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SCANDALOUS THOUGHTS When Headstrong, golden-haired Summer ran away from home, all she could think of was leaving her strict father behind. But after a vengeance-seeking Indian attacked her stage threatening her with a fate worse, than death, the tempestuous girl yearned for her parents' overbearing rules....until the savage's cruel grip changed to a tantalizing touch! HisSCANDALOUS THOUGHTS When Headstrong, golden-haired Summer ran away from home, all she could think of was leaving her strict father behind. But after a vengeance-seeking Indian attacked her stage threatening her with a fate worse, than death, the tempestuous girl yearned for her parents' overbearing rules....until the savage's cruel grip changed to a tantalizing touch! His sensuous caress banished all ties to the past, the exciting things he did with his lips made her yearn for an unknown fulfillment. From that moment the spirited innocent knew that her future was bound to his - and she'd cherish whatever relationship the uncivilized brave decided to have with her. FORBIDDEN DESIRES From the years he was forced to live in Texas, the handsome half-breed Iron Knife knew how deceptive palefaces could be. Surely this creamy-skinned, blue-eyed beauty was no different. But even as he tried to brutally punish her for her heritage, he was ensnared by the hip-length strands of wheat-hued tresses, enchanted by the firm curves of her nubile white body. Before the ruthless warrior could control himself, he was whispering of love, swearing there'd be no others. He could never marry this ignoble slave, but he'd sooner slay her than ever give up his bewitching....CHEYENNE CAPTIVE....

