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How did Dante find himself in this mess? First Grant creates a portal that no living being can pass through—leaving Dante as the only one able to cross it—but when Dante does, he finds his mate on the other side, chained to the ground of a building that is seconds from collapsing on top of them both. Dante only has two choices. Either he leaves his mate, or he takes him baHow did Dante find himself in this mess? First Grant creates a portal that no living being can pass through—leaving Dante as the only one able to cross it—but when Dante does, he finds his mate on the other side, chained to the ground of a building that is seconds from collapsing on top of them both. Dante only has two choices. Either he leaves his mate, or he takes him back through the portal. Both will result in his mate's death. Before he can decide, his inner vampire takes over, and helpless to stop it, his beast bleeds his mate's life away... Sonny has been a servant his whole life, mute through circumstances of his birth. With no ability to voice what he knows, and never having learned to write, it goes unnoticed that he overhears more than he should. Left for dead when Sonny's master flees, death comes calling with glowing red eyes and a deadly set of fangs. Funny thing though, as death swoops in to take his life, Sonny could almost swear that he smells his mate......

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Silent Secrets Reviews

  • T.M. Smith
    2019-04-04 12:17

    ​Dante is the Vampire leader of the Guardians, sworn to protect his fellow guardians and the people of all the races. His sadness over not yet finding his mate caused his Warlock partner, Nico, to take matters into his own hands. It's become a running joke among the guardians, the nasty gay dating sight that Nico set up a Dante profile on, but actually using Dante's real cell number. There has to be some humor in the life they lead, or they might all go insane. Dante's latest assignment has him going through a portal that Grant, Nico's mate, created that no living soul could survive. A piece of cake for a vampire. It's what Dante finds when he gets to the other side that alarms him.Sonny's life has been nothing but misery since his birth. He was ripped from his mother's womb by a shadowkin that murdered her and was seconds away from killing him as well, had his master Denzel not stopped the beast. Denzel is a morbid, twisted, evil high elf that is the leader of the shadowkin. He's kept Sonny alive and a slave for his entire life, a life spent chained to the floor in Denzel's room since he was 10 years old. So when the guardians find Denzel's lair and come after him, he doesn't bother to unchain his pet, he leaves Sonny there to die. And Sonny would have happily welcomed it, were it not for the dangerous and oh so sexy vampire with the alluring red eyes that saved him.Dante and Sonny have to overcome a lot of hurdles if they are going to be truly happy together. They both knew they were mates as soon as they smelled each other the night Dante saved him. But Sonny has never had any choice in anything that happened in his life, and being made a vampire by his mate isn't setting well with him. Both men torment themselves over a that impossible choice, one made and one lost. But as with all the couples that have found their mates before, the pull, the gravitational attraction is too much for them to deny. But the underlying threat of Denzel and his shadowkin is always looming. And no one is safe until the threat is ended.With each installment of this series, I grow to love the characters even more. While this book is the story of Dante and Sonny, all the guardians and several fan favorite secondary characters are thrown in the mix. I have grown especially fond of the elf doctor, Grace, and I hope Cross will give her a story as well before this series ends. I also loved the introduction of what could possibly be a match for the snarky little leprechaun guardian, Seamus. That little read haired bundle of nerves is just full of piss and vinegar. Perhaps only a psychotic sprite is the answer to his madness. These books literally have everything you could want. Vampires, Fey, Shifters, Humans, hot and sweaty sexy mens that have bad attitudes and are very good at getting under each other's skin, if you get my meaning. Run, don't walk to Amazon or wherever your e-books are sold, and catch up on this series. You won't regret it, scout's honor.

