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Cassidy used to have a clean conscience and unstained hands. That was one hundred years ago.Today, hellish rage storms through her veins and gnawing guilt keeps her awake at nights. Thanks to her father's polluted blood, Cassidy and her sister, Harper, are Furors. Like all rage demons, death clings to them. But Cassidy is sick of living like a monster. Thankfully, she hasCassidy used to have a clean conscience and unstained hands. That was one hundred years ago.Today, hellish rage storms through her veins and gnawing guilt keeps her awake at nights. Thanks to her father's polluted blood, Cassidy and her sister, Harper, are Furors. Like all rage demons, death clings to them. But Cassidy is sick of living like a monster. Thankfully, she has one thing on her side: Time. It is running out. Soon, her body will slow and weaken. Soon, she will Fade from this world.However, Harper doesn’t believe in broken promises.On the night they were chased out of Scarlett Valley, Cassidy promised Harper she would return and look for the Source of Immortality. Though she can’t stand the thought of going back, Cassidy keeps her promise. But in Scarlett Valley, their secret is known and someone is watching for their return. Fearful of being discovered, Cassidy spends every free moment searching for the Source. That is, until she meets Sebastian Wick. He is exactly the boy Cassidy has always wanted, but never made the time for. Unfortunately, she is all out of time.Will Cassidy find the Source?Will she choose death or immortality?...

Title : Beneath Scarlett Valley
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Beneath Scarlett Valley Reviews

  • Camly Nguyen
    2019-05-14 02:01

    Summary : Cassidy has to find the Source to make her sister immortal. Why isn’t her sister doing it herself? Because why would you put effort into doing anything yourself when you can manipulate your sister into doing it for you.Review: Cassidy is a 117 years old furor but acts like a kid. She isn’t strong, wise nor patient. She’s a child that throws a tantrum every time she’s mad (geez girl stop PMS-ing), she feels like killing everyone because that’s her job and thinks that she’s powerful and cool but she’s not. This book just refuses to stand out from the other hundreds of thousands of YA books in the world.There was absolutely nothing different to it. Oh wait I forgot. There’s also an Instalove moment. It kind of went like this:*Cassidy walks in her class and sits next to a hot guys* *Cassidy realizes that this guy is hot and falls in love* You know how it went for the guy?*Guy sees random mad and sad girl sit next to him* BOOM Instalove Yes, you heard me "MAD AND SAD".*flashy letters+fireworks appear here* Dude, I’m pretty sure you just wanted to screw her. Also, the number of coincidences in this book baffles me. Especially when Cassidy and loverboy have a project to do together and it just happens to be about Furors.Really girl? Hell nah.Since the love party and googly-eyes took way to much space in the book, the plot and the settings were underdeveloped and felt very very fake but the writing wasn't painful enough to be a 1 star and not good enough to be a 3. Therefore I'll just have to settle with the 2.There are also some typo mistake present in the book.

  • Cheyenne
    2019-05-24 09:58

    I want to say thank you to the author for letting me read this book for in exchange of a honest review. There was only think I didn't really like about the book and that was that I didn't know much about the story but as it went along that got resolved. This book is different I never really read a book like that this plot wise. I couldn't find anything wrong with this book other than that. That is weird for me because I can normally find it being slower and seemed to drag but this didn't. Everything about this book was different and unique. This had myths in but not the usual myths. The cover is amazing everything about this book is amazing. I was on chapter 27 and I looked okay three more chapters. This book will not be resolved in three chapters. It was a good ending it didn't really have a major cliffhanger but it left you wanting more. If you have not read this book please stop reading here because you will get spoiled about everything. The main character is Cassidy and she is a furor and she wants to die even though she has a chance to live forever. So this whole book I honestly thought she was going to die and leave Sebastian. That didn't happen thank god because I would have cried my eyes out about that because it would have been awful. In order to live forever Cassidy has to find this thing called the source in order to live. Sebastian is like Jace but not Jace. I don't know if that makes any sense to you guys but it does to me and that's all that matters to some extent. I love this book so much I need the other book like now I mean I have so many question that I want answer. I guess this doesn't have as much spoilers ad I thought it would I'm in shock I loved this book I know I said this already. There are tons of plot twists here and there. All I know is Cassidy and Sebastian together forever. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.

