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Lords of the Abyss Trilogy- 3 BOOKS Three Book BundleParanormal Underwater RomanceIncludes:The Mighty HunterCommanding the TidesCaptive of the DeepBook One: The Mighty HunterScientist Bridget Dutton has no time for traditional love. Her heart belongs to her work. Even though taking chemical readings of ocean water isn't her thing, she's willing to put in her time for her cLords of the Abyss Trilogy- 3 BOOKS Three Book BundleParanormal Underwater RomanceIncludes:The Mighty HunterCommanding the TidesCaptive of the DeepBook One: The Mighty HunterScientist Bridget Dutton has no time for traditional love. Her heart belongs to her work. Even though taking chemical readings of ocean water isn't her thing, she's willing to put in her time for her chance at exploring the Abyss. When her boat is attacked from below, Bridget's dream just might come true sooner than planned. Caderyn the Hunter, the sexiest--and perhaps craziest--man she's ever laid eyes on may have rescued her from death, but who's going to rescue her from him? With a deliciously hot body and all the right moves, the man is a walking seduction that's too hard to resist. There's only one problem. Caderyn claims they're in the Abyss, living on a cursed island along the deep ocean floor. And, if that wasn't bad enough, he says he's a merman. Sparks fly. Desires heat. But can Caderyn convince the logical Bridget there's room for more than one love in her heart?Book Two: Commanding the TidesTerminally ill, Cassandra Nevin has come to the ocean to live out her days on a boat with a bunch of scientists who don't even know she's sick--or that she's not even a scientist. When something from the depths of the abyss attacks their boat, leaving her to drown, she knows it's her time. But then the unimaginable happens--she lives. Iason the Hunter doesn't understand why the woman he's trying to save from death seems insistent he save anyone but her. Duty bound to try and rescue whoever he can; he takes the woman into Deep Ocean, to his home beneath the waves. But it would seem a watery grave wasn't the only thing threatening his new charge's life. To try and save her from her illness would mean possible disgrace and being banned from ever swimming in the ocean again. But what else can he do? From the first moment he saw her, she had command over his heart. Book Three: Captive of the DeepMerman Rigel the Hunter has prayed for an end to his people's curse. Immortality has come with a high price--loneliness. When a beautiful human female--Lyra Harne--is thrown into the ocean, her fate is in his hands. Unable to deny her, he saves her, but at what cost? Living in the lost city of Atlantes, women are rare and this sexy mortal is more than this hard up warrior can resist. Is the beauty Rigel saves a gift from the gods? Or just another part of their curse? Temptation and desire are no match for fate, and the truth of Lyra's shipwreck just might prove too much for this underwater affair. Rating: Contains graphic sexual content, adult language, and violence. Novel intended for adults only. Must be 18 years or older to read.*The Raven Books titles have complimentary material at the end in theform of excerpts and blurbs from select other Raven Book titles. Theseare provided at no extra cost to you. In an effort to keep marketingcosts down, we do cross promote titles within this complimentary section and these savings are always passed on to you, the reader. We work hard to keep our prices fair and to provide books you love. We hope youenjoy the title and the additional material provided free at the end.Thank you for reading The Raven Books....

Title : lords of the abyss trilogy bundle
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lords of the abyss trilogy bundle Reviews

  • Gina
    2019-06-03 23:26

    This was a trilogy I love/hate. I enjoyed reading all three for the most part. Yes, there were huge chunks in books #2 and #3 that seemed to repeat word for word (but if you got any of the 3 books as a stand alone book then you would not be lost, so I get that) I understand for some they seem a bit graphic, but what do you expect when you are warned that you need to be 18+ to read the book, I know I would have trouble reading an "adult" style book if the author said she stroked his peepee! I will admit there were areas that needed a little more meat with the potatoes. I do like how the one (Lyra) who had the most trouble in the beginning to come to terms with her "savior" and her new home away from everyone she holds dear, embraced her new life and love the easiest.Now, on to why I hate this trilogy, I read my last page and now I want to know the answers to; does Lysander and Neda manage to get away from the Olympians to be together? Does he ever realize he can change form? What about the triplets, do any of them survive? What about the lives of the other Merr, do they find suitable mates? Is there a way to transform the scylla?For me, this needs to push beyond a trilogy and become a series so those that fell in love with the people of Ataran can continue turning the pages!

