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SG- Suicide Game is a metaphor about the society where persons almost kill themselves to achieve their goals and forget their dreams, but, in the book you will find also real love, friendship, loyalty, hope and an unexpected finale showing the good essence of the human seed.Eight thousand candidates sign up for the Suicide Game. Only one can win. Their destination is the NSG- Suicide Game is a metaphor about the society where persons almost kill themselves to achieve their goals and forget their dreams, but, in the book you will find also real love, friendship, loyalty, hope and an unexpected finale showing the good essence of the human seed.Eight thousand candidates sign up for the Suicide Game. Only one can win. Their destination is the Night Stadium: a place of makeup and music, fear and adrenaline, blood and romance, celebration and death. Each candidate has his or her own reason for entering the Game. The Council runs the Game. The outcome of the Game is left to the laps of the gods. The candidates will jump to their deaths in order to win everything, before capacity crowds in the Stadium. The public follows every jump, live on TV and mobile device screens, choosing their favorite candidates and betting on their lives. Who will win the game?Candidate 0907 - Moma - the terrorist?Candidate 1518 - Fabio Giovanni Cristiani - the cyclist?Candidate 3507 - Anthony Henrik Gustav - the lawyer?Candidate 4914 - Jens Plaato - the politician?Candidate 4918 - Sarah Mondstein - the career woman?Candidate 5151 - Bianca White - just a girl ?Candidate 7195 - The Scientist?…Or is it a completely different Candidate?The Game’s community also includes geeks, mafia, makeup artists, master chefs, models, musicians, spies, terrorists, and many others.It boldly imagines a place where death and denial are interwoven with hope, choices and the innate desire for happiness. Impressive in the totality of its vision, it is an exploration of the best and worst things in our lives, our nightmares, and especially our dreams....

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  • David - proud Gleeman in Branwen's adventuring party
    2019-05-11 15:06

    "Book, You Have The Right To a Speedy Trial" review-THE DEFENSE - Delivers many powerful messages about society - Author has a unique and poetic writing style- Very emotional, with lots of dark humor peppered throughout- Manages to focus on multiple characters and make them all equally compelling- Features elements from multiple genresTHE PROSECUTION - Repetitive nature of the actual Suicide Game may turn off some readers - Will make you angry that more books aren't this good! THE VERDICTDisturbing, yet heartwarming. Depressing, yet inspiring. "Suicide Game" is a complex novel with something for everyone! Dave's Much-Wordier (and much less speedy) Review A new game has taken the world by storm. A game which features thousands and is watched by millions. A game where the contestants all jump, knowing very well that their destination most likely will be the great beyond. This is the Suicide Game, where thousands have entered and only one can possibly survive. The candidates all have their own reasons for jumping. Some are there out of despair, some are there to make a statement, and some actually feel the Suicide Game is the only way to stay alive. Now, in this arena of death, several lives will converge together to tell one amazing story. The audience is expecting a once-in-a-lifetime experience...they will not be disappointed!People destroying themselves in front of the camera while millions watch it and classify it as entertainment? Fortunately, this would never happen in real life...right?Riiiiiiiiiiight! It happens to all of us. One day, we look in the mirror and see something we don't like. Another day we'll look in the same mirror and see something beautiful. In "Suicide Game", author Haidji manages a near-impossible feat, she points the mirror at us and manages to show us both at the same exact time. A game where people watch the contestants die and take bets on who will survive...sounds outlandish, yet also uncomfortably familiar in our present voyeuristic society. Aren't our airwaves constantly flooded with reality TV shows featuring people engaging in self-destructive activities... people that we find ourselves looking down while they needed someone to look at them? Aren't our newsstands filled with tabloids promising the latest celebrity scandals...scandals that we gobble up so greedily that those tabloids now have to be published on a weekly basis? It's pretty much impossible to read this novel without finding yourself outraged at the actions of some of the audience members, only to realize you've done a similar thing in your own life. Yet, there's another side to human nature. The part of us that runs to donate time or money when people have fallen victim to a tragedy. The part of us that will try to save someone from a life-threatening situation instead of only thinking of our personal safety. It's pretty much impossible to read this novel without finding yourself touched by the actions of some of the characters, only to realize you've done a similar thing in your own life. What's even more remarkable is how Haidji not only manages to evoke such conflicting reactions from us, but she does it without coming off as preachy or maudlin!One of Haidji's greatest strengths as an author is her unique writing style. Haidji doesn't so much "write" Suicide Game as she does "sculpt"it. Narration is interwoven with song lyrics and poetic verses to paint a vast, multi-layered portrait. Some of her descriptions are profound and instantly quotable..."Sometimes she liked to be a little bit crazy, in order not to get one hundred percent mad". Other descriptions are a little more detailed yet no less powerful..."They would return to the condominium that was nearby, a big modern construction made with concrete and green glass, a kind of modern ghetto like modern fancy condominiums used to be, because human beings like transparency in their neighbors' lives while they figure out how to protect their own privacy". While most books enthrall that audience by what is happening, Haidji enthralls us just in the way she describes it happening. In addition to all the meaningful turns of phrases, Haidji injects much humor into the book as well. Most of the humor comes in the form of irony, where a character seems totally oblivious to the paradoxical nature of their actions, like in one moment where the ruling council of the Suicide Game panics upon learning that one of the contestants is pregnant..."We cannot be responsible for killing innocents." He continued on with his advice that they needed to have some moral rules in this suicide game, for God's sake!" Dark...yes. Disconcerting... certainly. But I must confess, I laughed harder at that moment than I have at most comedic movies released over the last few years...Thousands more people saw Adam Sandler's "Jack and Jill" than have read Haidji's cerebral book...I think I now understand why space aliens actively avoid any contact with our planet!"More often than not, books will focus mostly on one character. Would "The Hunger Games" have been nearly as exciting without Katniss Everdeen? Would Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's mysteries have been as interesting if they starred Lestrade's entire police force instead of one rogue detective? Yet, in "Suicide Game", there is no real star. Some characters are never even actually named and are only known by their occupation, like "The Hostess" and "The Scientist". Yet each character has a unique tale to tell. Alessandra's determination to protect a baby she just found from a world that seems to be going mad all around her. Cassandra's infatuation with a contestant she worked with. Bianca's tortured past and Sarah's tortured present. Since there is no one focal point, each character is only allotted a small amount of time, yet in many instances, that brief window into their lives provides a more compelling story than the ones lived by many other book characters who appeared in 400 pages as the star!I can honestly say I loved every page of "Suicide Game". If I had to pick any flaw in the book, I would have to point out the repetitiveness of some of the passages involving the actual Suicide Game. Before the contestants of the game jump, the Hostess always gives the same introduction, often word-for-word from her speech before the previous jump. In the context of the story, this seems symbolic. The way the Hostess uses the same exact phrasing to introduce a supposedly unique spectacle once again serves as an allegory of the contradictions of human nature. Raise your hands if you've ever declared something to have "become boring", only to later realize that the reason it was now boring was because it had become such a routine in your life. (Excuse me while I pause writing this review for a moment so that I can raise my own hand in the air...) However, while I did find this repetition to be yet another brilliant method of Haidji's to make a deeper statement, I can still envision some readers rolling their eyes when The Hostess announces "Nothing compares to what you'll see here" for the umpteenth time. I'm mentioning this because I'm hoping if people go into this book aware that the repetition exists, it will make it easier for them to enjoy the reading experience knowing this up front.Featuring parts fantasy, drama, science fiction, philosophy, romance, mystery, comedy, and tragedy, it's pretty much impossible for me to come up with a genre that "Suicide Game" DOESN'T cover! Brilliant and mesmerizing, this book is highly recommended for everyone!