  • Ramona Plant
    2019-04-26 03:25

    Finally, someone who tackles a different kind of paranormal story. I think this is the first time I have actually read a book about this type of paranormal, and LOVED it!!! I was happy to see that finally someone ventures outside of the usual vampires, were wolves, witches, fae and many others ....I never read about Furors and yes they are a bit "rough" around the edges but the main characters Harper and Cassidy are adorable. The way the became to be is intriguing and definitely like nothing I have ever read. The supporting characters who towards the end become more main characters are great additions to the story. The plot is very well thought out and has a good reading pace to it. I can't stress enough a book that reads where you neither feel rushed or are starting to fall asleep because it is dragging on, is important to me and this one nailed it. This was one of those books where I started to read and couldn't put it down until I was done with it.The ending is a closed ending, but allows for future books and make it a series.Well done. Look forward to read more from this author in the future.I have received this book from the author for an honest review. (LoP, Lovers of Paranormal)

  • Melanie
    2019-05-02 03:02

    4*sReview posted here... Scarlett Valley is an intriguing book and very easy to read and get into.We meet Cassidy Daniels and her sister Harper as they arrive at Scarlett Valley in search of ‘the Source’. Both Cassidy and Harper are Furors or rage demons -as the myths say- who constantly battle the internal rage and the need to kill. Their parents had become immortal by drinking from ‘the Source’ and had supposedly left clues for their daughters to achieve immortality to so that is all that Harper is interested in…. find the source and become immortal….. but Cassidy doesn’t want that, she wants to die because she doesn’t like what she is but she agrees to help Harper. She starts to rethink her decision however when she meets the schools swimming star – Sebastian – and begins to fall for him but could she ever get a happy ever after? She also finds that there are a few people who aren’t exactly who they’re meant to be and she needs to find out what everyone is up to because Furors don’t really have friends…. So who to trust?So, as I said, this book was very intriguing and moreish. I liked the set up of the girls being sisters and rage demons, they were both very hot tempered and I thought that got across their rage problem very well. I liked that they were on a sort of quest, like looking for the fountain of youth but in this case ‘the Source’ that when drunk from, will give the drinker immortality and I liked that both Cass and Harper were on opposite sides of the fence about using it because it gave us a view for both for and against using it. A lot of Scarlett Valley’s history is tied to the Furor and I thought that definitely added to the story, we get some folklore that everyone believes is false – but is it? And we also find that the Furor aren’t the only supernatural fish in the pond giving us a glimpse of an enemy and a long ago feud that moulded what happened to both sides. There is also a bit of a side thread of story about missing teens that ties humans into the equation too, especially Sebastian.I thought all of the characters were likable, there were a few instances when Cass & Harper came across as spoilt b*tches that irritated me a bit but I suppose that could be classed as the mannerisms of a rage demon. I liked Cass and Sebastian’s love connection, they fit well and got along great, it was nice to see her struggle to keep her demon in check more as if she was trying to be the better person and overcome her basic instincts.The story culminated into a big ending where there are some major reveals and some massive consequences and I’m very curious to see where it’s headed now – this was a good read though and I’ll be looking out for book 2.

  • Rachel Barnard
    2019-05-10 07:00

    “You’re not a monster,” Vicky said. “You certainly won’t earn the MVP of life award, but you’re not a lost cause.” (p. 231).Cassidy and Harper move back to their hometown of Scarlett. It has been years and years since they’ve been gone. Cassidy is 117. They are both Furors, half human half something else and if they can’t find The Source and immortality they will Fade and be consumed by their inner fire. Cassidy is ready for death until she meets a boy in Scarlett. Will she still be able to choose the Fade or has Sebastian changed her mind about trying to live forever and spending at least a few years with the mortal boy?Dempster’s premise is paranormal, but it is a different twist. The immortal ones (the two main characters searching for immortality) are female and there aren’t any conventional witches or werewolves in the story. The girls are Furors, which is a slightly different take on the usual paranormal. Most of Dumpster’s characters are otherworldly and she has built her own universe in Scarlett Valley.Cassidy is content to help her sister Harper find the Source and let Death and the Fade consume her over time. Instead of letting life slowly take hold of her, she is involved in the local high school, falls for the local award winning swimmer boy for SVHS and takes midnight walks with the neighbor. She can’t seem to take herself out of life and is swept up into the world of a 17 year old. She even falls hard for Sebastian. It is instalove and she is 117 and he is 17. Why does she like him? Why hasn’t her heart matured? How is being a giddy teenager acceptable and adequate for someone who has lived many, many more years than everyone else around her? If you can forget she’s lived several lifetimes, you may enjoy the soft romance that develops between Cass and Sebastian.The relationship between Cassidy and Harper was the most interesting in the whole book. Out of all the characters, their dynamic was the most intriguing. They fought but they were there for each other. How do you keep on living with someone for all those years! How amazing. And yet, Cassidy was willing to leave her sister behind, to die without her and leave Harper to live forever on her own.To be 117, you have a different view of the world and your death and I liked how Dempster showed Cassidy’s interesting viewpoint and thoughts about her own impending death.