  • Riayl
    2019-04-05 10:14

    First of all, it is yaoi. Y-A-O-I. Not yaio. Second, the whole super artist thing was much harder to believe in than werewolves and vampires. He's been a prisoner since he was ripped from his mother's womb. How, when, where did he learn to draw. Even going on natural talent, you mean I am supposed to believe that the big evil baddie just actually allowed him to draw? Gave him pen and paper? And while he didn't know what yaoi was he didn't seem to be confused by the term manga. I guess I had the wrong idea about his imprisonment? Cuz all the super evil folks are reading manga these days, it's a thing, don't you know.So then in a matter of less than five minutes he has whipped up a "manga-style" comic strip illustrating what happened to him.Just whips it up. Dude, he just scribbles a few lines and tada! instant manga comic strip. It. doesn't. work. that. way. *feels insulted on behalf of all real artists* (For the sake of clarity, sure he could sketch something out fairly quickly, but to me it seemed we are talking fairly detailed scenes if he is actually trying to give them information & then to toss in the manga-style comment and I just can't believe that he was able to draw something that useful that quick. Feel free to tell me how wrong I am.)And then he is all pissed that um..Dante?...made him vampire. Well screw that little man, he should have left your ungrateful ass chained to a wall and let you get smashed into a grease stain. Because you were going to lose your life no matter what. Only this way you get to live again and aren't a prisoner, but yeah, you just be all pissed off. *feels slightly enraged*I have to stop reading this series. The first few books weren't bad (or maybe I was in a really good mood when I read them) but things are swiftly going downhill and the "little mates" are really starting to irritate the sh...snot out of me. Aargh! *stomps off to sulk*

  • Phaney
    2019-04-21 09:31

    Are we sure that Sonny even likes Dante?The same thing happened with the “little mate” in the previous book. Going by the interactions the various mated pairings have I don’t see much affection from the smaller guys.Also, this is the second paranormal series that features a Roman and a Rowan side by side. Very unfortunate. I keep mixing them up.Since I am already in full swing regarding the whining, let me further complain about that little, unauthorized trip all the smaller mates take, whereupon they are pursued by their big warrior mates. Remind you of something? Yep, it’s Cecil and his group. Man, was it really necessary to do this?Then again, all the small mates (hello, old-fashioned-female-replacement) are getting more annoying the longer they stick around. Guess if you are small and no longer terrorized or suppressed you have to compensate for your lesser status in the relationship by being loud, rude and somewhat immature.Okay, I admit that I am just pointlessly ranting now. I have a headache. Still, I liked the last two books quite a bit less than the ones before. Disappointed.

  • Julie scott
    2019-04-20 15:40

    Silent Secrets (Preternatural Rescue Centre)Silent Secrets (Preternatural Rescue Centre)I Loved it it was great I can't wait to read the next one competing out I hope it's soon ......

  • Sabrina Devonshire
    2019-04-11 14:29

    Sonny is bound in chains and undernourished. On a regular basis, master feeds off of him, nearly draining him to death each time. But life is about to turn around for this down-and-out character, who is rescued in an unconventional way when his mate, Dante, travels through a portal and finds him. Their relationship gets off to a rocky start because Dante has no way to get him across the portal alive without transforming him into a vampire. But he tells himself that’s much better than leaving him to die.As always, Cross gets readers cheering for mistreated characters and feeling quite delighted when benevolent characters support them and give them the second chance they badly need. I am getting quite attached to the cast of characters in this series and am hoping it will never end!

  • Julesmarie
    2019-03-25 11:26

    My least favorite of the series so far, but that's not Dante and Sonny's fault. They're as adorable as the other couples have been. The weaknesses of the series in general finally caught up to me with this installment.Each book is just so short that I can't really feel invested in the characters. And I'd waited long enough after book 5 that I even had a hard time remembering who was mated to whom.And the fact that every single Guardian's mate so far is young and small and needed rescuing finally started getting ridiculous this time. At one point the Guardians even refer to their mates as "the boys" and "the little ones."Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood for the insta-love, tiny-size-mates-in-need-of-rescuing thing when I read this the other night.

  • Rachel Emily
    2019-03-29 16:14

    Definitely one of my favorites of the whole series. I loved the characters and enjoyed seeing all the characters from the previous stories too. I like the camaraderie between them all! Can't wait for the next book in the series, can't wait to see who will be next.

  • Lilladii
    2019-04-16 09:32

    ...all that needs to be said.

  • Jessica
    2019-03-25 10:31

    Good series so far - an easy and fast read. I really like Betty. I think if she's in the rest of the books then she's going to make things interesting.

  • Tailtiu
    2019-04-18 13:30


  • Ericka Walden
    2019-04-07 12:22

    Okay. .. so who's next? ? Raziel??? Please? ??