  • Reading Corner
    2019-05-11 19:58

    This story follows the participants and the employees of the Suicide Game which is a similar concept to The Hunger Games. The main difference is that the participants have voluntarily entered the games, knowing that there is a massive chance they are jumping to their death. The contestants are attached to wire and they must jump but the wires can easily break, leading to their death.The story was great, I definitely enjoyed the concept but I think the whole idea lacked information. For the whole book, questions were lingering in my head about the game like Who set it up?And why?The story could have really been strengthened with some background information or just some context.Also, parts were confusing and I found it difficult to piece together in my head.The characters were interesting and I liked the fact you learned about their past and reasons for entering the game but I thought their chapters could have been longer or they could have appeared more in the book. The fact they barely appeared in the book, only really once at the start, made me forget who was who and I felt nothing towards them.This wasn't Haidji's best book in my opinion but I did enjoy the novel along with some lovely quotes but I really do think it needs more information and character building.Thanks again to Haidji for sending me out another one of her books,I was glad to review it.

  • Khadidja
    2019-04-26 19:11

    i loved Haidji's books: Ines's Words, Harables. they were amazing and I wanted to love this story. But after trying mulitple times, I think I need to put it down for good, i have been trying to "understand" the whole concept but all i got is hunger games fanfiction. I hate writing negative feedbacks but i have to. The story lacked a good flow. I just didn't connect with this book at any point, ever. i had no clue what was going on, or who's chapter is this! who's telling the story, i wish Haidji would have wrote it from the POV of a one character (the winner) instead of multiple third person POV. what confused me more were the numbers at the beginning it says we have 8000 candidantes and only one will survive, later in the book it says we have 2000 candidates,1122 remained remaind. (what?) but despite all that The world building in this fiction was well made,i loved it. the book had potential but it wasn't well executed, The premise of this one was very intriguing, unfortunately, while I can appreciate the writing style, it simply isn't working for me.

  • Archit Ojha
    2019-04-27 14:11

    I absolutely loved how Haidji has a poetic writing style. Books with deadly games as the main recipe have always attracted me. Suicide Game as the name suggests takes the reader to a never-coming-back experience read. Many contestants are participating for one trophy despite knowing the consequences that they will either live or die a nasty death. Extremely emotional, humorous and yet some dark material attached to it. The characters come alive and you can't help being thrilled and at the same time, you don't want anything happen to anyone and yet you expect who goes off the list next.Considering the number of protagonists to the story, characterization has been done pretty fantastically. The author manages to sincerely attach you with multiple characters and you stick with them without flinching a bit.Another successful part of it was that this small book contained genres from various fields. You would not be expecting this for it and it surpasses your expectations. Haidji sketches her characters in ways that nobody does. I was surprised to see the number of participants willing to end their lives voluntarily. It is a work of art that many people will find something to praise about it. It is a satisfying novel be the reader have any specific genre preferences. Entertaining and amazingly written. I want to read more of Haidji's work.

