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The stunning sequel to the thrilling paranormal romance novel Everlasting!One lie will change everything.Faye Middleton has secured the Dagger of Retribution for the High Priesthood, but in doing so, she’s opened the door to more demands set by them. She now has to break the Holy Seal, and soon. Trapped in the alluring Ethryeal City, Faye is pushed to the breaking point trThe stunning sequel to the thrilling paranormal romance novel Everlasting!One lie will change everything.Faye Middleton has secured the Dagger of Retribution for the High Priesthood, but in doing so, she’s opened the door to more demands set by them. She now has to break the Holy Seal, and soon. Trapped in the alluring Ethryeal City, Faye is pushed to the breaking point trying to discover just what she is truly capable of, even if it means destroying herself in the process.With the clock ticking down to the war between both Covens, and the truth about her parent’s mysterious disappearance within her reach, Faye is faced with tough choices that will forever change her. Will Faye be able to handle the demands from the Priesthood, and still be able to continue her search for her parents?But more importantly, can she survive the truth she finds?...

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evernight Reviews

  • Mo
    2019-06-01 07:52

    This book had too much anticipation for the fighting to open the Holy Seal which was very anticlimactic. Faye is taxing. Clara is hella twisted. Weldon is endlessly fascinating. Jaxen is a lot of work, you know? More to come

  • Danielle Young
    2019-06-07 10:02

    It's here. It's finally here. I finally got the answer to my prayers and was given more of the superlicious Jaxen Gramm. Okay, I wanted more of the amazing story too, but we all know that the reason we are reading this series is for more Jaxen Gramm, the great story that lies within the pages is just a great added bonus. Before I continue to obsess over Jaxen let me obsess over the story. Evernight starts right where Everlasting left off with lots of what the hell's and this can't be good. And it pretty much continued on like that for most of the book. I was constantly yelling and cursing. This book definitely frazzled my nerves. I was totally bipolar reading this book. One minute I was happy and ah-ing and the next I was yelling or saying what the hell. I can't tell you how many times I asked the question, "Can't they just catch a freaking break?" And then this amazing thing happened where... um, wait, I can't tell you that. But trust me when I say that this moment was HUGE and made me squeal like a little girl. I may have danced a little too. Anyway, the story of Faye is definitely explosive. But it's not only the story that makes this an excellent read, the characters are what really sell's it. Candace Knoebel manages to create characters that make you feel like you have known them forever. Every character plays a key role in developing the story. No character is useless. I can honestly say I love every character in this series. The main character Faye is one of my favorite female characters. Strong, funny, a warrior, determined, loyal, and can hold her own against any force, Faye is definitely a strong female lead. Then there is Weldon, the dark, witty, sarcastic half demon that adds the perfect balance to Jaxen's dark and brooding demeanor. Did someone say Jaxen??? Yes let's talk about Jaxen. In Evernight we really get to see more of Jaxen and what makes him tick and we get to see a side of him that I really didn't think I would ever see. And did I mention how amazing he is in a fight? No, my bad, he is. Really Jaxen is the best and is the perfect pairing for Faye. Her equal in every aspect. These two make the perfect team.Evernight is a story full of action, incredible characters, twists and turns, magic, and comedy. There wasn't a second where I wanted to put this book down. I got everything I wanted in this book with Jaxen, Jaxen, Jaxen!*received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

