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THE FINAL HOUR. THE FINAL FIGHT. THE FINAL WAR. The first of Agon’s chains has broken, and the others are straining. It is only a matter of time before he is free, before the world is engulfed in chaos and death. There are few left to stop him. Most of the gods can only sit and watch in horror from their prison in the heavens, but the resurrection of the father god CorriasTHE FINAL HOUR. THE FINAL FIGHT. THE FINAL WAR. The first of Agon’s chains has broken, and the others are straining. It is only a matter of time before he is free, before the world is engulfed in chaos and death. There are few left to stop him. Most of the gods can only sit and watch in horror from their prison in the heavens, but the resurrection of the father god Corrias gives the people of Iraldas a sliver of hope, a fighting chance. Yet the memory of Corrias' failure to defeat Agon in ages past plays heavily on all minds. Many know that it is only the might of the Warrior-god Telm that can defeat the Beast. That god is dead, but his power lives on in his bloodline, in Ifferon and others like him, and they are tasked with waging a final war against the Beast....

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  • Aditi
    2019-05-07 06:58

    The Chains of War by Dean F. Wilson is the third and the final book in the trilogy series of The Children of Telm, where Agon, the evil god bound by the chains in the very lair deep in to the earth has been broken and a war is on rage!Thanks to the author, Dean F. Wilson, for sending me over a copy of his book, in return for an honest review.In this grisly and deadly plot, Corrias in the body of Theos has been awakened and resurrected in the previous book and from al the directions, large groups of warriors are coming to fight for their ultimate destiny. In the previous book we see, Ifferon, the children of Telm has come to know about his paternity that he fathered a daughter, named Affon, with his one-true love, Geldirana, a Garigut tribe woman. Delin is now more powerful and his eyes are glistening with rage and fire to take down Agon for once and all, and he is happier to have Theos, the child by his side. Herr ‘Don, The Great is filled with power and new energy to destroy Agon and Herr ‘Don seems so unstoppable, with his one severed arm, he has shown his true colors of a great fearless warrior. But everyone's mind is filled with memories when Corrias failed in the hands of Agon and only Telm had the ability to take down Agon, but since Telm is dead, it is the duty of Children of Telm to play a great role in Agon's defeat. But will Ifferon, who sounds weak in his heart, will be able to play a greater role of a warrior? From the blurb itself, it sounds like that there is very less time in the hands of people of Iraldas, and also there are only select few left to fight the wrath of Agon and to save their fate from death and war. This time the author has made his plot more interesting and more colorful and filled with highly anticipative flow of events. With each passing moment, Agon's seven chains are cutting loose and Delin, Ifferon, Thalla, Geldirana and Affon is sweating and plotting hard to delay Agon's first attack. Yavun, another Children of Telm, whom we have met in the previous book, plays a greater role. All the characters are in their highest form, from one place to another, the earth below them is shaking with rage and wrath and more determined they are becoming with each passing second.The plot is highly intriguing and the end is inevitable! Dean F. Wilson takes the curtain down with his very flair and his highly eloquent style of narration. The characters are in their best form to face Agon, although in the war some great characters were lost, but still he retained the important ones, who have made an impressible mark upon our minds.The world shall minister to us our end And join us now in death when life could not; What union was not had, may marriage mend These aching hearts, and end this deadly plot. Fell in love with this Yavun's solemn song, which added a final touch to the very beautiful and sorrowful and a remarkably epic ending.

  • Jonel Boyko
    2019-05-22 02:17

    This is definitely a bittersweet moment for me. Finishing a fantastic novel is always a great feeling, yet the end of this trilogy that I’ve come to depend on for my escape from reality has come to an end. There’s just something about Wilson’s writing that keeps me hooked from cover to cover. I swear he could write about the weather and I wouldn’t be able to put it down. Combine his fantastically captivating writing style with the intricate plot that he’s created and you have a novel that I absolutely devoured. I loved the mix of characters and personalities that we meet in the story. Those that we’ve been travelling with throughout the series have become close friends that I loved revisiting. These vivid and creative individuals each have their own strength and weaknesses that lend themselves to the adventure of a lifetime. Backed up by the seamless plot and vivid descriptions the sense of darkness and urgency really shines through. Myth and fantasy blend with reality in uniquely interesting ways that one can’t escape. Suspense and intrigue make their way into the tale as adventure rules the day. This was a great novel (and series) that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to fantasy lovers anywhere. It was an in depth, intricate tale that truly enriched my life. This series will definitely become one of my staple fantasy reads.Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