  • Shanna
    2019-06-17 02:37

    Books 1 and 2 were great. I enjoyed the stories and wanted to know more. Book 3 was a let-down- there was no depth to the story and both the protagonists seemed broody and whiney.

  • Shelley
    2019-06-06 07:24

    A collection of three books with the first two books being the most read-worthy. The first one is about Caderyn and Bridget. Bridge is a scientist who can't believe she has been rescued by a merman and now lives in the lost city of Atlentes. As a scientist can she accept her new home and find love?In the second Cassandra is rescued by Iason. She has bone cancer and doesn't have long to live. Iason takes her to the country so that the other humans that have been rescued don't get affected by her illness, although he doesn't realise it's not contagious. When she realises she is in love with him, she runs from him and straight into a trap set by evil mermaids. The last book could have been very interesting. You find out more about the Cylla and what they are, however there was very little about them and the merr scientists and too much on the sex between and Lyra & Rigel. It had potential but fell flat.

  • Gaele
    2019-05-31 07:10

    Lords of the Abyss Trilogy: Lords of the Abyss #1 – 3 by Michelle M. Pillow. So – I’ve had these 3 titles in my tbr pile for a while now (we won’t talk about just how long) and I got on a reading kick to clean out titles that I hadn’t yet touched. That’s the only rule –and being an admitted fan of hot covers, this jumped right out at me. Three books are in this set – and I will give you my thoughts on each, as well as an average review rating and an overall feel for the titles. The Mighty Hunter: Lords of the Abyss # 1 3 Stars Michelle M. Pillow doesn’t lack for imagination, and she proves it yet again in this unique and clever story. Different from anything else I have read, Bridget Dutton is fascinated with oceanography, and has always dreamed of being able to study in the deep underwater, where few have been. Caderyn is a hunter, and when Bridget is in danger of drowning, he saves her and brings her to the Abyss – an isolated realm on the bottom of the deep ocean. The mix of the legends of Atlantis with some Ancient Greek and fantasy elements are all apparent here, as Caderyn discloses the biggest secret – he is of the Merr, in other words a MerMan. That alone would be enough for a set-up, but we have the Olympians causing issues and discord, above and beyond the often self-sabotaging second guessing from the hero and heroine. Bridget had moments where she shone brightly, but all too often she went all dithery and self-doubting, refusing to believe and recognize what she was seeing and experiencing, and rather than applying her scientific curiosity to the situation, she went to self-doubt and mistrust. It was almost enough to require several good shakes to get the secrets out of them both. As a set up for a series, and a steamy (oh so steamy) connection that has a drool-worthy hero, this is a good start with some pretty interesting elements left yet to discover. Commanding the Tides: Lords of the Abyss # 2 4 Stars The second book in this series starts with a similar feel to the first, although this story is focused on Cassandra: terminally ill, she wants to live her last days on the ocean, and hitches a ride with a scientific exploration. While Cassandra is keeping secrets, fairly big ones, her ability to take life as it comes and make the most of what time she has left is refreshing: no recriminations and few regrets, Cassandra is rather whole-heartedly “in” this game. Until they are attacked from below and she is in danger of drowning – her true selflessness shines as she tries to convince Jason to save someone else. Jason is more than a little confused, and his duty is to save who he can, so Cassandra it is. Taking her to the realm of the Abyss at the bottom of the ocean is less traumatic to Casandra than one would expect. And Jason is thoroughly enamored of this woman, so nonplussed by his revelation of the Merr and his being a MerMan. Inventive and steamy sexual connections mix with his alpha personality and her refusal to think further than ‘in the moment’ bring some interesting conflict to their relationship. Again the Olympians (in the form of Sirens) are interfering and adding a touch of tension and angst to the setting, and Jason’s worries about healing Cassandra and what the dangers to his own position and status give a solid sense of his determination and desire to do what he can for the woman he loves. A fun and quick reading story with plenty of steam, Michelle Pillow is slowly building the intrigue and interest in the Abyss.Captive of the Deep: Lords of the Abyss # 3 Stars 5Rigel the Hunter is at a crossroads: long wanting to remove the curse from his people on the Abyss. Immortality brings with it great loneliness and heartache and Rigel has long felt this isolation, fighting the Scylla and rescuing sailors displaced by their actions just isn’t cutting it for him. The shortest in the trilogy, but by far the most satisfying and action-packed, Rigel is a wonderful hero with patience and heart and a history of trying to be the best he can. Early in the story we hear of a ship of people in period clothing who were also attacked by the Scylla: and this is our chance to meet Lyra. Sailing with her family, when their ship was capsized, she was rescued by Rigel – convinced he was capturing her and was the cause of the deaths of her father and brothers. Silent yet not timid, Lyra is not willingly opening up to Rigel or to the truth of her shipwreck. In this story, Pillow gives us answers to the Scylla mystery and the hunter’s quest to stop or rescue the victims. Rigel is so patient and giving to Lyra, trying to help her to deal with all of the questions, fears and anger, and he manages to become someone she can rely on for protection and comfort. And, of course, their attraction is amazing, and they have some serious steam fogging up on your eReader screen. My favorite of the three, this is a hot little series that will provide a nice break with some inventive positions and a unique setting. I purchased a copy of the 3 book box set for my own personal library. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

