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Deniece Malcolm is shocked and heartbroken when she finds out her baby sister, Janette, is marrying Terrance Wright, because she was the one who was supposed to marry him! Everybody knows there’s a rule about dating exes. Janette is pregnant and not only is this wedding happening, but Deniece has to arrange the festivities. Deniece’s feelings and pride are hurt, but surpriDeniece Malcolm is shocked and heartbroken when she finds out her baby sister, Janette, is marrying Terrance Wright, because she was the one who was supposed to marry him! Everybody knows there’s a rule about dating exes. Janette is pregnant and not only is this wedding happening, but Deniece has to arrange the festivities. Deniece’s feelings and pride are hurt, but surprisingly, Terrance’s younger, sexier, cousin, Ethan Wright, is there to provide a listening ear and a strong bicep to cry on. Ethan’s interested in Deniece, but she has a rule about dating younger men. Despite her resistance, things heat up between them and Deniece begins to wonder if it’s time to break a few rules of her own....

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breaking all the rules second chances book 1 Reviews

  • Rhonda McKnight
    2019-06-12 19:45

    It's my book, so I love it. Here are some Amazon reviews from readers:5.0 out of 5 stars No, she didn't! September 27, 2013By Keleigh Crigler Hadley Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified PurchaseAlright, I'm about to break a writer's rule and make a word up: Unputdownable. I had to do it. That word is the perfect description for Rhonda McKnight's latest masterpiece.First, the cover draws you in.Next, the premise takes you back to a time when it was cool to say, "No, she didn't!" But, oh yes she does. Jeannette has the balls to ask her sister, Deniece to plan her wedding and the groom is Deniece's ex.Written with Ms. McKnight's trademark wit, candor and this type of spirit blessing prose:"The scent of sweet olive flowers drifted to my nose from the planters on both sides of the porch. This house was my parent's legacy. It made me remember why I was actually here. Family. Promises. I was here to be a sister even if I'd been betrayed by my own."Breaking All The Rules is entertaining, uplifting and will not disappoint.Keleigh Crigler Hadley author of Revenge, Inc.5.0 out of 5 stars Breaking All the Rules September 30, 2013By D. DavisFormat:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified PurchaseMs. McKnight has written a touching story about family, love and secrets. All done with the right amount of humor and drama thrown in the mix. Great story!5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it! September 28, 2013By Leslie HudsonFormat:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified PurchaseThere's a time when rules are made to be broken! Rhonda McKnight has written a great, fun read in Breaking All The Rules. I laughed, smiled, and cheered at the end. You won't be disappointed with Nectar and Ethan's story. Great job!

  • Reading in Black & White
    2019-06-15 16:02

    "My baby sister was and had always been oblivious to my feelings. It would never occur to her to ask, "Are you okay with me marrying the only guy you have ever loved?"Huh? At 3% into the book, I had to take a long pause to think about that. I don't have the best relationship with my sister but nothing in me would ever want to date and definitely not marry any man that she has ever dated. So, I knew I was about to take one heck of a roller coaster ride with Breaking All The Rules.Somehow, Deniece decides to put aside the fact that her sister is marrying her ex and agrees to plan their wedding. McKnight goes on to tell this story with great humor in parts and delicacy in others when dealing with some pretty serious issues of the character's past.On a much deeper level, Breaking All The Rules made me think about my own rules as far as what I would truly forgive and on who I would allow into my life and my heart. McKnight is a talented storyteller and this book does not disappoint. I highly recommend it to anyone that appreciates a book written about adult characters that are flawed and would like to be entertained.DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of Breaking All The Rules in exchange for an honest review.

  • Cecelia
    2019-06-20 19:55! I loved this book! It was so sweet and delicious that I didn’t want it to end! I can honestly say that this is one of the best romances I’ve read in 2013! Could you plan the wedding for your sibling – if your sibling was marrying your ex?Wedding planner Deniece Malcolm returns to her hometown to plan her baby sister’s (Janette’s) wedding. This is a hard wedding for Deniece to plan because Janette is marrying Deniece’s ex-boyfriend (Terrance Wright), plus, Janette is pregnant with Terrance’s baby. Years ago, Deniece thought she’d marry Terrance, but, their wedding was not meant to be. Stunned and emotionally upset, Deniece tries to deal with her feelings as she plans the nuptials. Handsome international former soccer player, Ethan Wright (Terrance’s cousin) helps Deniece to deal with her feelings, and against her better judgement, Deniece finds herself drawn to Ethan. Ethan claims he’s always had a crush on Deniece.But, Ethan is younger than Deniece, and she doesn’t want to break her rule of not dating a younger man. But, how can she resist, Deniece is hurting and Ethan is sexy and lovable. Both Deniece and Ethan have dealt with a lot of emotional pain in their past. This is a book of how they deal with their issues while they face their mutual attraction.I was really drawn to both characters – I was especially drawn to Ethan. You really feel an emotional bond with these two people as they deal with their past issues. I also loved that this was a sweet, endearing romance. It was sweet but it was so good too!You need to download this book and read it today! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!- See more at:

  • Kimyatta Walker
    2019-06-22 17:04

    I purchased this book back in November but i found myself in a reading funk and didn't really feel like reading. I wish I had opened it as soon as I purchased it though because I would have not stayed in a funk the remainder of the year! would you feel if your sister called you with the news that she was about to marry your ex? The guy who happened to be your first love!?! What the WHAT?! The girlfriends rule is that you NEVER DATE your friends' ex! and YES! That applies to your sister's exes as well! Right?? That's exactly what Deniece Malcolm asks herself when her sister gives her the news.But what if he's THE ONE?! Then what?? *sigh* wanna hate her...and call her spoiled and just low down...but Janette is really sweet...AND you don't know the whole have to know THE WHOLE STORY! Is Terrence just stringing her alone holding out for his ex? Well just need to read it and see...Then, there's Terrence's younger but certainly super sexy cousin Ethan...ex professional soccer player...who has had a crush on Deniece since forever...but Deniece thinks he is way too young for her. She's 35. He's 29. As he so kindly tells her...age is only a number...but can she over come her insecurities and open herself up to liking him? Heck..if she doesn't I will! lol...This is a delightful quick'll beg for more...I love the way RM pulls us into this story then takes us on a quick wild ride. I loved it! Thanks for getting my 2014 reading off to a great start!

  • Sezoni
    2019-06-03 15:40

    Rhonda McKnight writes an amazingly romantic love story that will make you feel good, laugh, and even cry at times. The author moves you through the story fast, and with increasing enlightenment without a dull moment in sight.“Breaking All The Rules” introduces extraordinary characters like Deniece who demonstrates restraint to remain committed to her Christian beliefs. And once you get to know her sister, her girlfriend, ex-boyfriend and Ethan, you will understand why every turn challenges her.Deniece is constantly tasked with nail-biting decisions. She has to make leaps between resentment and forgiveness for the love of her sister and a man she once loved. You experience what it’s like to have an ex BF return in your life with a proposal of becoming your brother-in-law and the father of your sister’s baby.Then there is Deniece and Ethan’s enviable love. Although, the book does make you wonder if it’s the right one. It’s voluptuousness and illness put you in the shadow of a secret love affair. And in all its lyricism, it’s a testament of people’s need to respond to their carnal instinct. I really enjoyed reading this book, and I think other readers of dramatic romance will too. The story left me wanting more of the same by Rhonda McKnight. Breaking All The Rules may be one of the greatest love stories ever told! It is a must read!

  • Chrystal
    2019-05-26 17:41

    Breaking All The Rules , is a remarkably well told story about family, love, understanding, forgiveness, and the strength of faith. This novella features some warm endearing characters that readers will easily befriend, lose patience with, embrace, and possibly have carnal desires for - well at least for that yummy Ethan Wright.Breaking All The Rules , is a refreshingly entertaining read. And I look forward to the next literary installment author, Rhonda McKnight pens. 4.5 stars!!!!

  • LaChelle Weaver
    2019-06-15 16:48

    I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Rhonda McKnight is an awesome storyteller that knows how to weave a good storyline with believable characters, although I don't know anyone quite like Deniece in real life. She really came off as a saint at times, but I could understand her conflict with not compromising her morals and beliefs, even for a "good" catch, i.e. Ethan.

  • Sophie Sealy
    2019-06-14 20:51

    A feel good story. You know that person that everyone goes to for money, advice, support and yet these same people forget to ask them how they are doing? That's Denise Malcolm and she gets her happy ever after. Although I can relate to Denise in many aspects I don't easily forgive and I do believe some promises need to be broken.

  • Cassandra
    2019-06-08 19:44

    This was a beautiful story of a woman trying to come to terms with her own emotions of her sister wedding her ex boyfriend. Great characters and storyline that will leave you wanting to know even more. I had fun reading this one and Ethan was such a character. He's just adorable. Great read. I'd definitely recommend this book.

  • Keela
    2019-06-15 14:06

    I loved this book. Great storytelling. Fell in love with the characters immediately. Can't wait to read more!

  • Tracey Coles
    2019-06-02 12:47

    OMG...could not put this book down. Read the entire book in one day. This was my first read by Rhonda McKnight, it will not be my last!

  • Raquell Barton
    2019-06-24 19:05

    I don't usually read Christian fiction...I'm a little bit naughty...but I absolutely loved this book!