  • Roxanne Kade
    2019-06-09 03:51

    Holy. Freaking. Hell. Is there no end to the mastery Candace Knoebel wields over creating the most amazing, enthralling and spell-binding reads? I am a huge fan and have been from the very beginning, but it seems like every book she turns out just gets better and better and I cannot wait for more from this awe-inspiring author.Continuing with all the chaos and heartache from the first book, this one took the action, discord, anger and pain to colossal heights as Knoebel pushed her characters past their known strengths, forcing them to dig deeper than ever before. Especially poor Faye. Very much a pawn in a game of power and destruction, she was forced to finally face the truth about the abilities she possessed, about the role she'd play as the Everlasting, and even though the road to the truth was riddled with torture and agony, it was great to see her come into her own. And once she harnessed her powers and took control of them, I couldn't help feeling proud of her. She may have hated herself for what she was capable of but she was able to make a difference when the time came, instead of being pushed into the shadows, quite literally, while those she cared about most risked their lives to protect her.This book also saw Faye and Jaxen's relationship move to a whole other level. They were the perfect fit. One soul split in two, finally coming back together. The complication of Jezi and the affinity mark was still there but it was great to see everyone working as a team, and I sense a shift in the complexity of their situation.Filled with many surprises, twists and turns, this was a tangled web of lies and deception - the question of who to trust always at the forefront. Never a dull moment, I was held captive from the very beginning, and the ending left many burning questions in my mind. I cannot wait for the third book, to continue on this journey with these characters. To see them kickass, and bring down the corruption and evil that lurks in every corner.

  • Michelle's Paranormal Vault of Books
    2019-05-20 04:51

    See my blog for the giveaway and read an excerpt too.Click the banner belowI was blown away at all that happens in this book. The twist and turns were a surprise too. I was freaked out by what pour Faye has to go through by the hands of Clare. I do not want to say too much, so not to spoil anything, and if you hadn't read book one, you may want to not read on, as there could be some spoilers for book one. They are both great books, so go read book one if you hadn't.I still love Jaxen, and am glad him and Faye are doing well together. I also am really liking Weldon, he sure grew on me, and liked getting to learn more about him.I found the world the author has created fascinating, and the whole concept to be unique.I can't wait to read book 3, Everlost. This one ended on a small cliffhanger, at least was not in the middle of a great action scene or something, but did leave me wanting more for sure.I highly recommend this book and the series to the paranormal lovers. Its a a long book, but gets you hooked so I read it pretty fast as I didn't want to put it down.I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

  • Amy Downs moyer
    2019-05-23 08:10

    HOLY F-Bombs – my heart is beating a staccatoI have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at just how amazing this novel was. There was so much going on all the time that there was no way for you to lose focus. You were tied into this story from the very beginning and by the end of the book you can’t help but just sit and absorb the rollercoaster that you just went through. I have been waiting for this release since I read Everlasting, and I was so happy to have my emotional ties to the characters strengthened throughout this book. I love the fact that Candace was able to not only remind me of why I loved these characters and this world, but she also gave me many new reasons. Like I needed another reason to love Jax  I enjoy the evolution of the relationship between the entire team, not just the love interest part of it. I found that I was a bit more tuned into Jezi and Weldon this time round, which gave me new insight into the story. It also gave me a new appreciation for Candace’s writing. This novel had a bit darker twist than everlasting, and that it made my attachment to the characters that much stronger. It also made the story more real to life because we all have a little darkness in us, and the same internal struggles. But Candace took it a step farther and while we had to endure some pretty messed up sh*t, she rewarded us with some pretty amazing choices. And how would we end a story like this other than on the edge of our seats waiting for the other shoe to drop  Bravo Candace on another amazing story !!!!! I truly can not wait for the next chapter in this story.

  • Megan
    2019-05-20 06:01

    OMG!!! I was anxiously awaiting this baby FOREVER!!! Any of you who follow my reviews know I love my "adult" books...but I love a good YA, add to the fact that it is paranormal and I am in!Everlasting (Book #1) was an amazing first story that introduced us to Faye, Jax, and a slew of sub-characters that will have you laughing, crying, and shouting multiple times. The Graham Curse (Book 0.5) gave us a closer look into Jax and his demons, his relationship with Jezi, and his ties to Faye that even he did not know about in the beginning. Both of these are a MUST read...especially if you are picking up Evernight (Book #2). Evernight picks up just after the end of Everlasting...the battle is over for now but Faye and her group have more danger ahead of them. Time is running out and their options of who they can trust is dwindling rapidly. Aside from the daunting task of being the coven's savior, Faye must also contend with powers that are stronger than anyone known to exist, powers that are unknown, finding out who was behind the demise of her parents, and a coven leader so obsessed with power they are willing to do anything to succeed. Yet again Candace had absolutely blown me away! I was on the edge of my seat and could not put it down! I loved seeing Faye's transformation from a scared, dejected girl into a strong, defiant woman. There are some super shockers in the romance department in this one...and the end...for the love of all that is good and right in this world I wanted to smash my tablet against the wall!!! I can't wait to see what Candace has in store for us in 2015 with this series!!!