  • Florence Nguyen
    2019-06-02 03:23

    Great story and likeable charactersGreat story and likeable characters........................i liked it. But i hate amazon forcing me to write reviews or filling up the comment section.

  • Melissa
    2019-06-05 00:07

    The Mighty HunterBridget is a scientist who wants to explore the ocean. She is very smart, stubborn and has to have everything proven to her, like most scientists. Caderyn, is a Merr, he is a warrior and goes out in the ocean trying to capture the scylla who attack ships. He is very sweet and honorable. You feel Bridget's loss when she hears everyone else on this ship is probably lost to sea when the scylla attacked. Michelle did an amazing job creating this world and you feel like you are a part of it. She did an amazing job not only with the main two characters but making it so you want to read the other books to see what happens to everyone else.Commanding the TidesI did not want to put this story down. Cassandra was on the same ship as Bridget, from the first story in the series. She is terminally ill and went on this expedition to live life while she could and get away from the pity in her parents eyes. When the ship is sinking and she knows she is dying she tries to make Jason save another instead of herself, showing the first part of her true selfless nature. Jason, is Merr and like Caderyn he is a hunter. He is a bit confused when it seems like Cassandra does not want to be saved. He is instantly drawn to her and when the healer informs him that she is in great pain and was dying her old life, he is amazed by her strength. He is told to take her to his home in the country to heal her. He knows if he heals her as much as he has to he may lose his place as a hunter and his honor with his people. However, he does not care and does everything he can to save her life. Cassie, still thinking she is dying, lets herself have one last fling and thinks she will leave Jason before she is gone. I do not want to give to much away but it is an amazing story. There is chemistry between the two main characters and drama (especially when the Olympians get involved).Captive of the DeepThe third book in the series is about Rigel the Hunter. He is part of a different team, one with his brothers. He hunts for the scylla because he feels obligated to find this brother, who left early in to their descent in to the ocean. He is lonely and wants to atone for his people's sins. Lyra is from a different vessel then the scientist ship. We meet her and find out she was with her family running a themed cruise. Unlike the other women she was awake for the entire voyage down to the bottom of the ocean. She believes that her family is dead and is very angry and upset with Rigel, who she thinks killed her family. There is a lot of passion between the two characters and it is a very well written story. I cannot wait to see where Michelle takes this world and would love to see more Merr Men find their true loves.