  • Billi Wagner
    2019-05-07 02:13

    Beneath Scarlett Valley is the story of rage-demon halfling sisters Cassidy and Harper Daniels. Rage demons or Furors burn with rage until they are forced to kill again and again. Cassidy is ready to fade and die rather than continue on with such an existence, but her sister Harper seeks to find and drink from the ever moving source to gain immortality. They return to their childhood home in Scarlett Valley to search for it, but find more than they bargained for.I really liked this premise. I'm always looking for something new and unique when reading a YA Paranormal, so I had high hopes for this book. At first I admit I was a little disappointed because it started off slow and the characters seemed kind of flat and predictable. I was prepared to give it only 3 stars, but after about fifty pages the story really took off, giving me everything I was looking for...interesting and complex characters, a good story line and some unexpected twists. I couldn't put it down and finished it in one day. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but if you can hang in there for a couple chapters and overlook a few typos here and there, this novel is worth the wait. This is definitely a series I plan to keep up with.I received this book in return for an honest review (Lovers of Paranormal)I hope it's helpful.

  • Heather
    2019-04-26 02:04

    *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Lovers of Paranormal or LoP*First I'd like to say I wish more authors would try something different in the paranormal world like this author has here. There doesn't seem to be many, if any, books about the Furors.  So, I couldn't wait to start this as soon as I read the synopsis. There's something very cool, sexy and mysterious about a Furor.  I really enjoyed the entire aspect of this book.  The way the author describes how Cassidy and Harper live and go through was fascinating. The way she built up the 100+ years was awesome too. I would love to know a bit more about what happened all those years ago with the girls and their parents.  I truly hope that there is a sequel because this was just that good...I could read more and more about it.  Considering this is Kerr-Ann Dempster's debut novel, I think it is a great way to begin her writing career.  I loved it! 5*

  • Felecia Tanner
    2019-05-06 06:26

    Good story, I enjoyed it. I had a hard time getting into the book until a couple of chapters in. I can't wait for book 2, would really like to see what happens next.Some typos but nothing serious. 165 pages.

