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Raised in the kitchens of Nottingham Castle, Wren has no idea she is the daughter of the legendary Robin Hood until she is summoned to Sherwood Forest. Since Robin's death many years before, the resistance against Norman tyranny has been upheld by a magical triad, but now one of the guardians has died. With two young men, Sparrow and Martin, Wren must form a new triad withRaised in the kitchens of Nottingham Castle, Wren has no idea she is the daughter of the legendary Robin Hood until she is summoned to Sherwood Forest. Since Robin's death many years before, the resistance against Norman tyranny has been upheld by a magical triad, but now one of the guardians has died. With two young men, Sparrow and Martin, Wren must form a new triad with a bond strong enough to defend Sherwood's magic. To one of them, she will also give her heart.From the moment Wren bursts into his life, Sparrow loves her. But he knows she may choose his lifelong rival, Martin, as her mate. Martin wants Wren also, but Sparrow fears Martin is driven not by love but by ambition. When Martin is captured and held at Nottingham Castle, will the conflict between love and duty destroy the triad?...

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daughter of sherwood Reviews

  • Jill
    2019-05-19 02:13

    I don't even know where to start with this a lover of the tale of Robin Hood how could I not be drawn into this world that Laura Strickland has written for us. Wren, the secret daughter of Robin Hood and Maid Marion, Sparrow Little and Martin Scarlet (these last names ringing any bells for you?)face a torturous decision. Fated to love one another, but knowing only two can be together these three have to find away to form a suitable triad to keep the people and the magic of Sherwood alive. And with it all of the beliefs of Robin Hood, his battle for the serfs and justice for all. I have to say I was immediately enamoured with this storyline. It is just a little bit special :) Different, but not out of place, while reading it, this storyline didn't feel like a far stretch of the imagination. The love triangle is one of the best I have ever read. My heart knew what it wanted to happen from my very first meeting of a certain character ( I am not going to spoil it for you!) . These characters will draw you into there story and you will be left wanting just a little bit more....sign of a good book.Daughter of Sherwood is an imaginative and most enjoyable story. Magic, love, betrayal....pure fantasy romance. It was a pleasure to read.

  • Kathleen
    2019-05-08 04:02

    Review posted at: Swept Away By RomanceStory Rating ~ 4 StarsHero #1, Sparrow's Rating ~ 5 StarsHero # 2, Martin's Rating ~ 4 StarsHeroine, When's Rating ~ 4.5 StarsRomance Rating ~ 4 StarsHeat Level ~ 3 StarsEnd Rating ~ 5 Stars and to be continuedOverall Rating ~ 4.5 StarsThis book REALLY surprised me. It was a very deep read that captured me, and my heart, right from the start.This is the story of Robin Hood's daughter, When. Throughout the story it was wonderful reading and watching When grow into her part of the magic in Sherwood Forest, and then take her place as a leader, healer, lover and protector of the people. She was one of three that was needed to keep the magic and protection of Sherwood alive. Sparrow and Martin were the other two in the triad. When needed to choose between the two men as to whom she would spend her life with. I LOVED Sparrow right from the beginning. His character was calm, reasonable, honorable, protective, and you knew he loved When more than life itself. Martin had strength, he was fearless and his temper ruled his feelings. I also felt the love he had for When, but I never felt it was the all-consuming love that Sparrow had for her. This story was filled with EXCELLENT secondary characters, and some of them died during the course of this read and I found myself crying over their loss. Then there was the villain, Lambert, a very vile man that did some unspeakable things.This book was packed with incredibly well written action scenes that had me on the edge of my seat. There were a few heated love scenes in this book, nothing over the top, and I thought they were beautifully done and also very believable.I absolutely loved how the author wove in the use of magic throughout the book. I felt that it was one of the things that shined in this read!This book is part one in a trilogy. The ending is not a big cliffhanger, so no worries for those of you who hate waiting. At the same time, I was really invested in these characters and I DEFINITELY want to read more. So in closing of this review I'd like to add a few words that describe the book best for me…magic, honor, love, courage, sadness, intense, anger, violence but most of all JUSTICE!!!

