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**This story features Dillon and Cadence from Hear Me Now (Count On Me #2). It is recommended by the author that in order to understand this one, you first read that one.****Due to the sexual nature of some of the scenes present in the book, it is recommended for ages 17 and up.**A father convicted of criminal mischief and sentenced to twenty years in prison. A mother who’**This story features Dillon and Cadence from Hear Me Now (Count On Me #2). It is recommended by the author that in order to understand this one, you first read that one.****Due to the sexual nature of some of the scenes present in the book, it is recommended for ages 17 and up.**A father convicted of criminal mischief and sentenced to twenty years in prison. A mother who’s so lost in the bottom of a bottle of pills, most days I’m not even sure she knows her own name. You’d think with role models like that, I’d know what to avoid. But if you know anything about me at all, nothing simple is ever really that simple. Cadence changed all of that. Making me feel and experience things that for the last eleven years I thought were only meant for fairy tales and dreams. She gave me my heart back, bringing hope and faith along for the ride, until all I could hear was her. She became my world, a beginning with no end, and it was so damn beautiful that I started to believe there was nothing that would ever tear us apart. Until something, or rather someone did. Me. I've been told that love isn't about trying, failing and giving up when things get hard. That real love is continuing to try despite it, so just like a year ago, I’m going to do it again, and this time around our beginning will have an end. Cadence and Dillon together. Forever. I’m in the fight of my life and this time, I don’t plan to lose....

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Here & Now Reviews

  • Melyssa Winchester
    2019-05-27 02:15

    Even though I'm gonna list this in the Summary/Blurb bit at the top, I feel the need to also make sure it's stated in my review. I'm nothing if not brutally honest about the stuff I write, love it or hate it. So here goes. What you can expect from this book:Coming of age, both for Dillon and Cadence, but Dillon is my little work in process so look for it a lot more with him. This is YA, but it's on the mature end. Not because of the language, which if you've read the other one, you know is gonna be present because it's Dillon, BUT because there are sexual situations in this book that take things a step further then Kayden and Belle (Read All My Heart if you wanna see what I mean). It's fictional folks, it's always fictional, but there are real life issues in it. So if it's not your thing, don't read it. I'm cool with it, but if you even remotely liked the last book, you won't be disappointed here. It's more romantic, but NOT all romantic. Again, this is Dillon.That about sums this book up in a nutshell without giving anything away LOL. If you take the chance, I thank you and if you leave behind a review/rating good or bad, I'm thanking you here and I'll thank you in the actual review when i catch it. Dillon also thanks you and he'll see you on October 31 <3

  • J.M. Winchester
    2019-06-14 04:17

    My coauthor told me that i should come in here an say somethin about the book so here goes. tho not sure what i can tell u that she hasnt already said. Dillon Murphy is complex guy an a lot of that comes from me knowin guys like him an being guys like him. nothin is ever easy with him an for a lot of guys its not easy so just when ya think that hes good and clear of all the bullshit, life throws him a curveball and throws the guy under the bus.He's got serious flaws but Cadence is his center. when everythin blows up around this self proclaimed asshole, shes there an even tho some will say shes a doormat or whatever she sticks with him because she sees what the rest of the world gave up on a long damn time ago.Amphetamine abuse and sports related injuries are in this. so if that aint up ur alley dont even bother. Like the other Winchester said, if u remotely liked the first Dillon story u will dig this one. If u were one of the ones that said u wanted more romance, ur welcome. u got it. it's there. my coauthor was wrong when she said that it wasn't there a lot. it is. its just Dillon style which aint for everyone. like it or hate it im good. thanks for takin the shot on my part in it. Melyssa gave me a shot at somethin and i ran with it and i think we did one hell of a job with what we put out. im a bias ass tho so dont believe anythin i said. read it for urself. I should also say that the book looks nothin like this review. if it did i'm pretty sure my coauthor woulda killed me. she hates red lines of death. lol

