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For Barrett Shaw, there wasn’t much more to life than his career. Still climbing his way to the top, he could do without the distractions and complications of love. But the road to success is a lonely one, and Barrett was starting to think he would never meet a woman who could capture and keep his attention like a courtroom. That was before a chance meeting with a crazy twFor Barrett Shaw, there wasn’t much more to life than his career. Still climbing his way to the top, he could do without the distractions and complications of love. But the road to success is a lonely one, and Barrett was starting to think he would never meet a woman who could capture and keep his attention like a courtroom. That was before a chance meeting with a crazy twist brought him face to face with her. Could she be the one he’s been hoping for? The jury is still out.For years, Tabitha Warren managed to keep men away from the mangled mess she once called her heart. Resigned to meaningless sex with random men, she was perfectly content to live a life without love. Or was she?The one man she should not want, just might be the only one she will ever need. You never know when love will come along and change…everything....

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when you re mine Reviews

  • T.A. McKay
    2019-06-03 19:47

    Now I don't want to make you all jealous.....but I have now read this book, and holy hell what a book!!!! I was going into this story blind, I knew the characters that would be involved but I hadn't seem many teasers or anything with them and I have to say that worked as an advantage. It let me find out about the relationship between Tabitha and Barrett myself, and it let me feel the story between them! the characters felt real and solid. Many characters can feel like they are always aiming to please the reader but not here, there were times that I didn't like either character because of their behaviour, but they soon won my love back. Barret is such a strong guy, but he is hiding his softer side behind a strong front. All he is looking for is that one special woman, the one to make him feel something, the one that isn't just sex. And he finds her, he just can't have her. Tabitha is a strong woman who knows what she wants, which in this case is Barrett, the only problem is her best friend was there first. This brings all sort of control problems and reasons she can't be with him, but mostly its just a challenge to see if she can resist him.They do come together but it doesn't exactly go how either of them planned, but I can't really say anymore that that or I will give the rest of the story away, and you need to read it to get that! I will say that the story in this book is fantastic, its kinda like a naughty fairytale, one that all woman want to have. The one where Prince Charming is a bit, ok a lot naughty and won't take no for an answer. The writing in this book is a lot stronger than K's first book, I could feel everything she was trying to get over. It felt like everything written had a point to it, even the secondary characters were important to the story.Now the bit I have been dying to tell you about, the bit that made this book for me, the bit that made me squeeeeee....are you ready?? ARCHER WAS IN IT!!!! Yes I know I have a problem, I will openly admit it, I am addicted to Archer Brooks!!!! But it was great to see him in the story. So to sum up this book....fantastic, loved it!! It hasn't been my favourite in the series so far but thats nothing to do with the writing or the story, I just don't think anyone will surpass Archer....but I will continue to read this amazing series....just in case!

  • 100sweet
    2019-06-11 19:05

    DNF @ 15%.The h sleeps with any stranger she meets bc she has urges. The H is a successful attorney that has no problem sleeping with his employees which are usually interns or women low on the totem pole at the firm. He is the boss at the firm so he is a complete sleaze.

  • Tanya Vought
    2019-06-18 18:44

    I am in love with K. Langston's men. She knows how to create sexy, brooding, possessive and sexy has hell men for us to fall in love with.. and "When You're Mine" is no exception!!Tabitha has her reasons for why she does things and keeps people at a distance. But she wasn't expecting Barrett. She wasn't prepared for how she'd feel, the way he would make her feel.. and would want her completely. But who will hurt more? Her or him.... with her baggage?Barrett has been lonely. He enjoys women and work, but he really is very lonely. However, when he sees Tabitha again, something in him stirs and she brings emotions he's never known. But can he help Tabitha to realize they are a perfect match?I loved these two characters! They are electric. You thought you liked Barrett and Madison in book 1, but they were nothing like Tabitha and him together. Tabitha is the right woman for him... if she can accept it. You will fall in love with their sexy moments, their banter/flirting, sweet intimate moments that Barrett shows Tabitha and more.... but it's not all peachy. There are moments of sadness, true sadness and secrets kept... and more that will tug at your heartstrings. I loved Barrett! He's truly my newest book boyfriend! Everything he did once he met Tabitha... just swoon! I loved the lines.." I want you to share everything with me. Whatever it is... good, bad, ugly, or sad, let me have it all. Let me have you." OMG!! I was just so in love with the sweet moments by him!!K.Langston has done it again! She will have you laughing and crying with the characters! You will read it in all one sitting and love the time you spent engrossed in the lives of Tabitha and Barrett!You will also see the other characters from previous books and enjoy their banter, fights, possessive/jealousy too. "When You're Mine" is beautifully written, captures your attention and ends amazingly. You will fall in love with the characters and want more. The Epilogue was beautifully done! I swooned and loved it so much!! OH Barrett.. can you be "MINE"? :) lol lol5 amazing stars from me.I look forward to reading the next book in the series and seeing what happens to Cannon. :) * Recv'd a copy of this book while on the Book Blitz in exchange for an honest review*

