in Archana-the lead character of the book from the time I started reading it.The guts of a writer, especially when it is his(her) first time, to start his writing from a subject which itself needs courage to portray upon, cerebal palsy, Viraj Mahajan strewn his love for his story on every single word. The change in narration, and its versatality shows author's adeptness in stories.The story of book tap the shoulders of a family and losely the central protagnist in the book is a Mother, Archana, and her husband Vijay. The challenge in their life started from when she conceives her second child born with mental illness. For normal families, the most common notion(Which is based on my personal experience), is to abandon the child. But here, the mother's love for daughter was so devotional and unconditional that she forced me to love her daughter as well. She was real star of the book. The EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL part of the book was the part, where Archana, in her dreams, was ruminating in a forest, forest of unwished trees to look for her daughter and flute swirling in air, I literally felt flute in my ears while reading that. Some different expressions of Viraj Mahajan which caught my attention, was his beauty of explaining the day/night/moon/dreams/light/cloud/emotion/toofan with the variable set of moods in this book.The only flaw which I found(and it was very minor)that Archana was so lovingly emphatic here that other character looked okay in front of her. But again as I am saying she was the STAR of the book, I was actually imagining lady in front cover as Archana. And I felt the pain for which she taken the step in last and the peace which grew very warm in her heart at the last stage of book. The ending of the book was very convincing.And with this I wish that Viraj Mahajan's voice should reach to people to educate them about the life, life of people who search happiness even at the time of sorrow. A very warm good luck to him.

  • Anurag Parihar
    2019-04-24 10:11

    Literature always shows our real life in a more artistic way, every story, weather it is of love or pain, hate or sorrow it adds a little flavor and shows that those moments have some hidden beauty. Now story telling is a very different aspect, it reveals a story as it is, page by page, you get deep in to it as it tells the story of real life, the naked truth, where misery of life never reveals any philosophical answers and the death leaves everyone astray. Derivation of life by the first time author Viraj J. Mahajan, is the storytelling in its purest form, it is one the simplest story I ever read, there is no literature, no message whatsoever, just a simple story put in front of you to read, like you are reading someone’s heart who doesn’t know how to put the feelings in words and still, you get mesmerized from the very first line of it. It is the story of Archna, her husband Vijay and their son Arjun, and small daughter Radhika, they live in the holy city of Ujjain, the city of Lord Mahakal the SHIVA. If you read this novel profoundly, sucking in each and every sentence then you will observe, how authors has very minutely woven the concept of ShreemadbhagvatGeeta in this, which is not visible at the very first glance, it’s not written anywhere, just a hint given by author very cleverly. As the story progresses it gets revealed to you that the whole story is about the fear of our karma, the simple truth told by lord Krishna, that “One has to pay for their own karma, nobody in this world or the other is going to take a part in it and share the fruit of your doings, only you have to pay for your karma, good or bad as after-all, it’s your karma.” this whole story revolves around that single concept somehow. Another great thing to consider is that after a long time you will read some great story in which MOTHER is the central character which is without a doubt, one of the most respected person in real world and yet one of the most ignored character in the world of literature, and it’s great to read something this subtly written piece of art on MOTHER and her deep devotion towards her family from an Indian author. The author takes you in his grasp from his very first line, which haunts you while reading this entire novel and you simply ask only one question ‘WHY SHE DID THAT?’ This whole story is from the perspective of Archana’s son Arjun who is trying to understand the whole situation and writing a mental journal while talking to his future self, and with him, from the very start; you also go on a journey of understanding who her mother was and why she actually did what she did. This is author’s sheer brilliance that he chose to tell his story in a very simple way, like someone is confused and telling you his story to know your view and asking you what should I do now? Tell me. It starts with a silent chaos and it ends with only silence. Until the very last page you are going to feel like there is something more to come, but it leaves you with the deep silence and solitude and that’s the true beauty of it that you too being a reader agree that it’s the right ending. Another main character, Radhika, the daughter and her silent personality affects you so profoundly that even after the end of this book she remains with you for several days. Vijay’s character very elegantly explores the true grief and emotional side of a father and a husband who tries with all his heart and soul to make his family happy. The city of Ujjain is also a character in it, and you will observe its mood changing according to the mood of the character. Every character has it’s very brief and effective part to play, you will observe no character is explored too deeply by writing the description about it, but through the talks and the situations in the novel, you come to know deeply about each and every character, that’s authors cleverness, he knows how to make you sit and bind you in his story. Very simple yet very profoundly written, heart wrenching, haunting and lovable piece of storytelling you may come across after a long time, very highly recommended.