  • Sabrina Street
    2019-05-18 05:10

    Wow! Candace Knoebel's second installment of The Night Watchmen Series left me scouring Amazon for book three only to discover it's still in creation mode. Evernight took me on a thrilling shadow walking journey and I loved every bit of it. Knoebel has strong well rounded characters, and I fell in love with each of their stories - especially Weldon(oh, how I love his tortured soul). I must stop this review right here, for if I continue going you will get spoilers for sure. Yet, before I go. If you do read this spellbinding book, prepare yourself for the an amazingly shocking twist at the conclusion; it had me blurting out, "No way!" I give this novel a 4.5 rating - not for content, but because of grammar issues (minor - missing punctuation and such). Evernight, like book one, is a must read; it's fast paced with enough twist and turns to keep you turn the page minute after minute until you lookup and it's past midnight. Note to Author if you read this review: please, please, please choose a different editor for book three. I so desperately want to give you a five for your wonderful work. Luckily for the star rating above, I am a teacher so I always round.

  • Megan
    2019-06-06 08:48

    She is really whiney and to be honest I was getting sick of it.Not much more I can say. The overall plot isn't bad but the character sucks

  • Rainie
    2019-05-30 05:01

    I started reading this series late in the game, therefore, I was able to go from book 1 straight to book 2, which I did. If you read my review for book 1, you will see that I was really aggravated with her constant discussion about her heart, thankfully this book did not have it all throughout. Although, she constantly talks about the way she feels when she looks at Jaxen, that gets old quick.I was ready to kill Clara myself, I understand that she was trying to toughen her up, and that she was of course setting her up as the weapon they would use, but she was trying to toughen her up. I am a little torn about that whole thing. She needed to understand what she can and cannot do and that was one way to do it. I was hoping Faye would start toughing up in this one, but she did not, but again not my character to change. Although, I was glad that she did what she did to get them out of that place, however, I was really hoping they would take Clara down!I love Weldon! Have I said that yet? I love him. I want him as a partner for sure.

  • Alison Beechner
    2019-05-24 07:58

    I'm not sure why it took so long to "get through" this one. Nothing was wrong with it. I just wasn't feeling it for some reason.