  • Tiffany
    2019-06-19 13:36

    **I was gifted a copy of this book**This book started off great! Barrett, so focused on his career had never wanted anything more than physical gratification from a woman...until he met Tabitha and realized what he had been missing for so long. Tabitha, having had her heart broken before only engages in meaningless sex and never allows anyone to get too close. Tabitha tries to resist Barrett, she feels the connection between them and she's scared of the feelings he invokes in her. But more importantly, he's Maddie's ex and she doesn't want to break the best friend code. You will not sleep with himYou will not sleep with himYou will not...I'm going to F**k his brains out. When Barrett and Tabitha got together, the chemistry was explosive! Barrett definitely knew how to dominate in the bedroom and this book had lots of steamy scenes. I actually enjoyed these two as a couple and loved watching their relationship progress. As much as she tried to fight it, she fell in love but at the same time, was holding on to a secret. Once that secret was revealed, hearts were broken and trust was destroyed. After that the book pretty much felt rushed, especially the way they reunited. The ending just felt a little off to me.Overall, good story! Loved catching up with characters from the previous books, especially Holden, and the author has convinced me that I need to move to the south and meet me a country boy!! Looking forward to reading the next book in the series! "I always knew," he whispered. Closing my eyes, I smiled. "Knew what baby?" "It would be me and you." I rolled over to face him. "My only regret is not finding you sooner...then you could've been mine longer."

  • Maggie Lugo
    2019-06-09 12:45

    Just finished this bad boy and let me tell you!! It met my every expectations and more!! Barrett is a "I FIGHT FOR WHAT I WANT" man and I LOVED THAT!! (Where can I find one?) Tabitha is a Woman who needs that "reason" to be and when Barrett walks in her life..... Well she's in for a surprise!! (And what a surprise that was ;D ) loved Both characters, the were real, I mean, my heart wouldn't stop Thumping since I started it!! Foreal, it was like when I'm about to get on the Titan at sixflags and I'm freaking out cuz i know it's gonna be a hell of a ride, but at the same time it scares me! Yup, that's what I felt. K. Langston once again, Knocks my socks off!! Your a badass woman, and you have a way with writing that just brings me in. Can't wait for MINE! Yep, I'm gonna pressure you like crazy. Lol! ❤️❤️

  • Tiffany
    2019-06-14 21:00

    Damn!! Let me tell you this book is HOT as hell! If you didn't have a Mine man already Barrett would win you over for sure! Good job K as ALWAYS YOU F'n killed it!! If someone even thinks of rating this book anything less than 5 stars you shouldn't be reading!! Can't wait for my man #Cannon #countrybitch

  • Letty(Cover to Cover Book Blog Reviewer)
    2019-06-20 12:37

    Reading a K. Langston book has become somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me. Her MINE series keeps getting better and her writing style captures from the first sentence.I am a Holden girl and he will always be my #1, but I can definitely see Barrett Shaw is one man women will be swooning over. He is determined, smart, strong, and sexy as all hell. He has been looking for that one woman who will share with him the kind of love his parents have. His career in law has been his one constant and the most important thing in his life, that is, until one woman comes into his life.Tabitha Warren is a woman who loves teaching music to her classroom full of young kids. Desperate and failing to find that man who will shower her with love and make her the center of his universe, she has been living a life of meaningless “relationships”, with nothing to show for, but unfulfilling sex.She is a beautiful and smart woman not afraid of going for what she wants. Unfortunately, what she wants now is a man whom she can’t have. Barrett and Maddie, Tabitha’s friend, had a “relationship” in the past. This puts him into the forbidden goods basket and she is determined to keep him at arm’s length, no matter how much she’d rather have him in her bed. Barrett, on the other hand, has other plans. Plans that include a naked Tabitha and endless hours of pleasure.Tabitha and Barrett are explosive, bringing us moments of laughter and so much passion. She is set on saying “No”, while he is determined to trap her in his arms. Reading this book gave me moments of happiness when they both fell victim to their desires, as well as moments of frustration when they let their actions cause friction between them. I loved Tabitha and Barrett, but at times, I wanted to knock them out, making sure they woke up with the view on life that I wanted them to have :-)  Just like a mother with her children :-)I also loved seeing characters from the previous books in this story. One chapter in particular, gives us a glimpse into Maddie and Holden’s life. We are invited into their marriage and get to experience the dynamics of their relationship and see how much their love has grown. Have I mentioned how much I love Holden???This book made me laugh and cry, love and hate, and definitely made me fan myself many times. A book that brings so many emotions is one I absolutely love reading and definitely recommend others to read as well. I love these MINE men and absolutely look forward to reading about the others.