  • Megha Goyal
    2019-04-30 09:09

    ************* FIRST READS WINNER **************I have always been a fan of Romance and Fantasy novels. It was on a whim that I entered the giveaway and i must say i was a lucky one. This book thought me that even thou fantasy is far better than reality, only reality can teach you the true meaning of life. The story of a mother and her struggle, her courage and her loss is far beyond my imagination. I never thought one could suffer so much in her life.It made me laugh and it made me cry... cry hard for the loss of a mother not once but twice.I thought i would give very inspiring and an exceptional review for this book. But now, I can't seem to find the right words to describe the emotions I felt while my journey of reading this book.But yes, I can tell you that I recommended this book to one of my colleagues and his words the very next day were "There are still good authors who can write GREAT READS without any nonsense and can touch your heart merely by words".IT's A MUST READ.....

  • Spectralhues
    2019-05-09 07:19

    “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced”. This is what Viraj J. Mahajan tries to convey through his debut novel Derivation of Life in which he has bring forth how life undergoes changes unknowingly with each and every incident that is happening in course of our life. We have no control over them and the only thing we can do is reacting to the situation accordingly.The novel spins round a family based in the holy city of Ujjain which is popularly believed to be the city of Lord Mahakal, the Shiva. It is about a middle-class family, which like any other family, dreams of living a life very peacefully. They all were happy with their life. Arjun, the story-teller, reveals how life has been beautiful for his parents since his birth and that how much happy his mother has been. Everything was going fine for them and nothing could have changed that- that was all Archana- Arjun’s mother wished to have. However that was not to be. As we all know man proposes but God disposes, Archana and Vijay, Arjun’s father, faced a new challenge in their life when they had a new member in their family in the form of a baby girl. Archana always wanted to provide a perfect life for her family but the course of her life takes a drastic turn after Radhika was born for Radhika was not like other children as she was suffering from an incurable illness that has left her like an inanimate object. Now to know how Archana lives her life and manages to keep everything in the balance even after such a shocking experience you have to go through Mr. Mahajan’s well written piece of literary creation.The great thing about Viraj J. Mahajan’s novel is that he never tries to preach anything yet the reader after finishing the novel will find something to take from it. His lucid use of language and flow of writing will keep the reader engrossed for the 205 pages and keep you guessing about what’s coming up next. Not for once you will feel that it’s a bit dragged for every next moment the characters face some sort of a challenge or the other. The art of characterization has also been classy enough as the novel throws light on each and every character involved in the story. Also the novel gives an idea of the fact that the author has immense knowledge about the preaching of the Bhagwat Gita as there is always a flow of an undertone of the idea that “One has to pay for their own karma, nobody in this world or the other is going to take a part in it and share the fruit of your doings, only you have to pay for your karma, good or bad as after all it’s your karma”.Special thanks go to the author for taking up such a matter and making a Mother the protagonist of his novel. The way he brings up the life of a Mother is quite amazing. Not only that what sacrifices a woman makes in her life just to make life easy for her family is neatly portrayed by the author in his novel. It immediately reminds me of John Millington Synge's famous one-act play Riders to the Sea where the protagonist Maurya suffers from similar kind of fate. It's quite obvious that you cannot compare Mahajan's novel wiyh Synge's play but the portrayal of the sufferings and the sacrifices that a woman makes brings these two literary creations on the same plane. And for the readers all I can say is that just go through the novel and for few more times think of that woman in your life who is always there beside you in your good times as well as when your are facing the blues.(Review by Argha Ghosh)