  • Pam Louis
    2019-06-08 01:10

    The mighty hunterBridget Dutton has always loved the water and wanted to study under sea life. She signed on for a year trip to do just the but add to that a mix of fate and humans should be careful what they wish for ☺their life may change completely.Caderyn is a hunter from Ataran. He and his team are hunting a monster called a Scylla. It attacks boats and sinks them. But before he and his teammates can get it. The Scylla strikes again. Now in Ataran woman are rare so then 2 are sinking to their deaths they most be saved if at all possible.I live the world miss pillow thought up with the Merr and the Olympians. Their both Merr people but their thinking is completely different.The Olympians are where the sailors get the story of half fish woman pulling them under water to die.Clearly Bridget and Caderyn are not from the same place and time so they think completely different and her not on the same page with dealing with each other. It makes for a very hard start to a relationship lolthis book was was a great mix of action, drama, with miss pillow normal hot and steamy times tossed it.I loved it and can't wait to read more on the series.Commanding the tidesAs Cassandra is sinking to her death and excepting it she kisses the merman in front of her. What a way to go, right? Only things don't turn out that way. Now she is in the under water city and Iason the Hunter will risk all to safe her.This story was right mix of hot and romantic. Iason is the type of guy any woman would fall for! Michelle was created a wonderful under water world. This story has some great twists and surprises along with a queen you will love to hate lol. I sooooo can't wait to read the next book in this series wow. enthralling from start to finish.Captive of the DeepLyra Harne hated everything to do with the ocean but all her brothers and father loved it. She got talked into a this trip because she was the only one in the family who could speak Spanish. Now she had lost everything and was trapped in an underwater city. When your first brought down a spell keeps you calm so you can deal with everything only with Lyra she in a complete fog with times of anger and the is what poor Rigel the hunter of the murr had to deal with. Fun times! NOT lolOh and we got to find out what the Seylla really was! That one shocked me.As with all of miss pillows story this one was awesome. The romance steamy, the mystery was great, the ending was beautiful. A must read I couldn't put it down.

  • Julie
    2019-06-19 03:27

    The Mighty Hunter4 stars Bridget is a scientist. She deals in logic not emotion. Waking up in an unknown world, she struggles to analyze what has happened to her. Caderyn is a hunter Merr (merman). He rescued Bridget when her ship sinks and is now responsible for her well being. After a misunderstanding sends Bridget unwittingly into the enemies hands, she finally realizes her struggle wasn't in understanding the new world but her developing feelings towards Caderyn. A guy who hasn't had a woman in centuries, a stubborn scientist rescued by said guy, and scorching sex scenes, made this story a very spicy read. Commanding The Tides 4 starsCassandra is dying. When she finds herself in sinking into the depths of the ocean from a shipwreck she embraces what she thinks is her end. Kissing a green tailed merman under the water seems perfectly logical to her. Iason, a hunter Merr, is used to rescuing damsels in distress, but something about Cassandra tempts him like no other. When he learns he is the only one with the potential to save her, he risks everything he has on a desperate hope she's the woman meant for him. No heavy drama here, just a woman determined to embrace life to the fullest and a merman willing to stand beside her and see where their journey will take them. Captive of the Deep3.5 stars Lyra is angry she was rescued, depressed over losing her family in the shipwreck, and less than thrilled to discover she can't return to the surface again. Unfortunately, Rigel, her rescuer, bears the brunt of her rants. Rigel is a warrior Merr. When his two friends find love with the women they rescue, he is hopeful he will have the same opportunity to with Lyra and finally have the chance to end his centuries of loneliness. Lyra decides to use sex as a means to forget all she has lost. When she loses herself in Rigel she doesn't feel anything but the pleasure he can give her. Rigel, however, knows he is in love with Lyra and will do everything possible to make her realize how much he cares for her.Book three was definitely heavy on the sex compared to the first two books. Lyra was also a complete shrew to Rigel. Her change of heart towards him was abrupt after the way she had been treating him. This book can be read as a standalone and does have an HEA, however, I thought Rigel deserved someone a lot nicer than Lyra.