  • Jenny Q
    2019-04-27 21:00

    This book had me at “daughter of the legendary Robin Hood.” I couldn’t resist a story that revolves around the next generation of the outlaws of Sherwood, the children of Robin, Little John, and Will Scarlett, who must come together to keep the legend and the magic of Sherwood alive, and to continue the fight for the rights of the poor and oppressed.As the Sheriff of Nottingham lays dying, Wren toils away in his kitchens, scrubbing pans, hauling water, and dodging the advances of the sheriff’s lieutenant. It’s the only life she’s ever known, so she’s more than surprised when a handsome stranger arrives bearing an urgent message for her, and she discovers she’s actually the daughter of none other than the Robin Hood of legend — a legend she hadn’t even believed in . . . until now. Hidden under the sheriff’s nose until ready to fulfill her destiny, she is suddenly pulled from her dark and dreary world into one of green and dappled sunlight, of whispering spirits and ancient magic, and of two men as different as night and day yet both powerfully and irrevocably bound to her. As the sheriff’s men hunt them down and seek to quell the re-emergence of the Sherwood legend by punishing the villagers who support them, Wren must find the courage to take her place in the new triad, to lead her band of followers, and to choose which man will be entrusted with the keeping of her heart.Daughter of Sherwood is a very imaginative and well-told envisioning of Robin Hood’s legacy, engrossing from the first page and darn near unputdownable. Robin Hood purists may take issue, and Maid Marion gets a bit of the short-thrift in this one, but I thought it was a great spin on the old tales, and I really enjoyed the story. For those of you who don’t like love triangles, a good portion of the story is devoted to one. But it is a good triangle, full of angst and difficult decisions. I don’t think the characters experience a whole lot of growth, but they’re bold and interesting, and I was particularly drawn to Sparrow. His quiet strength was a good complement to Wren’s impetuous naivety and Martin’s hot-headed brawn. The story is full of action, but it is nicely tempered with moments of reflection and tenderness, and I loved the way Ms. Strickland combined the legend of Sherwood Forest with the magic of nature and the mythology of the Green Man. It’s a fairy tale, coming-of-age story, and sensuous romance all rolled into one, and very well written with some beautiful descriptive passages. A good read for those who like a little fantasy and swashbuckling in their historical romance. I’ll be on the lookout for more from Laura Strickland.**Originally reviewed for the Romantic Historical Fiction Lovers Blog**

  • Heidi
    2019-04-30 02:49

    Start off with I enjoy everything and anything related to Robin Hood and the adventures that people have written. Wren the heron of the story was raised without any knowledge who she truly is. The Sheriff's Head guard attacks Wren in Nottingham Castle and she quickly defends herself causing herself to be exiled to the forest she was born in. When she arrives she discovered she is the daughter of the legendary Robin Hood and Maid Marion and her so called mother Lil was not her mother but a friend who kept her safe. Wren caretaker Lil explain that a magical triad that she is apart of creating a bond that will be strong enough to defend Sherwood and its people from the tyrant Normans. Wren and two other young man who are the other part of the triad Sparrow Little and Martin Scarlett. She is two chose between the two men to create a magical bond to protect the people of the forest. Sparrow loved Wren the second he meets her but knows that Martin a life long rival, desire to conquer Wren to take his rightful place as guardian and captain for Sherwood forest whether Wren loves him or not. Laura created a world of fantasy and magic and based on the folklore of Robin Hood. I was excited to read a strong female version of Robin Hood but was disappointed Wren was in fact very wimpy and child like for being in her 20's. The two love interested again were more like horny 16 year old teenagers than two young men who were raised knowing the knowledge they were to protect and love Sherwood. They were raised with the knowledge of who they were to be come while Wren comes to knowledge when she is exiled from her only home. Her first night in the woods she is told she is to choose one of them to marry and to be bond for life with. The author writes of Wren as having a fiery spirit but I never felt she was completely committed to that. Sparrow and Martin start to fight before she even arrives acting again like 16 year old boy when they are older than Wren.The love triangle was contrived and at some points almost unbearable to read. The love triangle wasn't exciting or questionable you knew right away who Wren would choose and yet the author felt the need to draw it out when she could have built one character strong and created a more realist romance. What I enjoy normally about a authors love triangle is when the one rejected character is able to grow and develop to become someone you cheer for at the end of the story while the happy couple ride off into the sunset but stead the author drug out the love triangle painful slow and left the characters extremely flat. They Changed but not in a way that I expect with how the author had started the story. The battles were not exciting to read and the author focused on the magic of the forest that made people fall in love, defy death and for some reason just get pregnant in the middle of turmoil.Sherwood is one forest out of hundreds I assume flowing though England but the author has decided to make you think it is the only forest in England and that it breathes and create a life beyond all knowledge and people are drawn to it. The forest its self takes Serfs people and puts magic into them to fight against the wealthy Normans. As I read the author way of writing made me think of glitter flowing down to the ground and woodland fairy should be dancing and singing. I enjoy stories wrapped with magic and the mysteries of mother earth but I feel she didn't full commit to that angle of the story leaving it feeling unfinished. I quickly finished the book to find out what was going to happen but in all honesty if you payed attention to the first two chapters you knew right away Wren decision and it wasn't really a surprise. This book is one in a trilology and the best part the book it has a beginning, middle and end with nothing left you wondering what would happen next. I dislike authors who create a trilogy and leave an open ending almost darning the reader to buy the next book hoping its better than the first. I prefer a complete story that can be built upon.There book is written towards young adult to adult woman, with several sex scene.

