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Sheldon doesn't care about anyone except Corrigan and Bryce. The three of them rule their school, bu.......

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  • It's just me Shelly B
    2019-05-18 07:22

    Sheldon, Bryce and Corrigan...3 best friends......2 of them are a little more than friends but not quite exclusive at the same time.Because emotionally, Sheldon is scarred beyond repair by her parents. So she can't open up fully to anyone, not even her 2 best friends. She's the only child of wealthy parents who just don't have time for her and she's had to raise herself for many years. Bryce and Corrigan are the only 2 people that she trust with everything except her emotions.Their bond is tight and I mean impossible to penetrate. NO ONE gets in to their inner circle and everyone in their high school is very aware of this fact. Some are jealous of this fact and others are envious, then there are some who will try ANYTHING to be noticed by the group. Bryce is the mohawked bad boy soccer player. He's the quiet one but he has so much charisma that when he enters the room all the girls want him but he only wants one girl. Hummmmmm can you guess which girl he wants?Corrigan is the out of control football jock that everyone loves......he's that guy that everyone would want to be friends with guys and girls. Let me just say he knows it too:)This is a book about high school and all the ups and downs that go with it. It also shows emotionally how SOME people grow and overcome trivial high school drama and others don't.Now in comes the stalker....YES we get a stalker in this book!!! The stalker is CRAZY so we get a little murder mystery mixed the high school drama:)). Hey I was up for anything with this book so it worked for me! All in all I still think the Fallen Crest series is my favorite by this author but I still really liked this book!! The characters were believable and I enjoyed them. I even liked Denton, the movie star neighbor that throws a little twist in the story occasionally.......lets just say there's a little crush going there that could be developed more in the books to follow.I'm very excited about the next book because high school is over and the group is moving on.......I'm hoping some of the childish nonsense will fade. But if not I'm ok with it sometimes I like to read something different.....change things up!So off I go to start book 2:))

  • Kellie Maddox-Ward
    2019-04-24 04:59

    I’ve said it before I’ll say it again. Tijan ROCKS! Her ability to write total douchebags is awesome! I mean seriously.. Our main characters are Bryce, Corrigan and Sheldon. And they are MEAN. ASSHOLESJERKSDouchebags Bitches What ever you want to call them… Sheldon - Is hot… but she is the queen of sarcasm and come backs. She cares about 2 things in life. Corrigan and Bryce. Avoid’s “emotion” at all times. Sleeping with Bryce.Try and get between them and she will bring you down. Corrigan – is a man-whore. The flirty sleeps with everything pretty boy. The fun guy. Has been friends with Sheldon and Bryce forever. He also has a temper. And frequently ends up in the lick up overnight because of it. Try to get in between them and he will hurt you. Bryce – Mohawk tattooed hot guy. Strong silent type. Soccer star. Screws around with other girls, except when Sheldon is around. Mess with either Sheldon or Corrigan and he will make your life hell. They don’t realise it. But they rule the school. They just don’t care. Until it turns serious… Not only does Bryce admit he wants more and starts pushing Sheldon that she loves him too, and she needs to start talking about her emotions.Someone wants to hurt Sheldon… They start picking at the people she is friends with.. or as the stalker says the Queens “minions.”How long until they go after the only 2 people she loves? Who’s her stalker? What if it is Bryce or Corrigan? Bryce and Corrigan are hiding something… What is it? You’ll have to read this epic first book to find out! I do need to point out that although there is a number 2 book, we are not left with a cliff-hanger. The second book is a continuation from high school to college. Not a continuation of this stalker. This story is all wrapped up nicely at the end. On to the 2nd!