  • Calvin Campbell
    2019-04-23 21:21

    Fantastically awful. Nigh on incoherent. It’s no exaggeration to say that this self-published so-called novel reads as though it were written in another language and then fed into Google Translate. See examples below. If you’re at all interested in reading this book, I beseech you to first use the LOOK INSIDE feature on amazon. How anyone can give this book more than 1 star is beyond me, though it does deserve some praise for unintentional hilarity.A fairly typical, semi-comprehensible sentence: “Working also Sundays, as would Sunday be the most important workday of the week, he lost sometimes the impression of time.”“Nobody can understand a biker, without be ever having ridden a bike.”And so on. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

  • Onaiza Khan
    2019-04-24 17:07

    They say storytelling is an art, but Haidji has proved in this book that it's also a science. Numerous stories have been laid out uniformly in the book and then braided together beautifully. It's a very interesting and well organised book. The concept is fresh and there is a lot to learn on a human level.

  • Pooja
    2019-05-09 19:17

    Terrific!Imagine about a deadly game which is being broadcasted in the entire world. Some lunatic person has come up with this idea and even more surprising is that people are willingly being participant in this show!What a life!The center theme with the book that participants have volunteered to sacrifice their lives just to win this game doubles the thrill. Mystery, fantasy, thriller, drama, romance, fiction - and what not? Suicide Game can be categorized in every genre which is a great quality for a book to have.Suicide Game is a kind of novel which if you liked, then you'll totally get hang of it or maybe not but this book will surely make you contemplate about life, adventures and an immensely popular game. A game where you become a part of it. More than you want to.Like I always say, Haidji has a unique way of portraying her words into interesting and intriguing stories. This time too, she has proved that she's one of the jewel to the literary universe. I enjoyed Haidji's work very much and look forward to her future books.

