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Evie and Zeke just want to forget. Now that her secret is out and Tony is unable to come near her, Evie just wants to heal and move on. But with Tony’s last words embedded in her brain and guilt dominating her mind, she’s finding it hard to release the hold Tony still seems to have over her. She’s getting worse, sinking deeper, and no one seems able to help. Zeke wants toEvie and Zeke just want to forget. Now that her secret is out and Tony is unable to come near her, Evie just wants to heal and move on. But with Tony’s last words embedded in her brain and guilt dominating her mind, she’s finding it hard to release the hold Tony still seems to have over her. She’s getting worse, sinking deeper, and no one seems able to help. Zeke wants to forget it all and not feel a thing. After Cindy’s accident, his resolve to care for nothing and no one is stronger than ever. Desperate to separate himself and escape feeling, he’s thrown himself into the bad crowd he always used to avoid sinking into, doing more smoking and drinking and graffiti than ever. But nothing seems to stop the nightmares. When Zeke goes too far and is caught, Evie’s dad is able to step in and offer a deal to repay Zeke for saving Evie; go to juvie, or work all summer for the Parkers. Seeing anything as better than juvie, Zeke agrees to work for the Parkers. What he didn’t count on was the close proximity to Evie, the only person who seems to give him feelings that he’s not sure he wants to push away. What Evie didn’t count on was Zeke still being the only person aside from her dad who makes her feel safe....

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the struggle Reviews

  • CasPerfitz~SLiTsReaD
    2019-04-25 02:25

    Okay now I am just officially depress! And I say this in a good way book wise.All the time I want to scream to Evie to grow some spine and fight, at the same time I feel sorry and as helpless as her. Going inside her mind makes me cringe, mad, depress... I am emotionally depleted!Then there's Zeke, I love him yet he disappoints me too, well, guess he is not perfect, lol....While I love that he said the words that I so wish to tell Evie, at the same time, I'm thinking, is there any way to say those words in a encouraging way? Their thoughts, Evie and Zeke, and with the people surrounding them.... it makes me so sad and so mad!!! This story story sits so close to reality.Two people, one who needs to feel pain to feel alive... while the other don't want to feel anything so he won't feel the pain.And just when I thought it's already depressing enough with everything thats happened, and with what is currently happening; with the bullies, then there's Cameron (what the hell is his problem?), with Evie and Zeke's emotional and mental struggle.... and then bang! Something tragic happened! AGAIN! What.The.Hell!!!!Seriously, this book is brilliant! If you want lots of angst, well, here you go! I highly recommend.I am gonna need some comfort food after this. REVIEW IS ALSO SHARED AND POSTED HERE : SLITSREAD

  • Auhmanduh
    2019-04-27 02:33

    This is quickly turning into a series that goes on and on and each book is fairly short.The first book had one hell of a cliff hanger and literally left me thinking W…T…F!In the first book you are introduced to Evangeline a.k.a Evie is a 17 year old spousal abuse victim just literally trying to survive in a world where images and impression at the country club are first and foremost. After a particularly disturbing fight Evie is assisted by someone she least expected, Zeke who has his own issues to attend to. However, after he helps Evie she is considered slumming it and only makes Zeke’s situation worse.In this book you watch as Zeke and Evie try to find themselves and recover from the devastation that is their pasts and are failing epically. Things are quickly spiraling out of control, with Evie's Cinderella evil step mother and step brother and Zeke's inability to stay out of trouble these two are on a collision course from hell.sheesh!Until the next episode...Zeke “I just need a way to let it out”Evie

  • Latasha Connor
    2019-05-18 00:25

    Evie is struggling hard to make sense of her life. She's still so weak it's frustrating to read, she is completely scared of anyone who touches her casually. Zeke is still manages to get into trouble over and over again because he can't get over the grief he feels for his loving sister and his mother abandonment. This story wasn't like the first one for me it just seem repetitive stupid behavior going on between them, through out the book. Then another travesty happens again to these two people. I'm over it. Rated 3 stars

  • Jasmin
    2019-04-26 04:50


  • Tami
    2019-05-13 22:34

    Into the Night Reviews Web: http://intothenightbookreviews.blogsp... Facebook:!/IntoTheNig... for great book reviews, new release updates, giveaways and more!!The Things We Can't Change Part 2 - The Struggle is the perfect continuation of this episodic story. I simply loved Part 1 and was shattered by the cliff hanger ending. Not only was it huge, it was devastating and I had to patiently wait for Part 2 to find out what happened next. Fortunately the wait was not too long - one of the absolute advantages of being a blogger is that you sometimes get to read books before they're released - which I did in this case and consequently it shortened my wait just a little bit. Aptly titled "The Struggle" Part Two sees Evie and Zeke grappling with their circumstances and trying to come to terms with their lives - literally struggling to find a way to be that is peaceful, happy and satisfying. I am in love with both Zeke and Evie as characters. They are complex and so very realistic. Zeke is forced to re-think many things. Underlying many of his choices is his desire to close off all emotions, to not feel, which sends him down a path he really doesn't want to follow, with consequences he didn't anticipate. Evie is dealing with the aftermath of her relationship with Tony - recovering from an abusive relationship is not something that can happen over night and I think the pace at which Evie moves is very realistic, despite how much it made my heart hurt. Her suffering is intense and her coping strategies are a little frightening.I really love Kassandra's writing style. It is engaging, easy to read and for me, conjures up imagery that helps me lose myself in the story. As with Part One, Part Two was a quick read, but it didn't feel rushed or underdone. I think some will see Part Two as a rather bleak episode in this story, and there are certainly dark elements that are heart breaking. But I also think it is the case that the characters need to experience their 'struggle' before they can begin to look forward in their lives. I wrote in my review of Part One that it is absolutely not a given that Evie and Zeke will be together and I stand by that statement having just finished Part Two. There are still many obstacles ahead for them, but I'm optimistic (and a sucker for a happy ending, which could be clouding my judgement just a little!).Part Three is scheduled for a September release, again not long to wait (thank goodness). Having said that, I think the multi-part approach to this story is a great one. I can honestly say that I would have had to put the book down at the point Part Two finished for a brief break before continuing on. The intensity of the final few chapters had me reeling a little, so for me, the wait until I get to find out what happens next is manageable. Having said that, I'll be picking up Part Three as soon as it becomes available.