  • Sucheta
    2019-04-30 05:09

    This book was sent to me by the publishers as a part of the Goodreads Firstreads program. The book is a good attempt by the author. However, the mistakes in the writing, which one can't help but notice...they are dime a dozen. These cause hiccups in an otherwise gripping story. I hope he gets a good editor and works on making the book better and publishes an improved second edition. Two stars out of five for the author's efforts in storytelling.

  • Acharya Vamshi
    2019-04-28 03:10

    Nice work. Good start and sad ending.

  • Eshita Dey
    2019-05-07 08:58

    I'd received this book as part of a Goodreads Giveaway and I'd instantly liked the cover of the book!Coming to the book, I did like the book and indeed, this book did have typo(s) and grammatical errors lesser than the other books, yet it did have some. As of the storyline, the story ending dejected Me and I somehow couldn't help but give it 4 stars, because I felt the story had been just so depressing. It could have been made a bit different, you know.Also, the language tone used throughout the book could have been made better.

  • Priyanka Batra Harjai
    2019-04-27 10:57

    I had never cried this much, ever after completing most of the sentimental stories read so far!Derivation Life is a emotional tell tale from an experienced writer - Vira J Mahajan. He aspires to become a Bollywood writer someday but for me, he has become one. I would be one of his numerous fans someday. He shares that his story is based on his personal experiences based in Ujjain during 90’s but the effect it leaves and the trail of emotions that it surfaces is just timeless.Witnessing a live body and that too of a person whom you have always seen chirping, chatting and charming , is just unbearable. It is NOT AT ALL easy to bring that pain into words and let the readers feel those cold pangs of silence. He caught my attention, there and then and after this, I could not stop myself. (As I had shared with you earlier as well) I had lost my mother during my childhood only in an accident, that pain resurfaced. Yes, I admit that I am emotional on such a subject but then, I guess, I have the courage to stand and advocate for the writers who write about such incidents in a justified and respectful manner.Find out the real meaning of derivation of life.I could very easily correlate with the characters and their emotions because I had myself experienced those dreaded moments some day. He has never stretched any scene beyond acceptance. The chapters are very much focused and do not just fill up the pages extending word count. I felt as if I am watching a tele-serial and every chapter is an episode! This feeling instill my faith in him and an able writer.Along with the usual readers of fiction, this is a must read for other aspiring writers as well. I guess, this can be picked as an enacting script for college dramas as well.A meaningful story written with an attention grabbing beginning, soul wrenching story and a logical end – a story which will remain close to my heart and mind for long time.Source:

  • Sandeep Sharma
    2019-05-19 11:15

    First of all, thanks a lot for writing this book because after reading ‘Derivation Of Life’, I came to know what simplicity means. Viraj, the author of this book, is a pure genius and I would say that he deserves a bow for his commendable work.Story of the book revolves round the character named ‘Archana’ and her small family. Basically the story is about the struggle, Archana and her family, faces because of her ‘ill’ daughter. From the starting scene, till the very end of the book, the story will keep you engrossed, not because of any kind of suspense or something, but because of the narration of the book. The book is written from the perspective of Arjun (Archana’s son) and the one thing I loved about the author is that he has shown the mental growth of a child through his words. As the story goes on, Arjun’s mental state keeps on changing as well.There are some very small elements in the book that are used by the author pretty brilliantly. For example the short story that Archana’s husband recites before the children and how Arjun used it in his narration while explaining the situation.The one character which I loved the most was Archana’s husband. He seems to be like someone from your own family, for me, he was like my father. Reading this book is like sitting on a beach and watching the playful flow of the water.For me, this was the first time that I found a book that worked as a time portal. I was lost somewhere else when I was reading this book. This book is having a strange aura that will keep you bound and will keep on asking some very basic question about life.I would love to recommend this book to every literature lover to learn what impact can ‘simplicity’ leave on human soul and heart. I am going to remember the book for my whole life.FULL REVIEW AT 'THE AUTHOR'S BLOG'.