  • Will Byrnes
    2019-05-16 13:54

    Suicide Game, a first novel by the mononymous Haidji, is an oil and water mixture of intriguing concepts, impressive visual sensibilities, and, at least in the English version, a crying need for a professional, native-English-speaking editor. The core element here is the Suicide Game itself, a privately run enterprise that takes in 8,000 contestants and produces a single winner, in a more or less contemporary setting. It does put one in mind of the scene inGlengarry Glen Rosswhen Blake, a bully sent to incentivize the sales staff at a real estate firm, says to them, “As you all know, first prize is a Cadillac Eldorado. Anybody wanna see second prize? Second prize's a set of steak knives. Third prize is you're fired.” It might read here “First prize, fame and fortune, with treasures beyond your imagining. Second prize, you die.” In The Hunger Games participants were selected by lottery. In Suicide Game, it is voluntary. One might wonder who in their right mind would willingly participate in such a travesty. Haidji has put together an ensemble cast. There are game participants, with contemporary and back-story people connected to each, the council that runs the whole thing, the arena designer, and a smattering of game employees. No one character occupies enough time to be considered primary. Oh, and add in a terrorist.One can take this as a straight ahead story about a social abomination, and the individual tales that feed it, or take it as a metaphor for existing sociological madness. Choose the former and you may find yourself leaping into an abyss. What country would allow such a thing to take place? At least when nations sponsor the suicide game we call war, they attempt to offer at least the pretense of a reason. Not so much here. Why would anyone choose to participate in any contest with such poor odds unless they had nothing left to lose? And while the lure of fame and fortune might lead one to publicly humiliate oneself, as we see every day on reality programming, it is a whole other level to join a death march. And if one is seeking to kill oneself, the usual reason is despair. What possible appeal might there be to enticing participants with glory when they have already given up all hope? While there are some shenanigans involved in the legitimacy of some of the contestants, I found the justification offered for most of the competitors to be thin. Kinda tough to invest much in relating to characters if the reasons for their actions are unpersuasive. Why choose to die? Why not try to solve your problems? And if you are determined to snuff it, there are plenty of quicker ways to go about it. Why drag it out for several days, and do it in front of a global audience? Lost love figures large here. But then found love figures pretty large as well, with love at first sight a very unconvincing motivator. Maybe in this world there are no second acts, let alone third ones. They might take some advice from Ingrid Michaelson.All the broken hearts in the world still beat. Despite the rampant heart disease our culture breeds, people get over heartbreak, find new loves, new outlets, new satisfactions. I got the feeling that the characters jumping into the game could do with a good talking-to, or an intervention. “You schmuck, sit down! What the hell were you thinking?” Taking the USA as an example there are 39,000 suicides here annually, more or less. Cramming 8,000 of them into a four day span is, well, a stretch, suggesting that it must have been a really bad week when applications were being accepted, or a big week for immigration. I imagine the selection process was probably as selective as that used by the National Geographic Society for individuals nominated for membership. (Although George Bailey certainly deserves to belong.)The authorIn addition to an excess of telling over showing, there are elements there that hint at an eagerness to gloss over problematic details. It is as if the entire world existed in a Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney film in which the neighborhood kids decide, “Let’s put on a play,” and magically a stage, set, costumes, script and time for rehearsal all appear as if out of nowhere. Just think it and it is so. For example, the management of the stadium decides to make a radical change in their food service, and it is changed during a break in the game action. Modifications to significant stage elements of the stadium are likewise implemented as if by divine command. A significant computer programming re-working is done in, it seems, nanoseconds. With over twenty years as a programmer, I can say for fracking sure, no bloody way. The romantic relationships also seemed to lack real-world substance.Ok, if, however one takes this as a piece of social commentary, it becomes possible to look past the story-telling problems and settle in to a consideration of larger issues. One can look at the heartless exploitation of the participants by corporate entities, and not have to look too far to find contemporary equivalents. In the US, how the NFL treats players is pretty close to amoral disinterest in the well-being of the workers who create the value they are selling. I am sure there are plenty of equivalents in other sports. The entertainment industry offers many examples of people willingly putting themselves, their reputations, and maybe their health, if not their lives, at risk in order to gain their fifteen minutes in the media spotlight. The Suicide Game might be seen as an exaggeration of that reality to make a point. I do not think that major sports organizations descended to a level of exploitation where they process, package and sell bits of loser contestants. But would you really put that past the NFL, or our major networks? One element in all this is the dehumanization of the contestants by putting them all in the same uniform and having makeup artists remove remnant individuality from their faces. This surely speaks to the depersonalization inherent in much of mass media. Outside of committed fans, can you really tell who is wearing a particular football uniform on a given Sunday? Just as players are largely a production factor for corporate owners, parts that can be replaced as needed when they wear out, the suicide game takes the notion to an extreme, and succeeds in making a point. My biggest gripe about the book is that the English is in need of serious repair. Haidji speaks English. We are were pals on GR, (that seems to have taken the leap when this review appeared) and have exchanged our share of messages, so I can attest that her English is pretty good. But I cannot say whether this book was written in another language (she speaks several) and translated or was written directly in English. In either case, it is in great need of an editor whose native tongue is English. There are many instances in which it is possible to ferret out what the author meant, when the words used did not do that job well enough. Turns of phrase are sometimes simply wrong. Readers are expected to read between the lines for thematic or psychological reasons, but should not have to do so in order to simply correct the text. That said, it is a readable book. Just be aware that you may have to do some extra work to figure out what is being said. If one can get beyond the language shortcomings, there is fair bit of interesting material tucked into the story. Haidji concocts an umbrella made of air alone that is pretty cool. The notion of making diamonds of the unexpected material cited here is a real thing. The stadium design has some elements that are quite fascinating. Her governing Suicide Game council applies a very unusual voting methodology. A court case involving Big Oil is also reality-based. An early scene involving a terrorist and 9/11 was one of the strongest elements in the story. On the other hand, use is made of a drug referred to as “milk of amnesia.” Such a drug does exist. I have been a personal beneficiary on multiple occasions. (Yes, it is legal, wiseass, and is used in medical work) But it does not act in the real world as it is shown to act here. There are some mysteries in here as well that add texture. Who is actually in charge of the whole thing? How did a baby get loose in the stadium? Will the smitten connect with the actual objects of their…um…smit? Will everyone be blown to bits?It is also clear that Haidji has a strong sense of the visual. Color and texture offer a strongly defined background against which the characters do their things. The game logo is wonderful. Candidates are in white face, dressed in shiny black, made up to betray no emotion. The logo is painted in orange. That hare krishnas are in attendance enhances the presence of that colorUshers who clean up the bodies are dressed in gray. Makeup artists at game wear matte black, and the game Hostess wears a red femme fatale dress. Designer names for clothing and footwear are rampant, which certainly does not speak to me. I had to look up far too many of these. But readers with more fashion knowledge (pretty much everyone) will have a better shot at appreciating the references.There are problems for sure with Suicide Game. It really, really needs the assistance of a professional, native-English-speaker editor. There are issues with an overly simplified view of how relationships might progress and even how things work in the world. But if you can make a leap of faith to look past these, there are rewards to be had in the many fascinating notions that live in that world with them. You might enjoy Suicide Game, and without having to pay the ultimate price.Review posted – August 29, 2014I received this book from the author in return for an honest review.=============================EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author’s personal, Twitter, Google+, FB and Youtube pages

  • Elyse
    2019-05-13 17:08

    A fun-fast-Pony-Ride! :)...Out-of-the-box-reading Fun! This is 'not' "The Hunger Games"! Yet --given the popularity of "The Hunger Games" --is natural to associate similarities. While reading Haigdj's story-- its easy to imagine a huge stadium with crowds of people --A'colorful' place--- Hare Krishna's in orange clothes chanting or selling lighters to give off the feeling of candle-lighting --candidates in the game -the smells of food --(suicide dogs) --a baby in a mother's arm --etc.The 7 main council members have 'colorful-names': white, yellow, red, blue, green, purple, black. Note: At different times in the story --I'd pause to myself --imagine calling my daughters -or a friend -- by the name of 'yellow' ---or 'green'? How you doing, today, 'green'??? "Want a cup of tea Yellow"? Then I'd take it further --and remember my daughters painting their naked bodies as children. Its amazing the different 'visual's a book can stimulate for readers --(from our past--etc.) This story feels abstract in the way a wonderful contemporary painting might be -(creating images -visuals for the mind and heart). There are wonderful poems and quotes mixed into the 'Game' reflecting on love, life, and death. ---reaching deeper into our souls. I would have enjoyed the character of 'Moma',[candidate 0907], to have been developed more. I especially found 'Moma' an interesting character (but didn't get enough of him) -- He had a PH.D in explosives engineering. He was a specialist in bombing attacks. He knew how to build bombs and how to disarm them without leaving a mark. Everytime 'Moma' took a break from being in the story I missed him. Reading "Suicide Game" in one sitting gave me the feeling of 'being part' of the -community. The New GameThe New Mania8000 Candidates and now only .....leftOnly 1 will surviveOnly 1 will win ....10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 JUMP!You'll enjoy the ride!elyse