  • Brittney
    2019-05-21 23:19

    After reading the Fallen Crest High Series I had to find what else this author had written. I was excited and nervous when I found Jaded. Could Tijan make magic happen twice? The answer is HELL FUCKING YES!Where to start? Well there's Sheldon (kind a weird name for a girl but whatever) and of course she has 2 amazing guys in her life. Corrigan is her best friend and Bryce is ... Well he's complicated. Together they're this impenetrable trio that everyone idolizes and fears. Sheldon is blunt and 100% confrontational. She has no time for posers or fakes and doesn't mind telling you to your face what she thinks. I like her, she's a strong female character and possess qualities even I wish I had. Which makes her an amazing protagonist and consequently an even better target to any and everyone. After a series of strange events and a murder or two, Sheldon realizes that she has a psycho stalker who will do anything to get her attention. Between her and the 2 boys they go on the offensive to catch the killer. What I like most. About this story is that it's a mix of YA romance and murder mystery Another must read.

  • Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    2019-05-18 01:17

    What a...weird story. I didn't connect at all with the characters, and I'm not sure I liked the plot.. But somehow the book was okay enough for me to finish, yet not okay enough for me to really like it.. Tijan's writing style is so...odd for me, yet intriguing... She should, however, make the characters connect to their readers, or perhaps it's just me who didn't connect with them?.... OH and I didn't like Logan, just sayin'! :P Oh and what an ending? I don't get it. Sheldon is...not quite alright in her head. I mean, (view spoiler)[who continues to bait a killer when your bestfriend has been stabbed and is bleeding? And when the killer runs, you run after him and leave your bestfriend after he has been stabbed YET again?! Who the hell does that?! (hide spoiler)] It just ain't right...Rate: 2.5 stars.

  • Shannon
    2019-05-09 07:21

    What I love about Tijan - she doesn't pose the main characters as good guys. They typically are arrogant jerks, but are fiercely loyal. Not sure how she does it, but you relate to them, even cheer for them. Tijan's writing is like book crack...keep wanting the next she has to offer!!!

  • Snow
    2019-05-22 06:05

    4 "intense, messed up, mystery, suspense YA drama" starsAnd i just gave you the essence of the Jaded story...I 've read it expecting everything i know Tijan delivers in her books, i wasn't disappointed, i did have slight remarks in details considering the build up of mystery and suspense factor but it was all very well covered up in layers of intense action that i 've intentionally decided to overlook those "lacking" details.I kinda think that these Jaded characters : Sheldon, Bryce and Corrigan served as ancestors/pre-models to those that we all know as The Fallen Crest High trio of YA legends - Samantha, Mason and Logan...The connections and blood relations might be different in this book than those you know of in Fallen Crest High series but the "game" is still the same.

  • ♥ Sarah
    2019-05-15 06:10

    Yeah, so apparently, TIJAN’s books are like crack – except, it never really feels good. It’s like I skip the high and end up at the bitter-guilty-regretful aftermath. I don’t know why I keep coming back for more when I know it’s not gonna end well. TIJAN truly outdid herself on this one. Sheldon, Corrigan, and Bryce (I’ve never in my life met anyone with these names btw) are three best friends who rule their little high-school. Sheldon and Bryce have a sweet little FWB arrangement. We all know how that turns out. Corrigan’s your typical hot-tempered play boy jock, and the three put together are ruthless, heartless, sick, and depraved. There’s no love-triangle b/w the three, in case you were wondering.I’m still trying to decide whether that was refreshing or frustrating. Unless I haven’t emphasized this enough, this book is no exception. TIJAN’s books are not for the faint hearted. Her characters are beyond F#CKED. Between the crazy stalker crap, FWB boy-girl drama, the “counseling sessions,” the constant under aged drinking and the many, many, many sex scenes and intense family drama … I just felt tired, violated, assaulted, and again – guilty at the end of it all. The thing about reading TIJAN is that her stories make me feel sick to my stomach; they make me feel like shit.The guys aren’t swoony or hot or romantic in the least. And Sheldon was so so so damaged. There was NOTHING about her that I could relate to. I was secretly thankful I never knew anyone like her. I pray that I will never ever meet anyone like her. She was truly horrible. I just don’t get all the rave reviews about this one. There’s just nothing compelling about her stories or characters. It’s all just sick, and I don’t understand why people would romanticize this kind of bullshit. FWB, drinking, self-destructive, self-deprecating behavior, and then the whole stalker thing unfolding the way it did? It was just gross and wrong and blah. I really hope this is my last TIJAN book. Probably not, but I really, really hope so.