  • Gordon Strong
    2019-05-15 07:02

    Followers of Dean Wilson’s excellent trilogy, ‘The Children of Telm’ will have mixed feelings now that Book Three has appeared. They will be gratified to read a further instalment of this engaging saga, but perhaps experience a certain melancholy that the tale has come to a close.They will, however, not be disappointed - this is a worthy finale. The temptation is to list all the good things that await the reader without giving away the plot. Our esteemed author will not be pleased by a spoiler!The notion that men were once gods is a root of all mythology and even of magic. Yet, these new tales are not necessarily reworking of old themes. The music may be ancient, but Wilson creates fresh melodies within it.Many of the pieces on the board are already familiar, now the relationship between characters is developed, not exclusively for narrative purposes, but to intensify their presence. When tenderness is required – to depict Theos, the small boy intrinsic to the legend - Wilson shows his literary mettle. The passage, when Yavun comforts Ifferon in his struggle to find courage, is also particularly well done.Ifferon, who is transformed from priest to warrior, is lushly pictured in his silver armour. This is a tale of many transitions, and all handled with a subtle pen. As before, Wilson demonstrates his lyrical skills, befitting a published poet. The songs and poems that appear as a pleasant surprise in the text are a joy to read, even to recite! The Beast is the central theme of the book and this emerges with due drama, one worthy of a Roger Corman epic, or a Hammer Horror. This is not a criticism, if the element of suspense is handled in a filmic manner that will only add to the whole. The monster, which has some disagreeable habits such as the power to revive the dead, is depicted masterfully.As Delin announces, ‘I can best serve…on the battlefield, while there are still battles to be fought’. From magical contests to epic conflict, there is much fighting in these pages. The skill is not to make combat appear tedious, though it may be so in reality. Wilson’s many skills as a writer serve him well here.Far-reaching questions are posed in the tale. Even if Agon perishes does that necessarily mean all evil is vanquished in this realm? The warning - that by destroying an evident evil a greater may rise – is timely to our own world. Following in the footsteps of other shrewd and accomplished writers, Wilson leaves the door open for a sequel. Yet another bonus for his admirers!

  • Susan Lulgjuraj
    2019-05-21 10:20

    I was looking forward to finishing Dean F. Wilson’s trilogy involving gods, monsters and heroes. The first two books in The Children of Telm series took on a daunting task of an epic fantasy that brought together a band of people from all walks of life in Wilson’s world – which are so varied and different from one person to the next.While The Chains of War had a satisfying conclusion, I was still disappointed. The Chains of War (Book Three of The Children of Telm) felt rushed compared to the previous installments. I wanted a bit more action from the first book – and I got it – but I almost felt it came at the sacrifice of Wilson’s prose that I had grown to enjoy.The first two books felt detailed and nourished. In The Chains of War, there were times where Wilson could have built a surprise, but instead the scenes were diluted.That’s not to say, I didn’t enjoy The Chains of War. I did.Wilson’s world was different than many others I have read. Some of the characters were unique and there was an interesting twist in the attempt to get rid of the evil god that none of the characters realized until it was too late.While the long, winding journey came to a close, I couldn’t say I wasn’t a little sad to see some of characters go. I didn’t want their stories to end just yet. Perhaps a prequel or an origin story for a couple of the heroes would help fill that void.**Originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog. May have received a free review copy. **

  • Dianne
    2019-05-04 02:56

    With high tension, a great flare for intrigue and his own brand of creative passion, Dean F. Wilson brings his world back to life as the deadliest battle is about to be waged, in The Chains of War. Agon has been raging, his chains are breaking and the race contain or kill him is on. His minions are prepared for battle, their numbers are uncountable and victory seems unattainable for Ifferon and his allies. Can they gather the forces needed to defend themselves? Are the gods so different from mortals? Who will remain standing in the final battle? Agon is coming and Corrias claims to be ready to defeat the monster.Ifferon claims not to have a warrior’s heart but can he cower in the background as his allies and friends willingly risk their lives in battle? In the war waged against evil, the final battle will determine the fate of Ifferon’s world. Heroes will fall, lives will be destroyed and when the stench of death lay upon the battlefield, who will be standing when Good battles Evil? Will it end here or will there be more bloodshed?The Children of Telm must rise to the occasion and Dean F. Wilson has given them all of the necessary tools they will need, but did he give them enough heart? Mr. Wilson is gifted with the ability to draw readers into his world where time and location are felt through his words and vivid descriptions. I felt I was there, facing off on a battlefield that would soon be a river of blood and death, swords clanged, horses thundered at full gallop and the smell of evil permeates the air. So many characters, races and personalities have come to life under his pen as the lines of fantasy and reality blur. Excellent storytelling,twists,believable characters, truly authentic emotions and non-stop action will leave you breathless as the final page is turned. Dean F. Wilson had me enthralled, once again, and that is an author’s gift to his readers, to connect so closely that the reader feels every step of the story.I received this copy from Dean F. Wilson in exchange for my honest review.Series: The Children of Telm - Book 3Publication Date: August 12, 2014Publisher: Dioscuri PressGenre: Epic Fantasy AdventurePrint Length: 294 pagesAvailable from: Amazon |  Barnes & NobleReviewed for:

  • Justin
    2019-05-05 08:59

    I'm going to start this review with a confession: I'm not often a fan of the final book in a trilogy. I don't really like endings, having to say goodbye to the characters I've grown attached to, and not being able to make up scenarios in my head for them. I also feel like conclusions are often rushed or subpar, and rarely do I enjoy them as much as the first few books in the series (The Hunger Games, for example). Going into the last leg of the Children of Telm series by Dean Wilson, I was understandably a little nervous. I'd become a fan of Ifferon and his companions (particularly Delin and Geldirana, they were my favorite characters), and didn't want to turn the last pages on their story. Wilson did a fantastic job wrapping up his series, and keeping me hooked throughout the entire book. The Chains of War is a great concluding book, and earns itself 4 out of 5 stars and a glowing review from me. This is a difficult review to write, because there are a lot of details and quotes that I would love to incorporate, and can't do that because I don't want to spoil the book for anyone. I can say that the battle between Agon and Corrias was quite remarkable to read, and I was reminded of Rick Riordan and the mythology placed into his books. Corrias and Agon can walk the earth, be looked upon by mortal eyes, and Agon is capable of being hit by mortal weapons and hands, even if they do not inflict that much damage. I am not a fan of gods being completely unapproachable by mortals, and I liked that Ifferon and company could truly help Corrias, rather than just being background noise. This world that Wilson has created is immense, and he does a wonderful job describing every facet. I am especially grateful for the map that was included, it made Ifferon's journey much easier to see and understand. I also really liked Yavun's poetry in this book, I feel like because there were fewer poems, they added so much more to the story without being overwhelming. Dean Wilson is incredibly skilled in his writing, from drawing me into his world that he has created, to emotionally linking me with his incredible characters. I felt so deeply for each of the characters whenever something happened to them, and found myself dreading the final chapters of the trilogy, knowing that this would be it for Ifferon, Geldirana, and all the other characters fighting against Agon. Books such as The Chains of War are few and far between, and truly demonstrate the passion that their authors have for writing. Dean Wilson is certainly a force to be reckoned with, and I look forward to reading his other works. If you haven't already, I highly recommend downloading The Call of Agon, and starting this tremendous series. I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from The Chains of War :) "It is not courage to not know fear, but rather it is courage to know fear and face it anyway."

  • Sue Vincent
    2019-05-05 09:13

    The Chains of War is the third book in the Children of Telm series. I would say ‘third and final’ but who knows…? There is enough possibility left at the end for the story to continue beyond the pages and into the imagination, as good stories always do.The first thing that struck me when unpacking the book was the cover. The artwork for this first edition of the trilogy by Soheil Toosi is superb. They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but here the illustrations are perfect to set the tone for what lies within. On another note, I feel I should mention that the books are clearly presented in a good sized typeface which makes for easy reading by a bedside lamp… quite lethal…I would say, right at the start, that as with any other such series, you will need to read the two preceding volumes to get the full feeling of the world that the author has created. Iraldas is a complex place, where magic is part of life, the impossible is normal and where the gods are both out of reach and infinitely reachable… a dichotomy that Wilson explains as an attempt to show that mortal and divine may be more closely linked that we realise.Those acquainted with the Mysteries will recognise Wilson’s own knowledge of the subject, from which he draws inspiration to create some truly beautiful details in his world.“…I’ve had plenty of time to count all the stars in my eyes and though new ones won’t grow for me, no, they certainly will grow for you.”The book opens with the return of a god, carefully, delicately picking his way amongst the living. But Corrias is no warrior and the darkness of Agon cannot be defeated through his agency, so although there is triumph, the journey is far from over. Ifferon is armoured ready for battle, yet exchanging the robe of the cleric for a warrior’s garb serves to disguise his true identity as the chains are placed on his wrists…The story leads on to the final confrontation with Agon and the speaking of the Words… but to see what happens you will have to read the book…“… there is always room for the heart to grow…”A superb third book in the series. Highly recommended.Review based on a pre-release copy of the paperback.

  • Biswanath Banerjee
    2019-05-22 09:00

    It’s a saga of valour! It’s a saga of sacrifice! And it’s a saga of eternal quest of human from the darkness to the light!The tale is epic in scope- depicting a journey against evil, a battle against darkness and indomitable human will. It’s an absorbing story of fantasy no doubt-but more than that it’s the story of humanity- the humanity that can fight relentlessly and fearlessly against what is evil -even in the face of death!The children of Telm trilogy series is a work that tells the story of that human consciousness. We are here to discuss the book three of the epic work by Dean F. Wilson –The Chains of War. Let us take a quick glance at first some background information related to the book. Years ago-it was a war of good versus evil- a fierce battle between the war God Telm and the beast of the netherworld. Agon ultimately became responsible to the death of the war god-but the beast was also got chained up in the underworld. There was peace and tranquillity in the upper world, until………Until the chains that held him in place, started to loosen up, getting weak with passing years- giving the beast more and more freedom and ultimately“But this time the thrashing and kicking was different. His upper arm pulled on the chain, and it did not pull back. It did not tighten, but grew looser, until the very jaws of the metal ring no longer had any bite. And so with another angry strike he broke the chain, and he held up his freed arm like a trophy, and he banged his fist upon the stone roof above in victory.All the Hales heard, and all in Iraldas heard.The call of Agon has been answered.”It is a matter of time before the beast gets himself freed from dungeon and lashes his terror to the peaceful human world.The war God was long dead, is there anyone who can behold his mighty power?The father God Corrias has resurrected just in time to stop the avenging beast-but will he be able to stop him? Is he mighty enough?Is there any glimmer of hope?Read the complete review at

  • Dean
    2019-04-30 08:25