  • Janell Sutherland
    2019-04-18 19:55

    Apparently I am a sucker for Robin Hood, based solely upon the Kevin Costner movie I watched too many times in high school. I was excited to read this book even though it featured Robin’s daughter instead of the man himself, because that was close enough.Rennie has been raised as a scullery girl in the kitchens of Nottingham Castle. When a former guardian of Sherwood Forest dies, she is whisked into the forest to assume her position as a new guardian. Robin Hood died before she was born, and she thought him just a legend, so to hear that he existed, and that she is his daughter, is a lot to take in.Then there’s the magic. Back in the day, Robin protected the forest with a magical circle spell formed by himself, Marian, and The Green Man, an ancient god of the forest. When Robin and Marian died, a trio of humans took their place. But now that trio is broken and must be replaced by Rennie (aka Wren), Sparrow, the son of Little John, and Martin, the son of Will Scarlet. She also has to, you know, be with one of the guys for the magical circle to truly work.Rennie doesn’t like being told what to do. She especially does not like two guys fighting over her for power when they barely know her and say nothing of love. But she soon recognizes that there is magical earth power in the forest, so she takes her place and chooses her man.The writing in this book is elegant and poetic in an old fashioned way. The plot is very mystical, as the characters learn to draw upon the magic of Sherwood. My problem was that the action was always dire. There were no good times or celebrations, just one urgent rescue after another, interspersed with running and hiding in the forest. The bad guy was bad, the villagers were downtrodden, the good guys kept getting caught.The love scenes were brief and as explicit as this: “His weapon, still inside her, had once more readied itself.” And Rennie flirts like this: “I have been watching you ply that axe this long while and fairly burnt myself to cinders in the doing.” I think that was the most lighthearted sentence in the whole book.Even though love was very much a part of this book, I didn’t appreciate it as a romance. Rennie was unexpectedly forced into a love triangle, and then her emotions were inextricably linked to the magic of the forest, so much so that she couldn’t touch either man without sparks and tingles and empathic connections, even telepathic connections with her lover. I didn’t see her falling in love with a person, I saw her falling in love with a feeling, motivated by her responsibility.This works as a kind of magical fantasy, everything is undertaken to support the legend of Robin Hood. However, I don’t think magic is my thing at all, I would have preferred straightforward, hardscrabble mortals using their wits against tyranny. If you like hero’s journeys and whispering trees, then you might enjoy it.Rating: C+This review originally posted on Red Hot Books at:

