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Every dissident knows about Becca Dalcourt.They know about the lives she’s saved. About the prison break she carried out against impossible odds. They know she turned a dying resistance into the first real threat Internal Defense has faced in a long time.And even now, with the resistance under attack from the inside, they know Becca can save them.They’re wrong.The conclusiEvery dissident knows about Becca Dalcourt.They know about the lives she’s saved. About the prison break she carried out against impossible odds. They know she turned a dying resistance into the first real threat Internal Defense has faced in a long time.And even now, with the resistance under attack from the inside, they know Becca can save them.They’re wrong.The conclusion to the story that began with The Torturer’s Daughter and Necessary Sacrifices, No Return explores what happens when an ordinary person becomes a legend – and how to choose between who you are and who the world needs you to be....

Title : no return
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no return Reviews

  • Lady Wolf
    2019-06-05 07:14

    Zoe Cannon has done it again! She's created another story of adventure in a world that is not only possible, but filled with frightening accuracy of what could become of our society if we keep creating more rules that suppress who we are as people and giving the wrong people too much power. This is the continued story of a girl who is willing to risk everything for what she believes in and won't stop until she knows she's done everything in her power to protect and empower those she loves and cares about. She's surrounded by those she must deceive or die, those who work for and support Internal (the main power of government who considers even questioning their decisions Dissident activity, punishable by death.) She can't give up before she's had a chance at saving the Resistance. Over the years she's learned how to wear a mask that makes her numb to human emotions, but she feels it's what she must do in order to protect the Resistance. However, everything changes when someone from her past returns and her human emotions start peeking through, threatening everything she's worked so hard for.But in the end who will make the ultimate Sacrifice?This well written sequel is full of adventure and will keep you up all night reading (in a good way of course.) If your looking for a new story about a world where even saying or thinking the wrong things could bring about your torturous death, then you've found it. Don't worry the Resistance will show you how to be free (in a limited capacity), but more importantly how to stand up for what you truly believe in. I recommend starting from the beginning and working your way through the series. Unlike many of the ebooks I've found, you won't have to waste time with misspellings, typos and grammatical errors that take away for the story itself. The first in the series is still my favorite, but I hope there will be more to come.Enjoy!

  • Michael Long
    2019-05-29 01:32

    No Return is the third and final book in the Internal Defense series that started with The Torturer's Daughter. In this book, the resistance is in danger of being crushed by the regime and Becca must struggle with being the leader that the resistance needs.This book really took everything and just cranked it up to the max. The stakes are incredibly high. People die...lots of people. And the resistance is attacked on so many fronts. Becca must make some really difficult decisions over and over and come to grips with the fact that everything is riding on her decisions and the way she leads the group. Becca really goes through a transformation to become the resistance leader and she has to decide who lives and dies with every command she gives. And on top of that, a lot of characters really surprised me here...especially Heather.In the prior books, things may have felt a bit safe. Well here, nothing is safe. Everything is balanced on a knife's edge. And Zoe Cannon really didn't take the easy route here... she did a gutsy ending which is probably a bit more realistic than a lot of dystopias I've read....and not how I was thinking the series would have gone back when I reading the first book. And you just feel everything that Becca is going through at the end.This book is just so much more than the prior book...its deeper, challenging, dramatic, and above all...riveting. I'm really glad I read it.NOTE: I received this book for free in advance of release in exchange for an honest review.

  • Harmony Kent
    2019-06-14 02:10

    I received free Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is the third and final book in the 'Internal Defense' series, and doesn't disappoint. It kept me gripped from start to finish. Becca Dalcourt has been turned into a legend, with a lot to live up to, just like her mother. As with Zoe Cannon's other two books in the series, this one asks some difficult questions, and the main protagonist has some difficult choices to make. Again, as with this author's writing style in the previous books of her's that I've read, the prose is passive in nature but she pulls it off with gusto. Normally, a book with this much passivity in it would lose some serious marks, but I simply can't bring myself to do it in this case, as the read is just too good. There are some typos that need clearing up, but nothing massively excessive. Although the ending wasn't a surprise, it still moved me enough to bring tears to my eyes as I read. It was very well written, and the emotion of the situation acutely felt. In this book the reader sees more of Becca's struggle between her 'true' self and her 'public' self. We also see a lot of personal growth for this character. This is not an easy read, and the ending isn't a fairy tale ... but then I wouldn't expect that from Zoe Cannon. What I would expect was the gritty read I found in this book.This is a dystopian novel suitable for both the older YA and adults. If you are in the mood for a realistic and gripping read, then this series is for you. It gets a strong four stars from me.