  • Raph♛
    2019-05-21 07:21

    *a copy was given to me by Kerr-Ann Dempster in exchange for an honest review.*3.5 starsDeus de Ravia. Moun Fache. Demon Moarte. Rage-Demons. Furor.“Everyone makes mistakes,” I said. “It’s the one thing we all have in common." Death or Immortality to be or not to be?that is the question cassidy asked herself when she saw her mother burst into flames.should she chose death and let her rage finally fade or chose immortality and fight every single day to keep her rage consume her until she destroys herself?Cassidy chose death because Cassidy Daniels hates being a Furor.she hates the rage,the fire,the guilt,the nightmares,the life that she has to bear every single day of her existencewhen after 100 years returns with her sister Harper at their homeland, a place full of bad and bittersweet memories,she knows what to expect.she returns home so as to help her sister find the Source(something like the Fountain of Immortality) and to finally rest in peace knowing her sister lives on.but cassidy doesn't know that her arrival and stay will not go as planned.once again she has to attend school(and that by itself is a task for someone 117 years old)she can't do otherwise because she can't have the locals suspect that something is off.and she most definately can have them pocking their noses into their business.they can't have them react as they did 100 years ago.because then,they would have to either flee or kill them.she is a furor and her life isn't an easy one.furors cannot eat human food(with coffee and lazagna as exceptions)furors can go without food or rest for days.their bodies heal faster than a human's and they have higher pain tolerance.they are strong and agile,they can see in the dark.they are filled with rage and their blood has turned into fire making them dangerous for anything and anyone around them.furors have to kill in order to maintain their insticts and they live longer than a human too.their appearence stops at the age the kill for the first time.and to add to all that after each kill,guilt consumes cass and she sees nightmares and visions of her as you can see, Kerr-Ann Dempster intoduces a new species into the paranormal world.and i am really happy she did.taking pieces of vampire,rage spirits,fey,fire demons and salamanders she created a very interesting new pnr category; the furors.cassidy between her search for the source and high school she meets liam,vicky and the one and only sebastian."Fire erupted in my chest. Its heat spilled over, wild and unstoppable. The boy sitting beside me was beautiful. His muscular body was the color of burnt gold, and his cheekbones stood out like sharp knives."did it have to be insta-love???love at first sight?lovers meant to be?etc etc etcthings went from thisto thisreally quickly.but it didn't seemed harried or hasty so it wasn't much of a problemso i guess it did have to,because how much can a person squeeze into 300 pages?i mean in order to build a good romance you have to have awareness of the other person,butterflies,tingly feelings,chemistry,sexual tension and booM! this book the first 6 stages are packed into a single eye contact.not that i have any kind of problem with insta-love but it's just difficult for me to understand how can a person(117 years old) desire to throw everything away so as to be with someone she met less than a month...but what can i say?love is crazy and i am not to judge it when there's nothing disturbing or annoying about i wouldn't mind some smutty scenes between those two.just saying...i liked the main characters and the supportive but i.just.have to say that cass was a bit too childish for someone her age.i needed her to be more stoic.more depth, cold-kickass attitude.she was protective and sticking to her guns style.not that i didn't enjoy her character but but...well, i don't know what seemed a bit off.=_=(view spoiler)[(i needed someone like enma ai?or Anna from Anna Dressed in Blood?personal preferences,what can i do?) (hide spoiler)]and am i the only one who thinks that the founding of the Source was too easy?i mean come on!i needed some mystery!but once again how much can you say in 300 pages?My SebastianMy Cassidyall in all i liked the plot and the ingenious and innovative idea of furors.i would like,though, a little more world-building and deepening in the setting.also more information would be appreciated.such as how exactly one becomes a furor?is it the water?something else?why can they eat only lazagna?why fire instead of ice?can they breathe fire?can they emit fire at will?can they find a way to control their rage?why full furors are more powerful than half-furors?why you must never pledge a blood oath with a seer?why do they have to kill so as to appease their rage?etc etc etcand i really want to know about more about cassidy and harper as well as what happened the last 100 years,how was their life before the town attacked them and their life with their parents.many questions were left unanswered and i have to know more about what will happen next to the,i am waiting for the next book...["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Gayle Mills
    2019-05-17 02:10

    Not bad. It kept my interest.