  • Marianna
    2019-06-10 15:01

    Read more reviews at A Lust for Reading. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.Tabitha refuses to break girl code and succumb to her all consuming desire for Barrett, her best friend's ex. But really, how long can a girl hold out when a sexy, determined lawyer is seducing her? I've got to give her credit for holding out a lot longer than I would have. There is so much more to Tabitha that what the surface glimpses have showed us. She hides so much pain and fear behind her cool facade. Even without the Maddie issue, she has secrets that will ultimately keep her and Barrett apart. Secrets that she is not willing to disclose. My heart broke for this girl on so many levels.After Because You're Mine, I didn't care much for Barrett. I felt he was a womanizing prick who liked to sleep with his staff. A bit presumptuous of me since we barely got to know him? Sure. But I was partially right since he does in fact have a penchant for screwing interns. The rest I couldn't have been more wrong about. The fact is he is just so overly devoted to his work that he doesn't have time for relationships. And he is OK with that. He has never felt like he was missing anything, Until Tabitha. What I loved about Barrett was that once he found something he wanted, his devotions changed. Claiming Tabitha became his new number one priority. He was thoughtful and determined and sexy as hell. He wants her, wants more with her, and nothing is going to stop him until he makes her his.There is drama, some unexpected twists and turns, lots of tears and even more steaminess in When You're Mine and I loved it all. One of the great things about working with indie authors is watching an author grow and get better and better with each book. I am really quite honored that I have gotten to know K. Langston over the past year. I've loved each book in her MINE series, each a little bit more than the previous. I honestly didn't think Barrett could come close to Archer but I was so wrong. He has quite a dirty mouth for a polished lawyer so be prepared to have your panties obliterated.

  • Melissa Clark
    2019-06-12 20:50

    I received an ARC of When You're Mine and I have to say that it was as amazing as the first two book by K. Langston. This story follows Barrett and Tabitha who previously know each other through Maddie. Barrett was Maddie's boss back in Boston and Tabitha is one of Maddie's best friends and old roommate. Both have this unbelievable draw towards each other and Tabitha has some reservations. Things in her past, along with Barrett's past relationship with Maddie, keep her from being with Barrett. But what Barrett wants Barrett gets. He knows he wants Tabitha and won't be told no. He's the kind of man everyone secretly wants. The one that walks in the door with an objective in mind and just goes for it. He soon realizes that in order to have Tabitha he just needs to take her. Tabitha is a complex character. She is strong but severely weak at the same time. She is scared of so many different things that keep her from her happiness. She's been hurt by the people in her past and wants to keep herself from getting hurt again. As always I love when you get to see old characters return and there was no shortage of that here. Maddie and Holden work out there own issues with the whole Barrett being around. Archer and Katy are excepting their first child. For me, I absolutely love Archer so to see him excited about being a father is absolutely amazing. The story was wonderfully written and you could feel the love and heartbreak that Barrett and Tabitha go through to get their HEA. I can't wait to see more of them hopefully in the next book, which of course features Cannon. Yay!!!