  • Tuba Sayed
    2019-04-30 18:19

    Rating : 2.9/5 stars.The author sent me a copy in exchange of my honest review. Thank you, Haidji.This was an okay read. I have a few issues with it, I am sure most people will enjoy this book, and my issues are something that other people might not even consider as "issues."You have to read it yourself to know that.This story unfolds a million questions, but the author kept things very vague. Like, Why? How? Who? Started this game. I want to know the people's conditions - why were they participating so willingly? Their lives did not mean anything to them? Or the people were that poverty stricken? So they were doing it for money? You see? There was no appropriate answer, that might actually make sense, and stop me from coming up with more questions.I am still so confused.The game. Okay, the game was so messed up. Thank God such horrendous game doesn't exist, otherwise if this was real - I would have done anything in my power to stop it. But if I had to participate (due to any reason) - I would want it to be more interesting. People were just jumping from heights. That's all. There was nothing more to the game. Nothing that might make you hold your breath. Of course I know I would die, but at least I'd want my death to be more epic, not just by jumping from a certain height. I would want to die - trying to steal a gypsy witch's crystal ball and getting cursed by the witch or in a sword fight. You know what I mean? Something epic. Something that will induce gasps and give people chills (viewer's point of view)Okay, alright, I have a very wild imagination, and I don't mean this as an insult, but jumping from a given height was just a counterfeit cliché, and the fictional audience made such a big deal out if it! The host's jingoistic rodomontade annoyed me.The infelicitous chants were repeated so many times, they filled most pages of this book. What I really loved was - to see humanity effloresce in the midst of wreckage. That made up for most of the stuff :)Give this book a chance and decide for yourself :)

  • Sofia
    2019-05-04 19:01

    I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.I was expecting this to be quite similar to The Hunger Games because of the synopses, but it is nothing like it. I loved the writing and was compelled to keep reading until the very end. The book has many stories, its a puzzle. The more intense you read it, the more riddles you will find in it. So getting to find everything inside the riddles on it, is the most fun of it :D

  • Owaiz
    2019-05-18 19:52

    The prose was awful. I've read 18th century, as well as contemporary, novels but I haven't read anything like this. I have read novels by authors, whose first language is not English, do an excellent job, but this does not fall in that category. In the beginning it appeared to be a page-turner, albeit poorly executed, but that went away soon as the story turned out to be very redundant. The hostess' speech was repeated all too often without any modification whatsoever. I thought it had potential but as I read on I found my self skimming through the pages. The way in which this story is told would've been good had the plot been better. I barely liked 5 sentences in over 300 pages.If her writing style remains the same, I won't read anything else that she writes. The story can be bad but it should, at the very least, be readable. I try to be very generous with my ratings when it comes to new writers and one star is as generous as I can be with this one.

  • Jola
    2019-05-16 21:55

    Review also on: www.jolasbookshelf.wordpress.comI have mixed feelings about this story. It had real potential but I don't think it was well developed. I liked the idea of the game. Maybe I missed something but I still don't know why they were organizing it in the first place. The stories of some of the candidates helped but I still wasn't convinced about their reasons to join the game. The contest itself was very repeating. I think that if the game was more varied and if the candidates were to face different challenge with every step, I would enjoy it more.I don't think it was a bad story, cause it wasn't, it was just lacking in the mysteries, e.g. it would be more suspenseful to change challenge in each step, instead of constantly jumping.I liked Cassandra so I'm happy with the ending of her story. I will look forward to the next book of Haidji, I think there's some potential in her stories!Thanks for sending me the book from Making Connections group.

  • SnoopyDoo's Book Reviews
    2019-05-08 18:14

    I won this book a while back and finally got to it. And I’m glad that I did.I enjoyed this book and it is a crazy concept, as far as the games goes and to see how far people would go to ensure their happiness.It is an easy to follow book and also very fast paced. It has multiple point of view, we get a view into the council, staff of the game and some of the contestants, which was good to get the whole point of the book.I enjoyed the individual characters and their backstories, the little we did get.Overall I enjoyed the book, but a few things I didn’t enjoy so much.You can find my full review here:

  • Nicole
    2019-04-27 14:11

    First things first: A while ago there was a giveaway on Haidjii's blog. And that's were I won this book. Actual rating: 4 1/2 starsWHAT A READ!!!!!I mean, the story is pretty much about a huge game that is being broadcasted everywhere. In the game, people jump from a very high plattform secured by wires (who may or may not keep them from dying). They either survive to go into the next round or they die.This book makes you think. I finished it an hour ago and I'm still sitting here thinking 'What in the world?'Like the fact that someone came up with the game? How crazy can you be? But more so the fact that they could actually find 8000 candidates who were willing to throw their lives away. 8000!!!!!The whole concept behind the book is that people actually are willing to sacrifice everything for their goals and dreams, even if it means it will cost them there lives. And isn't it true?! And isn't that crazy?! What are we doing to ourselves?Another thing that really got to me was how in the story, the people who were in charge of the games, how far they went to make profit out of the games and even the people that died during it. That's something that we see all the time, in real life too. There is so many bad things happening in the world and there are always people who use it to their advantage and make money out of it.Like this book isn't just about that Suicide Game and the characters. It's about so much more. I didn't connect with even one of the characters but still I felt for them, cause they all had their different reasons for entering the game but at the end it wasn't about them anymore, it was about the game and how people were entertained by it. Even later, when the candidate got introduced to the audience, it still felt like it wasn't about them and their stories, they were just a tiny part in the big game.This is a book that will really stick with me for a long time.Haidji has just such a way with words that makes you really think about things.