  • Cherri-Anne
    2019-06-04 00:09

    A Fin-tastic read!!! 5 starfishThere are 3 books in this collection – #1 - The Mighty Hunter is about Bridget & Caderyn; #2 - Commanding the Tides is Cassandra and Iason’s story and #3 is Captive of the Deep & brings us Lyra & Rygel’s “tale”. These were all fantastic reads, but the one thing that makes them stand out for me the most, is that they all take place at the same time. So The Mighty Hunter is longer, lets you get to know how everything is what it is, then you get to Commanding the Tides and it starts at the same place but this time from Cassandra’s POV. Bridget & Cassandra were on the same boat together, so having their stories intersect was pretty cool! Then when you get to Captive of the Deep, I think it starts just before the first 2, but crosses in with them as well. I liked that “twist” and focus of the same scene from different views. That being said, I really enjoyed these books! Michelle takes a completely new angle on mermaids or The Merr as they are called, so it is a very “fresh tale” and one I “swam” right through at a very quick pace. I don’t want to say too much and ruin the stories, so I apologize for being a little vague on this! The one part that I almost peed myself was at one part of CotD, Lyra manages to get some hot dogs in a vacuum sealed pack which she promptly & very excitedly throws to Rygel. He looks down at them, then back up to her and says “you don’t need these anymore, you have me”! She of course bursts out laughing and says “no, these are hot dogs and you eat them”. I can’t really remember when I laughed so hard!!!! All in all, this was one trilogy that will stay on my “permanent, read over & over again” list. Thanks Michelle for writing such a great set of tales!!!

  • Cheri
    2019-05-30 06:29

    THE MIGHTY HUNTER BOOK ONE: About two pages in I knew I was going to love this one--I did. Ms Pillow engages you with her characters immediately. Bridget was a wanna be scientist of the abyss. She was paying her dues to get a chance to sign on to a real scientific crew when she is suddenly drawn into the impossible.She's going to get her chance at seeing the abyss and it's sea life, if only she will believe where she is and who she is with. Hard to get past the gorgeous, hunky guy that makes her want to do things she's never done before--really want to do them.COMMANDING THE TIDES BOOK TWO:Another winner. I enjoyed the couple Cassandra, ship wreck survivor and Iason the Hunter from the Abyss who saves her.Cassandra fought her rescue as she is terminally ill and thought this would be the end. After only a touch Iason could never allow her to die. He rescues her at a high risk to his station in life. But after saving her there are other risks his world has all but forgotten. CAPTIVE OF THE DEEP BOOK THREE:The third book of the series is maybe my favorite. However in full disclosure, I feel that way a lot when reading Ms Pillows books, one of my favorite authors. Lyra is reluctantly rescued to be taken to Atlantes by Rigel the hunter. As in the other two books, he is both blessed to have a woman, very scarce, and cursed because he is her guardian and may lose her to another.

  • Liala ~ The Goddess of Books ~ Starr
    2019-06-20 07:28

    I really liked this book. This is the first time I have read about mermaids and I found it well thought out.How do mermen find a way to repopulate their dwindling numbers? Well shipwrecks come to mind. But when women are brought to their underwater world things start getting exciting, and the men who find them are going to have to learn how to romance women that are stunned beyond all belief to be in what all on Earth call Antlantis.I found these stories funny and exciting. It is nice to find something different when it comes to the paranormal romance category. If your looking for something different, pick up a copy. I think you'll like it as much as I did.

  • Teresa Holleran
    2019-06-01 02:37

    Mermen...SWOON!!!I just finished this boxed set...I loved it...I cannot wait to read the others. Mermen and mermaids exist!!! In these books they do!!! The Merr are cursed by Poseidon, to live eternity on their land under the sea. They hunt Scylla, and try to save as many humans as possible, to gain favor from Poseidon, hoping one day he would raise their country to the surface world. Some humans are too close to deathbed and sometimes they will attempt to take them home, preferably woman, and save them. On one hunt three women were saved...these books are the stories of them. Get ready for a glorious escape into another world, with mystery, humor and yummy sex!!!