  • Lucinda Claire
    2019-06-12 19:48

    When You Are Mine is the third in the Mine series by author K. Langston, and it’s Barrett Shaw’s story. We met Barrett in Book One, Because You Are Mine. Barrett, was Maddie’s colleague and friend before she left Boston, met, fell in love, and married Holden. I always got the impression that Barrett and Maddie were more than just friends and co-workers, and When You Are Mine cleared that mystery up for me.Tabitha and Maddie are best friends. Barrett first met Tabitha through Maddie, and Barrett’s been fairly fixated on Tabitha ever since. Can anyone say awkward? Well, Tabitha certainly thinks it is; although Barrett doesn’t seem the least bit concerned. The challenge for Tabitha is that she is definitely finding it difficult to resist Barrett, so no matter how many times she says just one more time, it never quite sticks, but his Barrett worth risking her lifelong friendship with Maddie? Tabitha doesn’t think so.I found Barrett to be different from the other men in this series. He has a gentler nature about him. Make no mistake, though, Barrett knows what he wants, and he’s intent on getting it. He just has a different way of going about it, and when Tabitha rebuffs him, Barrett’s reaction was not what I was expecting.When You Are Mine has several sub-plots that keep the story moving forward. We get to re-visit Holden and Maddie, as well as Archer and Katy. I have to admit, the author had me a little worried there for a while, but in true K. Langston form, I wasn’t disappointed when I got my HEA.Four love-always-prevails stars!

  • TaraTUG
    2019-05-29 19:54

    Oh Ms. Langston what the hell are you doing to me with these men. How the hell do you make each one different in their own way, but yet make me fall in love with them the same way—deeply. Your stories are a breath of fresh air. They draw you in and make you want to curl up and just lose yourself. The perfect man, the man who makes mistakes, fights for what he wants, doesn’t take no for an answer and loves to the extreme.Barrett had me intrigued when he was introduced in book 1. I knew he would be all kinds of protective and oh so worth the wait. He is the all-in type of man. The man who won’t take no for an answer. The one who sees something he wants and goes balls to the wall to get it. Tabitha puts up a hell of a fight with her sass and strong mind but when it comes to games of the heart you always lose. Love, heartbreak they all come with price. Watching Tabitha make the decisions she thinks is best broke my heart. Pushing away the people that you are supposed to lean on in times of need can make or break a relationship. Sometimes though when you take the decisions out of the hands of people you learn that you will have to work to gain the trust back even though the love is still there. “I’m coming for you.” That was the moment I fell in love. You will not want to put this book down. Then right when you get to the end and you are all smiley thinking about the love story you just read she tempts your sanity with a teaser from the next book. Give me CANNON now…Shouty caps and all because I think he is going to be all kinds of bad ass.

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-06-01 16:47

    I've read the other books in this series and, let me say, Ms. Langston does not disappoint at all!! In fact, she keeps getting hotter and hotter. Tabitha and Barrett have mutual friends and have known each other for a while, but have never really spoken to one another. They have, however, given each other that "heated look" but never acted on it. Tabitha goes through men like underwear because she refuses to get attached to just one, knowing they will never stay forever. She didn’t always think this way…until she suffered a lost that made her rethink her idea of HEA. Barrett has never had the urge to have something permanent, until he meets Tabitha. From there on every woman he's been with he's pictured with Tabitha's face. Barrett makes it his mission to get Tabitha to go out with him but he also makes sure to let her know that she will be his in due time, no matter how hard she tries to deny it! As much as Tabitha fights it, Barrett makes sure to wear her down and hot damn, can that man work his body in a very persuasive way! Even though this story is HOT, there are moments that will have you so emotionally involved because they are moments just like real life. I would like to know where I can find my own personal Barrett because I need some of his persuasiveness tried on me! I cannot say how much I LOVED this amazingly sexy story and can't wait for what else K. Langston has in store for us. ~ Kara, 5 Intensely Hot Stars

  • Danielle from Short and Sassy
    2019-06-19 18:41

    4.5 starsK.Langston knows Alpha men. She may be the queen of Alpha leading men!! I knew I had to read this story as soon as I saw it was coming out. I didn't know a thing about it, and I think that is the best way to go!Tabitha Warren was right from the start, a confusing one. I was not sure if I was gonna love her or hate her. Turns out I had a whole slew of emotions about her. I felt bad, and sad, I felt like she was right and wrong all at a the same time. But I loved every second of her story. Tabitha is Maddie's best friend and old roommate. This doesn't help when it comes to Barrett Shaw. Oh dear lord, Barrett Shaw....start fanning yourself ladies. He is one hot Alpha.So Tabitha and Barrett have met before. He is Maddie's ex (maybe more of a fling). Tabitha tried so hard to stay away from him. There is a girl code that needs to be followed, no hooking up with BBF's ex's. No matter how hard they try, neither Tabitha nor Barrett can stay away from each other. They have something that can not be denied.There is such incredible chemistry, it will leave you, as a reader, breathless. When they get together, the pages sizzle. They are hot and amazing together. Tabitha has a whole slew of issues that keep men at arm's length. At times my heart broke for her. I felt that same way for Barrett. He was sweet and loving at times, then at other times, I wanted to kill him. But for me this made the perfect story!!4.5 sizzling hot star from me!!