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Cheyenne Captive Reviews

  • Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell
    2019-04-29 03:13

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || Amazon || PinterestI read this book for the Unapologetic Romance Readers' New Years 2017 Reading Challenge. For more info about what this is, click here.Native American romances were super popular in the 80s for some reason, and up until *peers at shelves* last year, I had never read one before... which is partially the reason behind why I "tricked" my entire romance reading group into reading the Native American bodice ripper, SAVAGE ECSTASY. The title ought to clue you into how this little gem rates on the PC scale.I got CHEYENNE CAPTIVE when it was free for Kindle. The reviews on Goodreads were mostly positive. "Why not?" I figured. As one of my friends pointed out on my status updates, at least the word "savage" was nowhere to be found in the title. That, at least, should have been a good sign. Right? ...right?!Let me show you the literal first line of the book:  Summer Priscilla Van Schuyler had never given a thought to the possibility of being raped and murdered by a band of renegade-Indians (1%).  I see your ha and raise you a ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Ha.CHEYENNE CAPTIVE is one of the worst romances I have had the pleasure of reading in a while. It is the type of book people who don't read romance novels use to make fun of the romance novel genre as a whole because this book (or one like it) is the one they flipped through out of curiosity that one time as a child when they found the book sitting on their mother's coffee table. It is so terrible that it is almost good because it takes irony to the very heights of soaring ecstasy.***WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS TO FOLLOW*** The plot is simple. Summer "Do you know who I am?" Schuyler is the daughter of a rich man who ends up being taken captive by Native Americans. The one who catches her, Angry Wolf, taunts her with rape, followed by gang-bangs and then fire torture, when one of his tribesmen shows up and quickly puts a stop to that. Her savior is Iron Knife, one of those cringe-worthy "half-breeds," who is portrayed as being superior to the other NAs simply because he's half-white.Iron Knife does not rape Summer, but he does end up taking her as a slave, and she lives in his cabin and looks pretty and sad and sickly, because she has an infected wound on her arm that he must heal. She ends up going into a fever from it, and when she awakes, suddenly Iron Knife is the greatest and the two of them go from being captor and captive to I love you pookykins, no, I love you, pookykins rather sickeningly quickly as the reader is treated to a medley of sex scenes like these:"Little One, I am built very big! You are a virgin-""I'm YOUR virgin!" she breathed against his lips."But I have promised you will never be hurt again!" he protested."Hurt me!" she begged as she kissed him deeply. "Hurt me as I want to be hurt!" (15%)And then her need was so great she could think of nothing else but plunging her tongue deep in his sucking mouth, grinding her body down on the pulsating dagger that impaled her womanhood (23%).She felt him forcing her thighs even further apart and she forgot about everything but the sensation of the blade of his warm tongue sliding home in her scabbard (33%).She felt as though she were impaled on a hot, fiery sword (59%).  She surrendered to her ecstasy and began a dream ride at dizzying speed across Ekutsihimmiyo, the Milky Way. Nothing could be better than this peak of passion they were approaching together (96%).It is tedious and repetitive. Most of the 80s romances I've read don't have explicit sex scenes. Georgina Gentry says tah-tah to that, and the hero and heroine engage in all sorts of "risque" behavior like oral sex (he reciprocates, she's a blow-job goddess); role-play (that is literally where the title comes in; he is the "master" and she is his "Cheyenne captive"); and cowgirl ("Ride your stallion!" the hero cries at one point; plot-twist, he's not talking about his horse).The saving grace of this book is the scheming bad guys. Angry Wolf was pretty stock, as far as bad guys go, and was dispensed with quickly without a whole lot of development (although he does threaten to rape the heroine and then cover her with honey so she'll be eaten by fire ants). The real stars of the show were Jake Dallinger and Gray Dove.I just read this great bodice ripper by Amanda York/Joan Dial called BELOVED ENEMY and it also featured a real lame-o heroine, who was made even more lame in comparison when compared with the amazingly beautiful and cunning other woman, Indigo. (I think it's also interesting that both OWs are women of color and very much in tune with their sexuality, as opposed to their virginal blonde opposites.) That's how I felt about Gray Dove.Gray Dove is from a neighboring tribe called the Arapho and she is brutal. She sacrificed her baby brother and tortured her mom at the behest of their murderers, because she was desperate to survive, and then lets them rape her to stall for time before killing them. When she gets pregnant, she gives herself an abortion with a "rusty wire" (*cries*) & sleeps with the husband of the woman who took her in, only to leave them both by destroying all their belongings as she leaves on a rolling carpet of give-no-f*cks. She then betrays her own people and starts a war that results in many of them getting disfigured or killed - all to get back at Summer and keep Iron Wolf to herself. She sells Summer out to Angry Wolf, prostitutes herself - literally and figuratively - without a thought, and ends the book as the madam of a profitable whore-house by rebranding herself as fallen Spanish nobility.Jake is even more messed up. He's actually tied with Iron Knife, because he had a thing for Iron Knife's white mother, Texanna. When she came back to her village a fallen woman with two mixed-race children, he tried to first proposition her and then rape her. He's the reason that Iron Knife had whip scars, because Jake's prostitute of choice slept with Iron Knife when he was like fourteen, then accused him of rape, and Jake killed her in his anger and then pinned the murder on Iron Knife.He has some of the best lines in this book:Yes, he would have her at least once and then she'd change her mind once he'd put a baby in her belly and take him as her protector. That was how his pa had gotten his mama. Next year, that could be Jake's baby in that cradle, his son sharing those full, swollen breasts with his daddy (62%). "Missy," he whispered. "You just barely missed gettin' ole Jake's big rod rammed right down your little musket barrel" (62%)."Hell, if you had as many pricks stickin' out of you as have been stuck in you, you'd look like a west Texas cactus" (82%).There's so much more wtfery I could share, like the cat-fight, the whip fight, the gelding scene, the sociopathic younger sister line that goes nowhere, the tragic story of Texanna and War Bonnet, and the typos that get more and more abundant as the book goes on (as if the person reformatting it was getting so bored that they were just like, F it), including one where the "fierce braves raced to count coupon" (48%) instead of coup - because dammit, times are tough and groceries are expensive!Oh - and let's not forget the rapey Spanish guy who kept repeating "Comprende?" and "Si" and "hombre" like that guy in your Spanish 1 class who missed every day but exam day and thought he could bluff his way out of it. Dude was just a phrase away from saying "bad hombres.""You got too much spirit, puta whore! El Lobo likes his women docile as sheep. You need the fight taken out of you and I'm just the hombre to do it!" (36%)I know what you're asking yourself. Is this a bodice ripper? (Well, okay, that's probably question #2 or #3. Right now, you're probably asking yourself: WTF???) I would say that this isn't a bodice ripper because the hero is actually very kind, and all the insane stuff comes at the expensive of the many villains who surface repeatedly to threaten the heroine with rape and the hero with bodily injury. The last third of the book is much better than the first 2/3 because that's when the author randomly decides to go into Gray Dove's and Jake Dallinger's backstories, so we can see them for the incredibly awful (but surprisingly complex) people that they really are, as well as getting more insight into the tragic and doomed love story of the hero's own parents, which I thought was really well done.I originally thought that there was no way I could give this book anything more than one star... but now that I think about it, I feel like the last act of the book turned this book from boring-bad to wtf-bad. Both are bad, but one is vastly more entertaining than the other and offers up many interesting possibilities for self-amusement and satire. Would I recommend reading this as a straight romance? No (and I am side-eying the people who gave this book high marks who seemed genuine - what book did you read? Are there alternate editions circulating in Jekyll/Hyde format?).To quote the aforementioned "El Lobo":"This is gonna be mucho fun" (36%).1 to 1.5 stars (for ironic purposes, only; actual rating: -1,000,000)