  • Book'd
    2019-05-24 04:19

    This book starts off with a promise of being a gripping novel. This is one of a highly emotional book I have read this year. The story may take you gradually under the effect of depression as you continue with it.This is a story of a middle class Gupta family. Husband Vijay, wife Archana and son Arjun. They are living a peaceful life which becomes a roller coaster ride after birth of their second child - a daughter - Radhika who is a child with physical disorder named Cerebral Palsy. This medical disorder does not allow the brain to develop and support the body functions.I would not mention the further story here in the interest of readers. The following incidents are quite emotional and heart wrenching.About the prose and story building, I would like to say that the debut author Viraj J. Mahajan has to go a long way to become established in the story writing. He has a nice imaginary skills but needs further improvement in putting those imaginations in words. At some points I felt that some narrations were completely unnecessary, too lengthy, unnecessarily complicate sentences building etc. However we cannot expect the perfection from a new author, Viraj has tried to prove his skill with his first book and I wish him all the very best for his future works.I got this book in exchange of an honesh review from Goodreads. This review is a collection of my own thoughts about the book and are in no way biased.

  • Nitin Vadher
    2019-05-13 07:19

    Everyone is facing an untold problem, but the fact is they have to face the reality of life. Derivation of life is a journey of middle class family to survive against all odds. Life takes exam first and then teaches the lesson, how to survive in this world. So far this book has shown us the dark reality of middle class family, many times tears roll down through my eyes while reading this book. The story revolves around mother (Archana) and her daughter (Radhika) who is born with mental illness i.e. cerebral palsy. The problem started when archana got pregnant with her second child Radhika. Archana takes extreme care of her daughter for her survival; on the other hand Vijay radika’s and arjun’s father does extra work to bring happiness to his family. The book is the perfect example of how middle class family lived at the time of 90’s in India. The writing style of the author is easy to understand and way of conveying is excellent, each and every character has been given due importance, also the content is perfect, the book is not stretched just to fill the pages, the author has a very bright future. The true nature of mother and her dedication to family is expressed perfectly by the author.

  • Suparna Bahinipati
    2019-05-13 04:53

    When a child is born, a mother is born and along with the mother,takes birth, the unconditional love , the hopes and the dreams for her "FOREVER CHILD". But one day when the baby departs for ever, the imprint of her footsteps engraves the mother's soul. Grief doesn't ever expire for her. She lives with it every single day and takes it to the grave.Derivation of life is a saga of an indescribable journey of survival against all odds.The book takes you on a tour of the early 90's and revolves around the life of a middle class family of UJJAIN and their fight to save their second child, RADHIKA, from Cerebral Palsy. As a mother, Archana , goes to the extreme extent to save her child,As a responsible father and a husband, Vijay, tries all the ways out to bring back the long lost happiness of his family and the protagonist, Arjun, in the midst of this battle of life , misses the innocence of the childhood and one day loses the love of his life, his Mother.Viraj J.Mahajan, the best aspect of your novel is the Dream Interpretation or should i say Divine Intervention. Each dream , you have narrated, has been gracefully related to the real life incidents and i believe that makes you distinct as a writer. Keep up the good work, and wish you success for your upcoming novels.