  • Giulia
    2019-04-22 17:12

    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Let me just say that I really liked this book. It is so different from everything I have ever read before, and believe me I read lots and lots of books. The plot it's very unique and provocative. The author tells us about different characters who decide to enter the "Suicide Game". This particular game is for 8000 candidates who wish to die. Only one of them will win. As Simple as that. They all have different reasons to end their life and we follow chapter by chapter the stories and the thoughts of each of them. The Council runs the game and other people watch and bet on the favorite candidates. It seems that something as macabre and horrific as this "game" could never happen in our society. Actually, it is already happening. Of course it is not happening in the shape of a "game" but our society is heading towards something like that, enjoying someone's else sufferings and watching without doing anything to help. Looking it that way, we are all sadists. I don’t really know what our world will become and how our children will live in the future, but I know for sure that if we don't change something in our way to think and act , we will find ourselves in the fictional society created by the talented Haidji in this amazing book.This book has dark humor, which I personally love and it is able to open our mind and think about important things in our lives that we usually don't consider as such. I have read another book by Haidji (Ines Words) and I must admit that she is able to write everything in a beautiful way. I love her poetry and this book is blended with it. I recommend it to everybody. Please read this book, It will open your mind.

  • Rayene ZiaÐi
    2019-05-09 18:56

    This book was something; and it is NOT a hunger games rip off, i liked that it was about people having a choice in it tho how that was fun for the public to see i have no idea!i Loved loved loved the interviews at the end , i think that was my favorite part in the book, the candidates's back stories as well.there was this repetition ( the mantra at the beginning of every jump, the council stuff) it was helpful at first to keep track and to understand better but then it was too much and i found myself skipping through it; although i really liked how we started every story separately and then it all tied up together at the end !what made me unsure to give it a 4 or 3 stars was the fact that the terrorists were Muslims , hat was shit , i mean Moma was great but the others not so much , True Muslims never kill it's forbidden the worst that you can do as a Muslim is 'to kill an innocent soul without a right' the 'right' being in war or self defense, so that was what ruined the book for me the rest was great ! Haidji Thank you for the singed book it was a pleasure to read your work ♥UPDATE: so i got in contact with the writer and it turns out i got some things wrong, and she wan't implying what i though she was , so the star comes back :3

  • Boyko Ovcharov
    2019-05-05 17:02

    Destiny's GameSurely this is an original book, which will not leave you indifferent. The sheer fact that readers' reactions are quite strong speaks volumes in itself. Of course, everyone could talk about and identify with his/her own situation and/or location when reading this dystopian story. Basically, reality is not always to our taste, especially when crafted by someone else, a society of some kind. In case of Haidji's story, the picture of the plot is presented vividly and in somewhat artistic way. You can feel the deep sensitivity in her style, which combines a lot of varied skills of narrative, poetry, songwriting, even fine art and painting. I personally enjoyed all the metaphors and hidden messages in the storyline. I guess that is a subtle way of making us, readers, take a look at our everyday issues from various angles, thus helping us outline the root causes of the problems.I was impressed that the author's description somehow reflected on some specific conditions of today's society around the globe; and at the same time it seemed fairly universal. Anyway, I suppose the unique origin of the author enriches the story and makes it truly believable.The questions raised in the book are worth analyzing and are the ones that have to be answered and resolved in a mutually acceptable way if we want to live in a peaceful and agreeable world nowadays as well as in the future. If we want to create our own destinies, we should think carefully and embark on such a grand endeavor wisely! I am glad I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jessica
    2019-05-10 21:20

    Haidji's writing style is unique, to say the least. Yes, she is a writer, but she is also an artist and her writing has a style I have never before encountered. Not only do you get an amazing story, but you get a story that is told in a beautiful, lyrical fashion. Her words paint beautiful pictures in your mind, sometimes these pictures have stories of their own.In this we read a story set in the near future. A new game has become crazy popular. In this game the participants know they will most likely not come out alive. Sound like The Hunger Games, it has some similarities, but don't go into this expecting a readalike. And the candidates jumoed, all at the same time, still hearing the echo of the bell's sounding, mas the Hare Krishna mantra started again.In their homes, in front of the TV, holding their their mobile devices,and even in the Stadium, people jumped, standing up, caught in the adrenaline rush of the moment, as the bell rang out.Free falling bodies. After twenty meter free fall, some wires broke, and the bodies continued down, falling on the Stadium ground, where dumb screams where muffled by the sound of the Hare Krishna mantra.