  • Jessy
    2019-04-27 23:38

    A fan of the first book I jumped on the chance to read this one. With the first one being about physical abuse and the course of finally getting out I imagined something quite different. Its follow up is completely out of the box. There is no escaping reality. It's a haunting sadness throughout the entire book. It's the maddening depression in your mind that takes over after you have been through a tragic event. Except of course it's not us the reader going through it. It's Evie and Zeke. Yet, somehow Kassandra Kush has written the melancholy so well that it seeps within your pores and you become one with the book. These two characters and what they are feeling is so strong. So volatile and full of encompassing grief that your hope is almost lost for these two. Then the major event that takes place that will change everything. The glimpse of sunshine evaporates as swiftly as a smoky haze. I'm trying to figure out how the author got through writing this!? I'm assuming not without any tears. There is one particular part where the loss of everything is so grand it sucked the air right out of me and I struggled to breathe as I cried and moaned for all that has happened. With Tears running down my face I continued on as I was without any warning completely invested to these characters. In that moment I felt everything they felt. Anger, sadness, hatred, loneliness, all consuming darkness for what life has dealt them so far. It's so emotionally draining. And yet still so realistically beautiful. This author has a magic pen that touched the pages and she inserts you with feelings you didn't want but have anyway. Magnificent writing in my opinion to be able to do that to a reader. I can't wait for the next installment and pray it's a journey that gives our characters hope...dare I say maybe even love? I give this book my thumbs up!

  • Jennifer Treviño
    2019-04-28 01:28

    MORE more MORE Please!I am soooo loving this series, & just can't get over it! Just so you know ... It's a BIG deal for a book to bring me to tears, & still have me coming back for more. Scratch that ... BEGGING FOR MORE! I truly think every teen should be encouraged to read this series! Kassandra has done a magnificent job in portraying this topic without going into the darkest of dark overload. I also love the note from the author at the back. It is always nice to hear how & why they feel the way they do about their stories. FYI ~ This story is based on a very sensitive subject, & does tug those heart strings like no other ... BUT it is Soooooooooo Worth Reading! And YES this coming from the chick who really does not care to read about abuse & the emotional turmoil that many deal with on a regular basis. Yet, I still give this 5 Stars (although I would give it many more if it was allowed!)

  • Jenna
    2019-05-08 23:37

    Things just turned from bad to worse Zeke's live has changed and now he has lost himself. Zeke doesn't want to feel anything anymore.Evie is lost to she now has to deal with working her way trough the years of abuse and even though Tony can't touch her anymore she is still obeying him. Evie is torn from guilt.Zeke and Evie are pulled into each others lives if they want to or not.I still hated the overly mean stepmother and brother, this book to has over the top drama. I mean why does everyone in this series have to die???The writing is good and I understand why the author choose to portray Evie's struggle this way.

  • XiaNyx
    2019-05-08 21:39

    Book # 133 for 2013If you want to read a book with a whole clusterfuck of bad events and you don't mind cliffhanger endings, grab a copy of this one! :-)The title says it all actually - just when you think things couldn't get any worse for Evie and Zeke... just read it and you'd clutch your chest from the ache their story brings.I feel so bad for them, both of them - equally.I need the 3rd book right now. :-(

  • Merrisa
    2019-04-29 21:55

    I think this is more like 4.5 stars for me. The story is so real, and written so well that it has completely sucked me in. Heading into book #3 and hoping for the best. These kids need some good to come their way!

  • Sara Nelson
    2019-05-08 02:45

    I loved this part of the story! Some may say it is to dark or depressing. But I say, I like that the Author threw in how much Zeke and Evie struggle. This is a more down to earth story. I can't wait to see what happens in part 3 of this story!!!!

  • VioletMusonda Winchester
    2019-05-17 20:40

    Good good! Really liking the slow development between the characters, story and situation/s. Make its come across as more realistic and more believable.

  • SamanthaW
    2019-04-28 03:48

    Not bad but not the best either.

  • Kate
    2019-05-08 02:33

    I am liking this quick series but it just feels like its lacking somehting. the characters sometimes annoy me, making stupid, stupid decisions but overall its likeable and i couldnt put it down.