  • Jaime Lester
    2019-05-21 06:06

    I signed up for the Everlasting tour a couple of months ago with no idea what to expect. I had read the synopsis, but no reviews, so for me that is basically going in blind. For once, I can say that was a wonderful thing, Every page was another surprise, and I knew fairly early on that I had found a series that would easily be added to my favorites. When the opportunity arose to be a tour host for Evernight for Candace Knoebel, I knew there was no way in the world I could pass it up. It paid off in spades. Everlasting is a fantastic book, but Evernight takes the series to a completely different level!Faye and her team are in Ethyreal City, being held separately, questioned and experimented on. Finally, they are released and are told they will be trained to be Elite's. Faye trusts someone she should not have, and is taken away from Jaxen and her friends, tortured in unimaginable ways. Their is a plan in place and she is the tool to be used to accomplish this plan. Faye almost loses herself in Evernight. She almost succumbs to becoming someone, something else, but thanks to the amazing people in her life, she is able to break away. She shows some amazing growth in this book, and it is a pure pleasure to see. Every one of the characters in this story is spot on, whether it be the lovable jackass Wheldon, one of my personal favorites, or Jezi who is really trying to overcome her feelings and be a stronger person. Jaxen is also not the same boy he was in Everlasting. He has 100& given himself over to Faye, and is allowing himself to love and be loved in return. Speaking of love, the relationship that was sweet, chaotic, frustrating in book 1 has become a full on romance. Full of tension! There are some seriously steamy moments in this book, and I loved it. I love watching Faye and Jaxen grow together as a couple, be protective of one another, but also allow each other to be exactly who they are. One of my favorite bookish relationships to date!Wheldon is the comic relief in the story, but we also get to know Wheldon, who he truly is without the cover his humor provides. It only makes him more amazing. Evernight is nonstop from beginning to end, with romance, tension, heartache, anger and action. Serious character growth, fantastic world-building! I don't want to give a single thing about this plot away, because it is so intensely good to read it and see it develop page by page. I honestly cannot think of one single negative thing to say about this book, other than THAT ENDING! There is a minor cliffhanger, but the story wraps up at a great place. It leaves you wanting more, but it doesn't make you want to throw the book because it "ended there? Are you kidding me?"... My issue with the end is that it ended, and now we have to wait for the next book and that hurts me! But wait I will, and I will be ready to pounce the day book 3 is released!Candace Knoebel is a fantastic author. She knows how to give us characters that we can truly love and root for, and characters that we wish were real so we could punch them in the face. She knows how to write a story that makes you feel, and those are two things that are absolutely necessary to make me love a story. And I absolutely love this story! Highly recommended read!

  • Sarah Reads
    2019-06-06 08:47

    WOW! I seriously don’t know where to start with how much I loved this book! Author Candace Knoebel did it again with another fantastic book in the Night watchmen series. Within two days, I had devoured this entire book. The web that has been woven even deeper in this book, I was constantly left with my mouth gaping.If you think Candace left you growling at the end of book one. Oh, just wait!! I think I whined at the end.If you thought that Faye Middleton was put through the wringer in the last book you better hold onto your seat and buckle in. Faye is put through hell and there is nothing poor Jaxen can do about it for a long while. I might have yelled at Faye to stop being so stinking stubborn and talk to Jaxen. This girl puts her pride and stubbornness to the test.Faye does some serious growing up throughout this entire book. Nothing is what it seems and everyone has an agenda except Jaxen and her dear friends. Faye is constantly scrambling to catch up with who is out to use her next that she gets lost along the way a couple of times.Now, I did not forget about my man… I mean Faye’s man Jaxen Gramm. If you thought, Jaxen was stubborn and brooding before just wait. This man takes it to a whole new level while adding smoking hot to the mix! The things he says to Faye had my heart racing and my girlie bits tingling. GOD! He knows exactly what his girl needs to hear!And then there is Weldon. I loved this half demon half hunter in the last book. But I absolutely adore him now!! This man is put through hell and still makes sure his partner is priority. He loves Jaxen and Faye even if he does not admit it. His actions prove it over and over as they try and stop Bael.If you thought Clara Ravensmoore one evil witch before just wait! If only Faye wasn’t so sweet and naïve sometimes. It made me giggle every time Weldon would say something about her.Candace I need book three now!! I just wanna love on Jaxen and now poor Weldon too. {eyes you} Be nice to Weldon, I love him! LOL.I will leave you with this.He’s breathing like he’ll never find his sanity again. “Let me do this,” he says, barely hanging on, “because as much as I want to lose myself inside of you right now, because you have me that freaking twisted up, I want to enjoy this moment more. I want to make you cry out, Faye. I want to feel your body give in to me. Just let me have this first.”