  • Akshita Parihar
    2019-05-04 07:16

    Firstly I love the way writer has told the story in a very simple flawless and mesmerizing form the whole time I felt like I was also a character of the book like someone is telling me his story by sitting me down and sharing his intimate thoughts like a friend does thats the way a story should be told its a sharing which brings us closer to the people I felt like the entire time I was sitting beside radhika and radhika's eyes were telling me that she dont want to be a burden on her famly she wants to break free out of this body but she loved her mother too which was the most touching thing I felt. This book has brought the true nature of a mother and her responsibility towards her famly in light. All the dreams are written in highly intriguing, mesmerizing and touching way they go deep into you heart and remain there forever. Author has perfectly explained the very miner details of the city UJJAIN which is also a essential part of whole story. Its been a great experince to read this book and I am always going to keep it in my all time favorites collection. 5/5 must read.

  • Anshu
    2019-05-06 07:58

    When you know the characters are real and the words penned down by author are simple and vivid, then you have to love the book. Derivation of life is a daring attempt to present the struggle of middle class family when most of the authors in present time start with love story. Once you have picked up the book, you won't be able to put it down. It grips you so much that you start defending Archana (the main character of the book) with the struggles that she and her family is facing. You start picturing Radhika , the beautiful girl and in the back of your mind you will start having a discussion with the god inside you that why does she have to suffer?I personally got attached to it and I hope(actually, i know) that every readers will get attached to it too. I look forward to read more novels by the author :) All the best Viraj!

  • Ankit
    2019-05-23 05:54

    After reading the book I realized that the story was of a mother and it was written as if it was written by a mother. When a mother cooks food for you, its not just food, but you can feel her love in every pinch of spice, her care in every steer and her firm control over intensity of heat; in the same way the book nourishes your mind, body and soul.Very neatly crafted with all the emotions and cautiously stitched with all the twists and turns, the book captures you and instantaneously takes you to an entirely new world; where you can live with all the characters and feel the warmth of their love.A definite page turner and with such a debut of the author, I've no other option but to helplessly wait for his next one!!!

  • Kaushal Gupta
    2019-04-30 10:55

    The first thing that made me fall in love with the book even before reading a page of it was the simplicity of the cover page. The story revolves around a middle class family from Ujjain and is set in early 90's. Every character in the story has something or the other to contribute and make it more interesting. The characters are so well written that they make their presence felt even at a mention of their name. For complete review visit Viraj J. Mahajan

  • Yogesh
    2019-05-22 03:11

    Derivation of Life is set in 90's of Ujjain.Archana and Vijay are happy to go middle class couple. Their life is their son, Arjun. But when they have their second child, Radhika, things start to change.Archana becomes that mother who sees nothing apart from her daughter. Vijay becomes that character whose heart is in pain by the condition of his family and Arjun....Arjun seems like the most mature teen one would ever encounter with.I bought one copy from Amazon and then I read it and found it so amazing that I bought five more and gifted them to my friends as a New Year gift.

  • Srishti Joshi
    2019-04-29 04:58

    A really really good stuff to read... the story is written in such a way that you feel you are watching a whole picture in front of you... you get immersed in the story and u feel connected to each and every character you will feel pain of Archana when she was trying to help her family on the island or u will feel love of Arjun when he first saw Meera... the story has everything for you... a perfect combination of emotions. .. eagerly waiting for another book from author

  • Gargi Nagar
    2019-04-23 06:17

    A heart touching saga of feelings / emotions / life! A must read for those looking out for answers for questions like "WHY ME?!" Not sure if I would categorize it in - fiction; biopic; Motivation; self-help. A blende of all.

  • Gulnaaz
    2019-05-06 07:05

    A superb narration!Author has presented the mother love in such a simple and flawless manner. Kudos to the author, keep up the good work :)

  • Kapil Siwariya
    2019-05-16 10:00

    A perfect family drama , Liked it . a simple read at same time very gripping .

  • Avishek Jha
    2019-04-23 10:18

    Beautiful start tragic ending

  • Arpit Gupta
    2019-04-25 11:04

    Amazing book. One of the best writing