  • Melanie Cesa
    2019-06-21 20:57

    "Baby, when you're mine... you don't have to be afraid. I'll always catch you when you fall."This is a wonderful story full of lots of hope.Tabitha is afraid to let Barrett in for lots of reasons, reasons of the past, reasons of the present, and reasons of the future. Barrett is determined to make her see what they have is special & forever but Tabitha is terrified and pushes. She makes mistakes and one could cost her the only love she's truly ever known and doesn't want to live without."There are moments in life, moments when you know a memory is going to imbed itself in your mind and heart forever."I love that while this story is Tabitha & Barrett's, everyone is included from the previous books and their lives are constantly intermingling. They are like one big happy family, there for each other, and it's so nice to see what continues to happen with everyone. And hot damn, you can always count on K to make your panties melt. Woo, Barrett is smokin!This is a sweet, sexy, passionate story full of ups and downs. I can't wait for the next one."I never thought I would feel this." What? What do you feel?" he asked, searching my eyes. "Complete."

  • Tina
    2019-06-20 12:36

    *******This book was gifted for an honest review. This the story of Barrett Shaw an attorney and Tabitha Warren a school teacher. You've got a hot sexy lawyer who doesn't have time to be in a relationship and you've got a teacher who is so damaged that it scares her to be in a relationship. When these two first get together the sexual tension is off the charts. What starts out as just sex turns into something more, but Tabitha is always pushing him away until it finally works. When these two finally come together it's truly a wonderful thing. Sometimes we let the past affect the present and it takes being alone to realize you've just got to let go and follow you heart. In this book we got love, comedy, steamy sex scenes and a true story line. I've read every book in the Mine Series by K. Langston and I've enjoyed every one of them. This one tug at my heart and I can't wait for what K. Langston has next. So what are you waiting for go grab this book and I promise you will not be disappointed at all. Author K. Langston know how to write a story that anybody can relate to, but also just enjoy a really good book. I'll be reading more books by this author in the future.

  • Linda
    2019-06-06 18:49

    4.5 HEART COMMANDING STARS FOR ME!I COULDN'T WAIT to read about Barrett & Tabitha!!!!! This third installment in this incredibly hot series didn't miss it's mark!Barrett commands the room with his arrogance, charm, suave big city ways and being drop-dead gorgeous doesn't hurt his cause. He has a full plate to deal with in regards to his family, his position at a prestigious law firm and a woman who is clearly under his skin.Tabitha knows that she should stay away from Barrett for many reasons. Her head is telling her that her time is limited but her body is screaming for that connection & heat she feels whenever Barrett is around. And to add to the push/pull in this story, Tabitha doesn't want to date someone that her best friend once was involved with.There are quite a few twists and turns in this book that smacked me in the face. And I LOVED it! I was cheering for this couple, heartbroken at other times and frustrated as hell.I found a couple "bumps" within the story which took a couple re-reads to get past but overall it fantastically written!

  • Elizabeth Thiele
    2019-05-29 20:03

    HOLY HOTNESS!!!! This book was absolutely amazing!!! It had my attention from the beginning to the end. The chemistry between Barrett & Tabitha was so strong from the moment they met but circumstances and just life in general got in the way. When they reconnect their chemistry is just as strong if not stronger. I loved Barrett's "I always get what I want" attitude and his drive for success in whatever he does. Tabitha is his game changer in life, she is his "one." Tabitha was feisty, loyal, caring, and had one hell of an attitude, especially towards Barrett. What Tabitha went through broke my heart but she came out of every situation stronger. Their love for one another was beautiful. She tried to protect him when all he did was want to protect her. I loved that we got to see how all of the other characters were doing and what they were up too. Fantastic job K. Langston, I cannot wait until the next MINE Series book!!!!

  • Alicia
    2019-06-14 19:45

    I've been going through a list of all my favourite authors and catching up on their latest releases. I think it took me less than 24 hours (obviously with breaks) to read 'When You're Mine'. It was a great read!I'm only going to say one negative thing about it - Tabitha is a wimp. She spent the whole book being afraid of everything. I didn't like how she seemed like such a weak female character. I would have preferred that she did at least one daring thing. While I'm glad it ended the way it did - I'm not sure I could have personally gone through what Barrett did and still trust her.Regardless of Tabitha's personality at times, it was a great book, with hot love scenes and a good back story. I was happy to see everyone back together at the end of the book and to hear about what was happening with Maddie and Katy. I'm very much looking forward to Cannon and Cora's story coming up next!