  • Kenneth Killian
    2019-05-29 20:51

    What can I say... even though Ethan had to really prove his love for Deneice it was worth all the no's he was given because in the end they both came out on top.....Love overcomes all!!!!!

  • Lee
    2019-06-11 18:52

    I loved it. That Ethan was something else.

  • Romance Novels in Color
    2019-06-25 14:09

    A Refreshing Read…I can’t say enough about Breaking All the Rules. Guess I’ll just start at the beginning. Ms. McKnight drew me in from the very first sentence…“I know I hadn’t heard the words that came out of my sister’s mouth correctly.”Deniece Malcolm was a consummate professional. A successful event planner, she’d started a new life in New York, away from her hometown in Garrison, Georgia. But then her sister called to share the wonderful news: she was getting married and was six months pregnant. But her sister wasn’t just marrying anyone. Janette Malcolm was marrying Deniece’s ex-boyfriend/love-of-her-life, Terrance Wright.It’s on from there.I certainly loved the dynamic between Deniece and Janette. As sisters, they were all the family they have since the loss of their parents. Deniece is literally torn between being there for her sister and wanting to smack her for getting with her ex.I also loved the history between all the characters, having grown up together. Terrance was certainly the catch in their small town, being the local minister’s son. And Deniece and Terrance had a long-term young love. It was great seeing them face each other after all those years. I wondered if there was some ulterior motive for the engagement on Terrance’s part. Was he only marrying Janette to get Deniece’s attention? Did he really love her? Did he still love Deniece? So many questions.But then…Ethan Wright, Terrance’s cousin, enters the picture. I can’t help it, I love a good hero and Ms. McKnight delivered one to me with a heart-shaped bow in Ethan. He was such a good guy and the romantic tension between them set it off for me. He was everything in a good hero: he was fine, talented, rich (but not annoyingly rich), down-to-earth, and he could sing and play the piano. What a catch!One of the things I truly enjoyed was Deniece herself. She reminded me of so many women I know. Successful in career and life, but unlucky in love. I routed for her through the entire book. Of course, she had some rules. She wanted her Prince Charming to meet a certain criteria (and I don’t fault her for that). It’s a good thing Ethan was a rule breaker.Breaking All the Rules was about taking a chance on the future and having enough courage to leave the past behind. It was about loyalty, family, trust, and love.Ms. McKnight writes “real” life and I enjoyed every bit it. I couldn’t help but smile while reading it. There were times I laughed out loud too. I will definitely read more of her work. She managed to create a wonderful romance with drama, meaty conflict, and no sex on the page. What a refreshing read!-Reviewed by Leslie

  • Keyandra Ariyo
    2019-06-04 14:53

    Breaking All the Rules ♥♥♥♥(NON-SPOILER ALERT!) A wise person (my soul brother, and mate), once told me when I find myself in a difficult situation(s) or view abnormal condition(s), take a minute to breathe and relax, clear your mind, and try to place your observation of that situation in a spiritual way before a humanly way. Kind of WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?), but I am not Jesus I so kindly replied. This person informed me one day I will hear what their saying and will come to understand, and left it as is. This author did just that for me, Thank you! Yes, it's not a realistic fiction story, but who cares! This story is about love, strength, forgiveness, not just hearing what a person has to say, but understand it with clear nonjudgmental mind. The true definition in my opinion of what a Christian is supposed to be like and do. We are not perfect. We will continue to say, and do things that are not pleasing to our savior, but our handling of circumstances regards of his doing or ours is what develops our character. Breaking All the Rules, a beautifully heartwarming story, uplifting and humorous in some parts. Grab the popcorn, chick flick movie in the making! The author in my opinion did a fabulous job with having you feel the emotions of each character. As I swipe the pages on my tablet, the more I read the more I felt in love with each character individually, but I did feel in some parts as if the character(s) development a tad rush, hence it been a novella; duh!!! My bad, forgive me. There were a few editing mistakes, but it didn't anyway take away from the beautiful message this author has penned delightfully! This was my first reading of this author, and will not be my last. Mrs. Rhonda McKnight newest book fan.

  • Reader's Paradise
    2019-06-14 14:56

    I’ve heard it said that we plan, God laughs. I would say this applies also to when we make rules. Our plans and rules are limited to what we can see, but when we leave it to God His is limitless and perfected for us.Janette placed limitless expectations on her sister Deniece she asked her to be ok with her being pregnant and marrying her first love, plan their wedding, throw and pay for the bridal shower. . Family is all we have and they are extremely decision making is important when you make a promise to take care of your baby sister to your dead parent. But when a family member falls in love with your ex is that ok or does the promises go out the window?I found myself rooting for the right person and trying very hard to dislike the wrong person. McKnight does a great job of writing stories about good relationships fractured to the point of breaking, and then the reader has the opportunity to see reconciliation weaving in and out of their lives. I loved how Deniece realized that even the most ordinary life with God He can make it extraordinary.Outstanding read reconciliation, being indebted to family members and love.