  • Abigail J.
    2019-05-08 04:59

    5+++ REFRESHING STARSTijan you did it again. You blew me away.Titan knows what we females want:Bad boys? Checked.Bad boys who are panty-droppingly hot? Checked.Bad boys who are panty-droppingly hot and protective and loyal to you? Checked.Thoughts? Well I think Tijan is a genius. You can feel the realism of the interactions, short; it's realistic.The book makes you feel cold, broken, frustrated and you keep reading it because you seek warmth, reassurance, a HEA. I love it. I love it. I love it. This is my third book of Tijan's and I loooove it.Tijan's books are very REFRESHING, and I wish a lot more people knew about how amazing her books are.WARNING: quotes below may be spoilers to you.Favorite quotes/parts:"We were best friends and lovers, but girlfriend/boyfriend limited us beneath what we were. We were more and I was loath to take a label that didn’t justify who I was or how I felt.""Even there, even with the hatefully-charged words and recriminations, even with all of that—I wanted him. I wanted him deep and I wanted him forever."Bryce stayed in my arms and he gazed at me as I waited for him to see what was in my eyes.He stopped as he saw it. His breath left him in that exact moment. And I took it in. I let the warmth fill my lungs as I bent and softly met his lips, tenderly. I kissed him, a loving kiss, and I whispered against the corner of his lips, “I love you.”Bryce shifted and slid my hips down to meet his. He went inside and I gasped. My eyes closed as did his and we felt each other for the first time in four years of being intimate.

  • Siobhan Davis
    2019-05-07 04:00

    This wasn't my favorite Tijan read, even though it had that same addictive, page-turning quality that all her books have. I found it very difficult to warm to either Bryce, Corrigan, or Sheldon. On the surface, they are shallow and nasty and they rule by fear. I also thought the writing left a lot to be desired in the first half of the book. The second half was vastly superior and I started to understand the characters a bit better, and the plot really picked up pace. The chemistry between Bryce and Sheldon is great, and I love how this author writes romantic relationships. While I wasn't mad about this one, I have already purchased the next book in the series because I still need to know where the story is going.As an aside, one thing that annoyed me was the description of Bryce as an up-and-coming professional football player. I live in a house with three football players who are also FC Barcelona fanatics and I know that if that club had signed a guy like Bryce they would be insisting that he trained regularly to maintain his pace and fitness levels. In this story, he wasn't allowed in case he picked up an injury. In reality, FCB would have lined up a training programme in a local partner club. I know that for most readers this doesn't matter, but it bugged me.

  • Aliyeh
    2019-05-14 02:16

    Five Stars For Bryce and Sheldon This is my second series start by Tijan and yet again I was not disappointed! I started two different books earlier in the week, got to about 60% and gave up. Seeing that I've been having such a bad reading week I was scared it would continue on with "Jaded" but thankfully it didn't! Here we have another book full of cliques, drama and violence but this one is a bit different than "Fallen Crest High". The characters act a bit more like their age as well as the parents and teachers were surprisingly a bit more involved.I appreciated Bryce and loved his quiet but confident demeanor. He had so much more outward emotion than Mason and with that I learned to love him in a different way. I also loved Sheldon. From her take no shit attitude to her unwavering confidence! It made me sad that her personality was not appreciated for what it was. I know that it's wishful thinking to try and get high school kids to evolve but at times her morality was so firm that it became frustrating that other people could not adapt.

  • Anna M.
    2019-05-19 02:53

    4 1/2 stars...