  • Ryan Ringbloom
    2019-05-30 04:05

    First off - I was very excited to read a book not only by Melyssa, but by her equally talented co-author Joey. Aside from the beautiful romance and strong way of dealing with difficult issues, this book proved to be even more. We know these characters now. We're close with them. More than a couple of times they would say a line that took me off guard. I would need to put the book down and laugh. "Night, D. Sorry in advance for the noise.""Was what you had to talk to her somehow stuck in your throat and you needed her help to get it out?"Oh and ..."Brush your hair."LOL! I just loved this book. I totally tried to play the guessing game of who wrote what. Honestly...all I could do was guess. The story, characters, their words all flowed together so beautifully.The epilogue did throw me... and all I could think was do I say without spoiling????? It brought tears to my eyes to know that was another sound that would get to be heard. I'm tearing up now, thinking about what a gift that would be for her. I have already fallen in love with Ryder. I think he has the biggest heartbreak potential and cannot wait for his story!!Great job guys!!! ❤ya!!

  • Pamela Sparkman
    2019-05-27 01:10

    The Count on Me series is one of my favorites. It is a thoughtfully woven story into the lives of teenagers who battle real life issues from bullying to redemption. It is about self discovery in a world plagued with ridicule for being different to finding your own voice in a world that most of the time doesn’t make much sense. It is about fighting not only for yourself, but for those you love. It’s about forgiveness and standing tall in the face adversity. It’s about acceptance. And in the story Here & Now, we get to see the spirit of human growth as we watch Dillon (an ex bully) and Caddy (a deaf girl) nurture their relationship through the battlefield of life. “In case you haven’t figured it out yet, where I really want to be is with you.”“I want to be with you too.”Dillon fell in love with Caddy in Hear Me Now. It all started with a note passed in class when he decided there was something special about the girl he sat next to. A girl he wanted to get to know.“I’m Dillon.”“Cadence.”“Cadence. Thanks. This isn’t such a death sentence anymore.”Their road to falling in love was rocky to say the least, but somehow Caddy softened the former bully’s heart and now he can’t see a future without her. Communicating with someone who can’t hear you has its ups and downs, but when Dillon opens his heart fully to Caddy, love comes through loud and clear. But Caddy wants to hear the sound of Dillon’s voice. The tone of his laughter. The whisper of his I love you’s, and she’s given the option to receive Cochlear implants. However, she fears that the implants will ultimately be unsuccessful since nothing has ever helped in the past, but Dillon refuses to let Caddy run scared. He convinces her that she should have the surgery. If it works, great. If not, then their lives won’t change. He’ll still love her and life will go on. It’s beautiful to see how far Dillon has come since the first book in the Count on Me series. But he still has some battles to fight of his own, even while he helps Caddy fight hers. An injury that could ruin his football career and a choice he makes in order to keep it all hidden from the girl he loves more than his own life. Not wanting to worry her, he finds himself tangled up in a web of half truths and then later a life altering consequence of those actions. Dillon and Caddy’s story is equal parts beautiful and heartbreaking. And they are both equal parts strong and fragile. I loved every word of this story, and by the time I reached the closing lines of the epilogue I was equal parts giddy and teary-eyed. It was absolutely perfect. I would say the best epilogue of the series so far.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-28 06:20

    I've always been a fan of Dillon. From hear me now he created a special place in my heart . Then when I heard there would be a second book dedicated to Dillon and Caddy I was over the moon. This book is different to hear me now because its more focused on Caddy and Dillon's relationship and the struggles they face as a couple. Dillon is still Dillon he will always have a little asshole in him but in fairness if he changed dramatically would he still be Dillon no. He is different though Caddy has worked her magic on him so you get to meet the new Dillon with a little of the old thrown in for good measure.I love this book because you do see what love has done to him to both of them as a couple. As they grow together and go through tough times and come out stronger both individually and as a couple. The author has dealt with some common issues that every young adult faces but also issues that you would not hear so much about. I love Melyssa's writing style and also the face she is not afraid to write about sensitive issues like ones Dillon and Caddy face in this book and their previous story.This book has everything surprise sadness happiness love and most of all Dillon. Its a definite must read and I highly recommend it.