  • MWBP
    2019-04-28 03:01

    The Rage Countdown – A review of the novel ‘Beneath Scarlett Valley’ “Sometimes we seek that which we are not yet ready to find” - Libba BrayEven though we may not like to acknowledge it, we all walk around hiding behind a mask. That layer of curtain between us and others is often used to mask our own insecurities. The ironical thing about these insecurities is that, it’s not our failings and our shortcomings that we are afraid to reveal to the world but rather it’s our strengths and things that make us who we are that we are afraid to show. Being honest, being ‘you’ troubles a lot of people because we think for others, of how they will perceive us even before they had a chance to get to know us. So it’s no wonder that old adage, the truth will set you free still holds true. Revealing your true identity will liberate you and set you free, even if it causes a few heart aches in the process, it’s still the right way to move ahead.Author Kerr-Ann Dempster’s novel ‘Beneath Scarlett Valley’, the first book in the Scarlett Valley Series narrates the story of two beautiful sisters, Harper and Cassidy. Apart from being pretty which they don’t try to hide from the world, they have a far bigger secret which they have managed to keep to themselves for centuries. They are in fact a special species, half human and half creature called Furor. They never age, can heal themselves and have an insatiable bloodlust to kill, not to dominate or feed but simply because it’s in their nature. But to replenish their immortality, they need to drink from the Source of Immortality; otherwise the fire coursing through their veins will consume them from within. This search leads Cassidy to Scarlett Valley high school which is believed to be the place where the Source is hidden but she has to first deal with the many distractions in the form of handsome hunks, unrequited friendships, obnoxious teachers and a whole different breed of creatures called Seer whose mission it seems is to keep the location of the Source hidden from the Furor.Even though Kerr-Ann Dempster’s novel is a mix of mythology, YA romance and a lot of thrills, she has been able to provide due justice to all segments equally. She has captured the high school scene very well, especially that of a new student, not to mention a clear misfit trying to fit in within the microcosm of the outside social life that exists within the walls of any high school. Another thing she has got spot on is the relationship between the sisters Harper and Cassidy, the conversation pieces between them, the little nuances in their interpersonal dealings are all nicely dealt with and it just proves one thing, it doesn’t matter if you are an angel or a monster but sisters everywhere act and talk alike. Now Harper sometime does comes across as the manipulative kind but Cassidy’s co-dependency ensures that Harper isn’t to blame entirely for the faults in their relationship. The writing is precise and goes from point A to B without much fuzz, the chapters are small and easy to read and as far as the structuring is concerned it is very well edited and this has ensured that the pacing of the book is in tune with the requirements of the genre. Highlights worth mentioning are Cassidy’s and Mr. Bruckner’s ‘confrontation’, which comes like a bolt out of the blue and will shock you and provides the necessary energy and impetus to the story which then kicks into overdrive from there on. The writing in the climax scene is just brilliant, it has got everything going for it and all the right emotions have been packed into these few pages, the heartbreak and the betrayal too has been captured nicely. Sebastian and Cassidy’s relationship graph has been treated very well and has got all the essentials that one would expect to see in such romances and should find ready acceptance with the readers. The clean language and imagery should widen the appeal of this book to all sorts of readers both young and old. And in the end, even though revelations like Liam’s real identity and the transformation of the Wick brothers doesn’t end the book on a cliff-hanger note, it still leaves you in anticipation for the sequel which is bound to come out in a few months time.

  • Mikka Gottstein
    2019-04-24 07:02

    I received the book for free through Goodreads giveaway program! Thank you to Goodreads and the author! The story is unusual and original - sometimes. And sometimes it falls back on old clichées. What I liked most about the book was the fact that it features two young furors, which are mythological creatues you don't read a lot about in the fantasy genre. In fact, this is the only book about furors I've ever encountered! The moral ambiguity that automatically presented itself was very intruiging to me; because surely, furors are blood-thirsty monsters - or aren't they? There's no doubt about the fact that they kill and kill and kill again, because their extreme rage drives them to it, but does that make them evil, or does it make them no less a part of nature as any wild animal that is driven by instinct to kill?The authos does have a lot of very great ideas, and they do add a lot of interest and suspense to the book. That said, there's a schema at play here that I've seen countless times: the immortal creature that goes back to highschool to fit in, only to fall in love with a human. I was reminded of Twilight a couple of times...The love story unfortunately is a prime example of insta-love: Cassidy falls in love on the spot - without even knowing the first thing about the hot boy she's sitting next to. I didn't get the impression that there was more at play than superficial attraction, because she has never talked to him, has no idea, what he wants from life, what he likes or doesn't like... And she's 100 years older than him, yet can't stop thinking about his hotness. Harper and Cassidy generally behave more like immature teenagers than the very old beings they are. Cass especially throws tantrums like a child, and I had a hard time feeling sympathetic towards her. Sebastian, her love interest, is a nice guy, but I ultimately found him sadly forgettable. I did find the story easy to read and even at times suspenseful and interesting. The writing style is pleasant. But all things said, it wasn't enough to make me truly like the book. Many things didn't really "click" with me - I sometimes got the feeling that the world building didn't always make perfect sense. I found many events hard to believe, for example that the police would attribute a death that clearly involves not only mauling but beheading to coyotes... Summary:A story with many good ideas and interesting mythological creates - but I just couldn't "bond" with the characters, and the love story as too quick and superficial for my liking.