  • April Brookshire
    2019-04-24 03:19

    In the beginning I was rolling my eyes, thinking this was another corny Cassie Edwards type of Native American romance.But I'm glad I continued reading it because it got really good and I can understand why it was considered the best in its genre the year it was published.The author did a good job mixing history with romance.

  • Theresa
    2019-05-09 06:11

    Literally skimmed it. This book lost me the minute the heroine "fall in love" with the hero only a mere chapter in. It was pathetic.

  • Mary23nm
    2019-05-05 05:24

    ReadingCheyenne Captive will really test your fortitude. The positive: there is a fair amount of background and historical information about the Cheyenne people. The middle of the book was fairly interesting and less comical, for awhile. You get glimpses of the hero's bittersweet childhood and his parents. The cons: the first quarter of the book is so awful, I don't think most people would read past it. It is so cheesy and fantastical. (view spoiler)[ The Boston raised, white, virginal heroine and half Indian(English speaking) hero fall for each other, almost instantly. She proceeds to give herself to him and they have mind-blowing smex. The next several pages are the two of them constantly humping like bunnies.There is an Native American villainess and villain. The villainess does speak a little English, but the villain(who only speaks Cheyenne) delivers a lengthy monologue to the heroine(who does not speak or understand Cheyenne) as he is attempting to rape her and do her in. I've gotten the impression from other books that Native Americans were somewhat taciturn. Definitely not the case here. There is a habit of other villains too that deliver these monologues when attempting harm, I'm gonna do this and do that..., and then.... or maybe....yada yada... This is not exactly a fluffy read. There is rape and violence but it is mitigated.The villains do not get their comeuppance in this book, so I assume that will come down the road in this series.(hide spoiler)]There is much more, as it is 496 pages. It could have used much more editing. 2/5 stars.

  • Emily
    2019-04-26 06:04

    First, this book is full of graphic content, and should only be read by someone mature enough to handle that content. The book is fictional, but is historically accurate. I really liked this book. It's a love story between a white woman and a half-breed Indian. Their love transcends all obstacles.It's a somewhat lengthy romance, but certainly a page turner, and definitely worth the read.Be prepared to dive into the world of the Cheyenne Indian Tribe and their culture. Georgina Gentry will expose you to the horrible truths that both the Indian and Whites endured during this period of time in American history. You will also be enlightened on other Indian tribes, and what the Indians (in general) suffered when we (settlers) decided to take over their landsThis book does contain multiple rape scenes, which rape was a cruel but rampant crime in the early days of Western colonization. There are also many sweet love scenes and romantic interludes. Also, there's a ton of action and adventure.I really enjoyed this read. It really opened my eyes to what really occurred during that time.I will definitely be reading more by Georgina Gentry.I recommend Cheyenne Captive

  • Jade
    2019-05-04 02:06

    DNF. I can't with this book. I kinda hate the main characters. I understand love at first sight and being so madly in love with each other. This was too much. The characters' feeling were wayyyy too intense and wayyyyy too sappy. Also Summer literally went from hating and being afraid of her captor to madly in love with him in a few pages. It was completely unrealistic. Her feelings changed in like seconds.

  • Tiffany
    2019-05-24 09:16

    This book is so terrible, I can't even finish it!

  • L. (Slay the meaty ones!)
    2019-04-30 10:21

    All the crazysauce! All of it! This book is saturated in crazysauce as only Zebra can bring us.Summer Priscilla Van Schuyler, Boston socialite (and suffragette if you wanna buy that), is captured by a tribe of Cheyenne and becomes the beloved woman of half-breed warrior Iron Knife. Very early on, like Chapter Four or so, they declare their undying love for each other, so the rest of the book is about other people and situations trying to tear our OTP apart.There's murder, there's rape (lots and lots of rape), there's revenge, there's forest fires, there's tribal warfare, there's knife fights, cat fights and whip fights, there's psychic powers, there's even a change purse made out of a man's scrotum. What more could you ask for? If you can ask for more, don't worry, there are plenty of loose strings here that will be tied up in other books in this series.2.5 stars(Rotten Tomatoes has half stars so I know GoodReads could as well.)