  • Ems. (afternoonbookery)
    2019-05-19 19:01

    This is unlike anything i have read, so to compare it wouldn't work, initially i did think it would be similar to the hunger games, but that was just the title. This tells the story of candidates, and those involved in "Suicide Game" The new game, The new mania. All my expectations of this book changed once i delved in, i liked to learn about those within the game, their reasons, their back stories, what brought them to this point. Interwoven with all this is an underlying element of sci-fi and plenty of twists and turns, just when you think you have worked something out - nope, it changes."And ficiton appeared, because nobody knew the real story, but it was love , and persons always want explanations for love things; it wasn't enough to feel it"The writing style is intriguing, but poetic, a real blend from the authors background, there is some lovely quotes that do really make you think about life, love and death. There is plenty of deeper underlying issues to this book that if you was into that, you could spend hours delving into and discussing. I myself, mainly take books at face value, but i did find myself pondering why the characters actions were what they were. The little glimpses we got of their own life made me want to know further, that they were not just numbers in the game which is what they started as.Whilst this isnt a book i would pick myself, it made a nice change to read something out of my comfort zone and enjoy, i would recommend this to others, especially those around 17, a bit younger than me.

  • Liz
    2019-05-01 21:06

    In the distant future, a new, hit reality show is gripping TV audiences everywhere: Suicide Game! Eight thousand contestants gather in an arena and walk out onto a raised platform hundreds of feet in the air. They slip into harnesses, and then leap off into thin air. Some of these lifelines are rigged to break, while some of them aren’t. The unlucky ones plummet to their death. The lucky survivors then get to jump again, and again, until one contestant remains. What fun!Sound like The Hunger Games? Yeah, it kinda is, except for a few differences. It isn’t young adult literature, for one. For another, it doesn’t focus on one main character, but rather a variety of contestants and game administrators to give us an idea of their motivations for wanting to participate in this gruesome spectacle. By (attempting) to examine these motivations, the story turns a critical eye on the ridiculous popularity of reality TV shows, and the “Me” generation.I certainly don’t blame the author at all for wanting to exorcise her anxieties about modern times, and where we might be headed. That’s primarily what the science fiction genre is for. Unfortunately, like too many self-published works, Suicide Game isn’t not so much a novel as it is a vague pencil-shading of a concept. I never felt like I was quite immersed in the world, and I never really felt like the characters evolved into their own personages. While it’s certainly a good try, I can’t really recommend it as worthy literature at the present moment.

  • Paakhi Srivastava
    2019-05-19 20:18

    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This book is about a game, where people willfully participate in the Suicide Game. The stories of the characters are well narrated. Some portions of the book makes the reader reflect on the subtleties of life which is much appreciated.The story had a potential with respect to the characters and the game. The plot is not well developed. There were portions which were repetitive, the game was not dynamic (challenge in the game was to jump off a certain height which remained same across different game levels, no other task was given to participants), and the reasons of the participants to join in the game were lame. The book may require copy editing as a little editing will deliver the author's expressions better. I do respect the fact that the English is not her first language and the other version (published in original language) must be great. The author attempted to exhaust her efforts to evoke a reader's reflection on life, apprehensions about future but much is left for the reader to conclude. The books lacks to integrity and closure. The book was a good read because the life stories of the characters were varied and some were heart-touching. The fast pace of the story with the characters' life stories interspersing the events of the game makes it an interesting read. It is a book with an original story which is worth a read.

  • Miranda
    2019-05-16 15:02

    I received a copy via the author for an honest review.This story was quite interesting, I wasn't too sure what to expect but like many others we all probably thought "Hmm this must be like the hunger games!" But it wasn't. It was more then the Hunger Games it was more in depth but mostly it had little stories throughout that were intense and crazy detailed. At some times I felt it was a bit over the top but mostly I enjoyed it immensely. The riddles the paintings of details was all a bit overwhelming for someone who if you wanted a light read this wasn't for you. Hint why it might've taken me a bit too long to finish. A character in the story, candidate 0907 aka Moma, would have to have been my favorite I mean his story alone was by far interesting and sad. A lot of the book you might go and find yourself being interested in someone and then they don't come back or you may have forgotten them after a extensive leave. But his stuck with me...I'd say more but I'm not really sure what to say without going to in-depth and ruining the story and mystery, other then give this book a chance its wonderfully written in the mind of a painter to words. Solid 4 stars for me. Might not be something I'd re-read though.

  • Tonya
    2019-05-17 20:11

    Suicide Game is an interesting read, it's based on the Suicide Games, an extravagant game with 8000 contestants, all of whom jump to their deaths until only one remains. The contestants are all dressed and made up the same to mask any individuality they may have. The crowds are absolutely wild, betting on contestants and clamoring to get inside the stadium. The games themselves are overseen by 7 individuals, none of whom are referred to as anything but a color. As the story progresses, the reader is introduced to a few individuals in the games and we learn a bit about them and why they chose to participate. It is easy to see how it is possible to get caught up in the crowd, to go with the flow and no longer be an individual in our busy day and age. Very intriguing read!I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review, this in no way colored my review.

  • Allison
    2019-05-20 17:53

    3.5 RatingThis book I received from the author. This book was well thought out and was very entertaining due to the change in view points. This isn't something that I normally am drawn to, but I found it quite enjoyable. You never really knew where the story would go next or who would be left standing. You follow each character to the very end and your attachment with each makes it so much harder to let them go. In the end who really matters survives.I would recommend this book if you like the kind of new world order sort of book. It's very futuristic and this is really the sort of book young adults are into these days. Great book! Happy reading all!

  • Madhav
    2019-04-22 18:19

    SG: Suicide Game written by Haidji its a story about an usual and disturbing game of future,though actually providing that is applicable to present time.Haidji story is different fresh & unconventional.This book is mix of thrillers,science fiction,suspense & society study is extremely interesting to read.