  • Pamela Sparkman
    2019-06-23 00:21

    Review coming soon!

  • Mandy
    2019-06-08 04:30

    4 Rocky loves Adrian Stars!AH, i loved this book so much! These two are perfect for each other. This story made me go through so many emotions with both characters, I couldn't stop reading. From the first time we meet Dillon in this series, I've had mixed feelings about him. Seems like in every book he's in, my feelings toward him have changed. First, i loathed him. Then, i empathized with him followed by liking him. But now I can definitely say I love him. People can change for the better and Dillon proves that. You gotta love good character development.One of my favorite things about this series is how real the relationships are. While I am a fan of fluffy lovey-dovey stories, it's nothing compared to reading about a couple that goes through hardships and can work them out in the end. This is why I enjoy Cadence and Dillon so much. They're just so REAL. It's refreshing really. I mean yes they have their very romantic lovey dovey moments - which i loved and smiled like an idiot over - but they deal with a lot of changes in their lives in this story.I can't explain how happy I am that things worked out for them in the end. Cadence got what she's always hoped for but never really allowed herself to believe was possible and Dillon finally got what he's been missing all along. I can't say what those things are because that would be spoiling this lovely story. You all are just gonna have to find out for yourselves.Also can I just say that the news Caddy gives Dillion in the epilogue left me open mouthed in shock? Did NOT see that coming AT ALL. But it makes sense for them though, it works with them. So I was happy and content with the ways things played out. Everything fell into place for me as I'm sure it did for them. Another great book in this series. Bravo to both authors! You've hit it out of the park - or field I guess since Dillion loves his football haha :)

  • Zara
    2019-06-03 03:33

    PLEASE NOTE: THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE SECOND BOOK, HEAR ME NOW."You own every piece of me, Cadence Taylor, and if you let me, I'll spend the rest of my life proving to you that you're the only thing left worth fighting for." (Dillon, 5%)I was so excited to read Hear and Now. In All My Heart, Dillon became my favourite character and wanted to read more about him. However, I ended up appreciating Isabelle's and Kayden's story in All My Heart, more than I enjoyed Cadence and Dillon's story.I've read quite a few of Melyssa Winchester's books and her portrayal of relationships is extremely realistic. Yes, Dillion and Cadence might not have a perfect relationship and they have to deal with tons of issues and insecurities, but they act like a "real world" couple. They communicate with and challenge each other, cut through all the nonsense that threatens to tear them apart and stick together through thick and thin. It's extremely easy to support their relationship. My only issue with their relationship is that it progresses too quickly, but that's definitely a "me issue".Hear and Now also deals with the main characters singular lives, trials and tribulations. Cadence is considering having a cochlear implant sugery and Dillon is dealing with the aftereffects from the events that took place in Hear me Now as well as the only other thing that keeps him alive, football. However, Dillon's devotion to football becomes negative when he injures his knee. I found both Dillion's and Cadence's responses to their various trials and tribulations realistic and their support for each other, the "we" factor in their relationship, endearing.I do wish that the secondary characters such as Kayden, Isabelle, Eric and Isaac were more present in Hear and Now. However, I can't help but love Mrs Taylor for being one of the best mothers in fiction and we are also introduced to Ryder, a secondary character with a ton of secrets who appears in Unbroken, the sixth book in the Count On Me Series.A complaint that runs through this series for me is the typos, grammatical and sentence construction errors that detract from the story. However, the characters feelings, emotions and reasoning that jump off the page make up for this minor annoyance. Hear and Now is an extremely realistic story of two people who fight their own fears and demons, while supporting each other and fighting for the love that they have. Aside from the typos and the fast pace of Dillon's and Cadence's relationship, this book portrays the characters feelings and emotions in such a way that I can't help but sympathise and understand what they are going through.Not the best book I've ever read, but not a bad one. "This Is The Start Of Something That Begins And Ends With Love" (94 - 95%)