  • Tabitha (Lovely Books Blog)
    2019-04-22 01:57

    Read more reviews like this at!From page one I was instantly drawn into Daughter of Sherwood. I’ve never read a book based on the legend of Robin Hood before and to be honest I don’t know much about the legend at all. Though it wasn’t perfect Daughter of Sherwood was a great novel and overall I really enjoyed reading it.Though I’m not a big fan of love triangles Strickland handled this one fairly well. It seemed a little obvious to me from the beginning who Wren was going to choose, so I got a little annoyed with all the back and forth, but it worked for the story and made things interesting. Though most of the plot centered on the love triangle between Wren, Sparrow, and Martin but there was just enough action to make things exciting every now and again and I toward the end I liked that there was more of a plot than simply romance.I enjoyed reading about the characters; Wren was a good female lead though she was a bit unremarkable. Both Sparrow and Martin were well developed and interesting to read about. They were such opposites in personality that it made for some interesting character dynamics and watching them each interact with Wren in completely different ways was fascinating. Not only were the main characters interesting to read about but I was intrigued by the story about Lil and the previous triad. Though I was a little confused about some of the character relationships and how the triad came to be and how one became a part of it, the idea was a fascinating one and I really liked reading about it.My only complaint with the novel was the fact that I felt like I needed a little more of an introduction to the legend of Robin Hood to understand parts of the story. Aside from the basics I didn’t know, and still don’t know, much about Robin Hood. Even though I understood the story I felt like I was missing something when it came to character relationships. Additionally, I never had a clear understanding of what the triad was all about, I’m not sure if it was a part of the original legend or if Strickland added it enhance the story, but I often found myself a bit confused. I understood that Wren had to choose either Sparrow or Martin to keep the magic of Sherwood alive but I didn’t understand how her choice impacted the magic or why Sherwood needed magic in the first place. Maybe if I had known more about Robin Hood it would have helped but I just felt a little lost.Other than that Daughter of Sherwood was a fun read and I really liked Strickland’s writing style. I was drawn into the story from page one and, despite having a little trouble since I didn’t know much about Robin Hood, I was still able to enjoy the story. Fans of Robin Hood will no doubt enjoy this story and be eager for the rest of the series!

  • Chantelle (aka the Blogmonstar)
    2019-05-07 21:06

    Cross-posted at Book Reviews With The BlogmonstarI really enjoyed this. More than I thought I would actually. I got quite sucked in and read most of it in one day. Laura Strickland obviously knows her medieval English history quite well, and the use of the Robin Hood mythos as a base for the storyline was really well done.Whilst the legend of Robin Hood is used as the basis of Daughter of Sherwood’s storyling, it wasn’t a retelling. It was a wonderfully crafted story set in the same world, only a few decade’s later. Laura Strickland was true to Robin’s story, but has created her own world within that mythology, full of earth-magic and intrigue.The battle against King John and the tryanny of the Normans is still as strong as it ever was. In order for Sherwood Forest to maintain it’s vitality and magic, a new triad must be formed. The three who form the newest triad are Wren Wolfshead (daughter of Robin Hood & Maid Marion) as well as Sparrow Little and Martin Scarlett, the sons of ‘Little’ John and Will Scarlett respectively. They must form the next triad in order to keep the magic of Sherwood Forest alive.The romance in Daughter of Sherwood was part of the plot, but it didn’t overwhelm it. I figured out who Wren (or Rennie as she was called) would wind up with quite early on, even if she was unsure at first. It added another layer to the magic side of things, and certainly the bond between Wren, Sparrow and Martin. I think she loves them both equally, but in different ways.The fighting was not heavily detailed, so if you don’t particularly likee blood and gore then you should be okay, although it was detailed enough to get you a sense of the brutality of fighting with swords and arrows. It also gave you the sense of how very different tending wounds and other injuries was back then, without the help of modern technology.In all this was a good read, especially if you don’t want something that is really long, but something that will whisk you off somewhere interesting for a few hours.

  • Shannon
    2019-04-26 20:12

    love the start of a trilogy combined with the book's setting in Sherwood Forest, home to everyone's favorite law-breaker Robin Hood. Perhaps it was Disney that first hooked me on the story of Robin and his Merry Men, but it is certainly an interest that has lasted throughout my life. With my strong connection to the legend as well as the historical setting in early medieval England I must admit Laura Strickland had a huge hurtle as I began to read Daughter of Sherwood and she truly sailed way over the mark!We are introduced to Wren, the daughter of Robin Hood, and taken on a journey of her own self-discovery while coping with the demands of her father's legacy. Like so many a maiden she finds herself torn between two seemingly irresistible men unable to commit fully to either, but she finds her purpose when her beloved forest is threatened. Only then is Wren able to reach down within herself and become the leader she is destined to become.Strickland's writing is descriptive, painting landscapes and characters with her words that draw the reader further and further in to her narrative. Daughter of Sherwood is a love story but not in the traditional sense. Wren discovers not only a love of her beloved forest, but also a loving respect for her father. It seems, to this reader that she also discovers a love and appreciation of herself and her abilities. The love of the heart is always messy and the love triangle Strickland creates is full of the misery, angst, rejection and hope that always mingle with one's search for a companion.Strickland's Daughter of Sherwood is a page turner. She is able to hold onto the legends while creating a new story-line around them. Fans of English history, of the folklore of Robin Hood, or those who simply enjoy a good read will all find something in Daughter of Sherwood which I recommend without hesitation.