    2019-05-27 16:08

    Two women,one man ,a marriage and a baby??????There has always been the unspoken rule,never date family members ex's.Deniece is trying to figure out how could her baby sis break this one rule and marry the man she once use to love. Keeping her promise to her dad Deniece decides to put her true feelings aside and help her sister plan her dream wedding.Once she makes her way to the little town of Garrison her job begins. Trying to avoid her ex she finds comfort and an listening ear in Ethan,Not wanting to let her guard down and get hurt again she sticks to her number one rule.No dating younger men. In this sexy novella we will find out some rules are meant to be broken.My first read by this author and it won't be my last. A good little love story. I got very attached to the characters. A few missing words but it didn't take away from me reading and enjoying it.I'm Hoping I get more on these characters soon. #TEAMETHAN:)

  • Makasha Dorsey
    2019-06-17 19:07

    Breaking All the Rules is a sweet and entertaining story that tackles the age-old idea that sisters and girlfriends should never date the other’s ex.Denise Malcolm, an accomplished event planner, returns home to plan her sister Janette’s nuptials. The catch, Janette is engaged to Terrence Wright, Denise’s ex. When things can’t get more complicated, Terrence’s sexy but younger cousin Ethan puts the moves on Denise. Rhonda takes the reader on an emotional journey with all of the drama of sibling rivalry and the love that goes right along with it. McKnight’s creative play on words and passionate romance will have you with your mouth open without someone saying, “Open your mouth.” Read this novella to find out what I mean—your jaw will drop and your heart will flutter.

  • Karen
    2019-06-24 18:03

    Rhonda has done it again. Deniece was truly a woman of God. She stayed true to her values and the promises she made her parents. It is hard when a friend dates you ex, but your sister….Wow….a slap in the face. Deniece was a wedding planner and her sister wanted her to plan her wedding. Deniece’s sister was marrying the only guy that she had ever loved. We need to realize there are times when we do not get everything we want, but God provides want we need……Ethan……Awesome book, you will not be disappointed.

  • Janette Malcolm
    2019-06-16 12:52

    Loved this bookI absolutely loved this book and not just because my name is in it :). Rhonda McKnight is a talented author and storyteller. Denise Malcolm had a hard choice to make. Help her little sister Janette plan the wedding to her former flame or refuse to go and not be involved. Making the tough choice meant overcoming anger and living up to a long ago promise. Could she let go of all that was holding her back and eventually find true love of her own? You must read for yourself to find out if she breaks all the rules and find happiness.

  • April
    2019-05-31 18:43

    5 out of 5 STARS & it's well deserved!! This was an awesome read, it grabs you from page one and holds your attention until the very last sentence. Hurt & Betrayed is what Deneice feels when her younger sister Janette calls and asks her to plan her wedding to Deneice's ex-boyfriend. Denial is what Janette is in, she downplays what her sister and fiance once had. Family & keeping a promise is why Deniece agrees and goes to her hometown to help her sister. LOVE is what she finds once she opens her heart, her mind & Breaks All The Rules she set for herself!!!

  • Tanishia Pearson
    2019-05-29 21:07

    Where do I begin? This is my first book by Rhonda McKnight and best believe it won't be the last! In this story, she takes two sisters, two men and a set of circumstances and one by one they break all the rules, those that are spoken and unspoken. She makes it interesting while keeping God in it. No matter what I guess some rules are meant to be broken. And let me just say this: ETHAN! Ooooh wait until u meet him! Well done lady!

  • Jae Henderson
    2019-05-27 16:52

    An amazing book by an amazing writer. I was intrigued from the very beginning. Who wouldn't want to know how a woman handles her ex-boyfriend marrying her younger sister? It was hot, romantic and deliciously enjoyable.

  • Michelle
    2019-06-23 19:02

    This book was great! Tears are still flowing down my face. I couldn't put it down. The only thing I didn't like was that it wasn't long enough. Lol! Don't skip this one.

  • LaCharmine Jefferson
    2019-06-23 18:43

    It's been quite some time since I read a romance and I'm glad I started with a Rhonda McKnight! I'll definitely be reading more of her work

  • ConSonia
    2019-06-15 19:53

    I truly enjoyed this story.

  • Michelle Bass
    2019-06-16 17:44

    Why would you want to Marry your sister ex lover? Well here we are about to witness it. Book was to short. Looking forward to next book.

  • Kimberly
    2019-06-15 19:51

    Beautiful love story.

  • nakisha washington
    2019-05-30 19:03

    Great Book!!!!Not sure if I could be so forgiving but it was really a great read. Sister or no sister! I read this book in two days.