  • Fabienne Gilbert
    2019-05-09 04:11

    I really was getting into this book and was becoming more and more engrossed in it until some blabber mouth wrote in capital letters saying what happens at the end of book three! Otherwise besides that unfortunate speed bump I did love the characters and the set up of the story. Although Sheldon and her two best friends run their school amongst other things, they really have a friendship which can be described more accurately as a family style relationship. They all seemingly had a ruff childhood but it's because of that that they have such a strong bond together and are there for each other no matter what... as can be seen when Corrigan gets arrested again and again and also when Sheldon's home gets broken into and her parents announce some predictable but upsetting news. I do love this story but because it has been destroyed so thoroughly I don't see me being able to carry on with it unless I forget the story.

  • snowpeach
    2019-04-26 02:11

    I think this is my third book written by this author... And I really hope Tijan continues to write and publish more books.There are a number of ingredients that are pre-requisites for her stories:- high school setting- strong female heroine who struggles, and eventually grows- strong male heroes who prove their worth (as well as the contrasting despicable ones)- tight friendships that are defined by loyalty and trust (fake vs real)- real love that grows as the story blooms- a cast of other friends, enemies and supporting groups that provide a backdrop as well as contrast to the main cast- unreliable, selfish and absent parents - intricate plots that surprise- great dialogueJaded was a good read. It's not my fave book of this author, that would be A Whole New Crowd, but I still devoured it.What I enjoyed was getting to know Sheldon and her two best friends, Corrigan and Bryce. They rule their high school and get away with a helluva lot. All have issues with authority figures and parents, but they prove loyal and true to their tight friendship. I love how they love and support each other, in the face of some serious stuff. The contrast to these three characters are their schoolmates. You get the whole landscape of good, bad and ugly when you read their interactions as the story unfolds. It's trademark Tijan, and I really got into the dialogue and scenes.The sexual scenes are well written and follow the story and the characters. I love how she distinguishes between sex, intimacy and love as the book builds its story..Some parts of Jaded were a bit choppy. There was one or two scenes where it felt a bit abrupt or I had to figure out that it jumped onto the next scene. But it's a minor editing issue for me.Can't wait for more from Tijan... Highly addictive!

  • tj ✮
    2019-05-13 22:52

    Why did I love this so much???? I DONT FUCKING KNOW BUT CRYING BECAUSE ITS PERFECT. P.S. This is totally a guilty obsession and I feel like I have a different rating scale for these This friendship, I just wanna die because it's so cute, bitchy Sheldon, goober Corrigan, and baby Bryce. I just love them all. Oh my god. This is much more of a thriller than I thought it was gonna be. And just y'all need to read it. Fair warning though, if new adult ain't your thing, you probably won't like this. Ya girl loves some new adult and Tijan. Just read it. Do it.

  • нυgѕαи∂¢σσкιєѕ
    2019-04-24 02:57

    A bit disappointing but I'vee given Jaded 3.5STARS....Yeah, I'm really disappointed with how the beginning started off. I kept starting over and over till I had free time today and just managed to finish it before I gave up after two chapters.I don't really want to be biased but I kind of was trying my hardest to not compare it with FCP (cause for me, it felt like similar characters). So I'd say there is a difference but not a whole lot. If you've read this then you'll know what I mean.Overall, though it's a good storyline but what it lacked was captivating the whole vibe of the story. It was slow, it was confusing and it was a little boring (sorry) but lets just say that Bryce is definitely the man and Corrigan is sooooo fun right (just like M and L)......I love Tijan and all but this was more a dud for me but I am going to read the rest of this series.

  • Nini K!
    2019-04-30 01:16

    4,5 Stars!I bow down to my Queen Tijan! It's simple, I just love everything she writes.This was another story that had me questioning everything and everyone.The suspense was so good.Loved the Stalker theme. Sheldon was some hell of an alpha chick and a perfect fit with Bryce and Corrigan.Together they ruled their highschool.Tijan has also a huge talent writing the most screwed up parents I ever read about. Sheldon's parents were so busy with their own problems, that they forgot about their daughter. The only family for her were Bryce and Corrigan.

  • Christine
    2019-04-28 23:19

    Loved this book, Loved this series. Love the alpha protective males in the this series. I love the suspense/mystery with the romance. Tijan is one of my favorite authors. Her books do not disappoint. The characters are all likeable. The book has an actual story. I could not put it down. Loved. Tijan is an amazing writer.