  • Namrata Ganti
    2019-06-02 07:18

    The book now focuses on Becca as the leader of the Resistance. this story is about how Becca tries to work against Internal and stop what they do. The story continues from where it left off in the second novel and we are re-introduced to some characters once again. We are shown how hard it is for the people to work together even though they are united by a common cause and how true friendship can make a huge difference.The characters are well placed throughout the book and each one has their own role to play making everyone a hero and not just Becca. The author has truly brought out the feelings of a mother and her daughter, the bond they share and how love can make a person do anything. One message we can take away from this story is to stick to your principles no matter what happens. It never pays to compromise.I loved this book, perhaps more than the first two. It is fast paced and will keep the reader hooked on and turning the pages. I did not feel like stopping until I found out what happens. The climax is chilling and unexpected making you go through a variety of emotions and it may take time to reconcile with the ending which comes as a huge shock. However, after reflection I think this is a wonderful twist to the story an thus invites more and lays a good ground for another story.A dystopian fiction like no other this series has me hooked onto the genre. I have enjoyed the experience of the series so far and cannot wait to read more.

  • Chelsea
    2019-06-11 02:10

    I am definitely not the most die-hard champion of this series. The title character's personality grated on me right from book one. Books one and two progressed and Becca just managed to irk me more and more as time went on. Becca was excessively selfish with a transparent veil of "it's all for the good of the resistance" wrapped over top of it. Funny how the "right thing" was always the thing that threw someone else under the bus and kept her out of trouble (Anna, Jake, Mikhal, her mother...her list of victims just kept getting longer.) But even while Becca's stupidity was driving me to distraction, I was still enjoying the underlying story. Book 3 started off with the same pattern. Becca had "shut down" her emotions and was aspiring to resemble a robot. This was not presented convincingly and she just managed to be more annoying than before. But right around the halfway point of this book there was a shift and I actually found myself hopeful that she might get off my fictional character shit-list. It was a miracle of a turn-around, but by the end, I was in Becca's corner and I was 100% satisfied with the ending. Had the writer ended it in any other way I would have put this series behind me and never thought about it again, but I finished it and immediately recommended them to a friend (with the caveat that you have to look beyond Becca to the rest of the story.)

  • Eddie
    2019-05-26 23:36

    given an ARC in exchange for an honest review..FINALLY... This series is finished. My brain and soul can begin to heal from the trauma induced by reading and loving this series. and... what a sick, fucking, disturbed, way to end it.. I mean. .how fucking depraved can a society be, to where this is a viable solution to the problem. The ending... we all knew it was coming... just.. I didn't expect it to hit like such a sickening thud. so much conflict, and internal struggle.. just wow..This book has caused alot of issues with my reading lifestyle. I have found a sub-genre I absolutely love, and refuse to accept mediocre 3 star books any more! I expect her next series to top this. I know Zoe has it in her...

  • Deana
    2019-06-04 00:32

    This book concludes my absolute favorite dystopian series, bar none. I can't sing my praises loudly enough for Ms. Cannon and her characters. This series is deep and complex; no happy, quick or easy endings in sight. My favorite character is actually Raleigh, the mother. She is two perfect halves: the perfect mother, willing to sacrifice all for her child, and the perfect citizen and employee, also willing to sacrifice all to eradicate dissidents. This will leave you thinking and never let you go.

  • T. Jackson
    2019-06-18 02:14

    Not what I expected. Fantastic Story. Loved the characters. Kept me turning through the pages to see what happened next.

  • Bookphile
    2019-06-13 00:28

    The ending of this book was just phenomenal. More complete review to come.