  • Soobie can't sleep at night
    2019-04-23 09:16

    This book was unlucky: I started reading it and the next day my life changed because I got a job. What's the problem, then? I hate it. I work in the sales department of a textile machine factory. My co-workers expected an experienced technician and they got me: someone with a degree in humanities who's never sold anything in her life. Why do they even pick me? Yeah, because they needed someone stat and I was their last hope.I was hurt, I was annoyed, I hated the world... and I couldn't focus on my beloved books. Sadly, because this book could have probably deserved a little more.I'm not sure I liked the main protagonist, Cass, but I did like the secondary ones. Harper, for instance, or Liam before finding out (view spoiler)[who he really is (hide spoiler)]. Not a big fan of Sebastian, though, even if Sebastian is one of my favorite names ever. I like the fact that the author chose to write a story about Furors a not about the usual critters.Since it took me so long to read the book, I found some of the details confusing but that's probably because I couldn't remember what I had read. The bits about the Seers and Liam left me a bit baffled.I kind of like the story, there was a typo here and there but nothing major. It felt a bit rushed sometimes, though. The passing of time wasn't clear (or I couldn't understand it...) and I had no idea about how much time Cass spent in Scarlett Valley.I do prefer the reddish cover, which is the reason why I picked up this book. On the contrary, I don't like the new violet cover: it doesn't have the same personality.Here on GR it says that this is the first book in a series but there no volumes #2 out there. I would like to read it if it ever comes out.

  • Robin Morgan
    2019-05-10 05:08

    I received a signed copy of this book from an internet giveaway I’d entered and the following is my honest opinion of it.”Beneath Scarlett Valley” by Ms. Dempster is a multi-genre YA paranormal romance novel which contains elements of a fantasy and mythology. On the surface Harper and Cassidy look like two beautiful sisters; however they share a horrific secret, they’re actually two 117 year old half-breeds consisting of being part human and part Furor who have an insatiable to kill again and again every time the demon rage of this side rears its evil head; which is why they’ve returned to their childhood home in Scarlett Valley. It is here they hope to find and then drink from the ever-movingSource of Immortality so they can replenish theirs.When Harper and Cassidy return to Scarlett Valley, Cassidy has had her fill of an endless life and while she desires to welcome Death with open arms she’s still committed in helping her sister find their quest. However, love comes into Cassidy’s life in the form of Sebastian, the school’s swimming star, and now she’s reconsidered ending her existence.To add suspense to the story Ms. Dempster adds not only a adversary, the Seer, whose mission is to the prevent the Source from being found; she also has characters who they’re what they appear to be. The pacing of the story with its numerous plot twists add to the enjoyment of reading this book.The only thing I found which might have improved the book, in my opinion, would be a better title. [Suggestion: “The Source of Immortality”]. But, in the end, I’m giving this book 5 STARS.

  • Cassidie
    2019-05-22 10:11

    Geek Girl Obsess - YA Book Reviews, TV Show & Movie Reviews, Video GamesA free copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!Usually 3 star reviews are the hardest to write, but for me, not this time at least. I know exactly what kept me from enjoying the book thoroughly. First off, the world building was very fuzzy and lacking. Right at the beginning we get to know who, or rather what Cassidy (I like the name though :P) and Harper are. But the short explanation is rather confusing and it stays that way all along. Their backstory are also hard to decipher. Since it plays a great part of who they are now, it bugged me quite a bit.My second problem was Cassidy. We read the book from her point of view, but I couldn't relate to her at all. She was supposed to be more than a hundred year old, but he acted like a teenager while at the same time, she was grumpy to no end. Harper on the other hand was a cheer-bomb. More than anybody ever should be. They were like the two way over the roof ends of a stick.Lastly, fast-forward-into-it, cheesy romance. It's been chasing me out of this world lately in most of the books I read. So please don't do this to me. Pretty please?The plot was fairly fast paced and eventful though, that I enjoyed at least. This review probably looks worst than I intended. I did enjoy the book enough, it's not like it was unbearable or whatever. If you like paranormal romance, you should give it a try. :)

  • Courtney
    2019-05-19 05:23

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal)Simply perfect. Why aren't all books written as amazingly as this one? Everything: the plot; the characters; even the length of each chapter, was great. Cass (Cassidy) is a furor, a big angry killing machine- no she's not a werewolf- but she does have similarities such as the strength, the fury. Hence the name 'furor' for being to furious all the time.... Anyways, Cass and her older sister Harper travelled back to their home town in search of this source which turns them into a fully immortal furor, instead of being slowly dying half breeds. But then she meets Sebastian, which is kind of the typical instant cliche love-at-first-sight but unlike many many MANY other books there is no love triangle- individuality! This book is wrote amazingly, i noticed one yes one mistake. Everything is written to an easy understandable speed, no rushing every detail in, which is automatically easier to read. And who doesn't love a cliff hanger ending, too bad i'll have to wait till next year for book two. I seriously cannot wait!This book definitely deserves 5 stars.