  • Jacqueline's Reads
    2019-05-04 02:09

    I see this author popping up everywhere, I need to read one!Sheldon doesn't care about anyone except Corrigan and Bryce. The three of them rule their school, but it seems someone else wants in on the action. Or that someone else just wants Sheldon, but how many bodies is enough to prove their love to her?

  • Melissa
    2019-04-24 03:20

    I ended up finishing this. Once I got past the beginning it got somewhat better. But not my fave my this author. Oh well. On to the next one.

  • Xee Sambo
    2019-05-09 06:16

    Can someone help me murder everyone in this book? Bryce is annoying. Yes he is. And I hate him. He's a fucktard. I don't know why everyone likes him. Seriously who the fuck does he think he is? The president's son? Excuse me, Bryce, but you need to fucking know one thing: You can't just be mean like that. You can't make everyone hate someone just because you don't like them. FUCK YOU. DO YOU HEAR ME? FUCK YOU. God what a horrible person you are. You ain't rich. You're nothing. But you feel like you own everyone. I hate you so damn much, Bryce. Shelodon:Bitch, please, you ain't cool ok. You think being a horrible bitch is something great. If you haven't met Bryce and Corrigan you'd be a fucking rich loser. So be happy you met them ok. Be really happy. Huh who do I hate most, you or Bryce? I'd have to say I hate you equally. You're such a BITCH. You're not even hot ffs. You're a fucked up girl whose parents doesn't even care about her. Like I said if you haven't met your bff, you'd die of loneliness. How dare you be mean to people? How dare you? Does your father own the school? Does your father own the country? No. He's a loser just like you. Sex sex..That's all you know. You and Bryce are STUPID and annoying and should drop dead. Go to hell and rot there. Take Bryce with you.Corri:You, you're the one I tolerate in this book. Because you're kind of fun to read. Yes, that's right. You're the only funny person in this book. You're kind of cool. I love that you're not mean and horrible. What I hate about you is that anything Bryce and Sheldon tells you to do, you'd do. If they hate someone, you hate them too. Um.. Wake up already! Your life doesn't revolve around your two bffs. You can like who you want and hate who you want. You don't need Bryce and Sheldon's approval. Just....WAKE UP and save me from dying. Ok thanks.And to the rest of the people in the book that I don't remember your names because icba: Wake up too. I want you to say 'Fuck Sheldon, Bryce and Corri' and you'd totally have my love. #promiseAnd to the people that died: SERVES YOU RIGHT for liking Sheldon. She's a devil..a nightmare. Because of her, you're dead now..lmao. And Marcus(I think that's the killer's name right?)OMG. I HEART YOU. I LOVE YOU. LOOOL. YOU'RE MY IDOL. Why didn't you kill Sheldon when you had the chance mate? WHY? But I can forgive you because you're amazing.So, Tijan, what a disappointment this book was. I hate it a lot. I'm not even going to read book 2 and 3. I love your books, but this book is as horrible as this sandwich I'm eating. just no.

  • Breigh
    2019-04-25 04:59

    OMG. I totally LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!Okay, so I've never read a book that has such a bitch for a female character. However, I realize that she is in fact not ONLY a bitch, But she is loyal and is honest. She hates fake people who don't get to the point and will eat anyone who tries to mess with her family. Her family contains two boys, best friend and lover. Bryce and Corrigan have been Sheldon's protectors and have a bond that is thick of loyalty and love. Their friendship has worked because their are never lies... But that will change, will they always be together ruling the world?Surprise, Surprise. Sheldon has a lot of enemies and a stalker who can't seem to get enough of her. Will her love for her two best friends change because of this stalker? Who will she turn to when she is broken? Is she even capable of love?