  • Amber
    2019-06-21 21:05

    Oh Barrett, You are sexy as hell. That mouth of yours is bound to melt panties and hearts. He is alpha and dominate but sweet and caring all the same. Tabitha was strong and genuine. Now don't get me wrong she definitely had her moments when I thought 'damn is she going to be able to handle this' but in the end she was as close to perfect as you get. I never once thought 'dang I don't like this chick' like I tend to do with leading women. Without giving much away I will say there was a spot in this beautiful story that I just about stopped breathing and the tears were strong but what a beautiful ending for this beautiful couple.K. Langston definitely knows her Alpha men. As well as her lesding ladies being amazing. She has hit it out of the park once again. I can honestly say she is one of my all time favorite authors. Now if she will hurry herself up with my main MINE man, Cannon!

  • Author Stalkers
    2019-06-08 19:42

    Oh K. Langston how I love you! You did it again, I absolutely LOVE Barrett Shaw. He is cocky and oh so sexy! Oh a Tabitha is a heroine that we can all love, she is strong and stubborn as hell!The sex in this book will melt your panties right off! I laughed and swooned the entire time I was reading this book! I didn't think it was possible to love one of your men more than Archer Brooks but you proved me wrong! They just keep getting better and better! I can not wait to read the next book in this series. I am so proud of you, your writing gets better and better! Like I have already told you, I would read your grocery list if you published it!

  • Escape Reality with Books
    2019-06-09 12:48

    Wow!!The best book in the series so far has Maddie’s best friend (book 1) Tabitha shacking up with Maddie’s old boss and regular hook up Barrett. Then the night Tabitha meets Barrett’s family, everything changes and she is forced to leave him and packs up everything to buy a house in the same small town as Maddie. Maddie has no idea of Tabitha and Barrett’s relationship and when it is revealed chaos ensues.I can't give much away, but this book is the most complex of the trio with twists coming from every direction! Another great read from the author!I was given a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Diana.

  • Tara
    2019-06-22 15:50

    I really enjoy this series. They are great story lines and the end and begin in one book. I really liked Barrett and Tabitha. Barrett Shaw was sexy, charming, successful and so much more. Tabitha is beautiful, crazy stubborn, smart and they are both crazy for each other. Once they got past the nonsense and let the truth out and learned to communicate and trust each other, they really came together perfectly. I really love this series, can't wait for the next book.

  • Traci Parker
    2019-05-31 12:47

    4.5 BIG STARS FOR ME!!!! I was really surprised by this book. The teasers and the first time I met Barrett I thought he was going to be a bit on the vain, arrogant ass side of the stick. Instead I found a sensitive, lovestruck man that woo'ed the crap out of me and made me cry on several occassions. K Langston is not only an awesome writer but I am glad to call her a friend and I am looking forward to reading more and more!

  • Tabitha Jones
    2019-06-01 14:59

    What a thrill of a book. woo hoo!! Loved getting to know Barrett and Tabitha. the first book of this authors's that I have read and i want to read more. I love a man who knows what it wants and when he wants it. although Barrett and Tabitha new each other through a mutual friend Maddy they both had this spark between them. This is a total must read. I mean have you seen the teasers.. HOT!! I will so be buying this authors books!

  • ~Dawn~TUG
    2019-05-26 16:59

    **arc received from author in exchange for an honest review, by us at **Love this series! Finished in one sitting and loved it! Full Review When You're Mine

  • Laura
    2019-06-03 16:43

    Loved how this book ended and tied the first 2 books into it. This series pleasantly surprised me as I don't usually like to read a series about different characters in each book but this one tied together every couple from the previous books and I loved it.

  • Ryleigh
    2019-06-25 13:00

    Hell ... I'm in total love with Barrett Shaw. I don't know what it is about him, but he is definitely my favorite out of all the MINE men from the moment I met him in Book 1 and into Forever, You're Mine. I want more of him!!!

  • Toni Thompson
    2019-05-25 16:37

    I absolutely loved this book. I really didnt know what to expect with Barrett's character. But I fell in love with him. There was so much more to him than I ever expected. Everything Tabitha went through broke my heart but it was amazing to see these to 2 get their HEA!!!

  • Karen
    2019-06-10 13:40


  • Alexandra
    2019-05-28 17:36

    review to come