  • Novel Grounds
    2019-06-11 09:54

    5 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads So I thought book one had hooked me, boy was I wrong. This novel gutted me and ensured that there was no way I would be able to ever walk away from this series. The trials have begun and these characters have no choice but to fight for truth.Faye has a lot of things about herself to discover in this novel. How far will she go to protect the ones she loves? Better yet, what will she do to ensure that they have a future to protect? This novel was all about choices. Seeing a decision before you and weighing the options of it. No choice is ever simple and Faye really have to come to terms with that in this novel. Each and every time she thinks she has it all figured out life throws another turn in her path.This novel is also full of all the action you were hoping was in our future. Everything is coming to a head and our fearless friends have no choice but to fight for what they believe in. I honestly LOVED how much this novel had you on your toes. I couldn't get enough of it. The scenes are masterfully written and these characters are even more developed than before. You start to get to the depth of their pasts and watch as their secrets come to light.This is a wild ride that you don't want to miss. Definitely 5 stars. A Must read. Synopsis: The stunning sequel to the thrilling paranormal romance novel Everlasting!One lie will change everything.Faye Middleton has secured the Dagger of Retribution for the High Priesthood, but in doing so, she’s opened the door to more demands set by them. She now has to break the Holy Seal, and soon. Trapped in the alluring Ethryeal City, Faye is pushed to the breaking point trying to discover just what she is truly capable of, even if it means destroying herself in the process.With the clock ticking down to the war between both Covens, and the truth about her parent’s mysterious disappearance within her reach, Faye is faced with tough choices that will forever change her. Will Faye be able to handle the demands from the Priesthood, and still be able to continue her search for her parents?But more importantly, can she survive the truth she finds?

  • Lynn Worton
    2019-06-08 09:51

    This is the second book in The Night Watchmen Series. I loved it!Faye Middleton is a wonderful character, although I didn't like her very much when I first met her in Everlasting. She is a teenager with some major angst in her life. She has faced the culling and found out that she not only does she have affinity to both witch and hunter powers, she is the only one able to handle the Dagger of Retribution. Now in Ethryeal City, along with her partner Weldon, the Gramm brothers, Jaxen and Gavin, and their partners Jezzi and Cassie, she finds herself facing the biggest challenge yet. Survival.The story is told from Faye's point of view, and takes the reader on an amazing adventure. This story reminds me a little of Divergent, although there is no real similarity between them apart from a spunky heroine. There are some new characters introduced in this tale and we get to meet Clara Ravensmoore, Mack's witch partner. I took a real dislike to this character. She cold, cruel, calculating and ambitious. She pushes, torments and forces Faye to do things, but Faye is equally determined to succeed. I really wanted Faye to stand up to her more and when she does, I cheered! There is excitement, danger and adventure aplenty in this book, with lots of twists and turns and more than a few surprises. The relationship between Faye and Jaxen is as hot as ever and is a smoldering cinder that could burst into flame at any moment - the sexual tension between the two is that palpable. The end of the story has a surprising twist for a cliffhanger, but it does give the reader the feeling that there are some unfinished loose ends that require tying up in the next book in the series. I am most definitely looking forward to reading it as soon as possible!Candace Knoebel has written a fantastic sequel in this YA paranormal romance series. I loved her writing style, which is fast paced and it flowed wonderfully. I haven't read her other series, Born In Flames Trilogy yet, but having read this book, I will definitely be doing so at the earliest opportunity!I highly recommend this book if you love YA paranormal romances. - Lynn Worton

  • Yvonne (The Shadow Realm)
    2019-06-13 05:01

    Ms Knoebel has done it again with this exhilarating and heart-pounding sequel to the fantastic Everlasting. Just as good as book #1, Evernight was an addictive read that I could not get enough of.We find the gang in Ethryeal City where they must under-go rigorous training if they have any chance of beating the Darkyns. Faye is pushed to her absolute limit, unlocking hidden and dangerous powers inside her. The poor girl goes through the emotional and physical wringer. I really applauded her ability to keep it together on the outside, even if she was falling apart inside. She grows so much in this book, becoming stronger and more determined to prove to people that she is not the weak, fragile little girl some of them think she is. And I think the one person who really helped her with this was Weldon. I seriously love that guy. He is not afraid to speak his mind and he gave Faye the kick in the butt she needed. During the book there were times when I was questioning certain things, or I wanted to tell off certain characters and then Weldon would come along and question the exact same thing or tell of that character. It was like he was in my head lol! I wanted to high five him. Dude is definitely one of my favourite characters in the series.The book wasn’t as action packed as the first one but there was still a lot going on. Secrets were revealed, loyalties were tested and battle lines were drawn. There was never a dull moment and I finished the book in no time. I was glued to my kindle from the get-go. I even forgot to eat I was that entranced! Ms Knoebel’s writing is so descriptive and flows effortlessly across the page. You can’t help put get lost in her world. I won’t say any more because you all just need to experience the awesomeness that is this book for yourselves. I really hope I don’t have that long of a wait for book #3 because I NEED more after that ending!