  • Tiffany Readz
    2019-04-27 02:14

    I do love this girls writing style, this book was just as good as her others. Nothing like a little rich kid drama to get you going. Again the characters are not like anybody I knew back in high school.Sheldon, Bryce and Corrigan rule the school and everybody knows it. They are THE elite crowd that everybody wants to be a part of. These three are thick as thieves and trust nobody, just each other.Because of Sheldon's quick wit and her way of telling people just how it is whether they like it or not, has made her the unofficial queen of the school. She loves Bryce like a boyfriend although she can't seem to show it, and Corrigan as a best friend. Somebody is after Sheldon, so the book becomes a who done it. So many people hate/envy her, it is hard to figure out who it may be. While being entertained with that, Tijan also keeps you busy with the ever changing the relationship between Bryce and Sheldon.Great writer, great book!

  • Meka Weaver
    2019-04-28 06:53

    5 stars. 4 flames. Sheldon, Bryce, Corrigan.... Sigh. I loved this book. Sheldon is a great character, tough beautiful, snarky and broken. Bryce is quite the brooding bad boy with a heart. We all just love those. Corrigan makes the triangle complete. He is a funny pretty boy with an attitude. They all work well together. They are real to me. I could feel there turmoil. I smiled, I was sad, I was pissed off. I had all the feelings. Like I said fantastic book. We follow Sheldon, Bryce and Corrigan through there senior year. And what that Intel's crazy students, bad boys, absentee parents...The story twists into darkness. I loved it. Through everything they stick together. I highly recommend to everyone. I re- read often.

  • Laura
    2019-05-12 00:13

    So...I'm a little disappointed right now.Because Fallen Crest High is one of my all time favorite series and I thought I would love this one as well.WRONG!I didn't understand Sheldon, I couldn't connect to her...just plain simple I didn't like her.Yes,I get that what's happening to her is very sad and all,but it's your choice if you let that define you.I would have liked her more is she had been a little more...human maybe.Not like a robot all the time (Bryce said that as well and I couldn't agree more).I don't know if I'm gonna read the next books in the series.But if that happens,it certainly won't be now,because I need a break from Sheldon.

  • Brandy
    2019-05-07 05:02

    I have said this many times but will say it again. I LOVE all of Tijan's books. Saying that I must also say that Jaded had become my favorite. Sheldon has to be my favorite female book character. She is a strong bad ass who doesn't take anything from anyone. Of course she has issues but really who doesn't. I love the relationship between her and the guys, Bryce and Corrigan. They have a bond no one dares to come between. Jaded was a book that stayed on my mind even when I wasn't reading it to the point where I was having conversations with a friend as if these characters were real people! GREAT book and looking forward to many more from Tijan.

  • Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’
    2019-05-24 23:19

    I keep saying this every time I read this author's books.But I can't help it, this author just keeps getting me hooked more and more. And every time I start a book I just have this anticipation building until bam it just hits me. And I am just so shocked that I am speechless even after I have read the last page...Another book that makes me think and makes me wonder about what goes on in schools today.But also an eye opener. And even though I say I'm not doing another book like this I keep going back for more. Awesome Read and always making me think.Well done Tijan!

  • Erica Alyson
    2019-05-21 06:05

    Man! I love all Tijan's book and this book was no expection. Another awesome book and I can't wait for Still Jaded. I loved Shelton and how tough and awesome she was. Bryce and Corrigan are awesome too, off course I love Bryce a little bit more. But the three of them together were pure amusement and I loved all of it!!!!!! Then though in the murders and mystery and that made it even better! Couldn't put it down!

  • Natascha Housen
    2019-05-16 01:12

    I'm going to give this 3.5 STARS.I'm a big fan of Tijans books but this one wasn't doing it for me! It was okay but I found it really difficult to get into and it just pissed me off in places!! Having said that, I'm still going to read Still Jaded because I like to finish a series once started, so I hope it is better than Jaded.

  • Maria A. Jimenez
    2019-05-22 03:16

    I loved this book! Had me on edge & I did not get bored!

  • Britney
    2019-04-27 23:21

    4.5 all hail the Queen stars ;)What. A. Ride!Usually books with CRAZY angst aren't my thing but oh how I devoured this one!!