  • Jeanne Johnston
    2019-04-24 02:11

    OMFG... I should have bailed in the first few pages. This was a painful blend of actual research padded with a horrific story full of insulting stereotypes, stilted language, a fickle woman who was frantic to escape one minute and crying, "Take me, my darling!" the next. And then the flashbacks, trying to tie these people together with equally pathetic backstories. I found myself flipping through pages and pages of this shit. Damn my OCD because I stuck with it to the end. As if I needed another reason to hate it, there was a good number of unfortunate homonym choices and others that looked like this was composed on an iPhone. The Indian was counting coupon? Really? I swear I thought they counted coup. Hm. Autocorrect does me no favors. I certainly wouldn't let it serve as my editor. 🙄Run. Run, I tell you. Run to a better book. Any book. Wow. This was... bad. And so fucking long. If I never have to read about manly blades sheathing themselves in womanly heaven again, it'll be too soon. LOL

  • Gayla Maypole
    2019-05-05 10:13

    Did not finish. Too silly

  • Kay Smith
    2019-05-23 08:07

    I'm going to focus on rape in this review. If you don't like rapey-ness, don't read this review (or this book, for that matter.)HOW MANY TIMES CAN A WOMAN GET ALMOST RAPED IN ONE NOVEL?Holy hell guys. Three TIMES; by TWO DIFFERENT MEN. WHO ENJOYS THIS? And I'm not talking 'he grabbed her and pressed her to the wall' type of rape scenes, I mean 'I hate you, and I'm going to take you/tie you up/drown you--and clothing gets torn off and she gets beat the hell up, for about seven of eight pages a scene; this is DRAMATIC raping.I'm not saying women didn't get raped in the time period (they did), I'm not saying that rapes aren't the worst, most traumatic things that can happen to a women (they are), and I'm not devaluing the importance that rape can have on the changing scope of a person's personality and drive (it is). I'm saying, who the hell, reads a book of rape scenes and finds enjoyment in it? And what, do women primarily read love stories for?--enjoyment. I don't want to 'lose myself romantically' in a story of a woman who is constantly raped--not in the romance genre. I have read quite a few wonderful stories of women, powerful women, who are brutally attacked and then move on to be, or continue in being the strong, purposeful women that they are (I also know quite a few women--since the statistic is one of four). Those books are in the fiction or nonfiction categories, but they aren't in the 'sappy romance novel' section, with all the bubblegum-candy-fiction goes to live. If you want to write a story empowering women, let's not make light of a plight of desperation by weaving it into a love-story whose only substance typically is in 'finding a man and loving him/have him love her.' Plus, the 'almost raping' is terrible, I almost wished she had gotten raped that second time, because then maybe that would be an incredible character shift, and that would be something to write about--her change in her perspective. And that IS A TERRIBLE THING to wish on a character! I don't care if they're fictional, WHO WISHES FOR THAT? Apparently I do, and I dislike this book for making that situation come to pass; when your characterization is so shallow, and the events so driven that it makes you, the reader, want to push the envelope for a character-arch response; that's not a good thing. It means the author didn't set up their character diagram to pay tribute to the characters, the plot, AND the time period.GUH. I'm not even flagging this for spoilers, because I feel like you need to know (one of the rapes happens immediately in the book, so I'm really not giving much of this away. And guys--I only made it to chapter twelve of twenty-seven, so the odds of her getting alomost-raped again is not that great.)So now that this rapey-rant is over, I just want to say that I do genuinely enjoy love stories, and I do, genuinely appreciate women who traverse through the storm that is being raped. I value your strength, your ability to exist as a women in today's structure, and the love that you show all of us by standing and being one hell of a gorgeous woman.