  • Stephanie Burkhart
    2019-05-12 00:10

    A suspenseful storyStrickland pens a story full of action, adventure, and romance with "Daughter of Sherwood." Wren is the daughter of the legendary Robin Hood and Marion. When both parents die, she goes to live with Lil at Nottingham Castle as a scullery maid. When the triad that protects the forest is broken, Wren, now a young woman, must assume her role in the next one. Wren is hesitant to leave her home and move to the forest, but she must, as Lambert, the Sheriff's enforcer, is on the hunt for her after a slight. Wren soon learns the other members of the triad are Sparrow Little and Martin Scarlet, two very different men who are in competition for her affections. Wren must draw on all her courage, strength, and endurance to assume her new role all while sorting out her conflicting feelings for the two men. When Sherwood's very existence is threatened by Lambert, can Wren inspire those she leads like her father did?Strickland's use of accents is well done, making the story easy to understand and it doesn't slow down the reading. The plot engages the reader, keeping them turning the pages. Wren, Sparrow, and Martin prove interesting characters. Wren struggles with her identity and her role in Sherwood, which includes choosing a man to wed – Sparrow or Martin. Sparrow is quiet, yet honorable to a fault. Martin is loud and too quick to rush into action.The story contains several tasteful mainstream love scenes. The historical background gives way to an intriguing story. Strickland does a great job giving life to Sherwood Forest, making the setting its own unique character full of life, challenges, and magic.While a part of a series, you don't have to read the other books in the series to understand the dynamic and back story of this one. I would definitely read other books in the series. "Daughter of Sherwood" will leave you wanting more.

  • Katie
    2019-04-26 20:53

    Sometimes greatness is thrust upon us.Wren never knew about her famous father until now nor could she imagine the adventure that awaits her. Full of magic, mystery, and intrigue this is a page turner you will not want to miss. The author did a great job of keeping with the original image of Robin Hood while adding her own unique spin to the tale. I had a great time reminiscing about old characters and meeting plenty of new ones along the way.Wren is courageous, headstrong, and as beautiful as she is kind. I really admired in ability to take things in stride and her willingness to sacrifice for the good of everyone. She is a beautiful character both inside and out and someone I would love to have as a friend! There are also two new characters that were both so fun to read about. The first is Martin who is a potential love interest. He is brave, strong, and charming. However, his motives are uncertain and he has many secrets that may or not be harmful to Wren.The second, and my personal favorite, is Sparrow. He is the kind, thoughtful, and friend that Wren can turn to for anything. I loved reading about him and really enjoyed his sweet nature. He was also very brave and would do anything for Wren.Romance wasn't the only thing on their minds however. There were still many dangers that Wren needed to face. The hardest part would be figuring out who was friend and who was foe.For a romantic and heart pounding adventure check out the "Daughter of Sherwood".

  • My Book Addiction and More MBA
    2019-04-26 21:53

    The Robin Hood stories have always been some of my favorites, and this one fits in seamlessly. I was hooked from the beginning with the visit of the mysterious (and gorgeous) woodsman that calls on Wren’s protector, Lil, urging her to reveal the secrets she has kept of Wren’s past. Upon hearing these long-hidden and as such, unbelievable truths, Wren rebels… until she is forced to flee to the safety of Sherwood Forrest to escape the vicious nature of Captain Lambert.The triad that maintains the magic and protection of Sherwood is being passed to the new generation: Martin, Sparrow, and Wren, all named in tribute to the infamous Robin. Their lives will be interwoven for life and beyond. The fight for Wren’s heart is an amusing one, at times, and a worrying one. Her true partner seems to be Sparrow, but he has a hard time trusting her to figure that out. His lack of confidence in himself and in her abilities to make a rational decision is one of the very few things I didn’t like. Martin’s suffering at the hands of Lambert is gut wrenching, and you will feel it. You will be as connected to these three characters as they are to each other.The imagery is beautiful, the world building is phenomenal, and the descriptions of the spiritual qualities of Sherwood are extraordinary. You will undoubtedly wish you could walk barefoot through her rejuvenating soil for just a moment and feel the connection to the beautiful repertoire of souls she harbors within her midst.Rating: 4HEAT Rating: HotReviewed By: Daysie W.Review Courtesy of: My Book Addiction and More