  • RutyB
    2019-05-26 08:40

    Evernight brings a new dimension to the Night Watchmen world. This time in the Ethryeal City, things will be more exciting, dangerous, bloodier and even hotter. Faye grows up to be the Everlasting everyone is waiting for and during that process she becomes a bold woman with nothing and all to lose at the same time. This time the enemies have many faces and some of them are familiar. Faye will have to deal with more than any normal person should handle. Secrets will be revealed and the pain should be too much. However, Faye proves once more that she can be a great heroin. With all her flaws, indecisions, power and strength she is real and very human.The relationship with Jaxen takes a new level and the sexual tension is electrifying to say the least. Jaxen and Faye are perfect for each other, the way electricity flies when they are together and the love you can feel in the author's words is stunning. I think the temperature rises in the perfect moments; it reaches high peaks and is never too low. Unlike the first book, this time the adrenaline is always pumping. You can feel the action, the excitement, the fear. The author makes a really good job creating a world where danger is real, the threat is always present and the characters are always on the edge. The rhythm is constant and it traps you into the reading.The language is engaging. The dialogues are entertaining. Overall, the writing is amazing. This sequel really shows why this series is so addictive. The author took all the good she did in book one and in the prequel (Jaxen's story) and created an excellent book. I can’t wait for the next book, those preview chapters at the end of the book killed me. *** I received a complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review. ***

  • Clever Girl
    2019-05-19 10:58

    Evernight was all about truth and lies. The lies we tell others and tell ourselves. The truth you find when everything has been taken from you - your safety, your confidence, the people you trust - who are you?Faye grows up in this book. She doesn't have any other choice. It's a hard road for her, the weight of the world is on her shoulders and everyone wants to use her or destroy her. Nothing is easy for her; she's supposed to be safe in Ethryeal City but is confronted with more secrets, deceptions, betrayals. Candace Knoebel did a fantastic job of putting me in Faye's shoes whether she was experiencing despair and pain or love and joy. Along with the emotional growth we see that there is more to her powers than she's realized and the consequences are dire.Oh Jaxen. We get to see his devoted and loving side as well as his protective side. He's still got issues, that boy is such a mix of guilt and self preservation and warrior that it's probably going to take a long time for us to truly understand him, but boy do I want to.Faye and Jaxen are also challenged to find out if love a handicap or a strength for them. I thought their romance was well done, showing a deepening of their relationship, the physical side as well as trust and communication.What else I liked? I loved seeing more of the charming and difficult Weldon. Candace Knoebel's fabulous job of world building. The cover; the covers for the Night Watchmen series are gorgeous! And the set up for the next book, I can't wait to read the next installment in the series, Everlost. Disclosure: ebook provided in exchange for an honest review

  • Cassandra Lawson
    2019-05-20 04:51

    This is book two in the Night Watchmen series, and I definitely recommend reading these in order. Let me begin by saying I’m not a big fan of the new trend of having books end with cliffhangers and storylines that span many books. There are, of course, exceptions. This series has enough substance and storyline to justify being written in several books.Evernight starts off almost exactly where the first book left off. There is a little gap, but it’s easy to fill in what happened. Overall the story flowed really well and kept me hooked from page one until page “What? It can’t be over; I need more.” The only thing I didn’t like was how Gavin and Cassie seemed to behave much less mature than they had in the previous book. Some of their comments seemed more like things a young teen would say. They were not focused on through much of the book so it didn’t bother me too much. I really enjoyed the development of Faye’s character as she matured and learned to control her power. Things don’t run smoothly for her, and there were times when I was just wishing she’d get a break. It was also nice to learn more about Weldon and see his growth as a character. I am definitely looking forward to the next installment in this series.