  • Tanja Glavnik
    2019-04-26 10:01

    I didn't finish this one.I mean, just look at the cover! I didn't know it was one of those old-timer romance books where it's insta-everything when I started reading.Ie.Chp 1 - Be gone from me, foul savage!Chp 2 - Save me, save me, I'm dying of fever!Chp 3 - No! I want to go home!!Chp 4 - You're the man I've always wanted!!!I figured that by chapter 5 Summer would find some slight to smack Iron Knife across the head with, and by 6 she'd be pregnant. There were way too many chapters to even CONSIDER going through with it. I just ... couldn't. But don't get me wrong, mostly I was laughing at this. I think I'm a slightly more demanding reader ...

  • BookLuva28
    2019-04-27 08:59

    Thoroughly entertaining, Cheyenne Captive delivers a powerful tale of a "once-in-a-lifetime" love! With in depth characters that keep you interested, the chapters have a way of making you want to find out what happens next. I was drawn to this book by some reviews and it's beautiful cover. Although, I have to be honest there were some bad editing mistakes, but I was able to overlook that with the enthralling story that continued to unfold as I kept reading. I absolutely loved Iron Knife and his caring, courageous heart. It was clearly love at first sight for him when he first met Summer.

  • Amy
    2019-04-24 07:27

    Finished this because it was so bad I needed to see this terribly-written train wreck burn til the bitter end.The hilariously basic style, the horrible insta-love but total lack of trust combo, and constant peril were almost amusing. But then just over the halfway point (I think to prolong suspense?) the author decided to dedicate pages and pages to the villains' backgrounds which got old so fast. By the time the psychic-for-no-real-reason beau from Boston revealed said psychic abilities.... I was super annoyed with my stubborn tendency to finish what I start. How was this even published?

  • Wendie
    2019-05-23 10:11

    Well, if nothing else this was an epic romance. I did like the research involved in the story, but at times the story got a bit too coincidental and unbelievable. Still, a fun summer read.

  • Heather
    2019-05-11 05:20

    Lame story and very rushed and just did not flow at all.The author repeated herself over and over and over again and there was so many typos! Couldn't even finish.

  • Jennifer F
    2019-05-18 10:20

    I was only able to make it 33% of the way through this book before I gave up. I didn't mind the premise of the book and was looking forward to reading about an Indian and his captive white women and how he tames her into loving him. The reality of this book was the writing wasn't all that great. The wording was dramatic and over the top mushy. (no one ever actually talks like portrayed). The sex scenes were well written, the conflict was a little repetitive, but readable. It just took forever to get anywhere plot wise and I had been reading for days and was only 33% in, I decided I didn't need to read the rest

  • Emily Kettner
    2019-05-02 02:19

    Just okayThis was my first old west novel in a while and while I definitely didn't hold any standards to this genre I did hold standards to the book itself. The book seemed to drag on, repeating phrases, plots, thoughts and concepts too frequently — almost as if the author underestimated the reader's attention to detail, which I did not care for. I also felt the heroin fell in love too quickly, especially for being so far out of her element. Overall, I did like the love story and believed the love which is why it still gets three stars.

  • Rachel
    2019-05-14 07:19

    This was a free kindle read I picked up from Amazon. The story itself of how a white girl ran away and got into an Indian tribe, her trials, learning their ways and language...that was a great story. But we pre-warned it is graphic in detail in every way.

  • Dorothy
    2019-05-09 02:13


  • Victoria
    2019-05-05 09:06

    It is a great book to read

  • Susan Boyle
    2019-05-20 09:18

    Summer skyThis was very twisted and enjoyable to read. I will read the sequels too. I gave it five stars for excellance.

  • Ruth
    2019-05-03 10:14

    DNF Too much drama.

  • Lisa Seibert
    2019-05-10 02:24

    GreatAll I. Can say is great keeps you hopping through the whole book wondering what will happen next. Afraid. To put it down so stayed up late tonight to finish it

  • Colleen
    2019-05-19 08:58

    Wonderful.Enjoyed reading it.

  • Jane
    2019-05-23 02:15

    Could not finish Heroine always naked (not by choice). H and h fall in love just like that. Heroine randomly acquires domestic teepee goddess skills. Wholly unbelievable and eyebrowraising.

  • Alpha Fangirl
    2019-04-24 03:01

    I Loved It! - Solid Native American Romance!

  • Kl
    2019-04-28 08:02

    Boring and unbelievable

  • Tammy Cole
    2019-05-04 03:13

    It was fantastic Iron Knife should have married summer sky in the book

    2019-05-22 06:17

    Awful!! Couldn't even finish it!