  • Emily (Reviewer
    2019-05-10 19:59

    Wren was brought up to believe that she was nothing but a scullery maid but soon she would learn that she would amount to so much more. A battle is brewing in Nottingham the only thing that keeps the villagers warm at night are the thoughts and belief in a man named Robin Hood. It has been many years since Robin has passed and three guardians have kept the legend alive. Now that one of the guardians has died the new generation of three must step forward and take their places. Wren has much to learn and accept for she is the Daughter of Sherwood.Right off the bat I love Wrens character. She is feisty, strong willed, and has a deep love that runs through her. I will admit she frustrated me at times and I was a little worried about the love triangle prospect but she held true and I love her even more for it! Martin is a total ass, annoying, fool hardy, rough mannered, driven by anger and power. He does have his moments of sincerity but he rubbed me wrong from the moment we were introduced to him. Finally there is Sparrow. He’s quiet, observant, soft, and the total opposite of Martin. The one we are all naturally drawn to in my opinion. All the characters are beautifully written and I loved the visualization I got from the detailed beauty of Sherwood Forest to the sharp and cold aspects of the castle.Laura has captured my imagination with her story weaving and I am greatly looking forward to seeing what is in store for the three to come.4.5

  • TMDG
    2019-05-10 21:54

    Overall, Daughter of Sherwood was an interesting tale, and I enjoyed it. The main character, Wren, seemed a little weak at times, but I suppose she would be uncertain of herself growing up as a kitchen slave. When she drew upon the power within her, the power of the forest, and those that came before her, she completed some very brave tasks. I felt like the love triangle portion was drawn out for too long making me think, "Choose already, and make me believe in your choice." Ultimately, when she made her decision absolute, I think Wren made the right one for the story, even after taking things a bit too far. Some elements of the plot, I couldn't quite come to terms with, even using magic as an excuse. Yes, a book including magic is expected to cross lines of reality. Without giving away too much information about the story, I had to question - if the magic was able to save a character in this story who had met their end, then why couldn't it have saved any of those who died before, like Robin Hood? That, I guess, I set aside as miraculous magic of unprecedented proportions. It didn't detract from the story enough to make it not enjoyable, in my opinion.I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

  • L.A. Kelley
    2019-05-02 01:10

    The outlaws of Sherwood Forest are not just merry, they're hot and steamy—and some of them are female. Daughter of Sherwood is an enjoyable revisit of the Robin Hood legend. This time it's Robin's daughter, Wren, causing trouble for the sheriff along with the sons of Will Scarlet and Little John. The story had several interesting twists such as imbuing Sherwood Forest itself with ancient magic and making Robin and his merry band's descendents responsible for its continuance. The blending of ancient earth-born magic with the sword and archery battles of medieval England moves the story along at a nice clipWren goes from powerless scullery maid to learning she is Robin Hood’s daughter to struggling with her role as guardian of Sherwood. Along the way there is a nice conflict between the two outlaws, Sparrow and Martin, who grow to love her. (The bird names are another nice touch and a nod to the earth-born magic.) They men are both suitably passionate and attractive, each satisfying different needs. I liked that one was not 'good' and the other 'evil'. They each had strengths and weaknesses, but when Wren finally decides between the two, the choice was satisfying.