  • Hannah L (Reviewer)
    2019-05-20 05:14

    What is the meaning of this story? Is there any? I tried to even pull out the classic "True love trumps all" theme, but the love relationship is so sparse and un-romantic that I can't. As I've said before, a good romance can go a long way to improving a story; and the opposite is true too. I believe the lack of romantic development took a lot away from the story. In addition, there was not much character development for ANY of the characters. Those were the downsides of the book, the upsides are the interesting theme of Furor's and the discussion of immortality and if it is worth it. In addition, this book was not an extremely lengthy read. There was some definite strong internal conversations and thoughts that the readers are privy to. In the end though, I still am so half and half about this book. It was not good, but it was not bad. I give Beneath Scarlett Valley the most accurate rating to match how I feel about this book. Two and a Half Stars. Want more of me? Go to: http://thenotsopubliclibrary.blogspot...

  • Kari Nelson
    2019-05-04 09:10

    I like the idea of this storyI am confused but because I know there is more I am intrigued. I didn't get a lot but it is an interesting story that kept me reading. I just felt there were things thrown in that didn't make sense but I like the idea of the story. At times it was a bit rushed, when I wanted to understand more of what was going on. The writing was pretty flawless. I can tell the work that went into it, but I can't explain what it is that it lacked. I want to read the next story to see how it all goes forward. I am going to reread to see if there is something I missed. It is a story that is really a beautiful idea, just not done as great as it could have been.

  • Kendall Daley
    2019-05-20 06:21

    I was the Goodreads first reads winner for this book!!!! I just finished the book!!! I read it in two days (would have read it in one if I wasn't so busy) but it was not like anything I have ever read before and I have read A LOT of books! I loved the concept because it was different! The book kept me engaged and on the end of my seat. I cant wait for the second book to come out I would love to read it!! Goodluck Kerr-Ann with the second book cant wait to see it on the shelves!

  • Breana
    2019-05-14 09:57

    Definitely a book you can pick up and finish in a matter of hours because it's so good! I don't read paranormal too often but was excited to read this when I found out the mc is a poc! I can't wait to read book 2 because I felt this one set the scene for pretty much anything to happen. I will say that I was often confused about the terminology associated with their world and that could have been developed better.

  • Trista
    2019-05-18 06:09

    I was given this book for an honest review. This was an interesting book with a good story line. Its creative. The love story part of the book was like any other I've read about in books where they instantly fall in love personally i think that is becoming over done but the characters were good. I cant wait to see where this series goes from here with book 2.

  • Emma (M)
    2019-05-01 07:17

    Although I didn't mind the writing style of this book, the main character ruined it for me. She wasn't particurly likeable for most of the book and for a Furor who was supposed to be 117 years old she acted pretty juvenile a lot of the time. The book did end on an interesting point, but it won't be enough to keep me reading the series.

  • vicki bain
    2019-05-04 04:06

    Well written. Realistically satisfying as a fantasy novelWell written. Realistically satisfying as a fantasy novel. Enjoyable . I recommend this to anyone wanting a good book you can curl up to at the end of the day for a little necessary distraction.

  • Serialreader
    2019-05-01 07:07

    I am really intrigued by the story, I really enjoyed reading it, the writing style is good. I feel that people who like to read YA books will really love this one, it is really different. Really looking forward to read the second book.

  • Kerr-Ann Dempster
    2019-04-30 03:21

    I wrote it! So yeah, I think it's awesome. Let me know what you think.

  • Sheree Gordon
    2019-05-20 05:26

    I enjoy this book, could not put it down, I am looking forward to reading book two. Good job.

  • Susan Walker
    2019-05-04 04:58

    I was not wild about the story. Not a fan of reading about the dead. This book did keep my interest with some different characters. Will be interested in what book two is like.

  • Melissa ownsbey
    2019-05-05 06:15

    wow it was great i found a typo but it isnt nothing marjore i still liked itand i cant wait for book 2 i wanna know whats in store for them i cant wait for it to come out