  • Angie
    2019-06-20 05:34

    ok...I'm sorry, but I picked this up as a recommendation for reading another author. I'll admit it...I love paranormal romance. This one was a little iffy from the get-go with Mermen and Mermaids...or Merr as they call themselves. I gave it a try, but in the end I skimmed and the 2nd and 3rd stories were not any better. I don't know if I'll read any more by this author because while I get that paranormal anything is not real...this was so unrealistic and silly, I just couldn't get into the story. Oh well.

  • Stephanie
    2019-06-04 05:34

    This author starts series so well. Original ideas, plenty of action, reasons for them to be together. Then she ruins it. I just don't get it. Apparently most people want the porn. I don't know why I think she will return to the style of the Dragon Lords books where the plot actually has substance. I'm glad I only paid $1.99 for the Omnibus version. Skipping the porn, it took me maybe 3 hours to read all three books.

  • Debbie
    2019-06-14 07:11

    2.5 starsnow see this is what happens when you read the same author, different series, back to back. I did not enjoy this series as much as the Cupid ones. there were whole paragraphs repeated in each story, almost word for word, and the story of how the Merr came to be took up far too much of the second and third book, since it was all explained in the first one. the first book is the longest, too. I have another box set by this author, but will leave off reading that one for a while.

  • Kyra Dunst
    2019-06-12 23:27

    These hunky mermen can rescue me any time! In these three stories, Bridget, Cassandra and Lyra learn that being lost at sea doesn't have to end in death. Women are rare commodities in the Merr kingdom, and the women get to choose their mate. All three stories, though similar had women with very different views on their new life, and different ways of handling their sexy guardians. These are steamy stories, well worth the read.

  • Leah Ford
    2019-06-21 00:37

    I enjoyed reading this set of books. I am glad i could read them one after the other. The characters were likeable and the stories were enough to keep me reading. I would recommend these easy to read books......but only if are having a lazy reading day in the summer sun with nothing else to do. I will be reading more of this authors books..........

  • Christine Croke
    2019-06-22 03:10

    Great trilogy. Loved the different circumstances on each story and each one finding love. The spicy sexy scenes and the emotions from the characters. I was given this trilogy by the author for an honest review in my own words. I was not compensated in any way.

  • Lori
    2019-06-22 02:35

    I really enjoyed the first book but when it went to the second and third books it was like the author just cut and pasted lines from the first book into these! I mean it was word for word and happened somewhat frequently. The stories all turn out just the way you expect them to.

  • Mary E
    2019-06-07 00:18

    OMG! I loved loved this series. I don't swim in the ocean or have been on a boat in the ocean but after reading this series. Man i would love to be caught by one of them and never return. Wow. A must read.

  • Hollow May
    2019-06-03 23:07

    *If I can get my head cleared I'll write a review*

  • Susandodds
    2019-06-16 05:37

    WonerfulGreat set and left wanting more so looking for the lords of the sea now and can not wait to read

  • Meka
    2019-06-23 00:09

    Really enjoyed. Wanted a continuation

  • Katrina
    2019-06-21 06:28

    2.5 stars. This was a bit if meh. Some sections in books 2 and 3 were so word-to-word with book 1 that you felt like the author just did cut& paste.

  • Catherine Montgomery
    2019-06-18 00:23

    Loved the new angle!This trilogy was very interesting to me and I enjoyed it tremendously. It was a new and exciting look into the legends of the mermaids.

  • Hyacinth Janecyk
    2019-06-25 01:26

    I really enjoyed all three books and wonder if there will be a few more.Her Naughty Cupid series was also a great read.

  • Lizzie b
    2019-05-30 03:25

    A good series, fantastic to have them all in a box set.

  • Misty
    2019-06-22 00:13

    read the first and not really wanting to read more

  • Alice sumrall
    2019-06-16 04:07

    I loved theses book keeper me interested only thing didn't like w she doesn't finish a story