  • Michele
    2019-05-03 23:48

    You all remember Robin Hood, Friar Tuck and Sherwood forest don't you? Not too many people don't remember the guy who "took from the rich to give to the poor". Well this historical romance takes that legend one step further. It seems that Robin Hood and Maid Marion had a daughter. This is her story. Well, hers and the two men who form the magical triad. The Sheriff of Nottingham is replaced by another dastardly Sheriff. Sherwood Forest is still where this book takes place, there or the castle--and Robin Hood himself makes a couple of appearances, along with some of the other merry men of his time. Did I mention that there is a magical component to this story?If you loved Robin Hood--you will also love the story of his daughter. I know I did and now I want to continue reading but will have to wait for books 2 and 3!!Daughter of Sherwood

  • Ashley
    2019-04-19 00:16

    Wren is the daughter of Robin Hood and Marian. However she is almost an adult before she learns about it. Now after an accident with one of the Sheriff's men she can't stay in Nottingham any longer. But she now has two men vying for her attention. Can she follow in her parents footsteps and protect the people of Sherwood? Will she make the right choice between Martin and Sparrow? Will they all survive?Wow! I am a huge fan of the Robin Hood legends and have collected a few of them. I loved the idea behind this book. It was a fun and different take on the story of Robin Hood. I thought the story was unique and different. The book seemed to move kind of slowly for me. The characters were dynamic and well formed as well.This is the first book based on the Robin Hood legend that I have read from my collection. I enjoyed the unique tale that follows the daughter of Robin Hood. I can't wait to read the other books in this series. Another amazing new author has been added to my list.4.5 Magical Stars!

  • Tiffany
    2019-05-18 01:05

    Daughter of Sherwood was one of the best books that I have read in awhile! The writing was very descriptive and really painted a picture of the characters and their surroundings. I immediately fell in love with Sparrow, a quiet thinker in the middle of a fight for freedom in England in the generation after Robin Hood. When Rennie, the lead heroin, is forced into Sherwood Forest due to circumstances outside of her control, she finds herself in the middle of a battle for her heart that she wants nothing to do with. However, choosing either Sparrow or Martin will ultimately help save the impoverished people of Nottingham. She has to search for who she really is and become the leader that she is expected to be all while fighting the Sheriffs men and protecting the people of Sherwood. This is a wonderful love story that is messy in a way that enhances the plot line. The author has managed to take the history and legion of Robin Hood and create a sequel good enough to be considered a sequel to the original. I absolutely recommend this book!

  • Christine Black
    2019-04-22 02:02

    Superb Love TriangleThis book is one of the best love triangles I've read in ages. I 'figuratively' bit my fingernails until the final page. I knew what I "wanted" to happen from the beginning but Ms. Strickland kept me on the edge of my seat. Her writing is beautifully done as she conveys the magic of Sherwood and takes us on a journey into the world of Robin Hood's daughter and the angst she faces in coming to terms with her identity and the demands of her father's legacy. Presented with the choice between two irresistible men she finds it near impossible to choose one over the other, but as the forest is threatened and their lives in danger, the path becomes clear for the Daughter of Sherwood. This is the first in a trilogy from Laura Strickland and I'm happy to 5 star this book and recommend it to romance lovers everywhere. Eagerly awaiting the next one. :)

  • Sarah Armstrong
    2019-04-22 22:54

    If you like both romance and adventure novels wrapped up into one, then you will enjoy this book. It is kind of like Game of Thrones meshed with Outlander. I found it a bit slow to get into, but once I was committed, I couldn’t wait to get to the end to see how it finished. The only criticism that I have is that there was too much “magic” in the book. The overuse of magic seemed like an easy way out of serious situations where there should have been more severe consequences. Still worth a read though!

  • Rebekah Lyness
    2019-04-24 22:55

    I was looking for something a bit different to read than my normal choices and this book happened to be the one I picked. I'm so glad that I did. I went from wanting a quick read to fall asleep to staying up until the wee hours to find out the ending. Well developed story line that sucked me in

  • Jeanne
    2019-05-02 01:00

    I love historical novels which is why I picked up Daughter of Sherwood. Unfortunately, the characters were flat and the story quite predictable. I was unimpressed with this book.

  • Mylia Muse
    2019-04-30 23:00

    I'm a sucker for stories that feature daughters of Robin Hood and magic and this one was amazing. I loved it from beginning to end.

  • Kayla
    2019-05-17 02:55

    Robin Hood's daughter and a magical Sherwood Forest. I loved this novel once I got used to the writing style for the setting. Full-review coming soon!

    2019-05-12 04:12

    Review by: Jenny QLink to Review: http://www.romantichistoricalreviews....