  • Martha Dunlop
    2019-05-23 09:55

    I waited months for this book, in fact it’s one of my favourite series from this year. Jaxen is a fabulous leading man and really kept me turning the pages. He and Faye had some pretty major hurdles to jump over, but it was great to see their relationship develop from a fledgling teenage crush into something much more complicated and mature. Faye and Jezi move forward, but the enmity never really disappears, although there are developments in this story line that I really didn’t see coming, and I won’t post a spoiler. Faye has some pretty tough lessons to learn as she is faced with her worst fears, whilst still grieving after her parents’ disappearance. She nearly descends into teenage tantrums once or twice, but always pulls it together in time and begins the transformation into a woman who is stronger than any teenager should have to be.Evernight is another fast paced page turner, and like the first, has left me desperate for more. It’s well worth a read, but make sure you read Everlasting first.

  • Chrissy Van Der Laan
    2019-06-02 05:02

    wow this is getting good i mean really good. After weeks of being poked and prodded Faye is at the end she misses her friends and Jaxon. Clara gets her out and allows them all to be together but what is her agenda?This is full of action, desire and betrayal almost unphantomable you will not want to put it down. Candace has done an amazing job yet again with part two. now im off to read book 3. enjoy

  • Jan farnworth
    2019-06-06 11:01

    I not one for Paranormal romances but Candace has a way of sucking me in and making me want to know what happens. It hot and irresistible the connection between jaxen and faye you just can't help but devour every page of this book. I like that this story just keeps giving you more of what you expect in this type of story. Intrigue, deception and of course hot romance. Can not wait to read book 3.

  • Heather De Los Reyes
    2019-05-22 06:49

    Locked my attentionGrabbed and held my attention the whole book through. Jaxen, Faye and the rest of the gang are quickly earning my affections even Jezi who I hadn't really liked so far. I hate Clara and I'm really pissed Jaxen didn't let Faye end her but understand his reasoning for it.I'm hoping the next book has a ton of answers!

  • Carmen Pescod
    2019-05-25 08:54

    This series is just fantastic. An exciting YA read. From the first page you are taken on an unforgettable journey with magic, love, & courageousness. The characters are brilliant, you feel what they are feeling. You are put into their worlds & witness everything. Bring on Everlost. An absolutely must read series.

  • Stacy
    2019-05-19 09:53

    Evernight..... or should I say everything right!!!This is a great series. I love the Gramm brothers. Weldon is awesome...I love his witty banter. Can't wait for the next book. I only wish the author would have done chapters from Jaxen's point of view.

  • Cathy Wierec
    2019-05-29 05:03

    Great bookI enjoyed every page of this book. The author keeps the readers interest. the characters are likeable and I found myself routing for them. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

  • Phoenix
    2019-05-28 09:51

    This was kind of dark. I can't believe Clare!! I was surprised to be sure. Well, all I can say is that now I'm suspicious of everyone's motives! I can't figure out whose the bad guy! So, that means this book was good. I really enjoyed the book and will read the next one!

  • Joy Whiteside
    2019-05-30 08:07

    This is such an amazing read, that I could not put it down. It has awesome and amazing characters and a story that will not let you down. I would gladly recommend this book to everyone that I know, this has to be read, no doubt about it.

  • Charlotte
    2019-06-07 09:42

    I didn't enjoy this as much as the first - everything is just so unnecessarily overdramatic - but this was still a fun read and I'll be picking up the next when it comes out.

  • Andrea Heltsley
    2019-06-15 06:56

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this series :)

  • Megan
    2019-05-28 10:43

    Loved this book!! I sooooo want Clara to get what she deserves. I hate her. So many twists and it. Can't wait to read the next one.