  • Kayla Krantz
    2019-05-04 17:52

    An interesting take on the rat race of life, this thriller introduces the idea of the “Suicide Game.” An event in which 8000 participants volunteer to risk their lives to be the one left standing. The book introduces us to the top 7 participants and gives us their own individual reasons for attending the game. Both breathtaking and unbelievable, this book very much captures the pain of ambition and paints it very well in a variety of ways.

  • Tony Parsons
    2019-05-17 22:20

    8,000 candidates from all walks of life have their own personal reasons for signing up for the Suicide Game. Only 1 can/will win. The Council runs the Game. The Night Stadium is where the event will be held was designed/implemented by Steven Laurence. The Night Stadium seats 100,000 PPL & the public can also watch it on TV as the horror unfolds. TV viewers & those in attendance can all bet on who will win. Complete with cameras & the news media crew. 3D screens in the Night Stadium were everywhere. was live with videos. SG T-shirts were selling like hotcakes. Vendors & food sellers were there also. There were personal assistant Council Members alphabots (White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Black) to help with the Stadium events. After a few days scalpers started to appear. Alessandra (20 yr.) had come to apply for a modeling job at the Night Stadium but had changed her mind when she heard what the event was all about. She later found a baby Dawn running around lose & could not find the parent(s). She decided to stay & watch. Elisabeth chief of the Stadium guards had found a Night Stadium room for the 2 to stay at. The participants were clad in a black Kevlar skin outfit. There were hooks that attached the wires to the gloves of each if the candidates. Cassandra & John helped with the makeup (white faces/lips & an orange Game Symbol between the eyebrows). There were 10 groups (200) each day, 4 in the morning/after lunch & 2 in the evening. There was the Hare Krishna group out/about participating also. The biggest $64 thousand ? is who will be the winner? What will the psychological impact be for the 1 that wins? Will the Night Stadium be blown up by Moma on the last day? What will Steven Laurence design/implement next? Will Alessandra find the baby’s parent(s)? I’m really glad I had a class on Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) in graduate school.I love the book cover, the font, paper & writing style. This book is filled with suspense, mystery, & lots of twists/turns. Fairly well written book, most of the time easy to read/follow, never a dull moment. A great set of characters. No grammar errors or, or out of line order, however there were lots of repetitive sequence sentences. I think some of the chapters (words) could be eliminated I call them fillers. There are similar cool movies 13 & Would you rather out there but this book would still make an awesome thriller movie. That said I will still rate the book at 5 stars. Thank you for the free autographed bookTony Parsons MSW (Washburn)

  • Brian
    2019-04-27 13:56

    5 stars !! A story that is unique and demonstrates life & human nature on many levels and in many ways. Many relevant messages abound within this story and certainly makes one think ! That in itself demonstrates how skillful, talented & effective the author has been in her writing. I really enjoyed this book !!The author is a well known author, artist and of many other talents, including the gift of writing in such unique way that ideas, concepts, and creativity flows easily from the written page. There is a certain European feel to this story that one notices from some of the sentence structures. At first I wondered about poor editing but then realized it added a European feel which was no longer an annoying error but somehow added to the story narrative.Carefully written, in good taste and with wonderful sensitivity, there are plenty of thought provoking 'gems' within this book. Many of these 'gems' were profound yet true about life and humankind. The main characters are nicely rounded and developed. Some are warm, upbeat while others are so cold and impersonal. So cold in fact that I could almost feel the frostbite take hold of me whenever the Council met to consider new exploitive ways to profit further from the 'losers' of their Suicide Game. In fact I was reminded of the times I met people ( & shuddered ) who would have fit very well into that Council. Cold, calculating, and with a 'dead behind the eyes' look when it came to profit/loss & people. You knew that type of person did not possess even a spark of compassion where in their world people came in last.A very creative and unique book that I would recommend to everyone who reads this genre or those who are new to the genre. I know that I will definitely be reading more of Haidji's work in the very near future.

  • E
    2019-04-22 22:10

    I was slightly worried that this would be just a rip-off of The Hunger Games (which I love), but it turned out to be totally different. The comparisons are natural because of the genre and nature of the book, but they're not really similar. Really quite an unexpected read! I think that Haidji's first language may not be English, which did unfortunately show through the writing: at times it felt stilted and awkward.The basic premise of the book was intriguing, and there were stories within stories, all layered upon each other. At the outset, we appeared to be seeing a little into the lives of some of the random contestants in separate chapters: their characters, their interests, family lives, and most of all what had motivated them to take part in the Suicide Game. However, it transpires that these are the last eight candidates alive, so it is much more relevant knowing their backgrounds. I think that these early chapters were my favourite ones actually: the insight was really interesting, and I loved all of their backstories. I would actually have liked to have known more, if I'm honest. I became particularly fond of a couple of characters, attached to their personality quirks, especially the bike-rider.However, there were parts of this novel that left me dissatisfied. The entire Suicide Game was rigged because they were choosing which lines to cut; I was never clear how much the public knew this. It seemed obvious and, in this case, why would they choose to invest large amounts of money in it? I have already mentioned the stilted writing style, but also some of the point of view shifts were confusing.Overall, an interesting, but ultimately a little disapppointing read.Note: I received this book in a GoodReads giveaway.